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First Time I Saw One .txt 41K29-Jan-2017 15:25
Surprised By Love .txt 32K04-Feb-2015 17:14
Are You A Big Girl.txt 35K03-Nov-2017 19:16
Because Of My Sister's Best Friend.txt 50K20-Oct-2014 23:32
Deja-Vu Eddie's Summer Of Love.txt 135K05-Feb-2017 18:26
Finding A Lover.txt 81K22-Feb-2018 08:58
First Love.txt 65K03-Jan-2018 12:50
Flight Delayed.txt 52K18-Feb-2015 16:20
How I Lost My Virginity.txt 22K18-Feb-2015 16:21
In Moscow It Is Hard To Find A Girl.txt 25K11-Jul-2015 14:28
It's Like Deja-vu, All Over Again part 1.txt 140K25-Mar-2017 09:51
It's Like Deja-vu, All Over Again part 2.txt 141K25-Mar-2017 09:53
It's Like Deja-vu, All Over Again part 3.txt 152K25-Mar-2017 09:55
Jamie 2 Jamie Wants More.txt 51K05-Jun-2014 12:10
Jamie 3 Jamie has a Visitor.txt 65K05-Jun-2014 12:11
Jamie.txt 77K17-Nov-2015 17:13
Little Hooker.txt 45K11-Oct-2017 07:51
Little Neighbor Girl.txt 187K06-Jun-2016 08:54
Little Shoplifters.txt 31K25-Oct-2017 14:31
Losing My Love.txt 47K27-Nov-2016 16:05
Mike's New Life.txt 163K15-Nov-2016 10:12
Mommy I Want to Have A Baby.txt 80K08-Oct-2015 07:28
My Daughter's Best Friend.txt 83K10-Mar-2017 18:07
My Favorite Babysitter's Brother.txt 20K18-Oct-2017 07:37
My Favorite Babysitter.txt 25K10-Mar-2017 18:07
Pick Up On Hollywood Boulevard.txt 49K28-Mar-2015 08:44
Summer Lifeguard.txt 63K07-Sep-2015 16:25
Surprised by Love The Love Grows.txt 74K04-Feb-2015 17:15
The Substitute Swing Partner.txt 267K04-Oct-2017 12:36
Trip To Tijuana.txt 40K08-Oct-2014 23:02
Trucker's Journey.txt 70K08-Oct-2015 05:11
Trucker's Life Megan's Story.txt 68K08-Oct-2015 05:13
Trucker's Surprise.txt 30K17-Nov-2015 16:08
Trying to Resolve My Dilemma.txt 70K28-Dec-2015 10:39