Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My Little Girl Lovers - Mg - by Uncaba As I opened the door to the dorm barracks, I knew that all the girls were asleep. As headmaster of the summer camp, I had spiked the evening punch with a long-lasting sleep agent. Most of the girls were asleep almost before they hit the bed. Some were still hanging out of their beds, half dressed. All peacefully oblivious to the sexual assualt that was to happen to some of them during the night.I went over to the beds where the 5th grade girls slept. As I walked d own the row, I wondered which one would catch my attention tonight. I had my favorites already. Those girls whose pussies were soft and yielding, who had little or no resistance inside and who fucked me back even in their sleep.Stopping at one new girl's bed, I noticed she was primed for the night. She lay there, the covers pulled back and her midriff exposed to the dim overhead nightlight that I had installed. I sat on the bed next to her and lifted her shirt. Her little boobs were nicely developing -- firm with medium large areolae and a small, pointed nipple which rose to my touch. I leaned over and kissed them, my tongue rasping across the nipple. She moaned in her sleep and shifted slightly. I sucked her whole tit into my mouth and felt the incredible softness of her skin. This one would do for tonight - well, for now at least.I slid the covers down and cupped her damp, moist mound through her PJ pants. One leg shifted out to allow me access. I thought to myself, "this one likes it... good!" Her prominent mound sank into a wide opening between her legs. "Pleasure bent" I thought. I massaged my finger into the cleft of her nether lips and one leg moved a little more, her foot rolling outward.I stood and lifted her in my arms. She was a dead weight, and a big girl -- an early developer who probably weighed 90 pounds. I carried her swiftly down to my office at the end of the building. Inside, I had a small anteroom with a bed and all the necessary items to do the deed.I quickly stripped her of her pants and unbuttoned her shirt. My breath caught in my throat as I stood and looked at her beauty. She was incredibly sexy. Her long brown hair spread over the pillow looking like a sultry temptress. I noticed a small bit of pubic hair creating a shadow along her cunt lips. I leaned in and breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of young virgin pussy. My hands softly explored her entire body, sliding up and down her legs, under her back, rolling her over and worshiping at her amazing ass. She had taken a bath that evening. I could smell the gentle fragrance of soap and shampoo. Her asshole winked at me and had very little odor as I inspected her closely. I pressed a finger into her asshole and it flexed, resisting my intrusion. "I'll fix that part in a bit" my reeling brain said. My hands wandered over her soft back down to her flaring hips. I rolled her back and spread her legs, sliding my hands up the insides until I came to her very warm, puffy pussy. I could wait no longer.I quickly undressed and grabbed the lubricating gel off the nightstand next to the bed. First, I spread her legs widely, putting my face in her tight pussy and licking it top to bottom and back. She moaned again and actually hunched my tongue a bit as I tickled her clit. I moved a little lower and stuck my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could and could not feel any hymen, but perhaps it was deeper than I could reach. My finger confirmed that it was, although it nearly broke with my probing. She was breathing deeply, little moans escaping her from time to time.I tongue fucked her until she shuddered and moaned in her sleep, writhing on the bed. The pressure from my rock-hard dick was getting to be too much. I reached to the bedside and brought up a little gas mask and tube which ran to a hidden container of sleeping gas that I had pilfered from a warehouse. I adjusted the control on the tube, giving her just enough to keep her under. I put the mask on her, rolled her over and pulled her up to a kneeling position, bent over. Her head lay on the pillow,her ass was in the air. I swabbed her little hole with gel as I dropped my pants hurriedly. Scooting close to her, I pressed the head against her asshole. Slowly, slowly, her ass yielded to the pressure and my dick sank in an inch. She let out a groan and wiggled her ass against me. I pulled back a bit, squirted some gel on my dick and pressed again. It slid in with hardly any resistance. The feeling was exquisite. Slowly and deliberately I slid deeply into and out of her tight asshole. The warmth and snugness were always