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Before I had a chance to respond, Professor Winslow walked into the classroom and started his lecture. Each time the professor looked away from the students, Amy would touch my arm or leg to get my attention. Then she'd give me a little smile or blow me a kiss or stick her finger in her mouth and pull it out slowly. I was so distracted, that I honestly couldn't remember if Winslow talked about stars or English literature. At the end of class, Amy and I turned in our homework assignments and walked out of the classroom together. We followed the crowd down the hall and out of the building, but instead of heading for another building, Amy pulled me around the corner. She grabbed my face with her hand and pulled my lips to hers. She moved one arm behind my back and I put both of my arms around her slender body. Then she pulled me tightly against her body, as her tongue poked its way between my teeth. Her other hand started to work its way into the top of my pants and Amy started to rub my dick. My dick started to respond, but then I thought about Kim and got a sinking feeling in my stomach. Fortunately by then, Amy had pulled her hand out of my pants. "Wow," she said breathlessly, and then she turned and headed away from me. I stood there for several minutes totally confused. * * * Kim sat next to me in class the following day. She reached over and rubbed my arm every so often. Her constant touches would have been comforting had images of Amy not kept popping into my mind. After class, Kim grabbed my arm and together we walked to the Student Union as had become our habit. But instead of sitting next to me like she did on Monday, Kim sat across from me. We talked about the classes we were taking or had taken in the past, and all of those other things that two people who are trying to get to know each other talk about. When we hit the subject of families, Kim grew sad. I talked about my parents and how they constantly pushed me to achieve. "They even helped me skip high school and go directly to college. If it wasn't for their support and love, I'm sure that I couldn't have accomplished anything." Then I said the words that I would come to regret for a very long time, "What about your family, Kim?" She sighed, a veil of sadness clouding her eyes. "My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last spring. By the time they found out, she was so far along they couldn't do much to help her. Finally, she died early last summer. By the end of summer, my father passed away. I swear, it was as if he died of loneliness. He and my mother had a close relationship and when she died, I know a part of him died too." Kim unsuccessfully tried to hide her tears, and then she went on. "Since I don't have any brothers or sisters and I didn't want to stay in my parent's house alone, I stayed with my aunt in Florida. She helped me work through some of the pain and taught me how to accept what had happened to my parents. Unlike a lot of people I talked to, she really understood what I was feeling since she had lost her own family in a car accident a few years earlier." I shifted to her side of the booth and just held her in my arms. Kim let loose and started sobbing. I would have tried to reassure her, but I couldn't come up with any words that would help. I just rubbed her back until she ran out of tears. After a few minutes, she started to pull herself together. "I haven't cried like that since my father died. I'm sorry you had to see me this way, Kevin," She said, dabbing at her eyes with a napkin we had gotten with our drinks. Without thinking, I said "Why are you apologizing? When you love someone you have to take the good with the not-so-good." Kim looked at me strangely and I didn't understand why. I played back the words I had just said and realized their true impact. Kim reached over, gave me a kiss and said, "I love you too, Kevin". A vision of Amy saying "I love you" popped into my mind, and I started feeling queasy. Which one did I love more, Amy or Kim? I started thinking about trying to escape when Walt showed up. Kim excused herself, saying she'd see me in class on Friday. "Why'd she leave?" Walt asked. Do I need a bath or something?" I simply responded, "I suspect it's your magnetic personality. You repel everyone." Then I ducked as Walt tried to hit me in the head. Together we walked into the line for tacos, while I tried to understand what was happening to me. * * * Over the next week and a half, I saw both Amy and Kim in the classes we had together. However, I rarely saw Amy outside of class. I asked her if she would like to go somewhere after class, and she always politely declined. Though Amy did delight in tormenting me during class. She continued to blow me kisses during class and rub my arm absently mindedly. One time just before class started, Amy sat on my lap and started rubbing my chest, while leaning her head against my shoulder. Then she reached up and started nibbling on my ear. It was only when Professor Winslow harrumphed from his lectern, did Amy get up and move to her seat. While I nearly died of embarrassment, Amy looked up at the professor and gave him a big smile and then reached over to me and gave me a peck on the cheek. I wanted to crawl under the table, but Winslow glared at me and shook his head. I decided I needed to be elsewhere, so I picked up my books and left the classroom without Amy. During this time, Kim and I continued to go to the Student Union after our networking class, where we learned a lot about each other. I heard lots of tales about Kim and her parents before they died and I learned how Kim's aunt inspired her to tackle electrical engineering at MSU. Kim learned about my family as well and together we commiserated on how lonely it was growing up in the public school system, where students