Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The never ending Nightmare *** A young skinny boy after having many weird and very frightening nightmares of being attacked and eaten by monsters, he gets "visited" by many monsters,several Gods of thunder and lightning who decided to punish him for his fears of thunderstorms when when he was only 6 had him traumatized for life and the more he hears lightning and thunder, the more "visits" he gets by supernatural beings who feeds off his torments by making his worst fears come true. M(Dragon)M(Dragon)M(Alien)F(Pokemon)FFFFFFFF/m-f-b-g,tg,tort,bd,nc,age-chan ge,electrocution,time-travel,snuff,ped,bdsm,ScFi,Zoo,cartoon/anime-characte rs,rp,inter *** My name is Stephen. Growing up, I was always the skinniest person in the whole school. Even when I was 11 years old, I only weighed about 40 pounds, less than most 5 year olds! I was so skinny and small since my growth spurt hasn't hit yet. I have always been extremely skinny; When I was six years old, I only weighed 25 Pounds, while I was 3'6", making for a BMI of only 10 making me the skinniest person not only in my neighborhood, but perhaps in the entire city! I have short platinum blond hair and sky blue eyes. The blond hair is from my dad's side and the sky blue eyes is from my mom's side, since my dad had a darker shade of blue. My mom has brunette hair My parents were jewish, both from Northern Europe. As you can guess, with my dad's platinum blonde hair his family was originally from Sweden and my mom with her brunette hair and sky blue eyes was from Denmark. By the time I turned 18, I was about 5 foot 2 inches tall and weighed about 60 pounds. I was a senior at Benjamin Franklin High School and I loved school. My favorite things about school was science and History. Besides academics, my favorite thing about high school was girls! because of my extremely skinny and nerdy appereance, which I deliberately portayed myself as, no girls ever wanted to date me and and I had never even been on a "date" before with any of the gurls from my school. Sure I had a few girls who were my friends and one of them had a secret crush on me, it later turned out, however they were dating other boys. But, out of school was a whole different story. When I just turned five years old, I began to notice my Mom becoming more playful and aggressive when she played with me with me. At first she would tickle me till I peed myself and soon she began to tickle me in weird places like my chest, nipples, groin and inner thigh areas and soon she began to tickle me close to my penis. Then, by the time I almost turned six, she would pull down my pants and underwear and begin to gently rub my back and my legs. As she caressed me, she would say slowly, gently, gently. Then there would be a long 5 to 10 second pause, then as my mom shouted and said smack, She would simultaneously smack my ass really hard, causing me to cry from the painful stinging sensations. Then, after smacking my butt, she would massage my ass and soon I expected the erotic massaging smacking and more erotic massaging along with constant tickling, so I actually grew accustomed and began to feel at the time "funny" in what I called when I was close to turning six,as my "peepee private part." surprisingly, it was when she was smacking me that I begin to get the funny feeling in my groin area. The funny feeling was caused by thoughts of her smacks being lightning bolts over striking my penis and the lightning bolts striking my body. I just didn't know what was causing those with thoughts when I was only five years old. Just a week after my sixth birthday, I decided to tell my mom about feeling funny "down there" when she began to tickle me close to my private part, and especially when she smacked and massaged me. I told her, "Mommy when you tickle, smack and massage me I feel funny down in my private part and it gets bigger. Why it gets bigger and it feels so funny is because I sometimes have these weird thoughts where I don't know where they come from, but the thoughts happen like this I imagine your snacks are lightning bolts striking my body and especially my pee pee private part causing this weird feeling to develop in my pee pee private part." She then tackled me, picked me up and three me on the bed and easily pinned me to the bed. As she had me pinned, she grabbed my arms and legs and tied my arms and legs to the for bed posts and soon, I was in a spread-eagled position. without warning,she picked up a blindfold and blindfolded my eyes. After she blindfolded my eyes, so I couldn't see anything, then she asked me to spread my legs open and then she tied my two feet two opposite side of the bed post and she also asked me to spread my arms and then she tied my hands to hands two opposite side of the bed. Then, to my surprise she began to tickle me all over my body! However, soon the the tickling became more erotic as she began to fondle and caress my body. Within a few moments she moved her right hand down my flat and boney belly and her left hand went up my legs that were thin like the sticks that they were and then up my inner thigh with both hands heading towards my private part. To show off how skinny I was to me and for her enjoyment, sshe took her hands and wrapped two middle fingers and the two thumbs in an oval and she was able to wrap the two set of fingers fully around, causing the fingers to connect and then she said, "For being so skinny I will dominate you by tickle and electrically torturing you for all of enternity, little boy! I will start with you pee pee private part, she said teasingly as I called my groin area that since I was five through eight. Then, my mom's hands reached my underwear and after a quick 2 second pause, she grabbed a hold of my underwear and began pulling them off my hips and groin and slid the underwear down my skinny legs. Once the underwear reached the base of my feet, the sliding stopped and there was a 10-second pause then, I heard the sound of scissors and the next thing I knew the underwear that it was at the base of my feet was cut in half and I heard the sound of something, presumably the torn underwear being thrown in the trash. After she threw the underwear in the trash, my mom came back to me and once again she began sliding her left hand up my legs and my thighs and her right hand down my flat belly towards my private part. Then she said, I will wrap my two fingers for my two arms around your legs and if I am able to reach to your hip without your legs becoming too big for me to wrap my fingers around them, I will have a little surprise for you! Lift your left leg up and keep it lifted! Then as she wrapped her two thumbs and two middle fingers around the top of my toes, she began to move her small circle down my foot while still wrapped around my left leg which was now suspended by me per my mom's orders. Then she said, let's just see how skinny you are my little skinny sexy toy! if you're even skinnier than I think you are, I have a surprise for you and it will involve mommy playing with a special toy tonight!" Just as she expected, her hands reached the top of my leg with a base of my torso starts without running out of room for her fingers to wrap around my leg, which meant she know got to play with what she wanted, me. Then, after a 3 second pause after my mom's hands reach the opposite sides of the base of my groin, all of a sudden my mom's hands grabbed my penis and begin pumping my 4 inch penis up and down! As my mom was masturbating me for the first time in my life, I was scared as I was not knowing what she was doing. The sensation I was feeling in my groin was unlike anything I had ever felt before! It felt good, yet at the same time I was scared out of my mind I was thinking that my mom was actually trying to rip my penis off because I thought I had done something wrong by being so skinny. After about 2 minutes of her hands pumping up my penis up and down, I saw a spark ignite on my private part and a sudden painful jolt wracked my entire penis. After 2 more minutes I saw numerous sparks and with every spark simultaneously there were painful electrical jolts to my penis. I guess my mom's promise to electrically torture me was no joke! All of a sudden I felt the tickling and the jolts stop and I noticed my mom's hands extended in a claw like position over my private part and then they suddenly began to spark and then she released the small lightning bolts on my privare part! Then as the biggest bolt hit me, a sudden jolt and pleasurable feeling wrecked my whole body and within a few seconds of this New Sensation I had fell unconscious and the last thing that I saw before I fell unconscious was some gooey liquid on the top of my private part and some smoke coming off of it as well, then suddenly a lightning bolt came through the window is a lightning bolt suddenly separated into six branches and each branch struck me on different parts of my body with the biggest one striking me on my penis the two other branches struck me on my two separate soles of my feet the two other branches struck me on my armpits and the second biggest bolt struck me in my belly button and all of a sudden the last thing I saw was my body vaporizing turning to dust and even the ashes becoming consumed and vaporized by the lightning! When I woke up again, I was back in my bed and it was dark out. I had presumed that it was a dream, but I was very confused about what kind of dream it was, if it was even a dream at all as I had never even had a dream like that before and I was scared out of my mind since I was feeling all the sensations of what was occurring to me! Then, my mom will heard about my bad dream for me waking up screaming, let me sleep in her bed. Then after a few minutes of being comforted by my mom, I went back to bed. When I woke up again in the middle of the night,there was a huge thunderstorm. Since I had a habit of falling out of bed while moving dreams, my mom and grandparents installed a bar on the left side of the bed so I wouldn't fall out. On my right side was a window and a wall which kept me safe. That had surprise me since I went to bed with my grandma my grandpa and my mom and I thought to myself that my mom at must have move me back into my bed once I fell asleep. I got off the bed and went to the bed in the middle of the room where my grandparents and mom slept. Since it was a king sized bad it could fit at least three adults and a child my size at the time. When I look in the bed, there was no one there. And I thought that might grandparents and mother must have been in the kitchen and when I check there, there was no one there either. And, when I checked the other bedroom to see if my uncle was there, no one was there either. Besides the constant crackle of thunder and flashes of lightning there was not a single car on the road or even be Expressway when I looked out of the window. And I noticed something weird; I noticed that the time was constantly staying at one place at 3:05 a.m. it was as if time itself was standing still. when I went back to my room and looked out the window, there was constant lightning bolts striking the ground between my house and the apartment on the ground and the cracks of Thunder were hurting my ears, so I hid in the closet thinking to myself that the lightning itself was targeting me as the dream said, for being so scared of thunder and lightning. After about 30 seconds of hiding in the closet, I heard a huge crashing sound through the door with a huge