Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Alisa and The Dolphins Alisa Selezneva, Snuff, Loli, Dolphins, Consensual, Hard Vore Quite close to the shore a pod of dolphins overtook the cutter. For some time they swam along side, leaping and diving. Then, before they turned and headed for the open sea one of them stopped, looked at the cutter, and shouted in a thin voice: "All right, Alisa!" "Ah! Yes! Of course!" Alisa answered, happily. Bertha couldn't believe her own ears, "Did those Dolphins talk?" She asked shocked. "Yes," Alisa grinned as she looked out onto the swimming dolphins. "Dolphins talk like we do. In fact, they even eat humans!" She declared happily. The whole boat was shocked. "What do you mean eat?" one of the crew members asked. "You mean, like predators?" "No, like humans do!" Alisa replied, "That's why, to thank them for rescuing me from the robots, I promised to let them eat me," Alisa declared proudly. Bertha smiled, "If they understand the concept that a sentient being can be eaten willingly... That means they truly are our brothers!" Bertha rejoiced. While the crew was distracted by this amazing discovery, Alisa began to strip off her clothes. First, she grabbed the base of her striped shirt, and pulled it over her head, revealing her flat chest and perky little nipples. With her shirt removed, Alisa dropped it on the floor where someone else could find it and give it to another little girl like her, before continuing to strip. No one really seemed to be looking at her, for the moment they were too absorbed in their talk about this amazing new discovery, but one of the crew members, realizing that they were about to see dolphins eat a girl for the first time, in a manner similar to human cannibalism, was already setting up a camera to capture the moment for posterity. Alisa quickly undid the button of her shorts, pushing them off her legs which were still soft from her baby fat. Without stepping out of her pants, Alisa squatted to undo the velcro on her shoes, taking her socks off with them at the same time in a childish attempt to save effort before pulling off her pants the same way. This left Alisa standing in just her panties. They were a nice pair of panties, pink and white striped with lacy white trim, perfectly fit for an 8 year old girl like her, but they'd be ruined if she wore them while being eaten; so Alisa pulled them off as well exposing her adorable pre-pubescent twat, her cute little clit nestled at the top between her chubby lower lips. The discussion died down just as the crew member finished setting up the camera, both just in time to catch a glimpse of Alisa's heart-shaped butt before she turned around and waved goodbye to her friends on the boat. Alisa smiled with child-like glee, happy to be eaten by her new friends. Though she was a virgin, and completely inexperienced in sexual matters, the sheer excitement she was feeling was teasing her nipples into hardness and making her puffy, immature pussy blush as if embarrassed. After waving goodbye, Alisa made her way to the railing at the edge of the boat and grabbed hold. Her cute little butt bobbed as she climbed her way over the railing, before diving into the water revealed a brief glimpse of her flushed pussy to the watching crew and camera. The sun was shining, and the sea had just enough waves to make swimming fun, Alisa thought as she dived beneath the surface, only to bob back up like a ping pong ball, her newly wet hair draped over her eyes and across her slightly pudgy cheeks as she smiled at the dolphins swimming around her. "Okay, I'm ready for you to eat me now!" Alisa announced cheerfully. Very quickly, Alisa felt something nudging her between her legs as she slowly kicked in place to stay above the surface. Alisa slowed her kicking immediately to make it easier on her friend, relying on her hands alone to keep her above the surface. Something smooth and warm was pressing against her pussy! Alisa realized, looking down to see a dolphin poking at the opening to her treasure with his snout. Alisa turned her attention to some of her other dolphin friends, leaving the one beneath her to his business. Alisa squealed in the middle of laughing at a joke one of the other dolphins told her, as she felt something large and round entering her pussy. It was the dolphin's snout! The unexpected intrusion had surprised her, but she wasn't worried, since she knew the dolphin below her was planning on eating her. "That's not how you eat me, silly!" Alisa laughed at the Dolphin's mistake. Streaks of blood wafted from Alisa's treasure, leaking out around the dolphin's snout. The dolphin's snout was too large for Alisa's tiny pussy. Already it was tearing her