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I just shook my head as I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. I could hear Walt laughing until I closed the door to my room. "If he only knew", I thought. "Of course he'd never believe me anyway." My next class wasn't until two o'clock, so I decided to take a shower and find some fresh clothes. It was hard not to think about what happened last night and this morning. Sex with Amy was out of this world, so why did I feel so confused? Why did I have to walk out of her bedroom and find the goddess I've been dreaming about? The way I ran out of there, they must both think I'm crazy! Walt was gone when I went back downstairs in search of some food. I found some hot dogs in the refrigerator and popped a couple in the nuker. Some hot dog buns along with a half-eaten bag of Doritos made up the rest of my lunch. * * * I wandered into my networking class ten minutes early and took a seat near the front of the room. I really liked this class. It was mostly full of graduate students and the material was really quite advanced. However, the class also had a couple of undergraduate students who managed to get in somehow. While waiting for the professor, I saw my goddess walk in the door. I tried to hide, but she looked around the classroom and saw me anyway. She walked over to the desk next to me and sat down. She said, "Hi, my name is Kim. I'm sorry we weren't properly introduced this morning, but I gather you were late for a class." "Hi" I said nervously, "my name is Kevin." "I know. I remember you from Digital Circuit Design last semester. It was amazing how you always seemed to know the answers to all of Professor Weiler's questions." I said, "Ummm," or something equally intelligent. Kim handed me my backpack. "Anyway, Amy asked me to give you these. Your books are inside. You left them at our place this morning." "Thanks," I mumbled, blushing with the absurdity of the whole situation. "You're welcome," she replied, and then she asked, "What do you think of Amy?" "I think Amy's a very special person, umm, not that I don't think you're a special person too. Uhhh...." I stammered, too embarrassed to come up with anything better. My goddess smiled back at me. "I think you're special too." I felt my cheeks get very warm and heard Kim chuckle at my reaction. Fortunately the professor walked into the classroom, threw a slide on the overhead projector, and began talking about a far safer subject--networking. Kim faced forward and started taking notes. I tried to do the same thing, but my body was still on overload. Suddenly, it hit me. I had just spent five minutes talking to the most beautiful girl in the world, the morning after having sex with her roommate. Am I in heaven or hell? The difference between the two blurred before my eyes as Professor Weiler droned on in the background. The professor rambled on for the next 45 minutes before he finally stopped throwing slides up on the overhead projector. He then announced that the first test would be two weeks from today. Half the class was stunned, the other half merely groaned. After class was dismissed, I stood up and gathered my books. My goddess did the same thing only quicker. Then she reached out and grabbed my arm so I didn't have a chance to get away. Kim dragged me out of the classroom and down the hall, and she clutched my arm tightly as I walked with her. Silently, I thought there may be far worse things in life than being kidnapped by a goddess, but for the life of me I couldn't think of one. Our feet crunched on random patches of snow as we made our way across campus. Just ahead, the massive Student Union building towered amidst a cluster of evergreens. Kim's tight grip on my arm saved me, when I started to slip on a patch of ice as we walked up the stairs into the building. Part of me was disappointed that we ended up in such a public place, yet another part of me wanted to do some of the things that Amy introduced to me last night. Then I realized that there was no way that a geek like me was gonna get lucky two days in a row, especially not with two beautiful women! Kim led me down the steps to the cafeteria in the basement of the Student Union. She found a booth away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the crowd and asked me, "What do you want to drink?" I mumbled "Coke, please." I mentally kicked myself, "Shouldn't I be the one buying the drinks?" "Stay here and don't move. I'll be back in a minute." Kim shrugged out of her emerald green Columbia jacket, and said, "Watch my coat, please". I watched her walk away and would have enjoyed the view her tight jeans provided if I wasn't so afraid of what would happen next. My frazzled nerves came back in full force as I watched her round but delicate hips sway to the other end of the room. I was so panicked; I couldn't decide what would be easier - waiting for Kim to return, or running away and hiding. Frozen into inaction, I just sat in the booth staring out into space and waited for my goddess to return. My mind wandered all over the place. I've never even had a real date before, and yet