The Problem With Porn 
An E&I Enterprises Story 
copyright 2002 by Stormbringer 
Revised 2009

February 2002

"Honey, do you remember talking the other month about how we were
in a rut?"

Leigh looked up from her crossword at her husband David standing
in the doorway holding something behind his back and looking
embarrassed. "Sure dear, and remember I said that we're not in a
rut, we've been married for five years now and sleeping together
for eight. We're just used to each other...comfortable."

David looked at his wife sitting on the comfy chair with her legs
tucked under her wearing just her bathrobe. He wondered how he'd
gotten so lucky as to get the sexy twenty-five year old to marry
him. Leigh had long, raven black hair which was at this moment in
a bun on her head, one wayward strand falling between her eyes.
Dark glasses perched on her nose and she was absentmindedly
chewing on the eraser of her pencil. David imagined that her big
lips were sucking on his penis instead, which wasn't too much of
a stretch from the thin pencil. David had met her in high school
after he transferred to her school and for some reason the nerdy,
intellectual looking beauty had latched on to him.

"Whatcha got behind your back dear?"

David quit hiding what was behind his back and held up the DVD
box. "I thought we might try watching this to spice things up a

"David! That isn't a porn is it?"

"Kinda," he said, blushing bright red. "Jack, the counter guy at
the sex store in lower Manhattan recommended it for married
couples. He said it's triple X, but it has a plot and everything.
It's sold as a couples relationship video."

"I'm not sure I like this idea or the fact that you've been
hanging out in a porn store."

David's cheeks turned even redder. "Honey, I swear I didn't look
at anything in there. I went in and went straight to the counter
and asked the man what he'd recommend to spice up a marriage. He
was very professional, asked some questions about us and then
recommended we try this."

"I'm still not thrilled with the idea, but you can put it in. If
I get bored, I'll read a little while you watch your dirty

David put the movie in the bedroom DVD player as they were
retiring. He removed his robe and was reaching for his pajamas,
when he decided to sleep naked, but quickly climbed under the
covers. David didn't have a body worth showing off. He was always
a little pudgy and his belly now protruded several inches beyond
his belt. He was also barely twenty-five and already had a huge
receding hair line. The remaining hair he had left in the front
was now little more then a few combed over reddish strips against
his pale white, freckled scalp.

Leigh on the other had had only grown more beautiful. The high
school nerd had blossomed into a gorgeous woman. She had been a
little skinny, but had gained weight, her bony ass filling out
and her breasts growing to a C-cup. She never let David see her
naked, but he could see her reflection in the bathroom door
mirror right now and he always suspected she knew he watched her.
Her body was lithe and athletic looking with well toned muscles.
She was very white and burned easily, her dark black tresses
stood out against her white skin. Leigh also had nice, big
areola, but they were so faint that from this distance and even
up close all he could see were her eraser sized nipples.

Leigh dressed in her pajamas and joined him in bed. She only
buttoned enough to cover her breasts and the bottom top of her
shirt flapped open showing off her belly button. "Alright lets
watch your little movie," she said, covering up and propping
herself up with a pillow laying her book on her lap.

David pressed play on the remote.


"Whatís Best For Wife" was the title, an E&I video, directed by
Tyrone Jones flashed the screen.

A couple came through a doorway, both were dressed up. The woman
was a stunner with huge breasts on a killer body. She was dressed
in a low cut evening gown. The man was unassuming, older, pudgy,
and didn't look happy to be where he was. He was dressed in a
suit. They went into the kitchen and poured some drinks. "Happy
anniversary," they said, toasting each other.

The movie wasn't that plot intensive because the couple moved
right up to the bedroom. The woman let her dress fall off and
David held his breath as he stared at her buxom body clad in a
tight lacy, black bra and panties. The man stripped down
completely naked and laid on the bed. He was out of shape with a
beer belly, his penis resembled David's, short and skinny, but it
was rising up as the sexy vixen crawled up the bed to her man.
"What do you want?" asked the wife huskily.

"Suck on my big dick," said the husband in a monotone voice. He
wasn't the best actor. The woman smirked quickly before regaining
her composure. David's penis was rock hard as he stared at the
screen and he was glad he was covered up so that Leigh couldn't
see how much the hot actress was turning him on. Leigh was
watching the screen more intently then he would have thought. The
woman blew her husband, sucking intently on the little penis
until he moaned that he was cumming. David wanted to see him
squirt, but instead the woman just held her mouth clamped over
the tip of his dick. Afterwards, she got up went to the bathroom,
holding her mouth funny. She looked in the mirror letting her
husband's sperm dribble out into the sink. She brushed her teeth,
washed out her mouth then returned to bed.

"Now lets fuck," she said, slipping under the covers and leaning
against her husband. He was on his side and snoring. She sighed
and stared up longingly at the ceiling before saying, "There's
something missing in my life," before falling asleep.
The next scene started with the wife in the shower. David drooled
as water cascaded over her nude body. The actress sure was
stacked. The woman jumped and gasped as the curtains were opened.
A nude man stood there. "Brian, what are you doing here?" she
asked, covering up her breasts with one arm and holding a
washcloth over her trim pussy.

"I'm here to check the plumbing and I heard the shower running."
The man stepped inside the shower with the woman. "I've
fantasized about doing this with you," he said, pulling her arm
off of her breasts.

"Brian, what are you doing? We can't do this, your my husband's
best friend."

"I'm doing this for you baby," said the man pushing her down. "I
know you ain't getting enough from old pencil dick,"

David blanched when he heard his old high school nickname. Brian
was also a bit bigger then he was, probably six inches long, as
it turned hard when the woman started tugging on it. He wondered
if Leigh noticed the man's extra inch and glanced over at his
wife. Her expression hadn't changed, but she was breathing more
heavily. She hadn't touched her book either.

The wife blew Brian in the shower bobbing her head along his
shaft until he too came in her mouth, but pulled out in time to
shoot a little wad on her cheek. The wife leaned down and spit
Brian's sperm into the tub.

The two got out of the shower and giggled, drying each other off.
Soon, she was lying spread eagled on the bed and Brian was
inserting his partially erect penis into her vagina. "Oh yeah
Brian, you're so much bigger then my husband. Oh yeah baby fuck
me with that big dick. I'm cumming." Though the woman was the
best actor of the group, her orgasm wasn't very convincing. Soon
after, Brian pulled out and shot his wad on her belly. "Thank
you, thank you," she cried, "I've never had an orgasm before. You
can fuck me any time."

"Glad to be of service," said Brian, getting dressed. The woman
got up and used a tissue to clean the sperm off her belly before
flushing it.

"Damn, I gotta get to work," she said, checking the time. She ran
out the door.

"Want me to stop it?" asked David. Leigh's mouth was open
slightly as she panted and the covers had fallen down revealing
one very hard nipple. David reached out and caressed her breast.

Leigh slapped his hand away, "No, lets watch the rest, there's
plenty of time for hanky panky later."

David was horny having watched two blow jobs which was more then
Leigh had given him in a year. She was even worse then the
actress, not even letting him cum in her mouth, nor on her body.
Leigh always angled his dick up so that he came on himself.

The movie was continuing with the woman arriving in an office.
Another girl with a porn star's body was at a desk. "Mr. Hardon
wants to see you immediately."

"Why? Am I in trouble?"

The secretary shrugged and the wife went up to a door, knocking
before she entered. A man sat at a desk smoking a cigar. "Oh
there you are, youíre late."

