Warning: This story is unsuitable for minors and contains
explicit descriptions of sexual activity considered taboo (and
illegal) in most (if not all) jurisdictions. If such activity
offends you, please DO NOT read any further. I do not condone any
illegal activity and stress that this work is fiction, fantasy,
and in no way meant to reflect reality. Sexual abuse of minors is
a very serious issue and I encourage anyone tempted to engage in
such behavior to seek help immediately.

Title: Lodge of Lust Unleashed (Mm, Mb, Mf, Mg, Incest, Beast,
Piss, Bondage, Dubious Consent) 
Last Updated: 5/19/17

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Without further ado...

Despite the streaks of lightning filling the black sky and the
monstrous thunderclaps which seemed to shake the very foundation
of the lodge, little Devin White was desperate to find a way
outside as he pattered down the dark and intimidating hallway in
his Spongebob pajamas. His eight-year-old legs pumped madly, the
frantic boy checking windows and doors in the hopes of finding
some escape from the madness behind him. The moans and groans
seemed to chase him, though, and his mind felt unusually cloudy.
He remembered his older brother, Ty, saying something before
their vacation about being "high" and he thought, as he rounded
another bend in the hallway, that such was a good description for
how he felt. He couldn't seem to think straight. He couldn't seem
to navigate this interminably large lodge in the middle of the
night. He couldn't find the damn staircase; a staircase he had
trudged up only hours before and which he could have sworn was
just down the hall from his room! Why, he thought to himself, had
his parents decided to stay here for the night? Why did they get
off the highway in the middle of nowhere?

He rushed into another hall and froze. There, only a few feet
away, was the wide open door of Room 225. The room his family had
been assigned when they'd checked in! The room he had fled only a
few moments before! Red light poured through the opening and loud
wails echoed in the hallway, rebounding over and over again and
driving the poor boy crazy. The sounds, he thought desperately,
had been behind him a heartbeat ago! The room had too! He turned,
slower this time, and tried to backtrack around the corner. It
was harder, he realized, and felt like he was wading against a
river's current. The new hallway came into view and Devin gasped.
"It can't be!" he cried, tears filling his eyes. He was back in
front of Room 225, bathed suddenly in red light and the hot
sounds of flesh on flesh.

Then he walked in, some compulsion pulling him through the
gateway despite his mind screaming that he should run.

The room was so much bigger than he remembered but he paid that
discrepancy little mind as his eyes sought out his family. They
were all there: his handsome and fit middle-aged father, his
curvy and still young looking mother, his cool fourteen-year-old
brother Ty, his bratty twelve-year-old sister Melody, and his
sweet ten-year-old sister Tracy. All five of them were lying
shoulder to shoulder on the impossibly long bed, their heads
thrashing about as each grunted, groaned, and squealed in
mindless passion. Three nude men attended each of them, with two
of the men holding his family's legs up high in the air while
licking and suckling toes, heels, and the soles of quivering
feet. The third man of each trio was kneeling down, his face
buried between the butt cheeks of each family member.

"Decided to get a little air?" said a man behind Devin as the boy
stood motionless, watching the sight in front of him. Devin said
nothing, entranced. "That's alright," the man said, "sometimes
people are a bit resistant to join our fun at first. You're not
so resistant now, though, are you my boy? Now that your
resistance has been worn down by this special place?" Reaching
down, the man's deft fingers began to fiddle with Devin's PJs as
his mouth hovered near the youngsters ears. His friendly tone
dropped to a husky whisper. "They love it, you know. The feeling
of a long hot tongue sliding against the bottom of their feet.
Lips caressing their heels. Teeth nibbling on their toes. Its
wonderful. And these men are experts. Their mouths work wonders.
Their tongues, slithering between the little piggies over and
over is enough to ignite lust unimaginable." Devin's shirt fell
away, the buttons having been masterfully worked open, and the
boy shivered. The man's mouth pressed lightly against Devin's
ear, the hot breath making the boy flush. "And then there's the

At that, Devin's father let out a long groan and his hard cock,
which had been practically vibrating despite no one touching it,
began to spurt volley after volley of thick cum. The first few
blasts sailed well past the man and splashed loudly against the
wall and headboard of the bed before the next few blasts coated
the man's chest and abs. The man who had been rimming him pulled
back and Devin watched as his father's asshole clenched and
unclenched rapidly, the tight ring covered in saliva. Then, as
the orgasm began to wind down, the rimming man dove back in and
Devin's father let out a squeal of surprise which rapidly
devolved into a moan of acceptance.

"Your father's not done yet, kid. That was only his first climax
of the night. Many more to come, don't you worry. This place will
see to that!" With that, the boy's pajama bottoms dropped to the
floor and Devin stood in only his batman undies. "Did you notice
your dad has no hair around his cock or asshole? We like our
playthings to be smooth so hair below the neck is always first to
go. Probably gone before your family even made it up to the room.
This place can do that, you know. It can do so many things." The
man's arms wrapped around the boy, lifting the youngster up and
moving closer to the bed. Before Devin knew it, he was sandwiched
between several sweaty adult bodies and standing only inches from
Melody and Tracy.

