Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Payton was a very pretty white boy with shoulder-length straight long hair and shining big blue eyes. The slender long-legged 11 year-old was flat chested like any boy but his little pink nipples were pointed and firm. His shoulders were narrow and his arms were thin, without muscle tone. He had a round, plump butt and this meant he had often been confused for a girl. But Payton didn't mind. He liked the way other boys looked at him and he liked it even more when grown men stared at him. He didn't know why. The boy never had an interest in "boy things". His rich Chicago parents bought him toy soldiers, action figures and plastic guns but Payton never once played with them. Instead he used his substantial allowance to buy pretty Barbie Dolls, doll clothes, teddy bears, little girl easy-bake ovens, kitchenettes and even doll houses. Payton told his mother that he wanted to wear dresses and blouses instead of boy clothes but she forbade him. His father was disgusted with Payton. He said that Payton was a sissy-boy and that he needed to be toughened up. He demanded that his son join the Boy Scouts and that he get involved in sports with other boys. Payton hated sports and he didn't want to have anything to do with the Boy Scouts either. Boys could be very mean and they could hurt you, he thought. Sometimes boys would tease him, calling him a faggot and a pussy. But Payton also knew that some boys secretly gave him special attention. They stared at him keeping at a safe distance so that nobody would notice. But Payton always noticed. He smiled at these boys until they nervously looked away. One day at the dinner table Payton's father announced: "I have some important business in Jamaica. The trip will last about a month. I thought we could all go together and make it into sort of a family vacation." "What a wonderful idea," said Payton's mother. "Wouldn't you like that, Payton?" She grinned at the boy. Payton nodded in agreement, not really knowing what to expect. "And son when we return, I am enrolling you into a military academy for boys," said his father. Payton glared at him in horror. "I've contacted the school already and they've agreed to accept you on their intramural football team," he declared. "No! Please no, father! I don't want to go," said Payton. "It's already decided, you WILL go. It will harden you up and it's about time," said his father. Payton sobbed. He didn't know what to do. He knew he couldn't go to the military academy. He just wouldn't go. He thought long and hard to come up with a plan. After the long plane flight from Chicago to Miami and then to Kingston Jamaica, Payton knew what he would do. He knew it had to be done. It was really kind of scary but Payton decided that he would have to run away. He decided he would wait until they were settled into the hotel in Kingston. Then he would sneak out at night when his parents were sound asleep. The young boy was terrified when he made his escape during the early hours of the morning. He left the hotel and ran like crazy down streets and alleys until he was thoroughly lost and exhausted. He found an old mattress under a bridge and wearily laid himself down. That is where he slept until the sun rose. The next day he was hungry and he needed money so he decided to try and panhandle for change. He discovered that all the people were black. Payton had never been in a place where there were no white people. The people were gentle and kind too, he thought. They didn't have money but they gave him food to eat instead. It included fried plantain, rice and peas and seafood. He thanked the good people who provided him food and once he was sated he set out to see what kind of work he could find. But nobody had any jobs. Most businesses were small family-run affairs and they couldn't afford to hire him. Payton didn't know that unemployment was very high and many people in the big cities were living on public relief. The delicate young boy searched long and hard until the sun started to go down. He was feeling very discouraged when he turned down a badly lit street in the slums of the city. That's when he noticed a sign indicating some type of nightclub. It was a sleazy run down place. He knocked on the door and waited until someone appeared. A tall black man in jeans and a vest came out. He eyed Payton with a puzzled look. "Hi mister," began Payton. "I was wondering if you were looking to hire someone? I'll do anything, anything at all." The man was silent for some time and then he took a look at the boy more closely. Finally he spoke up. "I'm the owner of this club and well, we always have a need for new dancers. Can you dance?" "Dance?" replied