my favorite feeling. Nothing beats the tight ass of a young girl -- well, maybe a tight pussy and a moaning, willing partner. But that would come later.I reached under her and began to finger her clit as I sawed in and out of her ass. Her pussy began to get wetter and she moaned even under the anesthetic. I felt her ass muscles spasm on my dick and it triggered my orgasm. I moaned and pumped her ass for all I was worth as I spewed my jism in her innards."oooh.. this one's gonna think she has the summer camp shits when she wakes up tomorrow," I thought as I pulled gently out of her ass. I watched as her hole slowly closed up, but not before some of my cum leaked out. I wiped her ass gently with some hemorrhoid cream to make it shrink up quicker and rolled her back over. I turned off the gas and removed the mask. My withering dick was leaking a little left-over cum and I wiped it on her pussy, pressing in a little for good measure. My right thumb began a little wiggling motion over her swollen clit and she moaned and hunched against my dick, pressing it in further. I decided not to try to break this one in at this point, though. Her keening and motions got more frantic as her sleeping orgasm approached and I let her have one. I slid my thumb in her hole up to the knuckle. Her vagina grasped it and I could feel it pulsing. I leaned in and flicked her clit with my tongue. Her legs jerked and pulled wider. She hunched her crotch into my face and moaned. I caught her swollen clit between my lips and gently squeezed it -- she went ballistic, spasming and jerking. She sucked in a huge gasp. Her head tilted back into the pillow and her mouth opened in a silent scream. "Huh, huh, huuuuuhhhh, mmmm... mmmmmmm...," she gasped and humped my thumb through her orgasm. Her face and chest flushed a bright red rash and I kissed her little nipples, rolling the tips between fingers. "mmm....mmmmmmmmm..." She drifted back to dreamland. I re-dressed her and carried her back to her bed, settling her in and pulling the covers to her chin. I gently kissed her lips and lifted up to leave. She stirred. "Mr. C ?" she mumbled sleepily. "Yes, darling.Shhhh.. I was just checking on you. You were moaning in your sleep." "Mmmm.. oh.... yeah, had... 'stranges' dr'm..." she stirred and shifted on her side. "Go back to sleep honey. See you in the morning." "Were you kissing me?" she queried, squinting up at me. "Yes, darling. You were sleeping so sweetly after your dream, I just wanted to let you know that someone cared." "It felt good. I feel so...good...for some reason.... mmmmm... G'night." She reached up and wrapped her arms weakly around my neck and pulled me to her face. I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. For the fleetingest moment, I felt her tongue brush against my lips. My arm had slipped down next to her ribs and as I removed them, I brushed across her slightly swelling breasts and nipples. The points of her nips scraped across my forearm and my dick lurched at the feeling."mmm..." she said softly as she dropped her arms, "g'night." "Goodnight sweetheart... sweet dreams..." I breathed in her ear. I smiled to myself as she turned over and snuggled down into her bed. Yes, it WAS a good night. CHAPTER TWO On my way back up the line of beds in the large dorm barracks, I spotted my favorite little 9 year old. She was sprawled on top of the covers, sleeping soundly. This one came to camp with the attitude that the only clothes one wore to bed was a thin nightgown -- no underwear. Her legs were split and her little cunny was exposed to the night. One hand lay near her slit -- she had probably been masturbating as she went to sleep -- or perhaps IN her sleep. My dick twitched and I decided to have another little session with her.I leaned over her and kissed her gently on the nose. She brushed away the kiss in her sleep. I took her hand and kissed her lips which were slightly open. Her soft breath tasted sweet. I slipped my tongue in between them and licked her teeth. She moaned and shifted in the bed. Her knees came up and then settled wide. Her gown had slipped up above her navel. I dropped my shorts and climbed onto the bed with her. She shifted over sideways, her back to me.I spooned myself against her, cuddling her into my chest. Her bare bottom was against my rising dick and I rubbed myself against her soft, soft ass. She was heavenly and so small against my turgid dick. I knew the sleeping potion would keep her fairly asleep so I held on to her and rolled back onto my back, pulling her with me.Now I was lying on the bed with a 9 year old sweetheart lying atop me, her back to my front. Her legs fell open, spreading apart and