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However if you're like most engineering students, you end up taking those hard science classes because you find them a lot easier than those fuzzy classes. While there are more girls in these classes than in a typical engineering class, the girls are still heavily outnumbered by the guys. So when this cute girl decided to sit beside me one Thursday morning in my astronomy class, I was very surprised. She really filled out her Old Navy sweatshirt. Her red hair was relatively short, but stylish. I think she was wearing some makeup, but it wasn't as much as some of the other girls I've seen around campus. Cute girls usually go after the good-looking guys, not a kid like me. When she started talking to me, I nearly choked. Why would a cute girl want to talk to me? She introduced herself, "Hi. My name is Amy". "I'm Kevin", I said. "I know", she said. "I noticed that you really know what's going on in this class. I'm lost and I really could use your help. Pleeeaaassseee?" She looked at me, batted her beautiful green eyes and smiled as she said this. "Okay, I guess", I responded. How could I say no? Or better yet, what normal, red-blooded guy in his right mind WOULD say no? "Great! Let's meet at the entrance to the library at 6:00pm. Okay?" She beamed at me, wearing her thousand-watt smile. "That's fine with me," I agreed, shifting uneasily in my chair. Just then, Professor Winslow started his lecture. Campus legend has it he was a crotchety old geezer, and I can see why. That guy's tougher than diagramming a sentence! Quadratic equations are a snap, but.... Anyway, I'm glad I read through the book at the start of the semester, because I don't remember a single thing the professor said! I do remember looking at Amy from time to time though. God, is she good looking.... Once Amy caught me looking at her and smiled back at me. I quickly turned my head so she wouldn't think I was staring at her, but her devilish grin told me my move was too little too late. As the professor wrapped up his lecture, he reminded the class that our first homework assignment was due next Tuesday. "If you haven't finished it by then," he warned in his gruff I'm-going-to-make-your-life-a-living-hell voice, "don't bother turning it in." Professor Winslow stuffed his papers and overhead transparencies into his briefcase, and shuffled across the stage. Eventually the professor dismissed the class, and I walked out the door with Amy. She stood two inches less than my five foot eleven body. With a smile I'll remember 'til my dying day, she said, "See you later!" Then she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. Do I run and take cover, or thank my lucky stars? My face felt warm, but I managed to stammer, "Bye". Then I stood there amidst the chaos in the hallway like an idiot while she walked away as the image of her tight fitting jeans burned itself into my mind. * * * When I showed up at the library, I didn't see Amy at first, so I just waited around the entrance next to a big bronze statue of a frog. Why anyone would choose a frog to be a school mascot was beyond me. My thoughts shifted from frogs to Amy. I started thinking about the possibilities. Did Amy really like me, or was she just using me to survive ol' Doc Winslow's class? Just as I was about to leave, Amy walked up to me and said, "I'm sorry I'm late, but I was at my boyfriend's place and lost track of time." Oh well, I thought to myself, looks like Amy's more interested in class than me! What should I assume-or even hope-otherwise? We went into the library and found an open study room, complete with white board and markers. I tossed my backpack with my books in it onto the table in the center of the room with a heavy thud, and then I picked up a blue marker and stepped up to the white board. I drew the classic star chart, which compares a star's spectral type with its luminosity. Then I wrote the letters: O B A F G K M across the top and the numbers -8 to +12 down the left-hand side. I drew a broad band from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the chart and explained to Amy, "Main sequence stars form a band that goes from the top left corner down to the bottom right in this chart." Then I drew a small blob in the lower left corner and said, "White dwarf stars are concentrated here". While drawing a larger blob in the upper right quadrant, I continued "and red giants tend to be grouped here." Amy asked me how I remembered the various spectral classes, so I taught her the phrase "Oh, be a fine girl, kiss me," where the first letter of each word corresponded to the spectral class. Amy tilted her head and grinned. "Ahhh, but I think 'Oh be a fine guy, kiss me' would be much easier for me to remember." Then she puckered her lips and made a wet kissing sound. I turned red and Amy laughed. For the next hour or so, I continued to draw pictures on the white board and mutter about stars while Amy asked any questions that popped into her mind. Given the kinds of questions she asked, I think Amy finally started to understand some of the material that worried her. At the same