that excel were harassed by their peers. One day while we were at the Student Union, I asked Kim if she would like to see a movie with me. She politely declined and said "Not yet, but soon. I quickly came to the conclusion, that I'd never understand women. The evening before our first test in the networking class, I met Kim at the library to study. We found a study room and reviewed all of the material. After a couple of hours of review, I felt as ready as I was going to be. Kim felt pretty good about her chances of doing well, too. We walked into the lecture hall the following afternoon, and the professor handed out the test. It was a killer, but the previous night's preparation really made a difference. After the test, we found Amy waiting outside the doorway and the three of us walked over to the Student Union. Kim and I discussed the test while we walked. For the most part, we got the same answers, however I know that I made at least one stupid mistake because I was looking at Kim rather than focusing on the problem. I guess sitting next to Kim during exams could be hazardous to my grades. The three of us found a booth at the Student Union. Kim and Amy slid in one side leaving me to sit on the other. Amy and I started talking about our astronomy class, but somehow the conversation slowly shifted to the things we planned to do over the new few weeks. Amy said, "You know that Valentine's Day is tomorrow, don't you?" "Yeah," I nervously admitted. I had indeed given it much thought over the last week or so, but I was seriously confused. I really liked Amy and Kim, but I couldn't decide what to do. "Well, with Nick out of the picture, you know..." Amy said with a big grin on her face. I started getting even more nervous, my face reddening by the second. Then Kim looked into my eyes. "Of course you know that I don't have a boyfriend either." Feeling cornered once again, I got this feeling of terror in the pit of my stomach. I was just about to run away in absolute panic when Walt wandered by. He sat down beside me and prevented my escape. Walt had never met Amy before, so I introduced him. We talked for a while, and then I got up and ordered a large pepperoni pizza for dinner. It took a while to prepare, but I thought it'd give Walt a chance to get to know the girls. Besides, I enjoyed the temporary break from the intensity between the girls and I. As I walked back to the table with the pizza, I could see Walt's eyes bounce back and forth between Kim's chest and Amy's chest. I don't know what they were talking about, but I thought I saw a line of drool moving across Walt's chin. The pizza was pretty lame, but the girls didn't seem to notice. They both dropped additional hints about Valentine's Day, which seemed to pass right by Walt. However when Amy reached across the table to wipe some tomato sauce off my chin, I think Walt was a little shocked. Amy had used her finger instead of a napkin, and then put the whole finger into her mouth and pulled it out suggestively When the last slice of pizza was eaten, Walt decided it was time to go. When he got up from the table, he held his backpack in front of his stomach as if he had spilled something down the front of his pants. When the girls waved to Walt, he merely said "bye" and then he turned and walked away, still holding his backpack in front of him. The girls looked at each other for a moment, and then Amy said, "We've got some things to do back at the apartment. See you tomorrow Kevin". Kim reached over the table and gave me a peck on the cheek and whispered "til tomorrow." Then she smiled at me. The girls stood up and gathered their things. I could hear them giggling as they walked away. My eyes followed them as they walked through the crowded dining room. Just before they reached the door, the pair turned around and they each blew me a kiss. I sat there for a long time after everyone had left, trying to understand just what was happening. * * * Valentine's Day was here, and I still didn't know what to do. I didn't want to disappoint either girl, but I didn't see how I could avoid it. I knew that anywhere I tried to go tonight would be crowded, so I figured I'd better see if I could get a reservation somewhere. Since I knew that Amy liked Bentleys, I decided to try there first. When I called Bentleys, the manager said they were booked solid. When I expressed my disappointment and said that my friend Amy Anderson recommended the place, the manager asked me to hold on for a moment. Then he came back on the line and said there was a last minute cancellation at 7 o'clock that night. He asked if I wanted it. I told him I did, so he asked me for my name. Then he repeated my reservation time,, thanked me for my business, and hung up. It was only after I hung up that I remembered I had forgotten to tell him how many people would be dining there tonight. But since they were giving me someone else's reservation. I guessed the manager had just assumed that I had the same number of people. On the way over to Amy and Kim's apartment, I stopped by a florist bought a dozen roses. As I carried my purchase out to my car, I couldn't decide whether I should give the roses to Kim or Amy. I finally compromised and went back to the florist. I bought another dozen roses, one dozen for each girl. As I walked up the stairs to Amy and Kim's apartment, I prayed that only one was home. Maybe Kim was at the library studying, or perhaps Amy had to work. I knew I'd be in trouble if both where home, but I left the decision of who to take out for dinner in fate's hands. It was much easier than having to decide between the two of them. When I knocked on the door, Kim answered and invited me in. I saw Amy sitting on the sofa. My stomach twisted in a knot. I looked over at the door to escape, but Kim was conveniently in the way. Kim saw the roses and asked hopefully "For me?" I nodded and handed her one of the bouquets of roses. She was dressed in really tight jeans with a sweater that must have been at least two sizes too small. Amy rose from the sofa and walked over toward me. She wore a really short dress with a plunging neckline that let everyone within 50 miles know she wasn't wearing a bra. I could also tell she was happy to see me, too, because her nipples were nearly poking holes in the dress. I handed her the other bouquet. Both girls then hugged me at the same time, and together they kissed me on the each cheek. Then the girls headed to the kitchen to put the flowers into vases. I stood there totally confused. When they came back, I mumbled something about having dinner reservations at Bentleys for seven, and both girls looked at each other and smiled. I knew I was rather inexperienced around girls, but it seemed to me that something was going on that I wasn't aware of. I decided to play it safe, keep my mouth shut, and hope for the best. * * * At quarter to seven, Amy said, "We'd better get going." Kim nodded. Amy said to me, "You drive, since we can't all fit into my car." So the three of us walked out to my Honda Accord and climbed inside. Bentleys was crowded when we arrived, but the hostess found my reservation in her book. I was relieved when the she led us to a quiet booth in the back of the restaurant. I was worried that the cancelled reservations were only for two and that there might not have been room for all three of us. Kim climbed into the booth first, and Amy slid in beside her. I moved into the seat opposite the two most beautiful in the world. When the waitress came to take our order, Amy spoke up and ordered steak dinners for each of us, medium rare of course, with a baked potato with all the trimmings, and a small dinner salad. She also ordered two Heinekens - one for her and one for me. Kim chose a Diet Coke instead of the beer. I wasn't sure why the waitress didn't ask me for ID, but I knew that it wouldn't be too long before my birthday and I wouldn't have to worry about getting carded any more. The waitress brought our drinks and made a big show out of pouring the beer from the bottle into the glass. Amy picked up her glass and drained it in a single gulp before the waitress had even managed to get my glass filled. Then Amy motioned for me to do the same with my beer. The waitress watched as I tried to duplicate Amy's technique. I managed to drink only half of the beer - some of it dribbled down the side of my face. While Amy ordered two more beers from the waitress, Kim reached across the table to wipe the beer that I had dribbled on my face with her napkin, her touch soft and gentle. Amy chuckled and said in a mocking, high-pitched child's voice, "Poor Kevie-wevie can't drink his beer without spilling it all over his face. Would you like me to get you a baby bottle?" I picked up my glass angrily and drained the rest of it just like Amy did. That time, I didn't spill a drop. I felt so proud. Then I got a funny feeling in my stomach, a reaction to the bubbles and the foam I was sure, and a moment later a loud burp erupted from deep within. Amy laughed out loud, while Kim merely snickered. I felt so humiliated. The waitress returned with two more bottles of beer and our salads. This time, I poured my own beer and didn't try to beat Amy at her own game. Kim asked, "What do you like to do in your spare time, Kevin?" mercifully shifting the conversation away from beer and burping. As long as we had known each other, it seemed odd the topic hadn't come up before. I responded with a shrug of my shoulders and asked, "What spare time? Ever since I was a little kid, I was always studying something. When the other kids my age were playing in the sandbox, I was learning to read. When they were playing kickball, I was learning fractions. By the time they had graduated to little league, I was teaching myself Maxwell's Equations." Kim nodded knowingly, but Amy appeared a little baffled by the comment. With a sigh, I continued. "I don't mean to imply I didn't have any fun, but it was lonely going to school all day and then studying all night. However, I will say that since I met you two, my life has really been different. I mean that in a good way. But I never seem to know what is happening from one moment to the next." Kim looked at Amy with a smile on her face. Amy reached over and whispered something into Kim's ear. I couldn't hear what she said, but when she finished, they both laughed hysterically. "Care to let me know what's so funny?" I asked the pair of beautiful women sitting across from me. Kim merely shook her head no, while Amy said with a husky voice, "Not yet, big boy, not yet." Then the pair started laughing again. I guess I'll never truly understand women. Soon, the waitress came over to our table carrying three of the best-looking steak dinners I had ever seen. The girls were quiet as we ate our dinner, though they would look at each other from time to time and giggle, or they would look at me and smile. I knew that they were keeping some sort of secret from me, but I couldn't figure out what. Halfway through dinner, Amy drained her glass of beer and motioned for me to do the same. She caught the waitress's attention and held up two fingers. The waitress nodded and came over to our table with two more bottles of beer. When we finished dinner, the waitress asked us if we wanted any coffee. After I turned bright red, Amy politely told the waitress no thanks and asked her to bring over the check. I couldn't erase the vision of Joyce and her coffee's cream from my mind... While Amy was talking to the waitress, Kim leaned over asked me, "What's wrong, Kevin?" I tried to answer, but the words wouldn't come out. Fortunately, Amy came to the rescue by asking, "Who wants to go dancing?" Kim looked at me and nodded, so I