"Sorry sir, I had plumbing problems."

"No matter, I'm afraid I have to lay you off."

"Oh no, we can't afford for me to be out of work right now. Isn't
there anything I can do?"

"Well, it's actually between you and Miss Boobcock, but to be
quite honest, we're fucking and she can give a great blow job."

"I'm pretty good myself."

"There's one thing Miss Boobock won't do and that's take me up
the ass."

"I've never done that before, but if it means keeping my job,
I'll take it anywhere."

Mr. Hardon stood up showing that he wasn't wearing pants. He had
another six inch penis that had David jealous. Soon the wife was
bent over the desk and he was lifting up her skirt as he inserted
his penis in her ass.

"That's disgusting," said Leigh, but her eyes never left the
screen. "People do that?"

David didn't know how a video showing the wife cheating on her
husband was supposed to help couple's relationships, but it was
his first porn and he was turned on. The wife was screaming,
"Fuck my ass with that big cock. Oh god, I wish my husband would
do this. I wish he had a cock as big as yours" The boss shot his
load on her ass cheeks. "You can keep your job, but I expect you
to remain this agreeable." "Yes sir."

The scene switched to the couple eating dinner. "Did Brian come
over?" asked the husband setting his fork down.

"Yes, he came but he didn't fix the clog, though he did poke
around in the pipes a bit."

"I'll have a plumber come over in the morning."

The couple went to bed and she started tugging on his small dick,
but an erection failed to materialize. "Honey, I just came last

"Sorry, I forgot," said the wife, looking up at the ceiling and
sighing again.

The next scene showed her in a scandalously small bikini laying
on a cot in the sun. The doorbell rang and she jumped up to
answer it revealing that the bikini was a thong. "Oh my," she
said opening the door.

"I'm here to fix the plumbing," said the black man. "I here you
got a clog so deep, you need a really big tool to fix it."

The black man ruined the movie. Leigh had no love for blacks at
all. She came from a racist father, hated all the blacks they
went to school with. She hated their music, the way they talked,
their baggy clothes and she got a funny look on her face whenever
she saw an interracial couple. David was more open minded, but he
waited for Leigh to tell him to turn the movie off. Instead, she
was staring at the screen more intently, but looking perplexed.
After all, the man was probably just a side character and not
going to have sex with the wife and there wasn't a black woman
character to fuck which made him as unnecessary for the plot as
Mr. Hardon's secretary...

The black man was huge, towering over the girl in the bikini,
muscles stretched his uniform tight. He grinned, big white teeth
standing out against his dark black face while he stared at the
woman's ass as he followed her to the kitchen.

The black man ended up crawling under the sink as the woman
walked over got a glass and then some ice out of the freezer. She
walked over to the sink and turned the water on. "Holy shit,"
screamed the black man pulling himself out from under the sink.
He was soaked from head to crotch. "Stupid bitch, what did you
think you were doing?"

David didn't think much of the black man's language or of the way
he belittled the woman. "I'm sorry! So sorry," said the woman,
looking upset. "How can I make it up to you?"

"You can sit by me and hand me the tools I need and you can throw
my clothes in the dryer."

Cheesy music started up as the black man began unbuttoning his
shirt right there in the kitchen. He pulled it off revealing a
chest that rippled with muscles. He turned around and pulled his
pants down. The black man had a hard ass under white briefs. He
stepped out of his pants and turned around handing the bikini
clad woman his clothes. He then crawled back under the sink.

The wife put his uniform in the dryer and returned sitting beside
him handing him a wrench when he asked for it. The camera panned
down the black man's body as if the woman was staring at it. The
camera slowly went from his underarms, down his chest, to his
stomach which had the most perfectly formed six pack abdominals
David or Leigh had ever seen. The camera got to his briefs, which
bulged out, the bulge getting bigger until the underwear was
stretched so tight, it looked like a thick black sausage was
stuffed in his shorts. The man parted his legs as he banged a
pipe under the sink and the outline of two huge testicles was
revealed. "Wrench," he called and the camera panned up to the
woman giving him the wrench again as she stared at his crotch.
The camera shot up to the black man who had angled his head up
and was looking at the woman staring at his crotch. He sneered
then went back to work.

The camera went back to the man's crotch only now the head of his
penis was sticking out of his brief's leg and it looked as big as
a ping pong ball. Soon it extended another inch, now growing as
big as a golf ball. "Hey baby," said the black man, "could you
adjust my cock, the big thing is kind of uncomfortable at the
moment and my hands are tied. The woman pulled his briefs down
and the black man lifted his hips long enough for the woman to
pull his underwear down. She picked up a strategically placed
tape measure and pulled it out. The man's penis now lay across
his thigh and was angling up. It was a freaking monster. The huge
black sausage rose up and the fell with a smack against the man's
stomach. The woman held the tape measure along it stopping at
eleven inches. "Now that's a cock," said the woman.

"Aha, Miss, I found your problem." The plumber's head was still
under the sink. "Your big black drainage pipe is swollen and
clogged. It's going to need a lot of suction to get flowing."

That was the cue for the woman to reach out and grab the black
man's cock. David jumped as Leigh grabbed his penis and squeezed
it affectionately. The difference was disheartening. The woman on
the screen's hand still had an inch where her fingers didn't
touch with eight inches of cock still showing. David's wife's
hand was practically clenched in a fist, his penis completely
enveloped by it and only his little bottle cap sized head
sticking past her fingers and she had small hands. The woman
moved up and licked all around the man's cock and even licked his
baseball sized balls.

The scene shifted to the couch and the woman was now kneeling
naked between the legs of the sitting black man who was holding
her hair out of her face so that the camera could get close ups
of her sucking his huge cock. And boy was she sucking. The woman
could actually deep throat it and she was attacking it with
gusto, like she enjoyed it

"Honey," said David squirming, then louder, "Honey!" Leigh was
squeezing and tugging on his penis as she stared at the TV.
"Honey, I'm going to....ahhhh."

Leigh pulled her hand off his prick, looking with distaste at her
palm. A little wad of David's semen coated her palm. She grabbed
a tissue and cleaned it off before returning her attention to the

The camera showed the wife gulping and then her bulging cheeks.
Sperm was dribbling out the sides of her mouth and down her chin.
The plumber pulled his dick out completely and one wad covered
her face, then he pointed his cock at her huge knockers, landing
a strand of semen from nipple to nipple.

A long rope of cum dangled from the tip of his cock and the woman
stuck her tongue out lapping it up. The scene seemed to imply the
black man's sperm was worth swallowing while the others, even her
husband's, should be spit out.

The black man then proceeded to give the wife the fucking of her
life. David looked over at his wife who was scratching what must
of been a terrible itch between her legs as her hand was moving
back and forth rapidly under the covers as she stared at the

"Oh god, fuck me with that big black cock. Youíre in so much
deeper then my husband. This is what I've been missing." They
fucked missionary, woman on top and doggy before he came. "I only
wanna fuck black cock from now on." The movie ended.

"Sorry about that honey," said David. "The box didn't say
anything about a black guy being in it."

"S'ok dear," said Leigh softly. "It was... interesting."

David turned off the TV, plunging the room into darkness. He
turned over and tried to go to sleep. Leigh laid on her back for
a few minutes staring up at the ceiling. Then he felt her cuddle
up to him and her hand was on his penis, she tugged a couple
times, but an erection failed to materialize. He needed more time
to recharge.


