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After lunch, Amy disappeared, leaving Kim and I alone in the apartment. We talked a lot that afternoon. As we sat together on the sofa, Kim explained how she and Amy planned our Valentine's Day date. "You were supposed to take both Amy and I to dinner, and Amy's job was to get you to drink a lot of beer. You weren't supposed to get drunk, just a little tipsy. Then we were going to drag you over to the Cellar for some dancing." I nodded, "That part worked well." "Amy was supposed to keep you off balance as much as possible, while I tried to dance all of the slow dances with you. That way, I could stay close to you and when the time was right, I would whisper in your ear, 'Please come take me home.' To which you were supposed to say yes. If you said no, Amy was there to prevent your escape." "It sounded like a good plan to me" I said, "but leave it to Nick to mess everything up." Kim gave me her best smile and said, "I guess he did mess things up a bit, but in the long run it insured that you and I spent the night together." Then, with a twinkle in her eyes, "and that's something I've wanted to do since the first time I met you." "I don't know why" I commented then I paused for a moment and said, "I'm just an average geek..." Kim interrupted me with a laugh. "Okay, so maybe I'm not average," I conceded, "but I'm still a geek." "But you're my geek," Kim responded. Then she gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. Which I returned with a deeper kiss, a trip to Kim's bedroom, and then another shower for good measure, While we were drying each other off, I found myself laughing. Kim asked, "What's so funny?" "I'm just remembering how Amy played master sergeant and told us what to do the other night. Lift this breast, scrub that back. I felt like I should have given her a salute, you know what I mean?" Kim chuckled and said, "I'm really glad that Amy was there. I was so freaked out that I probably would have forgotten the condom. I could have gotten pregnant, and that could have ruined both of our lives." I nodded my head as I pulled on my pants, "But Amy really confuses me. Probably more than anyone else has ever managed to." "In what way?" Kim asked, reaching for her clothes. "Well, even though she knows that you and I really like each other, she sneaks up behind me and tickles me. Sometimes she pinches my butt or even gives me a kiss on the lips. One time she kissed me and started rubbing my penis through my pants. Fortunately she stopped before I came, but it was really close." Kim laughed with a shrug and said, "That's Amy being Amy. She's a very touchy-feely person. She'll even give me a big hug for no particular reason. I know that Amy feels really good about bringing us together." She smiled in the mirror as she pulled her hair out of the collar of her shirt. "Still, I can't help but feel there's something else going on." Kim looked slightly embarrassed for a moment, and then she reached over and pulled my pants down. "Here we go again..." I thought, giving in to the inevitable. * * * I finally made it home late Sunday afternoon. Walt was sitting in the living room on the sofa and asked me with a grin, "How was your date yesterday?" I blushed and said, "You wouldn't believe it." "Which one did you take out, the tall sexy one with the red hair, or the blonde with the big hooters?" Walt asked with a laugh. I turned even redder, my face burning from the warmth of embarrassment. "Come on, you can tell me," Walt prodded. I tried to leave, but Walt got up and blocked my way. Walt looked me in my eyes and exclaimed, wide-eyed, "Both?" When I didn't deny it, Walt said, "You went out with both girls!" His eyes opened even wider. I nodded. "Where the hell did you go?" Walt's voice was somewhere between a shout and an excited shriek. Clearly, he wanted answers. Figuring I had no alternative but to talk, I fell onto the sofa and started explaining, "I took them to Bentleys for dinner, and then to the Cellar for dancing." "How the hell did you do that? You need id to get into the Cellar, and I've heard the only way to get into Bentleys on Valentines Day is to make a reservation the day after Christmas. Either that, or you have know somebody with connections." I thought back to my conversation with the manager at Bentleys and recalled that I was out of luck until I mentioned Amy's name. I vaguely remembered Amy telling me that she had worked there at one time. Then I remembered Amy's trick for sneaking me into the Cellar. I smiled at the memory of Amy flashing her cleavage, and the bouncer merely sending us in without further questioning. "Okay, if you're not going to answer me, then fine," Walt grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. "By the way, what happened to your eye? It looks like it hurts," he said, pointing to the shiner and wincing. "You might say Amy's ex-boyfriend ran into me." "That must have hurt. Did Amy take care of it afterwards?" asked Walt. "Maybe, maybe not," I said with a grin, walking past a confused Walt to the stairway to my room. * * * I was lying in bed Monday morning remembering everything that had happened over the weekend when I got a phone call. "Want to get some breakfast, lover boy? " "Sure," I replied groggily. "Good. Meet me at 8:30 in the Student