Author: Sterling
Title: At Cross Purposes
Summary: The fertile men are hulking sadists, and the fertile
women are frigid but focused on their babies. An infertile male
form desires no form of sex other than jerking off, but their
semen has vital properties. An infertile form of woman runs the
world, but only with the sexual help of both forms of males. It
is all mixed up! Then one day, little Jessica has a naughty idea
that leads the society to more harmonious sex.
Keywords: Mg gi boy Mf MF mF mf cons rape non-cons inc mother son
father daughter brother sister preg masturbation

NOTICE:  This story contains explicit sex.
First posted 1/10/2011
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*At Cross Purposes*



Steve had gotten erections before, but this one was different.
The others all went away within a few minutes. Now his cock was
really hard, and his balls ached. He knew this moment would come,
and he knew what to do.

"Hey dad," he said when he found William. "I got a hard one that
won't go away. And my nuts ache."

William rose and punched his son in the shoulder. "Welcome to
being a real man! You're a stud now. Let's get you a fuck."

There were rarely more than two studs in a clan, and to everyone
else they came across as crude and boorish.

Studs had to empty their balls pretty often or they would get
sick. This being his first time, Steve had to shoot off pretty
soon. Studs could never jerk off, either. Their bodies were set
up so the only place they could unload was up inside a pussy.

William bellowed through the compound, "Steve's a stud now. Who's
gonna spread her legs and give him a pussy to fuck?"

There was no immediate response. "Come on, girlies, one of you
cunts can open up for him, or do we have to find one of you and
nail you?"

Martha appeared. She was the clan leader but was not going to
volunteer. It had to be one of the breeders -- a young stud in
his first sex could hurt an ordinary woman pretty badly.

Sarah appeared. She was a breeder. In fact, she was Steve's
mother. "So, is it time?" she asked Steve. He nodded.

"Of course it is, pussy, or I wouldn't be shouting like this!"
William said.

"Well, let's do it in your room," she said to Steve.

Steve led Sarah in, and William followed. "Why don't *you* wait
outside?" Sarah said.

"Nonsense, it's my son's first time, and I wanna watch him nail

Sarah sighed. With studs you had to pick your battles.

This was Steve, her own flesh and blood. She had nursed him,
watched him grow up as a child, watched him fill out with muscle
on his way to becoming a stud. Now he was one, and he was ready
for his first fuck.

"Remember," she told him, "this hurts me, up inside. I know
you've gotta do that some, but don't overdo it, OK?"

"Nonsense!" said William. "It's his first time. Let it all out!
Be a real stud your first time. Fuck her for all you're worth."

Sarah reached up to stroke Steve's face and smiled, then disrobed
and assumed the doggy position on the bed.

"Go to her!" said William.

Sarah felt Steve's weight on the bed behind her, then felt his
cock at her opening, and then felt it slide in. Steve gasped and
moaned. Sarah didn't know what it felt like for a male to get
into a pussy for the first time, but she imagined it must feel
pretty special. And her son had just done it.

Steve's cock got in further with each thrust, and within a few
seconds Sarah felt it bang against the end of her pussy. Then he
began a vigorous in and out, banging her a little on each
inthrust. He went faster and pushed more insistently on the end
of her pussy.

"Shit!" Sarah said. "That hurts!"

Steve picked up the pace and pushed even harder. She knew he
would. "Ouch! You're tearing me!" she said, exaggerating a
little. She thought she could feel Steve getting ready to shoot.

William sensed it too, because he said, "Nah, son, not a little
sissy fuck like that, let it go all the way! Fuck away!"

Sarah looked back over her shoulder to see Steve get a lecherous
grin. His thrusts got even wilder, stabbing her innards with each
stroke, making it really, really hurt. He was a stud now, part of
his father's kind now, and that meant it didn't matter that she
was his mother. "Oh shit!" Sarah screamed. Steve was fucking with

"That's more like it son! Screw her good!"

Within a minute of picking up the pace, Steve gasped and moaned
and held his prick very deep inside her, stabbing her with a
steady pain. Right on schedule she felt the burning. Since his
balls had never been emptied before, it was a more intense burn
than usual.

Steve then relaxed and slid out, a river of brownish liquid
spilling out of Sarah's pussy onto the sheets.

"Great job, son!" said William. "You fucked her good! Now I'm
gonna take a shot too."

Sarah knew this would happen. She just stayed in her hands and
knees position as William mounted her from the rear and lunged
in. William had fucked her many, many times before, so she knew
what to expect. If anything, seeing his son fuck her had made his
cock a little harder and his thrusts more forceful than usual.
Each inward stab made her pussy stretch very painfully. But
within 30 seconds William froze and she felt the burning from his
load of sperm.

"Thanks, Sarah old lady," he said, catching his breath.

Sarah got up and wiped away the worst of the brown gunk where it
leaked from her pussy. As she left, she had an impulse to
congratulate Steve on becoming a true stud, but held back. He had
been her son, but now his allegiance had shifted and he was one
of them.


A few days later, William found Steve for a more serious chat.

"You liked fucking Sarah?"

"Yeah, it was great," said Steve in the low voice of a full-grown

"Now's the hard part. If you're gonna fuck lots of pussies and
make lots of babies, you gotta get another clan to take you,
right? And in order to do that, you gotta show you can fuck one
of those ordinary women gently so it doesn't hurt too much. You
gotta learn how to do it, especially when you are trying out in a
new clan. But before you can even get that far, first you've
gotta do all our women here, and convince them you can do it.

"You can fuck your heart out when you get a breeder in heat, you
gotta hold back with a breeder the rest of the time, but you
gotta really hold back for the women."

"Yeah, I can learn to do that. Whatever it takes," Steve said.


"Good afternoon, Charles," said Vince.

"Afternoon, Vince," said Charles.

"So, what's it like being a stud over in the Ventura clan?"

"Well, lots of good fucking, I can tell you that."

"Good, good, that's what we like to hear."

This didn't convey much. You certainly couldn't get a stud to
join your clan if you said the fucking was mediocre or

"So, how're the cunts divided up over here?"

"We got four breeders -- well, three who are in their prime, but
little Becky will be spreading her legs within the year, I bet."

"And how many old maids?"

"I think it's seventeen. Well, it all depends on how you count

"Let's count it by how many have pussies you can fuck."

"Yeah, that's what counts, isn't it? Let's see. Linda is too old,
probably won't last a year. And Minnie's the boss lady, so it's a
couple times a year a guy gets into her pants. As if you want

"Yeah, sure know what you mean. They boss you around all the
time, and then you go for a fuck and it's different. Because you
feel like fucking her brains out, getting your dick to come out
her throat from below, because she pisses you off, but you
actually better be all dainty or she'll make you pay later. You'd
better have done a breeder ten minutes before."

That brought a belly laugh from both of them. They knew you were
unwise to do the boss lady when you had a heavy load of sperm to
fuck deep.

"Anyway, there are fifteen others, all good solid fucks. But then
there's the little ones coming up. I think we got three all going
to come fuckable in about two years."

Fifteen old maids and three breeders -- that was a very
impressive collection of pussy! And more fresh ones on the way.

"So, you got room for Steve here? Any room in those pussies?"

"Well, I'll be honest with you. I wish he'd take his dick and
hang it somewhere else. A couple months now since Carl croaked
and they have all been mine! Every one! So when a breeder comes
in season, I can fuck the living daylights out of her, and all
the others too. They're used to making cockspace for two guys, so
when it's just one, you get more tail than you used to."

"Well, that's honest, man. I tell you, I think William's losing
it, and when he does..." Vince rubbed his hands together and
grinned, before returning to the main subject.

"OK, so you don't want competition. But suppose Steve shows up.
He's young, he's new, he's hot. He's very good at the little
wiggly fucks, so the old maids love him."

"I'm damned good at all that!"

That wasn't what Vince had heard, but no point in challenging a
man on his own turf.

"Well, good for you. But your boss lady Minnie's going to be
assigning him to fuck lots of pussy you'd rather be fucking."

"Hey, Minnie don't run the whole show, you know!"

"Well, hats off to you then, my man." He knew that Minnie in fact
did run the whole show, maybe even more than Martha did.

"But, hey!" he said, suddenly loud. "If I find you're messing
around with my nephew Steve, I'll be over and beat the shit out
of you, I swear it!"

"As if you could!"

"With one hand behind my back. But you won't have to find out,
right? Because you're going to give Steve his due. Respect him,

Steve wasn't totally full grown yet, so he couldn't take Charles
in a fight for at least a couple years.

"Yeah, I'll give the little guy his chance."

"Well, good."

Charles leaned closer to the other big man, "Say, want a little
piece of breeder puss on the sly?"

"You got some?" Vince asked.

"Follow me," said Charles.

They went out a back door and around the back yard where all the
clan's junk ended up to another building and slipped in.

"Hey, Gwen honey," said Charles. "This is my new pal Vince."

She was no great looker, but she had the boobs and the hips. She
was a breeder but she wasn't in heat. Vince would have smelled
that, and besides, Charles wouldn't volunteer to let some strange
guy knock up one of his own brood mares.

"Think you can pull down those panties for my pal here?"

"What's in it for me?"

"He's that Steve guy's uncle. You want him to join us, right?
He's got some pull."

"You do?" she said, interested now. She looked Vince up and down.
"I'll think about it," she said. "Show me your cock."

The prospect of a good fuck had Vince getting hard, and he was
happy to drop his drawers to show his organ. He knew it looked
average for a stud.

"You keep the sex normal, OK? No drilling for my tonsils?"

Vince nodded eagerly.

"Hey, I'll beat him up if he does."

"OK," Gwen sighed, and lay back on the bed, legs spread.

Vince mounted and inserted his organ. New pussy was a real treat.
He fucked away normally for a while, but then began to go deeper.
"Oh, damn!" said Gwen, as he felt his cock bonk the end of her
pussy. "Ouch, that hurts!" she said as he bonked again. He
thought maybe she was faking it. He banged harder, and she
screeched. A few more bangs like that and he would be messing her
pussy. Just a little harder... He felt his apparatus load with
stud juice.

"Hey!" he heard Charles say. "Watch it!"

That was an unwelcome damper on his plans, because he was all
geared up for a deep lunge. Yeah, he had promised to keep it
normal. But she was a breeder, not just some old maid. She could
take it deeper, couldn't she? Oh well. He didn't want to get in
any fight with Charles. So he gave just an ordinary lunge and she
screeched again as he splatted his sperm up inside her, over and

"Hey, shit!" Gwen said. "Your stuff hurts!"

Yeah, his sperm gave the fillies a little extra burn. He was kind
of proud of it. He still wasn't going to pull out until his
pulses stopped.

"Tell you what," said Charles. "I'll go right in and wash his
stuff away."

"Whatever," said Gwen with resignation. Of course Charles was
going to follow up. And with no other females in sight, she was
going to be the lucky recipient of his sperm.

So after Vince's dick slid out, he was a little jealous to see
Charles's heading in to fill the space. He heard her screech, saw
Charles shaft her again and again, then heard Gwen wail as he
dumped his own sticky caustic fluid up inside the bitch.

After he pulled out, Charles said, "Why thanks, Gwen old girl,
for helping my buddy relieve his aching balls."

"You'll put in a word for us with the clan?" Gwen asked.

"Why yes, I certainly will," Vince said.

Charles and Vince walked quietly back around outside to the room
where they had been meeting.

"Well, that was a pleasure," Vince said. "Meeting you, I mean."

They both laughed. Fucking Gwen was far more of a pleasure,
Charles was sure.

"Yeah, now do your part and be sure to put in a word with your
boss lady," Charles said with an exaggerated wink.

"Oh, yeah, I'll do that," said Vince, winking back. They both
knew that a stud's opinion was not going to change anything,
really. Steve was going to join the Ventura clan if Martha
allowed it, and not otherwise.

*Ordinary Women*

"Mom, there's something wrong."

"What is it?"

"Something doesn't feel good."

"Something where?"

"Something on my body."

"Where on your body?"


A thought flashed through Carrie's mind. "Between your legs?"