David left work and headed to the porn store a block from the
office. Jack was behind the counter. David missed a step when he
saw him. Jack was a black man every bit as big as the black porn
star in the movie. Yesterday, Jack had intimidated him with his
size, but now David wandered what was in the big man's pants and
thinking about it made him feel inadequate. Jack had a business
card holder by the register. The cards read, John J Hammer

"David, right?" said the black man in a deep voice. "What the
wife think of the video?" The black man was very dark, African
dark, not brown like most black Americans, though his accent was
clearly 100% New Yorker.

"It was alright, but it wasn't what we were looking for." David
was too cowardly to tell the giant, he didn't want any black men
in the next movie. "We want something for us, you know a married
couple, maybe positions, a little role playing, romantic..."

"Let me see that picture of your wife again."

David opened his wallet and took out the picture. Jack had used
it last time to get a feel for what kind of movie Leigh might be
interested in. Jack studied it a long time. "I'm sensing she
might like one I got called "Wife's Beach Vacation", it's about a
married couple on their honeymoon in the Caribbean. You know,
good romantic stuff."

"That's sounds great, we've been to the Caribbean. Please check
that one out for me." David looked around as Jack went to get the
DVD for him. He hadn't paid too much attention his first time in
the store, being very embarrassed and looking down. The walls
were lined with plastic penises, white ones and black ones
displayed side by side. The white ones were realistic looking at
around six inches and average width, bigger then his, but
consistent with the white actors in the movie last night. The
black ones were all monstrosities with exaggerated veins, ridges,
and heads. They had names like the King Cock, Mamba, the 10"
starter, White Pussy Pleaser, Black Satisfier, and others. David
didn't like looking at them so he looked away and found himself
staring at row upon row of magazines showing a huge black penis
bulging out the cheeks of some pretty young white girl, a white
woman sandwiched between black men, a white woman sitting on a
black man's cock while sucking on two black cocks in her hands.
Ten inches seemed small for a black penis with eleven to thirteen
being average, and some were true monsters. The rest of the store
had non interracial tamer magazines, but the interracial stuff
was the most prominently displayed.

David turned around feeling kind of inferior and saw Jack
grinning down at him. The counter was elevated so the giant black
man was even bigger and it didn't help David's insecurities.  He
was looking up at Jack's open shirt which showed his hard chest
and a thick gold chain with a gold hammer dangling from it.
"Interesting necklace."

"It's Mjolnir, Thor's hammer from the comic book. I wear it cause
I used to read a lot of comics and my last name is Hammer."
David paid for the rental and left the store.

"That's not another movie is it?" asked Leigh, when he walked in
the door.

"Yes, I got Jack to recommend a different one. This is about a
couple on their honeymoon. I was hoping we'd try again since
nothing happened last night."

Leigh sighed, "I guess so dear."


"Wife's Beach Vacation." An E&I video, directed by Tyrone Jones
flashed the screen.

David and Leigh cuddled up as they watched the screen. A big
breasted blonde in a sundress and a middle aged man with a beer
belly entered a hotel room and set some luggage down. "So this is
paradise?" said the woman.

"No, this is paradise," replied the man kissing her and squeezing
her breasts. He quit kissing and said, "Ready to start our
honeymoon Mrs. Jones?"

"I sure am Mr. Jones." The music started as the woman kneeled
before the man and fished out his average sized penis.

The rest of the sex scene was pretty typical. She sucked on him
for awhile, then stood up and removed her dress. She had a killer
set of tits that had David drooling. The husband laid her across
the bed and ate her out for awhile, then he mounted her and later
shot a little wad across her belly.

Leigh was stroking David's chest, every now and then caressing
his penis. His plan seemed to be working, the movies were turning
her on and about to spice up their sex lives.

On screen, the husband was saying, "You're wearing that!" The
wife was in a scandalously small bikini, one that would of gotten
her arrested on most beaches of the US. "Sure honey, we're in
paradise remember? Why not let the world see what you have and
they can't?"

The couple walked hand in hand down a deserted beach. The water
wasn't clear enough to be the Caribbean. It didn't even look like
California, more like the East coast somewhere.

Suddenly, the woman froze. "What's wrong?" asked the husband. She
was staring at the crotch of a black man approaching them. The
husband stared too. The black man had a giant banana cock swaying
as he walked up to them. "Ay mon, what's up? You Americans?" The
three chatted for a bit, with the black man offering to show them
around the island. He left saying, "Loosen up mon, our beaches
are clothing optional. Your wife has a beautiful body, why cover
any of it?"

"Did you see the size of his cock?" asked the wife. "I bet that
thingís a real pussy pleaser. Oh, sorry dear, this little thing
is a pussy pleaser too." She grabbed his cock through his shorts.

"What are you doing?" asked the husband. "I'm going with the
flow." The wife took off her top and they continued down the
beach. "Why don't you take off you shorts dear?" "Why don't you
take off your panties?" "I will if you will." The couple ended up
walking down the beach nude.

They threw a blanket down and laid on it, sweat starting to make
the stacked woman's skin glisten. "I could sure use a drink," she
said. "I'll walk back to the tiki bar at the hotel, I want one
too. I'll be awhile," said the husband. He stood up and walked
over a dune running into another black man laying on a blanket.
The camera zoomed in on his huge cock, probably nine inches and
soft. "Oh sorry," said the husband. "No problem mon. Hey! What's
wrong with yo penis mon, where da rest of it?" "N-othing, it's
cold is all." "That look like my three year old son's cock, mon."

The husband looked ashamed and backed off walking down the beach
holding his palm cupped over his genitalia. The black man watched
him go, then stood and walked up over the dune. The wife was
laying on her stomach. The black man walked up and kneeled behind
her, grabbing a bottle of sun tan lotion. "Oh honey that feels
good," she moaned as he began rubbing lotion onto her back with
one hand while holding his cock off her with the other. "I guess
this means no drink," she said. "Not that I mind, your hand feels
so big and strong. Use both of them."

The black man released his cock which smacked against her ass as
he began rubbing her with both hands. Feeling his big cock,
startled her and she looked over her shoulder. "Your not my
husband!" She struggled to sit up.

"I was worried you'd burn sexy lady." "Go away or I will scream."
Then her eyes fell down to his cock which had hardened while
rubbing her. "Oh my," she said.

"Oh my," said Leigh now tugging on David's penis. She was
stretching it out like she wanted it bigger. David couldn't help
himself and felt the cum churning up in his balls. The woman on
screen was now sucking on what had to be a thirteen inch cock.
"Leigh, I'm gonna blow." David's wife surprised him and lifted
the covers off him, her mouth making a beeline for his penis. Her
hot mouth engulfed it and swallowed him whole. Leigh's glasses
slid off her nose, resting on his pubic hair. David groaned and
lost it. Leigh would be furious with him for shooting off in her
mouth, he winced knowing it would be a long time before she did
this for him again. Instead, she sat up and swished her mouth
around like she was tasting wine. She made a face, deciding she
didn't like it and spit out his wad in a tissue. Leigh stood up
and went to the bathroom, brushing her teeth and gargling with

Leigh surprised him when she came back. This time she quickly
took off her pajamas and cuddled up next to him, naked under the
covers. "They're still at it," she said, watching the blow job on
screen. "Are all black men big?"

"No, at least I don't think so. Maybe the E in E&I stands for
enhanced photography? It's affirmative action in porn to make
blacks look bigger.'

"Maybe, but it sure looks real."