up just by being inside of her. Alisa laughed as her heart pounded in her young chest. The dolphin bounced her up and down in the water in an attempt to either pull his snout free, or drive it even further inside her, Alisa couldn't quite tell which. The young girl's heart leaped inside her throat and her stomach dropped out from under her as the dolphin shook her carelessly from side to side, sending her splashing through the crashing waves to cries of childish glee. Alisa squealed, delighted. Even though the dolphin's snout was tearing at her pussy, to Alisa, it felt like a roller coaster! Still, her new friend wasn't exactly eating her like this, was he? "Can you get free?" Alisa asked, only for the Dolphin to shake his head violently; sending her thrashing through the water, her pussy spreading a trail of red behind her even as she almost blacked out from the stimulation alone. This was a big problem! Alisa had promised that the dolphins could eat her, but this one couldn't do so if his mouth was trapped in her pussy! "Bertha once told me that Dolphins have strong jaws," Alisa thought out loud. "Can you use them to tear your way out of me?" Alisa asked, hopefully. The dolphin nodded his assent, sending Alisa splashing through the water by her pussy one more time before the dolphin opened his mouth. Alisa's eyes bulged wide as she felt her tiny young pussy start to rip, gashes opening in her sensitive inner walls where the dolphins snout had pulled her very flesh apart. Blood billowed from her submerged slit like an open bottle of ink dropped into a puddle. Alisa giggled, admiring the pretty patterns her blood painted in the water. It tinted everything she could see with a heavy red so thick that Alisa could barely make out the silhouettes of her new friends through the cloud. "Wow, your pussy is really tight Alisa!" the girl heard echo from inside her sex. She couldn't help but giggle. Each word the dolphin uttered sent a wave of ticklish little bubbles straight up her sensitive snatch, sending her into a fit of childish laughter while he spoke. "We're glad you're having fun Alisa," one of the other dolphins stuttered, letting out a high pitched dolphin laugh to emphasize his words. Alisa giggled happily, "I really am!" She announced. "But, how about you? I promised all of you that you could eat me, but you haven't even taken a bite?" "That's true," The dolphin replied sheepishly. "It's not that we're not hungry, we were just distracted by how much fun you were having!" The dolphin admitted. "Well," Alisa replied, accepting the dolphin's reasoning. "I suppose that makes sense. I don't want you to be hungry though. Why not try some of my arm?" She asked, extending her small young arm to be eaten. Through all this, the boat crew watched avidly, filming Alisa's encounter with great care so that they could present their findings later. It truly was amazing to watch such majestic and clearly intelligent creatures beginning to eat this polite young girl! Of course, Berta was also watching closely, but the older woman had a very different reason for her interest. Though the others were too distracted by Alisa's adventure to catch it, Berta's hand slowly dipped beneath her skirt, not in scientific curiosity, but in arousal. The dolphin below Alisa stretched his snout wider and wider, tearing her open centimeter by centimeter until, finally, he managed to slip his beak free of Alisa's tight young snatch. Alisa felt sadly empty as her once tiny pussy was left gaping, leaving a trail of blood in the water. Alisa reached down to touch where the Dolphin had torn her open, but quickly drew her hand back as she realized just how painful it was to touch her wounded cunny. While Alisa was distracted, the second dolphin decided to surprise her. With a powerful flick of his tail, he darted in and took a large bite from Alisa's outstretched arm, ripping a large chunk free before darting back out again, leaving Alisa with yet another wound, this one deep enough to show just a hint of white beneath the red cloud that rose from the wound. Alisa's eyes widened as she stared at her newly visible bone. Her left arm wasn't responding any more, it just floated in the water, blood spreading from it just like it spread from her pussy. Even though it hurt, Alisa didn't mind being eaten so far. She was feeding her new friends, and experiencing lots of new things. Tentatively, Alisa reached out and touched the exposed piece of her skeleton. The bone was hard beneath her hand, unyielding, and Alisa giggled girlishly at the thought that she was made of such bones, and soon her friends on the boat would be able to see more of them. The hungry dolphin that bit her arm before came back