Alice nodded slightly, looking down.

"Is it kind of an itch?"

"Yeah!" she said.

"That just means you're growing up! You're a big girl!"

"Because I itch?"

"Yeah, that's what happens to women."

"How long does it itch down there?"

"Not long... There's a treatment!"

"Oh, like ... the men's stuff?"


"And I have to put it..."

"Yes," Carrie said gently, "in the opening between your legs.

"But you'll see ... Here, let me get a vial and syringe... Watch
the baby, will you? I know where we have new ones."

A minute later Carrie returned, opening a plastic packet to
reveal a small instrument. It was much like what doctors give
shots with, except instead of a sharp needle, it had a blunt end
about the width of a pencil. Carrie snapped a little vial into
the side, a vial that was half full of clear liquid.

"Now all you have to do is put this up your vagina and press the

Alice hesitated.

"Ummm... Do you know where your vagina is?"

Alice shook her head sheepishly.

"That's OK, there's no reason you've had to known about it until
now. Why don't you let me help you find it."

"OK," Alice said uncertainly.

"Sit here and slide your panties down, OK?"

Alice did as she was told. Carrie guided her fingers, showing the
girl the parts of her own pussy. She showed her how to hold her
inner lips open and gently slide the tip of the device in.

"Look at me," said Carrie smiling. "Now press the plunger."

Within a couple seconds, Alice felt a warm sensation between her
legs, a relaxing sensation. And the itch was gone.

Alice smiled, and Carrie smiled back.

"Welcome to being a woman."


"Mom, I've been giving myself sperm doses once a day, like I'm
supposed to when I'm feeling weird. But now it burns down there.
Does that mean what I think it means?"

"Probably." The mother was silent a while. "Alice, you're my
daughter, but there are some things I can't teach you. This is
something I never went through, so I think we ought to find you a
woman to discuss it with and show you the way. What about Aunt

"OK," said Alice. She liked Aunt Edith.

As expected, Edith was warm and understanding.

"We'll get David to take care of you. David is wonderful."

"Yeah, he is pretty cute," Alice said with a giggle.

"Are you playing with yourself down there?"

"I ... no."

"It's really important that you do. You gotta rub and find what
feels good. You'll feel your pussy getting wet."

Over the next day, Alice experimented diligently. It felt good,
but she always felt something was missing. Something very


Alice was in the bedroom, naked. She had been playing with
herself as Edith had suggested to make sure she was wet. She was
frustrated, and she needed completion. They said the only way to
do that was to get a man to have sex with you, and now she would
find out for herself.

Edith joined her. "You do look sexy, dear," she said.

"Thanks?" said Alice, uncertain.

"I'm telling you that because David won't."


"You have to remember he doesn't like this at all. He's doing you
a favor, even though he will probably try to look relaxed. So you
need to try to be quick."

Edith went to the door. "Come on in, David. Come take your

David smiled at Alice. "I hope you get some pleasant relief," he
said, stripping naked.

Edith said to Alice, "I'll handle this part, like we said, OK?
But watch what I'm doing so you can do it later."

David lay on his back on the bed and took a deep breath. Edith
lowered her head to take his limp cock in her mouth. Alice saw a
brief grimace flicker across his face, but as Edith moved her
mouth up and down, David's shaft got hard.

"OK," she whispered. "Now it's your turn."

Alice had practiced impaling herself on the dildo machine, but to
have an actual man was quite different and very exciting. She
knelt above him, guided his cock to her pussy opening and pushed
downward. It went up inside, just like the dildo, but it felt a
lot better.

David lay quietly, eyes shut. "Does that feel nice, Alice?" he

"Yes!" she whispered.

"Take me," he said. "Do whatever you need."

Alice humped up and down, making sure to press her clit against
him when she had him all the way inside her. It felt good, but
she didn't really know the way to orgasm. 'Just find something
that feels good and do that' was the advice women gave.

"Let me leave you," said Edith.

Alice realized she had been a little embarrassed with her aunt
there, and as the door shut behind her, she found her pleasure
gathering. It kept getting stronger. But she still felt weird
about it.

David said, "It's OK, sweetie. Let yourself go. I'd like you to!"

That was what she needed, and a few seconds later everything came

She gasped as the waves came over her. "Oh my God!" she moaned,
pumping up and down. Such pleasure! After many seconds she came
to rest on him, sagging.

David sprang to life. "OK, that's enough!" he said. "Time to get

She wearily slid onto her back, but looked at David.

His expression of disgust was now unmistakable, as he dove for
the box of wet wipes and cleansed his body of all her secretions.

Edith entered the room as David left. "So, how was it?"

"OK," she said. "It would be better if he liked it too."

"Yeah, we all feel that way."

"Edith," she asked. "There's that other part, the one all the
women dread. The one with the studs? How will I know it's time
for that."

Edith's smile faded. "You'll know because you get sharp pains up
inside." Edith looked at her and brushed her fingers down her
cheek. "Hopefully that will still be a few years away for you."

*Ordinary Men*

As Fred woke he felt his cock getting hard. It had been happening
every other morning or so. When it got hard he pulled down his
underpants and rubbed it for a few seconds, but it went down of
its own accord. The day before yesterday it had felt good when he
was doing it. This time he rubbed and felt something different.
He felt a kind of release -- a wave of pleasure. His cock
softened immediately. The next day when he did it again he felt a
little damp spot at his tip. He found his cock getting hard in
the afternoon, too, and he rubbed it for a few seconds to get
that good feeling. He was 12, and he was becoming a man!

"Hi, Fred," said his big sister Alice, aged 13. Or maybe she was
his half sister. They thought William was his father and Vince
had sired her, but since both studs fucked breeders whenever they
went into heat, you couldn't tell for sure.

Fred loved Alice. They had played together a lot when they were
littler -- games, singing, make-believe, romping in the fields.
They had many other brothers and sisters and half-brothers and
half-sisters, but those two were especially close. "Wanna play
doctor again?" she asked.

"Only if we can play catch first."

"Oh, all right," Alice said, and they went outside to toss the
baseball back and forth for a few minutes. "Now can we play
doctor?" she asked.

"All right," he sighed. They stripped as usual. He liked his
sister, and it had been fun at first poking and prodding her as
she did the same with him. But within the past couple weeks he
had felt the little breasts and had explored with his fingers
between her legs, so now he knew what she was like. He now knew
what an adult woman's body was like naked, at least pretty much.
He knew, and it was boring.

She wasn't bored, though. She wanted to touch him, and especially
his cock.

"Look, more fuzz!" she said with glee, gliding her hand over his
pubic area. She then fingered his cock. It didn't hurt him, but
it was kind of annoying. Fred looked at the ceiling while she did
her thing. But then, totally unrelated to what she was doing, he
felt his cock getting hard. He pulled away from her and turned
his back. He certainly could do his spurting in front of her --
older boys sometimes did it right out in the open in a family
setting. But he wasn't fully grown yet and was afraid she'd laugh
at him. He thought of leaving the room, but he needed relief. He
jerked his hand up and down a half dozen times. This time when he
got the good feeling a little stuff dribbled out the tip.

"Fred, you're a big boy! That's great!"

He wiped the little bit of stuff off on his leg.

"That's enough doctor," he said.

"Well, OK," she said reluctantly, and the two started getting

"Let me suck it just once, OK?"

He thought that sounded pretty gross, but he sighed, "OK..."

Why should it feel gross? he wondered. But the wetness enveloping
him did. Nonetheless his cock rose to full attention.

"Oooo, Fred, can you do it to me? Please?"

"No!" The idea of touching his cock against Alice was gross. But
she was his sister, and he did love her. Could he do it for her?
There she was, on her back with her pants and panties down again,
and her twatty was open for him. He had seen it done. He moved
over her and stuck his cock against the twatty hole. How bad
could it be?

"Now shove it in!" she whispered excitedly.

He shoved, but the goopiness inside of her felt even more gross
than her mouth. He pulled out quickly. "Yuck!" he exclaimed.

"Ah, c'mon, it felt so good!" she said.

"No!" he said, wiping his cock off on his undershirt. He started
pulling his pants back on.

All at once she was on him, pushing him onto his back. She was
going to stuff his penis in her hole anyway!

"Alice!" he said. "Stop it! Please, Alice? No!"

He didn't want to fight with his sister, and besides she was
bigger than he was.

The big girl had already stuck her twatty on his cock and then
sunk down. She went all the way down until he felt their pubic
bones meet. His penis was stuck up in her messy, goopy swamp.
"Alice, please!"

But the girl was possessed. She humped up and down. Fred tried to
think of other things as his sister squished herself all around
his cock. After a minute, she said, "Oh, Fred, yes! Yes!
Oooohhhh!" Then she slid off.

"That was so great, Fred! I always hoped I could do it with you.
That wasn't so bad, right?"

Fred said, "I hated it!" He resented his sister a lot.

"Why? There was nothing to it, right?"

"It's gross and squishy up inside you!"

"I guess you're like the others," Alice said, pouting. "I thought
you'd be different."


Fred found his mother Carrie and snuggled against her free side.
His little sister Betsy was nursing on the other.

"What's wrong, honey?" she asked.


"Come on, tell me," she said.


"This isn't like you, Fred."

"Well, maybe a little something. I've started spurting a little
these last few days..."

"Really? Congratulations!" she said warmly. "Are you sad about

"No, but when Alice found out, she made me stick it in her -- it
was so gross!"

"She did!" Carrie stiffened and sat up. Then she got up and
handed Fred the baby she had been nursing. "Here, take Betsy,"
she said.

The little thing was six months old, and Fred thought she was
wonderful. She fussed, not happy to have had her meal cut short,
but Fred bounced her up and down. "There, there, cutie," he said.

"Alice? Alice?" called Carrie.

"Yes, mom?"

Fred rose, carrying his little sister, and went to find the pair.

"Alice, is it true that you made Fred stick it in you?"


Fred wandered in. "Not at first, you didn't, but when you shoved
me onto my back and shoved down on me," Fred shuddered, "I told
you not to!"

"But you'd teased me before sticking it in me, I couldn't help

"I only stuck it in you the first time because you really, really
wanted me to! I was trying to be nice to you!"

"Alice, Martha is going to hear about this."

"No! Mom, please, not her! Fred, I'm so sorry. How can I make it
up to you?"

The more Fred thought about her yucky twatty hole gooping all
over his cock the angrier he got. But still, he didn't want her
to get in trouble.

"You promise never to do it again?"

Carrie interrupted. "It doesn't matter what Fred says. You know
he loves you to pieces. This is out of Fred's hands."

It was an hour and a half before Martha got home. Carrie got her
attention not long after she got in the door.

"It's about Alice," Carrie said. "She raped Fred."

"Oh, did she now?" Martha said. After a few minutes attending to
other things, she said, "Alice, Fred, come here at once!"

They assembled, along with Carrie, who had put Betsy down for a

"So, Alice, is it true? Did you rape your brother?"

"I, um... yes. But you are raping the guys all the time!" she

"Oh, Alice, you headstrong girl! Arguing about it, no less! You
know very well that Fred is still a growing boy! You know you're
not allowed to do it to a boy! When they get older, it's
different, and a woman breaks him in. You know that! Now, I know
you have your urges, like we all do."

She turned to Fred. "Have you started spurting, even?"

Fred stammered. Carrie answered for him, "He just started the
past week or two."

"Well, thank God you waited that long, at least," Martha said.

"That's what made me do it, we were playing and he spurted..."

"I am fed up with you!" Martha said heatedly. "I'm sure you just
couldn't help yourself," Martha said sarcastically, waving her
hand dismissively. "Well, you don't seem to get it, do you. We
have rules around here to protect the boys, and we also have
rules to protect you girls. Since you don't see any need to
protect Fred, I'm not sure why we need to protect you either, big
girl. Let's see how well a stud can control his urges!"

Alice looked pale. She ordinarily wouldn't have to take a stud
until her body demanded it, in a year or two. But women also had
to let studs do them for the health of the stud. Girls were
usually spared, but Martha was suggesting that as a punishment
she could be conscripted for that duty already.

