Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between underage partners. Any resemblance to persons either alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended for ADULTS only. If you are under the legal age of consent in your local jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, kindly STOP READING NOW. Kelli's Summer Visit - by - The StoryMaster Kelli shuddered as the two hard rubber phalluses made their way up inside of her. Grasping the edges of the straight back chair, Kelli supported herself as best she could with her arms while she slowly lowered herself onto the big dildos, one in each of her passages, until at last her shapely bottom made contact with the wooden seat of the chair that her uncle had so thoughtfully fashioned for her. Then, once Kelli was fully seated, her Uncle Joe stepped forward holding his cock in his hand in offering to his pretty niece. "God! Why didn't I hide that stuff better," Kelli thought ruefully. She opened her mouth. Smiling down at his lovely niece, Kelli's Uncle Joe moved his penis toward its target. At its tip glistened a tiny drop of pre-cum. "Put your tongue out like a good girl," he said. "I can't believe this is happening," Kelli thought with a shiver of disgust. Then after a brief pause she did as she was told. "Oh, yuck!" The pretty teenager almost gagged when her uncle touched the tip of his cock to her outstretched tongue. "You're such a good girl, Kelli," Uncle Joe said while he slowly rubbed the head of his cock over his niece's pink tongue. "You and I are going to have such a good time for the next few weeks until your folks get home. Now suck me sweetheart, just like I showed you yesterday. And by the way, baby, how do those rubber cocks feel inside today? Better? I told you you'd get used to 'em in time." He chuckled mischievously. As Kelli began to orally pleasure her uncle, her mind wandered back to only a week ago. Her parents had sent their pretty, sixteen year old daughter to stay with her father's brother for six weeks while they went to Europe on a second honeymoon. Kelli had argued vehemently that she was old enough to take care of herself, but her parents would have none of it. She'd been packed away to northern Vermont, to stay on her Uncle Joe's farm, leaving Chris, her steady boyfriend behind. Kelli's parting with Chris had been difficult. The two young people had just started dating during the latter half of the school year, and they were still in that "total infatuation" phase at the time Kelli was scheduled to leave. Prior to her involvement with Chris, Kelli had been somewhat of a prude. In fact, she was considered by most to be rather aloof and self-involved. A very attractive girl, Kelli McDaniels was five foot, four and weighed about ninety-five pounds. She had thick, sandy brown hair which she wore at shoulder length, framing her pretty face and accenting her sparkling green eyes. Often, Kelli wore her shining hair up in a conservative fashion, feeling that it made her appear more mature. She had an athlete's body with long well muscled legs, a pert little butt and a flat tummy. Kelli's budding breasts were nicely shaped for a girl of sixteen and promised further developmental improvement. Most of Kelli's friends, and even some of her teachers were understandably quite shocked when she took up with Chris Shiller. Chris was thought of by most, including Kelli's parents, to be a scoundrel. His long, blond hair and flashing, grey eyes made the eighteen year old Chris ruggedly handsome, and surprisingly, in spite of his reputation, he'd managed to snow Kelli out of her mind. The pretty teenager lost her virginity to Chris only shortly after they started seeing one another, and the two had been relatively active sexually ever since. Chris was hurt and angry when Kelli told him she had to leave for the summer. His reaction caused Kelli to fear that in her absence he might find comfort in another girl's arms. In hopes of ensuring Chris' faithfulness, Kelli had submitted to repeated sexual encounters with the young man every day for a week prior to her departure. She'd agreed also to do something she'd vowed she would never do. At Chris' urging, Kelli had tried using cocaine prior to one evening's session of heated love making. As much as she was ashamed of herself for using drugs, Kelli had to admit that she'd experienced carnal delights on a totally different level that night in Chris's bed. The two young people had made love all night long, their stamina greatly enhanced by the stimulant drug. When at last the two lay spent and gasping in each other's arms, Kelli told Chris that even though the coke made her feel really super, she didn't want to take any more of it in the future. "It frightens me," she confessed. Chris merely chuckled then rolled over and fell asleep. So, you can imagine Kelli's surprise when upon unpacking her clothing after arriving at her uncle's country farm house, she discovered a plastic bag containing a rather large quantity of white powder. Kelli's heart leapt to her throat when she realized what it was. She'd looked around the room in a near panic searching for a place to hide the illegal substance. Kelli was terrified that her Uncle Joe might somehow come across the incriminating bag of powder and tell her parents. "I'll be grounded for life," the pretty teenager told herself as she buried the plastic bag deep in the top drawer of the antique dresser behind her panties and bras. Kelli felt reasonably certain that her uncle would never go into her dresser drawers, and if for some reason he ever did, the teenager decided that he'd be too embarrassed at the sight of her dainty things to search further. Taking a deep breath after stashing the cocaine, Kelli silently berated herself for being so paranoid. "Why would her uncle suspect her at all?" she'd asked herself. "He doesn't know a thing about me," she decided. The first week of Kelli's visit was wholly uneventful. Her Uncle Joe behaved like a complete gentleman, although Kelli did notice him looking at her "that way" when he thought she wouldn't notice. Kelli paid him no mind, however. Most men looked at her "that way." Kelli had even come to enjoy their stares to a degree. It made her feel special and somehow more powerful. One day she'd actually shifted her shapely hips in a seductive manner, toying with her Uncle Joe when she caught him leering at her from the kitchen door. Kelli had pretended not to see him there as she walked toward the tire swing hanging from a low bow of the big oak tree. Later when she turned, he was gone. It was next morning around ten-thirty that the trouble started. Kelli was in the living room watching a movie on the VCR. Her uncle had a huge selection of videos. From the kitchen he called, "Kelli, would you come in here please. I need to talk to you." Something about the tone of his voice made Kelli apprehensive, raising the hairs on the back of her neck. Kelli walked into the kitchen totally unsuspecting to find her Uncle Joe seated on the other side of the round, oak table. He smiled up at his niece as she entered. Kelli started to return his smile, but stopped short in the doorway and gasped, her hand leaping to her mouth. On the table in front of her uncle lay the bag of cocaine. "Judging from your reaction, I'd say you recognize this," Kelli's uncle said as he reached out and picked up the plastic baggie. When Kelli didn't answer, he continued, "Can you explain this, young lady?" "I... I..." Kelli stammered. Opening the baggie, her uncle reached inside and to Kelli's never ending surprise, he dipped his finger tip into the white powder then put it into his mouth. Kelli watched with her mouth ajar, as her uncle removed his finger from his mouth then sat back with a contemplative expression on his face. After what seemed like hours he spoke. "Pretty good stuff," Kelli's Uncle Joe said with an odd smile. He let Kelli agonize for a minute while he sat studying her. "Where'd you get it?" Uncle Joe asked almost conversationally after an uncomfortable period of silence. "I..." "Is that all you can say for yourself, young lady?" Kelli's uncle interrupted in a much more reproachful tone of voice. "Now tell me where you got this?" When the decidedly frightened girl refused to answer, her uncle took a deep breath then said in a more compassionate tone. "If you're honest with me Kelli, I'll go easy on you." Kelli stood wringing her hands in obvious turmoil for several seconds. Then, near tears, she confessed beseechingly, "My boyfriend must have put it in my suitcase, Uncle Joe, honest. I didn't know he was gonna do it. I swear!" "Your boyfriend?" Uncle Joe asked rhetorically. Kelli nodded guiltily. "And do you and this boyfriend of yours use drugs often, Kelli?" he inquired suspiciously. "No, Uncle Joe. I swear. I only tried it one time before we," she hesitated, her face turning a deep shade of red. "Before you what? Her uncle asked, immediately noting her uneasiness. Kelli couldn't look her uncle in the eye. She started to squirm nervously under his gaze. "Before we.... You know. Before we..." Uncle Joe waited patiently for several moments before speaking again. "Young lady, are you trying to tell me that you and this... this boyfriend of yours are also sexually active at your age?" Kelli turned away, mortified. "Look at me, young lady, when I speak to you!" Joe snapped. The shocked teenager looked back at him sheepishly. Then as if a door had suddenly closed, Kelli shed the demeanor of "the scared little girl", and treated her Uncle Joe to a sample of her reputed arrogance. Looking her uncle directly in the eyes Kelli raised her chin up and said with unveiled contempt, "Chris and I are in love, and anyway, it's really none of your business." She turned and was about to walk out of the kitchen; in Kelli's opinion, this conversation was over, when her uncle spoke up. "Just a minute, young lady! I'm not finished!" Joe snapped, rising ominously from his seat. Kelli froze in her tracks. Joe smiled inwardly. Things were progressing as he'd hoped. He wasn't sure why he'd decided to search his niece's belongings. Call it a hunch, but it was certainly paying off. Now, if he played his cards right, the next few weeks would be very pleasant indeed. After a suitable period of silence, Joe continued. "Love!" he scoffed. "And what do you think you know about love, Kelli, at your age?" He resumed his seat at the table. Kelli stared up at the ceiling briefly then exhaled in exasperation. She'd heard this line of "questioning" way too many times over the past few months, from her parents, from her teachers, from her girlfriends. Kelli didn't care what any of them thought. She loved Chris, and Chris loved her, and that was all there was to it. "We know enough," she answered a little too defensively for her liking. Then she went on with more conviction. "Older people never want to give us any credit for anything. You all think we're children and too immature to make real life decisions." She paused for effect. "Well, you're wrong." Kelli stared confidently across the big table at her uncle. When he failed to respond right away, Kelli thought to herself as she defiantly returned her uncle's cool, appraising stare. "What does he know anyway. He's an old man. They're all old and stupid!" It was as if her uncle could read Kelli's mind. Actually her thoughts were painted on her face as plain as day. "It's time to 'drop the bomb'," Uncle Joe thought as he looked into his niece's dark, green eyes. He was going to enjoy this. "And so would she, in time," Joe thought with an inward smile. "Alright then, Kelli," he said at last. "Let's just see what you do know. Shall we." "BOOM!" Joe almost burst out laughing when he saw the look of insolent, selfassuredness on Kelli's face vanish in an instant to be replaced with expressions of confusion and apprehension. "W.. What do you mean?" the pretty teenager asked after several seconds. His chair grated on the hardwood floor as Kelli's Uncle Joe rose from his seat and walked slowly around the table in his niece's direction. Kelli backed away a step when her uncle stepped directly in front of her then stood staring down at her from only a foot or so away. "I think you know exactly what I mean, Kelli," he said with a condescending smile. Then, unexpectedly Joe reached out with his left hand and touched his pretty niece's cheek, catching her completely off guard. Kelli jerked away, startled, a look of uncertainty in her green eyes. Uncle Joe dropped his hand to his side. Then he turned and grabbed the nearest chair, turned it around and sat, facing his niece, his elbows resting casually on the chair back. Kelli stood looking down at him, not knowing what to expect. At last he spoke. "You don't have to be afraid, Kelli. Remember, I'm your uncle." He smiled 'that smile' of his. "I haven't seen you since you were how old?" he thought out loud. "It must have been six or seven years ago, and how old are you now, Kelli?" he asked conversationally. Kelli relaxed just a little. "Sixteen and a half," she answered timidly. "Sixteen and a half," her uncle repeated as he allowed his eyes to travel the length of her body then back up to her face. "You've matured into a lovely, young woman, Kelli. Did you know that?" Kelli blushed, but nodded just the same. "You bet she knows it," Joe thought to himself. "Well," Joe said after a brief pause. "Since you're going to be staying here for another month or so, I think it's high time you and I get to know each other better." He smiled up at his niece who smiled back uncertainly. "You'd like that, wouldn't you, Kelli?" He waited. "Well.. Sure. I mean... I guess so," the young girl replied, feeling more uncomfortable still with the situation and more suspicious of her uncle's intentions. "Good. That's very good, Kelli. I'm very happy you feel that way," her Uncle Joe said, again smiling his strange, unsettling smile. "Why don't we start then with you undressing for me. Would you do that for me now, please, Kelli?" her uncle asked as if he were asking her for the time of day. "W..What did you say?" Kelli asked after a minute, hoping she hadn't heard what she thought she'd heard. "I thought my request was pretty clear, my dear," Uncle Joe replied calmly. "I would like for you to remove your clothing for me, please, Kelli." He gazed up at the shocked, young girl, relishing the