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They were sleeping peacefully. Shaking my head with a grin, I thought to myself, "They need a lot more practice at drinking beer before they move up to tequila!" Kevin started the motor and slowly pulled out of the parking lot. Traffic was light, and I knew it would take only 20 minutes to get to Dawn's house. I reminded Kevin that finding the turnoff would be hard, so I'd keep an eye out for it. "Sounds good" Kevin responded, his eyes trained on the road ahead. * * * The next morning, my mind was kinda fuzzy. I vaguely remembered seeing Kevin in my room last night. But when I tried to give him a kiss, he made a funny face and dodged my lips, so I laid my head back down on the pillow. When I rolled over, I saw that Kim was already in bed beside me. Then I felt Kevin lean over and give me a kiss on my cheek. When I finally climbed out of bed, I saw that Kim was still laying there in a drunken stupor. The cool air chilled my legs. I looked down and noticed that I wasn't wearing pants; however my bra and t-shirt from the night before were still in place. Confused, I shrugged my shoulders and then walked into the bathroom to splash some water on my face. My eyes looked a little bloodshot when I looked in the mirror, and my head hurt a bit, but considering that I had guzzled over a dozen beers last night, it wasn't all that bad. I'd've bet anything Kim and Dawn would look-and feel-a whole lot worse than I did! I walked back out to the bedroom, pulled off my t-shirt and bra, and tossed them into a pile on the floor. I found my pants lying neatly on the dresser next to Kim's. I rummaged around in my suitcase to find my favorite robe. I slipped it on and tied the belt loosely around my waist. I made my way to the kitchen and found someone had brewed a fresh pot of coffee. Pouring myself a mug and sipping it slowly, I started to feel human again. I wandered around the house to find and say thank you to whoever had made the coffee. Kevin was at work on the computer in Dawn's study. I stood in the doorway, propped my elbow on the door frame, and said, "Morning." Kevin startled a bit and then turned around in his chair. "Good morning, yourself," he responded with a smile. Kevin had never looked so confident and sexy. "No. Just morning," I corrected. "I'll need to wait awhile before I can decide if it's good or not." Kevin got up from the chair, walked over to me, and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. I immediately felt better in his arms. "Well, things are starting to look a little better already," I smiled, snuggling into his warm embrace. "Are any of the others up yet?" Kevin asked, releasing me from the comfort of his arms. "No. Kim was still asleep when I got up, and I haven't seen Aunt Dawn either." Kevin glanced at the small clock on Dawn's desk. "It's nearly noon," he said. "I guess I'd better go check on them." He wandered off, heading in the direction of Kim and Dawn's rooms. I went back into the kitchen and had another cup of coffee. While I was sitting there, I started thinking about tonight's wet t-shirt contest at Kokomo's. Nick and I had come to Daytona Beach last year, and I had nearly won the contest. The only reason I lost was the winner had twisted and tied her t-shirt in such a way to show off her obviously fake boobs. My plan to win this year involved getting Kevin to sneak in a pair of scissors and then I would "tailor" the t-shirt to fit me a little better... Kevin led Kim into the kitchen and sat her down at the table. She looked like she was in pretty bad shape. When I said, "Good morning," to her, she cringed like she was in pain. No doubt after her wild night! I would have been willing to bet that this was the first time Kim had ever gotten drunk and woken up with an honest to goodness hangover. The thought made me smile. I got up and whispered to Kevin, "Go find some Tylenol." He walked out of the room obediently. I grabbed a water glass from the kitchen cabinet and filled it with water... I gave the glass to Kim and motioned for her to drink up. She drank the water, her face contorting in pain. Just then, Kevin came back with a plastic bottle and placed a couple of white pills on the table. He took Kim's glass over to the sink and refilled it with water. Kim bravely swallowed the pills. "Drink it all," I advised. When Kim finished the water, I refilled the glass from the sink and handed it back to her. "Another glass will help," I added, the voice of experience giving a confident tone to my words. Without question, Kim drank the