and, brushing against Alisa's fingers, stole another bite fron the same part of her arm as before when he passed, leaving the bone beneath Alisa's slightly pudgy arm visible from both sides of her. Alisa laughed at the Dolphin's mischievous nature, stealing a bite when she wasn't expecting it! He was welcome to eat as much of her as he liked of course, Alisa didn't mind even though being eaten like this did hurt quite a bit, after all, she had promised the dolphins that they could eat her. That's why her new friend's stealthy biting was more playful foolishness than frightening, it wasn't scary at all to be eaten when you're happy to be food. For a few seconds, Alisa just floated there, admiring the pretty way her blood wafted through the waves making a cloud around her. Alisa could see her friend happily chewing his stolen prize, and it brought her joy to see just how much the Dolphin was enjoying her meat. Her blood was warming the water, making her swim very pleasant, and although her arm was now useless, and her young pussy stretched and broken, Alisa took the moment to relax and enjoy herself; treading water next to her new friends. "Eee!" Aliza squealed as something inserted itself again into her strained and bleeding pussy. The surprise didn't scare her, but much like her teacher calling on her while she was half asleep, it jostled her out of her mellow mood and requested her attention. Through the water around her was thick with her blood, Alisa could still see the silhouette of a Dolphin beneath her and she realized that she knew the feeling of the object inside her privates as well! This was a dolphin's snout. Or, half of it at least. Alisa felt the other half of the Dolphin's snout press against the top of her bare pubic mound as her new friend bit down on her pussy. Alisa giggled happily. "That's much better than before! Now you can bite my cunny out much easier!" The Dolphin giggled too, sending a stream if tickling bubbles into Alisa's bleeding puss. Alisa laughed joyfully as the bubbles brushed against her gaping pussy, popping pleasantly inside her. "You taste delicious Alisa!" The dolphin that had stolen a bite from her arm piped up. "Thanks for feeding us!" "You're welcome Mister Dolphin!" Alisa replied. "I just wanted to give you a treat to thank you for rescuing me, but I'm glad you like me!" She cheered, smiling broadly. "You're the tastiest thing we've ever eaten!" The Dolphin replied. "If all human girls are as delicious as you are, we'll have to ask some more of them if they'll let us eat them like you did." "Silly Dolphin," Alisa laughed, "you're already thinking of eating other girls, but you haven't finished me yet, see?" Alisa teased, picking up her useless half-eaten arm with her good hand and waving it at her dolphin friends. "If you want more young girls to eat, I'm sure my society can find some for you." Berta chimed in from the railing near the edge of the boat. From the way her nipples were visibly poking at the cloth of her shirt, it was clear that she was really enjoying watching Alisa being ripped apart. If that weren't enough of a clue however, one of Bertha's hands was gripping the railing, but the other was down between her legs. Alisa couldn't tell what Bertha was really doing, since a thick sheet of metal designed to keep things from sliding off the deck was blocking her view, but the dolphins, each more experienced than their young meal, could easily guess what the older woman was doing. They ignored her and her offer, focusing on their innocent friend instead. The Dolphin, the underside of whose beak was half-lodged in Alisa's tiny slit nodded, sending Alisa swishing back and forth through the water. "That's true, Alisa," he agreed, each word slightly muffled from the prepubescent pussy filling his mouth. Alisa felt the dolphin's little teeth cutting into her privates slightly with each word he spoke. "Didn't anyone teach you not to speak with your mouth full, silly?" Alisa giggled. "Is that a human thing?" The dolphin asked, his teeth slicing into Alisa's snatch slightly as he spoke. "We dolphins don't have that rule," he explained, fascinating the people watching him and his friends tear Alisa apart. Truly, even though they were alike in intellect and tastes, dolphins were a very different culture from Humanity. Alisa's eyes opened wide in surprise, happy to learn something new even as she died. "Wow! That's amazing!" She admitted. One of the dolphins that hadn't had a taste of Alisa yet darted hungrily forward, latching onto Alisa's untouched arm, her beak grabbing it by the wrist. "Oooh!" Alisa cried out as the dolphin began to pull. Normally Alisa would just be dragged along, but the dolphin lodged in her tight