moment. Kelli's mouth opened and closed several times, but no sound came out. As Joe watched her face, her expression changed from one of shock, to indignation then quickly to anger. Her green eyes flashed as Kelli hissed her answer. "I'll do no such thing, you filthy, old man. I'm gonna call Chris. He'll fix you when I tell him about this." She looked around wildly for a phone. Kelli was about to bolt when she felt her uncle's hand clamp around her wrist. She looked down and winced. "Ow! You're hurting me," she whined. "It's not my intention to hurt you, Kelli," her Uncle Joe said unemotionally. "But I do expect you to do as I ask." Kelli's mouth fell open as she gawked at her uncle in utter disbelief. "You're out of your mind! Now let go of me!" she growled, trying to wrestle free. Uncle Joe unexpectedly did as she asked and dropped her wrist. Kelli stood rubbing her bruised flesh for a moment, before continuing. "Maybe I can talk my way out of this," she thought to herself. "All I need is time enough to get to a phone and call Chris. He'll come and get me; I know he will." She decided to play the 'frightened little girl' again. "You don't want to do this, Uncle Joe. If you'll just take me home, I won't tell anyone what you said. I promise." Her uncle just sat there staring at her. It was infuriating. Then he said in a casual sort of way, "Oh, I don't think you'll be telling anybody anything, my dear. Have you forgotten about this?" he asked, picking up the bag of cocaine. Kelli stared at the incriminating bag of white powder swinging in her uncle's hand. "But.T..." she said lamely. "But nothing, young lady," her uncle retorted. "I can well imagine what would happen if I were to let certain people know about this. I think you might just find yourself in some pretty hot water, my dear girl. Not to mention that boyfriend of yours. Is he eighteen, by any chance?" Kelli thought for a minuted, then nodded. "Oh Kelli, that's not good. Possession of cocaine is a serious crime, a felony even. Not to mention, giving a controlled substance to a minor. Your beloved boyfriend could find himself in the state prison and in a whole new kind of loving relationship, if you know what I mean," Joe said ominously. "I don't think you really want that to happen. Do you, honey?" He waited for his words to sink in. When Kelli still didn't respond, Uncle Joe continued in his matter-of-fact tone of voice. "So, now that we understand each other, and I assume we do?" He paused and gazed into his young niece's astonished eyes. "Do we understand each other, Kelli?" Kelli stared back into her uncle's dark eyes, her thoughts racing wildly. In a very short period of time she came to the conclusion that she was in a very touchy situation, and for the time being it looked like she'd have to cooperate. Kelli gazed down at her feet and nodded meekly. Recognizing the first signs of submission in the young girl, Uncle Joe smiled then leaned back in his seat. "Good, then please proceed," he said, catching Kelli's eye. "You.. You mean right here?" Kelli implored her uncle. "Yes, Kelli, right here and right now," Uncle Joe answered impatiently. "Do you want me to help you, or can you do it by yourself?" he then asked. Stunned, the pretty teen stammered, "Why no, I..." Kelli still couldn't believe this was happening. Then her defiant character again surfaced. "I can do it by myself," she snapped, giving her uncle a withering stare. "Then let's get started, young lady," Joe ordered. "Begin with your blouse, please. You can put your clothes on the chair over there." He nodded in the direction of a another wooden chair. "You won't be needing them for awhile," he added with a smile. Still overwhelmed from the shock of it all, Kelli slowly began to unbutton her blouse while her uncle looked on approvingly. Seated only a few feet away, Uncle Joe smiled inwardly while his pretty niece's small hands dropped from one button to the next, revealing ever increasing amounts of milky, white skin to him. He felt his mouth becoming increasingly dry when he glimpsed the first bit of lacy white cotton of Kelli's brassiere. Then as the lapels of her blouse fell apart, the inside curves of the softly padded cups covering her developing breasts came into view. The pretty teenager stared at the floor while she continued to disrobe. "You're doing very well, my dear," Joe commented causing his niece to look up at him. He caught a glimmer of smoldering animosity in Kelli's eyes as she tugged the tails of her blouse free of her slacks. 'A good sign," her uncle thought to himself. "A little fight is always a good thing.' "Hand me your blouse, please, Kelli," Joe instructed his niece when he perceived the young girl was stalling. "Please, Uncle Joe. Don't make me do this. What have I ever done to you to deserve this?" She was whining now. Kelli despised herself when she whined. "Why nothing, my dear girl," her uncle said holding out his hand. "At least you haven't done anything to me yet." He smiled craftily. "The blouse, Kelli," he insisted. It was like a very bad dream. Kelli imagined herself in some evil parallel dimension, trapped behind transparent walls while she watched herself slowly remove her shirt and hand it over to her Uncle Joe. The man brought the soft garment to his lips. He then buried his face in the fragrant material and savored the intoxicating scent of fresh, nubile female. "Wake up. Oh, please wake up!" Kelli's mind cried. She stood before her uncle, her arms crossed over her chest. Kelli shivered. "Now your jeans, please, Kelli." Her uncle's words sounded hollow as if spoken from a great distance. "Are you still with us, my dear?" He paused, recognizing that his niece was on the edge. She had begun to tremble noticeably, and her eyes lacked the fire he'd seen in them only moments earlier. She was getting shocky. Rising from his chair Kelli's uncle took her by her shoulders. "God! Her skin is soft," he thought. Joe then shook his niece none too gently. "Kelli.. Kelli. Get a hold of yourself. Come on, girl, snap out of it." "Wha... what?" the pretty girl stammered at last. "I said, get a grip, young lady," her Uncle Joe stated somewhat harshly. "But..." Kelli said, trying her best to regain her composure. "Put a lid on it, kiddo," her uncle retorted. He then put a hand behind Kelli's neck and pulled her face close to his. Their lips were only inches apart as her Uncle Joe began, "I'm going to tell you how it's gonna be, Kelli." She opened her mouth to say something. "Shut up and listen to me Kelli," Joe snapped. He squeezed her neck in his strong hand. Kelli squirmed in his grip. The fire in her green eyes returned. "Because I'm only going to say this one time. You're gonna be here under my roof for six weeks, and during that time, sweetheart, you and I are gonna become real close." His words were ominous and threatening. Kelli listened with growing apprehension over her situation. Then came the statement that floored the young girl. "I am going to make love to you, Kelli." That got her attention. "Whether we do it right now or wait until later makes no difference to me, but understand this. I intend to have you." Kelli was speechless. She stared in open mouthed, wide eyed, utter disbelief at the man who was her father's brother. "I intend to have you whenever and wherever I like, and you, Kelli are going to cooperate." Then with a wicked smile he added, "Hell, baby. I'll bet you'll enjoy it as much as I will. And mark my words, young lady," he said threateningly. "If you try to resist or attempt to run away or to call anyone, I'll see to it personally that your precious boyfriend spends a long, long time behind bars. Do I make myself abundantly clear, Kelli?" Kelli stood staring into to dark pits of her uncle's eyes for several moments, unable to say a word. She was at the same time both enraged and terrified. He had her, that much appeared certain. Try as she might, Kelli couldn't figure any way out of this mess. But her thoughts were confused and muttled. "What would he make her do? What would people think if anyone found out? What would her parents think? What would Chris think?" Kelli's spirits plummeted. Uncle Joe sensed his niece's resignation. He saw her shoulders drop. Her expression of boldness and scorn slowly softened. Still holding her by the scruff of her neck, Joe watched the emerald fire in Kelli's eyes flicker and grow dim. "That's better," he said at last. "I knew you'd see it my way sooner or later, my dear." Kelli didn't answer. She stood staring blankly at the older man. Without further comment, Kelli's Uncle Joe took her by her shoulders again and slowly turned her so that she faced away from him. Then quickly he stepped close behind her. "Let's see your little titties," he muttered from behind the stunned teenager. Kelli felt her uncle's fingers against her back as he fumbled briefly with the hooks of her brassiere. Her mind was numb as his hands slipped the narrow straps over her shoulders. "That's my girl," Kelli heard him mutter from just behind her right ear. "You just hold real still and let Uncle Joe help you." He slid the straps slowly down her arms. Kelli felt his breath, hot against her neck. Kelli watched herself in an almost trance like state extend her arms and allow her bra to slide off over her wrists and fall to the floor at her feet. At the same time Kelli felt her uncle's arms slide under hers and around her body. "We'll just let those silly old jeans go for the time being," Uncle Joe whispered, his lips brushing now against the back of Kelli's ear. The girl froze, like a fawn in a truck's headlights. "Right now, I want to play with your pretty titties." "W..wha?" Kelli started to ask. "What was that he'd said about her jeans?" As a defense mechanism Kelli's mind sought to remove her from the stressful circumstances. Kelli was definitely close to shock. It was at that moment that her Uncle Joe's calloused hands closed over her firm breasts, instantly snapping Kelli back to the present. "Ohhhh, Nnnnnoo!" she whined. Kelli squirmed in her Uncle's arms as he started to kneed her tender flesh. "Hush, now, sweetheart," Joe muttered before kissing Kelli behind her ear then down her neck and shoulder. "Stopppp!" Kelli whimpered. She tried to twist out of Joe's arms. "Now, Kelli, baby. Don't you fight with your Uncle Joe. Don't let's forget about your boyfriend, Chris, right?" Using the palms of his hands, he flattened Kelli's supple flesh against her rib cage, feeling the firmer mass of her mammary glands beneath the softer breast tissues. The teenager moaned and continued to squirm, but with slightly less spirit. "You do want to see Chris again, don't you, honey?" Joe squeezed Kelli's small nipples between the second knuckles of his index and first fingers. He nuzzled his lips up under Kelli's soft, fragrant hair then nibbled at the back of her neck. He smiled when he felt the youngster tremble in his arms. "You want to see your sweetheart when you go home, don't you Kelli?" he asked again then licked his way from her shoulder up behind her ear. He squeezed her breasts more rhythmically now. "Uh huh," Kelli answered automatically in a somewhat throaty voice. Several moments passed while Uncle Joe kissed and nibbled at Kelli's neck and ears. He was pleased to see that at one point she actually tipped her head to one side when he licked her neck. Joe almost forgot to continue with his commentary so distracted was he with the marvelous body of the young girl. Her small developing breasts were magnificent to handle, and he thrilled at the strength of her body when she squirmed beneath his touch. "That's good," he murmured at last. "Then you be nice to Uncle Joe, and you won't have to worry about Chris." He kissed the top of her right shoulder once, then the side of her neck. Then, much to Kelli's surprise, Uncle Joe removed his hands from her breasts. Taking the pretty teenager by the shoulders, Joe turned her around to face him. Instinctively Kelli covered herself with her arms. "No, baby, don't do that," Joe said, as he gently forced her arms to her sides. "They're much too pretty to hide," he said with a smile as he gazed down at the two lovely cones of white flesh. Kelli dropped her eyes in embarrassment. "Hey, hey, hey," Joe said placing his fingers beneath Kelli's chin. "Don't look away when I talk to you Kelli. It's not polite." He raised her eyes to his. In them he saw humiliation and apprehension and maybe just a touch of anger, but the latter was far more subdued. "Like I said, you behave yourself, and no one will ever have to know about the drugs. In just a few weeks you'll be home with Chris, and who knows, you might learn something while you're here." Did he see a spark of curiosity in those bright green eyes? "Won't he be surprised when you two get back together and you show him some new stuff." Kelli looked even more apprehensive. "What's he gonna make me do?" she wondered. "Please don't hurt me," she whimpered. It was all she could think of to say. "God! How lame, Kelli!" she berated herself mentally. Recognizing her expression of concern, Joe began to stroke her cheek softly and said as soothingly as possible under the circumstances, "Hey, now, sweetheart. Uncle Joe's not gonna hurt you. I promise. Hey, look," he explained. "You're a woman and I'm a man. It's all perfectly natural. You said you've made love before, so you know what it's all about." Kelli blushed. He could feel her warmth even from a foot away. "It might take a few times, but sooner or later, Kelli, I Can guarantee you're gonna like being with a real man." Kelli gawked at him in incredulity. Joe went on. "Chris might be fun, but your Uncle Joe's gonna help you learn what it is to be a woman." Kelli stared at him in shocked silence. Joe studied the teen's face for several moments for any signs that she was about to flee. Seeing none for the time being, he dropped his hand from her face. "That's better, honey," he said as he stepped back, grabbed the wooden chair and resumed his seat. "Just relax, Kelli. You're gonna be fine. We're gonna be fine," he added with that smile of his. Kelli stood before her father's brother half naked and very worried. The milky white skin of her firm breast cones seemed to shine in contrast to her lightly suntanned shoulders, chest and tummy. "What now?" she wondered. As if to oblige her, Uncle Joe said in his