My wife and I live in a great old tract home in the L.A.  suburbs.  It's
a nice ranch-style house, but there's only about 20 feet between houses.  I
always disliked the fact that there was only a tiny strip of yard next to
my neighbors.  I used to think I wanted a big space of lawn between us. 
That is until the other night.

   I work late most of the time and sometimes have to come home and do the
yard work when it's almost dark, while my wife prepares dinner.  This night
it was almost dark as I watered the lawn along the side of the house, after
having mowed the grass.  Being a good guy, right before the sun went down
I'd even mowed the little strip of green lawn that belonged to my
neighbors, Guy and Ellen.

   I was just pulling the hose around the corner when Ellen stepped out of
the deep shadows behind her house.

   "Need some help with your hose?" she smirked.  I looked hard at her in
the growing darkness.  It was a hot summer night and she was wearing just a
pair of white shorts and a halter-top that barely contained her big round

   Ellen was always pretty wild and suggestive whenever the four of us got
together.  I was always wondering what it would be like to fuck her.  I
guess she kind of knew I thought about it.

   "I can always use some help with my hose," I returned, stretching out
the garden hose toward the Bougainvillea plants that grew next to the wall
of the house.  "how's Guy?"

   "Oh, as usual he's in the house watching some ball game on TV," she said
quietly, standing close to me as I sprayed water across the narrow lawn. 
"Where's Irene?"

   "Cooking supper," I said, noticing that Ellen was barefoot.  Her long
legs were just a flash of tan-white in the darkness.

   When Ellen stepped up next to me, and I could smell her expensive
perfume, it seemed to mix erotically with the night smell of the

   "I suppose it's probably not a good time for a quick fuck, then." she
said huskily.  "Too dangerous!"

   "Huh?" I grunted, nearly dropping the hose.  I never knew when my
neighbor was teasing.  "You can't be serious."

   "Oh, come on!" she whispered harshly.  "I notice how you look at me, ...
at my tits.  Don't tell me you've never thought about fucking me!"

   Ellen moved around in front of me and took the hose nozzle out of my
hand, tossing it on the grass as it shut off automatically.  "I've thought
of fucking you.  Wouldn't that be a kick?"

   "You bet," I grinned.  "I've always wondered how far up those long legs
of yours went.  But right here? ...  Now?"

   "Why not?" she teased, pulling me over between two of the bushes.  She
leaned back against the stucco wall of my house, grinding her body against
my crotch.  I felt my cock thicken quickly.  "It's dark back here, nobody
can see.  What's the matter? ...chicken?"

   "Not me!" I said.  I slid my hands down and cupped her firm, round ass
and pulled her tight against the throbbing bulge in my cutoff jeans.  Ellen
tipped her face up to me and we began a long French kiss.

   All around us I could hear the neighborhood activity, cars driving on
the street, people getting ready for dinner.  Ellen and I were invisible in
the darkness between our two houses.  I slid one hand up and fitted it
under the tight stretch-material of her halter-top.

   "Mmmmmm!" Ellen moaned as my hand cupped her heavy titty.  I could feel
the stubby knot of her nipple thicken and go hard against my palm.  Ellen
opened her legs a little, and forced her crotch over my thigh, gently
humping my leg as she speared her tongue into my mouth.

   "We might get caught!" I warned, trying to get my other hand inside her

   "Yeah!" she giggled, "That's what makes it so exciting!  My pussy's so

   Ellen spun us around, so that my back was against the rough stucco.  She
reached down and popped the snap on her shorts, so that they hung open on
her hips.  I could see a fuzz of dark pubic hair peek over the top of her
low-cut panties.  Quickly she guided my searching hand down inside her
shorts.  I felt her warm crinkly muff hair scrub over my hand, then my
fingers found the soft flesh of her pouting slit lips.

   "Ohhhhhhhh!" Ellen sighed.  My finger traced along the warm trench in
the center of her crotch.  She was right!  Slick hot liquid flowed over my
fingertips as I moved my fingers back and forth against the thickening
outer lips of her vulva.  Ellen squirmed around, opening her legs even more
so that I could play with her cunt.

   "God, I want to feel your cock," she hissed in my ear.  As I slid my
palm down against her dripping cuntworks, Ellen fumbled with my fly,
popping open the old jeans buttons and sliding her fingers inside.  In a
second her fingers curled over my stiffening shaft.  The touch seemed to
drive her crazy, since she humped down against my hand and pressed her big
breast hard into my palm.  The headlights of a car driving by splashed
against the bushes, but we were hidden against the wall, behind a big

   Quickly Ellen tugged my throbbing pecker out of my underpants and slid
her fist along it's hard shaft, jacking me off gently as she fumbled to get
my balls out of my fly, so that they hung nakedly under my cock.  While
both of her hands were busy at my prick, I tugged loose her halter-top and
hung it on a branch.  Ellen's breasts were almost glowing in the dark, they
were so white and soft.  I bent down and gobbled one into my mouth, making
her groan quietly as I sucked her conical boob.  I swirled my tongue over
her thick, hard nipple.  Her other creamy mammary bounced gently against my
cheek and I covered it with my palm, cupping it and then rolling her turgid
titty-tip between my fingers.

