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I knew she was trying to cover up a bruise, since Joyce rarely wore makeup. When I asked her about it, she made up some lame excuse. I guess I'm just glad that they broke up before he really hurt Joyce. Kevin and Joyce actually made a cute couple. Joyce was nearly as tall as Kevin was, and her slender body was similar to Kevin's. For a geek, Kevin had a lot of potential. With a little exercise, he could have a body even nicer than Nick's. Kevin's dick was even surprising, though not as long as Nick's. It seemed to me to be a little bit thicker. I felt another shiver down my spine and decided to put Kevin out of my mind. On the way to my car, I walked by the entrance to the Cellar. There was a big sign out front announcing that the Beltway Bandits were playing tonight. They were pretty good - much better than the typical local band, so I decided to drop in and get a beer or two. Chances were Tom and Erik were over at Nick's hanging out anyway. Those two give me the creeps every time I laid eyes on them. Showing up at Nick's house a little later might mean that they'd be gone when I got there. The tables and booths were pretty packed, but I found an empty stool down near the end of the bar. I walked over and sat down. I waited for the bartender to turn around so that I could order a beer, and was surprised to see that it was Susan. Susan and I had met when we worked together at Bentleys a couple of years ago, and we now work together at D&B's. Susan walked halfway over and stopped in front of the bar taps. She mouthed, "Miller Lite?" I nodded yes. There was no way I could hear what she said with the band playing. She brought the beer over to me and I reached into my purse to pull out some bills. She shook her head and said, "It's on me. I'm still grateful that you filled in for me last week when Bob took me out for my birthday." "Not a problem. Thanks" I said. "Did Rodney post next month's schedule yet?" Susan shook her head no. "I wish he'd get around to posting it soon. I've got a social life to plan." We both laughed, knowing how hard it could be to get Rodney to change a schedule once it was finished. A customer down the way motioned to Susan and she walked over to fix a few drinks. When she finished, she checked on the rest of her customers and made her way back to my end of the bar. "Whatcha doin' here tonight anyway? I thought you had a hot date?" Susan asked. "It's over and I was heading over to Nick's, but I thought I'd stop by and listen to the Bandits for a while and get a beer or two." "Damn! I was hoping you'd find a replacement for that asshole. Why do you go out with Nick anyway?" asked Susan. "I love him" I said with a lack of conviction that was more than a little obvious. Uneasy with where the conversation was headed, I shifted the subject. "Why are you here tonight?" I asked Susan, raising the mug of beer to my lips. "They needed a little extra help because the band's playing tonight." Susan wiped down the sticky handles of the taps as she spoke. "Besides, it's hard to turn down the tips on a night like this." Being in the business myself, I nodded in agreement and watched as Susan walked away to earn some more tip money. I finished off my beer and slipped a few bills under the empty mug. I left the bar area and walked over to where the band was playing. As I listened to the band, I found myself wishing Nick were with me. My feet tapped involuntarily to the group's driving beat. Nick was an awesome dancer. When he's not too drunk, that is. As the band shifted to a slower, more romantic tune, I wondered what kind of dancer Kevin would be. I dreamed about teaching Kevin how to dance vertically, wrapping my arms around him and holding him tight. Then my mind shifted to how I taught Kevin to dance horizontally the other night. I smiled at the memory. Suddenly, the thought of Joyce giving Kevin horizontal dance lessons sent another shiver down my spine. I decided that being by myself was just too depressing, especially when my mind was filled with visions of Kevin and Joyce together. The fact that I was the one who threw them together in the first place seemed irrelevant. I caught Susan's eye over at the bar and waved goodbye. Rather than go back to my empty apartment, I decided to go over Nick's place and see if he was around. Maybe he could finish what he started last night. By the time I reached my car, Kevin popped out of my mind, and thoughts of making love with Nick stirred sensations throughout my body. My heart rate quickened, and my panties dampened in anticipation of the evening ahead. * * *. I saw Nick's car in the