The house seemed terribly empty all week without my daughter Brittany
there.  She was spending time with my ex-wife.  I went to work and came
home, always thinking about my beautiful teenaged daughter, for the first
time realizing how sexy she was becoming as she grew up.  Every time I
tried to make myself agree that I should be ashamed, or that what I
fantasized was incest -- which it was -- and sinful, -- which it was not, I
kept imagining a wonderful sensuous look of love on Brittany's face ...  if
and when I showed her about sex.  I knew it would be wrong to fuck her,
wrong to perform cunnilingus on her, or even to suck her titties, according
to "the rules".  But more and more I found myself wanting to do these
things with my own daughter!

   The first part of the week I just lay on the couch and watched TV,
fantasizing about Brittany and her naked body, which I occasionally saw as
she got in or out of the shower.  As I thought about her, my cock would get
hard and I would masturbate into a Kleenex.  At night in bed I would wake
up from dreaming about Brittany and jack off again.

   Then on Wednesday night I thought I would go crazy if I didn't go get
her from her mother's townhouse.  I found myself in Brittany's room,
looking at all of her little girl things, touching them and wanting her.

   I looked in her closet and my heart skipped a beat.  A pair of her
panties was lying there on the floor where she had taken them off.  I
stooped quickly and picked them up, my cock already thickening in

   Holding the silky lime-green wadded up panties to my nose, I inhaled the
heady aroma of my daughter!

   "Oh, god." I groaned.  I could smell her pussy!  The scents of her
crotch, her little butthole, were there as heady, exotic perfumes!  I
inhaled deeply and felt my cock stiffen almost to full hardness.

   I walked over to her frilly little single bed and lay back on the
pillow, surrounding myself with her bedclothes, her smells, and the sight
of her familiar things.  I spread my legs and tantalizingly zipped my fly
open and reached for my cock.  It needed little help to spring up out of my
crotch and throb to an aching hardness.  I touched myself and sighed in
pleasure, imagining Brittany's hands -- or Brittany's lips -- on my penis.

   I unrolled the balled-up, ropy piece of fabric in my hands, stretching
the crotch panel of Brittany's panties, until I could see the yellowish
stains along a wrinkle where almost certainly the cloth had rode up into
her slit.  I sniffed it deeply, and was rewarded with the overwhelming
scent of her young pussy!  I ran the panel over my face, wiping her scent
on my cheek, finding the darker stain of her butthole and loving that dark
musky scent.  My cock was aching and rock hard as I began to jack off on
Brittany's bed.  I laid the panties over my face, breathing in the heavenly
smells as one hand felt and squeezed my balls and my other hand teased up
and down my cock.

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   "Oh Brittany, Brittany ...  fuck me." I groaned into the silken cloth. I
could feel my orgasm building little by little.  I ripped the panties from
my face and wrapped them around my cock, trying to get the silken crotch
panel against my cock-head.  The slick, soft, panty material teased and
pleasured my cock so that I could fuck into the panties when I held them in
my fist.

   I wanted her smell again and lifted the panties back to my nose,
smelling the mix of my peter-scent and her pussy.

   "Aww yeah!" I sighed, "aw yeah!"

   I knew if I didn't slow down, I would come any minute, so I got up and
went to Brittany's dresser, my hard cock flopping stiffly in front of me. I
began pulling open the drawers until I found what I was looking for, one of
her little lacy white training bras.

   "That will do fine." I told myself and sank back down on her bed, with
my pants halfway down my legs.  I looked down at my reddened, throbbing
cock as I slowly tantalized it by wrapping the soft material of the bra
around my shaft.  I almost creamed as I watched my cock penetrate into the
rounded bra cup.  I twisted and tortured my dick, strangling it tightly
with the training bra until my whole shaft was alive with the sensation of
the soft lace of Brittany's underwear against my dick flesh.

   "Uhhhhh," I grunted.  "Uhhhhhhhh!"

   I slipped her soiled panties over my face and once again breathed in the
aroma of her pussy, licking my tongue out onto the damp crotch panel and
tasting Brittany there.

   "Yeah, oh god yeah!" I said to myself and began tightly pumping my cock
into the bra, draping the bra-cup over my prick tip and rubbing the lace up
and down my shaft.

   I lay there for several minutes just letting my cock stick into the soft
bra.  I couldn't keep masturbating, because if I touched myself any more I
would shoot!  I kept fantasizing about Brittany's sweet tits and her pussy,
and then I would jack off a few more strokes into her bra cup.  Every time
I would get set to come, I would strangle my cock with the straps of the
bra and make it hurt just enough to slow down my orgasm.

   Finally the exquisite torture was too much.  As I inhaled the aromatic
fragrance of my daughter's soiled panties, my cock pulsed and throbbed,
then spurted a long hot string of white cum up into the air.  It fell back,
spattering across my thighs.

   "Aaahhhhhh!" I groaned.  I slipped the bra cup back over my glans and
cried out at the soft feeling of the material as it covered my prick head
and began to soak up spurt after spurt of my cum.  I jacked and jacked it,
wantonly masturbating until there was just an oozing dribble running down
the side of my shaft and Brittany's bra was soaked with my semen.  The
sweet smell of Brittany-pussy coming from her panties kept me hard and

   That night and the next one I took Brittany's soiled panties to bed with
me, along with a clean pair of her silky panties and the cum-stained bra.
Each time I woke up in the night I would spread the dirty panties out on
the pillow next to me and bury my face in them, licking and sniffing at my
little girl's scents.  My cock would go rock-hard and I would masturbate
into the other pair of soft, silky panties, or into the bra.  My cock was
raw each morning, but the pleasure was worth it!

   ===== the end ====

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