Payton. "Oh sure, I-I can dance." Other than tapping his feet, the boy had never danced in his life. "Do you realize this is a gay club and you would have to dance and strip on stage in front of men?" The owner studied Payton for his reaction. "Oh that's okay," said Payton. "I d-don't mind." The boy didn't know if he was gay but he would do anything to get a job. Besides the idea of having men stare at him was very exciting. When he thought about it, the boy couldn't keep his slender long dick from getting hard. He didn't know why but it was something he couldn't control. The man thought the young boy had real potential. He was sure his customers would go crazy over such a beautiful young white boy. "Well then you're hired." The owner finally said. "You can start tomorrow night. The show starts at 10:00 PM. Come to work 3 hours early so that the other dancers can help you get ready." Tears welled up in Payton's eyes. He couldn't believe he finally found work. "Oh thank you, thank you, mister," he cried. The next night Payton came early to the nightclub as he was told. He reflected on what he was doing. Payton knew he shouldn't have run away from his parents but he was glad to have this job as a dancer at a nightclub. It was the first job he had ever held. His parents would never have a clue where he was and the preteen boy was glad of that. On this first night, the pretty boy prepared himself for his appearance on stage. The other dancers were older black ladyboys and they were much more experienced. They all had boobs as well as feminine bodies. Payton wondered what it would be like to have boobs. His own pink nipples tingled as he thought of it. The ladyboys demonstrated for Payton how he should strut, swivel his hips and thrust his pelvis on stage for the audience. The young boy learned everything he needed to do as a part of his dance routine. They also instructed him on how to dress and put on makeup. He wore a tiny black lace bra on his flat chest and a skimpy thong bikini bottom that tied at the hips and stretched up the crack of his ass, allowing his butt cheeks to be exposed. Payton tucked his long slender cock between his legs as he pulled the thong on. His gleaming high-heel shoes made him look taller. The boy wore an ankle bracelet on his left ankle and a sparkling necklace around his neck. Payton applied red lip-gloss to his lips and a touch of rouge to his cheeks as he watched his reflection in the mirror of the dressing room. A thrill rushed through him as he viewed himself. He wore long fake eyelashes and aqua blue eye shadow to enhance his eyes. He added sequins to his hair. All of this was done to the specifications of the club owner but Payton was ecstatic with his feminine appearance. Finally his time had come. Payton was called on stage. The young boy leaped out in front of the bright lights and began strutting around the stage. He swiveled his hips, bumped, grinded and thrust his pelvis to the heavy beat of a drum like he had been taught. The room was dark and dingy but Payton could hear the howls and whistles from the audience. It got him excited and his dick became firm. Payton licked his lips, rotating his tongue as his gyrating hips twisted. The chorus of cheers and hoots grew louder as the 11-year old boy grinned broadly. It all came so naturally to Payton. He never felt this good before. Payton then let the bra strap drop on his right shoulder. He grinned coyly, licking his thin lips as he raised his shoulder to his chin and felt his dick throbbing in the tight thong. He swiveled his hips and thrust his preteen pelvis like a whore. Next he let the bra strap on his left shoulder drop, turning it toward the audience. Payton licked his lips again and raised his left shoulder to his chin. He beamed broadly as he gyrated his hips and thrust his pelvis over and over. The audience whistled and applauded. Payton then reached for the string that laced his bra together in the middle of his flat chest. He untied the string and the bra came apart, revealing his pink pointed little nipples. Payton felt a prickle at each nipple. He lowered his thin arms and let the bra slide down. It slid down his backside to the floor. He swiveled his hips again. He then bumped, grinded and knelt down to pick up the bra. Smiling widely, he strutted toward the audience and hurled the bra out beyond the stage into the darkness. The audience hooted and howled. The pretty boy continued to dance around the stage in a salacious manner as the audience became raucous. Then he slowly undid the tie of his thong on his right hip. The bikini bottom dropped enough to expose more of his groin and the audience roared. Payton thrust his pelvis like a dirty slut and then untied