The commotion had attracted attention, and Alice's half-brother
Steve showed up.

"Oh, is Alice fair game for stud fucking?" He adjusted his
rapidly going cock inside his pants.

Steve was just a couple years older than Fred, but they were
entirely different creatures. Steve was a stud, while Fred was
just a guy.

At 5'2", Fred was near his adult height. His frame was small, and
he would probably end up weighing 120 pounds or so. Fred wasn't
ever going to want sex with anyone. He would be happy to give his
cock a few quick strokes when it got hard and feel a little
orgasm as he spurted out his clear semen. His sperm was sterile
in any event. His penis would be maybe five inches long and

Steve was already 6'5" and weighed around 280. Most of it was
muscle. His cock was already at its adult size, nine inches long
and fat.

Steve had wanted to fuck Alice for years already. As she grew,
her little breasts pushed out and her hips widened just a little.
He had started getting his hopes up.

"No, Steve, not you," Martha said, looking at Alice. "I think
we'll see if Vince is interested." Vince was perhaps 6'8" and
weighed 310 pounds.

"No!" said Carrie in a small voice, but Martha quieted her with a
stern look.

"Hey, Vince!" shouted Martha. When there was no reply, he sent
Fred to fetch him from one of the other buildings. Fred didn't
like this idea at all, but he had to do what Martha said.

When Vince appeared, she said, "Our little Alice here thought she
would rape her brother Fred because it was just oh so tempting."

"Fred? Fred's just a little kid!" he said.

"Not any more. He's started spurting."

"Oh, well then, he's got to get used to you girlies having your
way with him, right?"

"But not yet! Not until he's a year older, at least."

"Oh, right. So what are we going to do?"

"I thought if you were interested maybe you could fuck your
little girl. She doesn't seem to think her brother deserves a
little time to grow up, so I'm not sure why she does."

Vince's demeanor changed. Reasons didn't matter any more. If
Martha said he could fuck his daughter...

"Where? When?" he said, fixing his daughter with a lusting

"Please, daddy," Alice whimpered.

"Why not right here, right now?" asked Martha.

Alice's eyes misted up. He would humiliate her and hurt her in
front of everyone!

Her daddy quickly stripped, his cock long and menacing. It was
hardening by the second. "Oh, baby," he said.

"Pants down!" said Carrie, holding back tears. Studs could hurt a
girl ripping clothing that got in their way. Alice hesitated.
Vince didn't. With one hand he lifted the girl to her feet and
pulled pants and panties down over her hips, leaving a fingernail
cut on one thigh. He then flipped her over and bent her over the
back of a sofa, lined up, and thrust.

"Ouch, daddy, please!" whimpered Alice. "It's so thick!"

Alice had impaled herself on a few men's cocks by then, but they
were so much smaller that Vince had a lot of work to do opening
her up, and his invasion was hurting her.

"Oh, baby!" her daddy said, his cock burrowing into her inch by

"No, no, I'm sorry, no, no..." Alice whimpered.

When Alice gave her first shriek,  four inches of her daddy's
cock were still out in the air. Her daddy started humping in
earnest, then, massive cock sliding nearly all the way out with
each thrust before plunging back once more, to hit the deep end
of her vagina, hard.

Alice shrieked, and he growled, "Oh, baby, that's it, oh, you're
so hot!"

As Vince continued fucking his daughter hard, Alice shrieked and
moaned and cried. Then her shrieks started getting weaker, and
Martha sprang into action. "OK, Vince, don't kill her. Come in
her, now!"

"Oh, baby," murmured Vince with more urgency, paying no attention
to Martha.

She slapped his face as hard as she could manage, and he looked
up at her. "Come now, or pull out!" she said. However horny he
was, Martha must be obeyed. He thrust thrice more, the third one
very deep, which made Martha wince. It made Alice vomit.

But the great stud was ejaculating. He held himself deep in his
daughter and pulsed again and again, moaning, "Oh, Alice, you are
so, so hot, oh man, what a fuck, girl, wow!"

When he was spent, he pulled out, a flood of brownish semen and
blood flowing out after his softening cock.

"Go, go away!" commanded Martha, and Vince did, a silly grin on
his face. She attended to her niece, who while in a lot of pain
was not seriously hurt.

Fred was in tears. He wished he hadn't told on his sister. It was
horrible to see her like that.

Steve was a stud, and he had just been watching another stud fuck
a girl, and of course it made him frantic. His pants and
underpants were off, and his organ was very hard. His instinct
was to mount the girl and fuck her as hard and deep as Vince, if
not more so. He needed release. Surely Martha wasn't going to let
him fuck Alice too, not in her condition? Carrie didn't wait. She
grabbed the hulking teenager's hand and tugged him to his
bedroom. "This way, Steve. Fuck me, OK? You can fuck me."

As he was dragged away, he reluctantly took his eyes off the
girl. But once in his room, he saw Carrie pull down her pants and
assume a doggy position, the standard way to receive a stud. His
lust refocused on Carrie's ample rear end, and he slid inside.

"Oh, Carrie!" he said. "Oh, shit," revving up as his cock swelled
further and he rammed deep.

He should have asked permission before doing that; it was part of
his training to ask. But Carrie knew how it had affected him to
watch Vince screwing Alice, and so she let him go. She had given
birth many times and had been fucked deep and hard by studs
countless times. Her vagina was able to take his pounding. It
hurt, but not too bad. Not as bad as it would hurt an ordinary
woman or girl like Alice. She made a point of shrieking and
tensing as if it hurt more than it did. Her shrieking was part of
what helped Steve achieve a satisfying orgasm. "Oh, Christ, it
hurts! Oh, no!" she said.

Steve humped away as if possessed, his cock seeming to swell, his
strokes deep and hard. Then Carrie found she didn't need to
exaggerate her pain any more -- it really did hurt.

"Oh, shit, you slut, damn, take it up your cunt, uuuggghgh!" he
shouted and buried himself deep as his own roiling sperm surged
forth. She was in pain from his deep stabs, and now Carrie felt
that burning sensation that came with his ejaculation, but of
course waited patiently for the young stud to empty his balls.

As he came down to earth, he said, "Oh, sorry, Carrie, it's just
that when Vince was fucking Alice I thought I'd go crazy!"

"I know," said Carrie. Martha really had acted impulsively. To
make Alice take it from her father, in public, with no time to
prepare! But Martha had always felt annoyed with Alice ever since
she was a little girl, though Carrie never really understood why.
Carrie thought with a surge of anger that she should have made
Martha herself take care of Steve's horniness. Martha would have
been in quite a bit of pain if Steve took her without holding
back. At least for Alice's punishment Martha had summoned Vince
instead of William. William was worse.

But the truth was that within a year Alice would have felt those
sharp pains in her pussy and had to seek out a stud. She would
have had her pussy stretched anyway, would have felt the pain of
the stud's penetration and the burn of his cum. Within a year she
would need that pain a few times a year to stay healthy. Her body
might have been a little tougher by then, but she would have had
to take it anyway.


Alice lay in bed. Her pussy hurt like crazy, but she was also
dazed and humiliated.

She heard a soft knocking.

"Go away!" she murmured.

The door opened anyway and after a few light footsteps she heard
from right next to her, "I'm so sorry, sis, I feel terrible. Are
you OK?"

Ah, Fred. He was such a nice brother.

He continued, "I shouldn't have said anything."

"No, that's OK." Alice said wearily. "Everyone else was
completely right. I really blew it. I should have listened to
you." She started crying. Fred took her hand and stroked it.

"Can you hug me?" Alice asked in a small voice.

In a moment, Fred was in bed with her cuddled up against her

The safety of her little brother's embrace opened a floodgate and
Alice sobbed for a long time.

She was aware of him pulling away from her, then feeling a
rhythmic motion and a sigh from her brother.

"Can this help?" he asked, holding out his hand with a decent
squirt of semen on it.

"You're so nice to me," Alice said, taking it and gently rubbed
it on her pussy lips. It would help everything heal.

She turned around to face her brother. "I've got something
important to tell you. I love you and love snuggling like this.
But there's a problem, Fred. Now that you're grown up, you turn
me on, so it's not relaxed and fun like it used to be."

"Oh," said the boy, deflated. "Yeah, we knew this was going to
happen, didn't we."

"Yeah, in theory."

"So, should I go?"

"No, not now. Can you sleep with me?"

"But you just said -- "

"Tonight, I couldn't be turned on by anything after what my
shithead dad did. Oops, guess I'm not supposed to talk like

"Duh, I wonder why you feel that way."

"Tonight, let's just be brother and sister. Though if you have
any more squirts that you want to share with me, I can make good
use of them!"

"Sure, sis. They aren't any good to me. I still get to decide on
my own what to do with them, for a little while."

"Yeah. I never realized before today just how wonderful childhood
is. At least when I have to take my share of studly fucks, none
of them will be as bad as this one."

"I'll have to distribute the squirts where they tell me too. And
I've got to get used to you women having your way with me.

"Sorry to be the first one. Do you think you're scarred for

"I doubt it."

"But how can it be so bad? I mean you love me, right? And it
feels so good, right?"

"Yeah, I love you. And the squirting feels good, but that's
separate. I don't want my cock in any slurpy squishy body holes.

"Guess I'll never understand."

"And I'll never understand why you want it so much... So one last
night? Brother and sister?"

"Yeah, one last night. Goodnight, Fred."

"Goodnight, Alice."


The first two times she went into heat, Dawn had gone off to a
guest house at the edge of the compound. She wasn't old enough to
have a baby safely, but it drove Vince and William crazy to have
her around when they couldn't breed her. But now she was old
enough, and she was coming into heat once again. She really
looked forward to being pregnant, but not to becoming pregnant.

Dawn had been fucked before several times by studs. Steve had
done her first before he was fully grown, which had been a nice
transition. Vince and William had each done her later. They
reassured her that she was a better fuck than any of the old
maids. Her body was built for reproduction, which meant she came
with a deeper pussy, and thicker and stretchier vaginal walls. So
sex didn't hurt her as much as it did the old maids. At least
that was the theory, but the studs might have compensated and
fucked her harder because they knew she could take more

When she was in heat, that would be a different story. She had
seen her mother Sarah get fucked while she was in heat a couple
times. That was part of a breeder's upbringing, to know what her
future held. It gave her nightmares.

Sarah took her for a long walk.

"Oh, Dawn," said the mother. "I can't believe you're all grown up
now. It seems just yesterday you were learning to walk. You're so

"I want to tell you some things I should have said before. You
know I've loved all my children, but you've been the one closest
to my heart."

"You're kidding, right?"

"I know, I know, we've fought sometimes, and I've loved the
others. Laura was easier, Eric was very sweet. But you're truly
flesh of my flesh. You're the one who can take my place. When I
die, you carry on."

"Don't talk about that, you're going to live forever."

"Well, yeah, I don't expect to go any time soon. But a mother
like me has four kinds of kids, of course. The ordinary men and
the ordinary women are smarter, mostly, they do all these fancy
things, but then they croak. Childless. Now you -- you're the one
who will give me grandchildren. You'll get all big in the belly
and squeeze out little babies, just like I have. You'll get to
feel them kick inside you, and then you'll get to see them look
up at you with total trust as they suckle at your breast. There's
nothing like it.

"We're part of the chain -- the center. Others go off and do
their things, but they all die without passing anything on. Kind
of irrelevant..."

Her mother had mentioned some of these things before, but they
clicked with Dawn now in a way they never had before.

"What about Steve? He's part of the chain too."

"Yeah," said Sarah. "He is. I hear he's already fathered a couple
kids over with the Venturas. But... you know how it is with the
studs, right?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you've seen me go into heat, you've seen what it's like."


"Well, I loved Steve and all, but knowing he was going to become
one of -- them, it's different, don't you see?"

Dawn could see it.

"You say I'm flesh of your flesh. But it's so crappy to be a
breeder -- you know. The guys at least get to jerk off and have
orgasms all the time. The old maids have them too, bouncing up
and down on the guys. We don't even have working pleasure
thingies. And the studs -- well, they're having orgasms all the
time. We don't feel anything. No pleasure, and all the pain."

