Author: Sterling
Title: Nine Ways Into a Little Girl's Panties
Description: Little girls' panties hold treasures within, and the
cute, tender tissues sleep in private. We mustn't touch -- but we
can dream. Here are nine different, whimsical, gentle, happy
tales of getting inside to fresh, young girly parts.
Keywords: Mg pedo lolita 1st het cons humor

NOTICE:  This story contains explicit sex.

First posted 5/19/2012.

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Nine Ways Into a Little Girl's Panties

Women have panties with feminine treasures inside, ones they are
eager to share with the right man at the right time.

But what if the panties that make your heart go pitty-pat are at
the junction of short, thin legs? What if they are a small size
and do not contain broad hips and thatches of pubic hair? A wet,
supple, receptive cavity, eager to engulf an engorged male organ
and match its urgency... Such is just *not* to be found in such
cute little panties. In sober fact, all erotic play in and around
girl panties is forbidden.

But imagination is free to all. Step through the portal to
enticing tales of ways into little girl panties: sweet, erotic,
twisty little journeys, all different.

Fantasy 1 For Getting Into Little Girl Panties: Over the Left Hip

Bending over from behind the girl, approaching from the top, find
the bare skin between her shirt and shorts. Slide the fingers of
your left hand under the shorts at the girl's left hip, then
gently under the elastic of the inner protection. Slowly move
downward, with a circling motion. Treasure the feel of soft, warm
skin below your fingers, and soft cloth above your knuckles. You
shouldn't be here, of course, but there's nothing really private
about a hip, right?

Fantasy 2 For Getting Into Little Panties: The Little Samaritan

The routine was to sit on the park bench and read, glancing up
occasionally at one of the girls. But today one little angel was
so stunningly beautiful, with such a bright smile and sweet
voice, that I found myself staring. She saw me looking twice and
I quick looked away. After the third time, I sensed her walking
up to my bench as I stared unseeing at my book. When she reached
me, I looked up, trying to act nonchalant.

She had her hands on her hips, looking stern.

"I know that look, mister. Come with me." She grabbed my right
hand and I let myself be pulled. Was she going to bring me to her
mother for a reprimand?

No. Instead, she pulled me to a secluded spot at the edge of the
park among some bushes. We were out of sight of everyone. And
then before I could protest she grabbed my sweats and briefs and
tugged them halfway down my thighs.

I was shocked. "Ummm," I said. "Gosh! I, um..." My cock was
swollen but not at all stiff.

She looked at me with a mischievous smile, then she stroked my
cock tip once before reaching under to heft my balls. "Nice and
heavy," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

My cock was rapidly filling and separating from my body as it
began to rise. "Um, hmmm, uhhhh," was all I managed to say.

"You look so hungry, mister. For me! I bet you'd like to lighten
up those balls a bit by doing that naughty thing up inside my
panties." She smiled up at me.

"Oh, dear! No! I... Um..."

Still smiling, she sighed and said, "You're all like that. Don't
worry. I like making men happy, and I'll never tell. And it looks
like your pee-nis is just about ready to do it, too. Nice fat,
long one."

"Who's watching out for you?" I asked.

"My mommy, but she won't be back for an hour."

"Um, what if someone comes?"

She switched to a whisper. "Wanna take a risk? Am I worth it?"
She was so cute, so sexy, and so friendly...

She pulled me down to the moss growing between the bushes. "You
look at us little girls all the time, but never get to do
anything about it, right? Here's your chance! Get all naughty and
sticky with my tender little privates? Would you like to? Yeah?"

Mesmerized, I nodded. She had hitched her dress up around her
waist, giving me a view of her panties. They were whitish but
stained faintly yellow in the crotch.

"Poke that big penis in, back and forth and all. One guy didn't
make it inside and just spurted goop all over my panties. But you
could poke that giant thing right up *inside* my private girly
hole and shoot your mess up there? You wanna do that?"

I nodded. To spurt a dollop of sperm into this little girl's
cunny would be heaven.

She spread her legs wide. "Now you get to see inside a little
girl's panties!" she said, and hitched up her butt to pull them
down around her ankles.

I gulped, and she giggled. As in a dream, I started to maneuver
into position, figuring the angles.

She rose a bit, leaning back on her elbows. "Wait... You know you
can only do this 'cuz I say you can, right?"