driveway, so he was definitely home, but there was a ton of cars throughout the neighborhood so I had to park a couple of blocks away. Wow, these guys sure knew how to party! Of course the only party that interested me at the moment was the one Nick and I were going to have in his sheets. I walked up to Nick's front door and rang the bell. When no one answered after a couple of minutes, I opened the door and just walked in. The living room was empty, though I heard some loud sounds from the family room. Hmmm, if Nick were watching a movie, I could sneak up to his bedroom and surprise him. I had to stifle a giggle at the thought of me spread across his bed totally naked, waiting for him. The thought of all those cars parked outside left me feeling uneasy though. Maybe Nick wasn't having a party himself-it was much too quiet in the house to believe otherwise, but if he had company.... I decided to check the situation out to avoid any potential embarrassment. When I walked over to the family room, Nick was indeed watching something on TV, but he wasn't alone. Erik and Tom, his buddies that creeped me out every time I saw them, sat with him amongst seemingly dozens of empty beer bottles. Moaning, groaning and lame music spilled out of the TV set's cheesy speakers as the guys stared at the flickering screen in a daze. Damn, Nick and his buddies are watching porno again, I thought, suddenly repulsed by the thought of making love to an inebriated Nick. I'd better try to sneak out before he sees me. As I whirled around to make my escape, I bumped into a table. While nothing fell over, it made enough noise to attract Nick's attention. "Hey, Babe," he slurred from across the room, his eyes half shut from the abundance of alcohol that coursed through his system. "I missed you this morning. Where did you go?" His friends shifted their attention from the action on screen action to me. "Home. I left after you passed out," I responded, annoyed that I wasn't able to sneak away before getting caught. The last thing I wanted was a replay of the night before. From the looks of the beer bottle littered floor, a repeat performance was a near certainty. "But you should have stayed around anyway. I was lonely this morning," Nick said with a leer. Then he stood up and walked over to me. "Have a beer and join us. Tom brought over this movie that I know you'd like." I glanced at the TV and saw a blonde and two guys fooling around. "Maybe later," I said as I turned around to leave. Before I could leave, Nick had put his arm around me and started to kiss me. He mashed his lips against mine and forced his tongue inside. As usual, I melted inside at the warmth of his mouth on mine, and the security of his arms around me. Nick pulled back, and I looked deep into his sexy blue eyes. He leaned over and whispered into my ear. "Please," he insisted, kissing me gently on the ear and then he started nibbling my ear lobe to seal the deal. Nick really knew what buttons to push to get me to do something I didn't really want to. "Maybe for a little while," I sighed reluctantly, tossing my purse on a chair in resignation. Nick chased Tom and Erik off the sofa and pushed me down. Tom walked into the kitchen with Nick, and they both came out with two beers each. Erik had decided that the coffee table in front of the sofa offered the next best view of the TV, so he simply sat there. Tom handed one of the beers to Erik before he sat down in the tattered vinyl recliner. Nick sat down beside me, pressing his leg tightly against mine. He handed me one of his bottles, and took a long drag from the other. Then he put his arm around me and started kissing me again. With Nick's face in front of mine, I couldn't see the picture on the TV, just his beer-scented lips and five o'clock shadow on his chin. Unfortunately, I could only hear the lame "shicka bow shicka bow-bow" music that you hear on all porno movies along with a moan here and a few random "Oh babies" there. I wondered why they even bothered to add the music. Of course it's probably cheaper than writing a story with a plot and hiring people who can act! Erik shouted to the bimbo in the movie, "Take off that top and show them tits!" Then Tom shouted, "Go baby. Go!" Nick stopped kissing me and we both looked over at the TV. The blonde bimbo on the screen had just taken off her shirt and was showing off obviously fake boobs. Apparently the guys didn't notice they were fake, or if they did, they didn't care. Nick, Tom and Erik drooled as the woman wiggled around the room. For some reason, I felt compelled to point out what I perceived to be her major imperfection. "They're fake you know." "Yea, but