The two girls ignored him, their mouths open wide as Melody let
out a long low moan and Tracy squeaked over and over again. "Your
sisters are having a good time, aren't they" the man's voice
whispered seductively into Devin's ear and Devin could only nod
dumbly. The men next to him were licking and slurping
aggressively at his older sisters' backsides and, as his gaze
drifted from one to the other, the men, seemingly able to sense
his eyes, pulled back slightly and used their hands to spread the
asscheeks in front of them. Both girls had tight pink assholes
just under their immature little pussies, with twelve-year-old
Melody's pussy slightly larger and covered in a slick film of her
own juices. "Watch those pussies, boy." The men dove forward,
then, their long tongues sliding deep in the girl's assholes and
their mouths locking on to the tiny shitters as they began to
really aggressively rim the now writhing pre-teens. Above him,
Devin could tell that the men working over his sisters' feet had
redoubled their efforts as well.

"Ah! Ah! AH! AHHH" yelled Melody.

"Oh God! Oh God! Ah! Oh!" squealed Tracy.

Then the two girls climaxed, their orgasms tearing out of their
bodies as they thrashed wildly. The men didn't let up, though,
and Devin watched as their hairless slits leaked clear juices
down to their spasming assholes before being rapidly lapped up by
dancing tongues and eager mouths. "Your sisters are cumming, boy.
They're cumming hard. They'll be cumming hard all night, I
promise you. They'll cum more tonight than they will in the next
year. The next three years! We're going to ensure that!" Devin
felt his underpants fall and his boyhood stretch uncomfortably
for a heartbeat before slapping back against his pubic area with
a loud smacking sound. "Oh look. You're hard. You must like what
you are seeing, huh?" A sudden squeal from down the line cause
the boy to turn. "Your lovely mother is cumming, kiddo. A
powerful mommy cum. Probably hasn't cum in years, poor thing.
She'll cum a lot tonight, though, like the rest of the family."

Devin was pulled backwards and brought to the end of the bed
where he saw his brother Ty receiving the same treatment as
everyone else. The fourteen-year-old boy, normally very macho,
was squealing like a bitch in heat as one man brutally tongued
his virginal boypussy, one gnawed on his left heel, and the last
sucked eagerly on the big toe of his right foot. Ty's cock was
rock hard, drooling into the already existing lake of cum that
coated his abs and chest. "Your brother was the first to cum,
kid." The man whispered in Devin's ear. "His boypussy must be
very sensitive." Spinning Devin around the corner of the bed, the
man pushed him gently onto the mattress so that the
eight-year-old's head was resting right against his brother's
left tit, the two boys now perpendicular to each other. Ty didn't
seem to notice, as he was lost in the overwhelming feelings of
pleasure the men were forcing him to endure, but Devin did as the
back of his head and neck suddenly came into contact with his
brother's cooling load. As the man began to lift Devin's feet
high into the air, the boy turned his head slightly only to
realize that Ty's straining cock was inches from his face.

As Devin looked back, he realized that three men now stood before
him, the middle one already beginning to kneel as two sturdy
hands began to part his boyish bottom. The other two, their
hand's grasping his feet, leaned in and attacked his flesh.

"Oh! AH! Stop!" he shouted suddenly, one tongue swiping from heel
to toe while a mouth engulfed three toes on the other foot. The
feeling, unlike any Devin had ever experienced, sent a sharp
tingle down his legs and up his spine. Then a fat tongue breached
his virginal boypussy and the boy squealed, his body shuddering
as he began to thrash around. "Oh! Wait! Wait! AH! STOP! OH!
AH!!" The men didn't, their mouths working the boy's feet and
asshole with arrogant indifference. His toes were plundered. The
soles of his feet were chewed and licked. His butt was spread
wide so his pink starfish could be slurped and defiled. It drove
him crazy.

Ty screamed out and several hot blasts of teenage cum hit Devin
in the side of the head. Devin hardly noticed, his head rolling
from side to side as he was overwhelmed with the feelings
sweeping through his body. His hands tried to move, to grab hold
of something, but his strength was gone. So was his will. He
couldn't fight the feelings. They were swallowing him up.

He heard his mother climax again. Then his sisters screamed in
unison as their next orgasms were drawn from their pre-pubescent
bodies. His father roared shortly after that, the man releasing
another heavy load that Devin could hear splattering across the
backboard of the bed.

"Ugh... Ugh!!! OH!!! AH!!! AAAHHH!!!" Devin began to chant, his
eyes clenching shut as his body began to grow rigid. Something
was happening to him. Energy was coursing through his body,
converging rapidly in his groin. The man at his bottom stopped
nibbling on his tight anal ring and began to piston his tongue in
and out of the snug hole with breakneck speed. "AHHH!!!!"

"That's it, boy" a sultry voice whispered in his ear. "Cum for
us! Feel those feelings! Give us an orgasm! CUM FOR US!"

"AHHHHHH!!!!" Devin screamed, his boycock thrashing violently as
it tried desperately to release it's nonexistent load. The boy's
orgasm crashed into him and he wailed loudly, his body shuddering
as the dry-cum consumed his mind entirely. "AHHHHHHH!!!!"