time, I wondered if I was teaching her TOO much. If I made things too easy for her to understand, then maybe I'd never see her again. As I finished covering the rest of Professor Winslow's material, Amy asked me if I was hungry. My stomach growled, reminding me I hadn't eaten lunch let alone dinner. Gathering my books and shoving them into my backpack, I mumbled, "Uh, I guess so." Amy said, "Me too. Let's go over to my place. We can order a pizza and work on the homework assignment. Sound okay?" I panicked. I didn't know what to say. What about this boyfriend she mentioned? My luck he'd be some burly muscular guy who could crumble my HP calculator in the palm of his hand! Was I going to get hurt? Finally, Amy looked at me and asked with a slight tone of impatience, "Okay?" I looked into her eyes for a second and said, "Okay" without thinking about the consequences. "Great. I live just off campus in Summer Hills Apartments. You know, the apartments by Beltsview Mall. Do you want a ride?" I nodded my head while biting my lower lip to ease my nervousness. Amy grabbed my arm and my books and led me to her car. She had a little red Mazda Miata. She popped the trunk and tossed our books inside. "I'd put the top down, but I think you'd freeze your ass off," she laughed. With language like that, she'd fit in well with some of the EEs I knew! Maybe being around Amy isn't so terrifying after all. It was late January in Maryland, and I could see some of the remnants of the last snowstorm. Since words were still difficult for me to form, I just nodded my head, allowed her to open my door, and then I got in. Amy hopped in behind the wheel and started the engine. She smiled over at me and said, "Better buckle up". After throwing the car into gear, she zipped out of her parking place and drove out to the main road. I hung on for dear life as Amy passed someone on the shoulder. "Asshole!" she shouted, laying on the horn. "If you can't drive, get your fuckin' car off the road!" I half expected her to give the driver the finger, but traffic was brisk this time of night. Thankfully, we arrived at her apartment in one piece and we grabbed our stuff out of the trunk. I resolved to walk next time, since Amy's apartment was only a few blocks away from campus. "I live in apartment 3C in that building over there," Amy said, pointing to the low-rise apartment off to the left. To get there, we had to walk around a big pile of slush. Amy decided to jump over and easily made it to the snow bank on the other side. I started to walk around the slush pile but she hollered, "Chicken!", so I decided to follow her jump over the slush pond. Unfortunately, just as I started to jump, Amy looked at me and smiled. Fortunately, I only got wet. I could have twisted my ankle or broken my leg, but the only thing that was truly hurt was my pride. Even so, I was very shaken. Amy helped me to my feet and took the books from my hands. I was able to stand on my own, but I was soaked from head to toe. She laughed and said, "Let's get inside and get you out of those wet clothes". I followed her quietly, wondering if she thought I was the biggest dork in the world or merely the biggest dork on campus. We climbed the stairs, taking in the faint smells of pizza, stale beer, and microwave popcorn. She pulled her keys out of the pocket of her short leather jacket and unlocked the door. I twisted the doorknob, opened the door, andthen held it open as Amy walked through. I thought about running away after she went inside, but she had my books, so I meekly followed her into her apartment. What was a geek like me doing in a place like this? And what are the odds that her boyfriendwill stay away long enough for us to have our dinner and finish our homework? Once inside, Amy tossed our books onto a nearby overstuffed couch and walked to the back of the apartment. I just stood there dripping wet, not knowing what to do. I scanned the apartment, taking in the place that Amy called home. It was a lot more orderly than I would have expected. As my eyes took in one of the framed prints hanging on the wall, Amy uttered a single word. "Baroque." Like the biggest dweeb in history, I held up my hands and said, "How could it be? I didn't even touch anything!" Amy rolled her eyes and giggled. "That's a period in art and music history, silly" she clarified. Make that dweeb with a capitol 'D'.... As I turned to face Amy, I noticed she clutched a pink terrycloth bathrobe in her hand. My eyebrows rose, asking an unspoken question. "Why are you still wearing those wet clothes? Get them off and I'll toss them in the dryer. You can wear my robe while they're drying." I'm certain that the typical red-blooded guy wouldn't have wasted a second getting undressed on the heels of such a suggestion, but me being me, I hesitated. I'd've given anything to have the guts to scoop her into my arms, whisk her away to her bedroom, and make passionate love to her, but it wasn't in the cards-at least it wasn't in the deck used by an average, everyday geek like me. I just stood there and said something intelligent like, "Huh?" Amy walked over to me and grabbed me by my