Lessons From The Neighbor 
Copyright 2000 by Stormbringer 
Revised 2009

Note: This story originally appeared in 4 parts.

Part 1: The First Lesson

Megan stretched cat-like as she reclined in the lawn chair in her
backyard. Her long blonde hair was tied up on her head, except
for a wayward strand  dangling over the dark sunglasses covering
her bright blue eyes. Several drops of sweat trickled down her
shoulders. One got caught by the cup of the small, blue, string
bikini she wore and another dodged under the string and ran down
her tan, flat, stomach to disappear into  her navel.

She stretched again and looked around. Megan was restless this
afternoon. She had awoken very horny and as usual her husband,
the busy Doctor hadn't been interested in taking care of her
problem. She was waking up horny a lot these days and at 36, she
realized she was at her sexual peak. Harold, the Doctor, on the
other hand was 52 and by her calculations that put him about 35
years past his earlier male sexual peak. In fact, he had been
about 20 years past his peak when they married 15 years ago.

Megan's mother had introduced her to Harold when she was 20 and
she had immediately fallen for his distinguished looks and
charming manner. They married a year later, Megan, a beautiful,
shy, young virgin and Harold, a graying, busy surgeon.

Megan had lived a very sheltered life. There were no children her
age anywhere near her house growing up and she had attended a
small private all-girls school. She had gone straight from living
with her parents to living with the Doctor and had never gotten
to experience life outside of a protected environment. She had a
few friends back in school, but never a best friend until Betina
moved in next door.

Betina and her husband, Jamal had moved in about a year ago.
Megan had been dying for someone to talk to at that time. She did
nothing all day, but sunbath, exercise, and cook dinner for
Harold, which was usually cold by the time he got home exhausted
at the end of a ten hour shift. Megan had even found herself
watching soaps during the day. Overall, she found them too
raunchy for her.

Megan had observed with interest the house going up next door for
months and had enjoyed talking to the nice construction workers.
They seemed to come over to talk to her or to ask for something
to drink, whenever she was out sunbathing in her bikini. One very
big man always seemed to be staring at her large breasts whenever
he came over for a glass of water and he made her feel
uncomfortable. His stares made her nervous and she would develop
a funny feeling deep in her womb. This was about the same time
she had started waking up horny all the time. She was glad when
they finished the house, but missed having people to talk to.
Megan was excited when the moving van arrived and had been ready
to overcome her shyness and run right over to introduce herself
when she saw Betina and Jamal. She had never had much experience
around black people and decided to stay in the house and watch
them through the curtains. Betina was light skinned, kind of
plump, and she was dragging a young boy behind her. Jamal on the
other hand was a six and a half foot dark black giant. He was
wearing a tight tank top that showed off an impressive physique.
Megan could swear that his muscles had muscles as she ran her
eyes along his beefy arms.

A week later, Megan had been out sun bathing, she had still  not
gotten up the nerve to introduce herself to the neighbors when
Betina made the first move. Betina called to her over the fence
and introduced herself, it seemed that Betina was just as lonely
for a friend as Megan was. The two women found themselves talking
for hours. Betina  invited her over to their house and she had 
met the black couple's son, Anthony and Tina's husband, Jamal. He
shook her hand and she noticed how her tiny white hand was
completely engulfed by his big black one. His stare reminded her
of the big construction worker and she felt the funny feeling in
her stomach again, making her flush a little.

Megan noticed some pictures on the hall walls and was surprised
to see they were of a bikini clad Betina in various poses.

"That's from before I had Anthony, of course," Betina said over
Megan's shoulder. "I used to be a pretty hot model. You ever do
any modeling?"

Surprised, Megan answered, "No. Why do you ask?"

"Your figure's so perfect for bikini modeling. Why if I had your
breasts I could have tripled my income."

Megan was flattered and the two women talked all day becoming
close friends. Jamal was a former boxer and didn't work except
for some lessons he gave at the gym every night for a few hours.
He'd earned enough in the ring to by the nice house in the
suburbs. Betina was starting a job at a cosmetics company in the
fall when  Anthony started kindergarten and she was desperately
looking forward to getting out of the house. Megan wasn't able to
have children and she envied Betina her family.

Megan really enjoyed Betina's company. The only thing she didn't
like was that her new friend had a potty mouth. She used words
like "fuck" and "cock" all the time and she always had Megan
blushing constantly. Megan also didn't like Jamal that much. He
seemed to recognize how naive she was and was constantly telling
jokes at her expense. The gullible Megan falling for them every
time.  They also appeared to have a better sex life then Megan
did. Jamal apparently didn't have a problem taking care of his
wife, and the way Betina talked, he "fucked" her constantly with
his big "cock."


Now, here it was, a week since Betina had started her new job and
Megan missed her already. She stretched on the lawn chair again
and fidgeted in her seat. Jamal was starting the lawnmower over
in his yard. He wore nothing but a tight pair of jeans and she
could see the sweat pouring down his black torso, causing his
chest to glisten in the sunlight. He always seemed to be in the
backyard during her daily 90 minute tanning sessions. He would
either mow the lawn or lift weights while she sunbathed. He tried
to talk to her a couple times but she always ended the
conversation quickly since she didn't like being around him all
that much.

Megan admired his body though, she tried to picture the Doctor
with Jamal's physique and wondered what it would be like to be
crushed beneath a muscular body with a big cock pounding into
her. Ooops, she thought, Betina must be rubbing off her. She'd
have to watch her mouth. Besides if Harold had hands that big
he'd make a crummy surgeon.

Megan was delighted to see Betina pop out of her house for a
second and wave at her. Then Megan had an idea. Betina apparently
had a great sex life, maybe she'd be willing to give Megan a few
pointers on how to spice up her own.

Megan stood up and toweled the sweat off her body before running
over to the gate in the fence to talk to Megan. Jamal had just
finished the back lawn and she waved at him as she ran into her
friend's house. He watched the thong disappearing between her ass
cheeks as she walked up the steps to the deck and the sliding
glass door.

"Hi Megan," said Betina snatching up her car keys and purse. "How
are things?"

"Oh Tina," said Megan, "I miss you so much."

"I miss you too, honey," said the plump black woman, who gave
Megan a quick hug. "Can't talk now though, I have to get back to

Megan sighed as her friend ran over to the door. "Tina, I have a
Problem. I was hoping you could give me some advice."

"Gotta run, honey," said Betina. "Ask me later or get Jamal to
help you," and she ran out the door.

Megan turned to see that Jamal had followed her into the room and
he was standing in the doorway to the back yard blocking her

"What can I help you with Megan?" asked Jamal.

"Oh nothing," she sighed. "I just wanted to ask Tina for some
help with something."

"I'd be glad to help," said the black man. "anything for you,
neighbor." His eyes ran up and down her bikini clad body.

"I couldn't, it's kind of personal," responded Megan. She started
thinking it over. Maybe a man's perspective wouldn't be all that
bad. "Jamal, maybe you can help me." Then remembering how he was
always pulling her leg she added, "but you have to promise me you
won't laugh or tell anybody."

"I promise," said Jamal adopting a dead serious expression on his

She took a deep breath and proceeded to fill him in on the lack
of attention Harold was paying to her and her desire to improve
her love life. How she and her husband only had sex about once a
month with the lights off in the missionary position. Megan was
relieved that instead of making fun of her, Jamal paid rapt
attention to everything she told him, interrupting with questions
every now and then. She smiled at him, gratefully.

"How long has this been going on?" asked Jamal.

"Well the first five years were ok, but the last ten sex dropped
off a lot. Harold's always so tired after work and everything."

"So it's been ten years since you've had an orgasm?"  Jamal

Megan blushed, she wasn't really comfortable talking along these
lines. "Sort of," she replied. "I think I had one the first year
we were married."

Jamal nodded wisely. She had never had an orgasm. This was a
dream "cum" true. A horny inexperienced white woman was asking
his advice on sex. "Go sit on the couch, I think I have something
that might help you."

Jamal went into his bedroom and started leafing through his box
of porn. Then a wicked thought occurred to him and he reached
further back and pulled out a second box, a box that his wife
didn't know about. This box contained all his interracial porn.
Jamal had been dying to fuck a white woman all his life. He had
grown up in a poor black neighborhood and hadn't had any chances
to nail any white girls until his boxing career started taking
off and by then he had met Betina. He pulled out a video entitled
"Interracial Blow Jobs: See Hot White Chicks Sucking the Biggest
Black Dicks. He popped it into the bedroom vcr and fast forwarded
it past the title. Jamal ejected the tape and forced the grin off
his face before returning to Megan.

Megan was sitting on the couch in her little thong bikini
fidgeting from nervousness. She looked up at him and he could see
the hope reflected in her blue eyes.

"Well Megan," said Jamal popping the cassette into the living
room vcr. "First things first, it sounds to me like neither you
nor Harold have much experience with sex. So I'm going to start
by showing you how to please him." He hit play on the remote.

Megan gasped in disgust, when she saw the screen. "Yuck," she
said. "I heard there were movies like this." The TV showed a big
breasted blonde slut crawling on her hands and knees over to a
naked black man. The black man was huge and had what looked like
a ten inch penis between his legs. It was the biggest, thickest,
thing she had ever seen and she gasped again, this time with a
little fascination.

"What's wrong?" asked Jamal fast forwarding it to the next scene.

"That penis!" she exclaimed. "It's huge!"