explosion. After about 30 seconds of lightning and thunder ceasing, I came out of the closet and when I saw frightened me!; I saw a mass of lightning coming up the stairs in the shape of a 7-foot man with constant deafening Thunder emanating from the him. Then in a booming deafening voice, the electrical being said, I am the Thunder God himself and for being so scared of thunderstorms, I will personally torture eat you alive and disintegrate what is left of you skinny sexy little body! look how vulnerable you are my little sexy toy" He called me that, because when I was 6 years old I barely weighed 25 pounds when I should have weighed at least 40 pounds. Being tortured, electrocuted, eaten alive and disintegrated by a powerful being, much less the God of Thunder himself and that would be shitting your pants scary for anyone, even a superhuman, much less for a little for a 6 year old feminine boy who barely weighed 25 lbs! Then, he fired a lightning bolt at me, even though I intially dodged it, he directed the bolt back at me since his lightning bolts' could be controlled by him in the direction and speed he wanted the bolt to go. Before I even realize what happened, to both struck me, one on my penis and one of my belly button and I instantly had a massive orgasm and my body caught fire and instantly vaporized and blacked out. When I woke up, I was completely naked and spread in a spread eagle position due to his telenkinetic abilities. Then he said, "Now where was I. Aha, that's right! Now I have to punish you for being so scared of thunder and lightning! Which better way to punish you been using your biggest fear against you! " He then siad, "If you recall that dream you had, where your mom was torturing you and you felt some zaps on your private part, and how the dream ended with every fiber in your body being vaporized by lightning, well that was me influencing your dream by making sure you were ready for what I will do to you and when I am done with you, and just like in your dream your charred ashes and nutrients that are left of your skinny, sexy little body will be disintegrated to subatomic particles and the subatomic particles lthat would he left over of your ashy body will absorbed by my body and completely used until non a single partcle remians! I Wil torture you for millennia before you wake up the next morning" I then shouted, "No! anything but that, please I will do anything you want!" Then the god said,"just for that little pathetic attempt to beg for your pathetic life, my attack be even stronger now and now it will be Beyond nothing left your body, as the particles in your body will become so negative that what will be left of your body might actually become w warp in the space-time Continuum Since I will even remove the particles that were left in the air around you and I will absorb it from the entire universe, your very essence and every smell that came from your body order will be absorbed by my body as well and digested since the sents from your body are actually particles from your body and I will absorb everything in a final second I will absorb every particle that has ever ever came off your body including the hair that has been cut off your head and the skin that fell off your body the per that you peed and the bowel movements you took and I will absorb all of that and I will even absorb everyone's memory of you so there will be not any not just anything left of your body but your very existence will be wiped from everyone's memories! it will start, starting now! Also, now my attack will last for googol to the Google power years before you wake up and tonight you will experience this again" Then, the figure said in a rough threatening voice, "little boy, your adventures have only just begun! I will have so much fun eating the bones of what is left of your charred scrumptious little body, I have made up my mind, I may never let you go and keep you forever and even beyond the end of time! You may experience the last moment of your life over and over again for the rest of Eternity! It's now time for you to feel the power of what you fear!" Then all of a sudden I felt both my legs get electrocuted as he lifted my legs with his hands Which like the rest of his body was entirely made of lightning bolts. and all of a sudden he pulled me up and I went up. Then, he split my legs at a 90 angle with my body and I realized he was doing a split like I was a gymnast. Then all of a sudden, he put a transparent screen on my eyes and put a camera on the head of the bed, facing me and my body was facing the better the camera so, when the video activated I saw my skinny little body upside down and I was able to see my ribs I was so skinny that even though In ever exercised, I was able to see my abs and my hip bones looked like they wanted to come out of my skin since they protubed so much. All of and when all of a sudden I felt this sudden painful, ticklish yet pleasurable feeling as at the same time I saw a bright blue Lightning Bolt in the shape of a hand grabbing my penis and rubbing it up and down and for the next 3 million billion years. The lightning bolt hand increased in intensity yet, over the course of the next 3 million billion I had over 900 million billion orgasms and before the attacked concluded the flames from my body were reaching Google times Google multiverses because of how long the volt struck my body, the intensity of the attack was and how small my body was which meant my compact body couldn't hold all the energy of the attack at once and released the excess energy as head and fire. Then, once the grueling three million ion year attack was over, and after g vaporized Andre animated hundreds of trillions of tines, twice for each orgasm I felt very weak and since the thunder-god placed my charred , yet intact body with all of my flesh still miraculously on me, I was going to say the attack was over and just as I almost fell over, the Thunder God extended his hand and I thought he was going to catch me, when all of a sudden his hands began to glow white and he grabbed the my stomach with one hand and my groin with another and clenched his fist and lifted me up. The pain from this electrical attack was so extreme that I was starting to scream like I have never screamed before, and as I was a screaming the life out of my voice due the pain and the tickling that the bolts were wracking on my body. Then, for the second time in my life flames from my body flames reached them multiverae wracked my entire body, unlike the first one, that took three million billion years to finish this attack lasted t00 googol to the googol power years. All of a sudden, a giant lightning bolt lept through the open window and struck me square on my body The bolt, while still striking me instantly caused my entire body to suddenly catch into white fire and soon the white hot fire began to spread over the regular flames and consume the rest of my body which ironically is my second biggest fear is being burned to death. The fire was so tall that it wasn't reaching thousands of feet googol to the googol power times higher than the last time! and all the Flames were coming from my burning body and how severe the electric attack was on Me by this perveted child molester lightning god. The attack lasted googol to the googol power years longer than the stronger attack after the first one and I was vaporized 50 tines as frequently and felt ten million times the pain and 100 googpl to the googol power times the tickling! Then, as the fire stopped burning all was left of me was a charred skeleton with most it already vaporized below where my stomach once was, yet somehow I was still alive since all my internal organs beside my skin and my muscles we're still there. The monster probably did that so I can see myself suffering in the last few minutes of my life. Then the god lifted up his hands and more white hot fire surrounded my skeleton, or what was left of my skeleton and not to turn to subatomic particles which I saw the black particles that was once part of my skeleton being absorbed into his body. Then, he clapped his hands and all of a sudden I saw a big bag of what looked like chocolate and several gallons of what looked like apple juice appeared in front of him and he told me that was all the urine that I have every urinated and all the poop that I have ever pooped out in my entire life and he was going to absorbed into his body. Just after he said that, he drink every drop of my urine, and ate every bit of my poop and drink a couple gallons of all the sweat that has ever come out of my body including the sweat that I've had during my nightmare just a couple hours ago. Then, all the hair that has ever been cut off my head and that fell out of my body and all the skin that is ever fell out of my body he said Italy vaporized in front of me and absorb all that into my body as well. did not actually eat my poop what he did was he also vaporize that and absorbed into my body. Then, took everyone's memory of me and combined it in the form of a gas that was my consciousness and accumulated all into water which poured into a cup would he drank. The memories also included photos of me. Then he told me, now that you no longer exist and there is nothing left of you beside a tiny piece of your head and your eyes and your ears that are still functioning due to my magic. Once I vaporize in absorb that last part of your body, I will then absorb the most scrumptious part of you your very essence, your very soul which will feed me put a next couple of hours before I have to go after the next skinny scared little boy like you. you should find it an honor that a God Like You has spent all this time playing with you and eating you as I only do that to the skinniest and the most scared of boys in the world. You're actually the most skinniest boy that I had ever laid my eyes on and if I could do this over I would do this over and over again and tortured like this for the rest of Eternity The last thing I remember after he absorbs every last part of my body including my head as I was conscious you can my soul was, that it was such an honor to be personally tortured and molested by and eaten by the god of thunder and it was good knowing that my soul Who's going to feed him so he could do this to the next little boy and girl like me icy absorb my soul and I found myself in his body then being digested by his lightning bolts in his body and then nothing!. Next thing I remember, is screaming in my bed and my mom rushing to my side. When I explained the dream to my mom, she decided to take me immediately to a psychologist sinc it was very unusual for a 9 year old to be having violent sexual dreams. My mom and my psychologist thought that I was being sexually abused, yet I never experienced anything sexual before in my life especially, involving being eaten alive. That dream that I had about a month after my ninth birthday was what really made me fear thunder and lightning more as I feared that a being made of electricity was one day going to rape me and eat me alive. It turned out that this was in fact not a dream and it was actually the monster taking me into his pocket universe to torture and rape me for many years all while I was still nine-years-old in the real world when I wake up in the real world it would be the best day or the very same day if I took a nap. This monster you turned out to have the power to it and definitely extend time and after each time he killed me by disintegrating in eating me, he