third glass of water, and then we helped her out to the lounge chairs by the pool. When we went back into the kitchen, Kevin asked, "What did you give her?" "Just water," I replied. "Her body is dehydrated from all of the tequila and between the Tylenol, and water, she'll feel better in an hour or so. Let's go find Dawn. I suspect she needs the same treatment." We found Dawn walking down the hallway from her bedroom holding her head gently. Kevin led her into the kitchen while I fixed another glass of water. After administering the Tylenol, we made her drink a couple additional of glasses of water, and then we escorted her to the other lounge chair by the pool. A little fresh air would do them good. Kim was already asleep, while Dawn looked like she would join her shortly. I walked Kevin back inside and said, "Let them sleep for a while. They'll be fine when they wake up, or at least they'll be a lot better than they are right now!" "What do you want to do until they wake up?" Kevin asked. I grabbed his hand and winked. "I can think of a couple of things," I smiled, dragging him off to my bedroom. * * * Kim and Dawn both looked a lot better when we checked on them later. They were sitting up and talking quietly by the pool. Kevin walked over to talk to them, while I decided to go for a swim. The pool just looked too inviting... I went back inside to change into my bikini. When I returned to the pool, no one was around, so I ran the few steps to the pool and dove in. After swimming a few laps, I saw Dawn and Kim walk out of the house carrying plates with sandwiches and chips, and holding glasses of iced tea. I climbed out of the pool and joined them at the table. "Thanks for helping Kevin get us home last night, Amy," Dawn said gratefully. "I haven't had that much to drink in a looong time..." she commented, her voice trailing off. A look of sadness flashed across her face. I wondered if she was remembering something that happened a long time ago. "No problem," I smiled. "Do you remember anything from last night?" "Not really. The last thing I remember was dancing with Kevin," Dawn answered with a far away look in her eye. She picked up a sandwich and took a bite. I looked over at Kim, who had just finished a sip of her tea. "How are you doing, Kim?" I inquired. "All I can remember was drinking a margarita while Kevin and Dawn were out on the dance floor," said Kim. "Kevin and I practically had to carry the two of you out to the car last night. Fortunately, Kevin was smart and didn't drink any alcohol last night," I said. "You two were absolutely wasted. There was no way I could have handled you alone. You two should know better than that," I scolded in a motherly tone. "Yeah, but you seemed to drink a lot last night," Kim countered, a bit defensively. "I did," I admitted, "but I know my limits. I didn't pass out like you two did in the bar. Do you know how hard it was to carry you two to the car?" I decided not to mention that I had passed out on the way home. "We'll be more careful next time," Kim promised. "Well, there's something else I want to ask you two, especially before Kevin comes out. Are either of you thinking about entering the wet t-shirt contest tonight?" I asked. Both girls nodded. "Okay, before Kevin gets out here, I want to explain how I plan to win the contest. If Kevin knew what I had in mind, he might not cooperate, and we'll really need his help to pull it off." I glanced over to the patio door and Kevin was no where in sight. "Ok girls, here's my idea." I proceeded to explain my idea in detail. Kim was shocked, while Dawn was intrigued. "Well, what do you think?" I asked. "I think it will work," Dawn said, nodding. "I'm in!" Kim hesitated and said, "Well..." "Come on, Kim, it'll be fun," Dawn prodded. Kim nodded her head reluctantly, agreeing with my plan. Just then, Kevin came outside with two sets of sandwiches and a can of Coke for him and Diet Coke for me. "What's happening, girls?" he asked, handing me a plate. "Oh, nothing." I said with a shrug. "We were just talking about tonight's contest." "So you're really going do to it, huh?" Kevin asked, munching on a chip. "All of us are," I clarified. "Wow," said Kevin, his eyes widening at the thought of us all in wet t-shirts. * * * The contest started at 8, so we decided to eat some dinner before we left the house. Dawn made some homemade fettuccini alfredo that was to die for. Kim and I made salads and garlic toast to go with it. I asked the others, "Do you understand how this contest works?" Kim and Kevin both shook their heads no, while Dawn