"Yeah, Dawn, that's all true of course. You can look at it that
way. But we don't get sexually frustrated the way the old maids
and studs do. And we don't have to catch every drip of sperm the
way the guys do. There's a certain calm that comes with being a
breeder. And then of course there's the pregnancies, and the
babies, and the nursing, and having little kids call you 'mom'."

They walked in silence for a while.



"I'm scared. I'm really scared. When I really go into heat..."

"Oh, sweetie. It's just one of those things. If you're really
lucky, you only have to go into heat once for each baby you

"It hasn't worked that way for you."

"Well, no, it's been more like two heats per baby -- but not
lots. I also have a surprise in mind for you."

"A surprise?"

"You'll see. But in the mean time, you just let Vince and William
fuck you. Let them call you a dirty cunt and stupid cow and all
that. It's just bluster, and they're being animals. Here's a
funny way to think of it."


"All they are is a pair of balls, really. They make gazillions of
sperm cells. The rest of them is just for getting the sperm cells
up into you. So when they call you names, just remember it's a
pair of balls talking."

Dawn giggled.

"And yeah, honey, it hurts. But it doesn't last forever. Only a
day or so, then it's all done."

She drew her daughter close and looked into her eyes.

"You'll do just fine," she said, her eyes misting.


"Oh, Dawn, baby. It's finally time! I've been waiting for this
ever since you was a little girl. I'd look up under that dress
and see those little panties and say, 'That one, I'm gonna' knock
that one up some day!' And now it's the day."

"That's nice," Dawn said. And she thought to herself, "Ever since
I've been a little girl, I've seen how you fuck every female, and
they all hate it. Every one. All the time. And I did not like the
idea that you would knock me up some day."

She assumed the position and started her deep breathing.

"Oh, baby, you smell so great!" Vince said. "Here comes, baby!"
He shoved his cock up inside her. So far, so good.

He started his back and forth motion, and soon he hit the back of
her pussy. "Ouch!" she yelled. He pounded deeper. "Arrrgggh!" she
screamed, as she felt his cock dig deeper in her than ever
before. On and on it went, each thrust like a sword up her

"You fucking asshole!" she shouted

"Who you calling an asshole?" Vince said angrily. He whacked her
hard on the back of the head while he stabbed into her deeper
than ever before.

"I'm ... I'm sorry, sir," she said. "I don't know what came over
me; I was out of my mind."

"Damn straight you were."

Then came the big, long stab, and then the burn. The long burn.
The big guy's chest was heaving as he pulled back. "Oh that was
some great fuck, baby. Knocked you up already. You feel all my

"Yeah," she mumbled.

"Well, honey, time to give William his turn."

The whole thing hadn't taken even five minutes, but it felt like
an eternity.

Once Vince left, Dawn collapsed on her side, sobbing.

She looked between her legs. Plenty of thick, brownish sperm
seeped out -- but no blood. She had felt like she was being
pulverized, but she wasn't. Her body was meant to take it.

A surge of fear raced through her as she heard William's heavy
tread. He was going to breed her too. He was going to feel like a
real man for poking his giant cock up her pussy too and hurting
her. The more she hurt, the better he would feel, and the sooner
he would come and the more brown goop he would rocket up into

"Ready for a real man, Daisy? That Vince's gunk is no good, let
me give you some good stuff!"

Should she mention that he had misremembered her name? No, she
decided. Then she thought of what her mother had said. He was a
pair of balls. As she looked back over her shoulder, she saw
them, saw his essence. A couple of big balls swinging in a little
sack. Who cared what he called her?

So William heaved and lunged and poked. Dawn screamed, over and
over. But soon enough he squirted his brown crud up into her.
Liquid balls, she thought with a bit of humor. Balls turned to
liquid. That's what she needed, a little liquified testicle. Just
enough to give her a baby.

Sarah rushed in after William left and tended to her girl. She
couldn't do much but offer her sympathy, but Dawn appreciated it
very much.

She got a half hour's rest, but soon Vince was back at her again,
plunging and digging and reaming her out. Her body ought to get
used to it, she thought. Shouldn't one cock stretch her out so
the next time it didn't hurt? Apparently it didn't work that way.

Four hours passed, and Vince and William each took three turns
dosing her up with ball juice.

It seemed only a minute after William's steps had faded into the
distance that her mother Sarah hurried in once more. She had come
to her right after the second time William had done her, but this
time was different.

"Hurry!" she said. "Clean up a little, get dressed, and follow

"Why, mom?" she said. She felt like the living dead, and walking
around was not her idea of a good time.

"Trust me," her mother said.

With a supreme effort Dawn did as she was told and found herself
being led out through the back yard into the dark of the woods.
She was too sore and tired to be curious.

They came to a little shed, and stopped just outside.

"Dawn, there's another stud here, and I want him to breed you."

"Why?" Dawn asked. What was her mother thinking? "Why on earth
would I...?"

"Listen," said her mother. "I know you don't feel like it, but
the more guys who do it with you, the greater chance you'll get
pregnant this time, and won't have to go through another heat.
Don't you see?"

"Oh, mother," whined Dawn, feeling betrayed.

Dawn led her in, and there indeed was another stud. He was a
young man.

Sarah addressed him. "Now remember, I didn't have to invite you,
and if you hurt my little girl I'll tell on you!" Vince and
William would not be pleased to hear he was trying to fill a womb
that was theirs.

"Yeah, I understand," said the stud in a surly voice.

Turning to Dawn, she said, "Lie on your back."

"Oh, jeesh," he said. No one made a stud breed face to face.

"It's our way, or no way, OK?" said Sarah. "Remember," she said
in a softer voice, "it might be your baby!"

Sarah gave Dawn a rag to bite on. "Can't have screaming, right?
Somebody might hear. This is secret!"

Dawn nodded dumbly.

The stud lowered himself and shoved his cock up inside her. Dawn
saw the large muscular man looming over her and had a strange
sensation. As much as it hurt, this was right, somehow. He was
going to ream her innards over and over, try to punch a hole in
her pussy, and shoot burning crud up into her. But that was her
fate as a breeder, and it helped to lie facing him so she could
see the man, this unfamiliar man, focusing his immense strength
on that job of breeding her.

"Oh shit, baby, you're hot! Oh man, this is nice."

He pressed hard. Dawn's screech was muffled by the cloth.

"That one hurt her bad!" Sarah said.

The stud shoved again, and again. Dawn screamed at the pain.

"She's in agony!" Sarah hissed. "Make her pregnant!"

"Oh, would you shut up!" the stud growled.

Sarah said, "She's in incredible pain! Dump your balls out!"

And the stud sighed and gasped and held himself very deep.

Dawn felt pain once more, felt the familiar burn as the stud's
juice made its attempt to knock her up.

The stud rolled off with a groan.

"OK, Dawn, get up!"

"Oh, mother!" said the girl, exhausted and hurting. "Can't I rest
a little?"

"Got to get you back and showered and ready before anyone else

Dawn let herself be dragged to her feet and stumbled back to the
house. She showered and drank and ate and slept. But she hadn't
slept for long before Vince was growling in her ear.

"Come on, hot little cunt. Wake up. Time for more sperm!"

Somehow she raised herself into the doggy position. Without
drawing attention to it, she put a pile of pillows under her
stomach. Sarah said that the studs might object to that, but they
might not. Fortunately Vince didn't complain. The pillows did
most of the work of holding her butt up, and the top half of her
body lay on the bed. That meant Dawn could relax.

Vince didn't notice or didn't care. He was busy probing and
filling and stabbing her once more, over and over. Dawn screamed
without prompting.

Being in heat wasn't that hard, she reflected. Once you got used
to it and gave up any stupid ideas like calling your stud an
asshole, and once you got the pillows to hold your butt up, you
didn't have to do a damned thing. Just lie there, get fucked, and
try not to think about the pain too much.

She realized that she hated Vince and William. Hated their guts.
But that too was the way it was supposed to be.

Ordinary Men

David sat with a dozen others around the conference table. Across
from him, he saw Evan reach down and fumble with something, then
saw his upper body shake for a couple seconds, then saw that
dreamy expression pass over his face.

He felt his own cock rising. He reached under the table and
flipped up the front panel on his trousers. Men's dress pants all
had an opening about eight inches wide and a foot from front to
back. This was covered by a flap of cloth that hung down. They
needed to get to their cocks often and at short notice, and this
was the way to do it. More informal clothing simply had the
opening with no covering panel at all.

With his left hand he took the small sperm vial that was fastened
at the side of the opening in his pants. It was clear plastic,
about the size of a C cell battery. With his right he jerked up
and down on his cock for a couple seconds until he felt his
orgasm. Just as the cum was about to shoot out, he stuck the
opening of the sperm vial against the tip of his cock and caught
his semen. His mid-morning orgasm. He didn't miss any of what Stu
was presenting -- at least he didn't think he had. As he focused
his attention back on the meeting, he saw Bill have his morning
orgasm too. These things were kind of like yawns -- when one guy
got his, others tended to get theirs too.

"So in this next slide, I'll show you, show you..." Since he was
standing up, everyone could see the bulge in his front panel.
"Excuse me," Stu said and turned away from the others at the
table. But David saw that he gave Rennie a good line of sight --
constantly sucking up to her, he thought and rolled his eyes. Stu
raised his front panel and jerked with his hand a few times
before making an audible, "Aaahhhhh". A little vocalization was
OK since he wasn't interrupting anyone -- he was the presenter.
The front panel fell back in place, though as he turned around
there was still a bulge where his cock hadn't completely deflated
yet. He casually lay the sperm vial on the table.

"OK, in this slide, I'll show you the timeline of the different
reports and when they are due..."

One of the excuses the women gave for why men weren't suited for
positions of responsibility was that you never knew when they
would need to stop to ejaculate. It was true, but it didn't
affect their performance -- at least not for most jobs. The women
were hornier but they could control their urges. They could take
their sperm whenever it suited them. They could go a whole week,
but they all claimed that their concentration suffered if they

On his way by the cart, David tossed his sperm vial into the one
bin and took an empty vial to fasten inside his pants.

He had heard from Evan that Isabelle, their Vice President, was
going to take the whole morning's production of the males in her
division for herself. She had a meeting with important clients
and needed to be in top form. It seemed she always had something
or other vital to do. The middle manager women needed some too.
Not only was their performance likely to suffer, but it was a
sign of disrespect. You needed a competitive salary to hold your
best people, but you needed to provide them with a decent
allocation of sperm too.

David had a meeting with his supervisor Anna at 3:30. He knew
what the first item on the agenda would be. Anna had been good to
him; he had gotten a couple merit raises, and she hinted that he
was under consideration for managing his group. Paula was due to
move up the hierarchy, which would leave the spot open. He would
be supervising five people! Now, there was no connection between
their own intimate activities and these decisions, of course.

"Come in, David -- right on time, I see."

Anna closed and locked the door behind her.

"I got this for you," he said, handing her a sperm vial.

"That's so sweet of you."

"Just half an hour old." It was more like an hour earlier that
his erection had swollen and he had spurted into the little vial.
But he had deliberately not looked at the clock so he wouldn't be
lying. Sperm was as good for mental acuity up to a day after its
release, but the fresher it was, the more pleasure a woman got.

She pulled a vaginal syringe from her desk and inserted the vial.
She stepped out of her panties and slid the syringe up between
her legs, plunged, and smiled.

"Say, would you like to fuck?" he asked.

"Oh, it's against company policy," she said. "But since you
ask... It is awfully nice when you stir your sperm around up

If he did the asking, she was less likely to be in trouble if
their activities came to light -- a little less likely, at least.

Anna's office was not large, but she had a decent-size desk,
which she kept remarkably clear. She moved her laptop and phone
and the two papers she had been working on to her bookshelf, then
produced a small mattress, just the size of her desk.