"That one?" Jamal said, pausing the tape at the part where the
cock was spraying it's seed all over the white girls face. "No,
it's about average." Jamal smiled at the look of shock on Megan's
face. Then her expression changed to one of perplexity and Jamal
knew she was comparing her husband's penis to the well hung studs
in the video.

Megan watched him fast forward it past another scene. The black
penis in this scene was about an inch shorter then the previous
one but it was a lot thicker. "Jamal, are all these white women 
with black men?"

"Yeah. Sick isn't it?" he lied. "One of my friends gave it to me
as a joke."

"Here we go," he said stopping at the next scene and hitting
play. The TV showed another blonde kneeling between the legs of 
the first black man. The blonde unzipped the man's pants and took
out his long cock. She began kissing around the head and licking
the sides lovingly. "I love sucking black cock," said the blonde.

"You want me to do that?" said Megan, a disgusted look on her

"Megan, a blow job is the greatest pleasure a woman can give a
man. Look how much she's enjoying it. Trust me, you do this for
the Doctor and he'll get so turned on he will fuck your brains

"Jamal!" she said, surprised at his language, but loving the idea
of having her brains literally fucked out. "Does Betina do this
for you?"

"Whenever I tell her to."

"Are you sure he'd like this?" she asked still staring at the TV

"There isn't a man alive who doesn't like his wife to be on her
knees sucking his cock. It's the most natural thing in the

She blushed at his choice of words. She watched the blonde taking
the black cock into her mouth on the screen and wondered how she
managed to get it all in. It looked difficult, though her
husbands penis was so much smaller then the black cock on screen
that she would probably be able to do a fairly decent job on him.
"Alright Jamal, I'll give it a try," she said nervously and stood
to leave.

Jamal sensed her nervousness and said, "Good girl Megan. I just
hope you do a good job cause....."

"Cause what?" asked Megan sitting back down. His hesitation
playing on her anxieties.

"Well, most women are pretty good at it by the time they're
twenty. I'm just worried that if you don't perform all that well,
you might actually end up turning him off of sex even more then
he is now."

Megan sighed. That was exactly what she was worried about. "What
can I do Jamal? I'm desperate."

"Well there is one thing," he said feeling his heart beating
rapidly in his chest. "No, never mind."

"No, please tell me," she said taking his hands and staring into
his eyes with a look of pure desperation on her face.

"I was thinking you should practice on me," said Jamal, adopting
a very serious expression.

A look of horror and disgust crossed Megan's face. "Jamal, you
should be ashamed of yourself. I can't cheat on Harold and just
think about Betina."

Jamal tried to look indignant and then he laughed half heartedly,
"Oh I get it, you think that oral sex is cheating." He tried to
look hurt. "Megan, oral sex isn't cheating. I could never cheat
on Betina or ask you to cheat on Harold. Only intercourse is
considered adultery." I should teach acting instead of boxing, he
thought to himself when her expression went from angry
indignation to one of confusion.

"I...I'm sorry Jamal. I thought that...."
"It's ok," he interrupted. "I don't want you to do anything your
not comfortable with. I just thought it could really help you
out. If you want to risk it without practicing then...."

"No you're right, I'll do it," she said coming to a quick
decision. "I'll do anything to improve my sex life."

And so you shall, thought Jamal. "Good choice Megan. It's not
hard to please a man once you've had a little practice."

"Just tell me what I need to do to please you."

"Well," he said. "I'm not going to get much pleasure out of it,
you being my wife's best friend and all. I'm just doing this to
help you out."

"Thanks Jamal," she said a tear in her eye. "I think this may be
the nicest thing anybody's ever done for me." Maybe he wasn't
such a bad guy after all. "Where do we start?"

"Well, I'll pretend I'm Harold coming home from a hard day at
work. You greet me at the door with a big kiss and I will say I'm
really tired and go sit on the couch. You come over and kneel
before me and look up at me while you take my cock out. I'll
grade you on how well you're doing so that you know what will
make your husband happy. Just don't give up if I give you a bad

"Sounds reasonable," she said, thinking it over.  "Just remember,
I'm not Betina. I've never done this before. Just don't think I'm
stupid or anything."

"I don't think that," he lied. "It's just that you're
inexperienced that's all. Now lets get started." Jamal smiled at
her then went out his front door. He came back in a second later
and yelled, "Hi honey. I'm home."

Megan smiled at him. He was trying to look all worn out and tired
form work, like Harold did every night. Having a giant black man
with a Herculean physique pretending to be her pudgy old husband
was funny. She walked up to kiss him, but he stopped her.

"Wait, this isn't working," he said.

"What's wrong?' she asked worried that she wasn't going to learn
how to please Jamal. I mean please Harold, she corrected.

"You should surprise your husband by wearing something really
sexy. Do you have any skimpy lingerie at home? White garters
really turn me on."

"No," she said worried. "I don't own anything sexy. Isn't my
bikini small enough?"

"Yeah, but I'm sure the Doctor has seen you in that a lot and I
see you in it almost everyday. I'm used to Tina being naked when
she sucks me off, because I like to play with her breasts. I'm
just not sure I can maintain an erection long enough to teach you
anything." Jamal felt his cock throbbing in anticipation.

Silly man, she thought, the solution was obvious. "I guess I can
take the bikini off."

"Great idea," he said. "Just imagine how shocked the Doctor will
be when he comes home to find you nude and it just might help me
out also. Go ahead and strip."

Her hands were shaking when she reached around to untie her top.
"Can you turn around please? Harold and I only do it in the dark
and I'm not used to anyone seeing me naked."

"I'll just go outside and give you a couple seconds," he said
going out the door.

Beth slipped off her top, jumping slightly as the material rubbed
across her sensitive nipples. They were rock hard for some reason
which was odd cause she wasn't the least bit cold. She slid off
her thong, feeling the wetness between her legs. Great, she
thought, first I wake up like this every morning and now I'm
starting to get horny in the middle of the day. In front of my
best friend's husband no less. I hope he doesn't notice.

Jamal squeezed his cock through his jeans. I swear I can smell
that needy pussy through the door, he thought. He reached over
and turned the knob. "Hi honey I'm....," he stopped in
exasperation. He was about ready to push the bitch to her knees
and shove his cock into her mouth. She was standing slightly
hunched over with one arm covering her breasts and her other hand
covering her pussy. "Megan, what good is being nude if you cover
yourself up?"

"I'm sorry," she said. "This is harder for me then I thought."

"It's hard for me too, but you've got to let me help you," he
said adding. "Tina was right when she said you had a body good
enough to be a model. You should be proud of what god gave you.
Now lets try it again."

Jamal's teeth were clenched. If his wife had ever behaved like
this he would of spanked her ass with his cock before stuffing
all 12 inches into her rectum. He took a deep breath and opened
the door. "Honey I'm..." he stumbled over the words in awe of the
beautiful nude girl standing before him. Her pussy was adorable.
It was well trimmed to fit into her bikini and it was as blonde
as the hair on her head. Her areola were tiny compared to the
size of her breasts. They were only about the size of a quarter,
but the nipples were gigantic, jutting out about three quarters
of an inch. "I'm home," he finally finished.

"Hi honey," she said shaking from nervousness  at appearing nude
before a man for the first time in her life. She leaned up to
kiss him and found herself being crushed against his bare chest.
She could smell the sweat on him from mowing the lawn, but she
actually found it pleasant instead of offensive. His tongue was
pushing against her lips and she parted them to let it inside her
mouth. Megan found herself melting in his arms, but came to her
senses and pushed him off. "Jamal, what are you doing?"

Still holding her, he said, "I'm just giving you my welcome home

"Harold doesn't kiss like that."

"He doesn`t? How's he kiss then?" he asked, feeling her lips
against his. They never parted and they touched his lips for only
a fraction of a second. It wasn't even a peck. "You two really do
need my help. We'll try it again and this time you initiate the
kiss. One really good kiss can have your husband ready to do
whatever you say."

This time the "Hi honey, I'm home," was barely out of his mouth
before she had thrown her arms around his broad shoulders and her
tongue was pushing into his mouth. Jamal reached down and put his
hands on her ass cheeks pulling her tight against his body so
that she could feel how big his cock was. She seemed to pause for
a minute when he rubbed his cock along her belly but she
continued to kiss him. They kissed for several minutes before he
pulled her off and said, "Alright Megan, I give you an "A" on
kissing ability." He watched her beam with delight at the good
grade before saying, "I've had a really rough day at work." Jamal
went over to the couch and collapsed on it, spreading his legs.
"What's for dinner?"

Megan smiled seductively and dropped to her knees crawling
between his legs. "I don't know about you Harold, but I know what
I'm having for dinner." Megan smiled up at Jamal and unbuttoned
his jeans. She found her eyes wandering up and down his granite
chest and abdomen as she slowly unzipped his jeans. She could
feel his penis jump underneath his briefs as she finished. Her
mind must be playing tricks on her because it felt immense. She
ran her hands around the inside of his jeans and around to his
hard ass. He lifted his hips and she pulled his jeans off and
threw them behind her.

Jamal sat there clad only in a small pair of white briefs that
contrasted with his dark black skin. His penis stretched out the
briefs almost to the breaking point and it moved of its own
accord underneath the cotton.

Megan found herself somewhat intimidated, but she swallowed and
reached into his briefs. She lifted the elastic and his penis
burst free of it's prison and jumped into her hand. She held a
penis bigger then anything she had ever imagined could exist. It
was bigger then the black penises in the video. It was thicker
then her wrist and at least ten inches long and it wasn't even
completely hard. It was dark black in color except for the pee
slit which was reddish and oozing precum. "Oh my god," she cried
caught of guard.

