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But with Nick over a thousand miles away and spending the majority of his time dodging the police, I felt that Amy was truly safe for the first time in a while. Kim seemed really happy to see her aunt again. I knew that she meant a lot to Kim, but somehow this trip seemed to be something more than just a simple visit for Kim. Kim's aunt was a very interesting person. I really needed to find some time to talk about networking with her before we had to head back to Maryland. Something she said in the hot tub earlier triggered something in the back of my mind. I wasn't quite sure what just yet, but maybe if we talked some more, it would come to me. Of course it wouldn't have taken much to mess up my mind these days. Amy has been confusing me a lot since she came home from the hospital. Like tonight when she dove underwater and started playing with my dick. I couldn't tell if she was simply playing around, or if there was something deeper going on in her mind. I thought about talking to Kim about Amy. Maybe she'd know what was going on with her. Kim, on the other hand, was becoming more and more like Amy in terms of her playfulness. Like earlier tonight for instance. The goddess I knew from our common engineering classes had evolved into a real sex fiend. I couldn't believe that she sucked my penis while underwater. That was something I would have pictured Amy doing, but not Kim. Not that I was complaining, but... My thoughts drifted back to Amy as I remembered her playing with my dick underwater while I was kissing Kim. The combination of sensations was nearly overwhelming. My mind jumped back to Kim and her soft lips, and then to Amy driving me wild, and then back to Kim again. Images of my two women floated through my head in similar fashion as I finally drifted off to sleep. * * * My mind slowly started working the next morning as I felt something warm engulf my dick. I opened my eyes and found it was still dark in the room. I couldn't see a thing. I reached down and felt her hair. It was nice and long, so I knew it wasn't Amy. It had to be Kim. I reached down in the darkness and started playing with Kim's breasts. While keeping my penis in her mouth, Kim shifted her legs over my head and mashed her pussy into my face. I immediately started licking her slit. I was rewarded with a muffled moan from Kim and she immediately picked up speed, grinding into me as if she couldn't get enough. I reached over and used one hand to play with her breast, while I took the middle finger of my other hand and slipped it into her warm, moist pussy. I began stroking my finger inside and out while I used my tongue on her clit. I felt her body begin tremble with excitement. I switched hands so I could attack her other breast, and as soon as I touched her nipple, I felt her orgasm begin. Kim surprised me when she managed to take my entire dick into her throat. I felt her lips touch my balls! While Amy had taken my entire penis into her throat, I didn't think Kim knew how. Kim's body calmed down, and I continued playing with her pussy. I could feel the tension rise in her body once again as it prepared itself for another orgasm. Then I gently nibbled her clit and felt her body explode for a second time. Her orgasm triggered one of my own, and I felt the first burst of cum slide down her throat. Kim then pulled my dick from her throat, leaving only the head enveloped by her lips. My second burst was captured by her mouth. Then her tongue touched the tip of my dick in time for my next burst. Kim started milking my dick as she tried to get every drop of my cum into her mouth. Finally, she pulled herself off of my body and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. I started to fall asleep. In my dreams, I heard Aunt Dawn whisper, "thank you," as I heard the door close. * * * The next morning, I woke up and wandered into the kitchen in search of breakfast. On the way to the kitchen, I noticed that the door to the girl's room was still shut. The clock on the microwave told me that it was already after ten in the morning, which explained why I was so hungry. On the 'fridge I found a note from Aunt Dawn saying that she had left for her meeting and would be home around four. The note also told us to make ourselves at home, so I rummaged around in the kitchen and found some cereal and milk for breakfast. The girls were still sleeping by the time I finished eating my breakfast, so I washed my dishes and put them away. Restless, I decided to take a walk about the house. I had seen the dining room and main entry yesterday, but beside the grand backyard, that was about all I had seen. Off the main entry was the living room. There I found a nice comfy sofa sitting in front of a stone fireplace. On the fireplace mantel, I saw a picture of Aunt Dawn, a man, and two young girls. I remembered that Kim had said her aunt had lost her family several years ago in a car accident. I felt sorry for Kim and her aunt, and couldn't even begin understand how I would feel if the same thing happened to me. On the other side of the entry way, I found Aunt Dawn's study. She