falling down outside my thighs. I slid my hand down her soft tummy, feeling her navel. My dick was rock solid now and I moved so that it slid up between the crack of her crotch and poked out the front a bit. I humped her and pressed my dick against her pussy, the tip poking at the hood of her clit. I slid one hand up under her gown and explored her soft swells of tits. She really didn't have much yet, but the small mounds felt heavenly. My other hand went down and eased over her mons. Her soft hairless crack was puffy and slightly open from the spread of her legs. I ran a finger down her crack, parting her lips. I dipped down to her nether hole and felt a tiny bit of moisture. As I slid my finger back, she breathed a soft moan. I licked my fingers, getting a taste of her cunt and then slipped them down between her lips again. This time they parted easily and my cock fit deeper into the furrow. I lubed the area with my slippery finger and found that she was getting wetter as I rubbed her clit.Gently I slowly caressed her clit as my dick slid up and down her crack. I felt her clit rise and swell and she moaned in her sleep. I pressed her fat lips wider and dipped deeply into her vagina. She was amazingly large for so young a child.My dick was drooling pre-cum by then and I had to have some relief. This was going to be good. My balls had a load on from all the recent activities and this was the perfect repository for my cum. This sweetheart had a fully developed pussy that was very accommodating to my pecker. I loved humping this gal. Even in her sleep, she liked fucking. I had noticed her looking at me and smiling an extra sweet smile whenever I paid her any attention. I think she was about ready to join me in some "awake" times.All it took was a slight shift and my dickhead lodged against the entrance to her little cunny. I hunched my hips a bit and it went in an inch or two. I began a slow in and out while rubbing her clit and pressing my dick at the right angle to enter her. The girl moaned as I went deeper and deeper into her small cunt. I noticed that sometimes she would arch her back, forcing my dick deeper and making the angle better. My finger kept up its assault on her little stiff clit. My humping dick gradually made it deeper and deeper. I pulled her legs a little wider and suddenly I slid in fully. It was SO snug and warm and soft. She was panting in her sleep and I was on the verge of cumming any second. I rolled back over on top of her, pulling her into a slight kneeling position. Now that I was on top, her rounded ass felt amazingly firm and soft. I almost wished I had taken the "backdoor" route to my release. Nonetheless, her lubrication was abundant and she began to hump me back as her face was pressed sideways into the pillow.I began to vigorously hump her from behind, my dick slurping in and out of her pussy. She moaned and her little vagina clamped down on my dick, pulsing. The feeling was too much and I poured my cum into she sweet snatch. The cum lubricated things even better and I slurped and sloshed as I gritted my teeth in a mind-numbing orgasm. This was so sweet, so... unbelieveably good. I reached over and grabbed her bath towel and wiped what I could of her drooling cunny. My dick softened and slid back into the crack of her ass. I lay there for a while, listening to her soft breathing. Gently, I slid out of bed and pulled her on her side. I fondled her small breasts as my dick shrank out of her pussy and slid back along her ass. For a moment, I considered staying long enough to get hard again and slide into her tiny asshole, which I had not broken in yet... but decided it was getting late and I had to teach swimming tomorrow.Yes, the night was just another night in paradise. CHAPTER THREE The next morning, I rang the bell to rouse the groggy girls, sent them to the showers and off to class. After they left, I strolled to the large shower room to have a long, jerk-off shower myself. I liked to take a shower in the room where so many young girls had just been. It smelled of perfume and powder and shampoo. As I adjusted the water and stepped in, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was one of the new girls-- one whom I had caught staring at me several times. Jane was 11 and really maturing for her age. She had nice conical tits and a rounded bottom that was not too large. She was also tall for her age.Jane was sneaking a peek at me as I showered so I decided to give her a show and then "catch" her in the act. I'd have some leverage on her then. I lathered up and washed my hair and body, then took my time as I soaped my dick and brought it to full hardness. It was already half hard