As she set things up, David stripped naked. Women loved men's
bodies, and that at least was part of the experience most men
didn't mind. He could have given her the sex she wanted just by
letting his front panel ride up. That would have exposed the
organ she wanted most. But he stripped so she could see his whole
body. As he stood, she sat in her chair and took his flaccid cock
in her mouth. The wetness felt gross, but as always his cock
responded by hardening. Anna stepped out of her panties, lay on
the mattress on the desk, and flipped up her skirt. She
positioned her pussy opening right at the edge of the desk, with
her legs up and apart. She held her knees with her hands.

David stepped up and guided his cock to her opening, then shut
his eyes and pressed into her disgusting swamp. He managed to
keep a small smile on his lips, not obviously fake. Then he
pressed in all the way, making sure that his pubic bone hit hers
just right. He then started his vigorous fucking. It helped if he
thought of it kind of like a shower, imagining he was washing his

"Oh, David, mmm, that's so nice, oh, more, oh, harder."

He sped up, concentrating on getting the pubic bones to meet just
right. Within a minute he was rewarded as Anna tensed and gasped
over and over before relaxing. He was then free to pull out. He
got a wet wipe from Anna's supply and cleaned off his cock. Phew!
He had gotten that out of the way! Now that his cock was clean
and dry again, he could afford to shudder in disgust at where it
had been.

Most men couldn't or wouldn't fuck a woman in missionary
position. Anna was very lucky, and she knew it.

When they had both dressed, their work meeting began.


David didn't have any chores around the house, since he worked
outside the home and brought in a decent income. After dinner he
sat down to relax.

After a while he went to visit Dawn, the young breeder who was
totally in love with her first-born, little Jessica. He sat on
the bed and gave her a foot massage while they made small talk.

Jessica came off of Dawn's breast and as she rose to sitting she
said, "I usually change her diaper before switching to the other

"Oh, let me do it!" said David.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I love the little dear."

So while Dawn rested, David took her over to the changing table
and undid her suit. He bent down to sniff the little girl's

"Mmmm, so nice..."

The diaper was just wet, but he patted her with a wet wipe before
putting on the new one. He burped the baby for a minute, then
returned her to her mother.

"You're so nice to me, David," said Dawn.

"My pleasure," he said, as he got up to go. But his motives
weren't entirely selfless. In a few years, baby Jessica would be
a delightful little child, and he hoped to be one of her special
friends. If he was lucky, he'd be the one she slept with at


Fred was working his way into being a young man. He worked around
the house at odd jobs. He weeded the garden, went shopping,
cooked, split firewood, and played with the kids. The last was
his favorite activity.

He was sixteen, and it was time for him to submit to the women's
desires. He had refused at first. The first time he actually
tried to do it, he pushed the woman off him as soon as he felt
his tip enveloped in her pussy. He was told he had two weeks to
do his job properly, or else he would be strapped down and they
would take him by force. That would be the utmost in humiliation.
Whenever he was ready, the designated woman to break him in was
Grace, the same one he had pushed away.

As the time approached, he sought out David, who managed to do
very well with his duties.

"It's so gross, I just feel like I'm going to throw up."

"Yeah, that's normal. I felt that way at first. Everyone does."

"So how do you get over it?"

"It's hard to describe. You know about visualizing you are taking
a shower and she's just washing your cock for you?"

"Yeah, I've tried visualizing that."

"The other part is -- well, there are a couple things I can think
of. First, try to think about how much the woman is enjoying it.
It's good to give pleasure to other people."

"Well, I don't like Grace. I've always felt she was cold."

"Oh, well maybe we could arrange for someone else. What about
Harriet? She's nice. Do you like the idea of making Harriet

"Yeah, that would be a help."

"The other thing is harder to describe. It's related to
meditation. Do you meditate?"

Fred shook his head. He had tried, but he never could get it. He
was always just bored.

"Well, then, think about splitting yourself into two parts. One
part is doing something disgusting. But the other part is
outside, looking in. You feel sorry for the other part, give it a
hug, maybe, but you think of yourself outside. You know when it's
over you'll be just fine -- there won't be any damage. You know
it's going to be over soon. You know you're giving pleasure to
someone else. You know you're doing your duty to the clan."

It was a lot to absorb. "OK, I'll try."


Fred lay on his back on Harriet's bed. He was fully dressed,
except his flap was flipped up.

"Hi, Harriet," he said. "I'm looking forward to making you

"That's sweet of you, Fred. I appreciate it."

"But you don't mind if I close my eyes?"

"Not at all... Here goes."

Fred felt the woman's mouth on his limp cock, and took a deep
breath. It's like taking a shower, he thought. His cock rose on
schedule. He felt the bed creak as Harriet shifted above him.
Then he felt her fingers on his cock as she pointed it where she
wanted it. Then the swamp descended on him and he clenched his

It was kind of like someone smearing feces all over your face.
That's what one of the other guys had said, and it felt about
right. It would all wash off, right? So would Harriet's swamp.
She pressed down until her pubic bone pressed against his, the
fetid bog engulfing his cock completely. He had the sensation of
his cock being stifled, unable to breathe. But Harriet lifted up
so his cock got a metaphorical gulp of air before she pressed
down again. Up and down she lifted, over and over, faster and

He liked Harriet and was glad to make her happy. It would be over
soon. He breathed deeply. But how could she be happy making him
so miserable? That thought threatened to burst into anger, so he
took another breath. It's OK, Fred, poor fellow, said the part of
him that was looking down. But it will be over soon. More deep
breathing. Harriet's gloopy inner sewer was swishing around
furiously, and the woman was panting and sighing. Why did it take
her so long? Ten strokes was all it took him to come, and he
wasn't making anyone else miserable. Deep breath.

"Oh, mmm, that's nice, oh," Harriet said, then stifled her words.
Her motion slowed down and then she pressed against him hard. He
felt her swamp pulse around him, like a constrictor snake, and
fought back a wave of nausea.

"Oh," she said and slid off.

Fred jumped up for the wet wipes he had brought and frantically
cleaned himself off, using ten of them to make sure he got every
last trace.

"That was very nice, Fred. Congratulations. I thank you."

"You're welcome," he said, though his feelings didn't match his

As he hurried off to his room, he said to himself, "You did it!
You did it!" But he threw himself down on his bed and sobbed.

As his tears abated and he lay half asleep, the image of Alice
came to him again, the image of her pushing up and down on him.
But he didn't feel angry, he felt -- incomplete.

That would be the key, he thought. Go to Alice. Invite her to
fuck him, this time by his choice. Because he loved her. And when
it was done, maybe they could sleep side by side again. Now and
then, at least.

*Old Maids*

After Martha got to the lab in the morning, she looked at her
news feeds and scanned her email. With all of the electronic
information she had to absorb, there was still a surprising
amount of paper, and she scanned through that too. Within an hour
she had handled all the routine stuff. Now she could concentrate
on where the lab should be heading next given the most recent set
of results.

She closed her office door and took three little vials out of her
purse, each half full of a clear viscous liquid. Sperm, she
thought. Nothing quite like it. She pulled down her panties and
loaded the first cartridge into the syringe. She slid it into
herself and got the tip right at her cervix and plunged. What a
lovely feeling! She swapped out the empty little vial for the
next full one and plunged that too. Then she squirted the final
one up inside herself, then reclined in her chair with legs

As usual, an unusual clarity and insight came over her. Nancy's
results seemed promising, but she thought about them more. If the
effect held up, what was the future potential? She could think of
a few more cute results, but then there would be no leads to
follow. More to the point, no follow-on grants would be
forthcoming. No, even though Brian and Bridget's results hadn't
been promising lately, that was where they needed to stay
focused. She should make a point of looking at their work in more
detail, to make sure they weren't missing something.

All the women scientists got their sperm through their clans. The
men made do with whatever thoughts their little brains could come
up with on their own, of course. But the original thoughts
usually came to a woman's brain when her pussy was primed with
semen. Martha was smart, but she was also the head of a rather
prolific clan. That meant that if she commandeered the entire
morning's harvest of semen for herself, she had a lot. The other
women in the clan didn't like it, and she didn't do it often, but
it gave her that extra edge she needed to make sure her lab kept
running right. Today she had just taken three.

Lunch on Thursdays usually featured a guest speaker, and today
was no exception. After lunch she had hour-long sessions with her
three post-docs, Nancy, Brian and Caitlin. She had deliberately
scheduled her most intellectually challenging tasks for the same
day -- a day when she could prime herself with a hefty dose of
sperm first.

Running the Robinson clan wasn't too hard most of the time.
Occasionally there was a crisis like when that obnoxious brat
Alice had raped her brother and then tried to make excuses for
herself. She had to admit she had enjoyed seeing the girl get her
comeuppance getting fucked hard by her big daddy. It was also a
little bit exciting sexually.

Finding a placement for their stud Stephen had been quite a bit
of work too. He was a desirable stud -- handsome, comparatively
pleasant, and very good at giving women their little fucks
without hurting too much. She sent him to the Venturas. That
meant they owed the Robinsons a big favor, but those favors
tended to be uncollectible. Instead, she had arranged for a
price: Five vials of semen a day. Two of the other women in the
Robinson clan had high-powered jobs requiring deep thought, so
they needed more. The Ventura women were nothing special and
could do with less.

Of course as studs felt more confident they tended to have those
"accidental" deep thrusts; a bad one could leave a woman aching
for days. She had had to rein in William. Two women had
complained about his repeated deep thrusts and she had warned
him. Then when it was his turn to fuck her, it had been very
painful. He knew he was fucking her as hard as a breeder in heat
and she could tell he felt proud of himself.

She had promptly cut off his access to women entirely. He could
still fuck a breeder every other day. If she didn't offer him at
least that much he would start getting sick. So he was on an
every-other-day breeder schedule for a few weeks. He had whined
about feeling sick, but she knew he was faking. Vince had ribbed
him mercilessly, gloating over all the extra good fucking he was
getting at William's expense.

The need to control himself had finally gotten through William's
thick skull and he now gave courteous little fucks, though you
could tell he didn't like it one bit.

Studs could take a woman's breath away. They were so big and
strong, their voices deep. Their big cocks and balls were
exciting in theory. In practice, though, they treated you like
shit and hurt you badly when they rammed your innards.

The men on the other hand... They were sweet and considerate and
made that wonderful sperm. But then they were disgusted by
women's pussies. A woman needed her release, so she had to take
one of the men. It was just frustrating to be having sex with a
person who wanted nothing to do with you, who found it disgusting
to have his cock up inside you. But you just had to take your
pleasure anyway. The studs would fuck the daylights out of you
and would laugh out loud at the very suggestion they should try
to give you any pleasure. The men would be nice, but they were
disgusted by sticking their cocks in you, when that was exactly
what you needed to satisfy your urges -- even to stay healthy.


Martha had told the men to be ready to travel on short notice.
The Ralston girl was due any day, and they were going to make the
baby a breeder or a stud.

To make a baby boy into a stud the Ralstons would use their own
studs. The studs would fuck women of the clan and fill their
pussies with the stinging brown cum. The women would then pull
the stuff out of themselves and rub it all over the baby's cock,
stick some up his butt, and have him drink some. It was hard to
watch a little guy scream and sputter drinking the vile stuff,
but he did. And if they did that when he was born and repeated it
off and on for the first month of life, his life course was set:
when he got to puberty, he would grown big and strong and become
a stud himself.

To make a breeder you kept the studs far away. You needed men --
lots of men. A baby girl needed to be slathered all over in the
wonderful clear semen. She had to drink some -- which was just
fine with her, as pleasant as breast milk. She also had to get
doses up her pussy and in her anus.

But the problem was that men didn't ejaculate on command. They
came whenever their bodies decided to. A baby girl needed the
sperm soon after she came out into the world. So the idea was to
have many dozens of men right there when she was born, so
presumably some of the men would have sperm to give right away.
The others would come within a couple hours at most, and the new
doses could be offered to the girl continually for several hours,
then less often for a few weeks.

That was why Martha was going to have all her men go to visit the
Ralston clan. When her clan was trying to make a breeder, the
other clans would reciprocate and a hundred or more men would
help coax the Robinsons' baby girl onto the track of females who
could bear children.