Jamal smirked looking down at the stupid white girl staring in
awe at his cock. "What's wrong Meg? You're doing fine."

"Your huge," she said yanking the briefs down so that she could
see all of it. She ran her eyes up to the fat head and down to
his large hairy testicles.

"Who me?" he said trying not to laugh. "There's a lot of cocks
bigger, but I guess I'm a little above average. How big is

There was simply no comparison between the Doctor's little four
inch noodle and the black serpent that writhed in her hand. Megan
suddenly felt cheated and she couldn't bare to tell Jamal the
truth. She lied for the first time in her life. "He's about eight
inches, I guess."

Jamal nodded. "That's not too bad. Mine gets to be exactly 12
inches when completely hard, but eight is enough. Anything under
seven is considered below average, under five and you might as
well not even bother having sex." He saw her wince at that and
knew he was on his way to fucking his first white slut. "If
you're only going to hold it Megan you're going to get an F."

This brought her out of her reverie and she asked, "Where do I

"Do like the girl in the video did and lick around the head and
then up and down the sides before taking whatever you can in your
mouth. You're lucky I'm bigger then Harold because after me,
eight inches will be easy."

She nodded, thinking that she could learn how to handle Harold by
sucking on Jamal's thumb. She leaned forward towards his cock,
seeing it stiffen up a little more as her lips approached his
cock head. "Jamal, just remember to warn me before you cum, so I
can pull it out."

"Yeah. Sure thing, Meg," he said sarcastically though she wasn't
paying attention to him and didn't catch it. "Just keep in mind
that you won't get an  A unless you swallow my cum. Be sure to
swallow your husband's because a blow job is essentially
worthless unless the man cums in the woman's mouth." What a
shame, she thought. I really would like an A in this class. Megan
had been an overachiever in school. She leaned forward and stuck
her tongue out towards the precum dripping from the plum colored
head of his massive penis.

Megan could feel her own juices flowing as her tongue tentatively
touched the slit on the end of his penis. It leaped away from her
tongue from excitement and fell back forward before her lips. His
penis was a little crooked and as she ran her tongue around the
shiny dome of his cock head it grew another inch straightening
out. Megan sucked the whole head into her mouth and it grew to
full erection. The cock head was in her mouth and his penis was
rising towards his belly. It was so strong that it was pulling
her forward and she lost her balance letting it fly up to smack
against his rock hard stomach. It took both her hands to bend it
back down towards her mouth. It was like having a piece of steel
in her mouth. Megan had never touched her husband's penis outside
of intercourse, but she still knew it never got this hard. It
usually stayed pretty floppy. She finished polishing the dome
with her tongue and she started nibbling down the sides. She was
trying to picture the girl on the video tape but all she could
think of was the powerful ebony shaft before her. She raised it
up and kissed the big hairy balls hanging low underneath it. His
crotch had a strong musky scent that she found intoxicating.
Harold's testicles disappeared into his scrotum but Jamal's were
at least five times larger. I wonder what that means, she

Jamal's eyes were half closed as he watched her licking around
his cock. It was as if everything else had ceased to exist for
her except for his black monster and he smiled knowing she'd be
back for more before the week was out. "You're doing ok, Megan,"
he said. "You're about a D. That's not bad for a first time

Megan immediately doubled her efforts, attacking his cock. She
was going to get a B if it killed her. She wasn't going to
swallow his cum or she'd shoot for an A. She opened her mouth
wide and loosened her jaw, swallowing about half his penis before
gagging. She began running her mouth up and down his shaft while
holding her lips tight around his shaft. Beth looked up at his
face hoping to see some sign that he was enjoying it. His face
was expressionless, though she could see sweat on his brow.

Jamal was in awe of Megan's cock sucking ability. It had taken
him years to train Betina to be this good. A few more times and
this white slut would pass his wife in skill level. "Very good
Megan. Your about a C now." He felt Megan loosen up her throat
and she swallowed about eight inches. "Oh, that's better, C+."

Seeing those long nipples of hers jutting out, Jamal couldn't
resist leaning forward and reaching out to tweak them. She didn't
stop blowing him, but looked at him questioningly.

"I always play with my wife's breasts while she blows me," he
explained. "It'll help me think of her."

Megan hated herself at that moment. The first thing that popped
into her head was that she wanted to hurt her best friend so that
she could have this black cock all to herself. She didn't want
him to think of his wife while she was doing this to him. Megan's
moan was muffled by eight inches of black cock as he gently
played with her nipples. She decided at that moment that she was
going to get an  A. Maybe, let him cum in her mouth, but not
swallow it. Megan wanted him to think of her whenever  Betina
sucked his cock from now on. She forced nine inches into her
throat, finding she needed to come up for air after every couple
of swallows. She contented herself to teasing his pee slit with
her tongue and licking around the head while she caught her
breath. She was pretty sure he was enjoying it.

"Yeah baby," he said. "Suck on that big black cock."

"What did you say?" she asked between licks.

"Men find it a big turn-on to talk dirty during sex," he informed
her. "You should tell the Doctor how much you like sucking on his
big eight inch cock. Try it on me. Look up at me and tell me how
much you love my big cock."

Megan felt like she had betrayed Jamal by lying to him about the
size of her husbands little penis and she felt ashamed for lying
to such a kind man. "I..I love your penis," she tentatively said.
The hand holding his penis was stroking it while she spoke.

"Call it a cock, it's more erotic."

Megan wasn't one for foul language. Thinking of it as a cock was
one thing, saying it was another, but she figured what was the
harm. "I love your big cock." and then added, "I love your big
black cock." Megan began attacking his wonderful cock
aggressively, managing to swallow ten inches, before coming up
and telling him, "I love sucking on your black cock." or "Your
cock's so big and hard, I love it." Megan had ceased thinking
about her husband a long time ago. The entire focus of her life
at that moment was making Jamal cum. She knew she was doing a
good job when he started bucking his hips.

"Oh god, this is great," he cried. "B, no B+. Then Jamal seemed
to let out a cry of anguish and he shouted, "Forgive me Tina, but
it feels so good. I love it."

Megan wanted to shout with joy, but couldn't take her lips of his
cock. She had won and he was about to reward her because she
could feel his big black cock vibrating in her mouth as he neared
orgasm. Poor man was so upset that he had forgotten to warn her
that he was about to cum. She felt the head swell up and she slid
all but the head out of her mouth. His cock head was throbbing in
her mouth and she could tell that the long pee slit was opening
and closing. Then it bucked in her mouth, leaping up against her
top lip before falling back down. She felt his hot cum strike the
back of her throat and then it leaped again, this time filling
her mouth with his seed. She could taste it on her tongue and she
loved it. There was no room to spit it out. She found herself 
swallowing to make room for more. Megan clamped her lips down to
hold it still and she could feel it's powerful vein pulsing as it
continued to pump sperm into her mouth.

Regretfully, Megan needed to catch her breath and she pulled back
only to have a large strand of semen splatter against her
forehead, then across her nose and over her lips, and then he
came on her breasts. She now understood what his big balls were
for. She caught her breath and saw that his cock was deflating
rapidly. Megan wrapped her lips around it and swallowed as much
as she could. She squeezed her lips tight and tried to milk out
all his left over cum. When she felt that she had sucked him dry,
she let his limp cock plop out of her mouth thinking that it was
still twice as big as her husband's, even deflated.

"A+," said Jamal, covering his face with his hands to hide a
devilish grin. He had always been told that white women knew how
to treat black cocks, but hadn't quite believed it until now. "Oh
Megan," he moaned. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to enjoy it, but
that was the best blow job of my life."

"Don't worry Jamal," she tried to comfort him. "You had no idea
I'd be so good at it. Neither of us did. It's not your fault."

"You're right. I'm sorry for getting so upset. You're one
incredible lady. Harold's one lucky guy."

Harold? Oh yeah, her husband. "Speaking of Harold," she said
glancing at the clock. "That can't be right, I swear we started
fifty minutes ago."

"I'm sorry, but I enjoyed too much, I came pretty quickly. I
usually last a lot longer. I'm sure Harold will do better."

She was looking at him kind of funny as she pulled her thong on,
noticing how wet the area between her legs was. Beth tied her top
on and thanked him before turning around towards the back door.

"Don't thank me," he said staring at her in awe. "You're going to
do great. You are a natural."

Megan was filled with pride and knowing he was probably still
staring at her, she put an extra shake into her walk, wiggling
her bare ass as she left his house.

Jamal started laughing as soon as she left. She'd be back for
more. His cock swelled in anticipation.

Part 2: Megan's Second Lesson

Megan's bikini bottoms were soaked as she unfolded her chair and
laid down on her back, out in the sun for the first time in five
days. This part of Texas got some pretty big storms from time to
time and the one that had blown in out of the gulf the last five
days was no exception. She had spoken to Betina a couple times on
the phone over the last week, but she hadn't seen Jamal since he
had graciously taught her how to give blow jobs. Megan wanted to
tell him that Harold really loved them and that his lessons had
really improved her sex life, but the only sex life that 
improved at all was the doctor's. He had flipped out the day she
had greeted him naked at the door and he had just about fainted
when she took his little penis into her mouth. A few drops of
semen had trickled out of his penis after a couple minutes and he
had thanked her profusely. Now all he wanted from her was a blow
job once a day. Not that she minded giving them, it's just that
he still hadn't touched her pussy and she was hornier now then
she had been on the day that she set out to ask Betina's advice
on spicing up her love life. It wouldn't have been so bad if his
tiny balls could produce more semen, since she had developed a
taste for sperm. His small loads just caused her to crave more.

