Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Rebecca was ready for sleep after a long day, just out of another shower in ecstasy, thinking about Him. She slipped her light blue panties on, tying the little strings into a bow, hanging down over her curve. On top of these, she put on pink loose pj's, then covered her breasts with a very loose pink shirt, which did nothing to hide her erect tits. She settled into bed, waiting for sleep to come. It was well after midnight, and not a thing moved. Soon sleep found her, and she had vivid dreams that He came through her window. He caressed her face, kissed her lips, then lightly flicked her tits to alertness. He then drew his hand to her pj's, pulling them down just enough that her panties were completely visible. The pale skin shined in the moon and the bump of her vagina cast a pale shadow on one side of the small mound. He proceeded to pull her pj's off, then ripped off her shirt, leaving her nude save for her laced blue panties. He then pulled some rope out of a bag he brought and put the center under her neck, between her breasts. He then crossed then at her vagina, and rolled her onto her side. As he continued to bind her in her dreams, she felt his hands on her pussy, and felt her wet panties chill. He brought the rope over her anus, tying the ends to her arms. He then tied the wrists to each other, and the wrists around her neck. He then zip-tied the ropes together at her tailbone, then turned her onto her back. He brought one leg up as she understood, as she felt the rope rub against her panties as she tried to pull free, that she wasn't dreaming. Quietly, she asked, "what're you doing--"she would've continued, had he not engaged her in another kiss. Their mouths opened to each other, and their tongues played. He gripped her boobs with both hands, mushed them on her hands bound between them, and began to slowly turn them in his hands, kneading them like dough. He pinched her nipples, and she gasped in the kiss, in ecstasy. He went back to her legs, pulling one up, one hand twitching the rope, the other lifting by the knee. With some more rope, he tied one leg, looped the rope around the rope at the neck, and tied it to her other leg. She found that, if she rested her legs at all, the rope on the neck would pull back, bearing down on her vagina. Her nipples got rock-hard as he weighted down on her legs, rope stretching, digging into her steaming cunt, which now drenched the rope. Binding complete, he undressed himself, showing an eight-inch penis, large and hard. He got back on top of her, spreading her legs and passing his tongue up from the cum-soaked rope, up to her belly button, tracking to both her tits. She bit one and sucked hard, until milk came out, little by little. He squeezed both breasts, and more milk came out of each one. Her hands caressed one side of her face as he continued to drink. With one hand, he undid the binding between the wrists, and she immediately held his head as he continued to excite her nipples. After drinking his fill of one, he continued to suck it out, using it to lather on her boobs. When both breasts gleamed in the moonlight, he grabbed her back strings, turning her into a kneeling position, digging the rope hard into her oozing cunt. As she righted herself, she looked up to stare directly at his penis. He was seated, legs spread apart, she between them. she moved both hands to his thighs as her mouth went to kiss his penis. A small bead of cum appeared on the head of the throbbing cock, and she sunk her head onto it. She licked the head clean, then brought her head out and in, more and more cum entering her mouth with every thrust of her head. She heard him moan, and continued her ferocity. She rubbed her hands up and down his thighs, tightening and loosening the ropes on her vagina. She pulled up hard to caress his balls, and saw stars of ecstasy. Finally, his cum poured out of her mouth, but she kept swallowing what was in as he leaned back, sliding the penis out with a final large spurt onto her face. The cum ran down as she craned up to look at him with star-struck eyes. He went around her, lifting her up with a prompt from the back-rope. He sat back down, sitting her down on him, resting on his meaty shaft. He ran his hand down one breast on onto the blue laced panties. He ran his hand down her leg, then back up to the bow, pulling it undone, then pulling the string out. He then ripped the sides and pulled off the panties. He leaned around her, looking under a leg to gaze at her vagina, moist and wet. He took the panties, pushing them with one finger down into the hole. When the panties were shoved in down a finger-depth, he pushed her off of him and turned her on her back, then licked her clitoris as her waves of horny ecstasy pushed the panties so he could grab them again. He pulled the panties all the way out, slowly, then flicked his tongue past his clitoris again and again as he fucked her with two of his fingers, pumping her juices out with each stroke. He then hugged her, pulling her back up onto him. He let the restraints go as he rested his penis on her vagina. Their eyes met for a second, both overwhelmed with ecstasy. Then, he let her go, vagina sliding onto the penis. A wave of pleasure swelled up, climaxing as her clitoris met his skin. She arched her back tongue out as she orgasmed immediately. Juices mixed and poured out as both fucked each other again and again. Early in the morning, after hours of fucking and sucking each other, he donned his clothes again and, after a passionate kiss, leapt off into the six o'clock dawn.