The black man pulled out and shot his load on the girls face and
then her chest. She grabbed his cock taking it back in her mouth
and slurping on it. "I love the taste of your cum," she said. He
laid her on her back and kneeled between her legs, the camera
zooming in on their crotches. His cock had only shrunk an inch.
He tugged on it a couple times and it returned to full size. She
was a porn slut so she took him easily, but it still looked like
an impossible fit. Soon she was thrashing around, impaled by it
as he fucked her. She appeared to have several orgasms all very
convincing. Later, he left her lying on her back covered in
sperm. His two loads of cum quickly liquefied sliding down her
body, then it started to dry in the sun, white flakes coating her
skin. That was how she was when her husband found her and dropped
the two drinks he was carrying.

The wife explained to him what had happened. "I love you, but I
just couldn't resist that huge cock." "I understand dear," he
said looking down. "You do?" "Yes, I can't satisfy you like those
black cocks can. I want you to be happy." "I love you Mr. Jones."
"I love you Mrs. Jones."

The scene changed to some poorly done bar sets. The first black
man, the one who volunteered to show them around the island was
drinking with them. Then they were in a car at a beach parking
lot. The woman was blowing the black man in the back seat while
the husband watched in the rear view mirror. Then they were back
in a bar. "Honey, can I go home with Tony tonight?" The husband
was slurring bad as he said, "Why don't you talk to him about
having that threesome I mentioned? I've had too much to drink,
I'll be waiting in the room."

The husband went up to the room and stripped off his clothes. He
laid down on the bed and began tugging on his penis. "Can't wait
to have a threesome," he said out loud. "God, maybe I can fuck
her ass while she rides that huge black cock." The camera zoomed
in on his pudgy out of shape body and his partially erect six
inch penis, then it faded out turning into a muscular black
stomach above a massive black cock and the man's wife was leaning
down to take it in her mouth. "Yo husband wants you to do both of
us?" "He wants me to have a threesome." The black man she was
sucking on was the one she had fucked in the dunes, their guide
was pushing his cock into her pussy from behind.

"Do people actually do that?" asked Leigh, her hand was back on
David's spent cock, kneading it.

"Some people I guess, sluts, you know," he said.

"It's disgusting." Her eyes never left the screen and her hand
never left his crotch.

The woman in the movie ended up riding one black while taking the
other up her ass. The movie ended with them driving to the
airport   and the woman saying, "I can't wait to come back next
year." "Yes dear," said the husband forlornly. "Honey, isn't your
boss black?" "Yes dear," he said again.

Leigh leaned over and kissed him, rubbing her body against his
after he turned the TV off. She tugged on his penis trying to
make him hard again, but it was futile.


"Well isn't this a nice surprise," said David.

Leigh walked up and sat on his desk. "I thought we could have
dinner together in the city."

"Sounds nice, lets get out of here."  David followed his wife out
of his building and onto fifth avenue. They had a quick dinner in
an small Italian restaurant nearby. "Oh, I have to take the movie
back before we go."

"Ok. I was hoping to help you pick out one."

"I'm not sure I want you coming in with me. Jack seems nice
enough, but it's kind of sleazy."

"I have you to protect me dear." Leigh put her arm in his and
followed him several blocks to the porn store.

Jack looked up as the couple walked in. "Hello David. I see you
bought the lovely wife this time."

Leigh felt a shiver run down her spine when she saw the giant
black man with the gold hammer around his neck. Her eyes
automatically glanced down at his crotch and saw the meaty bulge
tenting out his jeans. Jack could have been a back porn star.
"Here's the movie." David put the DVD on the counter.

"Did you like this one?" asked Jack, looking Leigh in the eyes.

"Yeah, but itís still not exactly what we were looking for," said
David, going over to the row of movies for rent and sale.

"Let me assist your wife and see if we can find anything she
likes," said Jack.

David walked around looking for DVDs that didn't have black men
with their big cocks in them. He found, "Whatís Best For Wife,"
and read the back. No mention of black men nor did the black
plumber appear in any of the scenes. It did read, great for
couples. That's not right, he thought, They should warn you.
David glanced at his wife to see how she was doing with Jack. She
didn't appear to need rescuing, which was good for a woman whose
entire conversations with black men previously usually amounted
to telling them she didn't want her lunch super sized. Instead,
she was staring at him raptly as if listening to everything he
said. David found "Wifeís Beach Vacation" and it was marketed as
an interracial video. Jack must not of actually watched this one,
if he recommended it as a relationship video.

David decided to stay away from E&I video since they seemed to
employ a lot of black men. Instead, he picked out a different
companies video with just a few whites on the back. He approached
his wife and Jack left them to go wait on somebody else. "Lets
try this one," said David, then he whispered, "I don't think
there's any blacks in it."

"Oh, I was hoping we could rent these." Leigh held up three
cases. "Jack and I picked them out."

"Anything you want dear." David was elated that his sexy nerd
wife was in a porn store with him and actually selecting dirty
movies for them to watch. He went up to pay and turned around.
Leigh was staring disgustedly, but fascinated at all the
interracial stuff, her eyes widening as her gaze fell on the
black dildos. "Come on, I can't wait to see what you picked out."


The Lifeguard's Slut, an E&I video directed by Tyrone Jones,
staring Tyrone Jones and introducing former Miss Teen Idaho, Ann

"Leigh! This is another E&I movie. It's going to have more black

The movie started showing a powerfully built black man in red
lifeguard shorts carrying a beautiful young blonde girl in his
arms to a beach blanket. This movie wasn't even actually filmed
on a beach, but on a set with a painted ocean in the background.

Leigh was already playing with David's penis as she watched the
screen. "I can't help it they turn me on."

"What! The black men? You hate blacks."

"No, not the black men, their big cocks. I wish they weren't
black, but Jack said there aren't any white cactors with cocks
this big. Watching those big cocks enter the women the last
couple of nights really turned me on. Those girls seemed to
really enjoy them."

"Honey, slow down on my penis won't you? If you keep up what
youíre doing, I won't last long and I'd really like to make love

"No, I don't want to make love, I want to fuck, fuck like they do
in the movies." Leigh straddled her husband, taking his penis in
her wet pussy and moaning as it slid in. She was facing his feet,
facing the TV so she could watch, but blocking his view.

The black lifeguard who was very ugly was forcing himself on the
girl. Another lifeguard came up and she asked him for help, but
he took off his swim trunks and stuck his really long cock in the
girl's mouth.

David had cum already, but Leigh barely noticed. She ground her
pussy into his crotch as she watched the action on screen. His
little penis plopped out as it shriveled up just as a third black
man, this one very good-looking joined the other two and soon the
pretty young blonde had all three orifices stuffed with a big
black cock.

Leigh got up and put the second movie in. "It was another E&I
movie called, "Sexual Reparations." It was a hot one and featured
a black judge and two black cops, all hung muscle men forcing
white wives to pay off their debt for slavery with sex.

Watching this one got Leigh real hot. She needed something in her
pussy anything to quench the fires all those big cocks had lit.
She straddled David's lap again, but knew he wouldn't be up for
it for at least another twenty-four hours. Instead, she slid her
hips back, her wet pussy leaking his liquefied cum  onto his
belly as she slid her crotch up over is chest. Leigh moaned as
she shoved her pussy back into his mouth. David seemed kind of
shocked at first, but the tip of his tongue came out and licked
her tentatively. Soon, it pushed in deeper and he began licking
her with gusto. Leigh came watching two black cops force a female
motorist to service them. She wondered why she had never let
David do this before. His tongue was as big as his penis and it
lasted a lot longer. She had only had a few small orgasms back
when they were newlyweds and this one was bigger then any of
them. David had always wanted to try it, and now that she had let
him, he didn't even mind eating his own sperm.