She had barely begun her daily ninety minute tanning session when
she heard the sliding glass door at Jamal's house open  and he
walked out into the yard. He saw her and waved before removing
his weights from the shed. Jamal was wearing just a small bathing
suit that showed off his well sculpted physique and he faced her
as he began lifting his dumb bells. The sunlight reflected off
his black skin making him appear radiant like some kind of god
and her eyes wandered up and down his body, pausing on his
bathing suit. He was over a hundred feet away and even that far,
she swore she could make out his large bulge. The cock under
those shorts had enough sperm to feed her for a week at a time.
As long as oral sex wasn't cheating, maybe Jamal would let her
suck him off once or twice a week? She'd never get up the nerve
to ask him to do that for her, but she could ask his advice on
her current dilemma.

Megan glanced at her watch, realizing that an hour had passed
already and all she had done was stare at Jamal lifting weights.
Time sure had a funny way of flying whenever he was around. She
got up off the cot and walked over towards his yard,
unconsciously putting a sway back into her hips.

"Megan, great to see you," he yelled over the fence at her. "I've
been dying to know how your love life's improved."

Megan opened up the fence and walked up to him looking a little
chagrined. "Yes, it has improved a little."

"That's great," he said smiling down at her. "Glad I could help.
I've given some more thought to your problem and I think you need
to experiment with some new sexual positions."

"Like what?" she asked.

"Come on inside," he said. I got a new video to show you."

Megan followed Jamal into his house watching his butt flex under
his shorts with each step he took. He went to the bedroom to get
the video and she found herself thinking about him while he was
gone. It was hard to be in the same room with him and not to be
between his legs telling him that she loved his big black cock.
Maybe, with the right amount of will power, she could offer to
suck him off again as a way of thanking him for his help.

Jamal returned with a tape in his hand and said, "I bought this
hoping it might help you." He popped it into the VCR and hit

Megan felt her heart thumping in her chest as she moved forward
to view the screen more closely. The movie was called "Amateur
hour" and she was eager to see some more big penises. The opening
scene was of an older white man with a paunch making love to a
chubby white woman who was on her knees, facing away from the
guy. The man's penis was slightly bigger then Harold's, but still
only half as big as Jamal's cock.

"Man, that guy is tiny," said Jamal and he fast forwarded to the
next scene, and then the next.  All the actors were white and out
of shape. All the men had penises between five and six inches
long. All were bigger then Harold and Jamal made comments about
each of them, calling them wimps or half-men or saying how
obvious it was that the women were faking enjoyment. He didn't
know how much this was hurting Megan because she had lied to him
and said the Doctor's penis was eight inches.

When it was over he pulled the tape out "I'm sorry about that, I
should have watched it first. Men like that don't know anything
about satisfying a woman. Wait here and we'll try another one."

Jamal returned to his bedroom closet and pulled out another tape
from his secret collection. This was titled "Blacks fucking
Blondes: The Biggest Blackest Dicks Fucking the Hottest White
Chicks." He left the slipcase in the closet and like the last
tape he wound it forward past the title before returning to
Megan, fidgeting on the couch.

Megan was prepared to be disappointed again but perked up when
she saw the well muscled black man on the screen. He reminded her
a lot of Jamal though his cock was only ten inches long. The
blonde in the scene also resembled herself, though Jamal pointed
out scars under her breasts and said they were fake, where as
Megan's were all natural. The movie was about a gang of well-hung
black men who set out to seduce all the young wives in a rich,
all white neighborhood, just before robbing them. There were five
black men and all had cocks from nine to eleven inches. They were
all well muscled, like Jamal and all the woman were attractive
blondes with big fake breasts.

They watched most of the movie and Jamal pointed out the various
sexual positions. He said that a lot of women loved being fucked
doggy style and that many preferred being on top so that they
could control penetration. "Of course," he added. "Those
positions all require some practice to make the sex really
enjoyable." He paused hoping she would overcome her silly
anti-intercourse morality against cheating and beg Jamal to let
her practice with him. Unfortunately, it looked like she hadn't
even heard him.

Megan stared raptly at the various sex scenes. The men all seemed
to be incredible lovers and the women were going wild in whatever
position they were being fucked in. Megan was so envious that she
found tears running down her eyes and she put her face into her
hands blurting out, "God, I'm so horny."

Jamal slid over next to her and put a comforting arm around her
bare back just under her bikini top. "Megan what's wrong? Don't
tell me you still haven't had an orgasm?" He listened to her
blurt out the whole story and he laughed and said, "It's your
fault for being so damned good at sucking cocks."  Jamal turned
serious saying, "But tell me something, don't you enjoy it when
he reciprocates?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"When the doctor performs oral sex on you."

"Oh he's never done that," she said shocked that Jamal would even
suggest it.

Jamal looked over at her with a disgusted expression on his face
and said "Like this."  He forwarded the tape to the last scene.
The black man with the biggest cock was getting a blow job from
one of the women. Then he picked her up and threw her down
planting his face between her pussy. Jamal interrupted saying
that oral sex is always reciprocal. The man had spread her pussy
and the woman was screaming in orgasm after orgasm. At one point
she yelled, "You're so much better then my husband." and the man
took his wet face off her pussy long enough to say. "White boys
don't know anything about eating pussy." Megan could see that his
chin was soaking wet just before he dived back down. Eventually
she begged him to stop and fuck her screaming, "I love your black
cock, you're so much bigger then my husband," as he fucked her
with all eleven inches. The movie ended with her looking at the
camera all covered in his sperm saying, "Black cocks are the

 "Jamal," she asked kind of dazed. "Can I borrow this tape?"

"Be my guest," he replied.

"It looks wonderful," she said after a minute. "They really seem
to enjoy it."

"Oh it is Meg," he informed her. "Many women like it as much as
they like actual sex."

"I hope I can talk Harold into it," she said shaking her head to
try to clear it of all the images of well hung black men. "What
did he mean by, White boys don't know how to eat pussy?"

"Oh nothing," Jamal said. "It's just a movie. You can't take
porn's too seriously."

"I see," she replied. He seemed to be evasive and she suddenly
became suspicious. Something was wrong here. She couldn't quite
figure it out, but the answer was just under the surface of her
brain. "Jamal, You said that oral sex is always reciprocal. How
come you didn't do that to me after I gave you the blow job?"

"I wanted to," he said, "but I figured you'd want to save your
first time for your husband, since you only really enjoy it with
someone you truly love. "If you'd like, I can show you how it's
done. Betina considers me quite good and you can use what I show
you to teach Harold.

"Yes, I think that sounds like a good idea," she said proud that
she didn't sound too eager. "Where do we start?"

"Just go ahead and take off your bikini and sit on the couch," he
said. "I'll take care of the rest."

"Alright," said Megan. She reached around back to untie her top
and stopped when she realized he was watching her. Then thinking
he had already seen her naked, so what the hell, she removed her
top. Megan smirked in satisfaction at the way his eyes
immediately zoomed in on her erect nipples. She found she kind of
liked undressing for a man and wiggled her hips seductively as
she slid her bottoms off. Megan was rewarded by movement from his
cock swelling in his shorts. She suddenly felt sorry for Jamal,
she was much better looking then his wife and her breasts were a
lot bigger then Betina's. This must be very hard for him. She
gasped, when the head of his cock pushed out about two inches
from the leg of his shorts, like a long black python struggling
for air. A cock that large apparently could get very
uncomfortable at times. Megan's legs were weak and she sat down
on the couch and held her knees together. She kicked her bikini
out of the way and stared at his crotch expectantly.

She watched Jamal walk over to her and he kneeled down before her
legs. She felt a shiver run up her spine when he began pulling
her knees apart. "Jamal, aren't you going to take your shorts

"It's not necessary," he responded, then added, "Why?"

So I can see it again, touch it, taste it. Because it's the
proudest, most incredible thing I've ever seen. All this
immediately ran through her mind, but all she said was, "It looks
very uncomfortable."

"Hmmm, maybe you're right," he said standing back up. The slut
wanted to see his cock again. Jamal stood as close to her as he
could and very slowly began to undress.

Megan unconsciously leaned forward to get a closer view. He
unbuttoned his shorts and pulled the waist out, reaching in and
with some difficulty, he pulled his cock out of the leg and
adjusted it so that it stood upright, the proud head reaching up
past his navel. She watched Jamal slowly unzip his shorts
revealing more and more to her until finally it fell forward
before her mouth.  It reminded her of a tree falling in the
forest and she almost cringed expecting to hear a crashing sound.
It just hung, swaying seductively several inches before her
mouth, like the snake charmers of India only in this case the
snake was charming her. Without thinking, she leaned forward and
put her lips around the head, licking around the pee slit to
taste his pre cum and she felt it grow to its full twelve inches,
once again becoming as hard as steel.

Jamal smiled, but he stepped back away from her mouth saying,
"Thanks Megan, but you don't have to do that. You've already
passed that class."

Do what? Megan thought. Then she turned red with embarrassment.
It had been an automatic response to seeing his cock before her
face. She hastily thought of an excuse and stuttered out, "I
j-just wanted to t-thank you for all your help."