maintained a poker face. "Okay, here's the deal. Each girl goes on stage wearing a dry t-shirt with a helper. One at a time, each girl goes to the front of the stage and the helper is given a bucket of water. Then, the contestant's helper douses them with the water and the girl performs for the audience." "After every girl has had a turn, all of the girls are brought back on stage and the audience applauds for each contestant. The girl with the loudest applause wins." Recalling the contest from the previous year with Nick, I continued my detailed explanation. "Typically they'll divide the girls into groups of a dozen or so, and the winner from each round will go to the final round. It's very important that we separate ourselves so that we're not competing against one another." "Finally, it's very important to use the coldest water available. Kevin, if they'll let you - find some ice and dump it in the bucket." "Why would you want to do that?" Kim asked, raising her eyebrows with her question. "'Cause it'll make your nipples pop, silly!" I answered. "If that's the case," Kim argued, "I think we should wear a bikini underneath the t-shirt." I shook my head at her complete innocence. "Not if you want to win," I corrected. "I'm sure that the audience is looking to see more than just a bathing suit underneath. They want to see your nipples stick out and your breasts bounce around." Kim blushed meekly. Dawn jumped in and added, "Amy's probably right. It's part of the game. If you want to win, you have to play the game the way it's meant to be played. However, I'm not sure that I really want to win that badly..." A tone of uncertainty crept into her voice. "Can you imagine what would happen if someone snapped a picture of me like that? It wouldn't be pretty." "I don't know," Kevin said, wearing a big grin. "It looks like it would be very pretty from my point of view!" A crumpled napkin flew across the table and hit Kevin in the face. "You know what I mean Kevin," Dawn snickered. "How would it look if the president of a major technology firm had a half-nude picture of herself in the paper? What would our customers think?" "If you're really worried about your customers, you wouldn't participate in the first place," I pointed out. "Besides, you have a great body for an old person," Kim teased. Another crumpled napkin hit her in the face. "Okay," grumbled Dawn, "I get the point. I'll go along with you on this one, but I insist on wearing my bikini bottoms." "That's fine," I conceded. "The rules state that we have to keep our privates covered, so we'll need to wear one anyway." I said. "I wonder..." I thought to myself. Kevin tossed a crumpled napkin at me, and it bounced off my face. I decided to escalate the battle, so I stuck my fingers in the alfredo sauce and flicked them at Kevin. He really looked funny with alfredo sauce drops sprinkled on his face! "Two can play at that game," Kevin said, picking up the bowl of alfredo sauce. "Don't you dare," I threatened, backing away from him. Kevin just laughed and moved closer. He held the bowl up high and pretended to pour it over my head when I reached in and tickled him under his armpits. He laughed and jerked at the same time, covering us both with alfredo sauce. I never realized Kevin was so ticklish... Kim and Dawn were laughing outrageously. When they finally calmed down, Dawn went into the kitchen and came back with a roll of paper towels. Kim held up a plastic bag while we wiped the worst of the alfredo sauce off and tossed the dirty paper towels into the bag. Kim took a look at the mess still in our hair, shook her head, and said, "You two better get cleaned up - we've got to leave for Kokomo's in half an hour." Kevin laughed and said, "Your bathroom or mine?" Then he picked me up and carried me off to his bathroom. * * * I liked the big shower in his room. There was room for at least two more people inside of it. We stripped and tossed our filthy clothes in the corner of the bathroom. Kim guided us into the shower and turned it on. "Hey, that's too cold," I protested, but Kim just shut the door and laughed while we were drenched by the shower's spray. The shower had two nozzles that hit us from different directions. I reached over and adjusted the temperature so the water wasn't so cold, and tried to rinse the worst of the alfredo sauce out of my hair and face under one nozzle. Kevin tried to do the same thing under the other nozzle. Because the door to the shower was clear, Kim could see us clearly. Her voice took on a master sergeant tone as she attempted to direct our