coat. She dragged me to the bathroom where she took my coat off. "Sit down on the edge of the bathtub," Amy directed with a gentle push, and then she proceeded to take off my shoes and socks. Amy reached up and unbuckled my jeans. My face heated up, and I'm certain I turned several different shades of red. She looked into my eyes and said, "You're embarrassed aren't you? That's cute," she smiled. "Look, here's the robe. I'll wait outside while you change." Sensing I didn't fully believe her, Amy added, "I promise." She stood up and walked out of the tiny bathroom, carefully closing the door behind her. I sat there for a moment and took off my wet jeans. My shirt wasn't wet, but my underwear was. I debated whether I should leave the underwear on for the sake of modesty, or take them off to dry also. The thought of sitting around in wet underwear for the next hour or so while my jeans were in the dryer didn't sound the least bit appealing, so I took them off and rolled them up inside the jeans with my socks. Of course my shoes were wet as well, so I left them over by the heating duct and hoped that they would dry out enough to wear home. I put on the robe and carefully pulled it around my waist so that nothing would show and tied it shut. Unfortunately I wished it were a little longer, since it didn't even come close to covering my knees! I gathered my wet clothes and opened the bathroom door. I must have looked like a fool when I walked into the kitchen wearing that pink bathrobe, but I seemed to be doing that quite frequently tonight. I was thankful that the robe was made out of terrycloth so Amy couldn't see through it. She hung up the phone and smiled at me. "I hope you like pepperoni and sausage on your pizza. It'll be here in 30 minutes or so." I mumbled, "Thanks". Amy grabbed the wet clothes from me and walked down the hallway. "One of the reasons I moved here was that this place has its own private washer and dryer. I never get around to doing my laundry until I've run out of clean clothes. I always hated walking to the laundry room naked with a big basket of clothes placed strategically in front of me." I didn't think it was possible for me to be more embarrassed. But when I started thinking about Amy walking around the apartment complex without clothes, my dick started to get hard. I looked down and I thought I could see where my penis was starting to poke out through the robe. I watched Amy open a door off the hallway, exposing the washer and dryer. And then she tossed the clothes into the dryer and said, "About 60 minutes should do it" as she adjusted the timer on the dryer and pressed the start button. "Now where were we before we decided to get some food?" Amy picked up our books from the couch and brought them to the dining room table. She pulled out a chair and sat down. Then she looked up at me and asked, "Are you planning to stand there like a statue for the next hour, or do you want to get some work done?" Amy pulled out the chair next to her, patted the seat, and said, "Come on, I won't bite ... too hard." Her laugh sent a shiver of excitement up my spine. I ambled over to the table, hoping Amy hadn't noticed how excited she was making me. When I got close enough, she grabbed my hand and put my finger in her mouth. After pulling my finger in and out of her mouth a few times, she bit it. "See", she said, and laughed some more. For some reason her laughter was contagious, and I started laughing too. We laughed together for a while, easing the tension-or more accurately MY tension--. Then Amy picked up a book and our homework sheets and said, "Now let's get through this homework." The first question was "Explain the difference between a white dwarf and a red dwarf". For the next half hour, we sat at the dinette set while I explained each question and its correct answer. Soon I became lost in the homework and I forgot I was sitting half naked next to a sexy girl. The doorbell rang. I jumped so high, I thought I left a bump on the ceiling. My god, what if that's Amy's boyfriend? What would he do to me if he catches me alone with her in her apartment wearing her bathrobe? I'm a goner! Amy calmly got up, picked up her wallet, and walked over to the door. The guy shoved a pizza box into her hand and said, "12.43 with tax." She handed him a five and a ten and instructed him to keep the change. As she walked over to the table, I pushed the books aside to make room for the pizza box. Amy put the box on the table and walked to the refrigerator. She asked "Diet Coke?" When I didn't respond, she said, "I also have some beer if you want." I said, "A glass of water would be fine." Amy opened up a cupboard, took out a glass, and then put some ice in it and filled it with water. She reached in the 'fridge and got herself a Diet Coke. After picking up some paper plates and napkins, she walked back to the table and unloaded the stuff into the space I had cleared. We each helped ourselves to the pizza and started eating it. I had just taken a big bite of pizza when Amy asked me, "Is this the first time you've been in a girl's apartment?" I nodded my head sheepishly as if the