would reanimate me and send me back to wake up and that the next morning. Everyday, even though home was where all the tortures occurred, my favorite thing about coming home from school was my babysitter Ashley. At the time she was 20 years old and a senior in the City University of New York City college. She was working on getting a master's degree in Environmental journalism. She was a also a cheerleader for the college's basketball team and she is also a black belt in karate and MMA and has a thin, but muscular and athletic body and I had a huge crush on her. She had been my babysitter for over 13 years, since I was only 6 years old. The reason she still babysits me is because my mom doesn't want me to be home by myself, especially since there had been recent robberies and beatings in the neighborhood and because of my very small and thin body that resembled that of a preteen, she wanted to make sure I was always safe, so she made sure Ashley would babysit me Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. until my mom came home at 9 p.m. Usually me and Ashley would go out to the movies or on picnics. When me and Ashley were home, she would sometimes play wrestling with me however she would always win because she would use my greatest weakness against me, my ticklishness. Sometime she would do sneak attacks on me by walking up behind me and suddenly tickling my sides. Almost as soon as Ashley started babysitting me when I was only 9 years old and she was 12, she began to have a sexual crush on me, which was compounded further by the nature of the erotic dream that I told her about. At first, the tickling was very sporadic and I enjoyed it a lot. However,by the time I turned 9 she was tickling me nearly every day and I started getting nervous, but also extremely aroused by her tickling sessions When I was nine years years old, when Ashley first begin to babysit me, I was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms. I was so scared that I would hide in closets, even after almost an hour after the last rumble of thunder. What I was so scared of was lightning, not so much the Thunder. I was scared of lightning because I was afraid that I would be attacked by the lightning demon again. My fear of death began at age 4, after I learned of the concept of death by overhearing a TV program about what death really meant. Within a few weeks after I told Ashley in Exquisite detail about the dream I had just a few weeks earlier Ashley, to get me over my fear of lightning, and because she too, was turned on by the dream that I told her about would pretend that her fingers were lightning bolts and she would tickle me with her "lightning bolts all over my body, especially my feet, chest, upper chest, ribs, thighs, Knees, and calves which were extremely ticklish. The main area she targeted was the feet, since that was the most ticklish part of my body. Ashley, even begin to pretend that are tickling fingers were lightning bolts as she began to use her tickling fingers on my penis multiple times to bring me to dry orgasms several times per week. She would usually do that to me, if I lost a tickle fight match and just before my sixth birthday, she began to do that to me in the middle of a tickle fight match Getting sexually aroused during thunderstorms began a few weeks after the supposed "dream" and hit more and more stronger especially because of Ashleym I masturbated pretty often to being molested by lightning bolts, initially as a result of the dream and then because of what Ashley started to do after I told her about the dream. For years, I tried to keep my relationship with Ashley a secret. I was afraid that if my mom found out that me and Ashley got into tickle fights and more recently actually had sexual contact, that she would have reported Ashley and got her in trouble for child molestation. To my surprise, My mom busted my chops for not asking Ashley on a date, she told me, look, you obviously have a huge crush on this girl and I honestly think she has a huge crush on you, you two are just perfect for each other, I have never seen a more perfect couple before. Using my mom's advice, I asked Ashley out just the week before I turned 10 and two months before she turned 14 as my mom used to being possessed by the monster who caused me that nightmare allowed me and Ashley to date despite the huge age difference between me and her. My mom gave the OK for me and Ashley to hang out as boyfriend and girlfriend and my mom surprisingly still paid Ashley to babysit me, despite that we were dating. On May 18th, Just a week after my 10th birthday, I came home from school and Ashley was in her Karate pants, wearing her black belt on top of her pants. She was also wearing a black sports bra and despite always tickling me for so many years, and things getting so hot between us, this was the first time I ever saw Ashley's stomach so exposed. I've seen the abs of many girls, and Ashely's was one of the most athletic I have ever seen; there was even the beginnings of a six-pack forming on Ashley's firm midriff. After staring at Ashley's firm midriff for about 10 seconds, she told me, "are you her going to to stare at me belly non-stop, or are you going to take off your shirt, pants and socks and fight me like a man. Don't worry, this is going to be a pure MMA tickle fight. And the winner gets to do whatever they want to the other person's body!" After taking off my socks, shirt and pants, me and her were ready to get into the tickle fight. This was the first time during any tickle fight that Ashley made me undress until I was in only my underwear. Ashley told me,"you have the first move. Let's begin!" After standing there for about 5 Seconds, thinking about what move I was going to use on Ashley, she told me; " are you going to make a move, or you just standing there will be your first move"? I ran quickly ran into Ashley and tried to tickle her armpits, however, Ashley used a roundhouse kick on me, causing me to fall to the ground. Once I was on the ground, before I even had time to react Ashley quickly put oher right leg under my two skinny thighs and she put her left leg on top of my thighs. Because my thighs were so thin, Ashley had no trouble at all securing her legs between my two tighs, which made Escape for me that much more difficult. When I tried to spread my thighs apart, Ashley's hold on my thighs was so strong that I was not even able to move my legs at all! Then, Ashley bent over like a gymnyst, since she was so flexible to the point that her face was resting on her knees just above my thighs. Ashley then said, now it's time for my special move, the double lightning strike attack. At that time, Ashley was holding her left hand over my flat, firm and bony belly. Her right hand was a right in front of my two ticklish feet. Then Ashley said, "Lightning, on my command I want you to strike him with all of the energy you got in 3......2......1......, now!" The moment she said now, she simultaneously began tickling me on my stomach and my feet. While she was tickling me, I felt a few short jabs to my neck, just behind my ear. After about 15 minutes of non stop tickling, Ashley finally stopped. Ashley then said, "wow you lost the match before it was even over! You know what this means!" Then, she released me from the scissor hold. I tried getting up, but I was so weak from all the tickling that I was barely able to budge, or so I thought. She then picked me up and carried me to my room and she threw me down on my bed. Since I was still not able to move, over the next 10 minutes actually begin tie me to the bed with rope by tying my arms and legs to the bed post in the spread eagle position. I then asked Ashley, "Why am I not even able to move a bit after you finished tickling me?" She then said, did you notice that right after I give you a few jabs to your neck and you suddenly had trouble moving? Well Well, to answer your question it was because I didn't move on you called a pressure point block. It works by jamming Communications between your brain and your nerves. This causes the communication between your brain and your nerves to become very distracted, which is why you had trust such trouble moving your limbs and why I was able to dominate you so much easier. You might think I cheated, but this is perfectly allowed in tickle MMA and regular MMA for that matter as well. Since you lost, and you're in such a vulnerable position right now, I'm going to tickle torture you for the next one hour, Non-Stop!" Ashley then begin to knead my stomach and thighs, causing the most intense tickling sensation I've ever felt in my life and that goes to say that she had tickle tortured me for almost four years now and that was at the moment the most intense tickling I've ever felt up to that point. Then, Ashley Began feeling up my legs with her right hand and felt down my stomach with her left hand. I didn't know what was going to happen next, but I was hoping it was nothing to extreme and I thought to myself, "Just enjoy the ride" Then her right hand came to rest at my inner thighs, and her left hand came to rest at my lower abs and she began tickling my lower abs, inner thighs area. While tickling my thighs and lower abs, she Then lowered her head, puckered her lips and was lowering her head towards my stomach and I knew was going to happen. I shouted, NO NO NO!Please not MAIEEEEEEE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SHOHOHOHOHOMOHOHNE PLHEHEHEHEHEHEASE HEHEHEHEHEHELP MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!" I couldn't even finish my sentence before she blew her raspberry on my bellybutton. I mean she has blown raspberries before, but none were as intense as this one. This was the most intense raspberry that anyone has ever blown on my stomach in my entire life! And I get tickled by several people other than her. After blowing five or six raspberries over the next two minutes. After the sixth rasberry it was over and I actually enjoyed it a lot though it was almost completely out of breath. After the rasberries were over, when I came back to my senses, I realized that my underwear was gone since my rock-hard five and a half inch cock was totally exposed! She said, "It's time to electrocute that little dick of yours, little boy!" "Ashley wait! I am only five years old! I am too young for this! She then said, don't worry, I am too young as well. I guess you will get to experience what dominatrixes do to boys who barely weighs 30 pounds like you!" She said that, because when I was 6 years old I only weighed 30 pounds and was about 3'6" tall. She Then began tickling my balls, cock and groin. Just the tickling, was enough to cause pre-cum to leak out. However, she decided to finish me off with a good handjob. After one minute of Ashley pumping my cock, I had the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life! I had never ejaculated so much before! It's a good thing Ashley anticipated the crazy orgasm I had and took a big wad of paper towels and absorbed nearly all of the spunk before it splashed all over. When the two minute orgasm, the largest orgasm I had at the time was over and a small puddle of spunk pooled in the middle of the paper towel and Ashley threw out the evidence of our first sexual encounter in the trash. This was my first sexual encounter with Ashle. From that point on, me and Ashley had sexual encounters almost every single day. We did every sexual act but actual penetration since we didn't want to leave any evidence behind of our sexual