After their initial month of treatments, breeders and studs were
left alone. Like other boys and girls, they did nothing sexual
until puberty hit.


Like a lot of the men, Fred played with the kids when he had a
chance. He played a lot with Jessica, the cute little girl who
had just turned four. Anyone could tell she liked him, and he
adored her.

"Hey, Fred."

"Oh, hi, Dawn." Dawn was Jessica's mother.

"I've got something to talk to you about." She grinned.

Fred sat down and gave her his full attention.

"You like Jessica, right?"

"Love her to pieces."

"How'd you like her as a roommate?"


"Yes, you."

"I'd love it! Oh, man!"

"I thought you'd be happy."

Ordinary men had a solitary sexuality. They got hard, stroked a
few times, and had an orgasm and ejaculation. But they had no
sexual attraction to either the women or the breeders, though
they were sometimes friends with breeders. They certainly had no
interest in the studs, other men, or boys.

They did feel a little extra something for the girls. Not that
they wanted them sexually -- they wanted nothing but their own

Many men liked girls giving them a hug or snuggling in their
laps. They liked to watch them play. A fair number liked more
than hugs. They loved to touch them. They liked tickling and
wrestling, giving them back rubs or foot rubs. They liked to kiss
their arms and stomachs. They loved to massage their scalps and
thighs and little butts. Their little pussies were off limits, at
least in theory.

If that was all there was to it, it would have been just a
curiosity. But there was another effect: the guys' sperm
production went up quite a bit when they had a girl to touch.
That was of great interest to the women.

The girls liked affection, like most children. They didn't mind
being pawed and hugged and stroked -- some of the time. So it
called for a balancing act. The adult females encouraged their
daughters and nieces to push the envelope a little -- put up with
a little more of that kind of affection than they normally would.
But they didn't want the girls to be really unhappy about it. It
was important that they still have control over their own bodies.

Fred considered what Dawn had told him. "But don't the older guys
get first dibs?"

"All else being equal. But most guys get carried away some of the
time and the girls feel trapped. I remember feeling that way now
and then when I was a girl. But I've watched you with them, and I
don't think you'd ever do that."

"I wouldn't mean to."

"But there's another reason too."


"They say your sperm is really nice."


"The old maids report yours is extra wonderful, and it would be
nice if there was more of it," she said. "But don't let it go to
your head!"

"How does Jessica feel about it?"

"She says she likes the idea. We can see how it goes. If she
doesn't like it, we can look for someone else."

Dawn gave Fred a big hug and they held it for a while. Breeders
and ordinary guys could do that as pure friendship since there
was no sexual tension. Neither of them had any sexual interest in
anybody. The breeders loved their babies and put up with getting
fucked by the studs. The men enjoyed the orgasms they brought by
their own hand, and put up with being fucked by the women.


"I get to sleep with you!" Jessica squealed, skipping into Fred's

"Yes, you do, and I'm looking forward to it so much!"

Jessica leapt up on the bed and jumped up and down a few times
before diving under the covers and wriggling around. Her head
then appeared on the pillow and she shut her eyes and snored a
few times in pretend sleep.

Fred stripped out of his clothes and slid in beside her, even
though it was earlier than he usually went to bed.

"You're all naked!" she said.

"Sure, why not?"

The girl shrugged. Before long she fell asleep.

Fred lay on his side watching her beautiful slack face, asleep
with the innocence of childhood dreams. Her chest rose and fell
gently. Before long his cock hardened, although there was no
relationship to what he was seeing. He reached under the bed for
a little empty clear plastic vial, jerked a few times, and felt
the small joy of orgasm as he caught the spurts, then put it on
the floor. That little bit of release made him sleepy.

He awoke to the little girl climbing over him.

"Where're you going?" he asked.

"Back to my own bed," she said.


"Just wanna."

So he let her go, of course, a little disappointed.

But the next night she was back, as enthusiastic as before.

Once again she got up. "Is something uncomfortable?" he asked.

"Oh, nothing," she said, then added, "I'm kinda hot."

The next night as they retired, he said, "You were hot last
night, why don't you take your clothes off?"

"Won't I be cold?"

"You'd be cold in your own bed, but here you have a grown-up
giving off heat, and you can always snuggle up to me."

"OK!" she said, flipping the covers back and without fanfare
peeling off her pajama tops and bottoms and panties, flinging
each piece across the room, wabbed up and tangled.

Maybe he'd teach her about how to handle clothes, but she was
still a little young for that. Anyway, he would be happy to pick
up after her. As she lay on her right side facing him, he ran his
hand up the outside of her thigh to her hip, following her
contour down the little bit to her waist, up her chest and neck
and stopped with her head. He drew his hand across her cheek.

"I'm so glad to have you with me!"

She wriggled.

"Want a back rub?"


She flopped onto her stomach and he knelt behind her and started
a slow, sensual rub. He thought she was drifting off when his
cock started rising.

"Sorry," he whispered, reaching down beside the bed and jerking
off with a few quick strokes.

Jessica looked back over her shoulder. When she saw what was
happening, she pulled herself up to sitting and smiled.

She had seen this before, though not up close. Guys tried to be
discreet about it, especially around children.

"What happens to the stuff?"

"I put it in the bin in the morning, and then they decide what
woman gets to use it."

"Can I touch it?" she asked, having shifted focus to the organ it
had come from.

His cock had shrunk. "Sure!" he said. His cock would not get
erect again or feel pleasure from her touch, but he liked the
idea of her exploring his body too.

"It's soft," she said, fingering it.

He looked between her legs and exclaimed, "Why, you don't seem to
have one!"

"Course not, silly, I'm a girl!"

"Can I touch where you don't have one?"

"OK," she said, after the briefest hesitation.

Fred slid his hand up her thigh to her pussy and rubbed gently a

She squirmed after a few seconds and he drew his hand away.

She flopped down on her back.

"Want a front rub?" he asked.


He slid his hands over her stomach and up her chest to her
shoulders and arms, but returned to the chest and stomach area.
She was so beautiful!

He woke in the morning before her sometimes. She was usually on
her side facing away from him, and he experimented with stroking
her back, including her lovely little butt cheeks. The second
morning he did that she woke while his hand was sliding up and
down the outside of her top thigh.

"Morning, Jessica."

"Morning, Fred."

"Did you wake up from my touching your lovely little body?"

"Maybe, but it felt nice!"

Fred experimented with licking her stomach. Jessica laughed and
pushed him away at first, but got used to it. He moved down to
her thighs and eventually the outside of her pussy lips. Maybe he
wasn't supposed to do that, but it wasn't clear and he didn't
feel like clarifying it with the women.

He didn't find any of this sexually arousing. It just felt fun
and kind of naughty and pleasant. His cock got hard on its own
schedule. He noticed that his ejaculations were more copious, and
his orgasms did feel better.

At first she wouldn't put up with very much at a time near her
pussy lips, and he always instantly let her get out of any
position she didn't like or just stopped touching.

"Jessica, you know that place where you don't have a penis?"


"It's a very special place. I like playing with it because I
don't have one."

She didn't say anything.

But he persisted, because he really did like licking her there.
He hated it when the women used that part of themselves to engulf
his cock, but she was a little girl and didn't do that to him.

She let him spread her legs wide apart and lick inside her crack.
At first she would only let him do it for a few seconds, but
gradually she was content to lie a good long while that way. She
never showed any sign of sexual pleasure. That was fine with
Fred; he didn't feel any sexual pleasure either, just joy at
exploring her body.

Sometimes he would lick her that way for fifteen minutes at a
time. It got so they did it last thing at night, and she fell
asleep that way. The first few times that happened, Fred was so
excited he just kept licking her for 45 minutes.

Like most men, Fred ejaculated once not long before he went to
sleep, and then in the morning. His morning erection and need to
ejaculate was often what woke him up. As he luxuriated in
Jessica's little body, not only did the quantity of semen
increase, but his morning ejaculation came earlier. He couldn't
get back to sleep afterward, and within a few weeks it was quite
annoying. At first he was a good citizen though, always reaching
under his bed for the little plastic vial and saving the semen
for use by the old maids.

One day he was exasperated to wake up at 4am. Instead of reaching
under the bed, he just stroked where he was and spurted his semen
onto Jessica's back. He sopped up the worst of it with the sheet.
Without the disruption of reaching and fumbling for a tube and
placing it just right, he did go back to sleep.

"The sheet's wet," observed Jessica as she awoke before him the
next morning.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "My spurting comes out earlier and earlier,
and I can't get back to sleep. So last night I just let it go
without getting a vial, and without having to fumble around I
fell back to sleep."

Jessica was able to get a little of the sticky stuff on her
fingers. "Can I play with it?"

She had asked that before, and he had always said that they
needed to save it for the women. But now it wasn't going to be
saved in any case, so why not?

The next night when his erection rose in the wee hours Jessica
was on her back, and he groggily thought that if she wanted to
play with it, he could just leave it where she could find it. So
he aimed the spurts onto her stomach.

The next morning he woke to Jessica giggling.

"You shot it onto me!" she said.

"Yeah," he said. "You wanted to play with it, right?"

So as he drowsed, he was dimly aware of Jessica rubbing it
between her fingers, tasting it, and rubbing it all around her
chest. When she was done, she sopped it up with tissues.


The next morning when Jessica awoke, Fred's semen was again
pooled on her stomach. She played with it silently instead of
waking him up.

Then she had a naughty idea. She rubbed some on her spot down
below, the place where she didn't have a penis, as Fred put it.

As he had been licking that place, she had realized it actually
felt kind of good. It was a special place.

She liked how it felt when she rubbed his sticky stuff down
there, so she took it all and slathered it in and around where
Fred licked.

After a week, the women wanted to know why Fred wasn't leaving a
morning ejaculation vial. He explained the situation, and they
laughed. It was true, a guy needed his sleep. And the quantity of
his other ejaculations were very satisfactory. It was sweeter and
nicer too, just around the time he stopped handing in his morning
vial. Maybe good sleep made Fred happy, and a happy Fred produced
happy semen. The women discussed some way to harvest the early
ejaculation, but Fred dissuaded them, feeling that anything they
came up with would interfere with his sleep.

Fred noticed that Jessica's clit seemed a little bigger and her
pussy hole was actually open a tiny bit.  He was surprised but
pleased that his tongue work could change her in that fashion.
She definitely gave signs of pleasure when he licked her too.

Fred only licked Jessica's pussy at night, and during the
intervening day she had had a bath to wipe away her
middle-of-the-night activities, so he had no idea what was really
changing her. He also wasn't aware that her changed body also
affected him when he went to lick her. His middle-of-the-night
ejaculation happened earlier, and suddenly he was producing a
morning one too. He had started making an extra ejaculation!

He didn't mention that it was extra, because he was afraid that
the women would persist and find some way to harvest the
middle-of-the-night extra that he wouldn't like. He just started
delivering the morning one again, and the women just assumed his
body had adjusted to the new situation.


Jessica felt restless. She liked sleeping with Fred, and enjoyed
all his caresses, but something was missing. She felt a certain
fascination with his penis. Yet however she caressed it, it never
got hard nor did Fred seem to enjoy it especially. It got hard
and spurted on its own schedule.

She tried licking it once, but Fred jumped away immediately. He
was polite about telling her not to do it, but she felt bad and
had to fight back tears.

She knew that men and women went behind closed doors to do
something related to penises, but like most girls she had wanted
nothing to do with it. Now she was interested enough to hide in a
closet and peek. The man was on his back, impassive, but the
woman above was moving up and down, his penis up inside her body.
She gave a gasp and shudder. It was how Fred looked when he was
ejaculating, except when the women did it, it was much more

She noticed boys her own age and suggested playing doctor, but
none of them was interested.