just thinking about what the girl was seeing. I closed my eyes, pretending I was not seeing her through the slits. She peeked around the corner of a locker and her chin fell down as she watched me pump my rock-hard dick. I moaned and saw her shiver. Her legs began to rub together and I saw her hand slip down to press against her pussy. "Ooooo... baby... your pussy feels so good and soft... mm..." I moaned as I pumped slowly up and down. "yeah, pump my dick.. Suck on it, oh yeah... that's so goooood." I set the trap. "ungh.. ungh.. oh.. yes.. mm.. I'm gonna cum... mmmMMMMMM .. ooh..." and just as suddenly I pretended to discover her watching me. "JANE! What are you doing in here!" I suddenly blinked in surprise, covering my soapy dick. She turned to run out. "FREEZE right there young lady" I walked out of the shower after I had rinsed my dick off and turned off the shower. I held a towel loosely in front of my body, hiding my dick as I approached her. "So.. what have you got to say for yourself... watching a man in his private moments?" "I just heard the shower and... and..." she stammered, her back still to me. "Turn around when you talk to me.. face me." She turned slowly, looking at the floor.When her eyes rose, she blushed red when she saw the towel with it's prominent bump from my dick. "So.. what do I do.. call your parents and tell them that you were sneaking a peek at me? "She panicked, "Oh no! Please don't tell them...They'll never let me.. they'll throw me out of camp.. they'll..." she trailed off into tears. "Raise your arms" I commanded. She raised them high. I dropped the towel and while she was gawking at my dangling dick, I grasped the hem of her T-shirt and yanked it up and off before she knew it. She gasped and covered her bare tits, but not before I got a good look at them. She was still staring at my rising dick. Her mouth dropped open in awe. "Shall I call them?... or... " I asked. She stared at me, dumbstruck. "Drop your gym shorts... NOW!" I commanded... When she didn't move, I reached forward, grabbed her shorts and yanked them down to her knees, taking her underwear with them. She stifled a shriek. Shivering with fear, she tried to hide her nether regions with her hands and buckled her knees together. I gently took her arms and pulled her upright. As she stood, her gym shorts fell to the floor. "Now.. we're naked together. Get in the shower..." When she didn't move, I yelled again. "NOW! or I go in to my office and get on the phone..." She sniffled and moved toward the shower. "Get in the water and wash yourself good." She stepped in and turned her back to me, adjusting the spray. I slipped up behind her and slid my arms around her waist, cupping her tits in the soap. She gasped. My dick pressed up against her butt and she arched her back away from the touch. I slid one hand down and cupped her mons. In the process of jerking away from that touch, my dick was pressed in to the crack of her butt, nearly skewering her in the ass. She let out a yelp. " wanted to see what a man looked like and you got to see it. Now, I see that you are becoming a mature woman." My finger slid up and down in the cleft of her pussy. I felt her jerk when I passed over her clit. I pressed deeper into the cleft and she almost fainted with passion. Her nipple hardened in my hand as I gently massaged her boob. She was trapped against me. I ran one hand back to press my dick so that it slid into the gap between her thighs. I bent my knees a bit to press it into her cunt slit. The head poked out the front. I returned to rubbing her clit as I hissed into her ear. "Touch my dick as it sticks out the front. Feel it." She hesitated and I dropped my hands and headed out of the shower. "OK, have it your way 'little girl'. I'll just have to tell your parents the kind of pervert you are... peeping in the shower at me while rubbing yourself." "Nnnnoooooo..." she wailed. "Please don't... please...I'll do it.." "Do what?" I turned. Her eyes dropped to my swollen member again, then jerked back up to me. She blushed red, knowing that she had been caught. "I'll do... mmm.... what you say.. just please don't hurt me.. pleeeease..." She covered her face in terror. "Have I hurt you yet, Jane, darling? All I want to do is teach you what to do... How to be a real grown-up woman... that is.. IF you ARE a grown-up." I walked back to her. She wrapped her arms around me and buried her face in my chest. I felt her arms rubbing my back. Her tits flattened against my chest. I reached up, tilted her chin up and looked into her eyes. She was full of uncertain passion.. The sparse hair of her pussy tickled my balls. My dick was drooling pre-cum on her