the other tie on his left hip. He quickly turned his back toward the audience to conceal his dick, which was throbbing hard now. He pulled the thong all the way down below his thighs, letting it drop down his slender long legs to the floor and exposing his round pale ass. Payton shook his ass at the audience as the screams and howls grew louder. The pretty preteen boy then bent over and spread his legs wide. He used both hands to separate his butt cheeks and expose the crack of his tender ass. There for all to view was his pink puckering asshole. Payton rolled his ass to the shouts and cheers of the audience. His dangling balls jiggled to the movement of his round butt. Then he swung around to reveal his fully erect, hairless preteen cock. It stood up tall and was a skinny seven inches in length with a pink pointed tip, very long for such a young boy! Payton felt it pulsate powerfully. The preteen smiled proudly and began to stroke his cock and thrust his pelvis. This was all part of the show but Payton was so happy he could hardly contain himself. Back in Chicago, the young boy had only just discovered the pleasure of masturbation and it had just been recently that his preteen cock started to erupt with semen every time he climaxed. Now here at this sleazy club for all to see, he stroked faster and clear pre-cum began to ooze from his dickhead. The audience went wild with pleasure. That was when the boy stopped. His next job assignment was to go down to the audience and dance with the customers. Payton didn't know what to expect but the idea delighted him. The completely naked, slender blonde boy stepped down off the stage in his high-heels. Quickly men got out of their seats and encircled him. They were all big, muscular, black men. Payton couldn't count how many there were but they all seemed full of lust for the boy. Payton grinned and started to dance. He thrust his pelvis, gyrated his hips and licked his glossy lips. That's when several big black guys unzipped their pants and whipped out their cocks. Payton looked in amazement at the huge long thick black tools wagging all around him. The young boy had never seen anything like them before. Men started to stroke their huge members as other men pulled out their cocks. Payton guessed that most of the cocks were 9 to 10 inches in length and some were as long as 12 inches! Payton grinned coyly and stuck his finger in his mouth. He knew it was probably wrong but he wanted touch those big dicks, to feel them in his hands. His heart pounded in his chest as he felt a new strange desire burning inside him. The circle of men closed in on him. They stroked their monster cocks making them rock hard. Payton blushed. He couldn't resist any longer. The boy reached out and touched one of the cocks. He couldn't wrap his hand around it! He felt it throb in his small palm. He noticed the bulging veins in the long hard shaft, the curly black pubic hair and the huge black balls. "Oh, you're so manly," he said with trembling desire. "Is it okay if I stroke it for you?" "Stroke it? Hell man, I want you to suck on it," said the man. "Get down on your knees like a good slut and suck my dick!" Payton had never sucked on a cock before. He heard about how people did it but he wasn't sure it was a good thing to do. And yet strangely it seemed like he might want to try it and the nasty way this guy talked to him turned him on. The naked boy got on his knees as he was told and holding the cock with both hands, he began licking it slowly. First he ran his tongue up the long hard shaft. Then he licked the balls fervently. Without thinking he began chewing on them. His heartbeat increased and he started to pant with a raw yearning he had never known. The dick was so huge, Payton wasn't sure he could fit it in his mouth. "Oh yeah. Now do as you're told and suck, man," demanded the man. Payton loved being so submissive. He wanted desperately to please this man. The preteen boy opened his small mouth obligingly and allowed the man to press his cockhead against his lips. Payton opened his jaw wider tasting the dickhead as it penetrated his mouth. His young mouth stretched wider and wider as he took in more of the cock shaft. His thin lips arched around the shaft. Payton had never stretched his mouth this wide before. His mouth opened wider and wider taking in ever more of the black dick. His eyes bugged out as he felt the dick touch the back of his throat. He coughed a little as he sucked eagerly. He had never tasted a cock before and it drove him mad with raw lust. The man started to push his cock in and out of Payton's young mouth. Payton sucked passionately, slurping and slobbering as the dick slid back and forth over his