answer wasn't blatantly obvious since my mouth was full of pepperoni and cheese. "I thought so," Then with a wicked grin, Amy asked, "Have you ever had sex? ... With a girl, that is?" My eyes bugged out and my face turned red. With a giggle she said, "I guess that answers that." She looked at me for a moment, tilting her head in that adorable way, and asked, "How old are you?" I swallowed my pizza and said, "17". Amy got a confused expression on her face and looked at me like I was lying. "How did a freshman get into a senior level course?" "You probably won't believe me," I began, "but I'm a graduate student. My parents helped me skip high school and I finished by bachelors degree in electrical engineering by the time I was 16. If I can ever come up with a topic for my dissertation, I should get my PhD by the end of summer." She looked at me again and said, "That's why you understand this science shit. It never made any sense to me." She reached for another piece of pizza, winding the resulting string of mozzarella cheese on her finger. "I'm a business major and I should graduate in May", Amy added. "How old are you?" I asked, and immediately regretted it. Asking a female her age is looking for trouble. Amy smiled and said, "Do you know that you look cute when you're embarrassed? I'm 21 if that makes any difference to you. Do you like older women?" I didn't believe it would be possible, but I was even more embarrassed. I looked away from her and she said, "You never answered my original question." I didn't know what to say. She continued, "You're a virgin aren't you?" I just nodded. There was no sense even trying to hide it. She said, "I like virgins." I looked at her like she was crazy, and she went on. "You're a really nice person. Do you have a girlfriend?" I shook my head no. She then asked me matter-of-factly, "Do you want to have sex with me?" I panicked again, and croaked, "What about your boyfriend?" She said, "Don't worry about him. He's not nearly as nice as you are. Besides, I think you're cute. A girl would have to be crazy not to chase after you". The dryer buzzed, signaling my clothes where dry. With a look of sheer terror, I babbled, "I'll get dressed and then we can finish eating. After that, we'll finish our homework and I can go home". As if my attempt to change the subject would accomplish anything.... Amy looked miffed, shrugged her shoulders, and said "Okay". I walked down the hall and pulled my pants from the dryer. They were still a little damp, but the underwear was dry. I opened the bathroom door and hung my pants over the shower rod. I pulled up my shorts and I no longer felt so naked under the robe. I walked back to the table and told Amy my pants were still too damp to wear, but they should be okay by the time we're finished with our homework. Amy nodded, and we finished eating in silence. While I ate the last bite of the last slice of pizza, Amy picked up the empty pizza box and paper plates and threw them in the trash. I then spread out our books and homework so we could pick up where we left off-at least on the homework front. For the rest of the evening, our conversation was limited to stellar objects. By ten, we had finished our homework and Amy stood up and stretched. I could see her breasts flatten out underneath her sweatshirt. I wonder if she's wearing a bra? I stood up and walked back to the bathroom to see if my shoes were dry. Amy had other plans however. She walked behind me and when I bent over to check my shoes, she pinched my butt. I turned around and looked her in the eyes. I was about to speak when she reached up and grabbed my head and forced her lips roughly against mine. I felt her tongue work its way past my lips and into my mouth. Once again, I panicked. Amy moved her hands from my head and wrapped them around my waist. Without thinking, I put my arms around her and started kissing her in return. My penis started to get hard again, and it poked Amy in her stomach. The next thing I knew, Amy was dragging me down the hallway into her bedroom. She pushed me onto the bed and jumped on top of me. She started kissing me again, while she fiddled with the pink robe. Pretty soon I was lying in the middle of her denim comforter completely naked with my dick pointing up toward the ceiling. Amy moved her lips away from mine, and started kissing my neck. Then slowly she worked her way down. She stopped in the middle of my chest and started licking my nipples. Then she moved on to my belly button. The more she kissed my body, the harder I became. I was so hard it hurt. Amy removed her tongue from my belly button and sat up. I could see that there was a drop of pre-cum on the top of my penis just before Amy leaned over and licked it off. She then engulfed my cock with her mouth and started sucking me. Her head bobbed up and down as her soft, moist lips worked their magic. After a few seconds or hours - I'm not sure which - I felt my balls start to boil over. I struggled to warn her, "Amy, I'mmmmm...." As I said the words, I started to cum. Amy's head stopped bobbing, as I started spurting into her mouth. When I finished shooting, I