matter-of-fact way, "Let's get the rest of your clothes off now. What do you say. Shoes and socks first, then the blue jeans." He gazed unemotionally up at his niece from his seat close by. Kelli was flabbergasted at his directness. "Is he totally crazy?" Kelli asked herself. One look in Uncle Joe's direction told the teenager that indeed he was. The steely, emotionless expression on her uncle's face at that moment, convinced Kelli that this was no joke. Then Kelli amazed herself. She caught herself thinking, "I guess if I have to. I mean how bad can it be. After all, he's an old guy. Maybe he'll have a heart attack." Her last thought actually made Kelli smile. "Oh God!" Kelli thought when she realized that Uncle Joe had seen her wishful expression. "What the hell are you thinking!" she silently chastised herself. Joe was losing patience. "Let's get going, Kelli, dear. Time's a waistin'." Kelli gave him a reproachful look then bent down and untied her running shoes. Joe noticed to his delight, that even when she bent over, Kelli's perfect little breasts remained firm and well shaped. "It'll be a few more years before gravity takes its toll on you, sweet thing," he thought. Kelli noticed his stare when she stood up and kicked off first one shoe then the other. It wasn't until that moment that Kelli actually saw her uncle. Oh sure, she'd seen him, obviously. But now she saw him in a new light. Joe was not a small man. When he'd stood before her a few minutes ago, Kelli hadn't really thought about the fact that the top of her head barely reached his shoulders. Unlike her father, Uncle Joe had a stocky build. Her Dad was slim and athletic like his daughter. Joe, on the other hand, seemed to be from different stock. He was built like a tank. His face was round and a little pudgy, but not altogether unappealing. His large frame was powerful looking rather than overweight. In another light, Kelli might have considered him to be marginally goodlooking. For now, however, whether or not she found him the least bit attractive was entirely irrelevant. "You can leave your socks on, Kelli," Joe instructed when she started to bend down again. "Take your blue jeans off for me, OK." He was back to using his conversational tone of voice. The changes in the delivery of his demands to the young girl helped to keep her off balance, Joe knew. This time he got only a mild look of indignity from the pretty teenager. Slowly Kelli's hands moved to the top button of her Jordache jeans. With a pleading look, Kelli said to her uncle, "You promise you won't hurt me?" Joe looked up at his niece from his chair and smiled benevolently. "How many years he'd dreamed of this occasion," he thought. "And now here she was, undressing for him." Joe was hard pressed to control himself. He hoped his excitement wouldn't show when he answered, "I promise, sweetheart. Your Uncle Joe's gonna make you feel like a million bucks. Now get those pants off." It wasn't much of a guarantee, but it was all Kelli was going to get. After taking a deep breath, she unbuttoned the bronze button then unzipped her fly. She did this quickly like one might remove a band-aid. "If you pull it fast, it won't hurt s much." Having more or less resigned herself to her immediate fate, Kelli decided to look her uncle in the eye while she shucked her tight designer jeans over her narrow hips. Somehow this made her feel like she was still in control of the situation. Even thought her heart was pounding in her chest from a combination of anxiety and nervous anticipation, Kelli felt strangely calm as she peeled the tight denim down her long legs. She knew that her uncle was going to make love to her, and that there was little she could do to prevent it. Although she appeared to be cooperating, Kelli vowed that she would not do anything to make the experience pleasurable for him. Kelli had no idea what the future held for her, but she knew one thing for certain. She wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. "Careful, baby," Uncle Joe said when Kelli lost her balance and almost fell trying to wrestle her jeans over her feet without sitting down. "Don't hurt yourself. You're gonna need your strength." That statement prompted a curious from his pretty niece. Joe returned the look with a big grin. At last, the teenager managed to free herself from the clutches of her jeans. Kelli stood and kicked her pants aside. Then mustering all of her courage, she met her uncle's appraising stare with what she hoped was a semblance of determination and composure. What Joe saw, however, was a frightened sixteen year old girl; an extremely desirable sixteen year old girl. Kelli couldn't help blushing hotly as her uncle's eyes traveled slowly from her feet to her face, pausing briefly to gaze deeply into her eyes, then back downward, coming to rest at last at her "privates". Unconsciously, Kelli clamped her knees tightly together. Kelli's humiliation, and with it her anger, grew with each passing second that her uncle stared at her crotch. "Hasn't he ever seen panties before," she asked herself. Joe wasn't all that interested in the brief, pale blue satin panties that his sexy little niece was wearing. What he was staring at was the curve of Kelli's hips, spreading gracefully from her wasp-like waist, the elegant shape of her slim thighs and the fact that he could see daylight between them below the enticing bulge in the cotton center panel of the small covering even though Kelli's knees where touching one another. She was magnificent as she stood before him trying her best to appear brave and collected. He could plainly see by the rise and fall of her flat tummy that Kelli's breathing rate was elevated. He knew she was excited in spite of herself. "You're a very lovely young woman, Kelli," Joe said again and not for the last time. Kelli didn't acknowledge his compliment, determined to maintain a detached and hopefully indifferent bearing. "Come over here, please, Kelli." "Wha.. Why?" the teen asked timidly. She hadn't expected this latest request. "Why?" Uncle Joe echoed with raised eyebrows. "Because I asked you to for one thing, and because I would like a closer look at you." For this he got another incredulous look. "Come here, Kelli," Joe said more firmly. Kelli's composure faltered briefly as she looked around the kitchen soon to be the probable scene of her coupling with her own uncle. It was an anxious little girl who took the two steps toward the man in the wooden chair rather than a poised young woman. Joe didn't waist any time. Once the young girl was within his reach, he leaned forward, took Kelli by her shapely hips and turned her around. "God, she's got a great little ass!" Joe remarked to himself. Not sure why he'd turned her so she faced away from him, Kelli looked back at her uncle over her right shoulder. She was just in time to watch as he slid his hands down her hips, slipped his thumbs under the elastic waist band of her panties, then swiftly drew the small satin garment down past her knees with practiced ease. Kelli was stunned. She turned and looked down at her panties, spread tightly between her calves. Kelli missed Joe's comment on her ass, so engrossed was she in the fact that she'd just been stripped of her panties so effortlessly. Kelli was therefore completely unprepared when Uncle Joe slid his hand between her legs. The shocked girl raised up on her tip toes when Joe touched her where only one other had touched her before. From behind her, Kelli's Uncle Joe muttered, "You keep yourself in good shape, Kelli. You get a lot of exercise, don't you, baby." He placed his free hand on Kelli's left hip to steady her while with his other hand he pressed upward, squeezing and rubbing slowly but purposefully. "Nnnnnnnn... donnnnnnn't," Kelli whined. She clamped her legs tightly together in an attempt to prevent further exploration on the part of her uncle. She tried to pull away from him. "Easy, baby! Stay calm, Kelli," Uncle Joe said, looking up at her from around her right hip. "You've been touched here before," he continued casually. Meanwhile he moved his hand between the warmth of Kelli's tightly clamped thighs. "Relax, sweetheart. Relax and spread your legs just a little, please." Joe hadn't yet gotten a look at his niece's pussy, but from the feel of her, he judged that Kelli was nicely plump. As the teenager gradually relaxed the strong muscles of her thighs, Joe began to rub his hand back and forth between her legs, allowing his finger tips to stray upward over resilient flesh covered with soft but seemingly sparse fur. "You're very warm and soft, Kelli," he murmured. Kelli managed a soft moan in response, but she was far too wrapped up in the proceedings between her legs to make any kind of cohesive comment. Yes, she'd been touched before, but this was different somehow. "More exiting, more naughty," Kelli caught herself thinking. Just then, Uncle Joe removed his hand from between Kelli's legs and stood up behind her. Kelli was too bewildered to even think to resist when Uncle Joe again reached under her arms then up to cup her small breasts. Joe noted with a smile the feel of two hard little nubs beneath his palms. Kelli's nipples were erect already. She moaned ever so softly when he started to kiss her neck and shoulders again. After several minutes of kissing and nibbling, Uncle Joe knelt quickly and slipped his niece's panties down to her feet. "Step out of your panties, Kelli," he said. She obeyed. Joe smiled from his kneeling position then kissed her on her right buttock. Standing, Uncle Joe then turned his beautiful, naked niece around to face him. Without a word, he held Kelli out at arm's length. Kelli recovered her senses enough to be utterly astounded by the brazenness of the man when he leaned over to get a better look at her crotch. Joe almost choked when he saw her. Kelli was magnificent. As he'd suspected her covering was sparse. Also, judging from the resilience of the flesh he'd encountered during his earlier manual exploration, Joe had figured Kelli had a plump pussy. Just how wide and wonderfully full she was, he could never have imagined. Most girls of Kelli's stature with slim waist and "narrowish" hips, were also narrower "down there". Kelli, on the other hand, was blessed with a broad, pronounced pubic arch and superbly thick and heavy outer labia. If it weren't for the narrow stripe of wispy blond curls that graced just the inside edge of her lips and the cute little tuft on her pubic arch, Joe would have sworn he was looking at the pussy of an oriental girl. Kelli was going to be a good time. Joe had no doubt. "You have a pretty pussy, Kelli," her Uncle Joe said as he straightened up and smiled down at her. Kelli had never been talked to in such a manner before and was suitably shocked. "You and I are going to have us a real fine day, baby. One we'll both remember." He chuckled almost good-naturedly while with his right hand he reached down and touched the stunned teenager, cupping her firmly in his big, rough hand. Kelli squeaked in surprise and instinctively jerked herself away from Joe's groping hand. "Hold still, Kelli," Joe ordered. He put his hand on her again then began to press and rub. Kelli looked down at her uncle's hand between her legs briefly then back up at his face. Silently she pleaded with him, but to no avail. He continued to handle her at will. "I do love a nice plump pussy, baby," Joe muttered with a knowing smile. "And yours is about as plump as they come. Did Chris ever tell you what a plump pussy you have?" Kelli turned beet red. She wasn't accustomed to someone talking dirty to her. It was repulsive, but at the same time somehow intriguing. "Are you ready for me yet, baby? Are you ready for your Uncle Joe?" "Huh?" Kelli said, looking up at the man. Then, "Gnnnnnooo!" she groaned between clenched teeth when without warning her uncle slipped a finger between her pussy lips. "Uh huh. You like that. Don't you Kelli?" Joe said with a patronizing grin. "Ohhh..," Kelli moaned when he explored a little deeper. Her knees began to tremble. "My sweet little niece is getting wet already," Joe proclaimed after only a brief search. Kelli looked up at him in dismay. Her own body was betraying her. "You're not real wet yet, sweetheart, but you'll juice up quick enough, I can tell." Kelli was speechless. "See what I mean," Uncle Joe said as he pulled his hand away then held up a finger for Kelli to inspect. Kelli quickly looked away in disgust and shame. Her uncle's finger glistened with her moisture. Joe quickly took her by the chin and brought her gaze back to meet his. "I'm going to fuck you now, Kelli," he said confidently. Kelli opened her mouth to object, but Joe cut her off. Turning her by her shoulders, her uncle maneuvered her toward the big kitchen table. "Bend over and put your hands on the table," Joe ordered from behind. He gave her a shove. Kelli literally fell toward the table, catching herself at the last minute. She heard the sound of a zipper. When Kelli tried to stand, a hand between her shoulder blades forced her back down. Things were starting to move too quickly. Kelli felt panicky. Her heart pounded crazily in her chest. "W..wait..." she managed to squeak. "No, sweetheart. You don't want to wait," her uncle chuckled from behind her. Kelli felt something smooth and hot touch her inside her buttocks. "Nooooooo," the teenager whined plaintively when her uncle begin to hunt for her opening with the head of his penis. Joe pushed the young girl forward so that the fronts of her thighs pressed against the edge of the heavy table. He held her by her right hip, preventing her from moving herself to the side. Kelli never did get a look at her Uncle Joe's penis that morning. She recalled remarking to herself that he felt awfully big when he moved the broad head of his cock up and down between her thighs pushing her tender tissues aside in the process. Seconds later, Kelli's hypothesis was validated. A most unladylike grunt issued from deep in Kelli's gut when he entered her. Uncle Joe was indeed a sizeable man. "Ever been fucked at the breakfast table, baby?" her uncle asked. "I think we'll have to start us a little family tradition, you and me," he chuckled. Using both hands, Joe pulled his niece back onto himself. "Huuu..uhhh..uhhh..uhhh!" the teenager gave a shuddering gasp as the ample penis of her Uncle Joe traveled