Union. Don't be late. Bye." It was only after I hung up the phone that I realized it was Amy that had called, not Kim. I looked at the clock and realized that I just had barely enough time to get dressed and make it to the Student Union. Good thing I took a lot of showers yesterday, I thought to myself with a grin as I slid into my pants. * * * Amy had already found a table when I got there. She was sipping on some coffee and nibbling on a bagel loaded with cream cheese. "Sorry, I'm late" I said, "But I couldn't find a place nearby to park." "I'll forgive you this time, but next time..." Amy said with a wicked grin. "Go get some food. I don't have class until 10." For some reason I was pretty hungry, so when I reached the front of the line, I picked out a big breakfast with pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and sausage. I grabbed a jumbo Coke, and walked back to the table where Amy was sitting. She took one look at my plate and giggled. "Sheesh, you must have burned up some serious energy yesterday," Amy said, with a knowing look in her eye. "Uh, I'm just hungry." I shrugged her comment off, but I could tell I was turning red at the mere recollection of my intense weekend. "Yeah, right." Amy teased as I started shoving food into my face like there was no tomorrow. "Since your mouth is rather full," she continued, "I'll talk and you can listen. Understand?" I nodded. "Kim is very special to me. Hurt Kim and I'll hurt you. Got that?" Amy said with a protective edge to her voice. I swallowed my food and nodded again, my mind unable to form any words. Amy paused for a moment to take a deep breath. In a much calmer voice, she added "You're also special to me, and I'll make sure that Kim doesn't hurt you either. You two belong together - a perfect set of virgin geeks. Well, not so virgin any more," she grinned, "but you see what I'm saying." While I felt relieved by Amy's acknowledgment of Kim and I as a couple, a look of sadness came over her as she spoke. And I would have sworn that I saw a tear in her eye. She bit her lower lip bravely, trying to conceal her feelings. After a few seconds, it appeared her efforts were futile. "Excuse me," Amy apologized just before she grabbed a napkin and blew her nose. "I think I'm catching something." She sniffled a bit as if to demonstrate the presence of a cold. "Anyway," she continued with half-hearted conviction, "just remember what I said." Then Amy slid out of the booth and walked away. I sat there holding my fork halfway between my mouth and the plate, even more confused than before. * * * Kim and I quickly fell into a routine. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after networking class, Kim and I generally spent the rest of the afternoon together in the Student Union. Walt usually stopped by, and occasionally Amy would stop by, too. I used to think Walt would like to go out with Amy, but I could tell that Amy wasn't really interested in him. Of course since Walt didn't have a girlfriend, it seemed that he viewed any girl who would talk to him as a potential girlfriend. I know I would have assumed the same thing a couple of months ago. Believe it or not, we did manage to do a lot of studying together at the Student Union. Sometimes we would work together on the networking class, while other times we would work on our other classes independently. I had taken one of Kim's classes the year before, so I was able to help her through some of the tougher parts. While the reverse wasn't necessarily true, Kim was extremely bright. Often when I had a problem I couldn't solve, I found that Kim would offer some unique insight into how I might solve the problem. I really hoped Kim would stick around long enough to get her PhD. I'd rarely met people as smart as Kim. On the days we didn't go over to the Student Union, I usually met Kim at her place. I doubted that Kim was very comfortable at my place, since as far as I could remember, she had been the only girl to cross the threshold of the house I share with Walt and a couple of other guys. I knew that they'd try to behave themselves in front of Kim, but sometimes they still managed to embarrass me with their actions. Whether it was Walt belching or the guys leaving dirty clothes strewn all over the house, it would get downright nasty from time-to-time. Kim and I hadn't been back to either Bentleys or the Cellar since Valentine's Day. Poor Amy was banned from the Cellar because of that incident with Nick, but Kim and I didn't care. We didn't need to go anywhere special to have fun. Since Kim and I first made love together, we spent nearly every night together in bed. I loved waking up holding her in my arms. One of the nights Kim and I didn't spend together was the night before my birthday. I knew she was home - she called me to say goodnight - but I also suspected that she and Amy were planning something again. The mere thought of those two conspiring to surprise me made me smile * * * My birthday fell on a Saturday that year, and it happened to fall on one of those rare March days in Maryland where the temperature was warm enough that you could get by without wearing a coat. The sun was bright in the sky and there wasn't a single cloud as far as far as you could see. Kim told me to meet her at the reflecting pond at four in the afternoon. Once