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In fact, as impossible as it seemed at the time, he looked even worse than I felt! Every muscle in my body ached as I rolled over to face Kevin. Together we should have been able to face the new day. I whispered, "Good morning," to Kevin, who immediately shouted back with a grimace, "Stop shouting!" At the same time, I got an awful whiff of his breath. It smelled like a cat had used his mouth as a litter box. My hand flew over my mouth I as wondered if my breath was equally hideous. A deafening snicker came from somewhere above me. I painfully moved my eyes around the room. Squinting at the onslaught of light, it became painfully obvious that someone had moved the sun about 80 million miles closer to the earth, which not only made the room too bright, but left everything slightly out of focus too. The moon moved closer to me, as if it were about to hit the earth. But then a second moon started coming closer as well. But the earth had only one moon... I blinked my eyes and somehow managed not to scream in pain. The moons slowly transformed themselves into faces. Dawn and Amy looked down at me with big evil grins on their faces. Truly a frightening thought... I closed my eyes, unwilling to face the new day, and fell back to sleep. * * * A pain inside me woke me up a second time. A really sharp pain. One that hurt even worse than the pain inside my head. I knew that I had to get up, so I forced myself to climb out of bed. I staggered to the bathroom and cringed at the sound the toilet lid made when I moved it out of the way. My stomach heaved, and the contents of my dinner appeared in the bowl of the toilet. Another heave and the bowl filled with my Technicolor yawn. Several more times a cramp overcame me, but with each new cramp came a little relief. Finally, there was nothing left inside of me except for an awful taste in my mouth. Grimly, I climbed up from the floor to the sink. Another heave came from deep within me, but fortunately nothing happened. I felt a comforting hand rub my back. Amy reached over and flushed the toilet. The sound of the flush and subsequent water swirling in the bowl hurt my head. Amy pulled a paper cup from the dispenser on the sink and filled it with water. She raised it to my mouth and I took a sip tentatively. I swished it around in my mouth and spit it out. My mouth didn't taste quite as bad afterwards, so I took a bigger drink and tried to rinse the rest of the awful taste from my mouth. Amy refilled my paper cup with water, handed me two white pills, and motioned for me to swallow them. I did as she said, and then Amy escorted me back to bed where I immediately passed out again. * * * Darkness greeted my eyes some time later, and a little bit of the pain had faded. I rolled over, looked at Kevin, and smiled. No matter how bad I felt, lying next to Kevin always made me feel better. My bladder told me it was time to get up, so I tiptoed to the bathroom, trying not to wake Kevin. Sitting down on the stool, I began to pee. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally finished. I felt so much better. Now that my bladder was empty, I realized that I was both hungry and thirsty, like I hadn't had any food or drink for days. Slowly, I wandered to the kitchen. The clock on the microwave told me it was 5:15. I decided it was too dark to be daytime, so I must have slept for a few only hours. I thought back to last night and smiled as I won third place in a wet t-shirt contest. Oh how my life had changed since I met Kevin... I reached for a glass from the cupboard, but it fell and broke into a hundred pieces. Fortunately, I didn't get cut. I tried to pick up the biggest pieces of glass as Dawn walked into the kitchen. She took charge of the situation and guided me to a chair. Then she got another glass from the cupboard and filled it with milk from the 'fridge. I tried to apologize for the mess I had made, but it came out as a croak. I took a sip of the milk and felt the fluid take some of the rough edges from my scratchy throat. While I drank, Aunt Dawn cleaned up the mess I had made. The second time I tried to speak, a whispered "thanks" came from my lips. Dawn smiled and whispered back, "Good morning Kim. Feeling better?" I nodded my head and held up the glass for some more milk. Aunt Dawn obliged me, and halfway through my second glass, my raw throat felt food enough to speak in a halfway normal voice. I managed to say. "Good morning, Aunt Dawn." She reached over and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Are