tongue. "Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm," Payton moaned with pleasure. The man cried out and shut his eyes as he pumped his dick harder and faster into the mouth of the 11-year old. The other men were eager for part of the action. They stroked their dicks furiously. Other men were getting out of their seats to join in. Suddenly Payton tasted something oozing from the dickhead in his mouth. He knew it had to be the pre-cum. It was salty and sticky on his tongue. The man pumped his cock faster and faster and began to moan in ecstasy. Then the man let out a yelp as Payton tasted a hot spurt of cum streaming over his tongue. The sperm splashed against the back of his throat and Payton swallowed it hungrily. The boy coughed again. But Payton had never tasted sperm before. He decided he liked the flavor. It tasted vaguely like poached eggs. The seed continued to spill into his mouth as the man kept thrusting. Payton couldn't swallow fast enough. The cum flooded his mouth and spilled from his lips. The pretty boy pulled the cock out of his mouth drooling creamy white semen from his lips and down his chin. The man ejaculated some more as the sperm splattered on Payton's face. The preteen unexpectedly was overcome by an intense climax. "OH! OH! OH! OH! OHHhhh," he cried, spilling his own preteen seed on the floor in front of him. Payton had never been so aroused in his life. But then another man moved in behind the pretty boy. "Get down on all fours. I'm gonna fuck you in the ass," he said. Payton was breathless and he wasn't sure at all if he could handle a big dick in his tight ass but he obeyed the command and got down on all fours with semen still dripping from his face. "Now spread your legs wide," said the man. Payton did as he was told and right away he could feel the man's cockhead probing his butt crack. Suddenly the young boy's dick grew hard again as he felt a wave of stimulation move through his body. The man located Payton's puckering tight asshole with his dickhead. He pressed the cock against the pink puckered opening. Payton could feel his butthole part and stretch to accept the giant cockhead. It was a burning sensation that hurt as well as aroused the preteen boy. Slowly the cock penetrated his ass as his pink puckering asshole stretched wider and wider. Payton knitted his brows in pain and pleasure as the huge rod opened him up. His asshole had never stretched this much before and the thick black dick sank deeper and deeper into his butt. Payton didn't think it was possible for his asshole to stretch this much. Its tight grip on the cock shaft was not enough to keep the cock from sliding slowly in. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD," Payton shrieked. The man pushed his dick in until it could sink no deeper. Then he began to thrust his dick in and out. Payton was wild with craving for the huge dick inside his rectum. "OH! OH! OH MY GOD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD," he shouted mindlessly. The man was glad to accommodate. He pumped his huge rod faster and harder and Payton felt the tingling sensations ripple up his backbone. The young boy trembled with uninhibited lust. The 11-year old began rolling his ass and humping to the rhythm of the pounding dick shoved in his ass. His preteen pink little balls jiggled wildly. Payton's butt cheeks quivered as the cock was rammed between them. He broke out in a heavy sweat, panting and wailing with feral desire. The man shoved harder and faster and Payton was lost in a sexual frenzy. The boy began masturbating as he felt the rod driven back and forth inside him. Then all at once he felt the thick rod vibrate inside him. The man yowled and instantly Payton felt a hot stream of semen shoot up his ass, and then another, and another. The preteen boy shook all over. His butt cheeks quivered like Jell-O as he rolled his ass and thrashed with reckless abandon. Abruptly he climaxed again feeling his long thin dick erupt in his hand. The boy squirted more of his preteen cum on the floor. "OH! OH! OH! OH! AWH! AWH! AWH! AWHHHHhhhhh!" The man pulled his dick out of Payton's asshole still shooting sperm all over the young boy's butt. Payton was still rolling his ass frantically as he panted. Then a big black guy pulled off his pants and lay on the floor with his huge dick pointed in the air. "Ride my cock, man," he demanded pointing to the long thick rod. Still catching his breath, Payton was unsure he could manage to comply but he was more than eager to try. The preteen boy stood up and walked over to the man on the floor. Payton grinned and stuck a finger in his cum dripping lips coyly as he examined the huge dick. "What are you waiting for slut boy? You know