"No thanks are necessary," he said falling to his knees again.
Jamal placed his big hands on her knees and pulled them apart
lifting up her legs so that he could get a good look at his first
white pussy, framed prettily by her blonde pubic hairs.

Megan shivered watching him stare at her pussy, knowing that he
was seeing more of her then anyone, including Harold ever had.
She was embarrassed by how wet the area between her thighs was.
He began moving his head slowly forward. Her nervousness caused
her to blurt out, "Do you do this for Tina?"

"Almost every night," he responded looking up at her, his brown
eyes staring directly into her blue ones. "Just remember, you'll
only really enjoy this with Harold. You'll get some pleasure out
of this, but don't expect to orgasm until you're with someone you

Megan nodded. She was starting to think that the female orgasm
was just a myth. She watched him break eye contact and bring his
mouth up to her crotch. She could feel his hot breath on her
vagina and she tensed up waiting for something to happen.

When it did, she jumped about a foot off the couch at the shock.
His tongue just flickered out lightly touching her labia. It had
been so long since anything had touched her vagina, that feelings
she had long forgotten reawakened, sending waves of pleasure into
her brain. She felt an unfamiliar feeling growing deep within her
and the intensity of it scared her a little. Jamal was pushing
her legs back even further spreading her open wide before him. He
leaned down and she gasped as his tongue touched her anus. She
had never, ever considered this as a source of sexual pleasure,
but there was no denying how good it felt as he licked around the
rim and cupped his tongue pushing it slightly into her tight
little rosebud. She felt his tongue spread flat again as he
licked his way up the sensitive area above her anus and then
along her pussy. Megan clenched her hands on the back of the
couch as his tongue penetrated her and she could swear it was as
big as the doctor's penis. He thrust his tongue in and out of her
a couple of times before continuing upwards, licking along her
labia and nibbling on her mound. Her insides were going nuts and
she wanted to scream in frustration when he paused.

Jamal looked up at the wild eyed woman and said, "Do you like
having your pussy eaten?"

"Yes, I love it," she gasped. "Eat my pussy."

Jamal attacked her pussy quickly running his tongue along her
silt, from her anus to her mound. Her body was responding to his
skills and she was constantly raising her hips, like she was
imagining herself getting fucked. He could hear her making little
whining sounds in the back of her throat and he cupped his tongue
running it around her throbbing clitoris.

Megan's eyes flew open when he started licking around her clit.
"Jamal ple-ease s-stop n-now," she begged. "Something's wrong, I
feeel f-funny." He didn't stop and she knew that her face was
frozen in fear. "Oooh my god," she screamed. Megan unclenched her
fists from the couch and grabbed the back of Jamal's head,
pulling his face into her pussy and holding him tight, feeling
his long tongue thrusting in and out of her. Her whole body was
trembling and she raised her hips to match the thrusts of his
tongue. Megan felt her pussy spasming for the first time in her
life and she screamed out with pleasure, "I'm cuuummminng."

She collapsed back on the couch with relief. Oh my god, she
thought, they're real. How have I managed to live without it and
fucking Betina's probably had one every night she's been married
to Jamal. She looked down, Jamal was still eating her pussy and
she was still bucking her hips into his tongue. She felt another
orgasm growing and it exploded from her body, and then another,
and another. Megan passed out from the pleasure.

"Eat my pussy you big black stud," she yelled down at him while
tweaking her nipples. Megan could see the scars from her boob job
underneath her breasts. She came again and  Jamal looked up at
her and said, "White boys don't know anything about eating
pussy." Megan looked around, the five black men from the video
were standing around her holding their large erections. Harold
was behind them tied up in a chair. Jamal disappeared and one of
the black men positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. 
"No," shouted Harold. "I can't cheat on my husband," screamed
Megan watching the large black cock push into her. "I'm your
husband now, slut," said the black man. He pulled her on top of
him and she rode up and down his cock cumming continuously. "I
love black cock. Your so much better then my husband," she told
him.   "No," shouted the doctor again. Then one of the other men
shoved his cock in her mouth and another bent over and started
licking around her ass hole with his tongue. She fucked them in
every position from the movie and finally after hours of orgasmic
pleasure, it stopped and she awoke.

As Megan slowly returned to reality, she immediately felt guilty
for cheating on Harold in her dream, but then she dismissed it as
meaningless. She opened her eyes and stared at Jamal. He was
still kneeling between her legs, staring back at her with a big
grin on his face. His entire face from his nose to his chin was
sticky with her juices.

Jamal returned her stare. He felt so powerful when he saw the
look of awe on her face. Then she was leaning forward and kissing
his lips, mumbling "Thank you," over and over again. Her tongue
pushed at his lips and he parted his mouth and let her inside. He
kissed her back for a minute before pushing her back, and
standing up. He let his massive cock dangle teasingly just before
her face and within seconds she had fallen to her knees before
him and taken it in her mouth. He could see the adoration in her
eyes as she looked up at him, her lips wrapped around the head.
It wouldn't be long now and he'd be shoving it  into her tight
white pussy. "Megan," he said looking down at her. "You don't
have to do that."

Megan was suddenly afraid he was going to take his cock away from
her. She took her mouth off his shaft and began stroking it with
her fist while looking up at him. "Yes I do Jamal, you said that
oral sex is always reciprocal."

"You're right," he said. "I guess it won't hurt to do it one last

"Besides," she said looking at him seductively, "I love having
your big black cock in my mouth."

Megan swirled her tongue around the head before swallowing about
half of it. As she felt it throbbing in her mouth, she wondered
if she could truly give it up. I was born to have this cock in my
mouth, she thought. She hadn't felt this complete and fulfilled
for... well since the last time she had sucked him off. For the
first time in her 36 years of life, Megan knew what it felt like
to be a woman. She decided that if it was to be the last time,
she was going to make it count for something. Megan, arched her
neck and swallowed all 12 inches into her throat, kissing the
base of his cock with her lips.

"Oh dear god!" said Jamal. No woman had ever swallowed his entire
cock before, not even his wife, who had plenty of practice. Her
mouth and throat was so warm and wet, that Jamal grabbed the
sides of her head and began fucking her face rapidly.

Megan jumped when he grabbed the sides of her face. His large
black hands nearly covered her head and she could feel the raw
power in his arms. He was so strong that it frightened her as he
forced her head back and forward, her lips tightly wrapped around
his cock. Finally, just when she thought she couldn't take any
more he pulled it out of her mouth.

"There's one more thing I'd like to show you," he said looking
down at the white woman kneeling before him. "Lie down on your

Megan got down on the carpet and Jamal immediately straddled her
stomach, nestling his cock between her breasts. He squeezed her
big tits around his cock and began to slide it between them.

"This is called titty fucking," he told her, then seeing that she
was having trouble seeing, he paused long enough to reach up and
grab a pillow off the couch, so that he could prop up her head.

Megan could see his cock sliding between her breasts. It would
burst out from between her tits, it's eye open from the friction
and poke at her lips. She opened her mouth and was able to get
about two inches in, when he slid it forward. This was also the
first time she got to see the contrast between his black skin and
her white skin and she found it very erotic.

Jamal moved his hands around so that he could twirl her nipples
between his thumbs and forefingers. He had never seen nipples
that long and they fascinated him. His gentle ministrations began
to have an affect on her, and she started writhing around beneath
him moaning every time his cock slid out of her mouth. Her eyes
were open and staring at him with that same mixture of awe and
adoration she had given him after he had licked her pussy to
numerous orgasms. He had seen that look from Betina and dozens of
other black women from before he got married, but it felt even
better coming from a married white woman. In fact the look was
turning him on so much that he felt the sperm beginning to churn
in his balls. With some difficulty, he squeezed her breasts
together with one hand and brought his other hand around behind
him, to her pussy, holding two of his fingers straight out. This
lesson should teach the white slut that she got her pleasure from
giving him pleasure.

Jamal's playing with her nipples and the sight of his huge cock
sliding between her breasts had her horny again. She watched the
head of his cock swelling up and it turned even blacker as he
approached orgasm. She desperately wanted him to cum in her mouth
and she was thrilled to see his big pee slit open and ready to
blow as it approached her. Then, without warning, his fingers
jabbed into her pussy, bigger and thicker then her husbands penis
and her hips bucked as she screamed in orgasm, missing his cock.
It slid up her chin and erupted. She felt a long stream of his
sperm strike her from her forehead to her chin, covering one eye

Megan didn't want to miss his next blast and struggled back up to
meet the next thrust of his cock. She could feel her pussy still
spasming around his fingers as another orgasm came. Luckily, his
cock slid into her mouth and she felt it fill with his semen. His
long black cock slid back out of her mouth and it disappeared
entirely between her breasts, but another jet of semen flew out
to splatter on her chest. Then his cock came forward, cum
dribbling constantly from the head. His thrusts were becoming
less powerful and she could see a little less of his cock coming
out of her breasts with each thrust. Finally, she watched Jamal
just tip over and with a groan he collapsed beside her panting.

Megan checked the time, realizing that she had been over here for
three and a half hours. The movie was only 90 minutes long, which
meant that he must have eaten her pussy for over an hour. She
stood up and quickly pulled on her bikini, fumbling with it
because one of her eyes was closed since it was covered in his

Megan warned him that Tina and Anthony would be home soon and she
grabbed the video and ran out the back door.

