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A Christmas Story.txt (Warning Rape) 754002-May-2012 07:32
A Day at The Lake.txt (MF, True) 16K03-Feb-2012 08:37
A brief monologue on the subject of Panties.txt 872426-Sep-2013 07:27
A couple disappeared (NC, Violence, True).txt 11K31-Jul-2013 18:21
A memory of Thanksgiving.txt 844121-Nov-2013 21:51
A night in Chicago.txt (MF,True) 16K06-Apr-2012 17:19
A threesome in the concert campground (True, threesome, MMF).txt 25K12-Aug-2013 01:18
A writing Experiment (Fiction, MF, underage).txt 57K30-Jul-2013 17:59
Bethany's Boobs (Fiction, Young, Blackmail).txt 14K05-Oct-2013 19:39
Cheating (True).txt 817729-Sep-2013 21:43
Coked Out One Night Stand.txt (MF,True) 13K11-Jul-2013 08:09
Doing the laundry (True, Violent).txt 21K18-Aug-2015 16:25
Finally Losing It.txt (MF, True) 22K03-Feb-2012 08:33
Harvest Party Part 1.txt (MF,True) 837431-Mar-2012 01:34
Harvest Party Part 2.txt (MMF, MF, FF, MFF, True) 33K31-Mar-2012 01:42
Hedonism II Part II (True, MFF, MF).txt 21K18-Oct-2013 01:17
Hedonism II part 3.txt 25K14-Aug-2015 00:23
Hedonism II.txt (MF, MFF, True) 57K14-Apr-2012 00:58
Hilton Adventure (3some).txt 38K29-Jun-2016 01:44
Hitting 3rd Base.txt (MF, True) 14K03-Feb-2012 08:12
Hitting Rock Bottom (Rape, Gang, Drugs, true).txt 11K03-Feb-2012 08:12
How come we never fucked.txt 984421-Apr-2012 00:45
How it all began.txt 885715-Mar-2012 06:27
How my husband lost his virginity.txt 11K12-Jul-2013 18:22
Lunch and Anal Sex.txt 784913-Jun-2012 02:42
Meeting Dennis the Drug Dealer.txt (MF, Reluctant) 669916-Mar-2012 06:15
Nanny and Me (FF).txt 13K11-Oct-2013 00:18
Not your averager truck stop whore.txt (MF, MFF, Reluctant) 20K17-Mar-2012 00:40
One evening on vacation (true, MF).txt 12K31-Jul-2013 18:08
Ordinary Life at 17. (True).txt 12K13-Aug-2013 00:40
Paying the Photographer.txt 15K03-Feb-2012 08:15
Polaroids and Policemen (True).txt 603203-Oct-2013 06:20
Readers Questions.txt 833813-Aug-2013 00:46
Reno (MF, True).txt 523614-Aug-2013 21:32
Roxanne Part I.txt 43K15-Mar-2012 06:37
Roxanne Part II.txt 29K11-Jul-2013 08:39
Scratching my 7 Year Itch.txt (FF, True) 915915-Mar-2012 06:30
Sex and Money (True, MF, Exhibitionism).txt 885319-Aug-2013 19:45
Some Advice for Parents (True) .txt 12K13-Aug-2013 00:06
The Cops Offer.txt 10K17-Mar-2012 01:40
The Negligee.txt 419611-Jul-2013 08:55
The Night of the Big Game (True).txt 18K28-Jun-2017 05:59
The Truckstop Bargain with Billie (Bi, Oral, NC, True).txt 662330-Jul-2013 04:13
The night they robbed the grocery store (Violence, True).txt 14K12-Aug-2013 22:35
Weekend Visitors (True).txt 18K04-Oct-2013 08:20