relentlessly into the depths of her young body. "Oh, yeah, Kelli!" Joe said hoarsely. "That puffy pussy of yours is nice and tight, sweetheart." Joe gave Kelli two short thrusts then shoved his full ten inches into his sweet niece. For his efforts he was rewarded with another grunt of approval from Kelli. Kelli dropped to her elbows on the hard table top as her Uncle Joe's cock filled her seemingly beyond capacity. Kelli farted from the increased internal pressure. "Get back up on your hands, Kelli," Joe quickly corrected her. "And arch your back more. We're gonna get down to business right now, baby." As Kelli dutifully struggled to her hands, she felt her uncle press downward on the small of her back with his hand, causing her to arch. "Now roll your shoulders forward," Joe instructed. Kelli had never been taken from behind before, so everything was new to her that fateful morning. She and Chris had only experimented with the classical missionary position. She didn't realize therefore that by arching for him, she helped her uncle to take her more completely. So it was that even though she had vowed earlier not to be at all accommodating, Kelli unwittingly became an active participant in their love making. After a few taps against her cervix with the head of his penis, Joe began to get up a rhythm. As he'd suspected, Kelli quickly rose to the occasion by producing ample lubrication. Soon the country kitchen resounded with the sounds of their love making. Joe took Kelli's narrow waist in his big hands, his thick fingers practically touching beneath her heaving tummy. "Arch your back, Kelli," he coached the inexperience girl. "That's it. Fuck me back, darlin'. Fuck your Uncle Joe, Kelli." Then for several minutes he remained silent while he delivered long, measured strokes to the trembling girl before him. Joe took great pleasure listening to Kelli's grunts and whimpers. He also delighted in the sublime liquid sounds which came from between his niece's thighs. He looked down at his shaft, shiny with Kelli's juices as it pistoned rhythmically in and out of her. He loved the sight of the youngster's round buttocks flattening against his thighs when he pressed forward. He marveled at the suction her nubile muscles exerted on his heavy shaft when he withdrew. She was so wonderfully tight that Joe could feel every inch of her fluffy and convoluted interior. Kelli McDaniels was indeed a remarkably good lay. Their love making went on for just under an hour before Joe unloaded into his young niece. By that time he'd succeeded in driving her face down onto the kitchen table from the force of his attentions. Kelli cried out in dismay when she felt her uncle's hot semen erupt into her depths. She was terrified that she'd become pregnant by him, and rightfully so. Kelli was at a highly fertile stage of her sexual development, and her uncle had filled her well. Only time would tell. The two lovers sat naked across from each other at the round oak table. Joe gazed at his lovely niece who stared darkly down at the table top. Kelli still glowed warmly from her recent sexual activity. "You have the potential to be a really talented lover, Kelli," Joe said at last. "But we need to work on your technique." Kelli looked up, astonished. "Are you joking," she cried in disbelief. "Can't you hear yourself?" she asked her uncle incredulously. "Can't you hear what you're saying?" When Joe didn't answer, Kelli went into a short tirade. "You're asking me to help you to rape me!" she hissed. "Do you think I enjoyed being touched by you?" she asked acidly. Kelli fervently hoped her that hurtful words would cut him deeply, but to Kelli's dismay, her uncle returned her outburst with a condescending smile. Then without a word, Joe rose from his seat and left the room. When he returned just a few moments later, he carried with him a small, black, leather case which he placed carefully onto the kitchen table. "What are you gonna do?" Kelli asked, concern readily apparent in her voice. "Like I said, Kelli. We're gonna work on your technique." Kelli was appalled. "You mean we're gonna..." She couldn't bring herself to say it. "Again? This morning?" "Of course, my dear," Joe answered cheerfully. "How else do you expect to become more proficient, sweetheart?" Kelli's mouth literally fell open. After a minute she was able to find her voice. "But Uncle Joe," she whined pitifully. "I'm so sore. You know, down there?" She blushed. "I know, baby, but the only way we're ever gonna get you broken in is to do it over and over again until you get it right." "But Uncle Joe," Kelli pleaded. "I...." "Enough arguing, young lady," Joe snapped, cutting Kelli off again. "You had better get used to making love a lot around here, Kelli. Heck," he added with his hateful chuckle. "There really isn't a whole hell of lot else to do anyway, and I do so much enjoy helping you practice." Kelli stared at him icily. "And," Joe went on. "Once we get you started on a little of that cocaine you so thoughtfully brought along with you, I think you're gonna develop a whole new outlook on life, sweetheart." Kelli couldn't believe what she'd just heard her uncle say to her. But when he reached across the table for the baggie of white powder that had been the instrument of her undoing, Kelli's anxiety level re-doubled. It was when her Uncle Joe unzipped the ominous case and laid it spread open on the table that Kelli's heart leapt to her throat. Kelli stared in wide-eyed terror at the two glass hypodermic syringes held in place by thin leather straps. Under adjoining straps there were three shining, stainless steel needles. Also contained in Uncle Joe's case was a short length of thin surgical tubing and a silver measuring ladle. "What's that for?" Kelli asked, her voice shaking in fear. She was afraid she already new the answer. Joe didn't answer her right away, but rather he busied himself laying out the contents of his case onto the kitchen table. While Kelli watched with growing alarm, Uncle Joe attached needles to the barrels of the two syringes. Then, placing them on the table, he got up and left the room again. He returned soon with a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls. Joe opened the baggie and measured out a sizeable portion of white powder into the spoon. Again he got up. This time he removed a gallon of distilled water from under the sink and poured some into a glass. When he returned to the table he set the glass of water on the table and picked up one of the hypodermics. He looked up at his nervous niece and smiled before he dipping the tip of the needle into the water and drew back on the plunger. When the barrel of the syringe was almost full, Joe carefully emptied its contents into the spoon. He glanced casually in Kelli's direction as he refilled the syringe from the glass. As he carefully emptied the second syringe of water into the spoon, Joe noticed that the white powder had already dissolved completely. "Good stuff, Kelli," he remarked. Kelli said nothing. Joe picked up the spoon and ever so carefully swirled its contents around several times, making sure the solution was well mixed. Kelli watched, transfixed by the proceedings as her uncle then gingerly placed the spoon and its contents onto the table top. He tore off a small bit cotton ball and dropped it into the bowl of the spoon. A quantity of the clear liquid was quickly absorbed. "We're almost ready, sweetheart," Joe said looking at the worried girl. Joe then pressed the tip of one needle against the tiny cotton ball in the spoon. Pulling back slowly on the plunger, Joe drew approximately 2 cc's of the liquid into the first syringe. Then, after placing it on the table out of harm's way, Joe repeated the procedure with the second hypodermic. When both were filled, he turned to Kelli. "OK, sweetheart. It's time to have some real fun." He slid his chair closer to Kelli's. Kelli wanted none of this. Pushing her chair back from the table, Kelli prepared to evacuate the kitchen, but her uncle quickly grabbed her left wrist in his vice like grip. "Owww," Kelli whined. "You're hurting me." "I'm sorry, baby, but you can't run away from me. In a minute you won't be feeling any pain, anyway, I guarantee." Joe grinned wickedly. "Nooo," the pretty teen whined. "Please, Uncle Joe. I don't want to use drugs." "But Kelli, baby. You told me yourself that your boyfriend has already introduced you to cocaine." "But..." Kelli tried to argue. "I'll bet you sniffed it too, didn't you?" Distracted by the question, Kelli ceased her struggling and nodded. "Well, sweetheart, this way's a lot better. Now I want you to do exactly what I tell you. Do you understand?" Kelli was in agony. First incest, now drugs. "What was happening to her? What had she done to deserve this?" "Listen to me, Kelli," she heard her uncle say to her. She'd been somewhere else, lost in dark thoughts. "I want you to get up on the table and lie down on your back." "What?" Kelli asked. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs. "I said up on the table with you, young lady!" Joe ordered. When the unhappy teenager passively refused to move, Joe added, "Do you remember our agreement about your boyfriend, Kelli, girl? All I have to do is make one phone call," he nodded toward the phone on the wall. "And before tonight, your young friend will be behind bars. It's up to you, Kelli. Either you cooperate, or I call the law right now." Joe stared darkly at the young girl. Mentally, Kelli weighed her options. "I can't let him send Chris to jail," she told herself. I'd lose him forever for sure. But what's gonna happen if I go along with Uncle Joe?" Just then an unexpected thought surfaced. "He's already had me once, and he really didn't hurt me too much. How much worse can it be?" she reasoned. "And if it'll keep Chris safe, I'll do anything," she vowed. "Kelli?" her Uncle Joe said, shattering her dismal thoughts. "Did you hear what I said?" Kelli looked up at her uncle. Her resignation was plainly etched on her face. "Uh huh," she said in a small, barely audible voice. She stared down at her hands. "Then kindly do what I say and get up on the kitchen table," Joe said flatly. "You don't have to worry. It'll easily hold your weight." Then he added, "Mine too." Moments later, Kelli lay staring up at the ceiling on the big oak table. It was so well built that it hadn't even creaked when she'd first knelt on its smooth surface then slowly rolled onto her back. She hugged herself and shivered. "Give me your right hand, please, Kelli, Joe said politely. Kelli looked sideways at her uncle seated in the chair at the side of the table, then slowly lowered her arm onto the cool surface in front of him. She was very frightened. Joe stood, took Kelli by the waist and pulled her toward him just a little. Then he sat down. "I'm gonna put a tourniquet around your arm, now." Kelli pulled her arm away when Joe released her wrist to retrieve the surgical tubing. "Put your arm back down, Kelli," Joe said with a tinge of impatience. "But, Uncle Joe..." she whined pitifully. "Do it, Kelli, or Chris goes to jail. Put your arm down here, or I make a phone call. I'm not going to argue with you anymore." Kelli stared at him in obvious turmoil, then slowly she lowered her right arm. Before it was half way to the table top, her uncle grabbed her wrist and forced her arm quickly downward. "Now hold still," he commanded, staring directly into his niece's frightened eyes. The tourniquet went on easily enough. Joe tied it tight, letting the ends of the tubing go with a 'snap'. "Now make a fist," he instructed. Kelli obeyed. Young girls can be difficult to inject intravenously. Generally their veins are small and difficult to find, but fortunately, Joe had considerable experience along these lines. What also helped a lot was the fact that Kelli's skin was extremely fair. The dark traces of her veins could be seen quite easily through her soft, translucent skin. "There we are," Joe murmured after thumping the soft skin inside of Kelli's elbow. "This one should do nicely." Kelli glanced down nervously at her arm held firmly in her uncle's big hand. She could plainly see the distended bulge of a dark purple vein protruding outward. Joe held her tightly by the elbow while he pressed the bulging vein gently with the tip of his index finger. "Yes, sirree," he chuckled, "This'll be real easy, Kelli, honey." Kelli looked from her arm to his face then back to her arm. "Easy, baby," Joe whispered. This'll only take a minute." While Kelli watched anxiously, her Uncle Joe picked up one of the syringes and laid it on the table near her right hip. Then Kelli's eyes locked onto the second syringe that her uncle now held up for her inspection. "In here is 'liquid love', Kelli," Joe said reverently, as he rolled the syringe slowly between his fingers. "This is gonna make you feel like you've never felt before, sweetheart. If you thought sniffing this stuff is fun, then you're gonna love this." He smiled down at the beautiful, naked girl on his kitchen table. She looked so frightened and vulnerable. The enticing curve of Kelli's rounded tummy beckoned to him, promising delights within. "First I'm going to inject you, Kelli." When a look of abject terror clouded his niece's face, Joe said as gently as he could, "Now don't you worry, young lady. Uncle Joe's done this before. It won't hurt a bit. All you'll feel is a little prick right at first." A tiny drop of clear liquid sparkled on the shining tip of the needle as Joe moved it slowly toward Kelli's arm. "Then, when I take the tourniquet off," he continued, "there's gonna be a delay while the coke gets into your blood stream, so don't be surprised when nothing happens right away," he explained to the anxious girl. "When it hits you, though, sweetheart, you'll know. Oh, baby, you'll know." He smiled at his sweet niece. "She's so beautiful," he thought. Joe was quite excited now. His most secret dreams were about to come true. For so long he'd lusted after his brother's lovely daughter, and now she would be his again and again. He moved the needle closer. She tried to pull away. "You hold still now, Kelli, or I might accidentally hurt you," he warned. She froze. "That's better, baby. Now don't worry. You'll like it, Kelli. You'll like it a lot." Joe paused momentarily. Kelli remained utterly silent. Her breathing rate was dramatically