Jamal followed her out the door, still naked, grinning at the
comical sight she presented. Half her face was covered in his
sperm as was her chest, and it was liquefying and dripping down
her body. She couldn't walk straight, with one eye closed and as
she walked back to her house she kept looking back at him, with
that same look of awe, then she'd look down at his cock still fat
and erect before walking a few more steps.  When she had finally
made it to her house, he yelled out, "Megan, another A+."

"You too teach," she yelled back before going inside to clean up.

Jamal watched her go, his grin turning to a predatory smirk. What
would her next lesson be?

Part 3: The Third Lesson

Megan kissed her husband goodbye and went into the kitchen to
start a pot of coffee. She left the coffee percolating and went
to take a shower.

She returned after showering, a towel wrapped around her body,
and another around her long blonde hair. She plopped down on the
couch with a sigh. The doctor was starting to lose interest
again. At first the blow jobs had so excited him, he was asking
for them twice a day. Now, it was once every other day, pretty
soon, she was sure, it would be down to once a month. She had
talked Harold into trying to give her oral sex. It hadn't been
all that bad, but he clearly didn't enjoy it, and he stopped
every couple of minutes to ask her if she'd had enough. Jamal, on
the other hand, had seemed to love eating her pussy. Four days
ago, Jamal had given Megan  the first orgasm of her life, and
then he had preceded to give her many more.  God, I need to cum
again, she thought. Then she remembered the video.

Megan ran to the bedroom, removed the interracial video from it's
hiding spot, and quickly returned to the couch. She rewound  it
and hit play, then remembering the coffee, she ran to the kitchen
to get herself a cup missing the title screen.

Megan leaned back on the couch watching the first scene with the
guy that looked like Jamal and the blonde that resembled her.
Something had been nagging at the back of her brain ever since
Jamal had taught her that oral sex wasn't adultery and she
thought the answer was somewhere in the movie. All the big black
cocks in the movie were making her horny and she wondered briefly
what a really big cock looked like, since Jamal had said that
these guy's nine and ten inch rods were about average sized. He
had also called men bigger then  Harold, tiny or half-men. She
wondered what it would be like to have a cock as big as Jamal's
inside her and tried to picture the doctor with a big penis. The
image in Megan's mind caused her to giggle, because she could
only picture Harold with a big black cock. She had never seen a
white cock that was averaged sized, so she had trouble coming up
with an image of a big white one in her mind.

Megan leaned back and undid her towel. She wasn't a very sensual
person, but for the first time, she began touching her own body
in a sexual way. She tweaked her nipples with her fingers as she
watched her favorite scene in the movie. The white wife on the
screen, had been the one who resisted the most. The black gang
leader had pushed her down on the bed and began slowly removing
his clothes while the panic stricken blonde looked on. "That
can't be real!" she exclaimed upon seeing his cock. She struggled
to get away, but the strong black man forced her to her knees and
shoved his cock in her mouth. She tried to fight it, but after
awhile the woman got into sucking him off. She came back to
reality when he said it was time to fuck her.

Megan ran her hands down her stomach and into her curly blonde
pubic hairs. She knew that it was wrong, but Megan pushed her two
fingers into her pussy, when the man on the screen pushed his
cock into the woman for the first time. The woman screamed,
"Nooo, I'm married, I can't cheat on my husband." The woman was
crying and struggling saying "No" over and over again, until the
black man's thrusts began to produce results. Her "No's" changed
to "Yes's" and she began to fuck him back, after awhile
screaming, "This can't be happening. I'm cuummming!"

Megan was running her finger around her clit rapidly to the
erotic scene before her. She saw the black man pull his cock out
and he sprayed the slut's belly with a load of semen that rivaled
Jamal's. Megan came when he did, crying out with joy at
experiencing another orgasm.  How can it be a sin, when it feels
so good. Megan felt a great relief spread through her mind and
body when she orgasmed. She now knew a way to make herself cum,
so that if she was never able to orgasm with Harold in the
future, she could still give herself satisfaction. She hoped that
the new sexual positions they were going to try tonight worked
since she really wanted to experience an orgasm with the man she

Megan relaxed and decided to pay attention to what they were
saying in the movie. All the sluts were saying things like, "oh
dear god! You're twice as big as my husband," or "I love your
black cock, it's so much bigger then my husband's." It ended with
the one wife looking at the camera and saying, "Black cocks are
the best."

Megan pondered over what all this meant. The movie seemed to be
saying that black men are so good in bed, that even the sanctity
of marriage didn't matter. Course, Jamal had said that you can't
take these movies too seriously. Oh well, she'd have to give it
more thought later, but for now she had to get dressed.

Megan dressed and began blow drying her hair, while planning her
days shopping trip. She had to get some groceries and she had
promised Harold that she would buy some sexy red lingerie to wear
for him tonight. Jamal had put the idea into her head the day he
had given her the blow job lesson, though he preferred white

She wanted the doctor nice and excited for when they tried sex
"doggy style" tonight. Something about being on your knees, at
the mercy of a man fucking you from behind really excited her.

She grabbed her car keys off the counter and paused seeing Jamal
out in his back yard. He was just puttering around doing nothing
and she realized she was missing her tanning session. She had
only spoken to him a couple times since the last lesson and he
seemed very interested in how things were going with the doctor.
It was nice having a best friend that cared so much for her. She
left for the grocery store.


Last night hadn't gone as planned. The doctor hadn't seemed to
like her white lingerie very much. She told him she wasn't happy
with the red lingerie they were selling and would try somewhere
else. Harold hadn't seemed too interested in sex that night  and
she had taken his little penis into her mouth to make him hard
enough to fuck her from behind. Unfortunately, he had squirted
his small load into her mouth after a couple minutes. She had
tried wrapping her big breasts around his penis to make him hard
again, but nothing had worked. She also found it funny that his
penis completely disappeared when surrounded by her large tits.
Megan spent another restless night. It had been over two months
now since she had felt his penis in her pussy and she was growing
even more desperate.

The next day, she got up and instead of putting on her bikini,
she put on the lingerie. She would ask Jamal what was wrong with
it, she thought as she rolled up the lacy white nylons and hooked
them to the garter. He wasn't in the yard, oddly enough, and she
put on a coat and walked over towards his back door.

She knocked and waited a few minutes before hearing his heavy
footfalls approaching the door. She saw the door open and said,
"Hi J-." She stopped, he was completely naked, his fully erect
cock all glistening and shiny before her all covered in some kind
of lubrication. He had  obviously been masturbating

"Hi Megan." he said smiling down at the white woman staring at
his cock, completely fixated on it. Underneath her coat, he saw
her legs. covered in lacy white nylons and arched his eyebrows in
delight. "Come on in," he said turning into his house. He watched
her eyes follow his cock and like a zombie she followed it into
his house.

"So Megan, not sunbathing today?" he asked as they sat down on
the couch.

She shook her head, still staring at his cock now pointing
straight up as he sat next to her. This was also the time of day,
Jamal usually did his yard work and she would of been worried
enough to check on him if he wasn't in the yard while she was
sunbathing. He must be real horny to stay inside like this.

"How you been? Is Harold treating you any better?

She finally looked up at him. "Jamal, why are you naked?" she

"I got real horny watching a video," he replied. "Want me to go
put some pants on?"

"No!" she said, a little too hastily. "It's alright by me."
Though it is a little hard to carry on a casual conversation with
a 12" black cock dangling before your eyes, she thought.

"Yeah, I saw it was you and... well you've seen me naked before
and when this thing gets hard it stays hard until I cum, plus
it's really uncomfortable shoving it into a pair of pants, I
didn't bother getting dressed."

"I understand," she responded.

"So Megan, what brings you over here?"

"I wanted to show you something."

"Go ahead," he said eagerly.

She stood up and began removing her coat. "I want you to tell me
what's wrong with this outfit," she said removing her coat.
"Harold didn't seem to care for it."

"Harold's an idiot, you look incredible" he said staring at her
in awe. She stood before him clad in a small lacy white bra and
panties. A matching garter surrounded her thin waist just below
her navel. She was a dream come to life.

"Thanks," she said blushing at the compliment. "I thought it
looked nice, but he wanted red."

"I prefer white," he said smirking at her. "I thought you had
bought that for me for a minute."

She let out a nervous laugh to match his chuckling. There had
been plenty of red outfits, but something had drawn her to the
white. "So what are you watching that's got you so horny," she
said trying to change the subject and sitting back down.

"Please leave it off," he said noticing she was reaching for her
coat. She smiled at him and left it off. "I'm just watching
another porn. It's about something I really enjoy, but my wife
doesn't really care for it.

"Show me?" she asked, wondering what the very open-minded Betina
could be bothered by.

She saw him hit play and there on the screen was another black
man fucking a white girl from behind. She saw Jamal's hand go
straight to his cock.

Megan crossed her fingers and gulped, hoping he wouldn't reject
her. "J-Jamal, why don't you let me take care of that for you?"

"I'd love it Megan," he said delighted, "But you don't have to."

Megan got to her knees and crawled over to him, his cock seemed
to quiver in anticipation. She felt complete as soon as her hand
wrapped around the thick rod. She bent forward and ran her tongue
around the head and up and down the sides. She paused long enough
to say, "I really enjoy sucking on your cock. Feel free to call
me whenever you want me to do it." She saw Jamal nod eagerly and
she grinned knowing that once his cock was in her mouth, he
wouldn't have been able to say no. He really was quite naive.