I nodded vigorously.

"They're *my* panties, and *my* peepee parts, right?"

I nodded again.

"Good..." She leaned back with a contented sigh.

"Don't you need time to, uh, get ready? Like wet?" I asked.

"Nope. When you looked at me back in the playground it made me
start getting wet, and talking about it made me wetter, and
seeing a big pee-nis ready to poke into me made it all ready to

I lowered myself onto the girl, thrilled with the danger and the

"OK, that's right, let me grab your thingie -- right there -- now

I pushed, and felt a hot wetness around my tip. It had a playful
feel to it, somehow.

"There, that's good..." It slid inside, and as she studied my
face, she gave a delighted laugh. "You look so excited! You've
got a nice big one. Keep going -- deeper."

This was heaven! She was slick and hot, and my cock kept sliding
in, farther and farther.

I started pumping in and out.

"You think I'm pretty?" she asked shyly.

"Yes, yes! You're gorgeous!" I said with total sincerity, pumping
and panting.

She giggled. "I get warm tingles too when you do it like that.
OK, go ahead and 'jaculate. Make me sticky up inside my pussy!
Before anyone comes!"

I nodded dumbly and jammed my rampant organ in and out of the
little girl's pussy with a vengeance.

"It's so warm and cozy... Now do that big naughty mess up in my

She was begging me to do what I wanted more than anything in the
world. Pleasure fogged my brain as her hot cunny gripped me with
silky wetness. "Aaaahhhhhh!" I moaned urgently as I began

She smiled and said, "Awwww! You look so happy! I can feel each
mess of goop when you shoot it out." After a few seconds, she
added, "You got it all out of your system now? Emptied your
balls? Peed it all up into my girly body?"

I nodded dumbly.

"Oh, goody." She giggled, and lifting her head up she rubbed
noses with me, then whispered "But we don't want anyone to find
us like this!"

I withdrew and slid off to one side.

She scrambled up, pulling up her panties as she rose, then
smoothing her dress down.

"No one came to see us this time."


"OK, I gotta go! Bye!"

I pulled my sweatpants and briefs back up so I'd be decent, but I
was still so spent from my unbelievable ecstasy that I just sat
on the moss.

After a minute she ran back. "Now I can feel your stuff leaking
out onto my panties. More stains. My mommy thinks I don't wipe
myself, but I do! It's you men who aren't quite toilet trained!"
She gave an evil little laugh. "But I like to make you poor men
happy. It's worth it." And with the sweetest smile and laugh, she
ruffled my hair with her hand before she tripped back to the

Fantasy 3 For Getting Into Little Girl Panties: Down From Her

Place your hand flat against the small of the standing little
girl's back. Move it downwards until your fingertips brush the
panty cloth. With a swirling motion, work your fingers
underneath, then keep going. Appreciate the two little buttocks
that take shape under your fingers and then the crack beneath
them. Your little girl will spread her legs a little so you can
continue your explorations. Separate your fingers to skirt her
anus, but as soon as you are past, bring them together at her
centerline once more. Your prize will soon appear: a second,
smaller crack between soft puffy flaps. Enjoy the flaps, and note
the slit, but stay outside. Her inner parts are tender, they're
shy, and they're private, after all! Treasure the moment. You've
proved beyond doubt that she's a girl.

Fantasy 4 For Getting Into Little Girl Panties: Mysticism

The little girl was gorgeous. I smiled at her briefly as she and
her mother went by, and she smiled back. Sigh.

Then they stopped. I could barely overhear the conversation.


"Yes, Rachel, honey, what is it?"

"That man back there made my panties damp."

"Oh? What do you mean?"

"He looked at me and smiled. I smiled too and then my panties got

My heart started pounding. Could it really be?

"Oh! Damp from your privates?"


Did he seem nice to you?"


"Would you like us to go talk to him?"


Mother led daughter back to where I was waiting for the bus.

"This one?"

The girl smiled and nodded.

"Hi, I'm Molly. My daughter Rachel says you made her panties

"Oh, um, well, hmmmm...." I stammered. Now that it was really
happening, it was hard to believe.

"That's OK. Are you willing? You know, to..."

I looked at her. "You think I could bless her?"

She looked at her daughter. "Are you sure your panties got damp?"

"They're getting wetter all the time."

Molly looked at me. "So, are you willing?"