actions. "Kevin, start shampooing Amy's hair. It needs to look nice for the contest." Kim tossed a bottle of shampoo over the top of the shower door. Fortunately, Kevin caught it before it hit him in the stomach. I heard a chuckle from outside the shower door and guessed that Kim had aimed somewhat lower. Kevin poured some shampoo into his hands and rubbed them together. I loved the strong feel of Kevin's hands as they lathered my hair and massaged my scalp. After a minute or so, he guided my head under the spray to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. I returned the favor by shampooing and rinsing his hair.G I hollered out to Kim, "Hey, how about some conditioner." Kim tossed another bottle over the door. Unfortunately, the shower door was starting to steam up, so Kim couldn't see us clearly - or maybe she did. The bottle bounced off Kevin's cock and fell to the floor with a clunk. "Ooowwwww!" Kevin screamed as he put his hand over his dick. Kim hollered, "Are you okay, Kevin?" "What do you think?" he said with a grimace. "Let doctor Amy take a look," She suggested. I kneeled on the floor and pretended to carefully examine Kevin's cock. A few quick strokes were all it took to convince me that Kevin wasn't seriously hurt. "Maybe I should kiss it to make it feel better," I said as I started to kiss the crown of his cock. It didn't take Kevin long to get hard. I engulfed his manhood until my nose touched his stomach, and then I pulled him out so that just the tip of his cock was in my mouth. I licked the tip as if it were an ice cream cone, while I stroked him with my hands. It didn't take long before I felt him tense as he prepared to shoot. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and continued to stoke him with my hands. Finally, he shot his spunk all over my hair. By then, the shower door had steamed up so much that Kim was a ghostly blur. I heard her holler, "What's going on in there? We need to get going!" "Oh, I'm just using some special conditioner in my hair," I responded with a devilish grin. * * * We just barely made the deadline for registration at Kokomo's. It turned out that it didn't matter when we showed up. Kim, Dawn and I were able to separate ourselves so that we wouldn't be onstage at the same time. All of the contestants were kept away from the dance floor so we couldn't see the other girls' routines as they performed. An older lady wearing a Kokomo's t-shirt divided the contestants into groups of a dozen or so, and gave each of us a unique number. Dawn was put in with the first group of girls who would go out first. Even though Dawn looked pretty hot, I doubted that she would get past the first round. The crowd was full of young guys who probably wanted to see young, sexy girls with their nipples poking trough the t-shirt. I thought to myself, "Dawn was simply too old for this crowd. Now if she were twenty years younger..." I watched Kevin disappear with Dawn's group, and I could hear the hooting and hollering from the people watching the contest. Then I could hear the applause for each girl. One girl in particular appeared to be the clear winner, and I hoped that the same would happen for me when I went onstage. In the case of a tie, the other girls would be dismissed and the MC would try again with the remaining girls. If the crowd couldn't decide which one to send on, the MC would just pick one and pretend that the applause for her was slightly louder for her. This meant that the MC could nudge his favorite into the final round, which meant that any one of us could get eliminated very easily. The older lady running the contest came and got the next group of girls and took them to the stage. I saw Kevin walk back and say something to Kim. Then he walked back to me and said, "Dawn made it to the finals. Kim's group goes up after this one finishes, so I'll be back to go up with you in a little while." Kim walked away with Kevin when the lady in charge came to get her group. We decided to wait and trim our t-shirts for the final round. No sense giving the other girls any help before the game was really on. Again, one girl was the clear winner. I really hoped it was Kim... Kevin came back to me, held up two fingers, and said, "Two for two. You girls are really hot tonight!" I gave him a big smile in return. He waited with me quietly until my group was called, then he walked with me when I went onstage. Because I hung back a bit, I managed to be the last girl in the group. This gave me a slight advantage since the guys always remember the last girl much better than the first