in the last 24 hours, I had sex with the most amazing woman I ever met, and the goddess of my dreams just told me to wait here while she buys me a Coke! I must be laying in a hospital bed somewhere, dying, and having one some kind of drug-induced dream. Either that, or I've already died and gone to heaven. Kim came back with a couple of cups and straws, bringing me back to reality. Or at least the bizarre reality that had somehow become my life over the past 24 hours. She sat down across from me, tapped her straw on the table to unwrap it, and slid it into the plastic lid with a squeak. "Tell me your life story," Kim demanded, taking a big swallow of Coke. I paused for a moment, fiddling with my straw, and tried to think. I was way too nervous to speak coherently to the goddess; her mere presence rendered me speechless. "Tell me yours first," I croaked, hoping to buy some time to come up with something that sounded coherent. Kim smiled and said, "Okay. What if we take turns?" I nodded yes as I took a sip of my Coke. The combination of caffeine and sugar started to settle my system down. "Let's see, my name is Kimberly Taylor. I graduated from Parkville Senior High in Baltimore, Maryland, three and a half years ago. I got my love of science and mathematics from my aunt who went to school here a long time ago. I hope to graduate in a few months with a degree in electrical engineering, just like my aunt. I don't know what I want to do after I graduate, except that I really want to take the summer off and unwind. Your turn." I took drank some more of my Coke and forced myself to calm self down. My heart raced as Kim reached over and held my hand. She looked deep into my eyes as if she could see my very soul, while I looked deeply into her blue eyes. For a few moments or an eternity - I'm not sure which - we shared an experience unlike any I had ever felt before. Somehow it gave me the confidence to speak. "Okay. My name is Kevin Sparks. I skipped most of high school and came straight to the university. I also love science and mathematics, and if I can ever come up with a good thesis topic, I should my PhD before the end of summer. I'll probably get a research job after graduation, but I haven't made up my mind where I want to work. I've been contacted by so many places, they all seem to be one big blur," I babbled. "Great," I thought to myself "I finally get the courage to speak to my goddess and all I can do is ramble on and on and on." While I tried not to crawl under the table in shame, I gestured to Kim to speak. She looked at me expectantly and said, "Hmmm... Okay... I'm five foot seven and I weigh ... well you can guess, but I'm not going to tell you. I don't have a boyfriend - I've been too busy with my classes." She paused for a moment, "But I do think you're cute." I was shocked - my goddess thought I was cute! Finally mustering some more courage, I said, "I don't have a girlfriend either, or at least I don't think I do. I know Amy has a boyfriend, but I'm really confused about what happened last night. I don't know whether Amy likes me, or she was just saying thank-you for helping her with her homework. Maybe she just pitied me when she found out I was a virgin." "I doubt that Amy pities you." Kim said, shifting in her seat. "In fact, I think she rather likes you. I know she thinks you're cute too. Amy and her boyfriend have been going out for years, but I think that she deserves someone much better than .... Um....." Kim turned her head, so I followed her gaze. Walt stood beside our table. "Hi Walt," I greeted, somewhat relieved by the break from our intense conversation. "What's up?" I asked, sliding toward the wall so he could join us. "I've got to be going, Kim said, gathering her books and jacket. "Save a seat for me in class on Monday. 'later," she smiled, first at me, then at Walt. I smiled back and said goodbye as I watched Kim's beautiful backside make its way toward the door. There went my goddess. Instead of being certain where things stood after our chat, I found myself even more confused than I was before. Walt snapped his fingers a couple of times in front of my face to break my trance. I looked at him blankly. Then he asked, with a blunt crudeness only Walt was capable of, "So is that what you were doing last night?" His eyebrows rose with the question. Whether it was disbelief or envy, I wasn't sure. Perhaps a bit of both. "Ummm, yes ... ahhh no.... I mean I'm not really sure," I stammered. "I'm really confused. I didn't even know her name until today. I was too afraid to talk to her before." "From what I could see, you were doing a pretty good job," Walt encouraged. "Are you hungry? For food, I mean." I nodded. "Let's go get some burgers then," he suggested, tossing the empty paper cups in the trashcan. It took what little strength I had left to stand up, pick up my stuff, and follow Walt into the cafeteria line. * * * Saturday afternoon I got a phone call from Amy. She told me that while she really liked me, she already had a boyfriend. However she had a friend she thought I might like. Amy also told me that her friend wasn't seeing anyone