had an antique oak desk with an extremely comfortable looking leather chair. On the desk was a relatively new and powerful computer connected to a cable modem. I decided to turn it on and see if I could check my email. Walt had promised to let me know if he had heard anything about Nick. I scanned my mailbox, but there wasn't any mail from Walt. I assumed that Nick was still on the loose. I felt a shiver up and down my spine as I thought about what Nick would do to Amy if he had another chance. I dug through the usual assortment of junk mail and viruses in my mailbox. The only piece of email that was even remotely interesting was a note from my networking professor reminding the class that we had another test coming up in a couple of weeks. He suggested that spring break might be a good time to review some of the material, since the class had done so poorly on the first test. I laughed at that, since Kim and I had the highest grades in the class on that test. Then I admitted to myself that Kim actually had scored a couple of more points than I had on the test. I reminded myself not to even think about Kim during the next test .Then I laughed out loud when I realized that some things in life were simply impossible! Thinking about the networking class got me thinking about my conversation with Kim and Aunt Dawn last night. Something that Aunt Dawn had said didn't feel quite right. I knew there was something significant to uncover, but it hovered just out of my reach. I leaned back in the comfortable chair and began to ponder the problem. Just as I was about to reel in that idea, I heard a shout from outside the study. "Kevin, where are you? I know you're awake. Quit hiding!" The idea instantly drifted away. Frustrated, I got up and walked into the entry way. Amy stood there in her short pink robe and looked me in the eye. She asked, "Are you hungry?" I shook my head no and Amy said, "Well I am, and I want some company while I eat." She grabbed my arm and dragged me back to the kitchen. Then she rummaged around in the cabinets until she found a frying pan. With a couple of eggs from the 'fridge, she started making some scrambled eggs. I noticed that Amy must have started some coffee before she went looking for me, since the pot was nearly full. Amy found a mug and started to pour herself some coffee, when Kim wandered into the kitchen. Kim walked over to me and gave me a good morning kiss. She tasted like Amy. Then she walked over to the stove and stole Amy's eggs. Amy chuckled and got a couple more eggs from the 'fridge and started scrambling some more for herself. Kim popped a couple of slices of bread into the toaster before she sat down to eat Amy's eggs. When the toast popped up, Amy grabbed them and stuck out her tongue at Kim. Amy put some jelly on them and then took a bite out of each slice before Kim could complain. Then Kim got up and put some more toast into the toaster and came back to finish Amy's eggs. Amy finished cooking her eggs at the same time the bread popped out of the toaster. She added them to her plate and brought them over to the table where Kim and I were sitting, and then she put the toast on Kim's plate. I said, "I noticed a picture of Aunt Dawn with her husband and kids." Amy interrupted and asked, "Dawn has kids? Where is she hiding them?" She bit off a piece of toast. "She used to have a husband and kids. It's a really sad story" Kim said, leaning back in her chair. "About three years ago, Aunt Dawn was flying home from a business meeting and her husband and kids were going to the airport to pick her up. A tractor trailer driver hit their car head on. The driver had fallen asleep. Her husband and older daughter were killed instantly, even though they were wearing seat belts. The younger girl was so badly injured, she didn't make it through the night. " "After that night, Aunt Dawn withdrew from the world. I didn't hear from her again until I lost my parents last year. Aunt Dawn flew up to Maryland and dragged me back to her home in Florida. She helped me grieve over my parents and accept their loss. Or at least accept it as best I could." Kim continued. "While Aunt Dawn was hiding from the world as a result of her tragedy, she stopped working at her company. One day when I was starting to feel better, she took me on a tour of her company. We had only planned to stop by for a few minutes, but we ended up staying all day." "It wasn't until that day that Aunt Dawn realized how much trouble her business was in. Her lack of involvement with her company almost caused it to fail. Aunt Dawn pulled herself together and channeled all of her efforts into the business. I helped her until the fall semester started, and I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks working there. Now, her business is finally getting better again. " "Wow," was all I could say. Kim took a deep breath and said, "But I think that Aunt Dawn is still pretty messed up. Now she lives only for her business. When I'm around, she seems to be happier, but I can tell that something is still wrong. I want to help, but I don't know what to do." Kim shrugged her shoulders. Amy said, "Maybe