encounters, which intercourse would have left our juices on the bed. The next month, Ashley and I went to her apartment, which also doubled as her Karate Dojo. She wanted me to spar with her as a rematch for the last time, when I actually completely dominated me. Just as last time, I had to undress until I was just in my underwear. Ashley told me that it was a rule free tickle-wrestle match where everything is allowed like groping the other person's breasts, going into the person's private parts and tickling them, and even sex! Unlike the last match, sex was allowed in the middle of the match. Because Ashley won the last time, she had the first move and her first move was to tackle me to the ground and she immediately began tickle me. She began tickling me on my stomach and quickly she began to tickle me right on my penis. At the corner of my left eye, I saw a electrolyzer, or better known in the erotic world as a violet wand which is usually used to sexually shock girl's and boy's little privates into orgasms. Ashley then took out the electrolyzer, pull down my pants and begin to shock my penis while she had me pinned to the floor. During the entire match, which literally only last 10 seconds, I was not even able to successfully counter attack and because I couldn't get out of Ashley's vice grip, as she counted to ten and I officially lost a match, but she decided to continue to destroy me anyway. After shocking my penis and my lower abs for the next 5 minutes, Ashley got a small package which look like a packet for pills, but when she opened it a piece of rubber came out and I immediately knew what it was. I realize that rubber band actually had in her hand was actually a condom which she actually wanted me to wear. Then, Ashley took my penis into her hand and began jerking me off, once again but this time to prepare me for what was going to happen next! While still pinned to the floor, Ashley pulled down my underwear and made me completely naked, Ashley slid the condom on my penis. While still having me pinned to the floor, Ashley decided to finally have real sex with me, and soon Ashley was inserting my penis into her vagina. This was how I lost my virginity to my babysitter and girlfriend at only age 10. Even though, I was kind of anxious of having intercourse for the first time with my babysitter, because Ashley was so much stronger than me there was no way I could have resisted and not been in a lot of trouble. I was nervous because this was the first time I learned what sex was, and like most kids I didn't learn it from school or from watching porn, I learned it from going through it myself! About 2 minutes after inserting my penis and Ashley's vagina, I had the biggest orgasm I've ever had in my life up to that time as the entire condom was filled with my creamy cum. Over the next eight years, me and Ashley had sex regularly, at least three times per week and my mom knew about my relationship with Ashley and decided it was best to let me have the relationship with my babysitter/girlfriend The reason my mom let me keep the sexual relationship with Ashley was as I was growing up, my mom used to play with me herself. My mom would sometimes make me dressed down to my underwear take me over her lap gently stroke my arms my back and my butt before spanking me. She started this, just after I turned six years old and she would even sometimes rub my penis to the point that I would have a dry orgasm, though that began when I turned eight. Life in high school for me was very, very rough. I was frequently bullied in middle school and the teachers not only just stood by and watched, but they often punish me for being involved in the fight where I was only getting beat up without even defending myself. I was in the school special needs program because of my disability of Asperger's. Besides Simply Having a few social awkward issues, I was extremely intelligent and had an IQ of 160. Having no friends and focusing almost entirely on education was the reason I had such a high IQ. I was a straight-A student and I was part of the Honor Society. I had only five friends in the school and all five of them were part of this advanced class that I was part of and they were video game and science Geeks just like myself. I was pretty shocked when I was declared valedictorian of the school. I felt that there was so much sentiment against me that even though I possibly had the highest grade in the school that my grades were going to be changed just to give the title of valedictorian to somebody else. After being notified about being valedictorian of the school, all my former bullies and even the teacher who's part of the special needs program that I was in apologize for discriminating against me for all those years that I was in the school. It was so remarkable that I was not only in the special needs program, but I was the valedictorian of the school, despite all of the challenges I had to go through to make it there. Because of my school record of being suspended a couple times for fighting comma the first two years I had not even gotten student of the month award even once, despite having the highest grade in the school because of my disciplinary record. After my allegations of me being discriminated was revealed to the principal, he looked at the videos and confirm that I was being bullied and that the suspensions were all un-warranted. The director of the special needs program who usually was the one who ditched out my punishment for being bullied because I flexed my rights too much, was suspended for 6 months without pay for violating the Americans with Disability Act of 1990. My entire record of suspensions and detentions were all expunged and the following Year, I was given student of the month award three times consecutively. My story almost went National as I was a student with a disability who was a valedictorian of one of the most well-known schools in the city. My eighteenth birthday was coming up and I was hoping to have a big surprise party when I came home from school, on my eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately any hopes for a party were dashed when my mom got sick with the flu and had to be in the emergency room, just two days before my birthday. When I came home from school on my eighteenth birthday, Ashley, my babysitter/girlfriend was watching TV and she told me "Happy Birthday Stephen, I have a huge surprise for you later! She said that while winking at me. I was so tired that I hardly acknowledged what she said and just plopped myself down on the bed and went to sleep. When I woke up I realized something felt differently; When I tried to move my arms and I couldn't move them at all and that it felt that it was as if all my limbs were spread out. And I suddenly realized that I was spread eagled with each of limbs to the bedposts as I felt the rope wrapped around my risks and ankles. Also, when I tried to open my eyes I realized I was completely I couldn't see and that I was blindfolded! Because the window was open, I felt the air from outside go all over my body, and I realized that I was completely naked. I felt my face blushing like crazy from the extremely vulnerable position I was in. In addition to the my face turning tomato red, I was also having a massive erection. Despite my petite size and anorexic weight, being under age 9,xmy erection got extremely big, and usually my erections end up to 5 and a half inches tall. I hoped I wasn't dreaming, but I knew that it was real since the sensations and the fear that went through me was too strong to simply be a dream. I was thinking "What is going on? Am I going to raped? Am I going to tickled to death"? Then, Ashley pounced on me and began tickling all over my upper body. Then she began to move down towards my ribs and belly button and then she began to blow raspberries in my belly button causing me to laugh out of control. Then, she began to move even further down and then she reached me private part and she began to blow raspberries on my dick! Then, she put a condom on my dick and she very quickly began fucking me while being simultaneously tickled and groped by the other eight girls Me and Ashley having sex was my birthday present. Ashley and the girls had dominated me so easily because I was tied down spread eagled to my bed. After the "rape" was over,I then heard several voices in the house, all teenage girls, presumably seniors in high school, or just entering college. I then heard Ashley say, "Show him no mercy, show this little boy what you're all made of!" Soon, I heard many footsteps enter the room, and then, Ashley said, "it's time for you to meet your doom, little boy. We're are going to tickle and rape you to death as your birthday present"! Then all of a sudden I felt dozens and and dozens of little electric sensations erupting all over my body, mainly at my feet, armpits and belly areas. The very moment they made their ticklish contact on my skin, the sensation was so extreme that blood curdling screams of laughter was the only sound that came out of my lips. I knew what was going on, I was being tickle tortured! I felt one hand moving up my leg and towards My inner thigh and another hand feeling down my belly towards my torso and my groin. I knew what was going to happen and couldn't wait for what was going to happen. I felt what felt like light feathery sensations erupt from my erect dick and I knew they were tickling my dick. "We are going to tickle you till you orgasm, little boy!" "NOOOO! NOOAHAHAHAHAHA! AIEEEEEEEE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE PLEHEHEHEHESE! ANHEHEHEHEHEHETHIHING BUHUHUHUHUT THAHAHAHAHAHT!!!!!" That was all that I was able to say as I was literally tickled to death by the eight girls, all who were much more stronger than me and we're all behind black belt as they even had gold stripes on their black belts to signify that some of them were even masters. I also knew those girls as several of Ashley's friends were owners of karate dojos and they were able to knock me out with a simple punch or pinch to a pressure point, so I didn't try to fight back. I found out that all of them were not just martial arts masters, but were experts and how to make make a young boy like me have a mind shattering orgasm. Then every girl took a turn fucking me. At one point, one girl was fucking me from the front and the other girl was fucking my ass with a dildo, while being on an x table which left my ass exposed and allowed one of the girls to go up to the X table and duck me from Below. After having sex with the eight girls comma I pass out from exhaustion and had the weirdest dream ever. Just before I passed out, I was put back on the bed in the spread eagle position. My bed was pulled into in the living room since my bedroom is too small for the 8 girls. The next thing I saw, was a Dragon enter the room through the window and the Dragon was right in front of me! Then, all of a sudden all ten of us were teleported to an empty pasture in the middle on nowhere. I was now spread eagled tied to by some invisible x shaped force field. The Dragon then said to me, "Little boy, I am tired of you being scared of every little thing! As for your punishment I am going to vaporize you and eat whatever is left over of your skinny little body!" Then, the dragon unleashed his extremely powerful lightning attack. Just as the bolts hit me, the sensation was so strong that my hips were bucking wildly and the combined overwhelming sensation of being tickled by lightning bolts on every