there, we duplicated our first kiss from a few weeks ago. This time, however, the kiss was less tentative and more demanding. It made sense given how much our relationship had evolved since our first kiss. We had both invested a great deal emotionally in our budding relationship. Hand-in-hand, we walked across campus to a restaurant called Ledo's. Ledo's restaurant looked like the interior hadn't been redecorated since the 1950's. The lights were fairly dim, especially when you walked inside after being out in the bright sun. We waited for the hostess to seat us in an old fashioned booth with worn yellow leather upholstery. Kim told me to sit down, and then she slid into the booth next to me. The back of the seat was tall, giving the illusion of privacy. Kim waved the menus away when the waitress brought them. Instead of taking the time to browse the menu, she immediately ordered a medium pizza with ham and onions and extra cheese. She also ordered a beer for me and a Diet Coke for herself. The waitress looked me over and asked if I had an ID. I proudly pulled out my driver's license, proving that for the first time I was 18 years old and could legally drink beer. The waitress said, "Happy birthday," and walked away to place our order. Kim explained that while Ledo's was really an Italian restaurant, their specialty was pizza. "If you haven't had it before, you're in for a special treat," she teased with a smile. When I asked her what we were going to do after dinner, Kim merely smiled and said mysteriously, "You'll see..." While we waited for our dinner, Kim was very quiet. But while she didn't say much, she let me know that she enjoyed my company in other ways. Her leg was pressed against mine, and she rested her head against my shoulder. Occasionally, she even leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. Eventually the pizza arrived. It was unlike any pizza I'd ever seen. Instead of a round pan, the pizza came in a rectangular tray. And instead of the usual doughy pizza crust, this pizza's crust was flaky and looked and tasted like pie crust. I was skeptical at first, but when I bit into one of the square slices, it was incredible. Much like the goddess sitting next to me, I thought with a contented smile.. "Most people either love Ledo's pizza or hate it," Kim said, acknowledging my smile. "I'm glad you love it." Then, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, she reached over and licked a little tomato sauce from my lips with her tongue. While the tall booths made it feel very private, the end of the booth was of course wide open. We got a disapproving stare from an elderly lady sitting at a nearby table. However, the man that was with her - I assume it was her husband - raised his eyes and sent me a message that was full of envy. The man then focused his attention on Kim, and was rewarded with one of her innocent smiles. After dinner, we climbed into Kim's car which she had parked outside the restaurant, and then she drove to a nearby shopping mall. We parked by the movie theaters and walked inside the mall's grand entrance. The hallways were clogged with patrons waiting to get in to the next showing of the latest blockbuster movie. We walked around the mall for a little while looking at the various stores and boutiques. I noticed Kim glancing at her watch from time to time, further confirming my speculation that she and Amy were up to something yet again. Eventually, we meandered back toward the movie theaters, where I thought we could have a little fun in the dark. However, instead of standing in line for movie tickets, Kim walked past the theaters to a place called Dave and Busters. Amy, Walt, and a few other friends stood in front of the entrance. Next to Walt was a plainly dressed girl I hadn't met before. I made a mental note to ask Walt about her later on. I followed the crowd inside, expecting a nightclub or fancy bar. However, what I walked in to was beyond belief. My eyes widened at the sight before me. When I was a kid, I remembered spending many a birthday party in a place much like this--a pizza place loaded with video games, flashing lights, prize booths, and crowds of people. After taking in the ambience, it was clear that Dave and Busters was not for kids, however. Oh no, it was a Chuck E. Cheese's for adults! Amy led us through the dimly lit interior of the playground for adults. It was much larger than it appeared form the outside. I saw billiard tables, poker tables, shuffleboard tables, several bars and a very expensive looking dining area. Nicely dressed couples wandered around the room arm-in-arm, challenging one another to various games, or stealing a kiss as they sipped their drinks. When Kim saw me looking at the dining area, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Their food is really overpriced and not nearly as good as Ledo's." Then she stuck her tongue in my ear, making me shiver. It tickled so much, I had to stifle the urge to laugh at the sensation.. We followed Amy down a ramp and passed through an arched doorway with a big neon sign above it that read "The Million Dollar" Midway. On the other side of the doorway, it looked like we had been transported to Las Vegas. The flashing neon lights, sounds of chatter and laughter, and arcade sounds created a festive environment. Just the