Author: UncleJimmie
Title: Swimming Pool Slut Pt 3
Part: Part 3
Summary: A 10 year old slut and a 3 year old girl get used.
Keywords: Pedo, MFbbbbgg, Consensual, Preteen



"I got's ta pee now Jim" the child mumbled as she went off to the
bathroom just like nothing had happened. Like it was a normal
everyday occurrence for a stranger to make her cum.

Then the cellphone rang. 62 year old Jim looked at it and saw a
notification that said "Melody Homeless Shelter" as Jim swiped
the screen to answer.


Amy replied "Hi, I see you found my phone. I was wondering where
I lost it."

"Yeah, boy did we ever. You ought to put a password on it Amy,
little Sally got off watching you and that little boy messing

"It's too hard remembering passwords, I always forget them." She
replied as she continued "I wondered if you would see those
videos. His name is Mikey and he's pretty good for a 12 year

"Yeah I noticed that and he's gonna have a big one when he's done
growing up. So did your new client come in with the 8 year old

Amy sounded a bit flustered "Yeah and a 3 year old girl too. Can
you hear her crying?"

Jim could hear some crying in the background. "Oh yeah! Maybe she
needs an enema."

"Yeah, well I discovered something to that effect with her this
morning, you'll see it on my phone. Anyhow... Listen, I want to
move in tonight and I got some help coming with a friend of mine
who has a pickup truck. Is that OK if I move in tonight?"

Jim was delighted "Sure I'll be moving my stuff in too. Looks
like we'll spend our first night together in our new place."

"Well there is another little problem." Amy announced.

"What?" Jim asked.

"Well we don't have a bed yet for the 3 year old girl Sammi until
tomorrow. That happens all the time and so I always take them
home for the night until a bed becomes available. So is it OK if
I bring little Sammi to stay overnight?"

"Sure! Do you think she'll cry all night?"

Amy lowered her voice "No, I've got a way to quiet her down but I
can't say right now..."

Jim laughed "Enema time huh?"

"Yeah. Plus some other things too." she replied.

"Do you want me to bring your cellphone over to you at work? I
know where it is." He offered.

"YES that would be great! I just found out I've got some more
clients coming in this afternoon."

"Ok, It will be a while, Sally is still here. Maybe I'll bring
her along, would that be OK?"

"Sure" Amy replied "Maybe I'll introduce her to Mikey. He'd like
that I'm sure."

Jim chuckled "I'll bet he would. I'll have to check with her
grandmother and get some clothes on her, she's just in her hot
little bikini bathing suit."

"All right, I'll see you when you get here. Bye." Amy hung up
just as Sally came out of the bathroom.

"Hey baby you want to go see where Amy works and meet Mikey?" he
asked the child, knowing she would.

Her eyes lit up "YEAH but I don't know if'n Granny will let me."

Jim took her hand and headed out the door "I'll ask her honey
while you get some clothes on." he thought for a minute "Put on a
dress or skirt that's easy to pull up so you can flash Mikey and
give him a big boner like he had with Amy."

Sally giggled hard "Otay!"

Jim talked to Granny who was more than happy to let the little
preteen go with the nice new neighbor especially after he told
her about Amy. He explained that she was a councilor and would be
sharing the trailer with him and, of course, Jim acted the part
of a kindly gentleman who pretended to have only the child's best
interests in mind.

As Sally got dressed Jim went out to his car and connected Amy's
cellphone to his laptop. He quickly copied all her pictures and
videos onto his laptop for further viewing later when he would
discover that Amy was a real pervert who enjoyed a bunch of
little boys and girls with whom she had lots of contact due to
her job at the Center.

He would also discover that she wasn't a councilor at all but
just an attendant who did babysitting and cleaned the place. Her
mentioning of "Clients" was just a front so people would think
she was an important person there.

Jim would also find out she wasn't the sharpest knife in the
drawer and, in fact, was quite ditsy and was easy to manipulate
into doing any nasty things that Jim would come up with no matter
how depraved they were although she was quite capable of creating
some really hot sexual escapades.

Amy's strongest suit was the fact she was an extremely horny
female with a very strong sex drive that made her want sex of any
kind anywhere and with any age, especially children.


Young Sally came running out to his car and got in. Her little
orange skirt, that came down about half way to her knees, slid up
enough that he caught a glimpse of her white cotton panties.