FIRST OF MANY! SO SO MANY!!!!!!!" The voice taunted, buzzing deep
in the back of Devin's awareness as the boy came and came and

As his climax started to fade, Devin's molesters redoubled their
efforts and the boy groaned, like his father earlier, in
acceptance. His body belonged to these men. His pleasure was
theirs. The voice whispered softly to him, then, as his mind
drifted off into the haze of bodily bliss. "Your family was going
to California for a week long trip, boy. But we got you instead.
The next week is going to be filled with so many drycums, boy, so
many perversions. But don't worry, when you and your family leave
here, the only thing on your mind will be how much fun you had on
the west coast. Welcome, Devin, to the Lodge of Lust Unleashed!"


Philip rolled his eyes. "You're kidding, right? We're going to
stay here for the night?" The fifteen-year-old looked at the
large lodge incredulously, wondering why his dad had bothered to
get off the highway, drive fifteen minutes into the middle of
nowhere, and park in front of this large lodge seemingly on a
whim when it was only two o'clock in the afternoon. The family
was two day's into their cross country move and, so far, they had
endeavored to only quit driving well after dark. Why stop now,
with hours of daylight left? It didn't make any sense. And why,
he thought suddenly, hadn't his mother in the SUV objected? His
father always had zany ideas; his mom was usually reliable when
it came to reigning them in.

"Yeah," his dad said, cheerful as always. "It'll be fun. I bet
they even have a pool!" A small cheer went up in the back seat as
Kelly, Christopher, Lisa, and Evan immediately began discussing
finding the as-of-yet unconfirmed pool before getting out of the
car. Philip's father got out as well, popping open the back door
in order to unload the luggage.

"Make sure you find your swimsuits," Philip's mother said as she,
Henry, Gillian, Kathy, Eric, and Spencer got out of the SUV to
join the rest of the family. Philip rolled his eyes again,
embarrassed that he had such a large Irish family and wishing
they were a little less conspicuous. Another family was just
finishing the packing of their own car a short distance away and
Philip watched as the youngest, a boy of eight or nine, stood off
to the side and stared strangely at Philip's siblings. Philip's
eyebrows rose when he realized the kid was causally playing with
himself, his small hand caressing the now noticeable tent in his
gym shorts. Philip was about to say something, though he had no
idea what to say, when a woman's voice called out for "Devin" to
get in the car and the boy quickly turned and hopped into the
back seat. As Philip's family began to bustle into the lodge, he
watched as the other family pulled out of their parking space and
disappeared down the road.

Fifteen minutes later, Philip found himself lying on the queen
bed he would be sharing with Henry and pondering his boredom. The
entire family had swarmed into their three rooms, dropped all
their stuff, shimmied into bathing suits, and left a few minutes
later to find the pool that the front desk man had assured them
existed. Despite the family's insistence that he join them,
Philip had shrugged off the adventure. Now, though, he was
regretting it. Sighing, he slipped on his own swim shorts and
headed towards the pool.

There appeared to be no way to get to the pool without going
through the locker room so Philip entered the tiled area marked
"MEN" and found an open locker for him to use. Sliding off his
shirt and swim trunks, he placed the clothing and his shoes
carefully into the cubby before walking across the warm floor
towards the shower. As he did, something tugged at the back of
his mind as being unusual. It wasn't his nudity, he knew, because
Philip was supposed to be naked when entering the pool. His lack
of hair below the neck didn't phase him either, despite the fact
that he was sure he had a lot of pubic and body hair that morning
when he got up, because it just felt too nice being hairless and
letting the warm air cares his smooth body. Shrugging the
niggling thought away, the fifteen-year-old stepped into the
circular shower stall and rinsed himself off.

A few moments later, Philip meandered through the locker room and
towards the pool entrance. As he did, a massive black man, nude
himself and with a raging hard-on, met Philip at the door and put
his arm around the teen. Then the two of them entered the pool
area. Philip was immediately hit with the heavy odor of chlorine
and his head began to swim slightly.

The large Windoor pool was filled with dozens of nude men and
boys roughhousing, playing tag, and generally having a good time.
Many of the men, and quite a few of the boys, had cocktail
glasses and were busily drinking colorful fruity drinks garnished
with bright tiki umbrellas that seemed to be coming from a small
bar on the other side of the room. Philip noticed idly that every
one of the men and boys swimming was either Black, Latino, or
Asian. Then he remembered that Whites were not allowed to swim in
pools and he grinned sheepishly at forgetting such an obvious and
common sense rule. Something in the air was fogging his mind.

The man with him guided him past the water and towards a slightly
apart area where Philip's family was stationed. The other eleven
MaCalisters smiled at Philip as he was brought over and helped up
into his bondage swing. The device, which bound his arms behind
him but forced his legs up and apart, was surprisingly
comfortable and, within the span of a few heartbeats, Philip
completed the family circle and was able to get a good look at
the rest of his clan. The twelve of them hung in a circle, facing
the center as their bodies swayed back and forth slightly, their
private parts exposed for each to see.

"Glad you decided to join us, sport." his father said.

"Yeah," Philip said with a dramatic sigh. "Me too." Glancing
around, he realized that he really was glad he had joined them
and he took a moment to look at each of them in turn, smiling and
trying to convey his appreciation.