David rolled over and was soon snoring while she watched the
third movie. It was all amateur interracial vignettes. It wasn't
well filmed like the other movies, the cameras remained still.
The catch was, the women didn't seem to know they were being
filmed. Several were done in hotel rooms between couples acting
drunk like they had just met in bars. Others seemed to be
modeling sets, where the women kept stripping off more and more
clothes until she was nude and soon having sex with the black
photographer. Still others were in a private room where a dressed
white woman was paying a black man to dance naked between her
legs. If they didn't end up fucking, she always sucked him off.
Some featured a nude white woman dancing between a well-dressed
black man's legs. The women seemed conditioned to obey the black
men and always did whatever they were ordered to do. Sometimes
the black men tipped the white strippers sometimes they didn't.
The women never complained.

Leigh watched the movie until three in the morning, shocked to
see that it was three hours long and her eyes had never left the


David returned the movies to Jack Hammer the next day. "Nothing
today Jack, I'm a little worn out." He was feeling pretty smug.
Leigh had started loosening up, she had let him eat her out, soon
he hoped they could sixty-nine, then maybe anal, or maybe they
could tie each other up? The possibilities were endless.

"Well, your wife was already in here today. Spent an hour

David looked at Jack with a confused expression. He left the city
and returned home. Leigh was making dinner in the kitchen. "Hi
honey, how was your day?" he asked.

"Good. I left work early and went shopping in the city."

David walked upstairs to the bedroom. There were several shopping
bags laying on the bed. One was a plain brown bag like the one
Jack always shoved his DVDs into. It was rather large, lying on
its side. David opened it. Inside was another DVD, this one
called, "Girls Gone Black: The XXX edition." Late at night he had
seen ads for the tamer version of this. Young girls flashing two
black camera men in public places. He hadn't known there was an
X-rated version.

There was another video, "Sexual Reparations." It was the one
they had watched last night, though David hadn't seen much of it
diving in his wife's muff. Leigh hadn't rented it again. She had
bought it! It had a $29.99 price sticker on it.

David reached in deeper into the bag, his hands closing on a
large object that felt like a huge magnum flashlight. He pulled
the twelve inch dildo out and stared at it. It was sculpted to
look real, featuring veins, ridges, and bumps, even curved
slightly upwards. The material was made of hard black plastic.

"I need to know what it feels like," said Leigh, from the door.
"I was hoping you'd fuck me with it while we watched the movie."

"But Leigh, it looks like a huge black cock?"

Leigh closed her eyes and appeared to shiver. I know, it's just
they don't make white ones that big and I want to try a big one."

"Isn't mine good enough for you?" asked David, forlornly.

"Of course it is honey," Leigh spoke, pausing for a few
uncomfortable Seconds, "But you have to admit, youíre not very
big even compared to the white actors and don't last
very long either."

"I see."

"I will never sleep with another man, but I have to know what a
big one feels like. Your tongue was wonderful, I wish I had let
you do that years ago."

David's mood improved a little. He had enjoyed licking his wife's
pussy. He liked the view up his wife's body from down there, the
fur under his nose, the way her flat belly undulated, and of her
arched neck between her breasts. Leigh had never looked better.

"Girls Gone Black" was a series about two black guys who paid,
charmed, or got drunk, young attractive white girls in bars and
then asked them to flash their tits. The triple X version showed
the girl's flashing, then continued on to where Willie, a huge,
good-looking, shaven-headed black man, trash talked them into
sex. Sometimes the camera man Latrell joined in.

Leigh mounted her husband, once again facing away from him so
that she could watch the screen. A rather gorgeous buxom blonde,
that looked underage, in a crowded bar was looking around to make
sure no one was watching after Willie handed her a hundred dollar
bill. She lifted up her tight tee shirt revealing a mouth
watering rack before yanking it back down. Then Willie pointed
out the camera man and the girl looked horrified. The scene cut
to a rather large room and the buxom blonde was now greedily
sucking one big black dick while the other banged her doggy

David came before the one black had even pushed it in all the
way. Leigh sounded frustrated and pushed her pussy back into his
mouth. David lapped up his sperm as he pushed his tongue deep
into his wife's crevices. She came after about ten minutes of
this. The girl on screen was now getting doubly penetrated in her
ass and pussy by the two men.

"Honey, my tongue's getting tired," said David, pulling his mouth

"David, now, do it now. I want you to use the dildo."

David sighed. "Alright, how do we do this?"

"I want you to fuck me like an animal, from behind."

David reached out and grabbed the dildo conveniently placed
beside the bed. The damn thing was so big around, his fingers
didn't touch. A girl on the TV was sucking on Latrell's big cock
in a park in broad daylight. Leigh had turned around, on all
fours, her head resting on her arms on the bed with her ass
thrust up into the air, her eyes staring at the TV. David had
never had this good of a view before and he was awed by how
perfect Leigh's ass was, the puckered rosebud in the center, the
folds of her dripping labia. Meanwhile, the girl on screen was
gagging from all the sperm in her mouth. "I've never seen a cock
cum this much or get this big. I gotta try it in my pussy. "Be my
guest," said the black man. The girl kneeled on the blanket as
the black man-with their typical amazing recovery rate- poised
his rejuvenated cock on her tight young pussy.

"Now, push it in now," begged both Leigh and the girl on screen
in unison.

David watched fascinated as he brought the dildo up to his wife's
pussy lips and pushed against them until they parted around it.
The hard plastic head was bigger then a golf ball and David was
surprised how easily such a big thing disappeared between her
folds. It didn't help the inadequacies he'd been feeling to see
what Leigh could handle.

"More David, shove it deeper." Leigh was pushing her ass back
into the dildo. He held it rigid, teasing her with it, before
pushing several more inches in. Leigh was going crazy. "Oh god
David, this feels good. Harder, fuck me harder. Gimme that big
cock. I love it. Fuck me with your big cock. Oh Jesu...I'm gonna
cum..." Leigh came hard grinding her pussy into the dildo as she
did. David didn't know women's orgasms could get as intense as
Leigh's just did. Her juices had flowed down the plastic dildo to
soak his hand. Unlike him, cumming didn't wipe her out, it seemed
to stoke the fires even more. "More David, gimme that big cock.
Push the rest in. Oh god, so big, so deep. Fuck me with that big
cock. I love your big black cock. Fuck me with that black cock.
Fuck my white pussy. I love black cock."

Her words pissed David off and he roughly shoved the remaining
two inches of the black dildo into his wife. Leigh just screamed
and had a tremendous orgasm.

"Sooo goood," she murmured, as he pulled it out.

David held the dildo up. The plastic was coated with her fluid
and his hand was soaked also. "I thought you didn't care about
the black thing?" he asked miffed.

"I don't. I was just imitating the girls in the movies. It seemed
natural. I'm sorry."

"It's ok, I guess."