part of my extremely ticklish body. My penis was just beginning to be vaporized when I had the most massive orgasm I have ever had in my young life since I was six and just before everything went black I began to see my body being burned away, revealing my bones! My vaporization of the flesh went from the toes upward, and soon every part of my body up to my chest was all bones, yet I was still alive, witnessing how I was about to witness my doom! The Dragon then blew a huge blast of fire on me and my bones from my chest down was completely vaporized and all that was left was the ash left over from the bones, which the dragon inhaled and licked off what was left. As the dragon inhaled and Sucked what was left of my middle and lower parts of my body, Then, the Ashley said to me, This is what you get for being fearful of everything! Now we will give you a reason to be scared out of your mind! Your last thoughts will be of your worst fear come true as you are eaten alive by the thunder Dragon!" Then, the dragon lickled and sucked on my upper ribs as like a dog would with his bone using his tongue the dragon picked me up, and put me into his mouth. Since the rest of my body was vaporized and eaten and all that was left of me was my head, my upper ribs and my chest. Then the dragon threw me several thousand feet high into the air once the dragon was outside, but since the dragon teleported to an alternate universe no one outside saw what really happened as I was thrown thousands of feet into the air. I came down headfirst, so all I remembered before everything went black was a wall of fire coming at me from the Dragon and his mouth clamping on me and the rest of my upper body turning to dust. Then I woke up with a start, gasping for air from my presumed nightmare. When I looked around my room, I no longer was in the living room. Instead, I woke up in what appeared to be my old bed. When I got up to use the bathroom, I saw that the kitchen calendar said March 2004 instead of September 2016. I thought that I was seeing things as I entered the bathroom. As I turned on the light, when I saw my reflection in the mirror, I was shocked to find that I was shorter. When I was eighteen, I was about 5'4" and weighed about 70 pounds and now I realized, I was a good deal shorter. When I stepped on the scale, it said I only weighed 25 pounds! I didn't weigh that little since I was 5!. I realized I had actually went back in time 5 years and I was two months away from turning six. My height was about 3'6" There was a thunderstorm that night and that and combined with time traveling nine years back in time turned me on! Actually when I was young I was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms The reason thunder and lightning scared me so much was because of what happened when I had just turned 6 years old and because of that thunderstorms had scared me and turned me on. As a kid, I would often masturbate to Pokemon scenes where Ash, Misty or Dawn would get thundershocked by pikachu and I would wish to be in their bodies when they were being shocked. For my fifth birthday, my parents bought me a pikachu pillow and I used it to secretly fantasize that I would get thundershocked and masturbated by the Pokemonxby age six. By age seven I would fantasize while masturbating about getting thundershocked by googol times googol pikachus and Raichus and getting disintegrated by the attack, or cooked to a crisp and eaten by lightning bolts. A when I previously was 5, being electrocuted would have been the biggest fear of mine had actually turned into my biggest sexual fantasy. When I laid in bed, I said out loud to the lighting as I took out my penis and shouted to the Lightning, "Na-na-na-na-na, you will never get me!" The moment I said that, I noticed several sparks come from the Pikachu's cheekpouch on its cheeks and I also noticed the pillow beginning to move on it's own, also the feel of the pillow change from the feeling of fabric to a more fur like feel. Then, the pikachu pounced on my skinny legs and faced my groin. Then, the pikachu pulled my underwear off, leaving me completely exposed and naked. Then, the once bright sparks began to form on and around the pikachu's electricity generating sacs on it's cheeks, which we both on my dick, beginning to shock me and make the room extremely bright. Then the Pikachu shouted "Piiikaaachuuu!" As the Pikachu released an extremely powerful thundershock on my penis, then the bolt began wrap around my penis shocking me shocking me additionally with the bolt wrapped around my penis While constantly increasing, reducing and increasing the intensity of the electric current to give the effect of my dick being pumped, then as pikachu have an almighty surge of electricity to my penis, I then had a massive orgasm and blacked out. When I woke up, I no longer was in my room, but in a wrestling arena. I was only in my tidy widies and a pair of black boots that went halfway between my ankles and my knees. In front of me was standing a 50 foot tall dragon. The dragon was standing straight up. On the dragon's back were spikes. These spikes were about 6-10 feet long Then, I heard the announcer say, "On your left, he's the undefeated champion of domination wrestling. He's 500 feet tall and weighs at over 20 tons! Omega Shenron!" Then, the announcer looked at me and said, on your right, it's his frst time in thunder wrestling, we have 5 year old Stephen, the extremely scrawny ticklish boy! it's also his first time in thunder wrestling, we have someone who is so small. He is 18 years old, but he is in his 5 year and ten month old body and this makes him the youngest competitor ever! He is not only the youngest competitor ever. He is also the skinniest, and smallest competitor we've ever had, weighing only 25 pounds and with a height of only three feet and six inches tall, which is even less weight than most two year olds! His petite size and extremely thin frame will make Omega Shenron and the others dominate him that much more quickly and tickle, fuck electrocute and vaporize him into submission! Also, if he loses, Stephen will be a tickle sex slave toy for all of eternity! However, he will get a one day vacation every googol to the googol power years". He then made direct she contact with me and said, Stephen, I just told you that now to prevent you from panicking so you could entertain omega Shenron and others who will be really fond of you, little boy! Because if you don't, you will never ever get even one day off for all of eternity!" Then, the ring announcer said the famous phrase from wrestling, "Let's get ready to rumble!" then the bell rang. All of a sudden I looked around and couldn't find the Dragonball Z character. The next thing I knew, was that he appeared right in front of me. I used a karate kick under his feet, but he was so heavy, that his foot didn't even budge! Then, he suddenly disappeared and the next thing I knew was that I was being lifted off of the ring in the dragon's hands and thrown high into the air and I thought I was never going to stop and that I was going to reach outer space. As I began to slow down, I got extremely cold and I knew I was high as the stadium I was in earlier looked like a tiny speck down below and I was even above the main cloud deck! just as I stopped, a giant lightning bolt hit me, pushing me down causing me to fall down extremely fast. Because I was falling back first, so my head was facing up and I saw the smoke coming off from my shocked and charred body. Then, I saw a black tendril wrap around my left and then my right ankle and then another black tendril wrapped around my wrists. The whole process took less than two seconds and by then I was in a spread eagle position formation while in suspended in midair and simultaneously another one of the tendils wrapped around my underwear and ripped it right off! I immediately realized that it was Omega Shenron as the spikes were wrapping around my body. I realize that his spikes extended almost a thousand feet away from his body as I was suspended a thousand feet in mid-air. The spikes were metallic and soft at the same time. Then,another one of his spikes wrapped around my erect penis and some more of those metallic tendrils went into my boots to tickle and electrocute my feet. Then, Omega Shenron pulled me down into the stadium, and held me up, facing the audience for everyone to see. Then, Omega Shenron said, "Little boy, It's time for you, to experience the most intense sensation you have ever felt in your life!" I tried squirming to get out of the grip of the dragon's spiky tendrils, but they were too powerful for me. Then as I finished squirming, the dragon said to me, "Don't bother squirming, little boy. My spikes are made out of Graphene, the strongest element in the universe! It is 400 times stronger than steel and 20 times stronger than the strongest diamond in existence! Basically even if you had the strongest blade in the world, you still not getting out of here. Now, it's time to meet your doom, little boy." I then had this weird sensation run through my whole body and above me the sky got suddenly very dark and lightning and thunder was crackling everywhere! Then I heard Omega Shenron shout, "Dragon Thunder! "and all of a sudden lightning began flashing from all of his spikes, causing an extreme tickling and tingly sensation to run through my whole body. Then all of a sudden it got much, much more intense as additional even more powerful lightning bolts struck my body and some of the bolts wrapped around my groin and then latched onto my penis, groping it and shocking it simultaneously causing a massive orgasm. The non-stop attack lasted for a mind-shattering two minutes, when it was over, every part of body was smoking, and there was even a bit of flames coming up my my penis which got the brunt of the attack, yet I was still conscious and not in any pain. It was the most intense sensation I have ever felt and that frightened and by how the Lightning bolts took a life of their own and began deliberately groping my penis. Then, the dragon threw down from 500 feet above the ring and I landed rather harshly in the ring. As I landed in the ring, Omega Shenron, Took my legs into it's hands and one by one took off my charred boots off of my feet. Below my boots were my pink smooth soles. He then began to tickle The soles of my feet with his fingers And lightning bolts, combined. In addition to that he began to lick The soles of my feet and even put my whole foot in his mouth and began to suck on it. Then, Omega Shenron then fired a Lightning Bolt at me. The moment the lighting bolt made contact with me, I turned into a girl. however, besides A newly formed vagina and tiny breasts, my other parts of the body remained where they were. I was tickle tortured by him in the ring for nearly two hours nonstop until the dragon finally used a tickle bolt on my penis for me to have an orgasm and pass out. Then when I woke up, I was spread eagled tied to an x-table in the middle of the ring! I knew the dragon had long since defeated me and the dragon was just using me as his sex toy and for the audience's amusement. Then, Omega Shenron did the unthinkable! All of a sudden he launched a bunch of lightning bolts at me. The bolts all seemed to be aimed at my private parts. Then, He stood in front of a holographic display of me. He then placed his hands of the holographic display of my penis and groin and began to jerk both of his monster hands up and down. Then all of a sudden, the