His mother looked at him with pride in his eyes.

Seventeen-year-old Henry, his nerdy older brother, grinned at

Sixteen-year-old Kelly, the most popular girl in their high
school, smiled back.

Thirteen-year-old Gillian, smartest person in their family,
rolled her eyes.

Eleven-year-old Christopher, the star athlete, stuck out his

Ten-year-old Kathy, always so serious, nodded back.

Eight-year-old Eric, the goofball, blew a kiss.

Seven-year-old Spencer ignored him, lost in his own world as

Six-year-old Lisa beamed at him, happy for the attention.

Five-year-old Evan didn't make eye contact, instead paying
attention to what was going on behind Philip.

The black man who had greeted him at the pool entrance stepped up
behind Philip and the fifteen-year-old turned his head, looking
at the man who stared down at him with sparkling eyes. The man
bent down and turned Philips head back towards the center of the
circle and Philip groaned slightly. Other men and boys stood
around each member of his family, their bodies pressed close
agains his relatives as non-white hands began to explore
vulnerable bodies. "The first cum's just to get you all in the
mood, my slutty cracker. Then the whole pool is gonna use you.
You're all gonna love it, I promise. Whole family gonna cum so
hard and so many times, sluts to colored cocks."

And that's just what happened. As the man began to kiss Philip's
neck and reached around him to fiddle the white teen's growing
cock, Philip watched the molestation of each of his family

His father, the tough but fair patriarch of the family, was
biting his lip in ecstasy as a dexterous black hand, slick with
lube, flew up and down the white man's throbbing tool with
blinding speed. His father opened his mouth to groan but a thick
tongue was shoved down his throat, dominating the proud father of
ten and forcing sweet submission. Philip's father made no sound
as thick ropes of cum erupted from his straining member and his
body trembled in release.

His mother, generous and kind, was letting out a low throaty moan
as three fingers pounded into her dripping snatch at a breakneck
pace. Then she threw her head back and sighed as another hand
began to flick and tweak her exposed clit. She came hard shortly
therafter, her body spamming as hands from behind her found her
stiff tits and began to stroke them sensuously.

Seventeen-year-old Henry, his cock similar in size and shape to
that of his father, let his head lull forward as he grunted in
satisfaction, a small asian boy of no more than seven busily
licking the shining prick like a lolipop. Then Henry's eyes grew
big and he let out a sharp "Oh fuck!" as his cock erupted into
the air, the boy's tongue now bathing his balls while a large
brown hand frisked his member rapidly.

Sixteen-year-old Kelly was sucking on the two long black fingers
in her mouth and had a look of absolute delight on her face as a
teenage boy, his caramel colored latino body glistening in the
light, worked a long pink dildo in and out of her twitching cunt
and another boy, probably his brother, nursed on her right tit.
Her body bucked hard against the dildo several times in rapid
succession before she collapsed, a satisfied groan escaping her

Thirteen-year-old Gillian writhed around eagerly, grunting and
snorting as a hard vibrator was pressed aggressively against her
stiff exposed clitoris. When two hands pulled back her ass cheeks
and another vibrator was pressed eagerly against her pink
starfish, the girl let out a choked scream and climaxed, her
moist pussy flexing open and closed as it spasmed in time with
her powerful cum.

Eleven-year-old Christopher could only groan as his tongue was
wrestled into submission by the black teen he was making out with
while another teen, this one asian, busily rimmed his twitching
boypussy. While both his holes were being dominated, a third teen
was busily twisting the blond boy's nipples and this abuse
eventually sent the lad over the edge, his untouched boyhood
throbbing eagerly as several watery blasts of thin boycum erupted
onto his heaving belly.

Ten-year-old Kathy was moaning "Oh! Oh! Oh!" as a big man with a
a long leather flogger was rhythmically striking her split open
vulva and stiff-as-a-board clit while two other men had their
tongues shoved deep in her ears. The moment her body began to
rise to meet the pleasurable strikes, the man switched over to a
small corded tassle and began to beat her cunny rapidly. Her
body, already trembling, responded by spasming uncontrollably,
wetness dripping from her eager sex as she howled in climax.

Eight-year-old Eric kept squealing in delight as one man suckled
his hard boycock and another busily ate out his pre-pubescent
shitter. The boy's fingers and toes flexed rapidly as the men's
talented mouths punished his body with pleasure and he soon let
out a sharp whine as the men forced him to climax, his hard
dry-cum clearly a new experience.

Seven-year-old Spencer had a small vibrator shoved deep in his
tiny backdoor, the angry buzzing and the boy's frequent spasms
and jerks indicating his immature prostate was getting a
working-over. While two teenage boys hungrily attacked his
hairless armpits with eager mouths and naughty tongues, a massive
black man was using his thumb and forefinger to gently masturbate
the sweating first grader. The boy eventually had a powerful
dry-cum, his body quivering in time with the vibrations traveling
up his backside.

Six-year-old Lisa was moaning as the old asian man in front of
her lapped eagerly at her immature cunt, his mouth covering the
tiny slit repeatedly as his tongue wormed its way deep insider
her. Her moaning cut off a moment later as a big latino boy
kissed her, dominating her mouth as the man dominated her cunny.
Her bucking and writhing soon indicated she was cumming but
neither the teen nor the man let up, their mouths always attached
and always attacking.