right now, and she thought we might make a nice couple. Thinking that friend was Amy's roommate Kim, I agreed to meet them at Bentleys at seven o'clock that night. I wasn't about to turn down another chance to see my goddess, even though the thought of seeing Amy again positively scared me. I got there a little early, thinking I might meet Kim and Amy outside. I really didn't want to go inside Bentleys since I was afraid they would ask for my ID. I wouldn't turn 18 for another month or so. When I saw Amy walking down the street with another girl, I did a double take. The friend she had mentioned on the phone wasn't Kim, but someone I'd never seen before. The girl had the build of an athlete and dark hair. She was taller than Amy, almost as tall as I was. Amy saw me and waved. I waved back, and a moment later, Amy introduced me to her friend Joyce. Joyce had a big smile on her face as she leaned over to whisper something in Amy's ear. Both girls giggled while I stood there with a confused look on my face. Amy grabbed one of my arms, while Joyce grabbed the other. Together, they dragged me into Bentleys. Amy looked at the hostess and the hostess just pointed to the back of the restaurant. Either Amy knew the hostess really well, or she had made arrangements before we got there. Still clutching my arms, the girls led me in the direction the hostess pointed. Amy pushed me into one side of the booth and Joyce hopped in beside me. Amy slid into the seat across from Joyce and me. "Joyce is studying American history," Amy began, in an attempt to break the ice. I looked over at Joyce. "I specialize in post-World War II sexual practices," Joyce added. "I particularly like the sexual revolution of the 1960's." She smiled and I felt her hand rubbing my thigh. It may be January in Maryland, but I felt like it was the middle of summer. The waitress brought over some menus and asked, "Any drinks before you order?" "Three Heinekens," Amy ordered. The waitress made a note on her pad, and then headed off to the bar to get our drinks. After the waitress left, I worried about getting carded and laughed all the way out of Bentleys. But then, Joyce had stopped rubbing the outside of my thigh and started rubbing the inside. Oh god, I thought, nearly choking on the giant lump that formed in my throat. With each stroke, Joyce's hand got closer and closer to my crotch. The thought of what would happen if Joyce's hand reached my penis replaced my worries about getting carded. I took a deep breath, determined to ignore Joyce as much as possible. Then I opened my menu and tried to decide what I wanted for dinner. Before I could make up my mind, the waitress returned with three bottles of beer and three empty glasses. After the waitress put them on the table, Amy grabbed one of the glasses and filled it with beer. She pushed the glass over toward Joyce and then filled a second for me. Finally, Amy poured her own beer. While Amy was playing hostess, the waitress asked us if we were ready to order. Amy spoke up and ordered three rib eye steaks, medium rare, with baked potato and salad. Amy looked at Joyce for confirmation, and she nodded. Amy looked at me, and my eyes just opened wide. I started to say something, but the waitress said thanks, collected our menus, and walked away to place our order. I always ordered steaks well-done to avoid food poisoning, but I forgot about that problem the instant Joyce's hand started massaging my penis through my pants. Things were getting rather tight in my briefs. I started to panic thinking that someone might see what was happening. Amy mistook the look of panic on my face and asked me, "You do eat meat, don't you?" thinking that I was worried about her choice for dinner. "Of course," I stammered. Joyce turned toward me and said in a deep, sexy voice, "I love to eat meat - the bigger the better." With an evil grin on her face, she unbuckled my pants and then unzipped them. I felt Joyce's hand reach inside to grab my manhood. While my penis enjoyed its newfound freedom, the constant attention was definitely distracting. Amy laughed, taking another swig of beer. Somehow she must have known what Joyce was doing under the table. The waitress brought our salads. Amy devoured hers. I picked at my salad attempting to look as if nothing was going on under the table. Joyce left her salad alone. Eating a salad with one hand wasn't very easy, I speculated. While we waited for the rest of our dinner, Joyce and Amy talked about their mutual friends. I sat there in terror wondering what would happen if someone saw what was happening under the table. Then I remembered the beer sitting in front of me, and the knot in the pit of my stomach doubled at the thought of getting thrown out because I can't legally drink beer. When the waitress brought our steaks, Joyce removed her hand and began eating her salad. A sense of relief came over me and I tried to zip my pants up. But Joyce looked over at me, shook her head, and mouthed the word "no". As her lips rounded to form the word, I thought I saw a strange sparkle from inside her mouth. Probably just another hallucination, I