"Show me your panties baby and we'll take some pictures with
Amy's cellphone so she can see your hot body. I think she likes
you honey." The preteen eagerly turned towards the man as he
aimed the camera at her and took several photos before driving

"So Sally tell me a little about yourself. You are so grown up
and mature, in fact I can hardly believe you are only 10." He
heaped praise on her knowing that would make her more talkative.
Jim was really curious how she had become such a slut at this
early age and the little girl was proud to tell him of all her

The 10 year old had just moved in with Granny about six weeks ago
for the summer while Sally's very strict mother, who was rich,
went on an two month around the world cruise. Granny wasn't
really her grandmother but a hired nanny who took in kids to earn
extra money. It turns out that Granny has a boyfriend, Rick, that
manged to get in Sally's pants when the old woman left them alone
while she went to work at the Dew Drop Inn bar every day.

Because Sally's mom was so strict the little girl had never even
played doctor and when Rick started playing around with her she
loved it. The 45 year old man setup a computer at Granny's so he
and Sally could watch porn videos and told her she had to watch
them for at least an hour a day. Granny didn't use the computer
at all as she didn't understand them and Rick told her that he
was having the child do an online class for summer school. After
all it was 2017 and you could take college classes online so
Granny was none the wiser.

The 10 year old watching online porn had it's effect and Rick
taught Sally all about sex and used her small body for his own
gratification although he never penetrated her. The little girl
said his dick was too big and that he would just put the tip up
tight against her pussy and squirt big loads of cum inside it. He
was gradually stretching her hole bigger with some small sex toys
and the boys at the pool had helped make it bigger as they had
screwed her regularly for the past few weeks.

Rick had left town a couple weeks ago for a construction job and
hadn't been able to try his big cock on her yet but the little
girl thought he'd be able to get it in now. They did Skype and he
jacked off while the preteen did nasty things in front of the
computer camera Rick had installed before left town. Sally
bragged how she made him cum really fast and that they would do
it a couple times a day.

The preteen's favorite kind of porn was guys jacking off and
Sally mentioned she wanted to make more guys cum because it made
her feel good down there. Jim explained to her that was very
natural and that her body was supposed to be used by men and boys
to squirt their loads whether that was in person or online.

He told her about a video site where they could post videos of
her being nasty and that guys could watch it while they jacked
off to her nasty actions. Viewers could leave comments too along
with keeping track of how many people viewed her video.

Sally was excited about making a porn video to put on the site
and asked how soon we could do it. Jim told her maybe tonight and
asked if it was OK if Amy joined in. The child was OK with that
and the man guessed that Amy would be more than happy to molest
the little girl who was quickly turning into a regular slut that
loved to make guys cum.

Jim told the little girl to look through the videos on Amy's
cellphone and soon the child giggled when she found a new one
from just a few hours ago and played it. It was obviously what
Amy had said she discovered about making the 3 year old quit

It showed the screaming little girl laid out on a bed wearing
just a diaper. Then a woman's hands came into view and undid the
Velcro tabs and pulled the diaper off the 3 year old's body
exposing a nice fat pussy. Then Amy's head came into view as she
spread the toddler's fat thighs and held the big pussy lips
apart. She then proceeded to start licking the little girl's

The crying soon stopped and turned to cooing as the nasty woman
expertly licked the child's clit. Very soon the little girl
squealed and humped her hips up, arching her back to get closer
to the nasty tongue that was making her feel so good.

Jim had never seen a baby being molested and it turned him on. He
wondered if he would soon be eating out the little 3 year old
girl as thoughts of putting his hard cock at the entrance of her
tiny pussy hole and squirting a massive load inside it filled his


The pair arrived at the Melody Homeless Shelter and Jim noticed a
familiar old green 15 passenger van in the parking lot with the
letters MHS on it's side. Then it dawned on him where he had seen
it. At the swimming pool.

"Sally, does that van look familiar to you?"

"Yeah da boys at the pool come in it." she replied nonchalantly.

Jim wondered how many boys from here had messed around with this
little tart because word gets around pretty quick amongst boys
when there is a girl who puts out like Sally did.

They walked inside the entrance and there sat Amy at the
reception's desk holding a pretty good sized toddler who was
fussing and squirming as Amy tried to talk on the phone. A couple
boys, who looked about 11or 12 years old, were standing behind
her and instantly waved at Sally as we entered. It was some of
the boys from the pool who had been messing around with Sally!

Amy held her hand over the phone's mouthpiece "Hi Jim I'm trying
to get another employee to come in as the other two women didn't
show up for work. I'll be right with you."

Then she looked at Sally "Have the boys show you around the
place." The boys quickly came over, took her hand and led her
down a long hallway behind the entrance desk.