Five-year-old Evan kept squealing "Oh yeah! Oh yeah Oh yeah" as
his fingers, toes, and tits were suckled by the several teens
around him while another man used one well lubed finger to gently
plunder the boy's tight pucker. A vibrating massager was soon
placed onto the boy's hard little nail and his chanting ratcheted
up an octave. "OH YEAH! OH YEAH! OH YEAH!" he was soon chanting
as he climaxed his first ever boygasm, his body shuddering and
twitching at the powerfully hard cum.

Philip came as well, the large hand that had been stroking him
granting him sweet release as blast after blast erupted from his
eager teenage cock. When he finally came down from his climax, he
looked around the circle at his family members. Everyone had cum,
he knew, and each looked both disheveled and satisfied. "Whoa,"
he said, catching his breath. "Glad I decided to come to the
pool." The other members of the family chuckled before a voice
near his ear drew his attention.

"And with that," the sultry voice said, "your family is open for
business. I'm almost envious, you know? You and your family are
going to cum so many times while you help us get off. So many
times. So many times." Then the voice seemed to fade and Philip,
who had closed his eyes as he listened, opened them to find many
more men and boys using his family.

His father was sucking a long black cock as a latino preteen, who
had straddled his bound body, was impaling himself over and over
on the white man's once again straining cock. His father grunted
in climax as he came deep in the boy's backside while another man
worked a long black dildo in and out of the white man's puckered

His mother was busily making out with a teenage boy while another
fucked her in the ass. She squealed and came when one boy reached
down and began to flick her sensitive clit while the other shoved
two fingers deep in her dripping cunt.

Seventeen-year-old Henry had his face buried between the small
buns of a four or five year old black boy, the older teen eagerly
eating out the moaning child who was being held up by two grown
men. Below the teen, another little boy was plunging his small
fist in and out of Henry's sloppy asshole. As the tiny child
continued to fist the big teen, Henry's hard cock erupted a
massive teenage load.

Sixteen-year-old Kelly was being taken by two teenage boys, one
cock fucking her cunt while the other fucked her ass. The scream
of pleasure from her spectacular climax filled the room as the
boys rutted into her fast, hard, and eager, her body bouncing up
and down as she rode the two boys without restraint.

Thirteen-year-old Gillian and ten-year-old Kathy had been moved
together and forced into a dexterous 69, the two lapping eagerly
at each other's cunts. Behind them, two boys in their early
teenage years were busily assaulting their exposed assholes, with
the boy behind Gillian rabbit fucking her with his long thin cock
and the boy behind Kathy working two stubby fingers in and out of
her bottom. Then the girls came, their pussies convulsing around
each other's tongues as their bodies shuddered through the shared

Eleven-year-old Christopher had five-year-old Evan underneath
him, the younger boy's back pressed up against his older brother
as Christopher's cock pounded into the little tyke's no longer
virginal boypussy. Christopher was not a virgin either, a large
black teen behind him jackhammering the pre-teen vigorously and
forcing the boy to thrust ever deeper into his little brother.
Christopher came loudly, the assault on his ass and the feelings
from his brothers tight love canal sending him over the edge just
as Evan, who was being jacked off by a boy his own age, squealed
out a dry-cum of his own.

Eight-year-old Eric had his face buried in the ass crack of a
gigantic pacific islander, the man's delighted face indicating
that the small boy's tongue was shoved deep into the asian's
shitter. A black pre-teen, meanwhile, was eagerly thrusting his
hairless boner into the squirming white boy's bottom. When Eric's
body began to tremble, the asian man grasped the boy's cock and
frisked it vigorously while the pre-teen twisted and squeezed
Eric's hairless sack. The combined assault caused Eric to go
ridged, his body cumming hard.

Seven-year-old Spencer had his hard little nail buried in
six-year-old Lisa's little cunny, the girl's legs over her
brothers as their bellies were pushed together and two pre-teen
boys each worked small stiff cocks in and out of Spencer's and
Lisa's slick assholes. The siblings were resting their heads
together, with their right cheeks pressed together, as two large
black men stood on either side of them and gently worked long
black cocks in and out of their tiny mouths. The oral and anal
assaults, plus Spencer's little cock sliding in and out of Lisa's
small pussy, forced hard climaxes on bother children and they
squealed as their bodies trembled in delight.

Then Philip lost sight of his family as cocks and tongues were
shoved down his throat and up his ass while his own cock was
frisked, sucked, and made to fuck other hot and horny holes. He
caught glimpses of them as the day progressed, however, each one
being used just like him as they were forced to cum over and over
again while the men abused them like the white sluts they were.


The TV channels at this lodge suck, Amber thought to herself as
she turned off the flat screen. Every channel was a commercial
and none of them interested her. Glancing at the clock, she
realized that it was almost 9pm and her parents, who had taken a
shower together some time earlier, were still in the bathroom.
The twelve-year-old girl found it somewhat odd that they had
showered together but didn't question it seriously. The whole
stay at the lodge had been... odd.