you hungry?" she asked. I nodded my head. "Pancakes and bacon, okay?" Again, I nodded my head. Dawn became a whirlwind of activity. Soon, a plate full of pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon appeared in front of me. I cleared the plate in record time. "More?" Dawn asked. I shook my head and said, "I feel much better now. Thank you, mommy." I looked up and gave her my best little girl smile. She had been so much like a mother to me after losing my real parents... For some reason, a tear fell from Aunt Dawn's eye upon hearing my words. I reached over and gave her a hug, and Dawn's tears let loose as she wrapped her arms around me in return. After a few minutes, Aunt Dawn became quiet. Then she took a deep breath and gave me a big squeeze. I returned the squeeze, and she walked over to the stove and started making some more pancakes. "As long as I'm cooking, I may as well fix myself something to eat," she said matter-of-factly. After she put some bacon into the frying pan, she asked me, "So are you in love with Kevin?" The question hit me from left field, but it wasn't a hard one for me to answer. "I am," I admitted. "He's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time, well, except for you that is. When my parents died and I felt so alone in the world, you were there to help me pull my life back together. I don't know how I would have made it without you..." "Thanks, dear." Aunt Dawn smiled. "So tell me some more about Kevin." "He's wonderful," I gushed. "He's bright, charming and I want to spend the rest of my life together with him." I heard a yawn from behind me, and Amy walked into the room. "Would you like some breakfast, Amy?" Aunt Dawn asked. "If you don't mind," Amy said. "I'm starving!" "It'll be ready in a few minutes," Dawn said as she flipped a pancake on the stove. "Why don't you help yourself to some juice while you're waiting?" she suggested Amy grabbed a glass and walked over to the refrigerator. "Is that bacon I smell?" Kevin asked from the kitchen doorway. "And pancakes and eggs," said Dawn. "Go get something to drink and I'll fix you a plate." It wasn't long before the four of us were sitting at the table eating a big hearty breakfast. Dawn asked, "What do you guys want to do today?" Kevin responded, "I'd like to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon around the pool." Amy snickered. "Uh, Kevin?" she said. "Yes?" "It's not Sunday. It's Monday." "Huh?" Kevin and I asked in unison. "She's right," Dawn confirmed. "You and Kim spent the day in bed yesterday. You two were so drunk after the contest Saturday night, that Amy and I practically had to carry you into the house and put you to bed!" "Do you remember how many glasses of 'iced tea' you drank 'last night'?" Amy asked, grinning at the thought of the lost day. "At least three or four," I shrugged. "It could have been more I guess. I don't remember." "Um, you did know that that wasn't regular iced tea, didn't you?" Amy asked. "No..." I admitted, blushing in embarrassment. "You were drinking Long Island Iced Teas," Amy explained. "Is there a difference?" Kevin asked. Amy rolled her eyes at his na<ve question. "Sure is! A Long Island Iced Tea is a combination of gin, rum, vodka, triple sec and tequila with some coke and a dash of bitters. It looks like iced tea and kinda tastes like iced tea, but it's definitely not iced tea," Amy said. "Are you sure?" Kevin asked. "Remember what I do for a living? I run the bar at Dave and Busters. I make the best Long Island Iced Teas in the state of Maryland, and possibly Washington DC and Virginia too," Amy said with a touch of pride in her expression. "Of course, I've been on the other side of the bar too. I lost a whole weekend once due to drinking too many Long Island Iced Teas." Amy then grinned. "Never again!" "I agree," I said, rubbing my head. "Me too," said Kevin. "So that still leaves open what do you want to do today," Dawn said. "But before you do anything, I think you two need baths," she insisted in a motherly voice while scrunching her nose and waving her hand at Kevin and me. "Yes mom," Kevin and I said at the same time. * * * I slapped Kevin on the butt and said, "Race you to the tub! Last one there eats the winner!" My face took on an evil grin as I thought to myself, "Either way I win." Kevin responded, "Huh?" as I raced around him and into my room. I threw off my robe as I ran though the bedroom into the bathroom. I jumped into the tub and shouted. "I won. I won!" Kevin showed up a few moments later, still