you want me to fuck your white ass," said the man. The way he talked was a turn on for Payton. His skinny dick still dripping with semen, got hard and erect all over again. The blonde boy had no idea he could sustain this much arousal. It was like a fever that never went away. Cautiously, Payton straddled the cock like he was riding a horse. He lowered his ass to the dickhead as he guided the shaft with one hand. He felt the dickhead push against his butthole. The puckered opening stretched more easily around the cockhead than before. Payton pushed down on the rod and it slid easily up inside his ass. "OHHHhhh YEAH," he yelled in delight, feeling the long firm dick shaft spread open his rectum and sink deep inside him. Spontaneously the boy began to hump and roll his ass making his own dick and balls bounce as he rode the dick shaft up and down. Three other men approached. Payton instinctively began licking on the balls and cock of the man in the middle. He chewed and slurped on the big black balls and ran his tongue up the long dark shaft. The pretty boy reached out with each hand and stroked the other two cocks. Then Payton opened his mouth and let the man in the middle shove his dick in. Payton could already taste the pre-cum oozing from the dickhead and he drank it down lustily. With his jaw stretched wide and his thin lips arched around the cock shaft, Payton sucked the dick passionately, slurping and drooling as the massive tool sank into his mouth. The young boy was sweating, panting and gasping for air hard now. He bounced up and down on the dick shaft in his ass like a jackhammer. He bucked and writhed in ecstasy as his butt cheeks quivered. He sucked and slurped on the cock driven all the way to the back of his throat and stroked the other two men harder and faster. Payton fucked and sucked frenetically. He copulated like a wild animal. "MMmmmm, MMmmmmm, MMmmmmm," he hollered. Simultaneously, the man on the floor and the other three men were yelping with lust as they drove their dicks harder. The 11-year old could feel the throbbing of the cock up his ass. The dick in his mouth began throbbing as well. The dicks in each hand were oozing pre-cum heavily. Immediately the cock up his ass exploded with a thick discharge of steamy hot jism. Instantly the cock in his mouth shot a hot stream of cum over his tongue and splashed against the back of his throat. Payton could feel the cocks inside him squirt sperm-load after sperm-load. Then the dick in his right hand ejaculated, splattering its hot seed all over Payton's face and neck. It spurted and spewed again and again as the sperm dribbled down his chest and stomach. Overcome with pure gratuitous abandon, Payton unexpectedly climaxed multiple times. His young body shivered with spasms as he was overcome with bodily rapture. "AWHHHH!!! AWHHHH!!! AWHHHH!!! AWHHHH!!!! AWHHHH!!!!" Payton thought it would never stop. This was the most intense orgasmic experience the preteen boy had ever known. His slender body gushed quarts of sweat and shuddered as his skinny dick squirted semen again and again. His young naked body twisted into spastic contortions. The pretty boy continued to bounce up and down on the cock shaft in his ass. Payton was lost in carnal craving as he tried to gulp down the hot seed flooding his mouth. The sperm spilled out of his lips and down his chin. It dribbled from the corners of his mouth. He pulled the dick out of his mouth and received a hot steamy spray of jism on his face, chest and stomach. The dick in his ass was flooding his rectum with cum and it was spilling out of his asshole down the crack of his butt. Payton hardly noticed the dick in his left hand as it too shot a hot load of semen in his face. The cum splashed over his eye and ran down his cheek. It spattered his blonde hair and covered the sequins. The activities continued on all night and the owner canceled the rest of the show. Horny black men lined up behind Payton for their turn at fucking him in the ass. Other men went for a blowjob, while still others settled for jerking off on the boy. When it finally ended, Payton was covered head to foot in semen and sweat. He was breathless from the workout. Sperm gushed form his puckered asshole and out of his mouth. The makeup on his face and lips had smeared off. He sat on the floor in a puddle of semen deposited by scores of men and reflected. He realized he had never been so happy in his life. He knew now that his life's mission was to submit to the sexual desires of men much older than him and to satisfy them in every way possible. So what if some boys in Chicago called him a faggot? He was proud to be a femboy and he would stay at this wonderful job for as long as he could.