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Susan came back after Kim and Kevin left, to help me clean up the party room. Fortunately, there wasn't much of a mess. We rolled the cake back into its storage closet for the next special event and returned to the party room to put away the table and chairs. The cleaning crew would be in early the next morning to vacuum the carpet and freshen everything up again. I thanked Susan for sticking around and gave her a big hug for helping me cleanup. I owed her big-time. Then I saw Rodney, my boss, wander through the empty club and thanked him for letting us use the room for Kevin's party. "No trouble - that room wasn't booked tonight anyway", he chuckled. I reached over to Rodney and gave him a little peck on the cheek, and Susan laughed as Rodney turned bright red. I told Susan and Rodney that I'd close up for them tonight and that I'd see them tomorrow afternoon for my normal shift behind the bar. They waved goodbye and left appreciatively. It was well after 3:30 by the time I had finished closing the place down and was ready to leave. I carefully locked the employee's door and slipped the keys in my bag. As I walked over to my car, I thought to myself, "These mall assholes really need to put some more lights out here. It's so dim I can hardly find my car!" Fortunately, I remembered about where I parked, so I headed in that direction. Finally, I spotted my car in the dim light. Unfortunately, I didn't see Nick sitting on its hood until it was too late. "Hi Amy," he greeted as I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. "See what you did to me, bitch?" He pointed to the bandage on his nose, speaking through gritted teeth. "You're going to pay for that right now." I turned around and tried to run back inside in the mall, but Nick grabbed my arm and wouldn't let me go. His facial features distorted with anger, Nick slammed his fist into the side of my head. I fell to the ground, my bag landing at my feet. I was so stunned by the sudden attack, that I couldn't stand up much less try to defend myself. A flash from a knife blade caught my eye, sending panic through my already shaking body. With a dramatic sweep of his arm, Nick started cutting off my clothes. The sound of ripping clothes and the feel of the chilly breeze on my naked body terrified me. I tried to stand up and run away, but Nick hit me in the head a second time, then punched me in the stomach. I blacked out when my head hit the ground once more. I couldn't have been out very long, but when my consciousness returned, I found Nick lying on top of me, pumping his cock into my cunt. Tears stung my eyes as I fought back my emotions, trying to focus on defending myself. With every ounce of strength I could muster, I tried to shove Nick off of me. His only response was to slug me again. I clawed at his face as he continued pumping into me, but he merely hit me on the head again. I grabbed his hair and tried to pull it out, but Nick responded by pinning my arms together above my head. My wrists ached from his grip. I couldn't move. Nausea overwhelmed me as the animal I once called my boyfriend pummeled me. The heat of his rage accentuated the woodsy smell of his cologne, a scent I'd grow to loathe I was certain. How could he do this to me? Did I deserve his vicious punishment? My intellect said no, but lying on the cold hard ground with my wrists pinned above my head as Nick's cock pounded into me made me feel dirty and almost deserving of his cruel treatment. He didn't last long before he shot his spunk into me. A feeling I once associated with passion, was now closely linked to violence and hatred. "How could I have loved this guy?" I thought to myself as Nick climbed off of me. He let go of my wrists and started hitting me again. Suddenly, I realized that if I didn't do something quick, Nick was going to keep hurting me. At the same moment, I saw a glimmer of light reflecting off of his knife laying on the ground nearby. I tried to reach for it, hoping I could use it to keep him away, but Nick beat me to it. He kicked me in the ribs, making something crack inside of me. He leaned over me, grabbed the knife, and tried to cut me with it. On his first swing I managed to push his arm with the knife away from me, but with his second swing, the knife blade sliced across my forearm. Blood oozed from the fleshy wound as I grew more lightheaded. At that moment, it became frighteningly clear that Nick wanted me gone-for good! Nick's third swing of the knife ended up hitting me in my neck. My heart rate skyrocketed as I contemplated just how serious the latest wound was. Across the parking lot, I heard a car driving closer. I looked over in that direction and saw lights coming toward us. Nick turned his head and saw the same thing. It was the mall's security car with its flashing amber lights, and it was coming towards us. I took advantage of Nick's distraction to kick him in his balls. He screamed like a baby and dropped his knife, clutching his crotch in pain. Somehow, he managed to pull up his pants while doubled over. Then he waddled toward the woods near the edge of