The bathroom door opened and her father and mother, both naked
and reeking a sharp spicy tang, stepped out. "Amber. Lance. Your
turn." Amber glanced at her nine-year-old brother who had been
playing a game on his phone and the two shrugged at each other.
They hadn't shared a bathtub or shower in years but they were not
going to argue with their parents. The two children got up and
began to walk toward the bathroom.

"It's been a long day," Amber's father said as the two adults
passed them and climbed onto the bed. Amber turned for a moment
and watched as her father's manhood swelled and her mother began
to groan. Then, much to Amber's surprise, her father shoved his
stiff penis deep into her mother's spread open vagina and the two
began to grunt, snort, and moan. Amber thought something was
strange about the whole thing but could't quite figure it out.

She soon found herself in the bathroom with Lance, her younger
brother already removing his clothing. Amber followed suit and
the two were naked in a matter of moments. Amber's eyes roved
over her brother's nude form for a few seconds before she opened
the shower compartment and stepped inside. Lance, she could tell,
also took a few reciprocal eyefuls of her own naked flesh.

The stall was incredibly tight, the entire cylindrical space
perhaps four feet in diameter. As Amber stood there with Lance,
the walls only an inch or so in any direction, the girl couldn't
help but rotate slowly and admire the dozens of rock hard cocks
sticking out of various holes throughout the confined space. They
were of all shapes, sizes, and colors and Amber grinned as they
all throbbed with apparent need. Lance grinned up at her too.
They both knew what to do.

Reaching out, the sister and brother began to grasp the cocks two
at a time, giving each one a few perfunctory pumps before it
exploded in a tsunami of cum. One after another, the cocks
erupted in their hands and covered them in spunk. It was in their
hair. On their faces. Their necks, shoulders, backs, and chests.
The spooge landed heavily on their butts, legs, and feet.
Enjoying themselves, the girl and boy began to use their mouths
on the cocks closest to their faces, their tongue swiping the
glistening heads in eager bursts while being rewarded with hot
slimy loads. In the span of only two minutes, the twelve-year-old
girl and nine-year-old boy were coated from head to toe in thick
creamy jizz.

Lance grasped his now stiff willy and began to pump lazily, the
men's cum acting as an exquisite lube while the cocks were
withdrawn into their holes. Thinking that was a good idea, Amber
reached down and began to stroke her slit in tandem with her
brother's movements. Nothing happened but Amber didn't worry,
knowing the second part to the shower would happen once she and
Lance had their fun. The rhythmic slap slap slap filled the
shower, then, as the nine-year-old beat his meat and his
twelve-year-old sister worked two fingers deep into her wet
cunny. "Uh!" Lance grunted a few minutes later, the boy's body
spasming in his dry climax."Yeah!" Amber grunted a half second
later, her cunt throbbing in time with her own orgasm. Then the
siblings grinned at each other.

Dozens more cocks slid into the holes, these new tools soft and
hanging without arousal. As she continued to rub herself, Amber
closed her eyes and smiled. The two dozen new cocks, as if on
cue, erupted hot torrents of piss that immediately filled the
enclosed space with the tangy acrid smell of cleanliness. Amber
began to wash herself, then, the piss rinsing off the cum easily.
Grasping one of the largest cocks, Amber brought the soft meat to
her lips and filled her mouth with the pungent liquid, gargling
for several long seconds before letting the hot urine dribble out
of her mouth. Lance did the same a second later, turning to spit
some of the piss at his older sister. Amber rolled her eyes. He
was so juvenile sometimes.

The two exited the shower a little while later, the smell of
urine almost overpowering in the enclosed bathroom. It was a
welcome smell, though, and Amber was pleased at how clean both
she and Lance were. Then the two left the bathroom. As their
parents fucked hard in one bed, Amber and Lance crawled up into
the other and Lance began to get hard once more. Lying down on
her back, Amber spread her legs wide so as to allow her brother
to mount her. The room continued to reek.


They had only just checked in a few minutes ago when the front
desk called up to the room to enquire as to whether the Cooks
wanted to take a guided tour of the ranching complex attached to
the rear of the lodge's property. Jennifer, being only eight and
a huge fan of horses, was over the moon. "Please!" she begged and
her parents, exhausted from the day's drive and just grateful to
have found a place to stay, almost said no. But the little girl
beamed with the thought of riding a horse, which she had never
done before, and they relented.

"Ok." her mother said, grinning at the small girl's enthusiasm.

So the family of five trucked down to the front desk, out a few
doors, and into the sunlight where five huge horses stood waiting
for their riders. "Don't you usually ride by yourself?" asked
Joseph, her fifteen-year-old brother.

"I thought so," responded eleven-year-old Tommy, the boy
scrunching up his face as he looked at the five men who were
sitting behind each of the elaborate leather saddles.

"Normally you do," said the voice of a man behind the family,
"but our helpers are there to keep you on your horse and provide
an individual guide for your personal enjoyment. Now strip down,
the tour is about to start."