lightning bolts struck my penis and the bolts formed into the shape of his Giant glowing electrical hands which too were going up and down now over my penis. I thought it couldn't get any worse, but just then another Dragonball Z character, Lord Freiza showed up and he told me, " You Little pathetic human, I am the most powerful being in the entire universe and we were looking for you everywhere, now that we've got you, you are going to be our sex toy for all of eternity! Then, Freiza began to put his tail into my vagina, right next to my penis which was still being fucked and electrocuted. Freiza was still facing me, while his tail was fucking me. As he was facing me, Frieza put his hands almost facing each other and between his two hands was a small pink sphere forming. I knew what it was and my eyes got wide with fear. "No, please anything but that! Anything but the death ball! Don't kill me, please!" Frieza then said to me, "For being so scared and trying to beg for your insignificant and pathetic life, I will use the strongest attack that I have ever used, and it will be not only be the death ball, but at full power. I will change into my strongest form to make the attack that much stronger! I know you're not even a martial arts fighter and barely 13 years old, but it's your fault for your being so scared of everything is the reason I am going all out on you as your punishment to teach you a lesson not to be afraid. Now you will have a real reason to be afraid!" Frieza then said to me While winking, "When you go inside the sphere, you will be shocked, tickled disintegrated molested and fucked all at the same time by the lightning and energy bolts!" The death ball then engulfed me and just as Frieza said would happen, I was not only being struck by the energy bolts all over my body, but the lightning bolts latched into my penis, vagina, breasts, chest, feet, ribs and thighs and began to vibrate like crazy, causing a massive orgasm. Then, a bolt struck me and the bolt was so powerful that my body exploded! My body exploded so ferociously from the death ball that the planet I was teleported to exploded because of the. combined force of my body and the death ball exploding! Then, I woke up spread eagled tied between four pillars a few feet off the ring, facing the top of the stadium. I also seemed to be hovering in midair still only dressed in my underwear and boots as another character, Azula from the Last airbender walked up to me, straddled my hips. Then she leaned over me and began to caress my Chest, ribs breasts and bony abs alongside Frieza who was fucking my pussy and Omega Shenron who was caressing my legs, calves, thighs and groin. She then cracked her knuckles, swished her hair and winked as she said, "If you think what you went through was anything, I will blow your mind away!" After caressing me for five minutes while being ganged raped by Freiza and Omega Shenron, She then started to put her middle and index finger on her right habd together and a crackle of blue electricity formed around her fingers and she then began to dance very gracefully. As a kid, I watched Avatar the Last Airbender, so I knew what was going to happen. I tried to brace myself and to my surprise when she released the lightning, the Lightning was pointed up at the sky not at me. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. "Not so fast, little boy! You know the sexy villain always has something hidden up her sleeves!" Azula purred as she leaned in and French kissed me as she put her middle and index finger pressed up my vagina. Then, in my pussy I began to feel a very strong tingly sensation right where her fingers were. As I peeked, I saw Azula's index and middle fingers on her right hand began glowing and I simultaneously heard a loud crack of thunder and when I looked up what I saw made my blood run cold. What I saw was a bolt of blue lightning coming from the sky right for me! I tried to scream, but Azula was still kissing me While beginning to electrocute me up my vagiba with her right hand and grope my Greats and chest with her left! Then as the Lightning bolt was about to strike, Azula lifted up both her hands stopping the Lightning bolt dead in its tracks! Then, she suddenly thrusted both hands up and all of a sudden blue flames had began to spring up all around my body. Then Azula thrusted her hands at me and the blue flames and the Lightning bolts struck my body simultaneously! Suddenly my body combusted into flames and pretty shortly my body looked crispy. The whole time it tickled and didn't hurt one bit! And I was actually having a massive orgasm from being shocked/tickled so badly. Then, Omega Shenron came and saw my well cooked, yet still living body and I saw him lick and pucker his lips and I feared he was going to eat me. My fear was confirmed as I realized I couldn't even budge an inch since Azula's friend, Ty-Lee paralyzed me by blocking my chi therefore severing all my nerve connections with my brain so I wasn't even able to squirm when Omega Shenron picked me up and began to lick, suck, tickle my feet with his lips and tongue. Then he began to put my whole foot in his mouth, then he began to swallow as deep as my bony legs up to thighs and by the time the dragon got to my private parts, it began to lick and shock my penis/vagina with its numerous Lightning generators in its mouth used for killing live prey, which the dragon was using to tickle/electro torture me. Then I orgasmed and once I orgasmed, then, Omega Shenron swallowed me whole! Then all of a sudden comma a huge lightning bolt struck and all of a sudden I began to notice my body begin to vaporize and then everything went dark. Just before everything went dark, I concluded that the lightning bolt that was vaporizing me was actually the dragon's way of digesting his prey! Then, just as I thought I was dragon prey, Omega Shenron spat me out and said, if you think that was anything, you got a whole other thing coming and you WILL NOT LIVE TO TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS EXPERIENCE"! Then as I was thinking about what Omega Shenron said, I noticed a man dressed in a traditional dress descend from the sky and land in the middle of the Ring. I realized it was Raiden from Mortal Kombat series. I said to myself, #aw fuck I'm screwed! He's the god of thunder, he's probably more powerful than the dragon who killed me in my dream before I woke up back in time and in an alternate deimension where my sexual fantasy of pikachu thunder raping as a little boy came true. Then Raiden's voice boomed throughout the arena, "You are right, little boy! You are screwed! But, I am not raiden, for raiden is too weak to have the guts to hurt innocent people, but on the other hand I am not. I have always been more powerful than the self proclaimed god of thunder. How do I like showing off my abilities is using my strongest powers on little kids who are terrified of thunder and lightning as punishment for their foolish fears! Also, me and Raiden battled and guess what I won! The deal was if I won, I can do anything I want with the children of Earth. However you're one of the skinniest child I have ever seen. Of course I will not actually do this to an actual child, which is why I sent you back in time into your younger body, so I can experience my fantasy of dominating little boys and girls like you! My name is not Raiden, it is Kalor! I then felt another bulge in my underwear than I put on after Omega Shenron spat me out. Kalor then said, "Remember when your babysitter Ashley began using lightning at first to aleviate your fears and by the time you turned 12, you make you sexually excited, well that was me controlling Ashley by manipulating the electrical activity in her brain. Since I control electricity, I am also able to actually read your mind my listening to your electrical impulses. I looked at him shocked, I thought to myself, when did he start watching me? He then told me, " I have began to watch you since you turned 5 years old. I began watching you since I knew there was something different about you, but I couldn't figure out what. I began to have a crush on you. At first I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help taking my eyes off your slender, cute body. So, one day after you turned six, I possessed your Mom and I began to molest you. At first as you noticed it began with a gentle caressing of your body, then smack you. The smacks were meant to be my lightning bolts striking your body. And when I began to pump you that was meant to symbolize the lightning bolts molesting your penis. I am actually asexual, since I have no gender, I am simply a being on pure electricity that took the appearance of a human male. I was getting so turned on by what Kalor said, he said, "Ah getting turned on are we? Looks like I can finally do what I have always wanted to do to you in person! Then, Kalor said intoned in a language I didn't comprehend, then suddenly my body became very stiff and I floated into mid-air. Then, my chest and groin area began to hurt alot, and I noticed my hair, which was always neck length, began to get longer and soon reached the shoulders! Also, magically a bra appeared on my chest and my underwear turned into a bikini and my feet, which had nothing suddenly had bolts that went slightly above the ankles. Then Kalor's hands began to glow white, just like Raiden's did just before he electrocuted them by grabbing them, lifting them off the ground and electrocuting them until they were burned to a crisp! Then all of a sudden, I felt a surge on painful, white hot electricity course through my skinny, 5 year old body as Kalor grabbed me and lifted me off the ground. The pain Of The lightning grab made me scream like I have never before ever in my life! Then I heard Kalor say, "Just for that scream, I am amplifying the attack infinately stronger! Then everything became white and I screamed so loud, I thought my own eardrums were going to burst! Then, I looked up and through the white from the glowing of the electricity coming from my body, I noticed a lightning bolt head for me. From the fatalities of mortal Kombat at vs DC Universe,the moment the bolt made contact with the body, all of the flash was vaporized off the body. Then, as the bolt continued to hit the character's renains as he/she fell, when they landed on the ground the parts of the bones that were hit by the most of the lighting was on fire and smoking! I knew this was an even stronger attack as only one second into the attack, I had two orgasms simultaneously one on my penis and one from my vagina as I was both a boy and girl at the same time. I also noticed that already my flesh was burning off revealing my bones. Then, the moment the bolt made contact with my body, all of the flesh vaporized and then Kalor let me fall to the ground, just like in the video game during Raiden's fatalitym Instead, my eyes, heart and lungs and brain were stilll functional, so I was able to see hear and process everything that was going on. I never felt fear like I've ever felt at that moment before! Then, Kalor approached me and said, "any last words little one, before you are blown into oblivion." My response, was the middle finger. I wanted to anger Kalor so he could quickly end me to avoid any unnecessary suffering. Then Kalor blasted my skeleton with electricity causing my lower body to explode, sending bones from my body everywhere. One the last thing that I saw for everything went black was my eye sockets that was still