the parking lot, leaving me lying on the ground in a pool of my own blood. Unfortunately, the mall security car turned into a different parking lot before catching sight of me. I knew that there was no one else around to help me, especially at this time of night, so I reached deep inside to find the strength to fight for my life. I remembered that my cell phone was in my bag by the car. If I could make my way to it, I could call for help. Putting the palm of my hand over the knife wound on my neck, I crawled with one hand over toward my bag. Bits of gravel ground into my knees, and the pavement was chilly on my naked body Crawling across the parking lot was painful and difficult to say the least. I had a lot of trouble breathing, and it felt like my belly was on fire. Finding my purse as my vision dimmed from the blood loss was almost impossible. I was hurt badly, and I knew it. Mercifully, I finally felt my bag on the ground ahead of me. Pausing a few seconds and breathing deeply to gather the necessary strength, I reached inside the bag and pulled out my cell phone. I hoped the phone had a charge, as I always seemed to forget to plug it into the charger. As luck would have it, the phone worked. I called my apartment hoping Kevin was there with Kim. "He'd save me," I thought to myself. Kim answered the phone on the first ring. Gasping for air I said, "Help... Nick... found me... at the mall... He cut me... with a knife.... Tell Kev..." and then I passed out. * * * When the fog lifted from my brain, I saw Nick punching me. "Let me go Nick!" I screamed. "Help! Help!" I cried, my arms thrashing wildly. I hoped that someone would be nearby and could help save me from Nick. I tried to open my eyes. When I did, I realized that there were two people on either side of me. I looked up into the face of one of them and saw Kevin. "Thank God Kevin's here," then I passed out. * * * The next time I woke up, I was in a hospital room with Kim and Kevin sitting beside my bed. The only question my brain could put together was, "Where am I?" When I heard myself speak aloud, it sounded like someone had filled my throat with sand and it hurt that much too. Kevin leaned down and put his head near mine. He said in a quiet voice, "You're safe now. Nick is gone, and you're in the hospital. The doctors did a lot of work on you, but they think you'll be up and around real soon." Kim held up a cup with some ice chips to my mouth. "Here. They don't want you to drink yet, but you can have an ice chip. It'll help your throat." I pulled an ice chip into my mouth with my tongue, and it tasted heavenly. I let the ice melt and felt the water trickle down my throat. There were a thousand questions on my mind, but the most important came out in a hoarse whisper. "Where's Nick?" Kim took a deep breath and answered, "In a lot of trouble. After you called, I called 911 and we raced over to the mall. The police were driving up as we got there and I could hear the ambulance's siren not far away. The police looked, but they couldn't find Nick anywhere. They suspect something spooked him and made him run away. The police have put a guard on your hospital room just in case he tries to hurt you again" Nausea came on in full force as Kim filled me in on all of the details. From the sound of things, I was very lucky even though I felt anything but at the time. "When we got there," Kim continued, "your clothes were soaked in blood, and it looked like there was even more blood on the ground." Kim grabbed my hand and squeezed it. "We thought you were dead at first, but Kevin got down on the ground and just held you in his arms. Luckily, he could feel you breathing, but just barely. Fortunately the ambulance arrived just seconds later. The medics managed to stop the bleeding pretty quickly, but you had really lost a lot of blood. They started an IV and told us that you were a very lucky girl. Five more minutes and you probably would have died," Kim continued. I bit my lower lip, trying to hold back the tears. When I regained my composure, Kim went on with the story. She knew I'd want to know all the details of what happened to me, even if it was hard to hear. "Kevin rode with you in the ambulance, while I followed in my car. When we got to the hospital, we had to wait while they treated you. The doctor told us later that the knife didn't damage anything vital, so you should heal pretty quickly. However they x-rayed your chest and found three cracked ribs. Fortunately, none were broken. You'll be hurting for a few weeks, but you should recover completely" Kim finished. Kevin grabbed my other hand and held it tightly. I could see the look of concern on his face. I took a deep breath and let another ice chip from the cup melt on my tongue. "Nick raped me," I managed to croak out. "We know," Kim admitted, her eyes filled with sadness. "The nurses told me that that's one of the things they check for in cases like yours - after they save your life that is. They also told me they were able to get a good sperm sample, so matching it to Nick's DNA should be easy. The police found the knife laying nearby and found Nick's fingerprints all