Isaac, however, was a little boy, almost four. She was at that
point nearly five. He looked up to her and was happy to do just
about anything she suggested. If it made her happy, he was
willing to pull his pants down and let her play with his private
parts. He was worried she would laugh at him when his penis got
long the first time, but she seemed even happier than before. She
wanted to show him her private parts too. He had seen naked
little girls from a distance before, but Jessica put her strange
little puffy lips right up close to him. She opened them up to
show him the other stuff inside. She got him to touch it once,
but that was enough. She suggested he lick her there, but that
was a really yucky idea. He also shied away when she approached
his penis with her tongue.


As Jessica sat on Isaac's bed, she saw him come half awake. He
slept without anything on his bottoms because Jessica had told
him to.

"I've got some cool magical stuff!" she said. "Like ointment for
your penis!" And with that she rubbed some of Fred's cum all over
Isaac's little organ. She figured if it had felt good when she
did that with her own private parts, it might feel good if she
did it with his. Isaac didn't complain, and after she had rubbed
it in he went back to sleep, and Jessica returned to Fred's bed.

She repeated the procedure night after night. Sometimes Fred woke
up to ask her where she was going, and she said she had to pee.

Something stirred in Isaac. He rubbed up and down on his penis
when it got hard, and that felt good. He got Jessica to do it and
that felt better. He liked the idea of touching her girly parts,
which she eagerly displayed for his attention. He even started
licking them, which made Jessica very happy. She also suggested
licking him, and now he thought it sounded good, and found it
felt fantastic.

The grown-ups noticed that Isaac slept late in the mornings and
started taking a nap in the afternoon again, something he had
given up a few months before. Otherwise he seemed fine, so they
shrugged and ignored it. Jessica also started sleeping late and
going to bed early, and she got a little cranky. Jessica told
Fred she felt like going back to her own bed sometimes, and he
was dimly aware of her leaving in the middle of the night --
often pretty soon after he had had his middle-of-the-night

Jessica waited until Fred had ejaculated his wonderful clear
liquid onto her stomach, and a little longer so the connection
wouldn't be too obvious, then tiptoed to Isaac's room. He woke to
the feel of her rubbing his penis with that lotion and she saw
him rubbing some of it into herself down between her legs.

Then they played with each other, getting good feelings,
switching off licking the other one's private parts.

They also took to hugging, and staring into each other's eyes.
Then they discovered the kiss. No one else in the clan kissed the
way lovers do. An adequate reason was that there weren't any
lovers -- not really. The studs weren't going to kiss anybody,
and the women and breeders felt no desire to kiss them either.
The women might have felt like kissing the men, but the men sure
as hell didn't want to get kissed. And the men and breeders just
didn't think of each other that way.

Isaac and Jessica felt that way, and they discovered how good it

As they hugged each other, they found themselves wriggling their
pelvises. After a while they found that if she held his penis in
just the right place, he could wiggle his pelvis to rub the tip
of his penis right against that spot on her that loved to be

One day the idea hit Jessica like a thunderbolt. She had seen
that man on his back while the woman somehow had his penis up
inside her body. Maybe it didn't go up her poop hole, maybe it
went up the hole where she was shoving Fred's magic clear stuff.
Isaac got hard. Could they do it?

"I wanna try something, Isaac," she said, barely able to contain
her excitement. "Lie on your back."

She held herself above him and tried poking his penis against her
different places.

"It feels better when we're side by side," Isaac said.

"No, I'm looking for something else," she said, as she had pretty
much the right place on herself but poked his penis all different

"What?" he asked. Not all of her experimental pokings felt good
to him.

"I think it can go inside!" she said.

"In your poop hole? Gross!" he said.

"No, the other one -- you've felt it."

Yeah, he had felt there was an opening there somewhere.

Just then his tip was somehow surrounded by her flesh, and a
second later it hurt. "Ouch!" he cried, and Jessica quickly
lifted off of him.

"Shhh, they'll hear us!" whispered Jessica.

Her next experiment turned out differently. His tip was
surrounded by her flesh, and it started bending this way and that
before he felt it slide in. Somehow, it just vanished into her
body! And it felt really, really good! They stared at each other
and smiled. Jessica lifted herself up as she had seen the woman

"Does it feel OK?' Jessica asked.

"It feels great!"

"It feels great for me too! I'm feeling kind of an itch."


"But a good itch!"

She humped up and down, little five-year-old girl body on
four-year-old boy body.

"I got an itch too!" said Isaac, who began thrusting his hips up
against Jessica.

"Oh, wow, mmmm!" she moaned, and he moaned a second later. They
each felt a wave of pleasure like they had never felt before.

Jessica lifted off of the boy. "Are you OK?" she asked.

"Great! And you?"

"Fantastic!" She was silent a moment. "I think I know what that
was. I think you had that same thing the men have when the stuff
comes out of them. Did anything come out?"

They couldn't tell for sure, since they both had traces of Fred's
stuff on their genitals.

"And I think I had that thing I saw a woman having once when she
was doing this to a man."

"What was it?"

"The same kind of thing you had, I think. A really good feeling
and then it's over and you're happy?"

"Yeah, that's what it was like! And now my penis is soft, and I
don't feel like rubbing it any more."

"I should go back to my bed, but I'll see you tomorrow night,


The two discovered fucking. Actually, although it was bumbled and
uneven, they had discovered making love. They were having sex and
both were enjoying it!

They found ways to meet in private during the day, perhaps out in
the woods or down in the basement. If it was an uncomfortable
place, he could stick it in her and thrust away quickly and
they'd both come in thirty seconds. If they had more time they
might do it for half an hour.

The grown-ups noticed they were the best of buddies and thought
it was sweet. It was especially charming to find them in bed
together in the morning now and then, though Jessica usually went
back to her own bed before they fell asleep.

*Eight Years Later*

"Mommy," said Jessica. "I'm bleeding from between my legs!"

"Are you hurt? Let me see." She was surprised. "It's a period!
Why are you having a period? We didn't make you a breeder!
Ordinary women never had periods." Her mother thought a while.

"Come to think of it, you have bigger boobs than women do! Say, I
wonder if you're somehow a breeder even though we didn't make you
one when you were born."

The idea that a girl could just spontaneously turn into a breeder
was interesting.

Fred had started discouraging Jessica from sleeping with him when
she was ten. She was no longer the little girl that fascinated a
man so much. For some time her main interest in the arrangement
was getting that middle-of-the-night ejaculation, and he stopped
having it.

That meant that she and Isaac no longer had a steady supply of
the wonderful sperm that Fred had reliably spurted onto her
stomach every night. After a month, they both noticed they
weren't feeling so great, especially when they made love. They
managed to steal vials of sperm and dose themselves up every few
weeks. As long as they stole a vial from a different guy and it
wasn't that often, no one noticed the theft.

They didn't know for sure what Jessica was, but at her age as an
ordinary woman she would start getting an allocation of sperm. If
she was a breeder it wouldn't do her any good, but she reported
she liked it a lot. She had been enjoying it for years, of
course. Now she shared her legitimate supply with Isaac too.

Dawn talked to her daughter Jessica more frequently about what it
was like to be a breeder, how to steel herself for the onslaught
of the studs. They waited for her to go into heat, but breeders
always went into heat within a few months of getting their period
-- and Jessica never did.

If she was an old maid, she would need sex with a man when she
got that itch -- but she never did. Jessica herself wasn't
surprised at that, since she was having regular sex with Isaac.
If she was a woman, later she would need the stud too when she
got that sharp pain in her innards -- but she never did.

She seemed to be half breeder and half woman. She was a


Jessica and Isaac had developed more of a sexual passion for each
other than ever. It increased first when Jessica reached sexual
maturity. It increased again when Isaac did.

Like any boy, Isaac was supposed to be on the lookout for that
erection that popped up on its own, the compulsion to rub it,
followed by a sense of relief and spurting semen. His erection
had gotten plenty hard for years when he and Jessica made out or
made love. He had an interest but not a compulsion to rub it, and
he got that feeling of relief. It wasn't immediately apparent
whether he was spurting or not, because all his good feelings
were happening with his penis buried deep inside Jessica.

But he needed to test the hypothesis, and when he masturbated he
found that he was spurting. But something wasn't quite right. His
semen wasn't clear like a man's or brown like a stud's. It was
milky white. He didn't dare deliver that sperm to the collection
system. People would think he was a freak! So he kept denying
that he was spurting.

Over the next year, people noted that Isaac was unusual in
another way. He was 5'6" and still growing, quite tall for a man,
and he also had more heft. But he was too small to be a stud.

People questioned his assurance that he wasn't spurting, but they
didn't force the issue. Perhaps it was a plot to avoid having to
do his duty and let the women fuck him, but they would wait.

Then Jessica got pregnant.


Over the preceding 24 hours, Martha had taken several extra-large
doses of sperm up her pussy as she tried to sort out the reports
she was getting.

Now she convened a meeting. There was no formal procedure, but
the substance was clear enough: Martha, Fred, and Dawn were the
inquisitors. Jessica and Isaac were getting grilled. Martha was
of course the one in charge.

"I think we need to challenge all our assumptions and start with
a clean slate," she said. "Jessica was never a normal breeder or
a normal woman; she was some sort of deviant intermediate form.
Isaac too was too small to be a stud and too big to be a man;
neither fish nor fowl.

"I have a theory. I think that you have been spurting for some
time, Isaac, but that your sperm isn't normal. It's somewhere
between the clear stuff normal men make and the brown stuff studs

"How did you know?" he stammered. "It's whitish. I couldn't admit
I was spurting, don't you see? You'd all think I was a freak!"

"Yes, I can understand that," Martha said.

Isaac sighed with relief.

"So, Jessica."

"Yes," said the pregnant girl.

"You took his sperm for yourself and slid it up your own vagina.
Yet his whitish sperm was enough to make you pregnant. And
something tells me you've been raping him, threatening to reveal
his freakish sperm if he told anyone."

"I haven't been raping Isaac!" she said hotly, her expression
softening as she looked over at him.

He smiled at her and addressed Martha. "Jessica has not been
raping me."

"I know you two have been the best of friends since you were
young," Martha said, "so I'm not surprised that you protect her."

"I'm not protecting her!" Isaac said. He shifted in his seat and
took a deep breath. "I have had sexual intercourse with Jessica
for quite some time. I very much want to do it with her. I get an
erection when I see her and touch her," he said. "I ejaculate
inside her body. Like a stud!"

All three of the inquisitors were shocked.

"Then you have been raping Jessica!" Martha accused.

"No," said Jessica softly. "He is sweet to me. I love it when he
puts it in me. It doesn't hurt. I come too. And it was originally
my idea."

The three inquisitors were perplexed. Fred had the next insight.
"So we have sex between a male and a female, and both of them
like it, both of them want it, and both of them have a good time.
And it produces a baby."

"It is totally against nature!" said Martha. "Is this baby going
to have two heads?"

"I guess we'll find out," said Fred softly.

Dawn spoke for the first time. "Jessica, you said it was
originally your idea. When did you first suggest it? Was it
around the time you got your period? And did he agree right

Jessica and Isaac looked at each other, and both became pale.

"It was..." Jessica said. "It was," she murmured.

Isaac spoke up in a strong voice. "I think you were five and I
was four."

The three grown-ups stared.

Martha spoke first, "This is no time for jokes," she said
sternly, but she knew as she said it that it was not a joke. The
two young people wouldn't be pale and stammer when they were
making up a joke.

"It started with you, Fred," Jessica said.


"So what role did you have in all this?" Martha asked him.

"Remember you used to spurt onto my stomach?" Jessica said. "I
didn't mind, I really didn't!" she said loudly.

Fred relaxed and said, "Yeah, they knew about that. At least they
knew we were sleeping together, and they knew I was spurting in
the middle of the night without collecting the sperm in a vial."

"Really?" asked Martha. "I don't remember that."

"I do," put in Dawn simply. Martha didn't like the idea that she
didn't remember something like that and Dawn did. She didn't like
the idea that she was getting on in years.

"You spurted it onto her stomach?" Martha asked.

"Yeah," said Fred, a little defensive. "She wanted to play with

"Go on," Martha said to Jessica.

"Well, I'm not sure what was important, but I do know I was
rubbing his sperm all over my vagina area."