David wasn't sure things were going in the direction he had
planned getting his wife to loosen up, so he decided to tone
things down a notch. He snuck the movie back so he didn't have to
talk to Jack. Leigh seemed more aroused then usual and they had
sex every night. He always came too fast and then ended up eating
her pussy to satisfy her and she did seem satisfied. The problem
was it wasn't with him. David checked the spot in the drawer
where Leigh kept the dildo and noticed it looked like it had been
moved every day. Plus, the movie she had purchased never left the
inside of the DVD player.   Late one evening the doorbell rang.
Leigh answered it and found herself staring at Thor's golden
hammer hanging over a muscular black chest. "Yes?"

"Leigh, it's me Jack."

Leigh looked up at his face. "The man from the video store?"
Leigh was feeling funny in her stomach and her legs felt weak.
Jack was just like her black porn studs. Almost against her will,
her panties turned damp.

David walked out of the kitchen and froze when he saw Jack
standing in the doorway. "Hey David, I just thought I'd stop by
and see how things were going. I haven't seen either of you in a
week and I was wondering if things were going well."

"Fine, things are fine," said David. "How'd you get this

"From your registration card. I hope you don't mind me stopping
by. Consider it a courtesy call. I may be in the porn business,
but I pride myself on servicing customers." Jack looked at Leigh
when he said that. "I was worried you weren't happy with our

"No, everything's fine."

"May I come in? I brought you two a complimentary video."

"Alright," said Leigh, hesitating and stepping out of Jack's way.

"I haven't seen it yet, but it features some of the things David
said he was interested in trying."
Leigh took the video. It was called "Thugs". "Exactly what was my
husband interested in trying?" asked Leigh.

"Nothing serious, some light bondage." Jack reached in his bag.
"Here, I even brought you two some furry handcuffs."

"Well thanks Jack," said David, taking the two pairs of
handcuffs, "and thanks for stopping by."

"Well I was hoping I could watch some of the movie with you,
seeing as how I havenít seen it yet either. I need to review it."

"I don't know, that's something Leigh and I do in private."

"David, it's the least we can do. Jack did go out of his way for

"Well ok," said David, reluctantly. "I guess we can watch it down

"Fantastic," said Jack.

"You know Jack, you don't sound like a black guy," said David.

"What do you mean?"

David didn't like the way Jack's eyes had narrowed when he said
that. "You're very well spoken and all."

"And black men aren't well spoken?"

"Well...I mean..."

"We're not all from the hood, but forget it, and for your
information, I'm a graduate of Harvard Business School."

David couldn't help being impressed. The black man had more
impressive credentials then he did. "But porn?"

"There's a lot of money to be made in the porn industry. I'm part
owner in a company that controls 87% of the adult entertainment
stores in New York state, but I don't consider myself a
pornographer. I consider myself a marriage councilor and the key
ingredient in a marriage isn't the bull shit you hear on Oprah
like communication or trust, it's sex. That's why I'm here."

"Well, our sex life has improved since David first wandered in
your store," Leigh said.

"Thanks, that's good to know." Jack went over and sat in the love
seat while David and Leigh sat on the couch.

"Thugs" was a rip off of cops only from the view point of street
toughs. Three gang members went around forcing themselves on
women while making their husbands watch. Two blacks crawled
through a window while the third filming them followed. They
began looking for valuables. One walked into the bathroom and a
gorgeous woman was taking a shower in a clear shower stall. The
black stripped off his clothes and joined her. She screamed and
struggled, but the sight of his huge shaft rising to attention
magically converted her and she kneeled taking him in her mouth.
Meanwhile another thug had come upon the husband reading in bed.
Soon the husband was tied in a chair watching all three service
his wife who loved every minute of it.

"There's a good example of bondage," said Jack.

"That's not what I had in mind. I was thinking more along the
lines of restraining my wife and having my way with her."

"Always nice, but women have fantasies about being in control
too. Plus, the chair position is a good one for the woman to
mount the guys lap. It makes the penis feel bigger and penetrate

"Hmm...sounds nice," said Leigh.

The next scene had a teenage girl approaching the thugs asking to
buy drugs. They said, sure, but she'd have to service them all
and they'd give them to her. She did and they told her afterwards
they weren't drug dealers. She said she didn't care, she was
addicted to their cocks now.

"I should get going soon," said Jack. "Say, did you two ever try
role playing?"

"No," said the husband and wife looking at each other.

"You should try it. If you'd like, I'll pretend I'm a thug. I can
use the handcuffs on Leigh here and David you can come rescue
her, I'll escape and you can have your way with her body."

"No," said David. "That sounds nice, but I really don't want
anyone seeing Leigh naked."

"Fine then, how about if I restrain you and leave. Leigh can come
upstairs and have her way with you."

"I don't know. What do you think honey?"

"It does sound kind of fun," said Leigh, biting her lower lip and
looking pensive. "Jack, is it true that is makes the penis seem
bigger and penetrate deeper?"

"Absolutely. What do you have to lose? David, show me your room
and if you don't have a chair up there, grab one from the

There was a good chair upstairs and Jack checked it out while he
opened the handcuffs.

"Go ahead and strip David."


"Yeah man, we're both adults. You don't have anything I haven't
seen everyday I'm at work." Jack sat one pair of handcuffs at the
foot of the chair and one behind. "This should work,you'll be


"Nothing, something in my throat..phh." Jack was trying to keep
from laughing. David had stripped down and as Jack had looked up,
the black man caught a glimpse of the smallest penis he had ever
seen, barely five inches and about as big as Jack's forefinger.
David was holding one hand over his genitalia looking
uncomfortable. His palm completely enveloped both his dick and

"Sit down," ordered Jack. "Cross your wrists behind you. David
sat, reluctantly taking his hand from the front of his crotch.
Jack looped the handcuffs through a bar on the chair and locked
them around David's wrists. "Let me know if they're too tight."

David struggled a little. "No, they're fine." They may have been
furry, novelty handcuffs, but they weren't cheap plastic, they
were real steel. Jack secured his feet and turned man and chair
so that it was facing the bed. "I'm gonna give your wife some
pointers before I go so she may not be up for awhile."

"Ok, just don't forget to give her the keys."

"Ha, yeah, ha, that's funny, yeah ha ha."

"David frowned. It hadn't been that funny and why was Jack
looking at his penis while he laughed? David felt exposed and
wished he had kept his shorts on or something.


Leigh looked up the stairs admiring Jack's hard body under his
polo shirt and jeans. Her heart skipped a beat and her breath
caught in her throat as he looked down at her coming forward to
stand uncomfortable close. "First things first," he said. Jack's
hands ran through her hair and undid the braid holding it up. He
arranged her hair around her shoulders. He then reached up and
slowly took her glasses off. "Youíre so beautiful, David's very

"Thank you."


"I guess."

"BITCH! Show me dem white titties."

Leigh let out a little yelp of fear as his words startled her and
she jumped. His hands had gripped her blouse and ripped it open
exposing her stomach and her bra covered breasts. "What the...?"
she practically screamed the words out.

Jack skillfully flipped the bra up over her breasts exposing
them. "Dems some nice titties, you white cracker bitch."

"What are you doing? Let me go," she begged.

"Leigh, I'm sorry." Jack let go of her breasts and started
stroking her hair. "I didn't mean to scare you. I'm just staying
in character."

"What do you mean?" Leigh was sobbing into his chest, feeling
both afraid and protected by the man holding her.

"You know fulfilling David's fantasy of seeing you with a black


"He didn't tell you? He wants to make you happy and knows his
penis is incapable of satisfying you like a black one can. It's
too small."  Jack had grabbed her wrists and moved it down to his
pants leg. He placed her hand on his cock and she squeezed it
through his jeans. "He had me pick out subtle movies with black
studs to get you used to the idea.  I'm sorry, he thought you
were ready. If you want I'll leave."