"Um, yeah! Sure!"

"What's going on, mommy? Why are my panties all wet?"

"We'll explain in a minute, dear."

"Where can we go?" I asked.

"How about that bench over there?"

"It's pretty public."

"Yeah, but it's out of everyone's way, at least. And everyone
thinks a blessing is so nice."

"Well, OK." My cock was by now very hard in my pants.

"What are you talking about?" asked little Rachel.

We sat on the bench, all three of us. Molly took her daughter's

"You know how babies are made? Remember?"

"Yeah," said Rachel.

"The big, long daddy thing pokes up in a woman and leaves a glob
of stuff that grows in the woman's tummy?"

Rachel nodded and made a face.

"Well, this man here is one of the unusual ones who likes the
idea of leaving globs of stuff in little girls. And he especially
likes you."

"That way?"

"Yes, and your body responded just to his thoughts, getting all
wet down there."

"Why did it get wet?"

"So his big long thing can slide in smoothly. That means you two
are aligned and he can give you a blessing."

"What's a blessing?"

"All kinds of good things happen to you. And you'll feel -- well,
I was never that lucky when I was a girl, but they say it's
fantastic. You'll find out."

"Look, mommy!" she said, pulling her dress up. Her panties were
soaked and it had gotten her dress wet too. "I didn't pee -- I
know I didn't!"

"Oh, we know it too." Then she looked at me. "I think you'd
better do it soon. At this rate, she'll be suffering from

I smiled, and she smiled back.

"So you lie back, Rachel, and scrunch your dress up -- let's get
those panties off."

"But everyone can see me!"

"Don't worry about that -- it's a blessing."

The mother handed me the sopping panties. I sniffed them deeply,
feeling a vibrant pleasure with a different dimension -- a
spiritual dimension, maybe, that made all the pleasure stronger
and more wholesome somehow.

When the girl had lain back, all spread out on the bench, I
pulled down my pants and briefs, revealing a large, very stiff

"What's that, mommy?" she asked.

"That's his big penis; that's what he's going to bless you with."

From the sidewalk there was a brief cry. "Look, it's a blessing!"
By ones and twos a crowd gathered around.

"Why's everyone looking?" asked Rachel, obviously nervous.

"This is a very special event, and everyone loves to see them.
Just trust me, OK?"

My eyes were glazed over, and I moved in to mount the girl. But
now I felt no embarrassment, because I knew I was about to do
something wonderful, maybe even divine.

"He's gonna stick that... in me?" asked Rachel, apprehensively.

"Trust me, dear," said Molly. "It's going to hurt a little, too,
but just for a few seconds."

The girl stared at the huge organ lining up between her legs and
started crying a little. But her mother said, "Look at me, dear.
Keep looking at me. It won't hurt long."

Rachel looked at her mother, fighting back tears.

I lined up and grabbed the little one's thighs, then began nosing
my cock against her opening. I pushed. Using my masculine
strength was the right thing to do, without question. I pushed
harder and then harder still, and began to get a little ways in.

"Ouch, mommy!"

"Shh, shh," said her mother. "Look at me."

"Oooffff!" said I, my cock opening up the girl's channel. I
pressed into her harder.

Rachel was crying, but I knew her tears were part of the plan.
The girl's mother's calm cooperation removed all doubt.

A woman from the street said, "Look, he's in now."

"Yeah, and there's a little blood," said a man.

"Yeah, that's part of it."

After a minute, I finally got my cock into the girl as far as it
would go. I could feel the end of her pussy.

At that moment, Rachel's attitude changed completely. Her face
had been a teary pout, and now it went slack. "Oh, mommy, mommy,
what is that? It feels *so* good!"

In the little crowd nearby, the first onlooker said, "She went
over the line, it's all good for her from here on out."

I was like one possessed. "Unnnh, unnnh, unnnnnh!" I grunted,
over and over again, louder and louder. Yes, this animal lust was
exactly what was required. The girl laid out below me for sexual
access was beautiful beyond words.

"Oh, Rachel, my dear sweet daughter," said Molly, stroking her
daughter's cheek, as the girl looked up vacantly, a small smile
on her slack mouth.

"Unnnh, unnnh, unnnnnh!" I grunted, louder and deeper, my slick
cock flashing in and out of the small girl faster and faster.

