Author: UnclePete
Title: Babysitting
Part: Chapter 1
Summary: My two nieces come to stay for the weekend, and I have a bit of late-night fun in their room.
Keywords: Mg, ped, sleep, inc, cum

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DISCLAIMER: Yes, the following story is about pedophilia. If that
disturbs, disgusts, horrifies, mortifies, shocks, sickens, or
otherwise rubs you the wrong way, guess what - you don't have to
read it. This story is a work of FICTION - these events never
took place except inside my head, which means no children were
harmed in its making, so keep the hate mail to yourself. Thank


I sighed and stared out the window as the first few snowflakes
began to fall. I was waiting for my cousin Kristen to arrive with
her two kids, who I was to babysit for the weekend while she and
her husband went away for their anniversary. Boy, if they
could've known what I had in store, I can bet they would've
rather just left the girls home alone without any food! ...But, I

You see, I'm a pedophile. Yep, gonna go right ahead and say it.
And despite the actions and events I'm about to describe to you,
I will maintain that I am NOT a child molester. Though the media
would make no distinction between the two, there is a big
difference. I do not stalk little girls in the park. I do not
forcibly rape them. I do not abuse them in any way, for I could
never even wrap my mind around the idea of harming a child. I
love children, and that is what makes me a pedophile. I find
little girls to be incredibly sexy and arousing, but I don't walk
the street with the intent of raping the first child I find, in
the same way as a homosexual man doesn't go out and rape the
first male he comes across. I'm just your average, hardworking,
fun-loving citizen who happens to have a fetish for little girls.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let me describe for you my
cousin's two little girls. Jessie is the older, at seven years of
age. Her long red hair drapes down to the small of her back, and
her bangs just reach her gorgeous blue eyes. Freckles cover her
cute cheeks, and she has dimples that only a child could have.
Don't ask me where she got her Irish roots from. Hell I have no
idea myself! She's a little bundle of energy, though, and I'll
bet she could easily wear out a professional athlete.
Unfortunately (or fortunately, perhaps?), she is usually quite
mischievous. Her sister, though, is the most adorable little
angel you have ever seen. Kayla is barely three years old, and is
starting to make sense when she talks. She looks just like her
mother, with brown eyes and dark brown hair usually pulled back
in a short ponytail, and with just the right amount of babyfat to
make her not fat, but deliciously plump. Needless to say, I
couldn't wait to have three days and nights alone with them.

My heart skipped a beat as I saw their SUV pull into the
driveway. Jessie was the first one out, her long red hair
trailing out from under her hat, past her tight little ass. As I
opened the front door, Kristen was leaning into the car,
unbuckling Kayla from her carseat. Kayla looked like the
Pillsbury Dough Boy in her fluffy snowsuit.

"Hey Kris," I called. "Lovely weather, isn't it?" Kristen just
smirked. We had had one of the coldest winters to date, and it
wasn't supposed to be getting better anytime soon, even though we
were already approaching March. "Come on, get inside before the
fireplace freezes over!" Jessie flew by me, barely acknowledging
my presence, and flung herself on the rug in front of the
crackling fire in the living room. Kristen and her husband Eric
followed close behind, each holding one of Kayla's mittened

Half an hour later, after some tea and the traditional rundown on
emergency contacts, meals, and bedtimes, the girls and I were
waving goodbye as the SUV backed out of the snowy driveway and
down the street.

"Alright, let's close this door before we all catch a cold," I
said, ushering the girls into the living room. "Now, let's get
you some lunch." After lunch, a nap for Kayla, and a movie for
Jessie, the snow was coming down harder and faster.

"Unca Pete! Unca Pete!" cried Kayla, hopping up and down in front
of me. "Snow!" I wasn't technically the girls' uncle, but "Cousin 
Once Removed Pete" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

"You girls want to go play in it?" I finally asked.

"Yeah, yeah!" came the response from Jessie, who was already
pulling her boots on. I left her to her own business and turned
to Kayla.