connected to my brain twirling back around seeing my scattered skeleton flying apart. My skull which was still conscious due to a brain and eye sockets then landed one foot away from Kalor. The last thing that I saw was Kalor picked up skull, and cut my skull open, and took my brain and eye sockets out of the skull, the very last thing I remember is the monster taking a large part of my brain out, and swallowing it! I was still conscious the entire time since the brain that deals with conscious was still operational. He then placed what was left of my conscious brain on a weight scale and Kalor then when my I saw how much I weighed total, my total weight at the time was three ounces, hardly any weight at all! Then, picked up what was left of my 3-ounce body and said, goodbye little boy it was nice knowing you and your brain will keep me full!" Last thing I remember is Kalor opening his mouth to take a big bite out of my brain and then comma then nothing! Then, the next thing I remember When I woke up, all around me I saw nothing but orange fiery skies and the air smelled a foul stench of sulfur like I never had before. Then, a being came up to me and said. "You little sex toy, you want to know where you are?, well before you ask me, I will inform you, that you are in HFIL. You didn't commit any serious offenses to be here, but you're here because the devil has been looking for someone like you to play with since the beginning of time!" I asked, "For how long will I be here." She then said, "Depending on how you do. If you don't do anything wrong, and take your tortures, you will stay here for only for the next 100 trillion to the trillion power years, before when you will be eligible for release. and by the way, the tortures will last non-stop until when you get released. From now until then, you will be personally tortured by the devil because you the Devil's favorite type. Just to let you know the devil is asexual as he/she has two sexes. Young, small extremely ticklish and extremely skinny boys and girls are is favorite prey and you're The most perfect one of them all!" The tortures will include tickle, electrocution rape and constant vaporization and gender changes. The torture starts now!" Then what looked like a 500 foot monster began to walk towards me. When the devil got to me he/she launched Lightning bolts at me and the being fucked me with the bolts many times per day. My punishment was different. As the hell secretary said, I was to be personally tortured by the devil for over 100 trillion years, before I woke up back in my body. I technically wasn't dead, just my body was kidnapped because the devil actually had a huge crush on my 5 year old body and couldn't wait to do me any longer and he/she felt that my body was in the prime condition to be fucked and tortured. While the others in Hell, even the most evil ones in the universe were only sentenced for a few million years, I was sentenced for a million more times than the person sentenced for the longest time! I then snapped, "What?! are you kidding me?! The most evil people in the universe get only a few million years and I am getting their sentenced squared! What did I do wrong?!" I said the last part in anguish. The devil said, "Well, my little slave, your little outburst just bought you an extra 100 googol to the googol power years. which means you're now going to spend 50 times as long as what was just in store for you. Also, the strength and frequency of the attacks will be much larger, so now instead of a 10 second break between each attack, there will be none, so now all the attacks will overlap, so now the overlapping will last 10 minutes. So, not only will you not get a break, but the attacks will be stronger, last longer and even come together! The demon now launched a barrage of Lightning bolts at my body. just as the bolts struck my body, the demon began to simultaneously pump my dick with its tail and stick its 14 inch cock into my vagina while I was getting the living fuck electrocuted out of me. Then, my body spontaneously combusted into tickling flames, but didn't just burn my body, but completely vaporized it! Over the next 10 trillion years, so much cum came out of my body that there was enough cum to fill all of the surface of the Earth a mile deep ten times over! On top of that I was being constantly disintegrated and fucked every few hours by the devil, Omega Shenron, pikachu and by every supernatural being in the universe! Even though I was still 5, David bibey have an adult penis in balls causing me to have Non-Stop productive orgasms even though I was only five years old physically At one point, while being thunder fucked by Omega Shenron, Freiza came up to me and threw his 100 percent death ball at me, while the Frieza's tail went into my tight skinny ass. while Raiden from Mortal Kombat grabbed me by my tiny breasts from my bony chest, electrocuting me, causing all the flesh to be vaporized and Kalor then ate my bones. Next day amid being reannimated, I was beautifully put back to being tortured daily for mellianums even after I had been a victim of billying Ing in This combined attack which stronger and stronger with each passing second. It got immensely stronger per second, increasing sextillion times per second. By the second year, the attack was so powerful, 30 times stronger than the big bang that a pocket universe had to be created for me to be tortured for the remaining googol to the googol power years, which is 1 with twenty thousand zeros after the one. The attack time got added when the devil found out my fear of lightning and added the time as a punishment for what he considered childish fears. He said to me, "For being so scared of thunder and lightning and your fear of electrocution I will add another googol to the googol times googol power years which is now the longest number in the universe which is even longer than I have sentenced anyone, even on my darkest and deepest fantasies. Actually Scratch that, you will be in here so long, that even if the zeros were the smallest particle in the universe, even smaller than Dark Matter, the particles will be so dense the entire universe can't contain it and the entire universe will be denser than graphene, the strongest element in the universe by googol to the googol power times another google times. And that will only be the additional time you will be spending here on top of your punishment for your outburst and the original 100 trillion years you were supposed to spend here." I knew there was no hope of ever getting out for me. I knew that the age of the universe was only approximately 20 billion years old, and the Universe had another ten trillion years to go before it too either faded into nothing or got pulled apart by dark matter as some theoretical physicist speculate. That means when the universe would have been googol times googol to the googol power times gone by then and I still would be there. I asked the devil, "Why am I in hell?" The demon told me, "Because I have waited all of eternity for someone as vulnerable and sexy as you. Now that I have you in my clutches, you are never going to leave. Not even in so many years that even if the zeros are the size of neutrinos that there will be so many zeros that will make the universe infinity times stronger than graphene will you be released. Even if you square infinity upon itself an infinite number of times years, you will still be here, little boy!" I said, "You made a deal! I didn't even commit any sins! You will let me go, or else! Also, I didn't do anything to be in Hell in the first place and I bet what is happening to me was part of a crazy dream, but it does feel extremely realistic." The devil then said, "Actually it isn't a dream, except that I teleported you to an alternate universe after your friends and Omega Shenron Finished you off . Also, didn't just take your soul, but your entire body as well. Also, since I can freeze time, if I choose I can one day send you back and no time would have passed at all, yet for you an eternity would pass and you would die almost instantly, or go insane and have to go to an asylum, or nothing happens and if you tell one soul, I will come to Earth and personally torture you in front of the whole world in real time! I was going to send you back now, but your little outburst just bought you the longest possible amount of time nearest to infinity." I was so excited, to be tortured by one of the most powerful beings in the universe! Not only that, but some of the most powerful beings I have ever heard of we're all going to take turns thunder fucking and electrocuting me. Then, I heard devil say, "You know Hell wasn't created to punish sinners as nearly everyone thinks back on Earth, but to actually torture sexy boys and girls like you! Also, for the remainder of your time here, you will be a girl, starting now!" The the devil then transformed into a Female sith, Then she turned me into a little girl as well! As I looked around I saw literally thousands of small black boxes as far as the eye can see. When I asked the devil what were they, she told me "Those are attack multipliers and for each box, the attack will be a googol to the googol power times Stronger." Then as my never ending attack was intercepted by the box, the attack became so powerful that when I screamed, I screamed so loud that I sounded like the little girl toy that I was and I was instantly vaporized! I was nearly promptly reanimated and then vaporized Instantly. The whole cycle repeated only every 30-40 seconds! Then, the sith used a force Lightning attack on me, turning me crispy brown and vaporizing me and when finally was reanimated, I was a girl, not a boy! The attack got even crazier as by the second! By the first year, the attack got so strong, the whole process would last five to ten seconds, but even in five seconds by the end of the year, was a trillion times more energy than what I have gotten in ten years, just a few months ago, now I am getting shocked with so much electricity in one second it is powerful enough to power all of mankind's energy needs for infinity to the infinity power years! Now my body was burning so severely that the flames from my burning body would reach so many universes that even if that many universes were one then th the diameter of a neutrino, that not only could the matter not fit in our universe, but it would entrap the entire universe in a material that is a trillion times stronger than Graphene. This attack caused the flames to go googol to the googol to the googol times googol power universes. That was only the tip of the iceberg! Then, the devil said, "I will slow down time so much, that one yoctosecond, which is one septillionth of a second and this is what it looks like 0.000000000000000000000001 will equal one trillion years! Also, you are still going to be here for googol to the googol power years of time wasn't slowed down and now the number is so long that I will have to say googol to the googol power years for so long that the words will cover the entire universe! That's because one second will now be googol to the googol power years! I was now shaking in my sexy boots because I was so scared! The demon then said, This is a punishment for being so scared of me when you were younger and that is the ultimate last straw! Not only will the torture last this much longer my the power of the attacks will increase by googol to the googol power times per what would be a second to you, but would be no time at all for outside of