thought, dismissing it with a sip of beer. I took a bite of my steak and it tasted better than any steak I had ever eaten. Amy saw the expression on my face and commented, "Bentleys has the best steaks in town." Without Joyce distracting me, I started enjoying my food and finished not only my steak and baked potato, but the salad I had picked at as well. As I ate the last piece of steak, I noticed that I was starting to get a buzz from the beer. I also noticed that my glass was half full, while Amy's and Joyce's were completely empty. The waitress came over when Joyce and Amy had finished eating and collected our dishes. Joyce's hand had disappeared under the table again. When the waitress asked us if we wanted dessert, Joyce said "No. Just coffee, please". The waitress returned a few moments later with three cups of coffee and a metal pot with real cream. Not being a coffee drinker, I let mine sit untouched. Maybe one of the girls would finish it off. Amy asked Joyce if she wanted cream with her coffee and Joyce just laughed. Her hand started pumping my penis really quickly, and within a few moments I started to spurt. Joyce reached her other hand under the table and collected my sperm. She then stuck her fingers in her mouth and licked them off. "Amy, you're so right - it does taste great. This is just the right cream for my coffee." Amy howled with laughter and nearly fell out of the booth. Then Joyce started laughing. I finally joined in. Amy asked Joyce if she wanted to go dancing, and Joyce responded with a wink, "Yeah. In the sheets!" Amy started laughing all over again. People started to stare at us. Just what I wanted, more attention drawn to the shenanigans going on under the table! When the bill came, Amy picked it up and paid it, saying, "It's my treat." Fortunately, I was able to zip my pants before we got up to leave. The three of us walked outside. Joyce grabbed my arm and said, "We'll see you later, Amy." Amy laughed, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Joyce laughed out loud. I think I would have turned a new shade of red, but my embarrassment circuits were already overloaded. Joyce and I walked back to her place. It was in the same apartment complex as Amy and Kim's place. Joyce kept a tight hold on my arm as we walked up the steps. She unlocked her apartment and opened the door. She pushed me through the door and turned around to lock it from the inside. It was dark, but Joyce didn't bother to turn on the lights. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light that filtered through the curtains, I saw an evil grin spread across Joyce's face as she pulled off my coat and tossed it aside. Then she took off her own coat, tossing it on top of mine. Before I even had a chance to think, Joyce attacked my lips with hers. We were locked in a tight embrace. She forced me to walk backwards, which I did until I stumbled over the sofa. I fell, and Joyce landed on top of me. Her tongue pushed my lips apart and I felt something funny on the tip of her tongue. It felt weird when she rubbed it against my tongue. Our tongues continued to play while Joyce's hands moved over my chest and unbuttoned my shirt. She went wild when she saw my hairy chest. Her hands moved up and down my chest and settled on my nipples. Then she grabbed them and twisted them as hard as she could. I would have screamed in pain, except her mouth was locked on mine so no sound would have come out anyway. Joyce pulled away from me, and finished taking my shirt off. Then she pulled her own shirt over her head. Her bra was missing, and I could see two small cones of flesh topped with two tiny nipples. Joyce stood up and unbuttoned her skintight jeans. She wiggled her hips in a very suggestive way as she pulled down her pants. Evidently she didn't believe in panties either. Joyce stepped out of her shoes and pants, and stood before me totally naked. "I'm ready," Joyce began seductively. "Now let's get you ready." She dropped to her knees to unbuckle my pants, and then she unzipped them and pulled both my jeans and underwear to the floor. Before my pants had even reached my knees Joyce had pulled my penis into her mouth. I felt a something hard between my dick and her tongue. She looked up at me and opened her month. Her tongue was pierced with a metal stud near the tip and little round balls on either end of the stud. "Like it?" Joyce asked upon seeing my stare. Taking my silence as a "yes", she gobbled my dick again with her mouth. After a few minutes, I felt the sperm start to move up though my penis. Wanting to give her due warning, I said, "Uhhh... Joyce...I think... I'm going to...." I thought I saw her lips smile while she continued to bob up and down on my dick. Before I could finish speaking, I began to cum, and Joyce's tongue swirled up and down and captured every single drop of it. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and made a big production of swallowing my cum. Then Joyce opened her mouth wide to show me that all of my sperm had disappeared. "Hmmm... You really taste good," She smiled, licking her lips as if it were only an appetizer and the full meal was yet to come. Joyce grabbed me by my penis and led me to her bedroom. I shuffled along behind her. After all, it's hard to walk normally when your pants are around your ankles and someone is dragging you by your privates! The room was pitch dark, so Joyce reached over and turned on the lava lamp next to her bed. The lamp barely illuminated the room, but it was enough for me to see the silhouette of her incredible body. Then, with a little shove, I found myself falling onto her bed. When I landed, I bounced or perhaps sloshed is a better term. Joyce had a waterbed. She bent over and took off my shoes and pants,then flipped my legs up on the bed and rolled me over onto my stomach. Joyce jumped on the bed and we bounced around for a few seconds. I prayed that I wouldn't get seasick. I felt Joyce climb over my legs and sit on my thighs. Her hands rubbed up and down my back, creating a warm friction. It felt so good, I was disappointed when she stopped. I felt a tug on my arm and rolled over onto my back. Joyce climbed onto my chest facing away from me. In the dim light, I could just make out the outline of abutterfly tattoo just above her butt crack. Joyce started massaging my penis, and I immediately became hard again. Still facing away, Joyce moved her pussy over my dick and guided it into place. Then she sat down, and I heard her exclaim, "That feels sooooo good." She bounced up and down on my dick for a while and then leaned backward. I reached up with my arms and held her as she continued to move up and down. "Oooo... Oh God...." I heard her say as she moved faster and faster. Then I felt her entire body tense and shudder. "Yeeessss!" she screamed, collapsing into a heap. When her body fell on top of mine, I smelled a hint of citrus as the back of her head rested against my nose. I reached around and just held her as she struggled to catch her breath. "Wow." Joyce sighed. "That was intense!" I felt her roll off my body and she reached her arms around me in a big hug. I felt her whisper in my ear, "I owe Amy big time." She looked down at my crotch and saw that I was still hard. "Poor baby," she cooed as she spun around and sucked my dick into her mouth. I could feel the stud in her tongue as she licked my dick as if it were a candy cane. The bed bounced as she repositioned herself so that her pussy was inches from my face. We lay this way for a several minutes while Joyce continued to play with my penis. Then she moved her hips and ground her pussy into my face. I stuck my tongue out and tentatively licked her slit. I could taste her moistness, but I noticed something was missing. It took me a moment to realize that where Amy had a mat of fine red hair, Joyce had none. As I licked up her slit, I tasted something metallic. It was hard to see in the dim light, so I wiggled one of my arms fee and rubbed my finger against her nether lips. She has a ring in her pussy, I exclaimed to myself. When I touched her ring, I heard a squeal of delight, and she started moving her tongue all over my crotch. She put her lips on my balls and sucked one of them into her mouth. Boy did that hurt! Joyce moved her mouth back up my dick, licking it along the way. When she reached the end, she teased the hole with her tongue stud. Finally, she wrapped one hand around my penis and started gently stroking it. I continued to play with her ring, while I licked up and down her slit. I slipped one finger inside her. While I wiggled my finger around inside her, I felt her start to rub a finger around my asshole. All of a sudden I felt her finger slip inside. Between the stroking, sucking, and her finger in my ass, it was too much for me and I exploded into her mouth again. At the same time, I felt her body shudder again, though not a violently as the first time. We lay there for a while, both of us breathless. Joyce rolled off of me and turned so we were face to face. "You're everything Amy said and more," she said. "You're wonderful, you're magnificent, and you're all mine." My feeling of sexual relief was replaced by terror yet again. Joyce looked over at a clock on her nightstand and said, "The tattoo parlor is open for a couple of more hours. How about we go over there and get you a tattoo? Would you like that?" she asked, twirling a finger in my chest hair. "Maybe we could even get a ring for you? You could get one in your belly button," she said as she poked her finger there. "Of course it would be even cooler if you had one in your cock." Joyce purred. I felt a jolt of electricity jump up my spine and my panic meter went into overload. I stammered, "Can I think about it first?" Joyce laughed, "Don't be silly. We need to celebrate this occasion. I want to mark you so no one else will try to steal you from me." She hopped out of bed and started rummaging around for her clothes. I decided getting dressed was a good idea, so I picked up my pants and shoes off the floor, and put them on. My shirt was still in the living room, so I walked out there to get it. I slipped into my shirt, and found my coat on the floor nearby. Joyce was still in the bedroom, so I grabbed my coat and made my escape.