who cares", said Tom as he made obscene noises at the TV. I rolled my eyes in disgust. The camera pulled back, and two guys who were already naked joined the blonde. Each one guy was already erect as they both moved in to suck on the bimbo's breasts. Blondie showed the guys how much she appreciated their efforts by arching her back and uttering some fake moans. One of the guys in the movie pushed the bimbo onto her belly over a nearby hassock. He stepped behind her and then started licking her pussy. The other guy walked around to her front and offered his cock to her mouth. She eagerly started sucking the guy off. While all of this action was happening on the TV, Nick had managed to slip one of his hands up under my shirt and was squeezing my breasts. His other hand was rubbing my back underneath my shirt. The next thing I knew, Nick had unhooked my bra, and his hand was tweaking my nipples. My cheeks warmed with anger as I gritted my teeth and whispered into Nick's ear, "No. Not now. Not in front of your friends!" "Why not?" he whispered back, with a very annoyed tone in his voice. He removed his hands from under my shirt anyway. I turned my attention back to the TV, and the guys had switched positions. The guy who started out by licking her cunt was now shoving his cock in and out of her mouth rapidly, while the other guy was pumping his cock in and out of her cunt. They actually had a nice rhythm going as one cock was going in while the other was going out. The bimbo was even participating by rocking her body back and forth at the same time. She obviously was enjoying herself as her moans started to drown out the lame music. Both guys started pumping faster and faster, their climaxes obviously not far away. The guy pumping into her pussy pulled his cock completely out and held it over her ass. The camera zoomed in and in slow motion you could see each blast jet out and fall gracefully onto back. When the guy in back had finished, the camera switched to the guy in front. He pulled his cock out and pointed it directly at the blonde's face. The camera then zoomed in so you could see exactly where each spurt went. Most of the cum landed on her cheek, but one blast hit her smack-dab in the eye, while yet another landed on her nose. The camera pulled back and the guys moved onto either size of her, all three smiling with satisfaction. With the break in the action, Tom paused the movie and said to no one in particular, "I'm thirsty." Erik joined in, "Yeah, can't anyone get a beer in this joint?" Nick stood up and stretched. I took the opportunity to stand up also. Then I chugged the rest of my beer and said, "Nick do you want a beer? I'm heading that direction." "Don't bother. I'll get 'em," said Nick as he walked into the kitchen. Just before he went through the door, he turned around and asked me "Would you like another?" I shook my head no, and said, "No more for me, but I'd like a Diet Coke if you have one." Nick mumbled something and staggered into the kitchen. He came back out within seconds with three cold bottles of beer and a glass of Diet Coke. After giving me my glass and passing the beers to his buddies, Nick sat back down on the sofa and patted the seat next to him. Tom resumed the movie. This time the blonde was back with three new guys. I guess she must've worn the other two out or infected them with some nasty disease or something. I stood there sipping my Diet Coke tentatively, thinking that maybe I should leave. Nick looked even drunker than last night, so I figured that sex tonight was out of the question. Good thing I have a Mr. Monster vibrator at home, I thought, wrapping my hands around the damp glass. "I think I'm going to head home and leave you three alone." "Can't you stay just a few more minutes?" Nick asked. "You haven't even finished the Coke I brought you." I drained the glass of Diet Coke in one big chug, and then I belched with an unladylike rumble. "All gone,: I said, putting my empty glass on the coffee table next to Erik. "I'll see you later Nick. Bye guys." Tom and Erik looked up and waved to me, quickly returning their attention to the naked Goldilocks and the three studs. Nick got up and walked with me to the front door. Nick reached over and began kissing me again. Oh how I wanted him to lead me upstairs and hold me tight. I didn't want to be alone. Not tonight. Suddenly, I felt dizzy and staggered a little bit. Nick pulled me against his body so that I wouldn't fall, but even when I staggered, Nick managed to keep his lips glued to mine. His tongue danced all around the inside of my mouth. I felt weak and I was certain my knees would give out if Nick stopped