confused. I hopped out of the tub and turned on the water just like the thought of Kevin eating me turned on my body's juices. I sat on the edge of the tub and spread my legs. "Time for your desert. Come and get it," I smiled wickedly, crooking my finger at him. Something seemed to click inside Kevin's mind as he suddenly realized what I wanted. He threw off his clothes and walked over to me. He kissed me on my lips so enthusiastically, his tongue nearly touched my tonsils. Then he kissed his way down my throat, and worked his way to my breasts. Kevin placed both hands on my breasts and started rubbing my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. My nipples instantly became erect. Then he picked up one of my breasts and lifted it to his face. He sucked my nipple deep into his mouth. The sensation was electric and incredibly sexy! I nearly had an orgasm when he scraped his teeth lightly across my nipple. Later, when he switched to my other breast, I did have an orgasm. Kevin's mouth eventually reached my pleasure center. His tongue worked its way up and down my slit. Finally, he poked his tongue in between my lower lips and used it to attack my clit. My body stiffened as he put one, and then two fingers inside my pussy. As soon as he found my G-spot, my body grew real tense with the onset of my orgasm. I leaned back a little to allow Kevin freer access to my pussy. When the full force of the orgasm hit, my body shook so much I slipped and fell into the bath tub sideways. There was a big splash, sending drops of water all over the place. A half second later, I was back out of the tub screaming. I had forgotten to turn on the hot water. Kevin just laughed at my reaction, but he didn't think it was so funny when I pushed him into the tub of ice cold water. He screamed, and his penis, which was all ready for action, shrank to almost nothing. Poor Kevin... When he crawled out of the tub, he dragged me into the shower and turned on the water full force. At first the shower was freezing, but then the water slowly became warm, and Kevin carefully adjusted the controls to insure that the water remained comfortable. I reached down and touched Kevin's penis. Kevin really had an amazing body. A few moments before, his penis had tried to crawl its way inside his body to protect itself from the frigid water. But one touch from me was all it took to make it stand at attention, ready to play. Holding onto Kevin's shoulders, I lowered myself to the bottom of the shower. The shower spray was hitting the top of my head, and the water droplets from my hair were falling onto Kevin's penis. I surrounded his penis with my mouth, and returned the pleasure that Kevin had given me earlier. As I played with his dick, Kevin made cute little noises. Soon I could tell he was getting close. I continued licking and rubbing Kevin's penis, bringing him right to the edge of orgasm, when I heard, "We'll meet you outside at the pool." I turned my head for just a moment to see Dawn closing the door, when Kevin's penis exploded in my face. The first shot hit me on my cheek; and the second hit me in the ear. When I turned back towards Kevin, another shot landed on my chin while the final one nearly went up my nose. Kevin reached down with the washcloth and tried to apologize by saying, "I'm sorry. Dawn really broke my concentration." He grinned sheepishly. I smiled and said with an evil grin, "Do you want to try it again?" * * * After our bath, Kevin slipped into his baggy swim suit, while I pulled on my modest bikini. We found Amy and Dawn outside by the pool. Amy tormented Kevin by saying, "Why do you get to hide everything inside that bathing suit, while we wear these tiny little suits?" "I'm just lucky I guess," Kevin replied with a shrug. "No fair," I protested. "You need to get something that will keep us entertained," I insisted, folding my arms in front of my chest. Amy and I looked at each other and then shouted "Shopping trip!" at the exact same time. * * * We dragged Kevin off to the mall to look for a new swim suit. Aunt Dawn begged off the trip as she laughingly said she had some work she needed to do in her study. It was early afternoon by the time we reached the Daytona Beach Mall. Despite all of the college students in town, the mall appeared to be rather empty. Amy and I had decided to take our time and check out every interesting store, just to torment Kevin. Sitting outside of the Kay-Bee toy store were a bunch of battery-powered toys ranging from a big plastic looking train to a mechanical bear