This was a lot for Leigh to handle. She did know one thing, she
didn't want him to leave. Her hand had never left his dick and it
had swollen several inches while she touched it. Her hand had
stated measuring the huge shaft. "I don't know Jack, I admit the
movies have really turned me on to black men and big cocks, but
I've always believed in the sanctity of marriage and I've always
felt the races shouldn't mingle, though I almost wish I had tried
a black man before I met David."

"It's not cheating, if your husband wants you to do it. Don't you
want to see it?"


"Then lets fool around a little down here. If you don't want to
go through with it, we'll quit, but remember there's a man tied
up upstairs who loves you very much and wants to see his wife get
the fucking she deserves from a real man. Take it out," he
ordered, pressing down on her shoulders.

Leigh's hands were shaking as she undid Jack's belt buckle. She
could see the bulge from the head of his cock halfway down his
thigh towards his knee. She opened his belt and unbuttoned the
jeans, pulling the zipper down. Jack was wearing white boxers.
She looked up at him in excitement over what she was about to see
and found herself staring in awe at his chest as he pulled the
shirt off over his head. His torso was every bit as big and with
bulging muscles as the black porn stars. How did so many black
men develop a workout that seemed to define every muscle in their

Even before she saw his cock, she knew this was where she
belonged, kneeling at the feet of a superior male. The slave-slut
of a Nubian god. Her purpose in life to serve her master. "Hurry
up and takes that cock out, bitch," he said looking down at her,
then winking to show he was staying in character.

Leigh turned her attention back on his crotch. She struggled to
pull his jeans down, his boxers sliding down an inch as his jeans
tugged on them and revealing the top of his pubic hair. The
boxers were tight, almost as much as biker shorts. The cock bulge
ran down the right leg almost to the base of the material.

Leigh put both hands on the waistband and pulled down. The rest
of his dark pubic hair appeared and soon, so did the root of his
cock. It was as thick as her wrist and the shaft even got thicker
as more revealed itself. Her pussy actually spasmed with lust
when the head appeared. Soon it was freed and the monster shaft
jerked up to hang pointed at her face. His boxers fell to his
feet and Jack stepped out of them, kicking his shoes off.

"It's thirteen inches."

Leigh nodded, she had been wondering how big the monster cock
was. "It's magnificent," she whispered. Jack's black cock was
close to three times as big as David's. There was something
different about it beside the size and the color. She actually
wanted it. She wanted to suck it, to swallow his sperm, to fuck
it, to give her ass to it. It even smelled different. Leigh
inhaled his scent through her nose, a wave of desire for his cock
spreading throughout her body as she breathed.

Thank god, David wanted her to do this, because after seeing a
black cock up close, there was no way she wasn't going to fuck
it. Especially knowing what these cocks were capable of. The
images of dozens of white girls in the pornos fucking and sucking
these cocks flashed through her mind.

"What do you want Leigh?"
"I want to suck you off. I want to taste your cum."

"Then do it."

Leigh looked at his cock again and was surprised to see she was
holding it and her hand was slowly stroking the huge shaft as if
her body knew what it wanted before her mind did. Leigh leaned
forward and kissed Jack's huge cock head to show her respect for
it. Then her tongue flickered out and curled around the head,
then she teased his pee-slit and for a moment thought he had cum
as quickly as her husband did, but Leigh realized it was just
precum. The pee-slit leaked the stuff in a steady stream which
made sense as it would take a lot of lubrication to coat a cock
this large. Leigh soon moved from the head down the veiny shaft.
Jack held his cock up and she even licked his hefty balls, the
movies having taught her that black men liked their balls licked.

"Now show that black cock how a married white slut knows how to
treats it."

Leigh shivered. It was strange, but she liked being called and
treated like a slut by Jack. If David had tried it, she would
have slapped him within seconds. Like most women, she was proud
and independent, but had a secret desire to be dominated.
Muscular black men seemed to be able to bring out these hidden
desires in women like they had some sort of primal, animalistic

Leigh took his cock in her mouth almost giggling at how different
it was from her husband's. David's just scraped her throat when
she had swallowed him whole. Jack's cock head alone stretched her
mouth out. She couldn't help gagging as the head pushed into her
throat. Leigh pictured the female porn stars and tried to copy
their technique. She breathed through her nose, relaxed her jaw,
and concentrated on getting as much as she could down her throat.
The movies had almost been a training manual for how to service
her black master.

Leigh was only able to get a little more then half Jack's cock
down her throat and was disappointed with herself. She settled on
bobbing her head rapidly over five or so inches while jerking him
off with one of her hands.

Leigh had to switch hands several times not to mention rest her
jaw and neck. Jack's stamina almost out lasted hers. Leigh was
giving her throat a break, just sucking the cock head into her
mouth while stroking the rest of his cock with one hand, her
other massaging his balls. She felt them tense up just as his
cock seemed to grow even bigger. Half Jack's load was spurting
out of her mouth around his cock before she even knew he had cum.
Jack's one wad had completely filled her mouth to overflowing.

Leigh greedily gulped down Jack's cum, the first sperm she had
ever swallowed. She hadn't even thought about it, it seemed
natural to swallow Jack's sperm and she was making room in her
mouth for the next wad. She even liked the taste. She ended up
swallowing three wads and he pulled his cock out shooting a
fourth on her face.

"That was great," said Jack.

"Next time, I'll try to take more."

"I'll be sure you have plenty to practice on. Now, are you ready
to try this monster in your pussy?"

Leigh looked at Jack's cock. It hadn't really shrunken at all and
Jack had just tugged on it a couple times. It looked as hard as
it had the first time. Black men really did have amazing recovery
rates. "I don't think I've ever been more ready for something in
my life."

"Good. Remember, this is David's role playing fantasy. I'm gonna
pretend I'm a thug forcing you into sex. You gotta struggle, then
give in. Talk trash a lot like the girls in the movies. Keep
telling him how much bigger mine feels."

"I don't think that will be a problem."


David was wondering what the hell was taking so long. His hands
were getting sore and he was developing a cramp. His little dick
had gotten hard and soft many times in anticipation, but his wife
had stayed downstairs for close to half an hour.

He heard footsteps coming up the stairs, two sets, one big and
heavy. For some reason, Jack hadn't left. Leigh walked in looking
stunned, her blouse was ripped open and her bra was crooked
showing her beautiful breasts. Her cheeks and chin were covered
in cum. Then a huge black figure was standing before him, naked,
an enormous thirteen inch cock angling downward before his eyes,
still slick with saliva and dripping sperm. "Don't move cracker,"
said Jack, shoving his white boxers into David's mouth. "I'm
gonna teach that white wife slut of yours how a real man fucks.
Moves and I'll kills ya."

David looked in horror at Leigh. Her reaction was not what he
expected. She mouthed the words, "Thanks," then, "I love you,"
before turning to look at the approaching black man.

"Get dem clothes offs bitch. Lets see dem goodies."

"Please, I'll do whatever you want just don't hurt me or my
husband." Leigh was pulling her torn shirt off as she spoke.
"Please, I have money just leave us alone." Leigh was down to
just her panties. She pulled them down and David could see how
wet they were. Leigh had never shown him much of her body until
the past week and here she was standing nude before a black
stranger. "Please don't do this. I'm a married woman. Your cock
is too big, it'll ruin me."