young snatch was holding her in place! Alisa's arm was torn from her with a low, wet, ripping sound; blood billowing copiously from the wound. "Ah!" Alisa exclaimed, enjoying the way her ruined shoulder stained the water around her an even deeper red. Alisa could feel the pain of course, but she didn't mind it. Everyone knew that being eaten was painful, but the pain didn't matter as much if she could make her new friends happy. "You taste delicious, Alisa!" The dolphin gnawing on her stolen arm praised the brave young girl. It was true too, Alisa's young flesh was soft and tender, with just enough muscle to enhance the taste without making it tough. It made her incredibly tasty. Alisa smiled, admiring the pretty cloud of blood leaking from where her arm used to be, as well as the white bone of her shoukder joint which was barely visible if Alisa tilted her head just so. "Thank you very much!" She replied politely, "I'm really glad you like me!" "We wouldn't have rescued you if we didn't!" The stealthy dolphin that had stolen just a chunk of her arm earlier snickered. "That's not what I meant, silly!" Alisa giggled, even as the researchers above her and her new friends boggled at the fact that dolphins could make jokes like that, another amazing similarity between them and human beings! "I meant I'm happy that you find me tasty!" Alisa corrected with childlike innocence. Berta marveled at the sight of Alisa being destroyed by the creatures that she had devoted her life to studying. It was incredibly hot, even if the other scientists seemed immune to the lust it evoked in her. Berta couldn't keep from touching herself at the sight, even as she wished it was her down there being eaten instead of her young friend. "You are-" Alisa squealed as the dolphin speaking inside her young cunny bit down, hard, "really tasty." The words bubbled up from Alisa's bleeding pussy, muffled from being spoken by the dolphin with their mouth full. "Ah!" Alisa cried out, her already stretched and battered flower incredibly sensitive to the sensation of the dolphin's tiny teeth. Without warning, the dolphin jerked his head, ripping the front of Alisa's private mound from her body and swallowing it in a single satisfied gulp. Alisa's eyes widened as yet another cloud of crimson burst from her body coloring the water around her. She could see something small, obscured by her own blood floating separate from her body, but still attached. Despite the fact that her remaining arm was almost useless due to the chunk that had been ripped out of it, Alisa strained to control it anyway, bringing down in a clumsy jerking motion to touch the floating thing. Alisa's fingers wrapped around it, not really understanding just what she was touching yet, but enjoying the warm, soft feeling of the thing beneath her fingers. Whatever it was, it was smooth, smother than her own skin, and almost slimy. It slipped easily between her clumsy fingers until it floated freely in the ocean once more. "What is that?" Alisa asked, still a curious young girl. "That's your womb!" A dolphin happily replied, seeing it easily through the cloud of the young girl's blood using echolocation. "It's where babies come from," Berta added from above, lustfully watching as her young friend was consumed by the creatures Bertha had dedicated her life to. "Oh!" Alisa called out, fascinated by the idea. The young blonde knew that babies grew inside mothers, but she'd never really realized that she could have one too. "But," Alisa realized, "I don't really need that if I'm being eaten do I? Babies take a long time to grow... do any of you want it?" She asked, poking at her floating womb. No sooner than Alisa had asked, another dolphin swam by, snatching the young girl's womb in her teeth and tearing it from Alisa's body with one powerful stroke of her tail. Alisa gasped as the pain hit her unexpectedly, but she could hear the mischievous new dolphin giggling happily, and Alisa didn't mind a little pain if her friends were having fun! Alisa giggled with her dolphin friends as she watched the dolphin tear her womb apart and happily dart back and forth through the water swallowing the pieces. Her vision was getting darker, and she could feel herself starting to fade away. "Thank you, Alisa!" The dolphin that had just finished eating her womb called out. "You're really tender and delicious!" She added. "Oh! You're a girl!" Alisa realized, hearing the dolphin lady's voice for the first time. "Will you get pregnant with a human girl now that you ate my womb?" Alisa asked with childlike innocence. The dolphin laughed, "Don't worry! It doesn't work like that," the dolphin lady reassured her young meal. "Oh," Alisa frowned, "I sort of