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I Love My Daddy

"Making Daddy Cum"

Episode Four

By Terri Van Martin (TVM)

Disclaimer and Notes: This story represents one piece of the EARLY work of the now "Not-So-Famous" Mr. TVM. Posted here, for your reading pleasure, for the very first time. It's, obviously, copyrighted to the original author and no reposting without TVM's consent. Soooo...Read and enjoy.

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Hey Danny,

Hope life's treating you good brother.Like I said on the phone you won't believe it until you read it for yourself.

So this is the whole story I promised you.A few months ago I began to talk a lot with this girl named Brittany and I found out some very interesting things.

Including the fact that she was only 10,going on 11 and always horny.So we talked a lot over the next month or so about sex.

Before long she admitted she knew a little more about sex than the average 10 year old.Because she had been sucking her Daddy's dick for months now. I was about to ask her a million questions when her mother came in and made her disconnect.Before she went though she said she would write me an email all about it.

I said ok,and never really thought much more about until I logged into my email the a few days later and saw I had a message from her.

The Subject line read "Making Daddy Cum"

I opened it and was blown away by what was inside.It was a detailed story of Brittany and her Daddy.Surprisingly well written considering she was only 10 when she wrote it.

Here's a copy of the email for your enjoyment:

================= Original Message =================

"OH GOD BABY MAKE DADDY CUM LIKE A GOOD GIRL" Daddy tells me as I suck his hard cock.I got my soft lips on his big head and I'm sucking him so hard my jaw hurts.My hand is going up and down his cock and I'm trying to make him cum in my mouth.

It taste so good when he does that,I suck it all out and ask for more.Sometimes I have to stop to lick all his yummy cum up and start sucking him again.

"Yeh God yes baby" Daddy moaned for me,"here it comes so hard for you angel"

Daddy says if I tell anyone about this we can't play games anymore,that's what he calls it when we do this neat stuff.You won't tell no body will you?

Cause I love playing games with Daddy a lot.

Not to long ago Daddy wouldn't play games with me.He always acted real mean to me.Saying I needed to start acting like a big girl and quit running around in my panties and stuff.

Then one day me and Daddy was home alone and I came in and layed down on his lap and started watching cartoons with him.After a few minutes I noticed he had a big lump in his pants.I asked him what it was and he said for me to never mind and just go play.

"Please Daddy tell me I wanna know" I told him

"It's my cock and when I get excited it gets hard like that ok" Daddy told me

"Are you excited now Daddy" I asked,"Why"

"Because of you running around half naked and acting like you don't need to wear clothes" He said

I asked Daddy if I could see it since I made him that way but he said no. It wouldn't be right.But I begged and begged him till he said he would.Just to make me hush.It was so big,he says it's 7 inches long.

"There now you've seen it,now go and play and let Daddy watch Tv in peace."

"Does it hurt if it stays like that long" I asked him

"Yeh it does" Daddy said

"Well since I made it that way I'll make it better ok Daddy" I said looking at his big hard cock.I wanted to suck him,I know how cause I saw my friend Billie do her brother that way in the playground last weekend.He cummed in her mouth and everything.She said it tasted good and I should try it too.

"I'll go play and leave you along if you let me please please please Daddy" I begged him so hard.

"You don't even know what your talking about or even what to do" He said sitting back on the couch and letting his cock fall back against his tummy.

"Uh huh I do too I seen Billie do it" I said sticking my tongue out at Daddy,"and I wanna try it too please Daddy"

"I dunno baby it's not right what if Mommy finds out she might not like" Daddy said,"she might not understand"

"OH I won't tell her Daddy I promise" I said pleading for him to let me do it,"I promise I'll make it feel really really good"

"Oh fuck it" Daddy said,"You gotta learn some how you might as well learn now"

Daddy told me to come over on the couch and get up between his legs.So I did.Then he said to take his dick in my hand and move it up and down slowly.

His dick was soft and hard and warm and everything all at the same time.I ran my hand up and down it as Daddy rubbed my legs and thigh.

"Baby your skin is so soft its like a baby's" He said as I giggled.

I licked his head and Daddy moaned so I did it again and again.I liked it more each time.I licked all around the head as I stroked his big cock faster and faster.

"MMMM Baby put it in your mouth" Daddy told me and it got me excited as I did and started to run both of my lips up and down it.It tasted weird but Daddy liked it so I got to like it.

"Oh yeah baby so much better" Daddy moaned,"Now suck it for Daddy"

I did like Daddy told as I sucked at his head and kept moving my lips up and down it.Still moving my hand up and down his cock.