"Shuddup bitch, it's hammer time."

David stared in horror at the sight of that huge thirteen inch
cock approaching his wife. He tried to yell, but if was muffled
by the boxer shorts in his mouth. He struggled to break free of
his bonds, but it was useless. The two on the bed ignored his

Jack and Leigh were both kneeling on the bed. Jack was squeezing
Leigh's breasts. The contrast of his dark skin on her pale white
was very erotic. He ran one big beefy hand down her belly and
cupped her crotch. "I see this pussy is ready to try a real man."

"Just go easy on me. You're almost three times as big as my

"Bitch, yous is gonna be a slut for black cock when this is

David watched as Jack pushed her backwards. Leigh's pussy was
facing his chair and she was holding her legs open for the black
man, not closed to fight him. Her pussy was ready for Jack, her
thighs glistened with lubrication. Jack's hard body blocked his
view and David heard Leigh gasp in surprise. He caught another
glimpse when Jack raised his body up. Jack's cock head was wedged
in Leigh's pussy as Jack slammed his body down. For the next
fifteen minutes he couldn't see a thing, but Jack's ass bucking
and flexing. David could hear fine though, there was a squishing
sound, the occasional grunt from Jack, and soft moans from Leigh
that grew in crescendo until they were screams of pleasure. "Fuck
me," she screamed. "Fuck me Jack. Your cock is so much better
then my husband's. Fuck me with that black cock. I'm cumming."
David counted six possible orgasms before Jack dismounted
revealing a horrifying sight. Leigh's pussy was splayed open, a
gaping hole, bigger then the one the dildo had made. Would it
close? Would he ever feel the inside of his wife's pussy again?
Would she even let him?
Her pussy was empty. Jack hadn't cum, he had fucked her with
stamina as great as the black porn studs. He was sitting on the
edge of the bed facing David, so David could see the huge shaft
glistening with Leigh's juices. The black man pulled Leigh to her
feet and over between his legs. He spun her around so that her
beautiful white body was facing her husband. She didn't look at
him, she looked dazed as if she had forgotten he was even there.
Leigh was pulled back into Jack's crotch, she reached between her
legs, seeming to struggle to bend his cock down, but she got it
and wedged it in her pussy. David spent another fifteen minutes
watching his wife ride the huge shaft, her eyes closed, her belly
spasming, Jack's big hands squeezing her breasts and teasing her
nipples. The expression of pure pleasure on her face was one
David knew he could never match.

"On the floor bitch, face down, ass up. Where do you keep the

"In the drawer by the bed."

David looked down at his wife on the floor right in front of him.
Jack returned with the dildo and some hand cream. His cock bobbed
before him as he kneeled behind Leigh. Jack pushed his cock in
her pussy all the way until their crotches were grinding. The
black man held his cock buried while he squeezed lotion along the
dildo's shaft, then he held the bottle tip against Leigh's anus,
squeezing it and filling her bowels with cream. Jack placed the
head of the dildo against her ass and pushed. Leigh jumped as the
knobby head pierced her virgin asshole. Jack wrapped her long
black hair around his fist and pulled back like he was reining
her in, the other hand starting to fuck her ass with the dildo.
It was an asinine thing to do, making Leigh choose between
feeling pain from having her hair pulled or having her ass
fucked. She chose her ass.

David could tell it hurt. Hell, it hurt him just watching the big
dildo plow deeper and deeper into her bowels. Leigh was
grimacing, her eyes squeezed tightly shut as the dildo hit the
halfway point. Jack was pulling it out, working it deeper until
she got used to inch after inch. "Next time your gonna have two
black cocks doing this to you and not this fake piece shit.

Jack gave one last strong push and wedged nine inches inside
Leigh causing her to jerk and pull her hair. Jack released her
hair and she fell forward, several inches of his cock sliding
from her pussy. She rested for several minutes and then David was
surprised to see her body start to move.

Leigh started pushing her ass back, trying to get the rest of
Jack's cock in her. She pushed herself up just as Jack grabbed
the dildo and started fucking her with it as he began moving his
cock in and out of her pussy. Leigh was starting to moan and
scream she had a wild look in her eyes. "Fuck meee, fuck my ass.
I've never been this stuffed. I want it. I want two black cocks."

"Are you my slut?"


"Say it."

"I'm your slut Jack. Leigh looked up at David suddenly
remembering he was there. She looked sad as she continued, "I'm
hooked on your big black cock. My pussy belongs to you now."
Leigh lost control as an orgasm overwhelmed her. These seemed
bigger then the ones she had with just Jack's cock in her and
bigger still when Jack started fucking her hard while leaving the
dildo stuck in her ass.

Jack was adding his own moans and cries to Leigh's. Suddenly, he
stopped holding his cock buried. David watched Jack's ass cheeks
flex and then Jack pumped his hips a couple times before pulling
his cock out. Jack's thirteen inch black cock was white it was so
covered in semen and more of the white pudding began pouring out
of Leigh's pussy. Jack slowly pulled the dildo out of Leigh's ass
and she remained on all fours breathing heavily.

The whole scene was hard for David to believe and what happened
next was harder still. Jack's cock had lost a little steel as
Jack squeezed his fist along it from the base to the tip, forcing
the last of his cum out. The cum remaining in the shaft was more
then David's inferior balls would produce in six months and what
was even more humiliating was that as Jack squeezed the last drop
out, his cock was rock hard again.

This time Jack brought the tip up to Leigh's ass hole and pushed
it in. Leigh never came while he fucked her ass, but she did fuck
him back, gritting her teeth as she pushed her hips back into his
thrusts. Jack came again about twenty minutes later an
unbelievable amount of sperm welling up from her ass as he pulled

"Did you enjoy the show?" asked Jack, pushing himself to his

David found himself nodding. The gag had forced him to breathe
through his nose throughout the entire fuck session, Jack's
powerful pheromones convincing David it was only natural to yield
up his wife to such a superior male.

"You can keep them as a souvenir," said Jack, pointing at his
boxers sticking out of David's mouth. Then he left, walking naked
out of the bedroom.

It took Leigh a long time to recover, but she reached out for her
clothes and retrieved the handcuff keys. She fumbled to unlock
them. David's arms and legs were asleep and he worked them around
to get the blood flowing again.

"David, thank you so much for setting this up. I love you,
but...I'm going to need Jack's black cock a lot from now on. I
don't even know if I'll be able to feel you in me after the
fucking Jack just gave me."

David was horrified, but the pornos had been an instruction
manual for him too. There was no way he could compete in the
bedroom with Jack Hammer or any black man...hell, or any of the
white men he had seen in the movies. "Does this mean I don't get
to fuck my wife anymore?

"I really don't see the point David, do you?" He shook his head
agreeing and she continued, "but you can still eat my pussy. In
fact, why don't you come do that for me now."

"But youíre full of sperm?"

"So? You've cleaned out your own sperm. Come on honey, clean up
Jack's mess, so I can go to sleep. It's really quite tasty."

"Yes dear," said David crawling between his wife's legs. He
looked at the gaping, cum filled hole that had once been his
wife's pretty little pussy. If she wanted him to get it all, this
was going to take awhile.

He had his work cut out for him.


Authorís Note: Are the DVD movies shades of Vonnegut? Maybe. He
was a favorite author of mine. Throughout Vonnegutís novels are
little mentions of stories by a fake science fiction author named
Kilgore Trout. Each story mentioned added something to the novels.