She swallowed his entire cock in her mouth, noticing it tasted
like strawberries and was becoming warm in her mouth. She looked
up at him questioningly and he told her that it was called
"motion lotion" and it heated up when friction was applied. She
returned to blowing him, thinking that his natural taste and odor
were better then the strawberries. He began bucking his hips and
she noticed his eyes were riveted to the screen.

Curious, Megan nibbled on the side of his cock so that she could
watch the screen. The black guy was still fucking the blonde from
behind. Are there any black men with small cocks, she thought
looking at the screen? It was big, thick, and moving rapidly in
and out of... "Oh my god!" she cried out. "He's fucking her ass!"

"Yeah," said Jamal. "This is an all anal video. Betina really
doesn't enjoy doing it, but I love it."

Megan was fascinated. She quit blowing Jamal and sat at his feet
slowly stroking his cock with one hand while watching the movie.
The men were all well-hung blacks and the women all white. "Is
this another gag gift from a friend?"

"No," said Jamal. "I bought this myself. I've been thinking about
white women a lot lately."

Megan found herself becoming aroused by the action on screen. The
women all seemed to struggle at first, but once the cocks were
all in, they seemed to enjoy it.  "I think I'd like to try this,"
she said watching the screen.

"Harold's a lucky man to have you," Jamal told her and he patted
her head as she continued stroking his cock. "You just be sure to
use plenty of lubrication, because it always hurts the first

Megan watched the screen, "Jamal is it hard to do?"

"Only for the woman. It is quite painful, but that fades quickly.
The few women who let men do it to them, end up loving it."

"Jamal," she said seriously. "Would you be willing to teach me
how to do it?"

"Sure Meg," he said. "Take your bra and panties off and get down
on your hands and knees. Do me a favor and leave the garters and
nylons on."

Her heart was beating rapidly as she removed her bra and unhooked
the garters long enough to slide down her panties. Megan hadn't
thought twice about stripping before him this time. She got down
on her hands and knees. Her pussy was soaked as she thought about
what she was about to do. This was the position that she had
wanted to try with Harold.

Jamal grabbed the bottle of motion lotion and kneeled behind her.
She shivered in anticipation as he rested his foot long monster
between her cheeks. "Wait Jamal," she said. "Anal sex isn't
cheating, right?"

"Of course not Megan," he replied as he poured the gooey red
liquid all over his cock and her ass. "We wouldn't be doing this
if it was cheating."

Jamal removed his cock from her cheeks and leaned forward,
blowing softly on her ass. He was rewarded by a soft moan from
Megan as the motion lotion began heating up. He ran his finger
down her crack, teasing the cute little rosebud of her ass. He
felt her shiver as he pushed just the tip of his finger into her
ass. He twirled it around in circles, trying to loosen her up a
little before pushing his finger in up to the knuckle. Megan
seemed to like it, pushing her ass back to get more of his finger
inside. He obliged her and pushed all his finger in. He heard her
sigh when he pulled it out. Jamal pushed two fingers in and she
tensed up with a moments pain as he pushed both fingers all the
way in.

Megan moaned from the pleasure coming from her ass. Her entire
rectum was tingling as he continued to blow in her crack and his
fingers pushed the motion lotion deep inside her.

Jamal decided that she was as ready as she was going to get and
kneeled up again, resting his cock back on her cheeks. He poured
more lotion on his cock and rubbed it all around making sure it
was completely lubricated.

Megan smiled and closed her eyes as she felt Jamal pushing down
on his cock as he slid it between her cheeks. This was what she
wanted, to be kneeling before a man with her crotch thrust up, to
be used for his pleasure.

She moaned as his cock slid down to her rosebud, poised to enter
her. "Oh Jamal," she moaned, "please put it in." She clenched her
eyes tight as she felt him push down so that the head began to
enter her, stretching her wide. Megan's eyes flew open when the
pain hit, this wasn't what she had expected. "Jamal stop! It
hurts." Jamal hadn't heard her and she pushed up on her hands to
crawl away, crying out as her action pushed another inch inside.
She tried to crawl forward, but his strong hands gripped her
waist, holding her tight. She let out a little scream as he
pushed yet another inch inside. His cock was so hard and
unbendable that her ass yielded to it, stretching out even
further. "Jamal," she said crying. "Please pull it out. I changed
my mind.

"Shut up and take it, slut," he yelled. "Once you give your ass
to a man there's no going back." He looked down at his cock and
saw that about four inches was disappearing into her stretched
out ass hole. The thickest part was inside, so that the worst of
it was over. She tried to struggle again and he held her still as
he began pushing more in. "Don't worry, I'm only going as deep as
your husband will. You should be grateful."

Megan cried out again as he pushed eight inches in. The pain
wasn't as bad now, but it was still uncomfortable. "I l...lied,"
she sobbed. "Harold's penis is only four inches. Please take it
out." Megan jumped when his hand smacked down on her ass cheek
and then he switched and spanked her other cheek.

"This is for lying, slut," he growled as he rammed another two
inches in. "Never lie to a man. Your purpose is to serve."

Megan was huffing and puffing like a woman giving birth, as she
tried to get used to it. He had stopped and was just holding her
still with ten inches of his steel hard cock buried in her ass.

She was beginning to think that she was doomed to spend life with
his cock buried inside her as the minutes passed. The pain was
slowly fading. Jamal was starting to scare her. His friendly
demeanor was slowly disappearing with each lesson, to that of a
strong, powerful man who used a woman's body for his own
pleasure, from grabbing her head to fuck her mouth to
relentlessly pushing his giant black cock inside her ass. The
heat from the lotion and the combination of pleasure and pain
from her stinging ass cheeks began to produce results. Megan felt
her juices dripping down her thighs and found she liked the
thought of being taken by a man and serving him. Some of the
tension left her and she softly moaned. Her purpose was to serve.

Jamal felt her sphincter relax and he began to slowly move his
cock around inside her.

"Yes," she moaned. "Fuck my ass."

"You didn't say the magic word," said Jamal holding his cock
still again.

"Please, fuck my ass."

"That's better," he said with a smirk on his face. Jamal pulled
his cock out so that the ridge of the head popped out and then he
slammed ten inches back in. He began fucking her hard so that he
was pushing her forwards, her nylon covered knees scraping the
carpet.  "You like having my cock in your ass. Don't you slut?"

"Y...yes," she said still huffing and puffing. "I love having
your cock in my ass."

"Would you like to cum, slut?"

"Y...yes p...please."

"Then beg!" he shouted.

"P...please J...Jamal," she gasped. "Make me c...cum. I need to

Jamal grabbed her shoulder with one hand and brought his other
down under her leg to her pussy, teasing her slit with his
fingers. "If you want another A, you're going to have to take it

His teasing was driving her insane. "I want an A," she cried. The
pain returned briefly as he pushed his entire cock inside her,
but it was nothing compared to the pleasure she felt as his
fingers entered her pussy and began playing with her clit. It
felt like her entire crotch was exploding as she had the biggest
orgasm yet. Her ass and pussy clenched tight as she screamed with
joy and collapsed, passing out.

She awoke to the relentless pounding of his cock in her ass. He
was fucking her hard and fast, his big oversized balls slapping
against her thighs. His fingers were still circling around her
clit, slowly moving, waiting... Megan gasped feeling him swell up
even bigger and his fingers speeded up again. His cock was so
tightly held by her rectum that it couldn't jump as he started
cumming, but she felt the blood rushing through the large vein on
the bottom and it was pumping, pumping her full of sperm. His
fingers triggered another orgasm and she screamed once again from
the unbelievable pleasure.

Megan finally felt him pull his cock out of her ass, hearing
farting sounds as the trapped air was released. Her rectum didn't
seem to contract very much and she was afraid that it would
remain a gaping hole forever. She looked back over her shoulder
at her ass cheeks, still red from where he had spanked her.

Megan crawled over to her lingerie and stood up, feeling his
sperm squirt out of her ass as her cheeks clenched. She didn't
bother getting dressed, putting her coat on around her nude body
and shoving her underwear into the pocket.

"A+," said Jamal as she passed him.

Megan just nodded walking to the door, Jamal following her.

She walked bowlegged back towards her house, feeling his semen
squirting out with each step. Her legs could barely hold up her
body weight and she looked down at them seeing that she had
ripped her nylons around the knees. Now that the sexual high was
gone she felt a little sick to her stomach. He had used her,
calling her a slut and she had loved it. She looked back at him,
still with awe, but the adoration was gone replaced by a look
fear. Not fear of him, but fear of how her body was responding to
him.  Megan decided then, that she would avoid him and not look

She looked back... he was still watching her.

Chapter 4: The Final Lesson

Megan was a wreck as she saw her husband off to work. It was
several days after Jamal had taught her about anal sex. She had
played with the doctor's little prick the previous two nights and
he hadn't been able to get an erection. Megan had gotten used to
constantly yearning for a cock in her pussy, but she wasn't used
to needing a cock in her ass. She desperately wanted to get
butt-fucked again. Finally, last night, Harold had gotten a
partial erection. She had told him to put it in her ass and he
had given her a look of such disgust, that he had made her feel
ashamed of herself. With one beat of his heart, his erection had
shrunk and he turned his back on her to go to sleep. He had still
seemed upset with her as he left for work this morning.