the time bubble!" Soon the attack got so powerful in only one hour that the attack went beyond simply vaporizing me, but destroying every part of me, even the atomic and subatomic particles! I couldn't believe it as every part of my body was eliminated. Even particles thought to be indestructible was eliminated because the attack on me was so strong! The whole process lasted I my two seconds and the attack only got stronger and stronger and stronger. The next thing that happened was that the boogeyman who was like ten thousand miles tall electroticke raped me for 3,000 googol years. Then, the boogeyman up telekinetically and thunderraped and vaporized me to nothing but a bunch of invisible charged particles! Then he absorbed every part of me, I was instantly vaporized in his stomach which was part of his digestive system. He renanimated are and vaporized me many googol times in order to feast on my ashy remains and once he reanimated me after he was full he raped me and molested, tickled and even vaporized by him personally for the next 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000 gooleplex years Times googolplex to the googolplex power years times googolplex years"Just for fun!" Then, when I finally some up, I woke up in a weird spread eagle position. My body was shaped in a weird position with my head being in a lower position looking upwards with my chest and chest and stomach going upward until my groin area, Then from my pelvic area, my legs went down and under the weirdly shaped table. My arms went down and under the table far enough just to touch toes and soles of my feet. The highest part of my body was now my extremely erect penis. Even though I was in my eight and a half year old body, I still had a huge erection that went over 8 inches, which was even way above average for a normal sized adult. Due to my erection being so tall, lightning with constantly strike my penis and I was getting thunderfucked 8 googol the the googol power more times as long all the time is spent in the torture Hell thus far! It turned out all I had heard the boogeyman tell me, " don't you realize you're never getting out of here! Look, I know they just told you that you going to be here for Googol to the Googol Power times googolplex to the googolplex power years. Actually no, you are never going to be released from here. You are going to be here forever! I was now getting both scared and sexually excited by what the boogeyman told me. He told me, "Do you know that you have been here so long that the Universe has formed and was destroyed in the reformed several Googol times! Your next vacation will be in googolplex to the googolplex to the googolplex to the googolplex power years times googolplex to the googolplex power years! If you think you were in here for a long time and will be released soon, you are wrong! All The time you have spend in here, accounts for only one googolplexth of the time you have spent here so far the entire time. Your vacation will only be one day and the time between each vacation will increase googolplex to the googolplex to the googolplex power times googolplex to the googolplex power times. Then a being made entirely of electricity approached me! Then, the electrical being thunderously said to me, "just a tiny bolt, so small that it's subatomic not from an attack, but from my body is going to be googol to the googol to the googol power times a googol power times Stronger than all of the attacks combined at their strongest that you have ever experienced combined, even all the attacks combined over googolplex to the googleplex times longer than you have experienced ever experienced! But guess what, I am going to throw myself on you in that attack will be so powerful that if I try to explain to you how many infinity to the Infinity power Infinity times it will be stronger then my strongest attack,your head will explode into Oblivion! Your body will burn with such an intensity that the heat from your body what lead to the creation of Infinity to the infinity to the infinity times to the Infinity power universes! And that's if I'd only who's that attack for one Googolplexth of a yoctosecond!" The asexual electrical entity in the shape of a 1000 foot humanoid monster then grabbed my penis with their hands and began to jerk me off! Instantly the fire from my body was so strong, then all I saw were black, not white flames because they were so hot! Also these black flames ravaged my body vaporizing my chest, legs and thighs and all around my body except my head and the groin which was being jerked off! As soon As I finished having the biggest orgasm I have ever experienced, "electro" then pounced on me and I experienced the biggest tickling sensation I have ever felt in my life simultaneously as I experienced the most pain I have ever experienced in my life from the mega thundermolesting bolt as I was also simultaneously vaporized as my leftover particles were absorbed into Electro's body to feed the electrical entity. Then, I suddenly awoke spread eagled tied, standing up! Then, the being threw an electrical attack at me, which looked at me and the electrical entity shaped like me mimicked everything I did! The electrical monster then told me, "No matter what you do, my special attack is designed to shock and vaporize every atom right down to the tiniest subatomic particle in existence in your body. I did this by matching the dimensions of your body right down to every last subatomic particle in your body. There's no way to escape this! After this attack, you will be beyond being simply disintegrated or vaporized, you will be destroyed so badly that everybody in the universe will forget of your existence and it's so powerful this attack will erase your very soul from existence!" Then, the attack hit me and instantly I was on fire and the electrical hands began to tickle my feet and the electrical feet began giving me a footjob! Then, every being in the universe converged on me, and this is the last thing I write before I am Completely destroyed! Monster's point of view: Now before me stood this shivering pile of skin and bones. He looked like a little boy who needed love and affection, but he was not a little boy, he was just an 18 year old skinny, but hot nerdy boy in his old 11 year old body. Now that he is 11 years old biologically, but chronologically he is older than the universe by googol to the googol power times due to his nearly eternal torture. I then took his skinny preteen arm and began caressing it, electrocuting it and causing his arm to become to become fried and crispy. Then I electrocuted the rest of his body, making his body crispy and well done. Then I took tiny Stephen into my hands, and then I sucked the meat off his skinny and fried body, leaving just his bones. then I took his bones, placed them on the ground turn my hands Towards the Sky and lifted them, and Stevens skeleton simultaneously erupted into white hot flame turned into dust. Then I took the remains of the bones of little Stephen's sexy body and inhaled them adding calcium to my giant body. This was Stephen's punishment for being so scared of everything, especially thunder and lightning. I reanimated Stephen and continued The process of reanimation vaporization and etong the little boy/girl for infinity to the infinity power years, until I decided he had enough and it was time for the ultimate attack. Then came time for the main event! Every monster that ever was imagined and real began suddenly releasing their strongest attack on him and then he was completely vaporized. This attack lasted infinity to the infinity times longer than my attack. His girly scream was the last I heard of the sexy tween just as he was got vaporized! Now he is somewhere, where even my strongest attack are nothing! He is so far down in hell that I can't hear him, but he will remain here for all eternity with his destroyed soul. He will also be attacked by an attack googol to the googol power times stronger than anything he got attacked so far even over all the time combined. Not only will this be the strongest and final attack on Stephen, but the attack will get googol to the googol power universes every yoctosecond over all of eternity! After spending googol to the googol to the googol power times longer than all the time he spent in hell Even with every second to the googol to the googol power times he spent in hell, I feel that Steve and learned his lesson, so I finally released him from his eternal torture and sent him back home. However, Steven still have to serve his punishment of Eternal torture, so every Google to the Google power times longer all the universes existence he spends in hell, he will get one day off in the real world. But, he will only got a two days off on Earth combined which was separated for ten hours each day at once 10 hours was up he suddenly passed out and found himself once in deepest layer of torture hell. and after every break he spent an extra googol to the googol power infinity power enternities longer on top of what he spent before I have him his first vacation and it will continue to her that much longer before he had his next break. What's his last break is over, I will erase all of his existence like what I trained would happen all those years ago and I wanted that was just a taste of what would really happen when she turned eighteen. Yet, on the outside world, no time will have passed at all. Back to Stephen point of view. After experiencing nothing but torture for more years that even if the smallest particle in the universe, even if the universe was entirely made of this tiniest subatomic particle, it would make material that would be trillions of times stronger than graphene, currently the universe's strongest material. Even though I was going through so much in the pocket universe. It later turned out that where I was being sent to was actually a special universe for BDSM fantasies that only very good people get to experience. In the entire history of the universe of the Google to the Google Power beings that have ever existed, only 100 get to experience this pocket universe, and so far I have spent the longest time, because according to them that was my true hearts desire to stay there for all infinity. When I got back to the real world, I decided to let my girlfriend know of what I went through and surprisingly she actually believed me and confess to me that she was also one of the people who have been there before. After making a special request to the ruler of this pocket universe, my girlfriend now my fiance, was going to stay with me and experience everything that I went through together for all of eternity. Also, in this universe can you never go to sleep and you can never feel tired and there's no need for food or water at all. Unlike in the real world, consequences such as pregnancy or std's were non-existent,so one could really have sex in this universe without a care in the world When we arrived there together after my last day off for all of eternity. We fell asleep actually jumped into a vast ocean of my own cum from when I Got a Googol to the Googol Power year tickle orgasm which was now sticky and clear and served as the reservoir for the energy of all monsters who lives in this pocket universe that I was destined to stay for googol to the googol tines longer than hell and now the tortures were going get Google to the Google power x exponentially worse Without End for the rest of Eternity! This was truly an endless and never ending nightmare! .