The family shrugged and quickly stripped out of their clothing,
five nude bodies soon standing in the sunlight. Each family
member was then beckoned over to a horse where the rider, who had
by this point dismounted, helped each member of the family up
into their saddle. The saddles were beautiful works of leather,
with a place to tie the wrists at the pummel and a large knobby
dildo, sized perfectly for each member of the family and visibly
slick with lubricant, thrust up in the center. Jennifer and her
mother giggled as they began trying to insert the dildos into
their vaginas but the men quickly informed them that the dildos
were meant to go up the bum. "A necessary precaution to keep you
firmly in place," one of them said to Jennifer's mother. Joseph,
Tommy, and Jennifer's father grunted slightly as each slid down
the hard shaft until their bottoms rested on the smooth leather
of the saddle. Jennifer's mother moaned when she finally bottomed
out. Jennifer squealed as inch after inch of the slick surface
parted her pink starfish and slid deep inside her.

When the family was firmly in place, the men took each of their
hands and tied them quite solidly to the pummel of the saddle,
explaining that this would also allow the Cooks to keep the
requisite balance for the tour. Then the men swung up onto the
saddles and the horses took off at a light trot.

The reaction was almost immediate and the whole family broke out
into long low moans. The horses were bouncing them up and down as
they trotted, the family's bodies slipping up the dildos by
several inches with every step the horse took before slamming
back down hard as gravity pulled them toward the ground. Bam!
Bam! Bam! Bam! The sound of flesh striking leather and the soft
squish of slick dildos slamming once-virginal assholes filled the
air while the men behind each family member took hold of their
hips and helped ensure that each downward thrust was both
controlled and powerful.

"I love these tours," whispered the man behind Jennifer, his
mouth barely grazing her ear. "Those dildos are going to fuck you
so hard. So fast. Your whole family will be cumming buckets."
Jennifer moaned at his dirty talk, her body tingling as the
sodomy continued. "Every family does. From the biggest papa bear
to the smallest baby bear, these horses know just how to bounce
you to force so many cummies out of you. Look at your brothers.
Look at your father. Already hard as rocks!"

Jennifer looked and, indeed, the male members of her family
already had throbbing erections bouncing up and down in time with
their own fucking. Amazing, since they had only been riding for
less than thirty seconds! As Jennifer stared at her brothers and
her father, she couldn't help but be impressed that their dicks
were so big and hard. She'd never seen a hard dick before! She
groaned, then, as new feelings swept through her cunny at the
thought of hard dicks.

As the next few minutes passed and the group made it's way down
the trail, the family became more and more animated with moans,
snorts, and grunts of unrequested pleasure. Then the man behind
her whispered, "Look at Joseph. He's about to blow." A moment
later, fifteen-year-old Joseph, who was thrashing his head from
side to side and taking deep heaving breaths, let out a sharp
gasp as the man behind him slammed him down on the saddle hard.
Then his untouched cock unloaded, blast after blast of spunk
firing high into the air and covering his chest, belly, and the
saddle. Jennifer's mother gave a strangled cry a moment later and
Jennifer turned to watch her mother twitching and spasming
through her own climax.

Less than thirty seconds later, bother Jennifer's father and
eleven-year-old Tommy were pounded to orgasm, with the older man
erupting a load similar to Josephs while the boy twitched and
spasmed like their mother, his hard little nail completely dry.
Jennifer felt something building inside of her, then, a torrent
of energy and tingles sweeping through her bottom and up her
spine until her own orgasm slammed hard into her unsuspecting
brain. "AHHHH! OHHH!!!" the girl squealed, spasming like Tommy as
she bounced hard onto the dildo in her ass and the man behind her
used his hands on her hips to slam her down with even greater
force. Her cunt flexed spastically, moisture forming there and
smearing on the leather saddle with each downward thrust.

Over the next fifteen minutes, each member of the family had
another powerful orgasm (and Tommy had two) before the tour
stopped at a small meadow enclosed with a long wooden fence.
Inside the meadow were three horses, all stallions and each near
where the Cook family now rested on their mounts. "Wow," said
Jennifer, more to herself than anyone else.

"Wow, indeed." The man behind her whispered in her ear as he
gently rubbed her flat stomach and pubic mound. "And just think,
that's going to be you and your brothers tomorrow when you take a
turn tending the horses." Jennifer's eyes grew big and her
stomach fluttered at the thought. The three horses were
magnificent creature, large and muscled and standing arrogantly
still as several children rubbed and licked and worshiped their

A boy of about seven was standing on a tall step stool behind one
of the horses, his face buried beneath the beast's tail and his
mouth busy slurping the mottled pink and grey flesh. As he pulled
up for air, Jennifer could see the horse's yawning anus glistened
with his saliva before the boy dove back in for more. The nude
boy seemed to relish in the taste and texture, his little boyhood
standing stiff as he frisked himself silly.

Below that horse was a pretty blond girl, about the same age as
Tommy, who was flat on her back on top of a soft looking bale of
hay that placed her right up under the horse's belly. The girl's
legs were spread wide and the horses massive cock was gently
sawing back and forth between her legs and small breasts. Her
mouth and tongue were busily teasing the horse's giant mushroom
shaped cock-head while her hands and cunny-lips massaged the
throbbing shaft. The girl was absolutely drenched in horsecum.