Daddy's hands moved to my head and showed me how to do it better.I was really having a lot of fun.I think Daddy was too.

"Shit Daddy is gonna cum" Daddy moaned.At first I had no idea what he meant,so I just kept doing what I was doing only a little harder and faster.

Then I felt Daddy's body tense up and his cock got rock hard and started to throb in my hot little mouth.He moaned out so loud and began to jerk.I thought at first I was hurting him.Then he began to relax and this thick gooey stuff started shooting in my mouth.It tasted so good I loved it right away.I jerked his cock faster trying to get it all out.

"OH yeh baby jerk all of daddy's love juice out" Daddy told me while I kept sucking his cum out of his cock.It started to run out the sides of my mouth and I tried my best to catch it.

It took me a while to swallow all of Daddy's cum but I did and asked Daddy for some more.He said not right now he wanted to do something else.He had me lay down on the sofa and he got over me rubbed his big cock against my pussy.

"MMMM Daddy I'm so horny will you show me what it feels like to be fucked" I asked.

"Yeh does daddy's little girl wanna get fucked" He asked as he pushed his head in my love hole and started fucking my tight little pussy slowly.

"Oh Damn yes daddy love me with your big cock" I begged him and he went faster getting more of his cock in me.I started to feel a burning and itching sensation in my pussy as Daddy kept fucking me.

"OH Daddy it's itching so bad please make it stop" I asked him putting my hands on his shoulders and then hugging him as he drove into me harder and harder each time.

"It'll feel so good in a minute princess" Daddy said fucking me so hard my 10 year old body shook violently with each shot.The itching and burning got worse but it felt so good at the same time,I never wanted him to stop.

"Harder Daddy fuck me harder" I said as a huge explosion swept through my preteen body making me cry out so loud and shake so hard.It was my first orgasm and it was so unbelieveable.

"No Daddy don't stop don't stop ever daddy fuck me" I begged him as the orgasm peaked and I felt like I was flying.It made me shake and scream out as it finally went away and I layed there feeling Daddy's wonderful cock still fucking me.

"OH Shit Daddy's gonna shoot his load angel" Daddy moaned pounding my pussy harder and his cock really throbing inside me.With each stroke he moaned louder and and fucked me harder.

"Cum in my pussy I wanna feel you cum in me so hard daddy" I told him feeling like I was gonna cum again soon too if he kept doing it so hard like that.My whole body was covered with sweat by now and so was daddy.

He moaned one last time and started to shoot his gooey cum in my pussy and that set me off again as I started to cum one more time for daddy.It felt so much different than the first,with every blast of his cum my body shook with my own cumming.

"OH DADDY SO GOOD" I told Daddy and he slowed down and finally pulled his cock out of me.I felt so empty as he did.His cum dripped out my pussy,and I ran my fingers through it and licked it off my fingers.

"Is it good Baby" Daddy asked me sitting down beside me and smiling at me.

"Uh huh daddy it tasted a little different" I said trying to figure out why.

"Yeh ofcourse it did" Daddy said starting to explain,"your cum is mixed with mine"

"Oh ok" I said scooping some more of my pussy and licking it off my finger.It was becoming my favorite flavor.

"I love it Daddy it takes so good" I told him

I love to think about that when I play with my pussy as I suck Daddy's cock for him.He was gonna cum for me so good I could tell it.

"OH JERK IT OUT GIRL" Daddy moaned even louder for me

His cum began to shoot into mouth with one big shot after another.I sucked his cock head as hard as I could.His cum tasted so good,I let it feel my mouth and sucked his cock for more.

"OH shit baby" Daddy moaned for me as I kept sucking his cock.Trying to get every last drop of his yummy cum.I love his cum so much I could suck it out for him forever.

I finally got it all and looked up at daddy,while I still stroked his cock and said "MMMMMM Daddy it taste so good".

"OH does my baby like daddy's cum" Daddy asked

"Yes she does a lot" I said smiling and going back to sucking at his head again.

"Oh god baby" Daddy moaned,"you gotta stop Mommy might be home any minute" Daddy told me.I didn't care I loved to suck my daddy's cock and if Mommy caught us it might be a lot of fun.

My head started bobbing again on Daddy and I fucked his cock with my mouth and he moaned loud for me.Telling me he really enjoyed it more and more each time I did it.

"Yeh make Daddy cum again" He said to me

I did make him cum again and again until there was none left.

A couple of days later Mommy caught Me and Daddy.Maybe if you write me back I'll tell you that story some day too....bye for now.

================= End of Message =================

I wrote her back instantly and next time I'll tell you what she wrote me about her and her mother.LaTTah.

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