wish it did though. Maybe she'd be tasty like me when she grew up?" Alisa mused, thinking of the baby that would never happen as her own. "No one could be as tasty as you Alisa!" The dolphin that had taken the first bite from her body chirped. "I wish I could have another bite." "Well, why not?" Alisa asked. "You haven't finished eating me yet," Alisa stated looking down through the pinkish water at her damaged body. "You could eat my legs, or the rest of my arm, or my throat..." Alisa offered as the dolphin approached. "What about these?" The dolphin asked nosing at Alisa's unbudded breasts. "Are they tasty?" "My nipples?" She asked. "I don't know. I've never eaten them. You could try them?" "I think I will," the dolphin replied, catching one of Alisa's eraser-like nubs in his snout and tearing it off. Alisa smiled through the pain as she watched yet another cloud of crimson flow from her body, staining the water once more. The dolphin had taken more than just her nipple with him when he tore off the latest morsel from her body, he'd taken all of what would have one day become her right breast! Alisa struggled with her maimed but still present arm, reaching up to touch the wound. She could feel one of her ribs with her clumsy fingertips; exposed to the water surrounding her. "Wow!" Alisa gasped, touching the edges of the wound and a bit amazed that her friend had managed such a large bite with so little to grip onto. "How is it?" She asked, curious to know how her own nipples tasted. "It's very tender." The dolphin admitted as he finished eating his prize. "Are all young girls like you this tasty?" He asked. Alisa frowned. "I don't know," she admitted, feeling herself starting to fade from the bites already torn out of her. "Well, if they are," the dolphin replied "I hope I get to eat another human girl soon!" Alisa laughed, "Don't worry! Once other girls see how nice you are, they'll be happy to feed you," Alisa asserted. The young girl floated helplessly in the waves, her cunt ruined, her womb ripped away, her arm missing, her chest savaged, and her remaining arm maimed, all of them slowly leaking what little blood Alisa had left. It was a wonder that she'd lasted this long, and a testament to the girl's good heart that she was still able to talk with her new friends as they ate her. The young prepubescent blonde reached out to pet a dolphin as it passed, enjoying the feel of its smooth skin beneath her finger, and its cooing chuckle in response. "I'm almost gone," Alisa admitted weakly. "Do any of you want to take another bite?" She asked curiously. Another dolphin she didn't recognize, a girl this time, swam up below her and nosed at Alisa's legs with her beak. Alisa gasped, the raw wound at the top of her inner thigh hurting even under the relatively gentle touch of her new friend, but she understood what the dolphin wanted and spread her legs apart as best she could. Alisa's legs drifted in the water, a steady trickle of blood leaking from her ruined pussy refreshing the crimson cloud between her supple legs. With her young legs spread, the dolphin grabbed a hold of her left ankle and began to pull, dragging her along in the water. Alisa frowned as her mind drifted away, making it difficult to stay on topic. "I think you need someone else to help you if you want to tear my whole leg off, miss dolphin lady," Alisa suggested. Maybe one of you can hold onto my shoulder and pull me apart that way?" She asked. "I'll do it!" The dolphin that had torn apart Alisa's unbudded breast offered eagerly with the young girl's blood still staining his snout. "That way I can eat your arm, right?" Alisa laughed. "You really are hungry! But, you should share it if someone else wants some. There's not much of me left," she chided, her gaze lingering on the places where her severed arm and pussy used to be, not to mention her wounded chest and remaining arm! "Of course!" The dolphin agreed, "All dolphins learn how to share when we're young. Don't humans?" The scientists oohed and aahed as they listened in to this amazing young girl's conversation. They were learning so much about their fellow aquatic brothers! Even Berta was listening in, though whatever she was doing behind the railing was really distracting her. As Berta and the other scientists watched, the two dolphins grabbed hold of the young blonde by her ankle and just below her shoulder and began to pull. Even though it hurt a lot, Alisa was happy enough at the fact that her dolphin friends were enjoying her that she managed not to cry as they tore her apart. They started slowly, testing the waters so to speak, and Alisa could feel the muscles in her leg tearing apart starting at the site of her ruined cunt, but