clapping a set of cymbals. I dragged Kevin and Amy inside, and immediately ran over to the Barbie dolls. Barbie dolls were my favorite toy when I was growing up. I had a lot of the dolls, plus the big pink house and the pink Corvette and suitcases full of clothes. I looked at all of the expensive new dolls in awe. The clothes were magnificent. "Look here, Kevin," Amy grinned. The store had a couple of Barbie dolls and a Ken doll on display, and Amy was putting them into various lewd poses. "Kevin, Kim and Amy are having fun," she joked in her best mock Barbie voice. When I grabbed the dolls out of Amy's disrespectful hands, Amy had the blonde Barbie sitting on Ken's face, and the red headed Midge doll sitting on Ken's crotch. Then she moved the girl's head and arms so that the two dolls were kissing and touching each other's breasts, while riding Kevin. "Amy, this is a public place!" I scolded. "A little kid might see you. Behave yourself!" "Spoilsport," Amy said, sticking her tongue out at me. When I turned around, Kevin had disappeared. I looked around the store and found him staring at the Lego sets. When I wasn't playing with Barbie dolls as a kid, I was playing with Legos. Maybe that was why I wanted to become an engineer. A little boy was having difficulty moving the arm of an action figure on display. Kevin stooped down to the child's level and showed him the various ways he could move and bend figure's arm. I watched them with a smile as Kevin picked up another action figure and the two played until the boy's mother called, "Timmy, where are you, honey, it's time to go!" Kevin would make a great dad one day... I offered my hand to Kevin and helped him stand up. Then I hooked my arm around Kevin's, and we walked around the store looking at the various toys. Kevin seemed so fascinated by all of the different kinds of toys. He was very much like an excited child himself. We couldn't find Amy in the store, so we walked toward the entrance and Kevin pointed to a store across the hall. Amy was looking at costume jewelry. When she saw us, Amy ran over, grabbed Kevin's arm and dragged him over to the window. I followed along. "Look at those neat earrings," said Amy, as she pointed out a pair of dangling black and white cat earrings. "Don't you think they'd look nice on me?" Ever tactful, Kevin said, "Uh, sure, Amy. Whatever." As soon as Amy turned around to look at something else, I saw Kevin pick up the earrings she was looking at and take them over to the counter to pay for them. He slipped them into his pocket so that Amy wouldn't see them. I wasn't into costume jewelry - at least the way Amy was. On the other hand, I saw an old fashioned carousel, complete with wooden horses and calliope music. I stood there fascinated, watching the carousel go round and round. When Amy and Kevin walked up, I dragged both of them to the ticket booth. I bought each of us a ticket, and we only had a short wait to board. Amy climbed up, spotted a unicorn, and swiftly made her way over to it. I found a big white circus horse nearby, while Kevin climbed on a brown horse with a cowboy saddle. While we were riding the carousel, I watched the people that had gathered to watch us ride. I guess it must have been unusual to see a group of college students playing around like overgrown kids. At one point, I got an uneasy felling in the pit of my stomach when I scanned the crowd. I spotted someone who looked like someone I should have known, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember who he was or where I knew him from. The ride ended much too soon, but it made me feel like a kid again. I wanted to ride it one more time, but Amy and Kevin politely declined. So, the three of us resumed our walk around the mall. * * * When we passed a candy store, Kevin and Amy just stood there looking at all of the different types of treats. The smell of sweets must have been too attractive for them to resist, because they were soon inside the store, debating the virtues of each different kind of candy. I decided to pass on the candy store. Instead, I walked down the hallway a little bit and stared in the window of a real jewelry store, leaving Amy and Kevin alone in sugar addicts' heaven to browse through the impressive collection of gold necklaces and diamond pendants. My curiosity dragged me into the store, and I started looking at engagement and wedding rings. When Amy called my name from the hallway, I stepped out of the store and waved, and then I went back inside. Both Amy and Kevin had small bags of candy in their