Jamal had lied to her. Something had been gnawing at her brain
since the second lesson he had given her. Now it was obvious, He
had lied about her sex life improving or... he didn't know the
truth himself. Harold, and the white men in the videos with their
small penises, they could never truly satisfy a woman. Only big
cocks, black cocks, could give a woman what she needs. Megan was
doomed never to be satisfied during intercourse.

Jamal had scared her the last couple times they had been
together. The first time, he had roughly grabbed her head and
fucked her face like she was just an object designed to make him
cum. Last time, he had slammed his entire cock into her ass,
telling her that it was her purpose to serve men and calling her
a slut. He had  spanked her cheeks and she had told him how much
she loved having his cock in her ass. Megan had felt completely
used and humiliated by his treatment of her. Worse, she wanted
him to do it again.

Megan decided at that moment, that if Jamal didn't butt fuck her
again, she'd go insane. She ran upstairs and took a quick shower.
After drying her hair, she put some make-up on and grabbed her
bath robe. She put the robe on over her nude body and walked out
the back door.

Jamal answered his door after several knocks. He didn't look the
least bit surprised to see her and he stepped aside so that she
could come in.

"So Megan," he said, sitting down on the couch. "What can I do
for you?"  =
Megan let the robe fall to the floor and said, "I want you to
fuck my ass again."

"But, I've already taught you how to do that," he replied.

"The doctor won't do it. I NEED you to shove your big cock in my
ass again."

"Get on your hands and knees."

Megan flushed with excitement and dropped to all fours, turning
around so that her cute little ass was pointed at him.

"Not yet," he said. "First, I want you to crawl over to me and
beg me to fuck your ass like the slut you are. Then I want you to
suck my cock until I tell you I've had enough."

Megan felt humiliated, but her body was automatically responding
to his commands. She felt the moistness between her legs as she
crawled over towards him, but then she was always wet around

"Please Jamal, fuck my ass," she begged. "I need you to fuck my
ass again. I need your big black cock inside me."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I loved it," she said, crying now, "and because my
husband won't do it."

Jamal looked down at Megan. She was between his legs now and
unbuttoning his pants. "Your husband's a loser," he said as she
began pulling his trousers off. "He'll never satisfy you with
that little worm of his. He doesn't even know how to kiss a

Megan nodded, it was all true. She yanked down his briefs,
unconsciously licking her lips as his big cock came into view.
She watched it grow a little more with each beat of his pulse,
before taking it once again into her mouth.

Jamal grabbed her blonde hair and held it off her face so that he
could watch her suck him off. It felt great having a well-built
woman kneeling before him, while swallowing his black monster
into her pretty white face.  He let her suck him for about twenty
minutes before telling her to turn around.

Megan eagerly complied and quickly spun around. She felt him
kneel behind her and then his cock's plump head was nudging at
her back door. "Oooww," she jumped when he pushed the head in.

Jamal yanked it out and ran to the bathroom to get more
lubrication. Her saliva wasn't enough and he grabbed a bottle of
skin cream out of the medicine cabinet. He was already rubbing it
into his cock when he returned to her. He made sure it was
completely covered and then rubbed some into her ass. His cock
went in a lot easier this time.


Several months later.

The doctor had actually taken a vacation. She hadn't had Jamal's
cock in her ass for six days and she was going crazy. The past
few months had been wonderful. Two or three times a week, she
would go next door and suck Jamal off or let him fuck her ass.
Several times, Jamal even fucked her ass right after cummng once
already in her mouth. The man's stamina was incredible. The only
good thing about Harold's vacation was that he was hornier then
usual and they had slept together twice in the last week. She
didn't have an orgasm either time. Come to think of it, she had
never had an orgasm with the doctor. Jamal always made sure she
came several times whenever he was with her.

Megan had been trying to tan, but the lawn boy was sick and
Harold had decided to mow the lawn himself, disturbing her. His
weak little legs struggling to push the mower annoyed her and
moping she walked back inside the house. Seconds later, the
doorbell rang.

Megan opened it and was surprised to see Jamal standing there
wearing only his bathing suit. "Jamal, what are you doing here?"

The big black man pushed his way inside and pulled Megan into the
living room. "Hurry Megan," he said, dropping his suit. "Bend

"B...but the doctor?"

"Bend over the couch and watch him through the back door."

"I need it too." Megan nodded enthusiastically and quickly
stripped off her bikini. She bent over the couch and watched
Harold struggling with the mower, through the large sliding glass
door of their house, while Jamal stroked his cock. Her pussy was
dripping in anticipation of the butt fucking she was about to

Jamal rubbed his cock between her cheeks, causing it to grow to
full erection. He looked at the quarter-sized hole that had once
been her virgin ass hole and positioned the tip of his cock on
it. He pushed down, watching her ass stretching to accommodate
him and feeling his dry cock scrape along the sides.

"Owww," she screamed, jumping at the friction. "Jamal, you didn't
lubricate it."

"Shit! I forgot it."

"What are we going to do?" she cried frantically. "Harold isn't
going to be much longer. We need to hurry."

Jamal sneered down at the stupid white slut's ass arched up to
receive him. "I know," he said, "let me put it in your pussy.
That will make it good and wet."

"Good idea," said Megan without thinking. "Just hurry." She
couldn't wait to have Jamal's cock nice and wet, so he could
shove it in her ass.

Jamal couldn't believe it was finally about to happen. He had
wanted to fuck a white girl his entire life and now he was about
to fuck just about the hottest white slut he had ever seen. He
pushed down on his steel hard rod and placed the head on the
entrance to her vagina. He slowly pushed it in, seeing her pussy
open up to swallow his cock, her muscles clenching around it,
trying to suck him in. They both moaned in pleasure as he pushed
about four inches into her hot, wet hole.

Megan's eyes flew open as soon as the head penetrated her and it
hit her what was happening.  She hadn't imagined sex could feel
this good. Jamal had quickly pushed his cock in as deep as Harold
had ever been, but the thick, black cock in her pussy felt so
much better then her husband's limp little noodle ever could. The
pleasure was so good, that it brought her to her senses, and she
realized she was about to sin. Megan could feel an orgasm growing
and if she didn't stop Jamal now she would experience her first
orgasm during intercourse, from a cock that wasn't her husbands.

"Jamal, please take it out," she begged.

"Tell me you don't love having this cock in your pussy."

Megan shook her head in denial of how good it felt. "No, I love
it, she sobbed in frustration, "but we're cheating."

"Oh god Megan, you're right," he said pulling it out.

Megan felt his cock slowly sliding out of her pussy. The pleasure
center of her brain was screaming at her to put it back in. She
felt the fat head of his cock starting to stretch out her lips,
but instead of pulling it out, he buried about half his cock back
in. Her pussy squeezed down on the thick six inches inside,
trying to hold it in, and before Megan could protest again, the
orgasm exploded from her body, causing her to cry out with joy.

"Harold, I'm so sorry," she sobbed once she had recovered.

"Fuck him," Jamal said working another inch in. "White men don't
know nothing about pussy. Only a black cock can give you what you
really need. This pussy belongs to me now."

He was right. The movies had shown her how different white and
black men were during sex. The women had all tried to fight it,
but it hadn't been any use and they had submitted to the black
men. Just like she was now. "Oh fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me
with that big black cock. Your so much bigger then my husband."

Megan couldn't believe how good it felt to have a real cock in
her pussy. The joy she felt from feeling Jamal's cock spasming
inside her mouth as he came or pumping her ass full of semen, was
nothing compared to having him inside her pussy. He had worked
about ten inches inside and her orgasms were cumming like a
series of firecrackers.

His white slut was fucking him back, raising her hips to match
his thrusts and Jamal decided she was ready to earn her last A.
He grabbed her hips and pulled his cock out of her until the head
was poised at her opening, before slamming one rock hard, foot
long, black cock into her pussy. She screamed and bucked for
about 30 seconds, but he just held on until she calmed down and
started fucking him back again.

Jamal looked out the window and figured he only had about twenty
minutes until the doctor finished mowing the yard. He worked his
thumb into her ass-hole and began fucking her hard and fast,
hearing the slapping sounds of his balls on her thighs.

"Your tight pussy gets an A+, slut," he said.

After awhile, Megan could feel his cock getting bigger. "My pussy
belongs to you now," she moaned. "I only want your cock from now

The sperm was moving up from his balls fast and he bellowed as
his cock begin to jerk inside her pussy, filling it with his cum.

Megan's eyes rolled up in the back of her head and she wailed
loudly as her biggest orgasm yet exploded within her when she
felt his sperm hosing her womb. Her scream was so loud that
Harold had stopped the mower and was looking around. She saw him
shut it off and he began walking towards the house.

Jamal had seen him too. He pulled his cock out and quickly put on
his bathing suit. He said, "Straight A's, baby," as he playfully
smacked her ass, before running out the front door.

Megan could barely move. She was frozen to the couch, with her
ass thrust up over the side, but the doctor was getting closer,
so she limped bow-legged towards the bathroom while cupping her
hands under her pussy to keep Jamal's sperm from pouring out and
staining the carpet.

Once safely in the bathroom she began to clean herself up. I'm
gonna need more of that black cock by the end of the week, she
thought. "Fuck that," she said out-loud. "I'm going over there

The woman in the video was right. Black cocks are the best.

Megan had graduated.

The End

Author's note:  This is another story that I can't remember where
the idea for it came from. Probably from reading assorted wife
and neighbor stories on the net. I did put to practice my love of
the gradual decline into sluthood. Each chapter sent Megan a
little farther into becoming the slut she was born to be.