kissing me even for just a second. I was grateful that Nick's strong arms were around me to protect me. Guiding me each step of the way, Nick walked back toward the family room. Despite my best efforts, my legs weren't capable of movement. When I stumbled again, Nick swooped me up in his manly arms and gently carried me over to the sofa. I was happy that Nick was taking such good care of me. When I sat down, I noticed that the TV was still on. The blonde and the three guys had lost their clothes somewhere along the line, but my eyes couldn't focus well enough to see what they were doing. Nick started kissing me once again, sliding both hands up the front of my shirt. Since I hadn't fastened my bra after his earlier escapades, I could feel his hands work their magic on my nipples. Nick pulled one of his hands away from my chest and slid it into my pants. He rubbed my pussy, and I was starting to get excited. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that the blonde on the TV set looked like she was in the heat of passion as the three guys were kissing her all over her body. I wondered what it would be like to have three studs paying attention to my body. Maybe the movie wasn't so bad after all... I soon forgot where I was and what I was doing. Nick continued to kiss me and rub my pussy. I was sopping wet when Nick managed to get a finger up my cunt. After a few strokes, he pulled his finger out and started massaging my clit. Nick always seemed to know what I liked. A low moan escaped from my mouth even though Nick's lips were still tightly pressed against mine. I could feel the tension in my body as my orgasm started to build. Just when I felt I couldn't take any more, my body exploded. Nick continued his ministrations to my body. Now the blonde was bent over a sofa with her breasts rubbing the back of the sofa and her knees pressed deeply into the cushions. One of the studs stood behind her and was slowly pressing his cock into her wet juicy cunt. I could tell that a second orgasm wasn't far off, but I needed something more than just Nick's finger. Fidgeting on the sofa to put more of me in contact with more of Nick, I whispered, "Fuck me. Fuck me now. I want your cock up my pussy." Nick pulled away from me and grinned. I returned to reality when Nick lifted my arms up to pull my shirt off. My bra came off with my top. I felt Nick unbutton my pants. Then he lifted my bottom off the sofa and pulled my pants off leaving my panties on. He bent over and licked my slit through the panties. As soon as his tongue touched my clit, my body shook again with another orgasm. Nick pulled off my panties, leaving me completely naked. He bent me over the back of the sofa and he entered me from behind just like the blonde in the movie. He started fucking me slowly. My breasts swung freely and rubbed against the back of the sofa, triggering bursts of pleasure through the tips of my nipples. This went on for a while, and the from out of nowhere, a cock miraculously appeared in front of my face. I opened my mouth and it went deep inside, nearly halfway down my throat. I could still feel Nick pounding away in my cunt and I wondered how I could be sucking him at the same time. Then I remembered the blonde on the TV earlier being sandwiched between two guys. That was me now. Time lost all meaning as I felt another orgasm build. It kept building and building, and my body trembled with anticipation. Then I exploded and the whole world turned black for a few moments. As I returned, I realized that I still had a cock in my mouth and another in my cunt. The cock in my cunt disappeared all of a sudden, and I felt its hot sperm hit my back over and over again. A moment later it was back in my cunt pumping away again, but it somehow felt different. The guy with cock in my mouth stopped pumping and pushed it as far back as it would go. I could feel the sperm as it moved through the cock and shot down the back of my throat. I couldn't breathe with the cock that far down my throat and just about the time I thought I was going to suffocate, the cock was gone and I was able to breathe again. The guy behind me pulled his cock out of my cunt and I lay down on the sofa. I must have passed out for a while because when I came to, I was lying on top of Erik and I could feel his cock in my pussy. It felt like a weird dream to me. I guessed I was dreaming about the video the guys where watching. I looked up and saw Tom standing over my head. I tried to sit up but I felt a hand push me back down on top of Erik. Tom reached over and pulled my head up and then pushed his cock between my lips. Both Tom and Erik started to pump