hands, and Kevin was sucking on a lollypop, while Amy was nibbling on a chocolate bar. Amy followed me back into the jewelry store, dragging Kevin behind her. When Kevin realized what I was looking at, he seemed to panic. His eyes widened in that familiar I'm-ready-to-run-from-the-room look. Fortunately, Amy had a good grip on his arm. Then Amy walked over to the counter and started pointing out various rings that attracted her attention. I suspected that she did that mostly to torment Kevin, since she kept a firm grip on his arm at all times. Eventually, Kevin was able to break loose from Amy, and walked outside disgruntled. Amy and I looked at each other and chuckled softly. Despite my laughter, I felt scared. Deep down inside, I knew Amy loved Kevin as much as I did and that sooner or later he would have to pick one of us over the other. I didn't envy Kevin that decision in the least, and whoever he didn't pick would end up heartbroken. We caught up with Kevin in the center of the mall. They had a big food court, and the smell of pizza mingled with tacos and burgers reminded me how hungry I was. I took a look at my watch and noticed it was nearly six o'clock. I wondered where the day had gone. "I'm hungry," I said. "Okay, what kind of food do you two want for dinner?" Kevin asked. "Chinese," I replied. "Pizza," said Amy. "Great," Kevin said. "How about we split up and each get our own food for dinner?" Both Amy and I agreed to his suggestion. Kevin pointed out an empty table near some plants and the fountain. "Let's meet back over there," he said, taking control of the situation. I wandered up and down the food court looking at the different vendors. I really wanted some Chinese food. They had two different ones to choose from, and I couldn't make up my mind. I finally decided to go with the place that served the General Tso chicken, to which I added some pork fried rice and lo mein. When I got back to the table, Amy and Kevin were already eating. Amy was munching on a slice of pepperoni pizza, while Kevin was eating a chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A. When Amy finished eating her pizza, she said, "I'm still hungry." She eyed Kevin's tray of food. Kevin opened a white and red box on his tray, and pulled out a chicken nugget. "Open wide," he said, trying to put the nugget into Amy's mouth. Amy reached up and shoved the nugget along with Kevin's fingers into her mouth. She closed her lips around his fingers, and slowly pulled them out. Amy ate two more nuggets that way. I decided to have some fun, too. I speared a piece of the General Tso chicken with my chopstick and danced it in front of Kevin's face. Kevin played the game with me and tried to bite the chicken off the stick. It took him four tries before he finally succeeded. Then Kevin picked up another nugget and played the same game with my mouth. Eventually, I grabbed the nugget with my teeth and pulled it from Kevin's hand. I used my tongue to help it into my mouth. Amy pouted and said, "Hey I'm still hungry!" Kevin reached into his box and pulled out two nuggets, one in each hand. He waved one in front of my face, and one in front of Amy's face. That time I opened my mouth and bit Kevin's finger. Amy did the same. Kevin waved both hands around like he was in serious pain. Amy and I laughed, and after a few seconds Kevin joined in too. * * * We had nearly covered the entire mall when we found Surf City Beachwear. That looked like a great place to find Kevin a new swimsuit. Amy dragged Kevin over to the men's swimsuit section. She held up one skimpy bathing suit after another in front of Kevin, and he kept muttering, "No...nope...definitely way!" Eventually, Amy found a bright blue Speedo bathing suit that left almost nothing to the imagination. She handed it to Kevin, and shoved him into the dressing room to try it on. When he came out to model the suit, Amy and I started laughing. He was wearing his cotton briefs underneath the Speedo! He saw the look in my eyes and said, "I know, but that's what the sign said." Amy handed him a pair of red trunks to try on, and then walked over to the bikini section. Before Kevin had managed to squeeze into the even smaller red trunks, Amy was back with a couple of scraps of cloth in her hand. When Kevin came out to model the second suit, Amy nodded her head in approval. She then pushed Kevin back into the dressing room and, with a quick glance around to see that no one was looking, she followed him inside and shut the door. I could guess what Amy had in mind for Kevin, but