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As I cradled his head in my arms, I could see a trickle of blood move down from Kevin's cheek, across his lips and chin, and leave a spot on my new white sweater. I looked up in time to see Amy take a swing at Nick. She hit him squarely in his nose, and I would have sworn that I heard something crack. Before Nick had a chance to take a swing back at Amy, a pair of bouncers showed up and separated the two. One of them escorted Nick outside, who was holding his hands over his nose to protect it from further injury, The other bouncer spoke to Amy. I couldn't hear what the guy said to Amy, but she seemed really annoyed. Amy walked over to me, and between the two of us, we managed to pick up Kevin, wrap an arm around each of our necks, and carry him outside. Even though Kevin was still pretty much out of it, he cooperated by trying to walk. I doubt that Amy and I could have carried him by ourselves. Once we got outside, I realized that we had ridden over in Kevin's car. I thought we would be stuck trying to carry him home, however Amy went digging around in Kevin's pockets until she found his keys. Amy unlocked the Honda, and we laid Kevin carefully in the back seat. I climbed in with him, holding his head in my lap. I could smell the beer on Kevin's breath. Maybe getting him drunk wasn't such a good idea. Finally, Amy slid behind the wheel. For a split second I thought she would take her anger out on the other drivers, but much to my surprise she drove conservatively back to our place, taking special care not to hit any painful bumps in the road. While Amy was driving, I rummaged around the back seat of Kevin's car. I found some old napkins from Burger King and pressed them against the cut on Kevin's face. "That should stop the bleeding," I thought. "Or at least slow it down a bit until we get home." Kevin stirred and moaned, and then he opened his eyes a little bit, though I don't think he was really aware of what had happened to him. Amy parked the car as close to our apartment as she could get given the time of night. With his cooperation, we finally managed to get Kevin up the stairs and into our apartment. Amy guided us to my bedroom, and somehow we managed to get Kevin into my bed. Amy chuckled and said "I've never had this much trouble getting a guy into bed before." I couldn't help but laugh. At the sound of my laugh, Kevin tried to sit up, but Amy put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him back onto the bed. He raised his hand to his face where Nick had hit him, and felt the blood. Apparently Kevin was more than a little squeamish, as he passed out again almost instantly. I walked into the bathroom and got a damp washrag and a towel. I cleaned the blood off of Kevin's face and looked at the cut just below his eye. It didn't look too bad, though I decided some antibiotic cream and a Band-Aid would be in order. Plucking the box of Band-Aids out from underneath the sink and grabbing the cream from the medicine cabinet, I went back to the bedroom with everything I needed and played Dr. Kim. After taking a closer look, I decided that Kevin would probably have a pretty bad black eye in the morning. I shook my head in disbelief at everything that had transpired. "What now?" I asked Amy. Amy didn't answer; she just walked over to the bed and started untying Kevin's shoes. I joined her, taking off Kevin's other shoe. Then we sat Kevin up and unbuckled his pants and unbuttoned his shirt. As we were taking off his shirt, Kevin's blinked his eyes open and asked groggily, "Where am I? What happened?" Amy climbed onto the bed next to Kevin and held him in her arms. She placed her finger on his lips, and Kevin became quiet. "You're alright now," Amy explained. "Nick and you had a little disagreement, but it's over and everything will be alright." Kevin turned his face toward Amy's, and let out a deep, loud, beer enhanced burp right in her face. The smell of beer was almost overpowering. Then he yawned and closed his eyes. Amy finished taking off his shirt, and then we laid Kevin back gently down on the bed. "Give me a hand and hold Kevin up by his waist so I can pull his pants off," Amy ordered, taking charge of the situation. I climbed on to the bed and put my hands on Kevin's waist. I tried to lift him from the side, but I wasn't strong enough. So I leaned my upper body over Kevin's hips, and was able to lift him just enough so that Amy was able to slide his pants off. Unfortunately, Kevin's underwear must have gotten caught in his pants as they came off at the same time, leaving my face looking directly at his penis. I felt a surge of panic deep inside, but only