"Oh hello Jane, wait a minute while I get rid of this 3 year
old." Amy looked at Jim "Could you take her till I get done on
here Jim?"

Jim quickly took the little girl out of Amy's lap, noticing how
big and heavy she was for a 3 year old. The child smiled at Jim
as he carried her around the desk, his hand up under her filthy
dress cupping her pantie covered buttocks which he discovered
were very good sized and firm.

The woman resumed her phone conversation as Jim sat down on a
nearby couch keeping his hand on the toddlers firm buttocks "OK
Jane, I've got a problem. Cheryl and Dina didn't show up for work
and I'm on alone. The problem is I have to move into my new place
today so could you come in and cover for me until those two
decide to come to work?"

Jim now had both hands on the 3 years old's behind as he gently
molded and squeezed her buttocks, the very ones he had just seen
earlier on the video and dreamed about licking.

"Yeah.....Yeah....well I've got 3 year old Patty here too and
she's being a pain....yeah she is new she just came in...and my
friend with the pickup truck didn't show up so I'm gonna take the
van and some of the boys to help me move into Jim's place...Jim
is the guy who is renting me a room.....yeah he's a nice guy!"
Amy smiled and winked at Jim as she continued talking.

"Ok I'll take Patty with me, she seems to really like Jim, she
quit fussing the minute he picked her up....OK and I'll bring the
boys and van back later when I get done moving.....OK, thanks,
I'll see you in a few minutes."

Amy hung up "What a pain in the ass this place is, nobody shows
up for work half the time!" she stood up and looked down the hall
where the kids had gone "Hmm wonder where they went." she mumbled
and walked over to Jim. "Want me to take her?"

"Oh no she's fine, we're getting along great aren't we baby?" he
kissed little Patty on the cheek and she then kissed him back as
he made no effort to conceal his hands under her thin dress from

"Well she sure likes you, maybe it's that massage your giving her
ass." Amy smiled and went on "Whatever works as long as she's

Smiling he looked up at the woman "Yeah, like eating her pussy

Amy smiled "Oh you saw that one." She wasn't concerned a bit
about her lewd actions, acting like it was a normal everyday
occurance. Which, Jim was soon to find out, it was.

The woman looked down the hallway again "The boys acted like they
knew Sally."

Jim chuckled "Yeah they know her alright, I've seen several of
them screwing her at the pool where you take them swimming."

"WHAT! Those boys have been screwing her???" Amy was surprised
and then she thought a minute. "You know I wondered why all of a
sudden all of them were wanting to go to the pool recently."

Jim's hand had now slipped inside Patty's panties and he was
gently fingering her butt hole as he talked "Yeah I noticed them
all in a corner of the pool with her and so I swam underwater
close to them with my goggles on and they were taking turns
fucking her." He brought his finger up to his nose and sniffed
the little toddlers anal scent.

"Really! Gee I wonder where they learned to do that....." she
then went on "I teach every boy that comes in here how to fuck
and they have to squirt inside me at least 3 times. By then they
know how to do it."

Jim was a bit surprised at how open Amy was with information that
could get her in a lot of trouble. "Don't you worry about them
telling on you?"

Amy laughed "No. They are all taught right away from the other
kids to keep their mouth shut and besides they would get in a lot
of trouble themselves."

"How would they get in trouble?" he asked curiously.

"Because I have a video of every one of them on file showing them
molesting a little baby or toddler, like the one you are feeling
up now. Oh, by the way, look up at the ceiling smoke detector and're on Candid Camera feeling up little 3 year old Patty
even as we speak. Come over here and look at the screen." As the
woman talked she made a few mouse clicks.

Jim stared up at the round smoke detector as he went over behind
her desk, his finger now rubbing the toddler's asshole and slit
causing the little one to giggle and squirm.

The screen had four different smoke detectors on display and Amy
clicked on theirs. Jim's hand could be clearly seen up under the
child's dress molesting her privates.

"Oh wow I didn't know that." he mumbled as the realization that
he was now on a video record feeling up a little girl.

Amy smiled "I assume you will keep everything a secret won't you

"YES" he quickly blurted out.

"Let's see how the boys are doing with your little friend Sally
in the nurses room where the kids usually take a hot slut like
Sally" The woman mused as she clicked over to the small room that
had a single examining bed and lots of doctor looking tools
hanging on the walls.