we can talk to her and figure out something while we're here. It's quite possible that she's lonely and maybe she just needs a man." I smiled at the simplicity of Amy's suggestion. That was Amy for you... Kim snickered, "Yeah, that's always your solution. Sex solves everything." I thought back to what happened that morning and said, "Maybe Amy is right. Maybe she's lonely." "You know, maybe that is what wrong. As far as I know, she hasn't even been out on a date since her family was killed," Kim added. We sat there silently, while the girls finished their breakfast. I couldn't imagine how Aunt Dawn must have felt, losing her family, and then her only sister. From my talks with Kim, they are the only family each other has. After the girls finished eating, Kim quietly picked up the breakfast plates and took them over to the sink and started washing them. Amy broke the silence when she asked, "What do you want to do today?" "I don't know," I responded. I was thinking about taking it easy today. Maybe climb back in the hot tub or relax by the pool." Amy looked very disappointed. "Besides," I continued, "Aunt Dawn will be back soon, and maybe we should take her out to dinner as a thank you for letting us stay here." Kim nodded her head in agreement. Then I said, "However before I do anything, I'm going to take a shower." Looking over at Kim, I said with an evil grin, "Anyone interested in joining me?" Before Kim could say yes, Amy spoke up. "Sure. Let's go! Kim, you wouldn't mind cleaning up, would you?" Before Kim could react, Amy grabbed my arm and led me to the bathroom. Each of our rooms had a private bathroom. Mine had a large shower, while the girl's had both a small shower and a claw foot bathtub. Amy dragged me into her bathroom and started running water into the bathtub. She shrugged out of her robe and I saw she was completely naked underneath. Then she got on her knees, unbuckled my pants and pulled off my jeans. Next, she unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it across the room. Finally, she yanked on my briefs, freeing my penis. She grabbed my dick with her hands and shoved as much of it as she could into her mouth. I felt her tongue moving around me, teasing that sensitive spot just beneath the head. After a few minutes Amy reluctantly pulled way and said, "Climb in the tub." So I stepped gingerly into the tub and sat down. The water was warm, but not hot, and it felt very comfortable. I stretched my legs out and then Amy climbed in and sat on them facing me. I loved looking into her beautiful green eyes. Without thinking, I reached over and began massaging her nipples. They immediately sprang to attention, and I heard a soft moan escape from her lips. Amy reached over and grabbed the bar of soap and washcloth. After soaping up the washcloth, Amy carefully washed my face and neck. She even cleaned behind my ears. Then she rinsed out the washcloth and gently wiped the soap away. Next Amy started lathering my chest, paying particular attention to my nipples, which had gotten nearly as hard as my dick. When she had finished with my chest, I said, "My turn," and I started washing her face. I rubbed the washcloth in circles over her closed eyes, and then up towards her red hair and back down her cheeks and around her nose. Then I continued the little circles under her lips and beneath her chin. Finally, I rinsed the soap from her face and gave her a little kiss on the lips. I loaded the washcloth with soap again and began working on Amy's shoulders. I worked my way south, but I avoided both her breasts. I cleaned all of the way down to just north of her fine red hair, spending some time making sure that her belly button was lint free. When I moved up to Amy's breasts, I felt her tense up. The moment I touched her left nipple with the washcloth, I felt her shudder with delight. She reached over and pressed her lips against mine, while I continued cleaning her other breast. Amy grabbed my penis beneath the water and started stroking it as I rinsed the soap from her chest. When I asked Amy to spin around so I could do her back, Kim walked into the bathroom - minus her clothes. She walked over to the shower and turned it on, while turning me on even more. Kim winked at me and motioned to me with her index finger to come over to the shower. I sat there dumbfounded for a moment. I had one naked girl sitting on my lap in the bathtub, while another invited me to take a shower with her! Since I was incapable of making a decision, Amy did it for me. She pushed herself off of my lap and stepped out of the tub. Then she offered me a hand and helped me stand up. I stepped out of the tub and Amy pushed me towards Kim. She said with an evil grin, "I've taken care of the top half Kim, so you'll have to finish the rest." Amy then stepped back into the tub and started washing her legs. Kim grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the shower. She exercised the same care Amy did, and made sure that the lower half of my body was perfectly clean. Kim paid special attention to my penis both with the washcloth and then with her mouth. After all of the playing around