Finally I gave a huge shove and let out a roar, pressing my cock
up tight into the girl as I froze. Indescribably rich orgasmic
pleasure seized me. I felt myself give seven shots into the
little girl, each one a full spurt. I'd never done that before.

"Mmmph, mmmph, phhhhh, zzzzzz," moaned Rachel softly.

Slowly my body started to relax and I slid out of her tender
pussy, collapsing back on the bench. I held my head in my hands.

"I don't envy him," said one of the onlooker men.

It was uncomfortable. Partly it was the transition from such
ecstasy back to the mundane world,  partly it was a big headache,
and partly it was aching balls. To give a blessing a guy's body
reached deeper into his sexual innards and shot out more stuff
than any other time, including different stuff. And it hurt his
body -- my body -- to part with that different stuff.

"Ummm, is there anything else we need to do?" said the mother to
the onlookers.

"You're done, you just go home. Here, let me help," said the
woman. "Is your car near here?"

"Yeah, just a block."

"Carry her in your arms, and don't worry about her dress, it's
going to get soaked. They always spurt a ton of stuff when they
do a blessing."

The mother smoothed down her dress and picked up the limp,
ecstatic girl. The woman took her parcels

A man helped me to my feet, and I waited for the next bus.

Rachel would be limp for six hours, barely able to move. When she
came out of her ecstasy, she would quickly get back to her old

But she would be blessed. A little bit smarter, prettier, kinder,
happier, stronger, faster, and luckier then before. And with a
memory of sexual ecstasy that she'd rarely if ever match later in
life, even when her sexuality reached its full bloom.

Unless, of course, another man blessed her. It was rare for a
girl to get two blessings, but it did happen.

Method 5 For Getting Into Little Girl Panties: Up Her Skirt

Kneeling in front of the girl as she sits, nudge her legs aside
just enough as you slide your right hand between her thighs.
Enjoy her laughing smile as she warms to this secret, naughty
play and spreads her legs to help you. Rejoice in the warm,
smooth skin on either side of your hand. When your fingertips
reach the cloth of her panties, explore ever so gently, pressing
lightly against every spot until you feel the warmth of the girl
underneath. Then begin a vertical stroking motion, from top to
bottom, right at her centerline. Tease her with a little hint of
the pleasures that are hers for the asking. When you can't stand
it any more, press your right palm against the inside of her
upper left thigh, and wriggle those fingertips inside the elastic
of her panty leg hole. Slide smoothly over her soft, smooth
labial skin until you reach the center. Slide your fingers up and
down, continuing the same basic motion you were using outside.
With your index finger, burrow in a little more, ever so gently.
See if you can find any moisture at her vaginal opening. It's
best to keep your other fingers outside, since they might hit her
very sensitive little clit.

Fantasy 6 For Getting Into Little Girl Panties: The Mind-Reading

"Hey, little girl, do you want to know what I think about?"

"Yeah, cool!"

"Well, then let me put this headset on you... There, just like
that... OK, now I'll turn it on..."

"Oh! Oh, wow! Cool! You're so smart! How do you know so much? ...
You really think I'm pretty?" She giggled.

After a moment she looked at me, eyes wide, face turning a little
pink, then put her hand over her mouth. "That's very naughty!
Very, very naughty!"

I shrugged. Somehow it was important to me not to actually ask
her to do anything. But I couldn't help my thoughts. They just
came to me. Right? Right.

"My mommy taught me not to let anyone see my underpants!"

I nodded.

"But wow, you really want to see them! I guess my mommy never
dreamed how much a man might want to."

I said nothing, but felt blood pulsing into my cock. My thoughts
could convey my urgency more than words ever could.

"You're getting all naughty in your own underpants too. Wow, let
me lie back on the bed. You want to so much, wow... See my
panties!" She hitched up her dress and wiggled her hips, driving
me crazy.

"Now you want me to take them off?" she said with wide eyes.

I looked at the panty cloth on her crotch longingly and managed
to actually shake my head a little.

"You do too!" she said. "But it's private. You're very, very

I nodded, looking down sheepishly.

But she hunched her hips and pulled the panties off. She giggled

"You are so, so bad!" She spread her legs, just like I hoped she
would. "It's just my girly peepee parts... Now you want to look
inside?" She managed incredulity at every step; it was erotic.