belly. There was only the hiss of the showers as we kissed, slowly, tenderly, with increasing passion. I pulled her ass against me and ground my lips into hers, my tongue seeking hers. We panted as we parted. "Now then, turn back the way you were," I breathed against her temple. She shivered and turned. My hands returned to a more willing girl. When I delved into her pussy slit, I found that she was a bit more slick than the shower water would have been. I knew then that I had her. She was mine.Her head lolled back against my shoulder as I played with her tits. The firm small mounds responded and her nipples stood out, rigid and swollen. When I brushed my palm over them, she breathed deeply and reached up to press my hand against her boob. My other hand was meanwhile working deeper into the crevasse of her fat little pussy lips. My dick was drooling pre-cum again as I pressed it in and through. When it came out the front, I took her hand and placed it over the tip. She gently began to explore it and the two inches of shaft that poked out. I was in heaven. "It's so warm and hard and soft, too" she murmured, looking down. When she bent forward, I leaned back and forced more ofmy shaft to rub between her pussy lips. I pulled my dick back and pressed it through again. This time, it snagged on her clit hood and she moaned. Her fingers pressed my dick against her clit as I sawed slowly back and forth. On one pass, I pulled a bit farther out and when I went in, my dick caught in her vaginal tunnel and the head lodged in her pussy. My dick bent upward and began to surge into her vagina. She froze. My dick continued pressing, slowly inching its way up into her cunt. I gently pressed her to bend at the waist, making the angle better. My dick eased deeper. I felt no hymen, no resistance other than the incredible snugness of a virgin cunt. The feeling was amazing, apparently to BOTH of us as she moaned a long, soft, groan that had more sex in the sound than anything I 've ever heard a woman say. My dick leapt at the sound. A bit of pre-cum surged through and her tight tube was lubricated a bit more. I eased out and then back deeper and deeper several times, each time taking a little more dick deep into her love tunnel. Finally, my dick was fully up in her from behind. She was bending further, trying to get more of me into her. I stopped and began to pull out... she suddenly yelped. "No..d-don't... it feels so goo....ahhhh... ooooooooo." She began to protest until I pressed it back in, deeper and deeper. I grasped her hips and began to rock in and out of her. "Yes, honey, we're fucking... that's right... only this is not the only way people do it, in fact it's not the way most people START doing it. Especially virgins... You WERE a virgin weren't you?" I queried her. She turned her head, her eyes slits and her mouth hanging open in passion. " my dad.. tried to put his... finger... oooo.. but it never felt this.. oooomm...... mm... goooooooodddaaahhhhhhhh ...." "So he broke you in, did he? Did he try anything else?" "No.. welll... once he... uh .. his mouth... I mean he... mmm... he kissed me.. you know... down there... " I had pulled my dick out of her pussy, for fear that I would cum way too early in this mornings activities. She had now given me the ammo to deal with her in many ways for the summer. My finger began to pull the copious cunt juice out and rub it around her big clit. Her clit hood had pulled back and it was only going to take a minor touch to set her off... I kept her at a fever pitch while I walked her toward the lockers and benches.She turned in my arms and kissed me. My hand never left her cunt.There was a towel draped on one of the benches and I laid her down on it, her legs straddling the bench. I sat down just below her and leaned over to her stomach, kissing her navel."This is what your Dad was going to do. He was trying to show you just how good a mouth can make your pussy feel."I leaned down and began to lick her pussy, tasting her clean pussy taste, with just a touch of soapy flavor left from the shower. She moaned and squirmed against my mouth. I noticed that she didn't try to push me away. Instead, her hands gripped the sides of my head, gently pulling me into her. I slipped a finger under my mouth and pressed it into her vagina, palm up. I felt her tunnel spasm, gripping my finger as it bottomed out deep in her cunt. Her moans increased, her juices running out of her hot cunt. As her orgasm peaked and broke on her, she pressed her hips off the bench, bouncing as she vibrated in the throes of her cumming. I curled my finger, pressing it against the hard G-spot in the front of her pussy and she let out a