for a moment. I decided I liked the looks of Kevin's private parts, and tried to memorize every little detail. I heard a "Humph," from Amy, and sat up feeling guilty at getting caught. However when I saw the big grin on Amy's face, I knew that she was playing around with me. I climbed off the bed and together we pulled the blankets over Kevin. Then we turned out the light on the way out of the bedroom, and walked into the kitchen. Amy reached in the 'fridge and pulled out a couple of Diet Cokes and handed one to me. "It looks like all of our planning is down the drain," I said, popping the top of my Diet Coke. "I'm not so sure," Amy answered with a grin. "The idea was to get Kevin naked and in your bed, and it looks like we succeeded," said Amy as she took a drink of her Diet Coke. "Yeah, but he was supposed to be awake." I complained, lamenting the evening that wouldn't be. "Tomorrow's another day. Who knows what might happen," Amy said with a wink and a smile. "I guess you're right. At least Nick didn't really hurt Kevin... By the way, what are you going to do about Nick?" I asked, leaning back against the counter. "Nick's an asshole. It looks like he's already replaced me with Molly the slut. My guess is if I give it some time, Nick will forget about me completely." Then Amy yawned. "I guess tonight really drained me. I'm thinking about getting a little shut eye." Suddenly, I realized how tired I felt, too. We walked back to Amy's bedroom. Amy kicked off her shoes, then she slid her shoulders out of the dress and let it drop to the floor. Finally, she pulled off the thong she was wearing and tossed it on top of the dress. Then she crawled into bed. As soon as Amy began to get undressed so did I. It felt good to get that tight sweater off of my chest. I shouldn't have worn it, but I really wanted to look good for Kevin tonight. My shoes, socks, and jeans followed quickly, as I peeled them off one by one. Amy patted the mattress next to her and said, "Come on to bed." When I didn't move, she said, "Don't worry. He's more drunk than hurt. He just needs some rest. He'll be fine in the morning." "I really think I should watch over Kevin just to be sure," I insisted. Pouting, Amy said "Fine. Okay. Have fun. Just turn the light out when you leave." "Sure. See you in the morning. Good night." I blew Amy a kiss, and her pout was quickly replaced with a smile. After turning off the light, I closed the door to Amy's bedroom and walked into mine. Kevin was still asleep. I slipped out of my panties and into the bed. Then I curled up beside Kevin and pulled the blanket over both of us. I wrapped my arms around him and held on tightly. In a few short minutes, I was asleep. * * * I woke up when Kevin rolled over. When I looked out the window, it was still dark. I didn't think he was awake, so I just lay there next to him and watched him while he slept. He looked so peaceful. I must have fallen asleep again myself, because the next thing I knew, Kevin was stretching and I could see the sun shining through the window. His eyes were still shut, and he appeared to be unaware that I was lying next to him. I decided to play with him a little. "Good morning, Kevin," I whispered in his ear. "How are you feeling?" All of a sudden, Kevin's eyes popped opened, and he saw me lying next to him. His eyes darted around the room, finally realizing that he wasn't home. With a panicked look on his face, he jumped out of my bed. "Kim, what you doing here?" Kevin asked nervously. I tossed the blankets aside and sat up. "Where are your clothes?" he asked, sounding panicky. He looked down and realized that he was missing something too. With an embarrassed look on his face, he tried to cover his penis with his hands. "Where are my clothes?" he asked, a tone of terror in his voice. "I believe the answers are: This is my bedroom; I usually sleep like this; your clothes are over there." I gestured toward Kevin's clothes. "Does that cover everything?" I looked over at Kevin and saw the confusion in his eyes. "Do you remember anything from last night?" I asked. "Uh... No... I remember going to the Cellar with you and Amy. Then I remember someone trying to hurt Amy, and then everything went black." "You met Nick last night. Or more exactly, your face met Nick's hand. Amy and I carried you out to your car, and we drove you here. We helped you up the steps and put you in the bed. I decided to watch over you last night just in case something happened," I added. "I guess that explains why my head hurts so much this morning." "That, plus all of that beer you drank last night. Would some Tylenol help?" Kevin just nodded. I crawled out of bed, walked over to the