increased in anticipation of what was about to happen to her. Then Joe continued with his explanation. "Once you're done, honey, I'll do myself, and then you and I are gonna make love like there's no tomorrow. You ready, darlin'? Kelli was petrified. Unable to move, she looked on as her Uncle Joe pressed the sharp needle against the inside of her elbow, causing her fair skin to deflect momentarily. "Here we go," Uncle Joe said as he expertly pushed the shining needle through Kelli's tender skin and into the waiting vein. She jerked her arm reflexively, but Joe was ready. "Hold still," he said gruffly. When Kelli again froze, Joe relaxed his grip on her elbow ever so slightly. Then when he was relatively certain she wouldn't move, Joe released Kelli's arm, and using his free hand, he pulled back on the syringe plunger very slowly. A tiny plume of dark red blood spurted into the barrel of the syringe, quickly turning its contents a light pinkish color. "Here you go, sweetheart. Don't say I never gave you anything." He chuckled. "There now," he whispered as he pushed the plunger slowly inward, injecting the contents of the hypodermic into his niece's arm. Kelli couldn't look. She hated needles. She even got faint at the doctor's office whenever they had to draw blood. So as she looked the other way, all Kelli felt was a kind of warmth in the crotch of her right elbow. Fortunately she didn't see her uncle pull back on the plunger a second time, filling the barrel with her blood and turning the clear, glass barrel a dark, sanguine red. Then with a casual glance down at his lovely niece Joe "booted" the contents of the syringe back into Kelli's vein. Moving quickly now, Joe pulled the needle out of Kelli's arm, then picked up a cotton ball he'd previously doused with alcohol and swabbed the tiny droplet of blood that formed over the injection site. Kelli looked back in her uncle's direction when she felt him dabbing the cold cotton against her arm. The tourniquet was still in place. Joe saw no signs of the onset of the drug yet, but it wouldn't be long now. "You OK?" he asked. When Kelli looked up at him and nodded pensively, he added, "What did I tell you. Nothing to it, right?" Joe got up from his seat and moved quickly around the table to Kelli's feet. Taking his niece by her ankles, Joe tugged gently. "Scoot down for me, baby, he said softly. Meanwhile, he reached up and removed the rubber tourniquet from Kelli's arm. Kelli had every intention of resisting her uncle's attentions when she was unexpectedly distracted by a peculiar, tingling warmth that began to grow inside of her. "Hurry up, baby," Kelli heard her uncle say. His voice sounded strangely tinny and distant. Kelli felt Joe's powerful hands under her knees. Then she was vaguely aware of being pulled to the edge of the table. When Kelly next gazed down over her belly, her Uncle Joe was standing between her legs at the edge of the heavy table. She felt his hairy hips, warm against the soft skin of her inner thighs. Kelli's vision began to narrow as her uncle used the second syringe on himself. Then her world exploded into a riotous hodgepodge of sensory phenomena. She felt her heart race. "Oh, my God!" Kelli gasped aloud. Her own voice now sounded far away. "What.. Wha..?" As her last coherent thoughts fled, Kelli saw her Uncle Joe smiling down at her from his position between her legs. Then a feeling of power and wholeness like Kelli had never before experienced filled her to the roots of her being. That wasn't all that filled Kelli McDaniels. As the cocaine rush took the lovely teenager, so did her loving Uncle Joe. Since Kelli was still reasonably well lubricated from his previous offerings, Joe was able to slide effortlessly into his niece, filling her completely. The next hour and a half of Kelli's life can only be described as a medley of sensual delights beyond anything she could ever have imagined. "Oh, yeah, Kelli!" her Uncle Joe croaked as his own dosage took affect. Through the haze of his rush, Joe beheld his lovely niece lying before him. The expression on her face was one of unbridled wonder. The cocaine was indeed as good as he'd hoped as he reached down and grasped Kelli around her narrow waist. Her young body was strong and supple in his big hands. He pulled her onto himself watching his presence register in her expressions. Joe felt his testicles constrict from the effects of the powerful, stimulant drug. His lovely niece's green eyes grew wide and round as he pressed himself against her cervix. Kelli's internal musculature squeezed reflexively. Joe knew that a brief period of relative flaccidity would soon occur, so he held himself deep inside of his beautiful niece, allowing her to milk him reflexively. Shortly after her uncle entered her, something in Kelli McDaniels "clicked". Her boyfriend had experienced this same metamorphosis during the one time he'd convinced Kelli to try cocaine. Albeit to a lesser degree, that night, the pretty teenager had seemed tireless. Her appetite for male attention tended to increase rather than wain, as the hours passed and their love making continued. To sum it all up, Chris Shiller had received the fucking of his life at the hands of his otherwise demure, young girlfriend. And now, held firmly in the grasp of the powerful cocaine that her loving uncle had introduced directly into her circulatory system, Kelli lost all inhibition and control. She became a creature of instinct and passion. Her body sensed the male presence inside and reacted accordingly. Uncle Joe held still and let young Kelli do all the fucking. Kelli's hips began an instinctive humping motion, and Joe had his hands full trying to keep up with her. "That's it, Kelli. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me, Kelli!" her Uncle Joe huffed as he allowed his pretty niece to have her way with his cock. Reaching down, he grabbed Kelli's muscular thighs and drew them up on either side of his hips. This served to better Joe's "angle of attack", allowing him more complete involvement with his niece. After a few minutes, Joe felt his penis begin to stiffen once again, growing bigger and harder by the second. Kelli obviously felt it too, because she began to groan with each thrust of her hips against him. Joe was in heaven. He slowly pulled his hips back, extracting himself from the tight confines of his niece's birth canal. Gazing down at Kelli's sweet pussy, he marveled at the way her inner lips adhered to his shaft, pulling outward, and causing a noticeable suction. Then after a short pause during which he delivered two or three shallow thrusts to the young girl, Uncle Joe reentered his lovely young niece fully with one uniform thrust of his hips. Joe would forever remember and relish the sight of Kelli's muscular tummy bulging outward in response to his presence. "Huhhhhh..ohhhhhhh!" the beautiful teenager gasped. Her eyes grew wide and staring, as Kelli gazed sightlessly up at her Uncle Joe. The fact that she was being fucked by her father's brother for the second time that morning no longer mattered to the enraptured youngster. Although Kelli saw his face, smiling down at her there on the big kitchen table, it simply didn't register. Kelli's entire being was focused on the throbbing fullness in her belly. Kelli sensed the head of her uncle's penis pressing against her cervix and little else as her uncle engaged her utterly. "Lock your ankles behind my back, Kelli," Joe instructed. "I'm going to fuck you now, sweetheart." "Huh? Ohhhh!" Kelli was able to moan, staring up at him in wonder. Then slowly she did as he asked. As her Uncle Joe pulled her toward him by her knees, Kelli wrapped her strong thighs around his waist and locked her ankles behind the small of his back. Seconds later, Kelli's Uncle Joe got his niece's complete attention. He began his thrusts at a moderate pace, watching Kelli's face to gauge his progress. Joe delivered three or four long, measured strokes to Kelli, and swore he could feel every velvety fold of her convoluted interior as the head of his penis cast aside her tender internal tissues. Kelli closed her eyes and rolled her head to one side. Then as if perceiving from his developing cadence that the real love making was starting, she opened her eyes and gave him an apprehensive look. Her green eyes were round and filled with astonishment. Her pupils dilated from the coke which roared through her being, causing every nerve ending in her body to sizzle with increased sensitivity. "That's my girl," Joe murmured. He thrust his hips forward quickly. "Huhhh!" Kelli gasped, rocking her head back against the table top. Uncle Joe gave his sweet niece three rapid thrusts, before returning to his original pattern of long, slow forays into her depths. When he sensed her settling down to his rhythm again, Joe again supplied Kelli with one hard thrust followed by several rapid jabs. In this manner, he maintained control over their engagement, by keeping his young niece off balance. He increased his pace slightly. Kelli moaned and shut her eyes briefly in response. "You like that don't you, Kelli?" Joe said to his niece. "You like Uncle Joe's big cock inside you don't you, baby. Don't you?" The fronts of his thighs began to slap against Kelli's bottom. Kelli rolled her head from side to side. Joe jabbed her suddenly, causing her green eyes to snap open wide and staring. "Slap..slap..slap..slap..slap.." The country kitchen resounded with the fleshy sounds of thigh on buttock. "Pay attention, Kelli," Joe ordered. "Squeeze me, baby. Fuck me back, Kelli." Kelli's expression registered puzzlement and incredulity, but she was unable to respond verbally. The young teen was simply too far gone to argue or resist. Her entire world lay between her quivering thighs with her uncle's thrusting penis at its epicenter. Kelli knew only alternating periods of fullness, then emptiness, then fullness. Slowly and almost imperceptibly, a tide was rising inside of Kelli McDaniels. Although she'd made love on several occasions in the past, orgasm had been rare for Kelli. Whether or not Chris' lack of experience was to blame was hard to say, but the fact remained that the sensations that were ever so slowly building up inside of the enraptured teenager were of a relatively unfamiliar nature. The powerful cocaine she'd been given mixed with her ever increasing ardor, held Kelli in a kind of dream world, suspended between the reality of being taken by her own uncle and the inexplicable new sensations that filled her mind and body. Judging from the distinct rosy glow that spread up his lovely niece's shoulders and neck, and the beginnings of sporadic vaginal contractions, Uncle Joe surmised the young girl was approaching climax. He leaned forward, placing his hands on the table top on either side of Kelli's waist and gradually stepped up his tempo. The expression on the young girl's face slowly evolved into one of puzzled wonderment. Kelli's first orgasm seized her just seconds later. Kelli's Uncle Joe made love to her for over an hour for the second time that morning, assisting her to achieve multiple carnal apogees. The cocaine helped the young girl to maintain her stamina throughout the period of intense erogenous activity as well as increasing her innate sexual appetite. Uncle Joe inseminated Kelli a second time that morning. All in all it was a highly successful and satisfying first coupling, in Joe's opinion. Kelli, on the other hand, would be quite sore for many hours afterward. For the remainder of the day, the young teenager remained by herself while she attempted to sort out the many quandaries that filled her mind and soul. For all intents and purposes, her Uncle Joe had raped her, but without a doubt, there had been moments, the details of which were quite hazy, when Kelli had given in to her baser instincts and become an active participant in their love making. Kelli also pondered her reaction to her continued use of cocaine. Though she'd sworn to herself as well as to Chris that she would never again partake of the highly stimulating drug, Kelli had to admit she'd had a pretty good time on the occasions she'd used it. Sitting alone on her Uncle Joe's big front porch, Kelli McDaniels felt confused and very uneasy. Confused about her own behavior that morning and quite apprehensive about her immediate future in the home of her amorous uncle. "What else can he do?" Kelli wondered aloud. Uncle Joe seemed to have disappeared. Lunchtime came, and Kelli found herself having to rummage through the refrigerator for a bight to eat. Joe was nowhere to be found. After lunch Kelli wandered alone through the quiet old country house, peeking into this room and that. Her cursory search didn't turn up anything of interest, however. It was a big house. Two floors with six rooms on each. With the exception of her own bedroom and what appeared to be her uncle's room, the other bedrooms and parlors seemed to have been sitting unused for a good while. Joe obviously didn't entertain many house guests. "That's funny," Kelli thought when the door at the end of the upstairs hallway refused to open. Nothing else in the house was locked with the exception of this one door. Kelli wondered what might be behind it, but let it go for the time being. It was almost four o'clock and her uncle still hadn't returned, so Kelli padded back down the hall to her own small bedroom and flopped onto the bed. Her tummy hurt, she had a headache and felt slightly nauseous. The effects of the cocaine was finally beginning to wear off. Kelli remembered from her first and only other experience with the drug that coming off the powerful stimulant could be mildly unpleasant. After a few minutes, Kelli rolled off the high bed and walked to the bathroom hoping to find some aspirin for her headache. She didn't notice at first, but Kelli finally realized that all of her toiletry items that she'd set out on the bathroom counter that morning were missing. "That's funny," she remarked to herself. "I wonder if..." Kelli walked quickly to the dresser where she'd placed her clothing at her uncle's instruction. She opened the top drawer. "What the..?" Kelli said aloud as she stood staring down at the empty drawer. Kelli looked quickly around the room. The next thing she noticed was that her big suitcase was no longer on the bed stand where she'd left it. For several minutes Kelli stood