it wasn't long before a store employee walked over to their room, knocked on the door, and said, "We don't allow that in here. Please get dressed and leave." My hand covered my mouth as I giggled quietly. A minute or so later, a red-faced Kevin walked out of the dressing room fully clothed followed by Amy, who had a big smile on her face along with a few drops of Kevin's cum. Amy walked up to the salesclerk who had knocked on the door and handed her the three swimsuits and her credit card. As the clerk rang up the sale with a look of disapproval on her face, Amy explained, "Look, I had to make sure that they fit properly." Then she wiped the cum off her lips with her finger, and then put her finger in her mouth to suck it off. * * * On the way out of the mall, I saw a strange looking teddy bear store. We walked in and saw a number of barrels, each with a different kind of stuffed animal. I picked one up and found it didn't have any stuffing. The sales girl explained that in this store you made the stuffed animals yourself. I looked at each of the animals, but I kept coming back to the first teddy bear I saw. It had rainbow striped fur with a big red bow around its neck. Before I had a chance to show him to Kevin, Amy came in, grabbed my arm, and pulled me out of the teddy bear store into Victoria's Secret, which was right next door. It seemed like every enclosed shopping mall in America had a Victoria's Secret. The Daytona Beach Mall was no exception. Amy immediately went to the back of the store to find the lingerie section. She started looking at silky thongs that must have been very painful to wear. I drifted back to the front of the store to the negligee section. I saw Kevin walk in carrying the bag of swimsuits. I waved and he walked over toward me. "Do you see anything that Dawn might like? I was thinking about getting her a thank you gift for letting us stay at her place," Kevin said thoughtfully. "I don't know," I responded. "Let's look around." We browsed through the selection of nightwear, and Kevin held up one for my opinion. "What do you think of this, uh... whatever you call it?" he asked, while he fingered the lacey garment. "It's called a teddy." It was deep teal and trimmed in black lace. I thought it was a bit too bold for Aunt Dawn, so I pointed out something less exotic. Kevin said, "I'm not so sure. Aren't you and Dawn about the same size?" "Roughly," I admitted. While I thought to myself that Dawn's figure was much better than mine. "Then go try it on," Kevin said. Reluctantly, I agreed. I opened the dressing room door and took off most of my clothes, except for my panties - I wasn't wearing a bra - and put on the teddy. It was a tight fit, but I opened the door to show Kevin. I heard a wolf whistle and turned around and saw Amy standing nearby with a big smile on her face. "Lookin' good," she said, winking and giving me a thumb's up. "Damn good." "I think it's a bit tight," I said, fussing with the hem of the garment. Amy said, "Here's how you adjust it." With a few quick adjustments to the straps, it was a perfect fit. Kevin nodded approvingly. Amy took the opportunity to take a semitransparent black lacy creation into the dressing room. I went back in to my dressing room to try on the white nightie I thought Aunt Dawn might like better. When I came out, Amy was showing off her outfit to Kevin. She twirled around and struck all kinds of seductive poses. I couldn't believe it, but that outfit made Amy look more naked than if she wasn't wearing any clothes at all! Amy looked very pleased with the outfit. Kevin also looked very pleased. Even though he tried to control the expression on his face, he wasn't able to control the, uh, expression on other parts of his body. Amy appeared to notice Kevin's southern expression as well as she went back into the changing room to slip out of the black outfit. She tried to drag Kevin in with her, but he must have been a little afraid after what happened in the other store. I took the white outfit into the room with me and tried it on. It really looked nice. Kevin liked the white outfit I was modeling, too. When I came back out, Amy had changed into a bright red teddy with black lace trim. It really looked hot on her. We kept Kevin entertained for quite a while trying on various outfits, with each one more sexy than the last. Eventually, I couldn't find anything new that I really wanted to try on, so I decided to change back into my regular clothes. Amy was already changed, and Kevin was standing at the counter talking to the sales