strangled gasp and went apoplectic. She froze for a second, then spasmed violently, then shook and shivered. All the while her pussy gripped and released, gripped and released my finger as it gently rubbed that magic spot. She was barely breathing, merely gasping when she could. Huge sobs escaped her and her hands gripped my hair, pulling me tightly into her pussy as she humped my face. As last, I released her and she fell limply onto the bench, gasping for breath. I sat up and moved closer to her as I grasped my turgid dick. "OK. Sit up. Let me lie down and you sit on me. It's MY turn to get off in your sweet snatch." I snarled, pulling her to a sitting position. I could tell that she was still in a daze from her orgasm and moved like a zombie. She stood unsteadily and I lay in her place, feeling her warmth on the towel. I pulled her hand and made her sit on my waist, her hot pussy just above my pubic thatch. I reached up for her small breasts and felt her nipples tighten to my touch. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling. "Slide back a bit." She looked at me, at first not comprehending. Then she lifted and slid back a bit, sitting on my dick. Her eyes widened when she realized what she was sitting on. She looked down at my dick which was sticking out a few inches from her pussy. It looked as if she had an upside-down penis sticking out from her pubic hair. I pulled her down and kissed her. In the process of rolling forward to kiss me, my dick popped up into the groove of her pussy. She gasped into my mouth as I drove it an inch into her slick cunt. "That's right, baby, let it slip deeper and deeper into your pussy. I'm gonna show you how to fuck a man and make it good for you, too" I murmured into her ear. I reached down and pressed my dick so that the angle was better and slipped another inch into her. She moaned and her legs began to lift her so that I could plunge into her again, this time to the hilt. As I bottomed out, I humped up into her, driving my pubic bone against her clit. She grunted and moaned and I felt her hump against me, grinding herself against me. It was time to fuck. She adjusted her legs so that she had better leverage and began to lift and drop, grinding as she did. I reached down and held her ass, letting a finger massage her puckered asshole. She gasped and pumped harder. I felt the cum rising in my balls. As her humping became frantic, I realized she was going to cum again and, as she did, I slipped my middle finger deep in to her asshole. Her ass clamped down on my finger and my dick splashed its first load into her pussy as she wailed and ground against me. Her mouth bit down on my shoulder as she gasped and her pussy clamped and released my pulsing dick. We lay there, panting and occasionally humping a few strokes, draining the last ounce of the orgasm that we could. I felt dampness on my shoulder and realized she was crying silently, her hands gripping my sides in a long, shuddering hug. As she sobbed, I felt her pussy grip my softening dick, forcing it slowly out of her pussy. She sniffed and pushed herself upright. I felt my cum and her juices draining out of her pussy and down the crack of my ass. Her red eyes regarded me. "I...n-never-- dreamed.. it would feel that good...never...not even when I did it myself.. I mean.." She realized what she had admitted. "God... that was... amazing...[pant]... whew!" she whispered almost reverently. "Is it always that... that good?.. I mean.. my friends told me it felt good, but none of them ever hinted that it was THAT good..that... draining..." She lifted as my dick slid completely out. I grabbed the towel and pressed to her dripping snatch. "Let's go get that shower now. And to answer your question, no, it's not always that good. The chemistry just happened to be right between us, I guess... and I knew you were watching me all the time.. in fact, I knew you had watched me before. I wanted you. So.. I set the trap... and you went willingly... so, now... what do we do?" She stared at me, her mouth agape. "Y-you mean you KNEW?" "Yes." "So..well... I guess, if you want to 'force' me to do this again.. sometime... I m-mean.. if you WANT to make me do it... I guess I'd.. have to..." she looked at me through sly eyes, a slight grin spreading across her face as we entered the shower. "I suppose so...I'd just have to 'force' you to make love again... sometime..." I grinned as I turned on the shower to a hot fine spray. We stepped in and had a great time soaping and touching and taking time to make each other clean and horny at the same time. We made a date to meet again that night, after lights out. Another willing one to the list... END