agreed. I knew I really didn't have a choice in the matter. I was beginning to suspect that Amy and Kim had planned this night beforehand, and I wasn't going to get the option to say no. The waitress brought over the check and Amy started to pay. I snatched the check out of Amy's hand saying, "That's my privilege." Though I had to dig deep into my wallet to pay the bill. I didn't realize that three steak dinners and some beers could cost that much money. I sighed. "Oh well," I thought to myself. "Thank God Valentines Day comes only once a year." We walked across the street to the Cellar, and I stumbled on the curb when we reached the other side. I guess I was already starting to feel the effect of the beers I had with dinner. The bouncer at the door asked us for our IDs. We each dug out our driver's licenses and held them up for the bounder to see. He looked carefully at Kim's and Amy's licenses. But when it came time for the bouncer to check mine, Amy dropped her license and the bouncer watched her bend over to pick it up. On the way back up, he got a good look down Amy's blouse. He forgot about my ID and stamped each of our hands. The Cellar was crowded inside and we couldn't find a booth. However we did find a vacant table in the middle of the crowd where we could stand. Amy tried to ask us something, but we couldn't hear her over the noise of the crowd. She held her hand up as if it where holding a mug of beer. I nodded yes, while Kim shook her head no. Amy walked over to the bar and came back with two beers. I took a sip of mine, while Amy drained half of her mug in one big gulp. Then Amy grabbed my arm and dragged me onto the dance floor. Amy quickly found that I don't know how to dance, but I followed the moves she made and somehow managed not to make a total fool out of myself. After the band played a couple of fast songs, they took a break and I was grateful to go back to the table and catch my breath. All that exercise left me thirsty, so I drank most of my beer during the break. Amy polished off hers, took a look at my nearly empty mug and pushed her way through the crowd leaving me alone with Kim at the table. Kim gazed into my eyes and I just stood there, totally lost. I knew I was starting to feel a bit tipsy and that I had better take it easy, but when Amy came back with two more beers, I finished off my first one and took a big gulp from the second one. The cold beer felt good going down my throat. When the band climbed back up onto the stage and started to play a slow song, Kim grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the dance floor. Her body molded into mine, and I felt the delicious pressure of her breasts against my chest. Kim leaned her head into my shoulder and I felt like I was in heaven. While I know less than nothing about slow dancing, by shuffling my feet and staying glued to Kim's body, I managed to make her happy. I guess that's what really counts. After a couple of spins around the dance floor, Kim and I headed back to Amy and the table. I drank the rest of my beer and then excused myself and went to the rest room. When I came back, Amy had another beer in her hand, and I found a fresh one for me sitting on the table. I had time for only a quick sip before Amy dragged me out to the dance floor again. The band was still playing slow music and I applied my new found knowledge of dancing and shuffled my feet while tightly holding onto Amy. Amy rested her head against my shoulder, and I could feel her warm breath against my neck. I could feel Amy's nipples poking their way into my chest. Then I felt Amy's tongue as she poked it into my ear. The mood was broken when someone grabbed my shoulder and spun me away from Amy. Some guy I'd never seen before grabbed Amy by her arms and started to shake her. When he reached back to hit her, I grabbed his arm. He let go of Amy and turned around. Then he punched me in the stomach with his other hand. Amy shrieks, "Nick! Why did you hit Kevin?" I doubled over in pain and fell to the floor. Amy rushed over to me and helped me to my feet. "Are you okay?" she asked. I nodded my head yes, as I tried to get my wind back. So this was Nick, Amy's infamous ex-boyfriend. He was at least three inches taller than me and looked far more muscular. If he wanted to hurt me, I think there wasn't much I could do about it. However, Nick's attention shifted back to Amy. I noticed a girl with long blonde hair and a big chest standing behind Nick. She grabbed his arm and said "You've got me now. Forget about her, Nick." Nick threw her arm away and spun around to face her. He said through gritted teeth, "Stay out of this, Molly. This is between Amy and me." By that point, the band had stopped playing, and the crowd had formed a big circle around the four of us. Nick turned back to Amy and said with a snarl, "You owe me big time, bitch! You're going to fuckin' get what's coming to you!" I staggered uncertainly in front of Amy trying to protect her from Nick. Nick threatened me by saying, "Get out of here you shit-faced, geek-boy! That bitch belongs to me, not you!" Then with a grunt, he picked me up by the collar of my shirt, and threw me into the crowd. Fortunately I didn't hurt anyone, and someone in the crowd helped me to my feet. I walked back over to Nick and Amy. Nick had latched on to Amy's arm and was trying to drag her away. Molly pleaded with Nick, "Let's get out of here, Nick. She isn't worth it." Nick didn't say a thing, and continued dragging Amy toward the front door. I tried to block Nick's path to the door, when Nick stopped and looked me in the eye. I got a cold shiver up and down my spine. Nick reached back with his arm and punched me right in the face. I fell to the floor with a thud. The last thing I remembered before I blacked out was the metallic taste of blood as it trickled down my face and into my mouth.