clerk. Kevin handed her some money from his wallet, and she gave him a big bag in return. I started to ask Kevin which outfit he had picked out for Dawn, when I heard the mall's clock strike 10. The mall was in the process of closing. In fact, most of the stores had already closed. Kevin said, "I guess we better head back to the house." Amy and I nodded in agreement. * * * It was really late when we got home. Kevin and Amy went inside with their packages, while Dawn and I wandered out by the pool. The night was peaceful and quiet. "Are you one hundred percent certain that you are in love with Kevin?" asked Dawn. "Of course," I replied, without hesitation. "What about Amy?" she asked. "What do you mean?" "Are you aware that Amy also loves Kevin?" "Yes," I said with some hesitation, not quite comfortable with where Aunt Dawn appeared to be heading with her questions. "Anyone want a beer?" I heard Amy shout through the patio door. "Not me," Dawn responded "No thanks," I added. As Amy went back inside, Kevin came out modeling his new red swim suit. "It really didn't leave much to the imagination. Not that I really needed an imagination to know what was hidden beneath, I thought to myself. "I checked my email when we got home," Kevin said. There was a note from Walt saying that the police still hadn't found Nick, and they suspected that he may have left town." Kevin appeared a bit fidgety and worried. "Let's not tell Amy," I replied, not wanting to ruin what little of spring break we had left. "Don't tell Amy what?" Amy asked as she came out in her swim suit carrying a beer. Then she reached over and gave Kevin's butt a pinch. "Cute butt, Kevin," she winked, and then ran off to the pool. Kevin shouted, "Hey," and started chasing her. Amy rushed past Dawn and me, and handed me her beer bottle as she headed toward the pool. Kevin followed her as she made a shallow dive into the pool. While Kevin was stronger, Amy was more agile and faster. She managed to just barely stay ahead of him. When she reached the end of the pool, she turned around and started swimming toward the other end. Soon, the chase turned into a contest as they started swimming laps together. Dawn and I just sat there on the lounge chairs watching them swim. After such a long day, it wasn't long before the pair of them started to slow down. Unfortunately, Kevin was the first to pause, and Amy snuck up behind him and pinched his butt a second time. That time Kevin managed to catch Amy. He lifted her completely out of the pool and dropped her. She fell back into the water, making a big splash. With his revenge complete, Kevin crawled out of the pool and walked over to us. He yawned and said, "I'm heading inside. I really need my beauty sleep," He grinned. Then he leaned over and gave me a kiss with promises of things to come. "Later," I whispered. "I'll sneak over later." Kevin nodded, and walked into the house. Amy recovered from her big splash and decided to do a few more laps. However, it wasn't long before she decided to retire for the day also. She sauntered up to us, gave me a good night kiss as well, and said, "Night Kim. Coming to bed?" "Soon, I'm pretty tired myself." I replied. Then Amy walked inside and headed for bed. With the peace and quiet of the night restored, I enjoyed Aunt Dawn's company. We talked about all sorts of subjects: Kevin, my parents, Amy, school, the wet t-shirt contest, and we even talked about sex. It was very late when Dawn yawned and said she really needed to get some sleep like Kevin and Amy. As we started to head inside, we heard a noise. We had turned out the kitchen lights when we went outside to help keep the bugs away, but we could see some sort of light flashing around inside the house. Dawn raised her finger to her lips and motioned for me to keep silent. I tiptoed behind her and saw someone with a flashlight walking down the hall toward the bedrooms. She snuck into her office for a few brief moments or so, and came out with something I couldn't quite see. We quietly followed the flashlight and saw the person carrying it open the door to Kevin's room. The guy holding the flashlight pulled the blankets off the bed and saw Kevin lying nearly naked in bed. He grumbled, threw the blanket down, and turned around to leave the room. Dawn and I ducked down and tried to hide. The guy stepped out, and I was able to see his face clearly from the reflected light from the flashlight. It was Nick. I heard a crash and then a gunshot. Covering my eyes in fear, I let out a blood curdling, spine-chilling scream.