in the bathtub with Amy, I didn't last long. Kim got a mouthful of sperm. Picking up the washcloth, I scrubbed Kim's face and neck and then turned her around so I could scrub her back. Then I pressed my chest against her back and began to wash her breasts. I continued to scrub her front moving slowly toward her pussy. When I reached her sex, I massaged it with my finger and played with her clit. Kim started breathing hard and started rubbing my penis with her ass. My dick jumped to attention. I pushed down on Kim's shoulder and entered her from behind. As I moved my penis in and out of her, I continued to play with her pussy with my hands. It wasn't long before Kim's body began to tremble, then a few moments later, I felt Kim's pussy spasm with her orgasm. My dick was still rock hard when Kim and I stepped out of the shower. Amy noticed this from the bathtub and decided to take advantage of it. She pushed me to the floor and impaled herself on my dick. While Amy bounced up and down on my cock, Kim decided to take advantage of my prone position and placed her knees on either side of my face. I could just barely see her lean over and play with Amy's breasts before she ground her pussy into my face. I teased Kim's clit with my tongue while Amy continued to bounce on my dick. I could feel the orgasm slowly building in Amy's body. As Amy moved closer and closer to her release, her body started moving faster. Up and down. Up and down. Faster. Faster. Amy was breathing really hard from both the physical effort and her impending orgasm. Meanwhile Kim's body started to get tense and I knew she was about to have another orgasm. Finally, Amy shrieked at the top of her lungs, "Oh god. Oh godddddd......." Her body exploded with pleasure. I could feel her pussy spasm all around my dick. At the same time, Kim's body gave her the release it needed. I felt her juices flow all over my face. Unable to contain myself any longer, I shot my cream into Amy's willing pussy. Then the two girls collapsed on top of me leaving a big tangle of arms, legs, breasts and one very worn out penis lying on the middle of the bathroom floor. * * * After lunch, we changed into our swimsuits and met out by the pool. Since Aunt Dawn wouldn't be home for at least a couple of more hours, we decided to just take it easy and work on our suntans a little bit. Kim had thoughtfully brought a bottle of sunscreen so we wouldn't get too burnt the first time we spent significant time in the sun. Amy found a battery-operated radio and tuned in a local station. Then she and Kim appropriated the two lounge chairs for themselves. I got stuck with the job of rubbing the sunscreen lotion on both of them. Not that I complained too much. Kim had swapped her one-piece bathing suit from last night to a somewhat conservative bikini, while Amy wore her tiny suit from the night before. Since Amy wanted an even tan, she took off her top, which made it easier and more fun to put on the sunscreen. Kim played it more modest at first, but then said, "Why not?" and took off her top also. As the girls lay in their lounges, I found an inflatable raft and let my mind drift while I floated in the middle of the pool. Visions of networks that formed themselves into girls flowed through my mind as I closed my eyes. * * * Aunt Dawn showed up shortly after four in her business suit. Amy and Kim had fallen asleep. Both were facedown in their lounges, and I was still floating in the middle of the pool. She blew me a kiss and, went inside to change. When Aunt Dawn returned, she was wearing her bikini from last night, and brought four bottles of beer with her. Then Aunt Dawn asked me to rub some sunscreen lotion on her. However unlike the other girls, Aunt Dawn kept her top on. We had just started talking about that networking idea I had the other day, when Amy jumped up all of a sudden and started shouting, "Listen. Listen!" We paused, and the radio DJ started talking about the twentieth annual best breast of the beach wet t-shirt contest, to be held at Kokomo's tomorrow night. Amy's shouting woke Kim up, and she wondered what all of the fuss was about. Fortunately for me, the wet t-shirt contest applied only to girls, but I thought Amy was really excited by the idea. Kim was on the fence post, which meant that Amy would probably talk her into it. However my real surprise was Aunt Dawn, who seemed interested in the contest as well. The four of us decided to eat dinner at Kokomo's to find out more about the contest. When we arrived at Kokomo's, we picked up copies of the entry form while we waited for a table. The rules for the contest were fairly simple. Kokomo's would supply each entry with a t-shirt and the contestants were free to wear the t-shirt any way they chose, but they had to keep their t-shirt on and their private areas were supposed to be completely covered at all times during the contest. What fun was there in that? Each contestant was to have an assistant who was responsible for making the t-shirt wet. Sounded like I was in for some interesting work! When I finished reading the rules, I looked up and saw that the others were still reading them. The