bathroom, and came back with a couple of white tables and a paper cup with some water. Kevin took the pills with a sip of water, and then sat down on the bed. Sensing his discomfort, I said, "If you want to get dressed, your clothes are over there." I jerked my head toward the pile of clothes from last night. "What about you?" he asked. "I can get dressed if you like, or I can stay the way I am if you like," I said with a mischievous twinkle in my eye. "I think it might be best if both of us got dressed," Kevin said hoarsely. "Okay." I frowned and bent over my dresser to pull some underwear out of the drawer. I heard something that sounded like "Urp" from the other side of the room. Suddenly, I realized that Kevin just got a perfect view of my pussy as I bent over. Looking up, I could see Kevin's reflection in the mirror over my dresser. The expression on Kevin's face made me grin. I never felt so evil before in my life. Still facing away from Kevin, I stepped into my panties and pulled them up in front of him. I could see in the mirror that he was trying hard not to watch, but failing miserably. Then I pulled a t-shirt from another drawer and poked my head through the neck hole. I turned around to face Kevin so that he could see my breasts as I pulled the shirt down over my body. While teasing Kevin like this wasn't fair, it was fun and exciting. You could clearly see my nipples standing up under the t-shirt. I rummaged through my closet, looking for a pair of comfortable jeans, and slid into them. Kevin never moved the entire time I was getting dressed, that is if you didn't count the movement of the drool dripping down Kevin's chin. "Are you going to get dressed?" I asked. He nodded yes, but didn't move. "Would it help if I left?" Again, Kevin nodded yes, so I opened the door to the bedroom and walked down to the kitchen. There, I found Amy in her robe fixing a cup of coffee. "Well..." said Amy, asking me an unspoken question as she clutched her coffee mug. "We slept together," I said, while Amy got a big grin on her face. "But that's all." Amy's grin instantly turned to a look of disappointment. "We just woke up, and Kevin decided that we should get dressed." "Come here and give me a hug," Amy said, putting her mug on the counter and holding out her arms. I moved into her arms and felt her warmth. "I'll take care of everything," She soothed. Amy smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek. I looked at her curiously. I wanted to talk to Amy some more, but Kevin walked down the hall - with his clothes on. Amy walked over to Kevin and hugged him. "Good morning, Kevin. Are you feeling okay?" Kevin nodded. "I'll bet you really enjoyed sleeping with Kim, didn't you?" Kevin blushed. "I thought so. I really like sleeping with her too." Amy grinned. Kevin's eyes widened , and his face turned ghostly white. "And I want to thank you for coming to my rescue last night, Kev. I thought you were so cute," Amy said, as Kevin blushed some more. "Are you hungry?" Amy asked. Kevin nodded. "So am I. Pancakes and bacon okay?" said Amy. Kevin nodded again. "Okay. Have a seat at the table and let Kim and I whip up a little breakfast." * * * "Having Sunday morning breakfast with you is getting to be a habit, Kevin," Amy said. "A good habit," I added. "Would you like to help us fix a little problem?" Amy asked, nonchalantly. "Sure," Kevin answered, not hesitating for an instant. "Kim is a virgin," Amy explained, "and we think you're the perfect person to correct that problem." It was my turn to turn bright red. And poor Kevin looked like he was about to make another speedy exit from our apartment. "Now Kevin, don't run away... I want to talk about this seriously." Amy looked at Kevin as if she had merely asked him to fix a flat tire. "I took care of your problem a while ago, so I think it's only fair that you help Kim now" Amy said. "I'm not sure I'm the right person. After all, I've only had sex twice before," Kevin was obviously trying to weasel his way out of the corner we had put him in. "Don't worry, I'll be there to help," Amy said, trying to put his mind at ease. "Now, are you going to help Kim or not?" "Kim, are you sure that you really want to do this?" Kevin asked uncertainly, his eyebrows quirking with the question. Not being sure of my words, I nodded my head yes. "Amy, is there any way I can get out of this?" asked Kevin. "No." Amy said decisively. "Okay, you win," Kevin sighed. "I know when I'm outnumbered." "Great," Amy said, rubbing her hands together in anticipation of the task ahead. "Let's get started." "Now?" Kevin's voice squeaked. "There's no time like the present," Amy smiled. Kevin let out a deep sigh. "Okay..." "Great. Now