   "Ooooo yeah, that's good!" she sighed, and slid down onto the grass.  In
a second we were locked together again, both of us on our knees in the wet
grass.  Ellen pulled up my T-shirt and pressed her naked breasts against my
chest as we kissed.  The rough contact of our flesh sent a shudder through
her body.

   Meanwhile I worked her opened shorts down off her hips.  Her panties
ended up in a tight band of black lace stretched between her legs, halfway
down her thighs.  She whimpered softly as my hand slid up against her warm
wet pussy.  I stuck my middle finger up into the hot hole of her vagina and
she groaned in pleasure.  The warm goo from her pussy flooded my fingers
while my other hand roamed over the soft flesh of her naked butt.

   Ellen was now furiously stroking my cock, masturbating me expertly while
her other hand caressed and fondled my scrotum, gently pinching and pulling
at my heavy balls.  She leaned away from my body a little and fed her sweet
tits to me.  I went from one to the other of her soft, jiggling mammaries,
licking and sucking, then biting the swollen rings of dark brown flesh
around her nipples.  This made her wild!  Ellen slid her fist back and
forth over my prick faster and faster.  She began working my shorts down
until they were hanging loose at my knees.  We were half-naked and nearly
screwing in the grass between our houses.

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   "You really want to fuck right here?" I asked, toying with her nipple.

   "Come on, come on!  Just fuck me!" Ellen urged, swirling her thumb over
the stretched flesh of my cock tip.  She pried open the little slit in the
end of it, teasing it with her thumbnail so that my precum liquid oozed out
of it and oiled up her finger tips, then she smeared the stuff over my
cockhead.  "Oh, jezzeus, I wanna fuck you right now!"

   I kissed her very hard, then pulled away, stripping off my T-shirt and
slipping my shorts off, I tossed them on the grass just as Ellen slid out
of her panties.  We kneeled in the wet grass and looked at each other's
naked bodies.  I drank in the sight of her wonderful body, her full breasts
and the dark triangle of her muff.  I could barely see her taunting sexy
smile in the darkness, but she was beautiful.

   We clasped together again, my cock pressing tight up against her stomach
as we kissed and fondled, I knew it was dribbling silver goo onto her
belly. My hands cupped her butt cheeks, pulling her close against my prick,
and her own fingers played over my ass as she kissed and then sucked at my
wet tongue.

   "I don't wanna get too wet in this grass, " she whispered.  "Do me
doggie style!  Oh, shit, just do me now!"

   I grinned, gave her a quick kiss and spun her around so that her sweet
ass was in front of my crotch.  Ellen squealed in delight and knelt in the
grass on knees and elbows as I slid up behind her and flopped my now-rigid
nine inches over the crack at the top of her ass.

   "Ummmmmm!" my neighbor groaned, wiggling her naked, sassy ass playfully.
She reached up from between her opened thighs and curled her fingers around
my aching shaft.  She spread her legs a little wider and guided my cock to
the warm, wet entrance to her pussy.

   "Awwwww, yeahh!" I whispered.  Ellen fitted my cock head between the
pouting lips of her warm cunt.  I pushed gently forward and felt the head
of my cock sink into that sweet sugar hole.  Moaning, she pressed her hands
into the wet grass and pushed her ass back against my crotch, sliding her
pussy around my cock and taking it deep into her.

   I felt light-headed from the wonderful feel of her slick, hot pussy
clasping the length of my cock.  Ellen squealed in delight and pressed back
harder so that all of my prick buried into her tight pussy.  "Eeeeeeeeeee!
Oooo, yeah, fuck me! ...fuck me!"

   I put my hands on her butt, at the base of her ass and began stroking
her from behind, stabbing deep into her soft wet snatch, then sliding back
almost all the way out.  Ellen grunted and wiggled her ass each time I slid
down into her.

   "Yeah, yeah, yeah," she chanted, in time to my fuck strokes.  "fuck my
pussy!  Ohhh, yeah fuckkk meee!"

   Once my dick slid out and I stopped for a second, so that Ellen could
quickly grab it and hurry to slide it back into to her wonderful pussy. 
She really wanted it bad!  I watched her titties sway as she put me back
inside her.  "Do me hard!" she urged.