"Need some help?" She nodded, and I kneeled down next to her and
helped her slide her sweatpants off. I was slightly surprised to
see her wearing white cotton panties with a baby blue flower
print. "You're out of diapers, I see." I really shouldn't have
been surprised, considering I hadn't seen them in over half a
year, barring the family's Christmas gathering, because at that
point I had obviously never gotten close enough to check.

"Yep! I'ma big girl!" She beamed at me, and I couldn't help
smiling back. I slipped her pants the rest of the way off and
helped her into her snow pants, making sure to "accidentally"
brush the back of my finger against her panty-clad mound as I


We trudged in through the back door an hour later, out of breath
and soaked to the skin. I pulled off my bulky outer layers, then
turned to the girls.

"Okay, let's get out of these wet clothes, and I'll make some hot
chocolate!" I said, drying my hair with a towel. After getting
rid of her jacket and boots, Jessie grabbed her clothes and
bolted for the bathroom, shutting the door tight behind her. But
Kayla, as I'd hoped, had not yet developed much modesty, and
began to strip down right there on the kitchen floor.

"Okay," I said to her, "I'm going upstairs to get changed. Just
take all your wet stuff off, and I'll help you when I get back."
I nearly flew up the stairs and got changed as fast as I could,
pulling on my loosest pair of pants. I ran back downstairs, and
was greeted by the most beautiful sight. Kayla was standing there
on the hardwood floor, naked as the day she was born, her tiny
hairless pussy exposed in all its glory. I tried only slightly to
hide my growing erection as I grabbed the toddler's change of
clothes from her bag.

I located her shirt, her dress, socks, panties... I paused for a
second with Kayla's panties in my hand, then quickly stuffed them
into the bottom of the bag.

"Well, it looks like Mommy didn't pack you another pair of
panties," I said, "And these are soaked!" I held up her original
pair. "Ah, well. You don't need them on, do you?" The little
angel giggled and shook her head, her wet hair swinging back and
forth. "Alright then." I helped her get dressed, stealing as many
glances as I could at her beautiful bald pussy. The bathroom door
opened as Kayla ran off to play, and Jess appeared, handing me
her wet clothes. I threw all of it into the wash, then got ready
for what was sure to be a long, interesting evening.


For the remaining three and a half hours before the kids had to
go to bed, I was treated to some spectacular shots of Kayla's
cute little mound up her dress as she and her sister played on
the floor. While I marveled at how well the two girls got along,
I never once made a move on either of them, my nerves ultimately
getting the best of me.

`There's always tomorrow,' I thought as I ushered the two little
cherubs into the bathroom to brush their teeth, tossing their
nightshirts in after them (sans panties, of course). I smirked
when there were no complaints about it.

Promptly at 8:00, I shooed the girls up to their temporary room,
where I had laid out two cots for them. Though their nightshirts
were longer than what I'd hoped for, I still got a good view of
both girls' asses as I followed them up the stairs.

"Goodnight girls," I said as I turned out the light, even though
I had every intention of being back shortly.

"G'night, Uncle Pete!" the girls called back. I shut the door
most of the way and headed downstairs. I waited a good hour
before I stole back up to the girls' room as quietly as I could.
Pausing at the door, the only sound I could hear was Jessie's
somewhat raspy breaths going at a steady pace, and I took that as
an invitation to slip inside. My heart was pounding as I tiptoed
past the seven-year old and stood over her sister's bed. Kayla
looked so comfortable, snuggled up in her blankets, that I almost
didn't want to uncover her, but the feeling quickly passed, and I
slowly pulled the blanket off of her tiny body. She stirred a
little and I paused, wary of her waking up. Her breathing soon
returned to a steady pace, though, and I continued pulling the
blanket down towards her knees.

Her nightshirt had ridden up on her while she slept, and was now
positioned just above her belly button, leaving everything below
exposed. My dick sprang to life at the sight of her beautiful
pussy just a few feet away, illuminated by the surprisingly
strong glare of her nightlight. Carefully, quietly, I reached out
a trembling hand and slowly ran my finger up and down her slit.
She was so soft, it was driving me crazy. Her little body tensed
slightly, and I paused again, but realized that I had no excuse
if she woke up at this point. I wet my fingers slightly and
resumed rubbing, then slipped my pinky into her pussy. She was so
tight that I barely got up to the first knuckle. Kayla groaned
and rolled over onto her side, and I pulled my finger out. I was
hesitant to go any farther.