environment was enough to make a person have fun! We walked up to a booth labeled Power Station. Amy held up a credit card sized piece of plastic and said, "All of the games in this room use a Power Card. You can add money to the card at one of the Power Stations like this one. Depending on the game, you may win tickets, which you can exchange for prizes at the prize booth on the far side of the room. It's seven o'clock now, and I'd like to meet back here at ten. Good luck and have fun everybody." Amy walked over to me and handed me her card. Then she gave me a big hug and a sloppy wet kiss, and said "Kevin, here's your card. Happy birthday!" The next three hours were a blur. Kim and I crumpled fenders racing virtual NASCAR racecars. Then Amy, Walt, and his date (who I later found out was named Jessica), joined us for another race. We flew upside down in an airplane simulator that smelled like someone had lost their dinner in and I nearly lost mine as well. Then I raced Amy and Kim on a snowboard game, and we all played James Bond in some kind of virtual reality simulator. A group of us went into a movie theater unlike any I've ever seen. We had to buckle up in these fancy seats, and as I fastened my seatbelt, I wondered what the handles on the arms of the seat were for. When the movie finally started, it looked like we were in a giant Hot Wheels car atop an intricate orange track layout. As we rolled down the ramp in our virtual car, the seats tilted forward. When we went into a banked turn, the seats moved sideways. I swore that I could feel the wind in my face as we raced around the track! When the car went through the loop-de-loop, I thought I was going to lose my dinner yet again. The car jumped through a big gap in the track, giving us a weightless feeling, and we heard a deafening explosion as we saw realistic looking flames pop up on the screen. Then this whirring sound came from over in the far corner. As we rolled through a series of well banked curves, the whirring sound got louder and louder and seemed to change direction. Finally, we saw the big foam padded wheels that boost the speed of a Hot Wheels car looming right ahead of us. With a neck snapping jolt, we rolled through the course a second time. When the movie ended, we unbuckled and walked out of the theater together. As I first stood up, I nearly fell down because I was so dizzy from our journey. On the way out of the theater, I saw the giant fans that simulated the wind along with the dozens of speakers that made the sound so real. It was about quarter to ten when Kim and I wandered through the carnival games section. We found a quiet table in the lounge section and sat down for a minute. Kim looked at me with a happy smile on her face and gave me a kiss. Then she nuzzled her lips into my neck, and pretty soon we were getting hot and heavy in the booth. Kim was rubbing the outside of my pants while I had slipped my hand under her shirt to play with her breast. I nearly hit the ceiling when I heard someone clear their throat near our table. Amy was standing there tapping her foot. She scolded playfully, "I wanted everyone to meet back at the Power Station at ten o'clock. It's nearly ten thirty. We've been hunting for you for the last half hour!" Amy grabbed my arm and dragged me back to the Power Station where the rest of the folks in our party were waiting for us. "Follow me," she instructed, when we were all finally assembled. We left the midway and followed Amy back up the ramp, past the dining area, to a door marked Reserved. She opened the door and we followed her inside. We found a table loaded with snacks. "Help yourselves to some snacks," Amy said. "We'll be back in a minute." Amy then told Kim and Walt to follow her and they disappeared through another door. Poor Jessica stood there like a lost soul in her jeans and baggy nondescript sweatshirt. A few minutes later, Amy and Walt pushed a five foot tall birthday cake with a score of brightly lit candles though the door. At the sight of the giant cake, everyone started singing happy birthday. Amy told me to make a wish and blow out the candles. As I walked up to the cake to blow out the candles, the top of the cake flipped open and Kim popped out. My birthday wish had come true! Kim was wearing the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen. She shouted, "Happy Birthday, Kevin," climbed out of the cake, and gave me a big kiss. My body warmed as I pulled her scantily clad body close to mine. Her breasts pressed into my chest as she tightened the hug and whispered in my ear, "I love you Kevin." Overwhelmed with happiness, I laughed and together we blew out the candles. Upon further examination, I found out that at least part of the cake was real. Amy cut pieces for everyone to eat, and Kim snuck away for a few minutes to change back into her street clothes. It was nearly midnight when the guests started to leave. Walt and Jessica were the last to leave at just after one, leaving Amy, Kim and I by ourselves in the private room. We sat around and talked about the fun we had that evening until nearly two am. One of the staff people poked her head in the door and said, "Amy, we're getting ready to close." Amy hugged me and gave me another birthday kiss". Take Kevin home and give him your birthday present," she told Kim. "I've