their cocks slowly into me as if their attention was elsewhere. I felt a finger poke its way into my asshole. It slid slowly in and out for a while and then it was gone. Then I felt two fingers make their way into my backside. Together, they moved in and out for quite a while. It actually started to feel good. Then I felt the fingers slide out only to be replaced with something much larger. I guessed this must be Nick since I knew where Tom and Erik's cocks were. Nick slowly eased his cock in and out of my asshole. Each time he pushed it in a little deeper. Finally, I could feel Nick's balls bump into me. Once Nick managed to get in all the way, he slowly picked up the tempo. I guess Tom and Erik were also paying attention to Nick, because they started to speed up also. I felt yet another orgasm start to build as the three guys pumped their cocks faster and faster. The sensations became a blur to me, and the only thing that felt real was my impending orgasm. When I exploded, the whole world turned dark once again and I passed out. * * * When I came to, I was sitting on the sofa with Nick. His arm was around me with his hand holding onto my shoulder and he was playing with my breasts with his other hand. A light haze and dull headache made it hard to focus, but I could see that Tom and Erik were sitting on the coffee table and recliner just as I remembered. Everyone was fully clothed including me. I guess I must have fallen asleep while watching the movie with the guys. The guys were still watching that stupid porno flick on the TV, although this was the first one I'd ever seen without music. The blonde had been replaced with a redhead with short hair, and three new guys replaced the other ones. My vision was still kind of fuzzy, but it looked like the redhead had one guy in her mouth, one guy in her cunt, and one guy in her ass. Then I remembered my dream. Rubbing my eyes, I guessed that this was on the tube when I fell asleep. I wondered to myself what kind of girl would take on three guys at the same time. Though she did appear to enjoy it. You could see the orgasm building as her body started to shake, and then the guy in her ass pulled his cock out and aimed it at her hair. The guy in her mouth did the same. Within seconds, her hair was full of semen. The guy underneath continued to pump his cock in and out of her cunt. Finally, he stopped and shoved it in as far as it would go. The camera moved around to the back of the girl and you could see the cum oozing out from between his cock and her cunt. One of the guys rolled the girl over so you could see her face. Oh my god, that girl was me! It wasn't a dream after all, I thought to myself, panic and anger washing over me. I stood up and faced Nick. "Did you put something in my Diet Coke you asshole?" I screamed. Nick shrugged and said quietly, "Who me?" with all too innocent look on his face. He looked at his friends as if they could verify his story, but none of them spoke. I got up and walked over to the TV. I saw Nick's camcorder plugged into the front of it. I reached down and picked up the camcorder. Yanking the tape out of the machine first, I threw the camcorder across the room. It landed against the wall, making an satisfyingly expensive crunch. Then I walked into the living room, grabbed my coat, and purse and ran out the front door. Nick followed and shouted, "You bitch! You're going to pay for that!" I turned around and gave Nick the finger. The air was so cool I could see my breath. Pulling a pair of chenille gloves out of my purse, I slipped them on and started walking down the street toward my car. * * * When I slid into my car, I saw that it was almost 4 in the morning. For once in my life I decided to take it easy on the drive home. I still felt a little woozy from whatever Nick put in my drink. I quietly let myself into my apartment and tiptoed into my bedroom so as not to disturb Kim. I took off my clothes and wandered into the bathroom to empty my bladder. On the way, I saw all of the cum still crusted in my hair. I decided to take a quick shower before I went to bed. While I was in the shower, I scrubbed and I scrubbed under the steamy water until I had gotten all of the cum out of my hair. I scrubbed my cunt and my asshole as much as I could, too, wanting to wash away every trace of those guys from my body. But no matter how much I scrubbed, it wouldn't erase the memories. Eventually, I ran out of hot water and the stream of cold water woke me up. I climbed out of the shower and dried myself off with a warm fuzzy towel. I walked back to my bedroom and climbed into bed. My last thoughts before I went to sleep were about Kevin.