Another horse was snorting softly and Jennifer's eyes found the
reason. Below it, a brother and sister, for the two thirteen or
fourteen year old teens looked remarkably alike, rapidly
masturbated the squirting animal while taking turns latching
their mouths onto its low swinging balls. Then the boy, sensing
that his sister had the balls well in hand, scooted to the side
and slid his lips over the tip of the animals prick, his cheeks
inflating rapidly with cum before it came bursting out of the
grinning boy's mouth.

Then their group was moving again, bouncing up and down in the
saddle as Jennifer strained to see behind her at what the rest of
the children were doing. "GAHHH!!!" grunted her father, suddenly,
and Jennifer whipped her head around to see the older man's cock
erupting again, only two or three small fountains bursting forth.

"I told him," said the man behind her father, "that his kids
would be doing that tomorrow. Asked him to imagine the girl
licking a horses asshole or the older boy slurping a horsedick.
Must have liked what he saw!" The men began to chuckle and
Jennifer blushed. Several minutes passed as they meandered
through some woodlands before a large barn opened up before them
and the party stopped. "Got to go through the barn on foot. Time
to dismount!" The men, practiced hands, helped the Cooks get off
their saddles and, before Jennifer knew it, she was standing on
wobbling legs in front of large red doors. The men slid the barn
open a crack, then, and ushered the family inside.

Along each wall were large kennels, their wire mesh doing nothing
to hide what lay beyond. Dogs. All of them filled with dogs. Big
dogs. Small(er) dogs. Dozens. Maybe hundreds. In many of the
cages, the dog was the only occupant. In some cages, the dog was
kept company by a human. And what company it was!

"We have one hundred eighty eight dogs at the lodge. They are all
well behaved, well trained, and well cared for." The lead tour
guide said to the stunned family. "But each dog is different.
Each one has particular tastes. Each one knows what it like. We
do as well, and have helpfully listed their preferences above
each kennel door. All of you will do two days rotation here in
the kennel. That means you'll probably visit half a dozen dogs on
day one and half a dozen dogs on day two. The dogs you visit will
be selected at random. Once assigned, we will tell you how best
to take care of them. How to... scratch their particular itch.
After about an hour with each dog, you will move on to the next.
Any questions?"

There were none. The Cooks barely heard a word said by the tour
guide. They were transfixed on what was going on in front of them
as the guides moved them through the huge complex.

Above one cage read a placard. [My Name Is Brutus. I love licking
assholes. Come in, get comfortable, and let me have my fun!]
Below, in the cage, was a massive Saint Bernard and a small five
or six year old boy. The boy, his body confined to what looked
like a child-sized gynecological chair whose arms were gently but
firmly pulling the boy's bottom apart, was moaning "Oh no! Oh no!
Oh doggie! Oh doggie! Oh no" over and over again as the large
animal lapped eagerly at the little tyke's pink rosebud.

Another placard read [I'm Duke. Suck my cock!]. The teenage girl
in the cage, her slim fourteen-year-old body drenched in doggie
slime, was on her back under the large great dane slurping and
sucking on the bright read doggie dick as if her life depended on
it. The dog huffed as she lapped aggressively at it's flared
cockhead before letting out a throaty whine and erupting a
torrent of spunk right into the girls mouth.

Then there was the placard that read [Don't look now but Titus is
going to make you his bitch!] featuring a girl of eight or nine,
her body clearly experiencing a pre-teen orgasm, on her hands and
knees while the rottweiler behind her thrust his swelling cock
over and over again into her swollen cunny. Next to that cage was
a placard that said [I'm Scooter and I prefer fucking my bitches'
backsides!] and a boy of twelve or thirteen, also on his hands
and knees and with a large puddle of boycum beneath his hard
cock, underneath a large german shepherd who was pounding the
poor boy senseless.

The Cooks saw people flat on their backs while the dogs lapped
eagerly at twitching cunts and spraying cocks. They saw adults
and children eating out smooth canine assholes. They observed
dogs knotted with boys, pounding girls, fucking men and women,
and dominating little children. All the while, the cheery tour
guides kept up a constant stream of observations and insights
into what kind of fun the Cooks would have at the kennel.

Once out of the complex, Jennifer was surprised to find their
steads waiting for them. "Smart horses," the man behind her
whispered as he lifted her up and slid her down hard onto the
shining saddle dildo. Jennifer grunted, right on the edge of
orgasm. The man remounted, as did the rest of the family, before
turning the horse onto the path. "We are going to ride hard for
the lodge from here. Ready for a full gallop?" Jennifer, her mind
still swimming, only grunted. The man chuckled. "Off we go!" he
said, suddenly spring the horse onward hard.

Jennifer gasped as she suddenly began flying up and down on the
saddle, the dildo pounding into her hard. Then she cried out in
ecstasy as the man slipped his had down her pubis and shoved his
middle finger deep into her hot eager cunt. Jennifer whipped her
head from side to side, seeing that all the men were now busily
masturbating her family members furiously as the five horse sped
at top speed for the lodge. Her father came, the man's hand a
blur on her fathers member. Her mother came, two fingers digging
deep into the woman's sopping wet pussy. Her brothers came, one
man's fist sliding effortlessly over Joseph's teenage cock while
the other man's fingers flew dexterously up and down Tommy's hard
little nail. Then Jennifer was cumming, screaming in submission
to the pleasure as the wind whipped across her face.