soon they had the hang of it. The dolphins' grips firmed and in a burst of effort they tore her limb from limb, leaving her a broken battered torso with just her head and one leg attached. She could see her arm floating in front of her, several dolphins gathering to rip off chunks of her flesh to enjoy. Alisa was weak now, she couldn't even manage the feeble treading motions that had kept her head above water, though even if she could, one leg wasn't enough to stay afloat in the ocean, even on a beautiful calm day like it was. Alisa smiled happily as she began to sink below the waves in a warm red cloud of her own blood. Water filled her nose and mouth as they dipped beneath the surface, leaving the taste of salt and copper to linger on her tongue. She was content. She didn't have the energy to fight it. Before she could close her eyes, Alisa felt a dolphin brushing her snout across the young girl's cheek, thanking her and reassuring her. Alisa felt her body warm in gratitude, and before the feeling could fade, the kind yet hungry dolphin darted forward and with a single motion grasped Alisa's tender young throat in its beak and tore it out, ending the generous girl's life once and for all. The scientists and camera crew watched, fascinated as the girl sunk from view, each of them marveling at the amazing discovery Alisa had made and the meal she'd given her friends that they were sure would help deepen the relationship between dolphins and humans for a long time to come. Of course, one person on the boat was still confused. "I've been studying your kind for years and never got a word from any of the dolphins. Why is it you never spoke to me?" Bertha asked. The dolphins, having finished the last of Alisa's delicious meat snickered. "We're only interested in young girls, not perverted old women like you!" They declared. "If all of humanity were selfless and compassionate like Alisa, we would talk to you more,"the dolphins explained. As the rest of the crew began to reassure their new aquatic brothers and sisters that they would do better in the future, Bertha began to feel lightheaded. She was completely shocked! The revelation that dolphins, the focus of her life, thought that not only was she too old, but had also seen just how perverted she really was was too much for the older woman to take; and so, Berta fainted. ____ In the years since Alisa's sacrifice, Dolphins and Humans grew closer together. No longer did humans keep dolphins captive, instead letting them come and go as they pleased and turning old aquariums and Dolphinariums into gateways to the sea where feasible, and enlarging them to allow Dolphins to be comfortable ambassadors to human-kind where not. People came from far away to talk to their water-bound brothers and sisters and get to know their beautiful culture. Irina and her younger brother Anton were visiting the a new Dolphinarium built to honor the newfound friendship between Man and Dolphin on the edge of the coast of the Black Sea near where Alisa was eaten. They were young, the boy only 6 and his sister 8 years old, but they were having a wonderful time eating their ice cream as they talked to the dolphins. The dolphin pool was beautiful, and with Alisa's discovery that dolphins were sentient, the walls around the edges of the pool had been done away with. You could even jump in and swim with dolphins if you wanted, though there was a sign posted explaining that the dolphins could eat anyone in the pool if they were hungry, so as to prevent any mistakes. "Thank you for talking to us Mister Dolphin!" Irina enthused. "Do you want a bite of my ice cream?" The young girl offered her new friend. The dolphin shook his head. "I do like Ice cream, but I haven't eaten lunch yet and I don't want to spoil my appetite." "Ah, what if you ate me first?" Anton asked. "Could you have ice cream then?" The boy asked as he finished his own frozen treat. "That would be fine, it's okay to eat dessert after food," the dolphin agreed. Anton quickly stripped out of his clothes and sat, completely naked, on the side of the pool with his feet hanging into the water. "So, do I look tasty?" He asked. "Definitely," the dolphin responded. Anton smiled, happy that the dolphin would have a tasty lunch, and he slid into the pool. Irina watched just a bit impatiently as the Dolphin ate her younger brother. But the waiting was worth it when her dolphin friend abandoned her brother's half eaten body in the center of the pool and swam over to share her ice cream cone with her, even giving her a kiss on the cheek with his snout, still smeared with her brother's blood. Excitedly, Irina ran off to tell her parents about how she just got a kiss from a Dolphin. The End