one. I gave Kevin my wallet, and he looked at me strangely as if wondering why I was carrying my wallet. Dawn and Kim had given Kevin their ids and some cash at the house in case we decided to stick around after the contest. "Just hold on to it. Stuff it in your pocket or something," I said as Kevin shoved it into his back pocket. Each assistant was given a large bucket of water to wet the t-shirts. I saw that Kevin had managed to slip some ice into the bucket. Rather than throw the water from the bucket onto me, Kevin carefully poured the water down the front of my shirt. The moment the cold water hit me, my nipples crinkled and stood out clearly through my t-shirt. I danced slowly and sensually so as to let my breasts sway gracefully under my shirt. I bent over to give the audience the best possible view of my tits. Most of the other girls just jumped around wildly, which really didn't offer the guys what they wanted to see. I was nervous when the MC went down the line of girls. When the he placed his hand over my head to solicit applause, the audience roared much louder than they did for any of the other girls. I had made it into the finals! * * * The lady that was organizing the girls came up to me with a towel and a dry t-shirt and said, "Hi, my name is Fran. Congratulations on winning your round." Then Fran guided Kevin and I to a waiting area with the rest of the winners. I found Kim and Dawn there and gave them each a congratulatory hug. I asked Kevin for my wallet and pulled out a small pocket knife that I'd hidden inside. He looked at me strangely as I quickly outlined our plan. He didn't think it was right, but with three-against-one odds, he quickly caved. Dawn had decided to cut lots of little slices through her t-shirt, which would let people see some skin underneath, without giving them a complete view. Kim on the other hand had decided to cut random holes in her shirt. She was careful not to cut any holes that might expose her nipples, but she did try to cut a very big hole that exposed her cute belly button. When the girls asked me what I planned to do, I just smiled and said, "You'll see!" Kevin helped us prepare our shirts, and then we hid ourselves so that the other girls wouldn't see what was happening. * * * When we went out onto the dance floor, Dawn and Kim were near the front of the line, while I was closer to the middle. Dawn played with her t-shirt, pulling it one way and then another. That meant that the audience could see various parts of her body through the slits that Kevin had cut. Kim, on the other hand, simply bounced all over the place. As she bounced, her breasts moved all over the place, exposing different parts of her body through the holes that Kevin had cut in her shirt. If you watched long enough, you could even see a flash of her nipples as she bounced. However, I was certain that I had made the biggest impression on the crowd. After Kevin poured some more water on my t-shirt, I simply used some moves from those ballet lessons I took when I was a kid. I twirled around, pirouetted, and danced on my toes and I even made a few flying leaps. I paused for a moment and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled. Kevin had cut a circle around my t-shirt, just under my nipples, leaving only a few threads holding it together. When I pulled my t-shirt, the bottom half of it fell to my feet. You could easily see the bottom curve of my breast under the ragged edge of the fabric, and if you looked carefully, you could even see part of the areolas. Then I did my most dramatic move. I stood on the toes of one foot and pulled the other leg straight up beside me in an arabesque. It really hurt from the lack of practice, and I'm certain my ballet teacher would have been disappointed as it wasn't as straight as it could be, but the move sure impressed the audience, especially as they had a clear view of my red pussy hair through the skimpy thong I wore. There was no doubt that I was the winner. When the MC placed his hand over my head, the audience went wild. Then the MC announced he was going to go through the line two more times to pick out second and third place. While it would have been cool if Kim and Dawn and taken second and third place, a girl with breasts that made Kim's look small took second, but Kim did win third place. For winning the contest, I received a $1,000 savings bond, a trophy that proclaimed that I had the best breasts on the beach, plus a goody box. Kim won a $250 savings bond and a smaller trophy. Inside my goody box were some Kokomo's gift certificates, a