over it. They've got more than enough evidence to put him away for a very long time." After hearing the details, a wave of nausea overcame me. My mouth started watering with that dreaded pre-vomit sensation. "Gonna barf..." I managed in a near whisper as my hand flew over my mouth. Kevin grabbed the container from the rolling table meant for that very purpose, held it up in front of me, and rubbed my back as my body heaved from the force of the vomiting. If I hadn't felt so shitty, I'd've been mortified to have Kevin see me this way. As it was, I honestly didn't care. Kevin and Kim didn't seem to care, either. Kim took the container of my vile smelling puke and left the room to dispose of it while Kevin walked over to the sink and grabbed a washcloth from the towel bar. He dampened the cloth with warm water, and then gently cleansed my face. The mundane act was so endearing. More than ever, I felt a strong connection to Kevin. As I was about to tell him that I loved him, Kim returned, followed by a nurse. "That's enough you two," the nurse spoke quietly as she checked the various monitors. "Let Amy rest now. You can talk to her some more later." "Can we stay? Please?" I heard Kevin ask. While I didn't hear the nurse's response, Kevin remained by the side of the bed, so I assumed it was okay with her that he stayed. Kevin said gently, "Close your eyes, Amy, and get some rest." He reached over and held my hand. "We're here for you," he added, giving my hand a squeeze for emphasis I started crying softly - I was so grateful to be alive and safe again. Kim reached over with a tissue and wiped my eyes, and then Kevin gave me a kiss on the forehead. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, knowing Kevin and Kim would keep me safe. * * * When I woke up later, I was in a different hospital room. Kevin was still beside the bed, though he had fallen asleep in his chair. My head and arm hurt pretty bad, but I still felt lucky to be alive. Kevin must have felt me stir, because he came to life almost the instant I awoke. He reached over and held my hand. "How are you feeling, Amy?" "Better", I managed to say. Then I heard a beeping sound from beside my bed. A nurse walked into the room. I quickly saw by her destination that the beeping was coming from a machine next to my bed. Above it was an IV bag attached with its tube snaked through the machine and into a big needle that was inserted in the back of my hand. The nurse checked the bag and pressed some buttons on the machine. The beeping stopped, and she removed the nearly empty IV bag and replaced it with a full one. She pressed a few more buttons, then I could hear a rhythmic pumping sound. It somehow felt reassuring to know the medicine was doing its job. Then the nurse took my temperature and felt my pulse. She also took my blood pressure using a goofy looking machine. Finally, she made a bunch of notes on a clipboard, gave me a wink, and said, "Your boyfriend's has been taking very good care of you. Now you need to rest," she said, patting my hand. "Why don't you go back to sleep." Kevin nodded, so I closed my eyes, and soon I was asleep. * * * The next time I woke up, I felt much better. Not great by a long shot, but better than I did previously. I was still hooked up to the IV machine, and Kevin and Kim were in the room with me. I could see sunlight shining through the window. Kim noticed I was awake again and motioned to Kevin. She then left the room as Kevin walked over to my bedside and said, "Good morning, Amy. How are you feeling?" "Shitty," I responded honestly, "But shitty is still better than being dead." My throat felt like someone had scraped it raw with a coarse sheet of sandpaper. Kim walked back into the room with the nurse. The nurse took my vitals once more, and scribbled a few notes in my chart like you see in the doctors do TV shows. "You're really improving Ms. Anderson," she said with a reassuring smile. "Would you like something to eat?" Until that very moment, the thought of food had never crossed my mind. But all of a sudden I realized I was very hungry, practically starving. I nodded my head in response to her question, and the nurse left the room. "Good morning," Kim said, reaching over and giving me a peck on the cheek. The nurse came back carrying a tray with a tiny bowl of soup on it, and placed it on the table beside my bed. I took one look at the bowl and thought, "I'm starving and all they bring me is a Barbie-sized bowl of soup." Kevin moved the table in front of me, while Kim adjusted the bed and my pillows so I was sitting up. Even though my arm hurt, I used it to pick up the spoon and put a spoonful of the warm broth into my mouth. It tasted better than I expected, so I started eating the rest of the soup. Before I knew it, I was full despite the fact that there was still a fair amount of soup left in the bowl. I guess I wasn't as hungry as I thought I was... The three of us just sat there for a while, not saying a thing. It was a wonderful feeling to know that I had friends who liked me for who I was, and not just because I was good at sex. I doubted that Nick or Alex or any of the guys