looks on their faces told me volumes. Amy had an evil grin on her face, while Kim just looked eager. Even Aunt Dawn seemed to be very interested in what the rules had to say as if she was thinking about entering herself. Before we had a chance to discuss the rules, a waitress wearing a Kokomo's t-shirt and a pair of white Daisy Dukes escorted us to our table. She passed out the menus and told us that today's special was their signature half pound hamburger with island fries. Since we were hungry, we each ordered the special. Amy and Aunt Dawn ordered Heinekens; while I ordered a Coke and Kim ordered a Diet Coke. The girls talked about the contest and wondered how it worked. Amy spoke up and said, "I was here last year for spring break. Kokomo's has been running this contest for years. I entered and nearly won. I've love to try it again. After reading the rules, I think I have a few ideas to make it more fun. I'll share them with you when we get home, since I don't want anyone to overhear them." I said, "Aunt Dawn..." But Aunt Dawn interrupted me before I could finish, and said, "Kevin, you make me feel old when you call me that. Just call me Dawn. And that goes for you too, Kim and Amy." "Okay, Au... Dawn. Are you thinking about entering the contest?" I asked Dawn looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes and sighed. "Yes... It's been so long since I've had any fun; maybe doing something like this would be good for me." Kim seemed somewhat surprised by what Dawn had said, but I wasn't too surprised. It was about time Dawn tried to bring a bit more balance into her life. The waitress returned with a big tray carrying our drinks. Our conversation then shifted to other things we could do over spring break. Amy said, "Well... when I was here last, it was basically one big party that started when we got here and ended when we left. Drugs, booze, sex, you name it, you could find it somewhere on the beach. The fact is, I don't even remember half of the things I did when I was here last year" I started thinking about Nick and Amy being here last year, and I got a shiver down my spine. I told myself that Amy had to be safe. Nick was being hunted by the police a thousand miles away. Sill, the uneasy feeling wouldn't totally go away. When I started paying attention to the conversation again, Dawn was saying, "...bad stuff in the paper that happens all the time during spring break. I'm glad that Kim called me. I would have been really worried if she had come down here and partied like the rest of the kids. In fact I remember..." "Here you go," the waitress said as she passed the plates with the monster burgers on them. "Should I bring another round of drinks?" Amy nodded, while Dawn asked, "Could you bring me a strawberry margarita?" Kim said, "Make that two." I decided to stick with my Coke. The burgers were even better than the waitress said they'd be. I felt stuffed. Kim only finished about half of hers, while Amy and Dawn did respectable damage to theirs. I decided that island fries where merely regular French fries with a little vinegar to cut the oil and some Old Bay seasoning instead of salt. But they were still pretty good though. While we were eating, Kim and Dawn had a couple of more strawberry margaritas, while Amy had another beer. It was beginning to look like I'd be driving home.... A DJ started playing dance music during dinner, and some folks got up to dance. While there were a few couples on the dance floor, I saw more than a few girls dancing with other girls, while their boyfriends sat at their tables. I thought this was funny at first, but then I thought back to Valentine's Day and realized that that had happened at the Cellar too. Then I noticed that one guy walked out to the dance floor and started dancing with one girl after another. Their boyfriends didn't seem to get upset. "Hmm," I thought to myself. "This might be a good way to meet girls. If I weren't dating Kim, I'd have to try that myself. Maybe I should pass this idea along to Walt when I get home. I think he'd really enjoy dancing." After the waitress took our dishes away and brought yet another round of drinks for the girls, Amy grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dance floor. Kim followed us up there, and soon I was dancing with both of them. Later, we returned to the table completely out of breath. Amy drained her beer in an instant and waived her hand to get the waitress' attention. The waitress brought another round of drinks, and by then I was pretty sure I had three relatively drunk girls on my hands. Dawn stood up, somewhat shakily. She asked Kim, "Do you mind?" while she flicked her eyes in my direction. Kim shook her head no, so Dawn dragged me over to the dance floor just in time to hear the song end. The next song was a slow number, and Dawn snaked her arms around me and held me tight. I managed not to step on her feet and wondered to myself, "Will Kim look this good when she gets to be as old as her aunt?" I felt Dawn's lips pressed against mine while her tongue tried to poke its way into my mouth. She whispered, "Thanks," into my ear just before she passed out.