Kokomo's baseball hat, and a three brand new Kokomo's t-shirts. I smiled at my victory. * * * After the contest, we found a booth near the back of the club and ordered a round of drinks. Dawn promised Kevin that she wouldn't get drunk two nights in a row, so she ordered Diet Coke. Kim was so charged up about her win, she forgot how bad she felt this morning and ordered a strawberry margarita. Kevin ordered his usual Coke, while I decided to get a draft beer. Within 20 minutes, we had to move out of the booth into a big table because of the large crowd of people that wanted to talk to us. We never paid for another drink all night. When I decided to go to the bathroom, I took Kim and Dawn with me, and we changed into the new t-shirts from my goody box. While I didn't mind showing a little skin for the contest, sitting around a bar with a wet shirt that ended just below my nipples wasn't exactly pleasant. Kim started getting a little drunk on all of the free drinks. She let some guy buy us some shooters. We did Sex on the Beach and a Slow Comfortable Screw Against the Wall. Then someone bought us some Long Island Iced Teas. Long Island Iced Teas are sneaky. They're usually served in a large iced tea glass, and hey tasted enough like iced tea that you might not even notice the alcohol at first. By the time you finished the first one, you were already half drunk. One Friday night a while back, I managed to put away five of them. I was so drunk that I couldn't remember a single thing until I heard my alarm clock go off Monday morning. Kevin picked up the glass in front of me and took a sip. He made a strange face, but then he drank the rest of it. I guess he thought it was regular iced tea. When I got another one, I passed it on to Kevin. He drained that one quickly. Kim and I started tormenting him by pulling our t-shirts up and showing him our tits. He was so drunk that he started to reach for our tits a couple times, and managed to grab only air. I had to slap his hands away, though I did silently mouth "later" to him. The bartender rang the bell, letting us know it was the last call. It was nearly 2 in the morning, so we decided to leave. Kevin was definitely drunk and needed help to the car. Kim was even worse than she was the night before. I was glad I wouldn't have her head in the morning! Drinking was a vice that you need to practice - one I've practiced waaay too many times over the years... Dawn guided Kevin to the car, while I half carried Kim. We buckled them into the back seat, and they fell asleep almost immediately. I had to admit I was a bit drunk myself as I thought I saw some headlights follow us down Dawn's driveway. I started to mention something about it to Dawn, but by the time the words formed in my clouded mind, the headlights were gone. Dawn and I carried Kevin and Kim inside one at a time and put them to bed. Then she made coffee for the two of us, and we sat outside by the pool until after 4am just talking. Dawn was one amazing lady. She explained how the tractor trailer driver wiped out her family and how she hid herself away from the world. Each day she pulled out pictures of her family and cried over them. She visited their graves on Sundays and put fresh flowers on them. She stayed in that rut for many months. Then she explained that when her sister and brother-in-law died so close together leaving Kim all alone, she found the courage to break her rut and fly to Maryland to help Kim. From the look in Dawn's eyes, I could see that Kim really meant a lot to her. It was like she was more than a niece to her. I guess since they were all alone now, Dawn must have felt like Kim was her daughter. When Dawn grew silent, I told her the story about how Kevin and I met. Then I explained how Kim fell in love with Kevin. I could see tears in Dawn's eyes as I told the story. I think she really understood how much Kevin meant to Kim. She asked me who I was going out with, so I explained to her what Nick had done to me, and explained that we had come to Daytona Beach under the advice of the detectives investigating the case. Finally, I confessed to her how I was falling in love with Kevin. I also confessed that I loved Kim, too and felt so confused about everything. I didn't want to hurt anyone... "There are times I wish that Nick had killed me instead of putting me in the hospital," I sighed, my lower lip quivering in frustration. "It'd make things so much easier...for everybody." Dawn slid over next to me and held me in her arms. I started crying, my shoulders shaking with the intensity of the pent-up emotions.