   I looked down around her torso, watching the large, lengthened cones of
her tittys swing loosely under her as I fucked her twat.  I hunched over
her kneeling body and brought my hands around so that each one fondled and
squeezed her full breasts, She seemed to go crazy when I did that, and
pressed back hard against my crotch, mashing her firm, cool buttcheeks
against me.  I felt the tip of my cock kiss against the hard knob of her
cervix, deep inside her sugar walls.  Ellen squealed in pleasure/pain and
gyrated her pelvis in a sexy oval as I screwed way inside of her.

   I slammed my hard cock into her again and again, feeling my knees sink
into the wet grass and mud as we fucked in the summer darkness.

   "Aw god, awww godddd!:" Ellen whispered desperately.  "I love your cock!
Oooo I love what your cock is doing to my pussy!  Keep fuckin' me!  Never
stop fuckin' me!"

   As Ellen panted and bounced her ass back against me, I obliged as hard
as I could, loving the way her sweet hot cunt teased and clasped my penis,
spasming tightly all along my shaft as I sank it into her pussy again and
again.  Her boobs seemed to swell and throb in my hands as I squeezed them,
making Ellen whimper in pre-orgasm pleasure.  Ellen bent her head down
between her outstretched arms and grunted in pleasure as my prick sank into
her over and over

   "Dave? ....  Dave?" I heard a voice from the back yard.  "Are you back
there?" It was Irene!  She was standing in the back yard, not thirty feet
away from us, trying to see into the pitch black darkness of the side yard
between the houses.

   "Damn!" I felt Ellen go rigid in surprise and fear, and yet at the same
time her wonderful cunt began rhythmically spasming and clasping and I knew
that the excitement of getting caught had pushed her over the edge.  She
was cumming!  She whimpered and mewed quietly, pressing her ass tight
against my crotch as my dick buried deep inside her vagina, where she could
clasp it and squeeze against it as her orgasm spilled into her body in cum
after little cum.

   "It's okay, honey," I cried out, feeling my balls tighten and contract.
I was about to shoot!

   "Don't come back here," I panted.  "It's all wet!" Ellen, despite the
fact that she was full-on orgasming, began to giggle at what I said, and
what we were doing in the dark.  "I'll be in in a second!"

   "Okay, " I heard Irene call, "Don't be too long, dinner is almost

   I heard Irene walk back up the back yard path and go inside, just as my
cock slid deep into Ellen and stayed there.  The aching, stinging sensation
sped up my shaft, and I felt my cock spasm as a hot long spurt of semen
squirted into Ellen's pussy.

   "Yess!" Ellen hissed, almost crying out, so that I was afraid Irene
might hear her.  "Jeezuz chrisssst, come in me, ooooo yeah, come in meeee!"

   I felt squirt after squirt of my hot sperm spit into Ellen's tight
pussy. I was cumming like a freight train into my neighbor's slick cunt! 
Ellen trembled and curled her fingers in the grass as I came inside of her.
I was locked behind her ass, shooting my wad in spurt after spurt into this
crazy woman's sweet sugar hole.  She laughed out loud, enjoying the sexy
completion of our illicit fuck as my cum spattered over her sugar walls.

   "Ooooooo, yeah, Oooooooo, goddamn yeahh!" she groaned.  "That's it."

   My cock finally softened and slid out of Ellen's dark pussy with a wet
'plop'.  In the shadows I could see her wet stuff and my cum oooze out of
her pussy as I looked down.

   Ellen stood up on her knees, turning around and mashing her naked
titties against me as we kissed.  Her hand grabbed my softening cock, and
she jacked me off some more, milking the last of my cum out.  She was sexy
and happy, still quietly giggling at what we'd managed to do right out in
the open between the shrubbery.  She was having a good time.  The cars
driving by out in the street cause broad shadows to flicker and play over
her naked body.  She looked absolutely beautiful kneeling nude in the dark,
wet grass.

   "You're so damn sexy," I said, not feeling any guilt at having just
cheated on my wife.  "I love fucking you!"

   Ellen looked smug and satisfied as she nodded her head at what I said.
She lingered awhile slowly putting on her shorts, letting me get my fill of
staring at her satisfied cunt there in the darkness.

   "That was wonderful!" she sighed, wiping her hands on the grass.  She
used her panties to wipe the goo off the back of her legs, then wadded them
up and stuck them in the pocket of her shorts as she got dressed, laughing
quietly as I kissed each of her nipples before they disappeared under the
halter top.

   "I love these sweet titties of yours, I hate to see 'em go!" I
whispered, kissing her again before I got dressed.  "We should have done
this months ago!"

   "They'll only be gone a little while," she teased, snapping her shorts
up.  She dug her bare toe into the grass, pointing.  "Looks like you
probably need to do some weeding out here, maybe tomorrow evening?"

   I just smiled as she stood up on tiptoe and gave me one last kiss before
disappearing into the darkness of her back yard.  I rolled up the hose and
went into the house for dinner.

   ===== the end ====

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