I'd slept with over the years would even have bothered to visit me in the hospital, much less be by my side as constantly as Kevin and Kim were. When I thought back to the day when I traded Kevin some sex for his help in a class I was doomed to fail, I would never have imagined this could happen,. Having someone like Kevin by my side when things got so bad was almost too good to be true. And even though I'd known Kim a lot longer than Kevin, until Kevin, she was just a roommate - someone I could share space with and know that we wouldn't drive each other crazy. Now she was so much more than that to me... As I sat there propped up in my bed, a tear formed in the corner of my eye. I closed my eyes and just started to cry. Before I knew it, I felt someone sit on the bed and put their arms around me. Then I felt someone blot my tears with a tissue. I put my arms around the person holding me, and realized it was Kevin. Suddenly, I felt another pair of arms wrap their way around me. Kim really cared too. I let loose with my tears, my shoulders shaking madly. After what seemed like an eternity, I stopped crying, but I was unwilling to move. I felt safe with their arms wrapped around me. A knock at the door signaled that someone wanted to see me. I opened my eyes and Kevin walked over to the door and whispered with someone I couldn't see. Then he walked back to my bed and said, "The police would like to talk to you to get your story, but only if you feel up to it." I nodded my head, so Kevin went back to the door and came back with a short fat guy in plain clothes. "Hello, I'm Detective Shultz and I've been assigned to your case. Would you mind talking about what happened to you?". Detective Shultz sat there and listened carefully to each and every word. He took lots of notes while I told him everything I could remember from when Nick attacked me. Then I went back and explained how Nick drugged me one night and raped me with his friends. I also let the detective know that I had the video tape Nick and his buddies took of their despicable act. Then I talked about how Nick and I fought on Valentines Day at the Cellar. There was so much to say. I had no idea just how bad it had gotten until I spilled everything out to Detective Schultz in a single sitting. I still felt pretty weak, but I knew talking with him was important, especially if I ever wanted Nick to be caught. I talked until I couldn't say another word. Kevin and Kim sat next to me and held my hand the entire time. Kevin hadn't heard all of the details before, so I was slightly embarrassed to be talking about it in front of him, but once I started, I just couldn't stop. It was as if discussing it had become therapeutic to me in a way. The nurse came back and chased everyone out of the room saying, "She needs some rest now. You can come back and visit later." Kevin protested, and the nurse, who obviously still thought Kevin was my boyfriend, relented She made Kim and the detective leave, however. Kevin sat in his chair again and held my hand. I decided to close my eyes for just a moment, but I must have fallen asleep. I woke up to find myself in a dark room.. Kevin was lying on the floor beside my bed, sound asleep. I closed my eyes again and drifted off to sleep. * * * For the next few days, Kevin never left my side. I grew stronger each day, and felt a lot better, too. The day after I talked to the detective, the nurses let me walk to the bathroom for the first time. I nearly fell several times, but Kevin was always right there when I needed him. When Kevin walked me back to my bed after one of my trips to the bathroom, I noticed that he was starting to grow a beard. Given the way his whiskers scratched my cheek, it felt like he hadn't shaved for several days. Then I realized that Kevin was still wearing the same clothes he wore to his birthday party. I could see where my blood had stained his shirt. I started crying when I realized that Kevin hadn't even left me long enough to get a shower much less clean clothes. Kim seemed to be at the hospital a lot also, but every so often she would disappear and show up again in different clothes. I suspected that she tried to get Kevin to leave as well, but for some reason he didn't. It was Thurdsay morning, before the doctor felt that I was in good enough shape to go home. Kevin wheeled me down the hallway in my wheelchair, while Kim pulled her car up to the front door. They put me into the back seat as gently as possible, and Kevin slid in beside me. He held onto me, and it really felt good. While we were riding, I got a strong whiff of Kevin. As if the whiskers weren't enough proof, his strong scent proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Kevin had never left my side while I was in the hospital. Despite his manly stench, I felt safe in his arms, and I just wanted stay like that forever. When we got to our apartment, Kevin and Kim half carried me up the stairs and put me in my bed. I was exhausted. However just before I went to sleep, I asked Kim to do something very important. "Take Kevin into the shower for me. Please?" Kim and Kevin both laughed understandingly. * * * Detective