The 10 year old little girl was on her hands and knees on the
adjustable examining bed with her orange skirt up over her back
and her rear end on the edge of the bed. They had the bed lowered
so all the had to do was walk up to it and slip their little boys
cocks into her readily available cunt. Which was what was
happening right now as one of the 6 or 7 boys who were crowded in
the small room worked his small rock hard penis inside her

Several boys were standing near him, their pants pulled down
exposing their little boys hardons that were anxiously waiting to
squirt their cum into Sally's cunt. Their dicks all looked to be
about 3 inchs long and skinny. One boy was just pulling up his
pants as he was done with her.

Jim was astounded to say the least. Already, in just a few
moments, the boys had already started screwing the little girl
who seemed very eager for all the young cocks.

"Geez Amy, are they always this fast?"

"Ha, no. But I think that because they knew her from the pool
they figured she'd go for it and they were right. She certainly
is a little slut, look how her eyes are rolling back in her head
as Kyle fucks her."

Kyle pounded inside little Sally's cunt hole for about 15 seconds
and then stopped abruptly with his little cock buried all the way
inside the 10 year old.

"The boys all cum pretty fast as you'll see. I love it!!" Amy
explained "But they are ready again pretty soon."

They watched as Kyle finished ejaculating in the little slut and
he backed away from her slit. Cum was leaking out as another boy
quickly took his place and started fumbling around trying to
stick his small little boy hard penis into the cum oozing hole.

"Oh,Oh!" he groaned as a small load squirted out of his tiny dick
even before he got it inside the little whore's cunt.

Amy laughed softly "That's Tommy, he's a really fast cummer.
Sometimes little boys squirt even before they get it inside.
Happens all the time when I'm training them. I love it."

Tommy stepped back as a bigger boy moved in to take his place and
Jim recognized him. "Hey that's Mikey!"

"Yeah and he knows what he's doing. I've taught him good and he's
got the biggest cock of the group so that means all the other
boys have probably fucked her once because Mikey waits till the
little cocks have lubed up the small girl's  pussy so it will
take his bigger cock with ease."

It was obvious the boy knew what he was doing as he started to
rub his big cock up and down in the 10 year old's well lubed
slit. Then he gently started to push the big head into Sally's
hole and she reacted by quickly stiffening up as the large penis
stretched her opening quite a bit. Mikey stopped and let her cunt
adjust to it's size and then he pulled back a bit and again
pushed forward as he held her hips so she couldn't get away from
his big dick.

The 10 year old groaned very loud as he expertly slid his long
shaft clear inside her willing vagina. Then the 12 year old boy
started fucking her slowly at first and then picked up the pace
until his stomach was pounding into her ass cheeks.

"Look at her!" Amy murmured "That little slut is loving his big
cock fucking her well used hole. How old did you say she is?"

"10 and gonna be 11 next week or so." Jim replied as he too was
amazed to see the young girl enjoying the screwing she was

"Although Sally is only 10, well 11, she's a natural born
nymphomaniac Jim. Girls like her can't get enough and love to
have guys squirt in them, on them or down their throats. Once
they get hooked on the thrill of making a cock squirt they can't
help themselves. That's why you see girls in gangbangs letting
every guy take advantage of her."

Jim was puzzled a bit "Well, doesn't the girl want to cum too?"

"No, not right then. Later after everyone has used her she will
usually masturbate to the thoughts of all the cocks she made
shoot their load. I've done it many times and most of the time
when a girl says she is cumming while you are fucking her she is
lying and faking it. Her main desire is to have you cum inside
her pussy."

"You know she mentioned to me that she liked to see guys cum and
that it was her favorite kind of porn. She gets online with some
guy who has been molesting her and makes him cum a couple times a
day." Jim rubbed his hard cock through his pants. "I'm about
ready to take advantage of her too."

Amy shook her head "No, not yet. I need a video of you cumming
with this little 3 year old. Wanna shoot a load inside her little
cunt for me?"

Suddenly Mikey stopped humping and kept his cock buried as deep
as he could while he started squirting his load into the child's
vagina. His eyes were closed as he held her tightly impaled on
his hard shaft.

The two adults quit talking as they watched young Sally take yet
another load of boy jizz in her cunt. Mikey kept his boner buried
in her for almost a minute as he occasionally thrust harder while
his cock emptied it's load.

Jim's eyes were fastened to the screen as he replied to Amy's
question. "Yeah, and soon too. This is making me horny big time
watching all those boys fuck that little swimming pool slut."

"Well not right now, you'll have to hold it for a while." Amy
quickly laid out a plan to get her stuff over to their new place
and then she'd do a bunch of videoing tonight recording Jim
taking advantage of 3 year old Patty. The woman explained she was
going to use the 10 year old for her own sexual gratification
which would include making the little girl cum multiple times.

=== END PART 3 ===

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