got a few things to do here and then I'll be home later tonight." Amy walked Kim and I to the main entrance of Dave and Buster's. The place was very quiet as most of the people had already left. We walked through the door and found ourselves outside of the mall near Kim's car. Kim drove us back to her place, and I followed her up into her apartment. She told me to sit down at the dining room table, while she got my birthday present. She disappeared into her bedroom, presumably to retrieve my present. After a couple of minutes, Kim called out, "Kevin, could you come in here? I need a little help..." Not being one to resist a goddess in distress, I got up from the table and walked down the hall to her bedroom. She was lying stark naked on the middle of her bed, face down, with a bright red ribbon around her bottom and a strategically placed bow. "You've already had my pussy and my mouth," she started, "leaving me with only one virgin hole left. That's my birthday present to you." I climbed onto the bed and gave Kim a deep kiss. I rolled her over onto her back and began rubbing her nipples while I kissed her. Her nipples became erect, and I heard her moan as I rubbed my hand over them. I kissed my way down her throat to her breasts, pausing only briefly to swirl my tongue around the areolas, while avoiding the already erect nipples. As I worked my way south to her pleasure place, Kim shifted her body, unbuckled my pants frantically, and moved her head under my penis. She began to tease me with her tongue. When I reached her sex, Kim was already wet with anticipation. I stuck a finger deep inside her, while my lips surrounded her clit. By then, Kim had swallowed my dick and was swirling her tongue around its sensitive head. I nibbled her clit with my teeth, and I heard a muffled moan from the other end. The familiar feeling started to arise from my balls. Since I wanted to save that for later, I removed myself from Kim's mouth, and moved around the bed so I could focus solely on her. I continued to lick her slit, pausing every so often to plunge my tongue into her as far as I could, or to nip her clit with my teeth. Soon, I felt Kim begin her climb to a massive orgasm. I increased the intensity of my efforts and soon Kim was thrashing all over the bed. As she calmed down, I continued to lick her, and soon she was thrashing a second time. I simply held her while she returned to the real world, and then gave her a little peck on the lips. "It's your turn," she told me as she grabbed a bottle of lotion from her nightstand. She put some in her palm and rubbed it all over my cock. Then she rolled over onto her stomach. Rather than moving her ass into the air as I thought she would, she lay flat on her stomach and pulled one knee up beside her.." Amy said it would be easier this way," Kim explained, looking back at me over her shoulder. Kim handed me the bottle of lotion and told me to put some on my finger and use it to help loosen her up. While I was pushing my finger slowly into her ass, I couldn't help myself and played with her pussy some more. Finally, Kim begged "Please, do it now!" I reached for a condom and Kim said, "Don't bother. I can't get pregnant back there." So I moved behind her and positioned my dick at her back entrance. I pointed the tip of my cock at her cute little asshole and pushed. My cock bent nearly in half, and just popped out. I used a little less pressure the second time, and was rewarded when the head of my cock popped inside her. When I heard a squeal of pain, I started to pull out. Kim stopped me, saying, "I'm okay. I just need a little time to get used to the feeling." Kim pushed her butt toward me, which I took that as a signal that she wanted to continue. It felt like a vice was crushing my cock. I continued pushing myself slowly into Kim's ass, and after a minute or two, I was completely inside. I slowly withdrew my cock, but only about half way. I pushed inward again, and it was a little easier the second time around. Gently, I pushed myself in and out of her ass, and each time it got a little easier. Soon, I was rocking back and forth. I could hear the excitement in Kim's breathing. As I moved faster and faster, her breathing began to get more and more rapid. I felt my sperm begin its trek up my cock. I tried to slow down, but Kim shouted, "Faster, faster, Kevin!" I increased my tempo while trying to hold off my orgasm. Kim tensed up and began to shake with an orgasm. Her climax distracted me from my efforts to slow myself down, and I climaxed myself. For the first time, emptied my seed directly into Kim's body. It felt wonderful. I pulled out of Kim and moved up beside her. I kissed her and she said "Happy birthday, Kevin. I love you." I managed to say, "I love you" back, but Kim had already passed out from all of the exertion. Moments later, I passed out as well. * * * "Ring, ring... Ring, ring" I slowly came to life when I heard the telephone making that awful noise. Kim had already rolled over and was in the process of picking up the receiver. I couldn't hear what the other person was saying, but from the expression on Kim's face, I knew it couldn't be good. Kim hung up the phone and started getting dressed. "That was Amy," she explained breathlessly as she fumbled for her clothes. "She's hurt real bad and needs our help!"