I looked to my right, at Jessie asleep in the other bed. I hadn't
yet gotten to check out her goods, had I? I stood softly and
tiptoed over to her. Just like her sister, Jessie looked
absolutely angelic in her sleep, her beautiful red hair spread
out across her pillow. I was trying hard to control my breathing
as I carefully picked up her blanket and pulled it aside. Fingers
trembling, I lifted the hem of her nightie.

Jessie's pussy was every bit as perfect as her sister's. She
didn't have nearly as much babyfat, but her hairless labia were
large, giving her girlhood a full, rounded appearance, but with
subtle signs of development. I reached out slowly and began to
gently stroke the seven-year-old between her legs. She was soft
and smooth, and surprisingly, getting a little wet.

I was so horny by this point that I couldn't help myself. I
pulled down the front of my sweatpants and began rubbing myself,
my right hand moving in rhythm with my left, which was still
working on Jessie's prepubescent pussy. Jessie stirred and
shivered a little, presumably due to the lack of a blanket over
her. Fearing the draft might wake her, I re-covered her small
body and went back over to her sister's bed.

Kayla was sleeping soundly on her right side, with her blanket
bunched up around her legs. I ran my hand over her ass and up
underneath her nightshirt, relishing the feel of the three-year
old's soft skin. I took a deep breath; I had told myself I'd be
conservative with my advances, but standing over the bottomless
toddler with my dick hanging out was too much to take - I just
had to take it farther, even if just a little bit. Besides, I
reasoned, the fallout if one of the girls woke up now would be
the same either way.

Gently, ever so gently, I rolled Kayla over so she was on her
back, her beautiful pussy once again exposed in all its glory.
She was positioned on the cot just below my balls, low enough so
that it would have been too awkward to get down to her level -
probably for the better, knowing my self-restraint. I settled for
jacking off over her, staring, entranced, at her prepubescent
body, a beauty that so many people just don't seem to appreciate.

Kayla stirred, swinging her arm outwards in her sleep and hitting
me on the leg. I stopped short mid-wank, sure that she was going
to wake up, but to my immense relief, she just fidgeted on the
cot and sank back into her slumber, her arm draped over the edge.
I waited another minute, then slowly reached down and lifted the
little girl's arm. With bated breath, I carefully placed her hand
over my cock, wrapping her limp fingers around the shaft as best
I could, then began sliding it up and down. While it was nowhere
near as exciting as it would have been had she been conscious,
the feeling of Kayla's tiny hand wrapped around my member was
simply incredible. I gazed at her naturally bald pussy as I made
her stroke my dick, and I could feel the cum boiling in my balls.

I gently let her arm drop back to where it had been, and slid
slightly to my right, so that her face was directly below my
dick. I don't even remember deciding upon it, especially
considering I was supposed to be being "conservative," but I
suddenly knew that the only way to end this night was to shoot a
load onto the sleeping angel's face.

I aimed the head of my cock at Kayla's chubby cheek and began to
stroke faster. A couple of glances back at her puffy little pussy
was enough to send me over the edge. A quick burst of cum hit the
three-year-old on the cheek. The second spurt missed her face,
the gooey strand landing on her ear and in her hair. I barely
remember the few moments after that, but by the time I was
finished, Kayla's face was plastered with semen, and one pool
near the side of her nose was slowly dripping across her lips.

As I came to my senses, I realized that probably hadn't been the
wisest move; I was really, REALLY glad she hadn't woken up, and
any attempt to wipe my cum off of her ran the same risk.

`Oh well,' I thought. It was really hot to think of leaving her
face covered in cum all night, anyway. I might have to dodge a
few questions in the morning, but the girls were too young to
figure it out, so I felt safe. I pulled the blanket back over
Kayla's body and quietly stole out of the room, leaving the door
open just a crack.

This was going to be a fun weekend.