I raised my shoulders and shrugged, as if indifferent, but gently
spread her labia to see the complicated folds within and the
little opening.

"It's all yucky down there. You want to stick your finger in that
funny hole! ... Oh, but it's not nasty to you. Not at all... You
love it so much! Gee... Well, it's your finger."

I slid my finger into the intimate wetness, then I moved up on
the bed

"You want to take off your pants too? Hmmmm... Well, if you
really want to."

I exposed myself to the dear young thing.

"Whoa! It's really big! Your peepee thingie. Weewee... What's it
called? 'Penis'! That's it, I remember, 'penis'."

It twitched.

"You want to poke that against my own little hole? My mommy says
it's a 'vagina'. Well, OK. Oh, that's so, so naughty! Isn't it
gross? No, I guess you don't think so. You really, really don't
think so!"

My masculine tip kissed against her feminine lips. I was frantic
with desire, but said nothing.

She grew quiet. "You want to stick that in me? Yuck! But... How
can you want to so bad? It feels all funny down there... Like my
innards are getting warm and big... And like I'm wetting myself!
It's nasty and yucky, but you like it so much... OK, push a
little. Ouch! That hurts."

I paused, trying to balance my desire not to hurt her against my
lust. She sensed my question.

"It doesn't really hurt much. You want it so much -- more than I
don't want to hurt."

I looked at her once more, trying to make sure.

"Yeah, keep going -- you naughty man."

My lust engaged, I pressed inward.

"Oooh, ouch! Oooo, wow... Should you stop? No, don't stop...
Jeez... I've got a big hole! You got that thing poking into me!
And you want to keep going in... Yeah, don't stop..."

Half of my shaft had oozed into the tender girl's hot, wet
channel. That was enough.

"Now, you want to go back and forth... Well, OK. Wow, that feels

I began an in-and-out motion, in heaven. As the minutes went by,
she gave occasional sighs and giggles and commented on my

"Hey, I'm liking it too. Not just you. It's what a girl's hole is
made for! I never knew that... Yeah, hold me tight with your
arms. That feels nice. Wow, you're just *taking* me. It's all
different and funny, but I know you're being nice to my body...
I'm so happy to have that thing poking into me. Wow, am I full!
This is fun!"

I shifted to greater urgency. The motion felt exquisite, but I
was driven to finish.

"And you're going to pee in me! Yuck! It's special pee, but even
so... You want to so much! What a naughty, naughty man you are!
It feels really good right there where your thingie is shoving in
and out... Really good. You want to be naughty up there? OK, do
it! Let it out! Mess up my innards... A gift? If you say so...
Oh, so naughty. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oooooohhhhhhhh!" She shuddered.

I pressed in and out urgently. "Unnh, unnh, unnh, unnh,
aaaahhhhh!" I said, reaching heaven as my cock pulsing
rhythmically, disgorging sticky sperm into the little girl's
private, tender pussy cunny hole.

"Oh, oh, aaahhh!" she said, her orgasm trailing off. "What a
sweet little gift! And you got so super happy it was amazing! And
you made me happy too!"

I slid out.

"Look at it all sticky like that... Sure, let me lick it! ...
Tastes good... You want to lick me? Down there? Well, OK! ..."

I did, and settled in for a long, luxurious series of tender
tongue caresses.

"Feels nice -- very, very nice!" She moaned as the minutes went
by. "Hey, I'm going to get happy again... Oh, oh, oh, mmmmmmmmm!"

She panted. "Oh, and your thingie is hard again. You wanna stick
it up there again? Up my cunt? What a nasty word!"

I didn't realize she could get actual words from my mind.

"OK, there you go! It's called 'fucking'? Ooooo! I know that's a
naughty word... But it's a really nice thing to do."

I pressed in, delighted at the relatively easy penetration.

"And it goes in so easy this time, since it's all sticky and wet.
You going to make me even stickier and wetter? You naughty man!"

I slid in and out with long, slow strokes. She wriggled her butt
all different ways, increasing my pleasure and lust. Minutes went
by, both of us making quiet sounds that showed our lust.

"Hey, you're going to make me that wavy happy again!"

"Unnh, unnh, unnh, unnh... aaaaahhhh!" I said once again, and she
echoed the sentiment with an "Oooooohhhhhhh", an octave or two up
the scale.