staring blankly at the bed. She was at a total loss as to what had happened to her belongings. Kelli walked down the upstairs hallway in the direction of what she assumed had to be her Uncle Joe's bedroom. "Uncle Joe?" Kelli called softly from the door. The old house sat in utter silence. "Uncle Joe?" Kelli said again as she peeked around the door frame. The room stood empty as it had when she'd glanced inside a few minutes earlier. Slowly Kelli stepped through the door. Then as if she'd been slapped, Kelli gasped. "Oh, no!" She stood in mild shock, staring at her suitcase sitting on the end of her uncle's bed. Kelli reached out for the door jam when she suddenly felt light headed. "Oh my God," Kelli whispered aloud. "What's wrong, sweetheart?" Kelli's uncle Joe asked from directly behind her. Kelli practically jumped out of her skin. "Oh!" she squeaked. "Don't be so jumpy, baby," Kelli's uncle said stepping up behind her and placing his big hands on her narrow shoulders. She stiffened. "Easy, Kelli, baby. Easy, girl," Uncle Joe whispered before he bent and kissed Kelli on the side of her neck. Kelli tried to shrug him off, but Joe held her tightly in his grasp. "Now don't be like that, sweetheart," Joe murmured from just behind Kelli's right ear. "It'll be better this way. You'll see," he said. Then, as if to justify his actions, Joe explained, "I figured since we've gotten so much better acquainted, you and me, that you'd be more comfortable in here with your Uncle Joe." Without giving Kelli a chance to object, Joe abruptly spun the teenager around and stared into her startled eyes. "You can have the top two drawers in the dresser, Kelli. I've already moved my gear out for you." "But..." Kelli peeped. "Now, no arguing!" Joe ordered. "Put your stuff away first, and then I want you to get undressed for me again, Kelli." He paused and smiled down at his flabbergasted niece. Then he continued in a casual tone of voice. "The weather's warm, so while you're here I expect for you to remain naked. You have a lovely figure, and I enjoy looking at you." Kelli was speechless. "Now hurry up," Joe said cheerfully as if his demands were nothing out of the ordinary. "It's time to eat, then after dinner, I've got a surprise for you. A little toy I built just for my special girl." He turned suddenly then and strode out of the bedroom, leaving Kelli alone and troubled. Kelli had to admit, her Uncle Joe was certainly a good cook. The meal he prepared for the two of them was both ample and excellent. "A growing young lady needs to keep her strength up," Joe commented with a wry smile. At first Kelli'd been rather uncomfortable sitting across from her uncle at the big kitchen table, she completely naked while he remained fully clothed. The dinner conversation was kept innocent enough, however. Uncle Joe made it a point not to mention the morning's activities. Nor did he mention anything further about his plans for Kelli or about the surprise he had alluded to earlier. Kelli kept silent except to answer her uncle's questions about her studies and plans after graduating. Then, without warning his line of questioning became more, shall we say, personal. "So tell me about you boyfriend, Chris, you said, right? How old is he, Kelli?" Kelli's fork stopped halfway to her mouth as she eyed her uncle suspiciously. Then placing her fork on her plate, Kelli picked up her napkin and wiped her lips. After another moment she replied a bit warily, "He.. he's almost nineteen." Then she added, "Why do you want to know?" Joe shrugged then said with a grin, "Oh I was just curious about his, ah, experience." He paused, smiling at Kelli. "You know what I mean, don't you, Kelli?" Kelli gulped then blushed deeply. "I thought you might," Joe said with a grin and a chuckle. "Is Chris still in school or does he work?" Joe then asked conversationally. Kelli gave an exasperated sigh. She really didn't want to engage in small talk with her uncle. All she wanted to do at the moment was finish her meal and get out of there. What would happen next Kelli had no idea, but she felt distinctly selfconscious and awkward sitting in the nude at the dinner table. At last she said, "He quit school and has a job at the Circle K." "I see," Uncle Joe responded. Then following an uncomfortable period of silence he went on with his questioning. "I know Chris uses drugs, does he also sell them?" Kelli looked up from her plate. Her expression immediately hardened. Joe quickly held up a hand in mock surrender. "Never mind," he said. "It doesn't matter. Just curious, that's all." He fell silent and began to eat his dinner. Kelli returned to her meal as well, hoping that finally the conversation was over. Then out of the blue Uncle Joe asked, "Tell me, Kelli. Does Chris have a big cock?" Kelli, in the process of taking a sip of iced tea, came very close to choking. She just did managed to grab her napkin in time to prevent herself from spraying the entire table with the beverage. Ignoring his niece's obvious discomfort, Joe went on, "You know, is it thick and long? Does it make you grunt like mine does when it goes in, Kelli? Or is it one of those skinny, little boy pricks that you can barely feel up in there?" Kelli was speechless. She choked and spluttered, but was unable to form a word even vaguely recognizable as English. Joe continued unabated. "It's OK, sweetheart," he said holding up a hand. "I'm sure you think that's none of my business. Tell me this then, and I promise not to ask about Chris ever again." He paused. Kelli, struggling to regain her composure, eyed him suspiciously. "Have you ever taken it in the ass, Kelli?" Has anyone ever shoved his cock up that sweet hershey highway?" The resulting expression on his niece's face was priceless. It consisted of a marvelous mixture of shock, indignation and outrage that caused Uncle Joe to practically wet his pants. It was all he could do to keep from bursting out in laughter, but somehow he managed to control himself. Struggling to keep his voice steady, Uncle Joe went on, leaving Kelli to stare at him in open mouthed incredulity. "Judging from your expression, I'd have to say the answer is 'No'. That right, sweetheart?" Joe chuckled. Kelli's face was beet red. She actually shook she was so angry. The rage that Kelli had kept bottled up inside, over the ordeal she'd been put through during the past day or two at the hands of her uncle finally erupted in all of its fury. "You... you," she paused, breathing hard. "You bastard!" she screamed. Joe said nothing. He sat back in his chair and folded his arms across his chest. With a neutral expression on his face, he listened while his lovely, very naked sixteen year old niece ranted on. Kelli really was strikingly beautiful. Her soft hair flew around her face and her perfect breasts jiggled invitingly from her animated outburst. "You filthy bastard!" Kelli shrieked. "You drugged me and raped me, and to think my parents trusted you. I can't believe you're actually my father's brother!" Joe remained silent. He wore what Kelli thought was an expression of contrition on his face. Seeing this, she mistakenly assumed she'd finally gotten the upper hand. She paused momentarily, staring icily at her uncle. Joe looked down at the table top sheepishly. Summoning up her courage, Kelli said, "I'm leaving tomorrow, Uncle Joe." She held her breath, waiting for his response. When nothing was forthcoming, Kelli continued. "I want you to take me to the bus station first thing in the morning." Silence... "Please, Uncle Joe," Kelli said much too pleadingly for her liking. "Please just let me go. Let me go home, Uncle Joe. I promise I won't say anything about today. I promise I won't tell anyone ever. It'll be our secret, OK?" She waited, her heart pounding madly in her chest. Kelli gazed longingly in her uncle's direction, hoping he might at last capitulate and give up this madness. Slowly Joe looked up then smiled almost tenderly at his pretty niece. Cautiously, Kelli returned his smile. Joe placed both hands onto the table, scooted his chair back then slowly got to his feet. Kelli waited for him to say something, but instead he turned and walked towards the door. Kelli followed him with her eyes, wondering what would happen next. Without looking in Kelli's direction again, Joe plucked the receiver off of the cradle on the wall phone and punched out a number. Kelli's apprehension level began to rise once again as she stared at her uncle's back and broad shoulders. "Detective Atkinson, please," Kelli's Uncle Joe spoke into the phone. Kelli's breath caught in her throat. "Dave, Joe McDaniels here. How ya been?" Kelli watched her uncle's back in growing horror as he nodded his head in response to something said on the phone. "Me? Oh, I'm doin' just great. Yeah, it's been a long time. Listen, Dave, the reason I called is to give you a lead on a possible drug dealer in your area. You interested?" Joe turned in Kelli's direction while he nodded and said, "Uh huh.. Uh huh. That's right. Yeah, it's a pretty solid lead, Dave." Joe grinned at his niece. Kelli's demeanor underwent an abrupt and dramatic change. At that country kitchen table just seconds earlier had sat a self-confident teenager in control of her own destiny. Now the expression on Kelli's face was one of shock, and horror and despair. Not for the last time that day, Kelli McDaniels was speechless. She was utterly terrified as her uncle continued. "Yeah, Dave. The dirt ball works in one of your local Circle K's, or so I'm told." Joe was just barely able to get a hand over the receiver before Kelli screamed, "No. Uncle Joe. Stop! Wait, please!" Kelli tried to rise from her seat, tripped on one leg of her chair and fell heavily to the tile floor with the chair on top of her. Scrambling on her hands and knees, she crawled toward her uncle. "Hang... hang on, a sec, Dave." Joe said quickly into the receiver then covered it with his hand again. Glancing casually down at his niece, he said, "I beg your pardon, Kelli. What did you say?" Kelli was crushed. She stared up at her uncle, knowing he held Chris Shiller's future in his hands. She opened her mouth to respond when suddenly Joe was nodding his head again. "I understand, Dave. Just a minute." Covering the receiver he whispered forcefully to Kelli, "Make up your mind, baby. My friend's getting impatient. Do what I tell you, or your boyfriend is through. Got it? You have two seconds." Kelli sat frozen in shock. "What's it gonna be, Kelli?" her Uncle Joe asked. He uncovered the receiver and brought it up to his mouth. "Wait!" Kelli cried, breaking into tears. Joe clamped his hand over the phone again. He stared down at his niece. "OK," Kelli sobbed. "OK, what?" her uncle retorted. "OK, I'll do what you want," Kelli croaked. "Just don't hurt Chris, please." she begged. Joe waited for a long moment before speaking quickly into the phone. "Something's come up, Dave. I'll have to call you back." He nodded impatiently. "Yeah.. Yeah.. I know. I'll get back to you, Dave. Not to worry. OK?" More nods... "OK, good. I'll be talkin' to you, Dave, and thanks. Yeah, bye." Joe carefully replaced the receiver into its cradle. He looked down at Kelli, a neutral expression on his face. Without further comment, Joe said simply, "Stand up, young lady." Kelli felt her spirits crash. She had no choice but to cooperate. She was beaten. Slowly Kelli got to her knees. She felt nauseous and weak as she struggled to her feet. She actually had to grab hold of one of her uncle's knees to steady herself. At last she stood naked before her father's brother, defeated and alone. Instinctively Kelli brought an arm up to cover her breasts while she stood staring at her feet. Her free hand crept over her sex. "Hands at your sides," Uncle Joe snapped. Slowly the arm lowered and the hand fell aside. "Turn sideways," Joe commanded. Kelli gazed up at him beseechingly. "Do it," Joe said in a low growl. Slowly Kelli turned. Without warning Uncle Joe reached out and cupped her right breast in his calloused left hand. Kelli jumped reflexively. "Hold still!" She froze. Kelli felt her knees begin to grow weak as her Uncle Joe started to toy with her soft flesh, kneading and squeezing. He placed his right hand on the small of her back. He said nothing. Kelli's body stiffened noticeably when Joe's hand left her breast and began to roam downward over her rib cage and over her tummy. "Relax, baby," Joe murmured more softly. He extended his fingers into the soft warm curls of his niece's small pubic tuft. Kelli's breath caught in her throat. Her uncle's finger tip toyed at the top of her slit. Kelli didn't notice Joe's right hand drop slowly downward from the small of her back. "Ohhh..." Kelli moaned helplessly when her uncle wormed his finger between her full labia. Joe splayed the fingers of his right hand practically covering her shapely little bottom. "My little girl's gone and gotten all dry on me," Joe murmured lewdly. "We can't have that, can we, sweetheart?" He slid his finger further into Kelli's most sensitive area, chafing her badly. Kelli twisted her hips in response to her discomfort. "Can we, Kelli?" Joe repeated. Kelli didn't realize he wanted a reply. Joe's finger continued to explore. "I asked you a question, Kelli," Joe said. "I expect an answer." He dug his finger in deeper. "Owww..." Kelli whined. "You're hurting me." "We need to get you wet then, don't we, Kelli?" Joe asked patiently. He kept his finger in place. Kelli squirmed in his hands but remained silent. "Don't we, Kelli?" Joe prompted. "Owww..." Kelli whined louder this time in response to her uncle's continued probing. Then at last she said, "OK, yeah.. OK!" Joe rubbed for a minute longer then said, "That's right, baby." He removed his finger from Kelli's folds then brought his hand up in front of her face. Holding his finger one inch from Kelli's lips Joe said flatly, "Suck it." Kelli could actually smell herself on her uncle's finger it was so close to her nose. "Noooo..." she moaned when Joe touched her lips with the pungent digit. She jerked her head to the side. Joe quickly took her by the chin and turned her face to his. Then looking squarely into her frightened eyes, Joe said, "Open your mouth, Kelli. I want you to taste your pussy on my finger." Kelli's eyes searched his looking for any sign of leniency, but there was none there. "Open your mouth now, or