popped out of her mouth. Amy looked me in my eyes and opened her mouth. Inside was my semen, and I could see her tongue swishing it around. "Umm, that was good", she said, licking her lips after she swallowed. I lay there in disbelief. Amy stood up and pulled off her sweatshirt. This answered my earlier question about whether or not she was wearing a bra as both of her tits were instantly freed. Her shoes, socks and pants quickly followed, as I lay there stunned. Then she crawled back on the bed, and climbed up over me. Amy started kissing my lips again and tried to touch my tonsils with her tongue. I reached up and started playing with her breasts. I felt her nipples spring to attention as soon as I touched them. I let my fingers explore every inch of her breasts. I rubbed the tips of my fingers across the tips of her nipples, and then traced the outline of the areolas by feel. Amy moved her face away from mine and sat up with her legs on each side of my chest while I let my arms fall to my side. She wiggled her hips a couple of times, and her pussy was inches from my face. When I looked up, I could see her face framed by her tits. She looked down at me and smiled. "Okay it's my turn." Amy inched up a little more, and soon all I could see was the fine red hair of her pussy. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and started licking her slit. It tasted a little strange at first, but I soon decided I liked it. I kept it up and she started to mash her pussy against my face. When my tongue touched her clitoris, I heard Amy sigh. I decided to focus on her clit and soon her body as tensing up. After a few more licks I felt her body start to shudder and I heard a low moan come out of her mouth. Then her juices started to pour out all over my face. After a little bit, I felt her move away and then she reached over and kissed me again. She said, "I can't believe that you've never done this before." She looked down at my crotch and found my cock was still standing straight up. She said, "We've got to take care of that problem of yours, now don't we." I looked at her without understanding. Again she straddled me, but this time her pussy was just over my cock. She reached down and grabbed my manhood and then guided it into her pussy. I suddenly knew what problem she was talking about. Amy bounced up and down for a while and seemed to be enjoying herself. I reached up and started playing with her tits again. All of a sudden, I felt the beginning of another orgasm. Amy must have sensed something also, since she started moving faster and faster. When I thought I couldn't hold it any longer, I erupted. Again and again. When I finally finished, Amy climbed down and kissed me. She shook her head and asked me, "Do you feel any different now?" Before I could answer, I heard a door slam. Again, visions of an angry boyfriend popped into my mind. Only this time, the picture was far more graphic. My penis shrank instantly and tried to crawl up inside my body. Amy saw the look on my face and said, "Don't worry. That's just my roommate. She won't bother us." She kissed me again and started massaging my cock. "Do you want to try it again?" she said with an evil grin. * * * Not only did I manage to get it up again, but we did it two more times before I passed out. When I woke up, Amy was curled up next to me. She was facing away from me, while I had one hand around her left breast. It felt warm and squishy. I never wanted to let go. Then, with a goofy grin, I wondered if I could get a job as Amy's bra. I thought about last night and decided that I liked doing it from behind the best, since I could fuck her and at the same time lean over and play with her tits. I looked over at the alarm clock on her nightstand and saw that it was 9:13. "9:13", I thought to myself. "I have a ten o'clock class; I can just make it if I get up now." I started to slide out of the bed, and Amy stirred. "'morning," she mumbled into the pillow I looked over at Amy and smiled. "I have a class in about 45 minutes. If I hurry, I can just make it," I said. Amy smiled and said, "I don't think so," while reaching for my cock at the same time. I smiled back at Amy and gave in to the inevitable. * * * Around 10:30, I heard the toilet flush. Amy got up and walked out of the bedroom naked. I heard her say "Hi" to someone, and then she walked back into the room with my clothes. I got dressed while Amy watched, and then I went out to the bathroom and pulled up the toilet lid. Amy opened the bathroom door and laughed at me. She said, "Why did you get dressed to go to the bathroom only to drop your pants to take a piss?" I got that familiar warm feeling in my face again. "I didn't want your roommate to see me naked," I said modestly. Amy laughed again and said, "I bet it wouldn't be the first time she saw a naked guy". I finished my business, flushed, remembered to put the toilet lid down again, and walked out into the main part of the apartment. Sitting at the kitchen table was the goddess from my engineering class. She looked at me and I looked at her. I ran from Amy's apartment without bothering to get my books or backpack.