So we spent the afternoon. Whenever my cock was soft, she was
licking it and I was earnestly licking her juicy tender little
privates, and she convulsed with her orgasms. Whenever my cock
was hard, I stuck it up her pussy cunny hole and drilled her
until I spat a little more cum onto her junior cervix.

She fell asleep with my cock in her mouth, and began nursing on
it, or so it seemed.

"Yeah, sure!" she said in the morning. "I bet all my friends
would love this. Once they have this funny wire thing on their
heads, they'll understand how much you want it, and they'll all
want to pull down their panties like bad girls and show you
everything and let you touch and fiddle and poke and stuff them
with your big fat thingie and mess up their pussy parts. Yeah,
they'll all want to do that!"

Fantasy 7 For Getting Into Little Girl Panties: Lap Girl

While sitting in a chair, let the little girl take off her pants
and sit on your lap. Let her spread her legs wide so her lower
legs dangle outside your thighs. Put your fingers in your little
girl's mouth so they get nice and wet. Then with your palm
against her belly, move down over her junior mound and let your
fingers slip under the waistband of the panties. The exquisitely
soft labial flesh that she's been hiding inside will materialize
under your fingers. Massage it gently. Adding extra lubrication
as needed from your little girl's spit, rub her left lip with
your index finger, her right lip with your ring finger. Ever so
gently open her up with those two, little by little, making room
for your middle finger. Explore her vaginal opening, and notice
the growing wetness. But stroke in an upward motion, very gently,
until you find her young clitoris at the top of her inner slit.
Stroke upward, over and over, very patiently. When the girl tells
you it feels really good and wants it to feel better, tell her
your tongue can do an even better job at making her feel good --
but for that she'll have to take her panties off all the way. Her
lust will overcome any lingering modesty, and she will agree,
eagerly ditching her panties.

Fantasy 8 For Getting Into Little Girl Panties: The Junior Lolita

It was the finals of the Junior Lolita Pageant. The dancing,
singing, story-telling, swimsuit, and modeling rounds had already
happened. Now it was the seduction round. All three of us judges
would grade contestants on everything we could see or hear. But
only I could judge a girl on how things felt, because I was the
one she was seducing. The seduction was the heart of the contest.

Contestant #78 was the last of the day, and she was a real
contender. She had already earned good marks for her looks, her
smile and her sweet voice. The simple, silky white dress she wore
for this round would score well too.

As I stood in front of her, she unfastened the button of my pants
without fumbling, then deftly pulled the zipper down, and did
both with a touch of sensuality. She pulled the pants down
several inches.

She'd get some points for her flirtatious smile before she pulled
the elastic of my briefs out from my body, leaving the tip of my
cock poking up strongly. Fetchingly, on tiptoes, she bent down to
just barely lick the tip. Exquisite!

She stood back and put her hands on her hips. "Now, *you're*
going to have to help me out, Mr. Smith," she said with

And indeed in my experience there was no comfortable and sexy way
for her to actually pull my jeans down without my help. So I
followed her lead and quickly stepped out of them and my briefs.

She giggled as she looked at my straining cock, but then she got
a solemn look. "Please, sir, if you wouldn't mind too much, could
I please touch your thingie?"

It was very convincing humility.

"OK, if you really want," I said, putting on an air of

"Oh, thank you!" she said with an appreciative smile, and
approached. The fingers of her warm hand stroked my scrotum very
lightly before she cupped my balls gently in her palm. Meanwhile
the other hand traced lightly over my cock.

Not everyone would have liked to be in my position. See, I have a
pretty small cock. Five inches long, but the main thing is it's
not very thick. And here it was on full display for not only
contestant #78 but the other two male judges, the nine other
little girl finalists and four female attendants for the girls --
not to mention the TV audience. But my little cock had its
advantages, including qualifying me to be in that present
position. Thin cocks are good for little girls; we don't want to
injure them or even stretch them out *too* much.

She held it straight out from my body and made a tongue-flicking
motion in front of it, without touching, eyebrows raised in a
question. I nodded. She'd get points for good nonverbal

Her tongue work was fabulous. I had to fight the impulse to close
my eyes, because that would keep me from judging the visual
aspects of her show. She didn't try to take lots of my cock into
her mouth, and I liked that. It wasn't appealing unless done
well, and a little girl just couldn't deep throat very well while
keeping up her cheerful demeanor.