I call my friend back," Joe threatened. Ever so slowly Kelli's pink lips parted revealing sparkling white teeth. Her hand leapt to her uncle's wrist when he immediately pressed his finger tip between her lips and against her smooth teeth. Joe said nothing. He easily overpowered Kelli's attempt at resistance. He gazed into his niece's staring eyes as he rubbed his finger back and forth over her perfect teeth. Kelli gagged, her own tangy scent even stronger now. "Open up, Kelli," Joe ordered more softly. He knew he was almost home. Slowly the "dentist's dream" pearly white teeth parted and Joe slipped his finger into the warm, wet confines of his lovely sixteen year old niece's mouth. Joe quickly found Kelli's tongue with his finger tip. "That's better, Kelli. Now close your lips and suck on my finger. Can you taste your pussy, baby?" Kelli thought she was going to die. She gagged weakly when she realized that the salty, tangy taste on her uncle's finger was indeed her own essence, her own distinctive flavor. Trying unsuccessfully to avoid touching his probing digit with her tongue, Kelli at last closed her sweet lips around her uncle's finger. Gazing pensively into the eyes of her tormentor, Kelli sucked gently. Joe allowed his young niece to suckle his finger for several moments before without comment he pulled it from between her lips. Before Kelli could react, he dropped his hand to her pussy then slipped his moistened finger between her labia. Surprised, Kelli looked down at her uncle's hand then back up into his eyes. Joe smiled at her innocent expression of apprehension. She unconsciously pressed her bottom back against Joe's restraining right hand as her uncle explored a bit deeper between her thighs. "That's better, isn't it, sweetheart," Joe murmured softly. He leaned forward and kissed Kelli on her shoulder. Kelli shivered reflexively then moaned softly. "That's my girl," Joe whispered. "Let's try a little more saliva then you should start to juice up on your own." Her uncle's lewdly descriptive statement sickened Kelli, but then she again smelt her own aroma on her uncle's finger as he offered it to her once more. The next time Joe slid his wet finger between the intimate flesh of his young niece, Joe whispered, "Spread your feet apart some, Kelli." Kelli moved her right foot to the side. Immediately her uncle Joe entered her with first one then two fingers. Restraining the young girl with his right hand behind her butt, Joe proceeded to vigorously finger fuck Kelli, causing her to rise up on her tip toes. Joe leaned down, pressed his cheek against Kelli's tummy and listened to the sweet, wet sounds of his manual explorations coming from between his niece's quivering thighs. He felt her abdominal muscles alternately flex and relax in response to his probing, and his head was filled with her pungent scent. Kelli, was caught off guard by her Uncle Joe. When his fingers first entered her she gasped. Then as Joe delved quickly deeper, Kelli groaned, her muscular belly bulging outward. Kelli stood mortified as her uncle went to work. She also could hear the snapping, sticky sounds resulting from her natural self-lubrication. Unbeknownst to Kelli, this was the result of her own body's steady journey toward her inevitable betrayal. There are those who strongly believe that this process of self-lubrication is instinctive. That a female moves inexorably toward eventual climax no matter the circumstances of her arousal. Experts maintain that it is only a matter of time and perseverance. From this theory stems the belief that most "victims" of nonconsensual sex will eventually become willing participants given enough time. Unfortunately, most instances of non-consensual sex are of short duration and don't allow the female the time necessary for her to make the transition from "victim" to partner. Joe McDaniels, on the other hand, had time on his side. Already he'd had vaginal intercourse with Kelli twice that day, and he fully intended to have her again. The powerful cocaine that his niece had so thoughtfully brought with her had helped a lot, but it was Kelli's own strikingly well developed libido that had allowed the young girl to make that "Partnership Transition" surprisingly early on during their second coupling. Joe knew that he and Kelli had almost a month to develop a far more meaningful relationship than most uncles form with their nieces, and he intended to use that time wisely. Joe smiled to himself when he felt Kelli's hips begin to move slowly in time with his manual attentions. He felt her tremble when he turned his head and kissed her on the tummy. Joe slipped his tongue into Kelli's navel and pushed gently. He moved his fingers steadily in and out... in and out. Joe felt Kelli's internal musculature begin to cooperate by squeezing his exploring fingers. Her juices flowed in abundance now, and Joe spread the silken lubricant over Kelli's supple lips with his fingers. Sensing his niece's escalating ardor, Joe, from time to time would withdraw his nectar laden fingers from Kelli's vagina and extend them farther back between her thighs. Then, while he distracted Kelli by swirling his thumb over her clitoral area, he surreptitiously used his finger tips to spread her juices around and over her other portal. At the same time, Joe began to kneed the supple flesh of Kelli's shapely buttocks with his right hand, allowing his finger tips to stray between them innocently from time to time. Kelli's breathing gradually became more labored and gasping. Kelli had made the transition and was now fully engaged in their love making. She groaned loudly when her loving uncle pushed his tongue into her belly button. Then she shuddered as he started to kiss his way downward until his lips and nose nuzzled into her curly soft bush. Ohhh... gddddd..." Kelli groaned when Uncle Joe nibbled at the top of her pubic slit at the same time as he moved his fingers slowly in and and out. "She's ready," Joe thought to himself. Joe extended the tip of his tongue into the very top of Kelli's carnal crease, pressing his nose deeply into her damp curls. Using his two middle fingers, Joe then entered his niece vaginally as deeply as possible. He felt Kelli's strong muscles bear down on his invading digits as he pushed inside. Stealthily, he first squeezed Kelli's right buttock, then let his hand slid downward until his palm lay against the back of her thigh. Kelli didn't seem to notice her uncle's fingertips begin to dance softly over her back entrance until it was too late. "Huuh.. Uhhh.. Uhhh.. Uhhh," the young teen gasped when her Uncle Joe pushed his long middle finger effortlessly past her guarding sphincter. It was as if the fire of her resulting orgasm followed the progress of her uncle's finger up into her rectal depths. Flashes like skyrockets burst through Kelli's womb, spreading up her spine and outward to her ovaries. Then her legs turned to liquid. Joe felt Kelli ramp quickly to climax when he pushed his finger deeply into her rectal passage. He knew with certainty that no one had done her there before. It was such a thrill and a pleasure to explore virgin territory, and he knew that Kelli would never forget this experience. She was his unequivocally. Then suddenly her knees had given way and Joe found his young niece straddling his hands, virtually suspended between his two impaling digits. Joe pushed his fingers deeper into Kelli then pulled his hands apart, stretching the young girl, opening her like never before. Then slowly he lowered her to the kitchen floor. Kelli didn't resist when her Uncle Joe rolled her onto her tummy. She was too wrapped up in the intensity of her orgasm to care what anyone did to her now. Kelli's loving Uncle Joe spread her legs. Then, using the classic "bowling ball" grip, Joe continued to attend to his young niece there on his kitchen floor. With his middle finger in her vagina and his thumb up her ass Joe shook his hand from side to side quickly, causing Kelli's openings to snap and bubble. After two or three minutes Kelli came again, her sweet ass pushing upward against her uncle's hand. "Yes, baby." Joe muttered. "Cum for me, Kelli. Cum for me. I knew you'd love it in the ass." Joe pushed his thumb so far into Kelli that his last knuckle actually disappeared into clutching flesh. Kelli shuddered all over. Joe wanted nothing more than to mount the young girl right then and there, and to push his raging erection deeply into her virgin portal, seeking out new depths and new pleasures. "To boldly go where no man had gone before." But he controlled his urges. Uncle Joe had plans for his sweet niece. He wanted her to fully understand what it is to be taken completely. Joe McDaniels meant to possess his brother's young daughter, utterly. And have her he would. Kelli McDaniels would have other lovers in her life, but she would have only one master. Joe McDaniels had every intention of filling that job description. Kelli padded along naked behind her uncle as he led her down the upstairs hallway toward the locked door at the end. She was much too muzzy still from her recent experiences in the kitchen to wonder about her immediate future. She stood passively by while Joe unlocked the door and pushed it open. The room was dimly lit, and Kelli had a difficult time making out any details while her eyes adjusted to the dim light. Joe closed the door behind them then turned to his niece. "This is my workshop, Kelli," Joe said. Look around. You and I are gonna spend a good deal of time in here. Kelli blinked as she peered into the dimness of the big room. As she cast her gaze about, strange shapes loomed into view. There were pieces of furniture that looked vaguely familiar, but with some odd differences. What appeared to be a table, upon closer inspection turned out to be shaped like an "X" mounted on a central pedestal. On one wall there was a white tiled alcove with what looked like a clear glass toilet standing at its center. Near the toilet stood a contrivance that bristled with many hoses and appendages. Kelli saw more than one video camera mounted on tripod stands placed here and there. The shadows held other unidentifiable apparatus of all shapes and sizes. Overall, the room was very spooky. Kelli shivered involuntarily. While Kelli pondered over the strange room and its contents, her Uncle Joe retrieved something which she'd not yet noticed. Joe chuckled when he saw the expression on his sweet niece's face, and watched her eyes go wide both with recognition and misgiving. He sat the straight back wooden chair in front of the young teenager. "I built this just for you, young lady," Kelli's Uncle Joe said magnanimously. Kelli's mouth fell open as she stared with growing horror at the menacing contrivance before her. "I call it my love seat," Uncle Joe chuckled. "I think you're really gonna have fun with it, Kelli." "But..." Kelli began. Joe interrupted her saying, "Now I know it'll take some getting used to. They look a little big, I realize," he continued, nodding at the chair seat. "But I know you can handle 'em. It'll take a little time, but you'll stretch out, baby. All girls do." Kelli looked from her uncle's grinning face to the two artificial penises which stood up from the seat of the chair then back to her uncle. She opened her mouth to speak, but couldn't find the words to express her feelings of abhorrence and revulsion. Joe went on before she could speak. "Alrighty then, let's see how it fits. We might have to make a few adjustments the first time." Totally unabashedly, Joe reached between Kelli's legs, cupped her, then slipped a finger between her vulva, checking for moisture. "I think you're wet enough, but you might need a little help in the back end. Wait here," he commanded. "But, Uncle Joe," Kelli whined to his retreating back. Joe didn't bother to reply, but went into the tiled alcove and returned with a tube of K/Y Jelly. "Now I don't want to hear and complaining, young lady," Joe said as he squeezed a liberal amount of the lubricant into his hand then went about rubbing it up and down the twin shafts. "It took me two days to build this for you, and I expect you to cooperate. Turn around and bend over," he ordered. Kelli was too shocked to argue or resist. Joe reached out, took her by her shoulder and spun her around. "Bend over, Kelli," Joe repeated. He squeezed some more K/Y Jelly into his palm. "Put your hands on your knees. Kelli gave him a pleading look over her shoulder, but when no sign of charity appeared on her uncle's face, she did as she was told. "Ohhh... Yuck, Uncle Joe!" Kelli complained when Joe slathered the artificial lubricant liberally over her pussy lips and between her buttocks. He then entered her both vaginally and anally with his fingers in order to lubricate her internally before allowing her to stand up. "OK, young lady. Let's get you seated. Shall we?" "Please, Uncle Joe," Kelli pleaded looking down at the hateful apparatus. "They're too big, and there are two of them." "I know, baby. That's why you have two openings. Now no more stalling. Come over here and I'll help you out this one time." Joe grabbed his niece by her wrist and pulled her closer to the wicked device. Joe had indeed only completed its construction the day before yesterday in anticipation of Kelli's visit. Fastened to the seat of the otherwise unremarkable wooden chair were two anatomically correct hard rubber penises. Both were curved somewhat. The front or vaginal shaft was about ten inches in length and perhaps two inches in girth. The rear or rectal shaft was only slightly smaller, and both were heavily veined for a more realistic experience. The two phalluses were positioned so that their tips were almost touching. Although this was not the usual position that two real penises would attain during your typical "love sandwich", Joe felt that the added pressure of the two tips pressing against each other through the thin separating tissues of the female genital anatomy would be beneficial to the occupant of his love seat. The two rubber cocks could be adjusted forward and back to allow for the distance between the occupant's vaginal and anal passages. Having held his niece in the "bowling ball" grip, Joe had a pretty good idea of Kelli's dimensions and had pre-adjusted the two probes accordingly. "Bend over again, baby and back up to the edge of the seat," Joe