you and Kim get out of your clothes," Amy directed. "You both could use a shower." Innocently, Kevin said, "Okay, Kim. I'll let you go first so you can have the hot water." "No Kevin," Amy scolded playfully, shaking her head. "Get with the program. You and Kim are going to shower--together. A look of terror flashed across Kevin's face. "Kim," Amy continued, "I want you to help Kevin get undressed, and then Kevin, you're going to return the favor." When Kevin and I hesitated for a moment, Amy shouted, "Now get your asses moving--NOW!" She clapped her hands, punctuating the order. I walked over to Kevin and timidly started unbuttoning his shirt. Then I helped slide it down his shoulders. "Sit down, Kevin," I ordered. Then I kneeled in front of him and took off his shoes and socks. While still kneeling, I reached up to unbuckle his pants. Kevin stood up, and I unzipped his jeans. Then I grabbed his pants and briefs, and pulled them both to the floor. While Kevin stood there completely naked, I couldn't help myself. I reached over and touched his manhood. Kevin's penis jumped to attention. I looked at it closely. It looked even more impressive now than it did last night when we undressed Kevin. "Kevin," Amy prompted, "it's your turn." Kevin reached over tentatively, grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt, and then lifted it. I raised my arms over my head to make it easier for him to pull the shirt off. When Kevin reached over to unsnap my jeans, he accidentally brushed against my left breast with the top of his head. His hair tickled my nipple, and I felt all tingly inside. Next, Kevin unzipped my pants and pulled them down, leaving me standing there in my underwear. When Kevin went to pull off my briefs, his face was directly in front of me, and I could feel his breath on my sex. Amy said, "Enough. Time for the shower." I grabbed Kevin's hand and together we walked nakedly to the bathroom. Amy followed us. I turned on the faucet to let the water get hot, and then adjusted the temperature so that it was comfortably warm. I pulled the shower curtain closed and turned on the showerhead. I climbed in first, followed closely by Kevin. It was a tight fit. Amy peeked around the corner of the shower curtain. "Kevin, here's a washcloth," Amy said, pointing to the towel bar. "Get the soap and scrub Kim from top to bottom." Kevin grabbed the soap and lathered the washcloth. He carefully cleaned my face and washed my neck. He washed both of my arms, but skipped over my breasts. Amy warned, "Kevin... don't skip her breasts." He moved the washcloth tentatively near my breasts, and lightly rubbed across the tops of them. My nipples sprang to attention when the cloth touched them. Kevin moved the washcloth between the breasts, and started moving it toward my stomach. "Kim, hold them up while Kevin washes underneath them," Amy chipped in. Both Kevin and I were embarrassed by the direction, though we shyly complied. When Kevin reached my pussy, he dropped the washcloth. Amy giggled as Kevin reached over to pick it up. He slipped and fell on his bottom. Fortunately, the only thing hurt was Kevin's dignity. Kevin decided to remain sitting, and reached up to clean my pussy. He carefully massaged the area inside my thighs, and then the hair above my pussy, saving the best for last. Finally, he started to clean around my sensitive slit, and it felt soooo good. "Don't forget her back," Amy demanded, breaking the silence. I spun around while Kevin stood up. He ran the washcloth up and down my back - it felt great. He moved down again to wash my legs. Finally, he cleaned my feet. "Okay Kim, it's your turn," Amy directed, making a spin around gesture with her finger. I started with Kevin's face and worked my way down his hairy chest. He spun around so I could wash his back and arms. I tried to skip Kevin's penis by continuing down his back to his legs, but Amy wouldn't let me. I took the washcloth and washed all around his penis and balls without touching them. "Kim...." I heard Amy say, exasperated. I sighed and began to clean Kevin's penis. Before I touched his penis, it was relatively soft, but as soon as the washcloth touched him, his penis started growing. The more I washed it, the bigger it got. "Wow!" I thought. I would have kept this up for hours had Amy not said, "Move on Kim. You're going to run out of hot water soon." I finished Kevin's legs, and then we rinsed each other off. Kevin turned off the water, and we stepped out of the shower. Amy handed each of us a towel and instructed, "now dry each other off." I took my towel and dried Kevin rather quickly. Kevin took his towel, wrapped it around me, and rubbed