"Very nice, honey," I said when I was good and aroused. I didn't
want to come in her mouth.

She instantly pulled off.

"You want to see under my dress?" she asked impishly.

I nodded, and she flipped the front of it back and forth, giving
me tantalizing views.

She eyed my cock and said, "You know what I'd really, really


"Could you poke that into my panties? Please?" She shut off that
hint of a whine with, "-- if you don't mind."

I nodded, perhaps a little too emphatically for an impartial

She lay back on the bed and I knelt above her. She wasn't the
most delicate about pulling her panties down -- it lacked a
certain grace, and she'd lose a fraction of a point over that.

As I lowered my tip towards her glistening opening, she said,
"Now, be gentle, Mr. Smith, because I'm just a *little* girl."
That wasn't the usual line, but it actually worked very well in
combination with her mischievous smile.

Her switch to a little girl voice was seamless and very erotic:
"Kiss your peepee 'gainst my private cunny place, 'kay?"

Oh, that would be no problem -- no problem at all! I struggled to
maintain my professional detachment.

Young as she was, her pussy lips stretched smoothly to accept my
probe. Her ring of muscles was relaxed, not tight, which at this
point was a plus.

"Ooo, ooo, oooo! That's so nice," she said with a smile.

She was hot and slick, and even when my penis first poked through
into her body cavity, she didn't grip with her muscles --
excellent! Little girls are so tight it's better when they don't

"It'd feel even better if you could get more of it into my cunny
-- if you don't mind," she said, respectfully but with great

That was no problem at all, and I kept pressing more and more of
my meat into her. Even at a mere five inches, it takes a while to
stuff it all into a wee girl like her.

Finally I was in to the hilt, and I started humping back and

"You naughty man!" she said playfully. "Sticking your big weewee
into my girl hole!" She was a natural!

The effect of her dress bunched up around her middle was very
erotic, as it implied spontaneous, illicit passion.

"Wanna sniff my panties?" she whispered, displaying them a foot
from my face, inside out, the crotch towards me. That was not one
of the required moves, but it worked!

I nodded dumbly and she playfully smushed the cloth against my

I humped away with great excitement, trying to focus on an
objective evaluation of her as a contestant, but it was

She let the panties fall onto her dress, and then caressed my
neck with one hand, my cheek with the other. "Can I have a big
squirt of daddy pee?" she asked urgently. "Please?"

What hot talk! I began thrusting in and out of the little thing
with purposeful abandon, my pleasure building.

"Gobs and gobs, you big, wonderful, naughty man!" she exclaimed.

It felt fantastic. Then just as I was approaching my peak, she
squeezed gently with her pussy. The timing was perfect, and I was
in heaven as I began spurting inside the little dear.

I wasn't really supposed to come in the contestants, I realized
as my spurts weakened. But most judges couldn't help it now and
then. I'd already probed the innards of each of the other 9 girls
for a good long while, and thought I'd done well to hold off this

She won, of course. And part of her prize was that she got to
sleep with me for a whole week and get me to do her again
whenever she wanted. She wanted it every night and every morning,
and I didn't mind in the least.

Fantasy 9 For Getting Into Little Girl Panties: Your Horny Little
Live-In Lover

She's such a good girl: she's done all her chores and given you a
back rub. Then she looks at you with her big eyes and smiles,
showing off her dimples. So even though you've done it twice
already that day, you find that once more you can't keep your
hands off her.

So as soon as you say "OK" she loses her dress and then stuffs
her panties down the front of your jeans -- a promise for later,
whenever you can get it up again.

But now she's flat on her back, legs spread wide, fingers holding
her girly flaps open, fixing you with pleading eyes and

Put your hands on her chest so you can gently rub each nipple
with a couple fingers. Then zoom down to sniff her magnificent
girlhood, and give her your tongue. You know by now how she likes
it best. Appreciate her moans, gasps and sighs as you switch
rhythms and pressures. Sniff deeply of her shifting scent as her
desire builds.

When she reaches her drawn-out shuddering, moaning, gasping
orgasm, treasure the moment. Think how lucky you are to be able
to love your little lover to the very limits of your desire.

You're getting hard again already...


And now, back to the real world where you keep your hands away
from all the little pairs of panties. You don't even look, at
least no more than a very occasional stolen glance. And no little
girl ever even suspects what you fantasize about.

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