instructed. "No, please, don't, Uncle Joe. I'll do anything you want. You wanna make love, Uncle Joe? Come on, let's go to the bedroom. We can have a lot of fun." "Enough, Kelli," Joe snapped, silencing her pleading. He pulled her back until the backs of her legs touched the edge of the wooden seat. "Squat down a little now. That's right. Pussy first," Joe coached. He took Kelli under her arm and guided her carefully. Reaching down , he then separated the two rubber penises, pushing the front shaft forward until the tip pressed between Kelli's labia. "Now down some. Good," Joe said. "Is it in?" Kelli had never been so humiliated. She couldn't answer. "Is it in?" her uncle repeated with more authority. "Answer me Kelli. We can make this hurt if you want," Joe warned. "Now tell me if the tip of the front shaft is in your vagina.." "Alright," Kelli hissed icily. "It's in, OK. It's in!" She gave a cute little exasperated huff. Joe smiled. "OK, down a little more. Now the back door," Joe said, grasping the slippery second shaft and aiming it at it's approaching target. Kelli grunted in surprise when her uncle released his hold on the instrument inside of her vagina. It's reverse curve tended to push back and up rather uncomfortably. Also, Kelli quickly discovered when she began to lower herself further onto the device, that although its tip was somewhat tapered, the vaginal shaft rapidly expanded to its full two inches in diameter. This was without a doubt the largest object to enter Kelli to date, and it made her shudder uncontrollably as it went in. "Down more, Kelli," Uncle Joe coached. Kelli felt the tip of the other shaft touch her rubbery little back gate. "Down, Kelli," her Uncle Joe ordered. The rubber penis stretched her tender tissues, unmercifully, causing a painful stinging sensation. "Owww...." Kelli whined. "It hurts a little, doesn't it, baby. Yeah," Uncle Joe chuckled. The stinging was rapidly turning into an intense deep tearing ache. "Ugghhh!" Kelli grunted gutturally when the tip of the penis at last popped inside. "Good," Joe said standing up beside his niece. "They're both in. Now just sit back. Your insides will adjust." He put his hand on Kelli's shoulder. Looking up at her uncle with an expression of extreme dismay on her lovely face, Kelli pleaded one last time. "Please, Uncle Joe. It hurts too much. Please." Joe stood silently beside the young girl. Judging from Kelli's present position in a half-squat, he knew that soon her thigh muscles would tire, and she would be forced to seat herself. Joe maintained his hand on her shoulder. He didn't push down, but simply prevented her from standing up. Kelli felt the burning begin in the tops of her thighs. Her little butt dropped another inch or so. The two unforgiving rubber phalluses advanced. In the war between gravity and Kelli's thigh muscles, gravity was rapidly gaining the upper hand. Kelli whimpered and moaned as only two inches now separated her tender bottom from the hard wooden surface of the love seat. Kelli felt like she was giving birth as the heavy vaginal shaft pressed ever upward, filling her seemingly to the bursting point and inducing a deep aching pressure in the area of her cervix. Kelli's Uncle Joe knelt beside her and whispered, "That's a good girl, Kelli, sweetheart." Kelli gave him a pained look. "I know," Joe said. "That one in your little ass kinda hurts doesn't it." Kelli nodded. She held herself only an inch or so off the seat now, balancing on her hands. Her slim arms trembled from the exertion. "Don't fight it, baby. You can't win, you know. Let go Kelli." He reached out and tenderly fondled her breasts. "Ohhhhhh..." Kelli whined pitifully. "Give it up Kelli," Joe whispered gazing into her eyes. His fingers squeezed and pinched lightly. Kelli closed her eyes. She knew the fight was over. She relaxed her arms and dropped the final inch and a half onto the twin cocks. The thick shaft inside of her vagina felt like it was pushing up against her diaphragm, temporarily knocking the wind out of Kelli. The slightly thinner probe inside her anal passage felt like it was exerting pressure against the small of her back from the inside. A deep throbbing ache caused Kelli to gasp for breath. Even though her tender bottom was now planted firmly on the seat, the two phallic probes seemed to work their way ever deeper into Kelli whenever she moved. "Good girl, Kelli. I knew you could do it," Uncle Joe said standing up beside her. "Get the feel of the love seat, my dear. You're going to be spending a lot of time on it." Kelli couldn't speak. It was all she could do to just to catch her breath. The sharp pain associated with her final filling plunge was slowly becoming a pervasive throbbing ache. She looked up in a mild state of shock as her Uncle Joe unzipped his trousers and pulled out his penis. While Kelli watched it grew. She really hadn't seen Joe's cock the last couple of times. Now here it was right in front of her face. Her uncle really was pretty big. "Much bigger than Chris," Kelli thought distractedly. Her insides hurt. "Well, go ahead, Kelli," her Uncle Joe said at last, moving his now fully erect cock closer. Kelli saw a glistening drop of fluid standing on its tip. "What?" Kelli asked after a minute. 'What did he expect her to do?' Kelli wondered. She didn't have any room left, or so she thought. "Wadaya mean, 'What'," Uncle Joe asked incredulously. "Put it in your mouth." He shook his cock in Kelli's face. The shining drop of fluid fell onto her thigh and another took its place. "Oh my God!" Kelli thought. "He wants me to do that?!?" Kelli had of course heard of oral sex. She'd seen videos and magazine images depicting what she considered to be a thoroughly disgusting act. But she had never in her wildest dreams imagined herself allowing a man to put his dick into her mouth. Just the thought of it made Kelli feel ill. "Open your mouth, Kelli," Joe said flatly. "Mmm.. Mmm.." Kelli refused, shaking her head. Joe gave her no warning, but grabbed Kelli by her hair and jerked her head back violently. This movement caused the two appendages of her love seat to do their work. Kelli groaned loudly through tightly clenched teeth. Uncle Joe held her head back using her hair as a handle and began to rub the tip of his penis across Kelli's nose and lips and chin. When he squeezed it, more of the musky smelling fluid seeped out onto Kelli's face. "Open you mouth, Kelli," Joe ordered once more. He stared hard at the unfortunate young girl who sat before him filled with hard rubber, her face covered with his precum. Kelli's eyes were filled with fear and loathing. "Open," Joe shouted this time. He shook Kelli by her hair. She closed her eyes in pain. Joe crushed his cock against Kelli's lips. At last the young girl's lips parted enough that he could wipe his cock across her shining teeth. Kelli struggled harder than ever, spluttering as she tasted his early offerings for the first time. Suddenly Joe pulled his cock away. Then leaning down so that his face was just inches from that of his young niece, Joe said in a growling, threatening tone of voice. "Kelli, my dear," he began almost conversationally. "You have a choice to make. You can either open your pretty mouth and suck your Uncle Joe off like I know you want to, or two things are going to happen very quickly. First of all I am going to strap you in your love seat where you will remain until you learn to obey. At the same time I intend to call my friendly detective and have the Shiller boy arrested." He paused, letting Kelli digest what he'd just said. "The choice is yours, young lady. What'll it be?" Joe squeezed his penal shaft with his other hand. Another drop of pre-cum formed on its tip. Kelli eyed her uncle's offered cock in disgust, but considering both her current situation and her available options, Kelli knew she had little choice. Slowly her lips parted as did her white teeth. Deja Vu struck Kelli hard as she remembered the incident earlier in the kitchen when her uncle had forced her to taste herself off of his finger. "Wider, please," her Uncle Joe prompted, bringing Kelli back to the present. Things moved quickly after that. The main thing Kelli would later recall about this part of her ordeal was the vile taste of him. She'd opened her mouth a little more, and instantly it was filled with musky tasting meat. Kelli could actually feel its skin move in her mouth. She heard her uncle moan with pleasure. Kelli gagged repeatedly for several seconds. "Mmmph.. Awwkkk!" was her only comment, however. Still holding Kelli by the hair, her Uncle Joe pushed his thick shaft deeper into her mouth. Kelli let go of the seat bottom and grabbed the fronts of his thighs in an attempt to resist. The two hard rubber penises in her lower openings jabbed at her insides. "Cauuwwpp," Kelli said. It was then that she noticed her uncle's smiling face. Out of nowhere a wave of icy rage rolled over Kelli, but she was, of course completely powerless to act upon it. The powerful feeling of rage was instantly replaced by one of despondent resignation. Kelli McDaniels finally recognized her predicament for what it truly was. At that moment, Kelli felt the utter helplessness of the fully involved female. All of her openings were filled, and her fate lay entirely in the hands of her lover. One day, Kelli would come to enjoy this feeling of bondage, but at that moment, it filled her with nothing but despair. She didn't have long to consider her situation, however, because as mentioned, her Uncle Joe had plans for her. "You have a wonderful mouth, Kelli," Joe murmured as he began to fuck her slowly and evenly. With each stroke of his hips, the broad head of her uncle's penis pressed against Kelli's pallet, causing her gag reflex to react. Kelli, not really knowing what was expected of her, gazed into her uncle's eyes while he had his way with her once virgin mouth. After several repetitions, her ever helpful uncle offered, "Why don't you suck me a little, baby, when I pull back." Kelli complied, not knowing exactly why. "Mmm, yes, baby. That's better," Joe murmured approvingly. As Joe began to get up a rhythm, the force of his efforts caused Kelli's slim body to rock slowly to and fro. As a result, the twin hard rubber appendages of her love seat alternated pressure on her delicate internal tissues. Unknowingly, Kelli was treated to the sensation of what it might be like to entertain more than one lover at a time. Later, when Uncle Joe introduced his young niece to a couple of his good friends, this experience would prove quite useful. Joe continued his slow even cadence, reveling in Kelli's warm, willing mouth and the trembling of her body in response to his attentions. He found he was soon able to release her hair. The young teenager had for now resigned herself to being taken by him. Joe felt good about his success with Kelli. He considered deep throating her, but thought better of it. That would come later along with introductions to several of his other apparatus. They had all the time in the world. Kelli unwittingly swallowed the first salvo of her uncle's semen when it unexpectedly hit the back of her pallet. She really had no choice in the matter, since it had come with no warning what so ever. When her uncle felt his ardor begin to rise, he had merely wrapped his hand behind Kelli's head. He'd even rubbed her neck gently and smiled down at her just before erupting into her mouth and throat. The rigid tube of meat that was her uncle's penis pumped another load of the hot, viscus matter deep into Kelli's mouth. This time, however she thought to close her throat to the onslaught. As a result, a goodly percentage of Joe's cum shot up Kelli's nose and dribbled out onto her upper lip. Kelli dug her fingernails into her uncle's thighs in an effort to free herself from his grasp, but the far more powerful man held her head effortlessly between his to large hands until he was finished. Kelli learned what it was to become the receptacle for a man's semen. It was an important lesson for her, and one that she would never forget. When it was over, Uncle Joe complimented Kelli on what a talented mouth she had. Then he told her that she could expect to give him oral pleasure several times a day during her stay. He also informed her that he expected her to try to swallow as much of his cum as she could. "I don't want you to waste any, my dear," he chuckled. At last Kelli was allowed to dismount her love seat. The soreness was there, of course, but what Kelli didn't expect was an unusual sensation of emptiness. Furthermore, it struck Kelli as odd that this feeling of emptiness was mildly disturbing and unsettling for her. You see, Kelli had unknowingly become accustomed to having her passages filled, if not simultaneously then certainly regularly. After all, her Uncle Joe had made love to her three times that day if you included the oral sex. That was more sexual activity than Kelli was used to in a month with Chris. Later, Kelli was allowed to bathe in her uncle's big sunken bathtub. She didn't know it at the time, but it would be one of the last times that she bathed alone while in her uncle's house. Somewhat refreshed, Kelli started for her own room. "Where do you think you're going, Kelli?" her Uncle Joe called from the bed , admiring his niece's shapely body. "I'm going to bed now, Uncle Joe. Is that OK?" she replied in a suitably submissive tone. "Absolutely, honey," Joe replied cheerily. "But you'll be sleeping with me from now on. I thought I told you that, Kelli." Kelli stopped at the door then turned to face him. Uncle Joe smiled magnanimously in response. Then with a shrug and a resigned sigh, Kelli slowly walked back toward her uncle's bed. All she wanted was some sleep. Kelli was exhausted. But just as she was climbing onto the bed, her Uncle Joe held up a shiny object. Kelli's heart sank to the soles of her bare feet. There was no question about it, Uncle Joe was good with a syringe. After injecting his fatigued young niece, Joe snapped the tourniquet off and immediately mounted her. When the powerful stimulant drug took Kelli, her Uncle Joe was already deep inside of her. His thick shaft filled her completely, and the broad head of his penis pressed firmly against her cervix. As her world exploded into a tumultuous collage of carnal ecstasies, Kelli McDaniels felt whole once again. To be continued... SM