his hands up and down the outside of the towel. Finished with the shower, Amy motioned us into my bedroom. "Kevin, give Kim a kiss - I know you know how to do that," Amy grinned. I'm began to think that Amy enjoyed doing this. Kevin held me in his arms and kissed me. It was even better than that night at the reflecting pond. The more we kissed, the more tingly I felt inside. I could see that Kevin was enjoying this as well, as his penis started getting hard. Amy reached over to Kevin's hand and placed it on my breast. He rubbed his hand lightly over my nipple, and I made a low moan in response. Next, Amy guided us to the bed and pushed Kevin down on his back. When I started to climb onto the bed, Amy positioned me beside him with my head near his penis. I took the hint. I opened my mouth and for the first time ever, I learned what a man tasted like. I tried to cram as much of him as I could into my mouth, but the best I could do was half. I started to bob my head up and down. I heard a whisper from beside me. "Remember to use your tongue as you go up and down," Amy suggested. I swirled my tongue around his penis. "This is fun," I thought to myself. Then Amy whispered, "Now lick it up and down like it was a candy cane. Pay special attention to the tip," she added, "it's very sensitive." Kevin groaned, and I paused to look into his eyes. They were gorgeous. As I continued playing with Kevin's penis, I could hear him groan. I pulled his manhood deep into my mouth and started bobbing up and down again. I felt Kevin's hands touch my head, so increased my pace a little bit. Soon I felt something change in Kevin's penis and it seemed like Kevin was about to move my head away, but then I felt Amy guiding hand on my head too. Then I felt Kevin's explosion. His stuff tasted strange, somewhat salty. I kept up my bobbing motion and Amy whispered in my ear, "Don't swallow it. Let him finish and then open your mouth and show me what you've got." Finally Kevin finished and I looked up at him again and opened my mouth. His stuff felt funny in my mouth, but I was starting to like the taste. I decided to make a show for Kevin, so with my mouth open, I moved my tongue around inside letting him see me playing with his stuff. Amy touched my shoulder and whispered, "Now swallow it" and I did. Then she touched my shoulder, and motioned to me to lie on my back. She whispered something to Kevin, which I couldn't hear. He moved between my legs and moved his tongue up and down my slit. I felt my juices begin to flow as Kevin stuck his tongue in between my labia. I reached down with both hands and pulled Kevin's head tightly against my pussy. Kevin responded by wrapping his tongue around my clit. I felt an orgasm build. He alternated between my clit and sticking his tongue deep into my vagina. Just when I thought I couldn't stand it any longer, my body gave me the release I sought. Kevin continued to lick me as I came, and he slurped all the juices that poured out of my body. Finally, he stopped as I climbed down from my high. Kevin shifted himself and was about to enter me when Amy interrupted him. She handed him a small foil packet. He looked at it confusingly. Amy took the packet back and tore it in half. Out popped a round rubber thingy. Amy reached over and placed it on top of his manhood. Then she put her mouth over his penis and moved her lips all the way down to the root. When she moved her head back up I could see the rubber sheath that would protect me from pregnancy. She then slid a towel underneath my bottom and nodded at Kevin. Kevin tried to enter my vagina, but missed. He tried a second time without success. Finally, Amy reached over and guided him into my pussy. Kevin slowly entered me and then paused when he reached my hymen. Amy whispered something to Kevin. He pulled back, and then rammed his penis into my pussy. For a moment, I felt a sharp pain, but then I felt fuller than I had ever felt before in my life. Kevin slowly started to move in and out of my pussy. Amy whispered "Faster," and Kevin picked up speed. Pretty soon, Kevin was pumping in and out so quickly, I couldn't believe it. Amy bent over me and said, "Try to grab his cock with your cunt muscles." I tried to grip Kevin's manhood, but it barely slowed him down, or so I thought. Within a few moments, his penis started to tremble. Then I felt it shoot his seed into my body. He continued to pump in and out a few more times, and then he pulled himself out of my body. My pussy missed his penis. I reached up and put my arms around his back. I pulled Kevin closer and kissed him on his lips. Amy let us lay there for a while and then said, "You better clean up. I'll go fix lunch."