Shultz stopped by the apartment on Friday morning to see how I was doing. He said that both my fingerprints as well as Nick's were on the knife. He said that the prints were very clear for both of us. Originally, he was worried that Nick's prints might have gotten smeared when I had grabbed the knife. He added that the investigation team matched the hair and skin samples from my hand to those they found in Nick's car, which was parked near the scene of the attack. Detective Schultz also said that the semen sample they took from me would be the final piece of evidence they would need to put Nick away for a very long time. "And please, no matter what you do, don't go anywhere alone," the detective warned. They hadn't managed to find Nick yet, but they were looking very hard. Nick's partners in crime, Tom and Erik, had disappeared also. The police had questioned Molly about Nick's whereabouts, but apparently she didn't know where he was either. * * * That afternoon, Kevin and Kim took me to the doctor. The doctors told me that my cuts were healing nicely. Then they took out my stitches, too. Boy did it hurt when they came out, but I was glad to get rid of them. The stitches really itched, and it took all of my willpower not to scratch them. The doctors also x-rayed my chest and said that my ribs were healing properly. While I would be sore for another four to six weeks, as long as I didn't do anything silly, I would be fine and free to do whatever I wanted. Kim had been attending my classes for me all along. She explained to my professors what had happened to me, assuming that they hadn't read about it in the newspapers, and all of them cooperated with her by giving her extra assistance so that she could tutor me. Kim took excellent notes, so by the beginning of the following week I was completely caught up with all of my classes. I actually attended my first class in over a week on the Monday after I came home from the hospital. Kevin walked me from my car to our astronomy class and sat next to me. Then he stayed with me until lunch time when Kim caught up with us. Then she sat with me in my afternoon classes until it was time to go home. Somehow Kevin knew just how tired I was at that point. He showed up with his car outside the building where my last class was held, and drove both me and Kim to our apartment. The three of us went upstairs and had a quiet dinner. Kim and Kevin put me to bed, but I couldn't go to sleep. I heard some squeaking from the other bedroom and assumed that Kevin and Kim where having a little fun. Just listening to them make love got my juices flowing. I reached down and started rubbing my cunt. Then I focused on my clit... For some reason, it wasn't very satisfying, so I opened my nightstand and retrieved my favorite toy, a pink rabbit. I turned it on and pushed it in and out of my cunt while its ears tickled my clit. I could feel the orgasm start to build, but it was very elusive. Just when I thought my body wouldn't get the release I wanted, my imagination turned the rubber cock into a real cock - Kevin's. My body shook with a massive orgasm. I shrieked out in pleasure, and Kevin and Kim ran into my room - minus their clothes. They saw what I was doing, and I was glad they couldn't read my mind. Kim saw the look of shame on my face and probably assumed that it was there because she had caught me with playing with a toy. If she only knew... For the first time I was able to admit to myself that I really loved Kevin. Getting caught with the toy, didn't bother me. Wanting Kevin did. * * * On Tuesday morning, Detective Shultz called to tell me that they nearly caught Nick at Molly's place. But for some reason, Nick got spooked and tore off before they could catch him. There was a high speed car chase, but Nick managed to get away. He drove a stolen car for part of his escape, which they later found abandoned in one of the big campus parking lots. Detective Schultz also advised me that Nick hadn't attended classes since before the attack, and none of his friends know where--or at least were willing to admit where--he was hiding. It also appeared that Nick had been involved in some other things that the detective wasn't willing to talk about. Again, I questioned my judgment in becoming involved with such a slimeball. With a fatherly word of advice, the detective reminded me that spring break began on Thursday and ran for eleven days. He suggested that maybe I would be better off going to somewhere warm for spring break. When I got off the phone, Kim and Kevin were waiting to hear the latest news. I said, "That was Detective Shultz. The police still haven't found Nick, but the detective reminded me that spring break was only a couple of days away and he suggested that I go somewhere warm..." I hadn't even finished updating Kevin and Kim about my phone call, when Kim grabbed the phone out of my hand and ran into her bedroom. Kevin looked as perplexed as I felt. Neither of us knew who Kim could be calling, much less why. Kim walked back into the room wearing a broad grin. "It's all arranged," she beamed. "We're going to Daytona Beach for spring break!"