"Like a treatment!" Martha said.

"Kind of," Jessica said.

"And did you know about this?" Martha asked Fred. "Surely any
grown-up would know that wasn't a good idea? At least not without
mentioning it to anyone?"

"No," said Fred. "I had no idea."

"I never thought he knew," said Jessica. "I thought he wouldn't
like that I did that."

"Do you have any idea why it occurred to you to rub sperm all
around your pussy?"

"Well, when Fred licked me all around that area, it felt really

Martha and Dawn stared at him, and Fred turned beet red.

"I guess I should have asked," he said. "But I did make really
good sperm back then, do you remember?"

That Martha did remember. Pressing the plunger to deliver Fred's
sperm deep in her vagina -- that was quite the treat.

"And I think you didn't ask because you knew what we'd say."

"I think you're right," Fred said, trying to keep some dignity.
He prayed that Jessica might omit the fact that he sometimes
licked her pussy for an hour at a time.

Dawn took up the questioning. "Jessica, are you sure you didn't

Jessica nodded.

Dawn smiled and continued, "Then I say, what the heck? He liked
it. She liked it. He made better sperm. That's why we let men
sleep with girls in the first place." She turned to Fred and said
in a friendly tone, "But you really should have asked."

"I know," he said.

Jessica wanted to move on from Fred. She hadn't realized that
what he had done was such an indiscretion. And the truth was that
she did love Fred, for all he had made her feel special back then
and how he had treated her ever since.

"Anyway, I found myself thinking about sex, though I didn't know
the word back then. I tried getting Fred to respond sexually,
like to enjoy it when I stroked his penis. But he never did."

"And you tried licking it once!" Fred said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know."

"Of course you didn't," Fred said. "It was just very memorable to

"Anyway, when Fred didn't respond, I tried to get other boys
interested, but the only one who would let me play doctor was
Isaac," she said. It suddenly occurred to her that she was saying
she had chosen the love of her life because he was the only one
who would have her. "But I did like him a lot," she stammered.

Isaac smiled and patted her hand. "It's OK," he said.

"So I took some of Fred's stuff with me and rubbed it all around
his penis."

"And what did you think of that, Isaac?" Martha asked.

"I don't really remember what happened at first," he said. "I was
pretty young. But I do know I felt sexy pretty soon and wanted to
touch and fondle my buddy Jessica."

"So you did this more than once? This treatment with the sperm?"

"Oh, yes, we did it just about every day until I stopped sleeping
with him when I was ten."

"You used me!" said Fred with a pout.

"I'm sorry!" blurted out Jessica, before Fred gave a big grin and
the others laughed. Even Martha smiled a little.

"Anyway," said Isaac. "Shortly after those treatments started, we
started fucking like little bunnies and coming every time. We
could barely keep our hands off each other, and met every chance
we could. I'd say we averaged about twice a day, wouldn't you?"
he asked his lover.

Jessica thought, but before she could answer, Martha interrupted.

"OK, OK. I get the picture. Let me think about this a little
while." There were several seconds of silence. "The natural way
is that we treat a boy with lots of stud sperm right at birth if
we want him to become a stud. We treat a girl with lots of man
sperm if we want her to become a breeder. It looks like if you
treat a boy or girl with man sperm at around age five, he or she
gets interested in sex and starts being sexually active. If you
keep it up through age ten, he or she becomes an intermediate
bastard form."

"I don't think of it as a bastard form. I see it differently,"
said Dawn. "The next time I come into heat," she said, turning to
Isaac, "I would dearly love this boy to have sex with me, if he's
willing, rather than the studs. And if he could make me
pregnant..." The appeal of that was obvious to all.

Fred spoke up suddenly, "Isaac, what do you think of the women?
What do you think of the idea of fucking them?"

The only ordinary woman in the room was Martha, and she was...
kind of old and not very pleasant. This was apparent to Fred as

"Take Ella, for instance. Do you think you'd enjoy fucking her?"

Isaac imagined the woman naked, imagined her begging him to stick
it in her, and smiled.

"I'll take that as a yes."

"Listen, my boy," he said, sliding up next to him and putting his
arm around him. "I think any woman you agree to fuck is going to
be forever in your debt. And if you could fuck all of them, every
man is going to be forever in your debt as well. You want any toy
you've ever dreamed of? Any music? Peeled grapes? Personal
laundry service? Never another chore in your life? You're on!"

Martha smiled for the first time. She imagined feeling that
craving for a man, and having this teenager Isaac fondling her,
pushing her onto her back, sliding in with enthusiasm and gusto,
pounding away like a stud but without pain and without rude
remarks and without that burning sperm -- wow!

She asked quietly, "Jessica, does it burn when he comes inside


"When he comes, do you have this burning sensation from his
semen. Something very unpleasant? At all unpleasant?"

"No, nothing like that at all."

Despite her age, Martha felt a little stirring in her pussy.

Jessica looked a little agitated. "I don't think I like the idea
of Isaac having sex with other women."

Everyone laughed -- everyone but Isaac, who raised his hand for
silence, staring at his girl.

"I know what you mean," he said. "The idea of Jessica having sex
with some other man -- I don't like it."

The two lovers moved close together then, gazing into each
other's moist eyes. In full view of the others, they put their
lips together gently, and rubbed them back and forth. The others
couldn't comprehend what they were seeing, not fully. It reminded
Dawn of what it was like to love a baby -- like each of them saw
the other as their baby. It reminded Fred of how he felt for the
young Jessica, such a tender feeling.

Martha had no basis of comparison at all. She said, "Well, given
that her choices are studs or men, I don't guess there's much
danger she'll want that! Or, you might want a man, but he's not
going to put up with you!"

Dawn said, "Imagine a world where we don't need anybody but women
like Jessica and men like Isaac! They both love sex. They love
each other. And they can make more babies!"

"That's wild speculation," said Martha. "And anyway, I think it
would be sick."

Yet she joined the others in thinking about it. It was a very
strange concept. Fred tried to imagine liking to do it with women
and feeling about them kind of like he felt about little Jessica.
Dawn imagined being able to have babies and also this thing
called sexual pleasure that the others liked. Martha imagined men
who would like having sex with her, then tried to imagine big
breasts and periods and babies. Dawn and Martha jumped for joy at
their other thought: No studs!


The secret was out. Finally Isaac and Jessica could sleep
together in the same bed, all night long. People saw them kissing
each other in public. Others stared in fascination -- and often
discomfort. Dawn relayed the request that they should stop doing
it in public, because it was very distracting to the women.

Isaac and Jessica lay in bed, bodies intertwined after making
love. She was in the easy middle part of her pregnancy.

"The women want me," he said. "They're saying it's my duty."

"But you're not a man, not like them. You don't spurt
involuntarily several times a day."

"Yeah, but it looks like I never will. And I do spurt."

"I feel it trickling out of me right now," Jessica said, smiling,
and they kissed.

"But whatever the rules are, it makes sense, right? The other
guys are revolted by having sex with the women, but they have to
anyway. I'm not revolted by it."

"Not revolted?" Jessica smiled. "You're looking forward to it!"

"I think it would feel good physically," Isaac said. "But I'm not
going to do it."

"Why not?"

"You're my lover. You're the only one I want to do it with."

"That's so nice of you," Jessica said.

They snuggled a while in silence.

Jessica said with a twinkle in her eye, "I couldn't believe that
when you told them you want to have sex with me, you like doing
it, and you come up inside my pussy. You were so sure of

"It did feel weird to say I was a total freak, but I feel it so
strongly -- that helped."

Jessica sighed and said, "It's selfish of me. You could make
those women so happy. I don't know why I don't want you to do it
with them. But I'll get over it."

Isaac looked at her in silence.

"Could I pick the person you do first?" Jessica asked.

"I don't think I should do it with anybody. You discovered how to
make us sexy as children, and we were there for each other. We
belong to each other."

"But I'm not sure I can live with myself, being that selfish.
Would you do it for me?"

"OK," Isaac said after a pause. "But it doesn't feel right."

"What if you do Grace first..."

"Grace?" Isaac said.

"You don't find her especially attractive, do you? Maybe that
would make it easier on me, to start with."

"OK," said Isaac, uncertain.


Both of them were naked. Isaac was fondling her breasts and
running his hands over her hips.

"Do you mind?"

"No, not at all," the older woman said nervously, looking at his
cock, which had hardened without any attention from her mouth.

As always before she had sex with a man, she had played with
herself plenty before he arrived, so she was good and juicy.

"So, are you ready?" he asked.

"Sure," she said. "You want to lie down?"

"Not really. I'd like you to lie on your back."


"Yes, really."

"Oh, wow," she said.

Isaac lowered himself onto her and guided his own cock into her
pussy, smiling with pleasure as he pushed in. He soon slid in up
to the hilt and began fucking away.

"Is that OK?" he asked.

"That's great!" Grace said, looking at his face in astonishment.
He looked almost like a stud, the way he shoved in and out of
her, pleasure on his face. Unlike a stud, he was being kind to
her, and it didn't hurt. It didn't hurt at all; in fact it felt
good. Very good. His penis didn't ram the back of her pussy, yet
she could tell he wasn't holding back. He was shoving in as far
as he could each time, his progress blocked only when their pubic
bones met. He was bigger than the men, and his cock was bigger
too. She felt her pleasure building, and suddenly it burst, and
she had the nicest orgasm of her life.

"I'm gonna come in you," he said, puffing.

She sobered up, prepared for the burning sensation. He moaned and
thrust deep like a stud would. She didn't feel any pain at all.

He pulled out and lay down next to her. He was smiling, not
gagging, and he was in no hurry to clean the liquids of sex off
his penis.


Grace couldn't help grinning as she emerged. Half a dozen other
women casually gathered around.

"Well, what was it like?" asked one.

"Perfect," she said. "Just perfect."

"How did it work?"

"He wanted me on my back so we could see each other. He wanted to
do the fucking -- kind of like a stud. But he wanted to see me,
not just my butt, and he tried to make sure I had my own orgasm."

"Did you?"

"Yes," Grace said softly. "Oh, yes..."


"So how was it?" Jessica asked.

"OK," said Isaac.

"Just OK?"

"Well, it did feel pretty good." Isaac couldn't hold back his
smile any longer.

"But I'm glad to be back with you," he said, snuggling up to her.

After a while, Isaac noticed Jessica was unusually quiet, and
when he looked up he saw tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" he said.

"I shouldn't care. It's selfish of me," she said sniffling. "But
I really don't like it. I'm sorry!" She let herself cry freely,
and Isaac held her.

"Then I won't do it with anyone else again," he said. "It felt
good, but I also felt guilty. I think we're meant to be with each
other and no one else."

"Really?" Jessica asked.


Isaac was willing to masturbate and donate his whitish semen to
see what it would do when injected into pussies, but in fact it
did not give rise to the same beneficial effects as clear sperm.
It seemed to have no effect on influencing the sexual development
of young children either.

Jessica didn't benefit from the injection of clear semen into her
pussy. That seemed to be an effect the infertile men could give
only to the infertile women.


Martha was meeting with Harriet and Alice, her two most trusted

"I can't believe how selfish he's being!" Martha fumed.

"It is very frustrating," said Harriet.

"No shit," grumbled Alice, the youngest of the three.

"The rules say we could restrain him and make him do it," said

"That's if he were a man. He's not a man," said Harriet.

"No, but the part that's not man is stud. It's hard to imagine a
stud being unwilling to have sex with a female. His nature should
make him more willing rather than less," said Martha.

"So why don't we just insist? Restrain him. He'll fall into line
soon enough," said Harriet.

"His body doesn't work like a man's either, though," said Alice.
"He doesn't have those reflexes. He doesn't get hard
involuntarily and have to spurt. It seems he only gets hard when
he likes the idea of having sex. At least that's what he says.
And he doesn't get hard when you lick his penis -- at least
that's what Dawn reports. They let her watch when Jessica sucked
on him, and he didn't get hard. But after they had demonstrated
the point, and he decided to let himself, he got very hard, and
they let Dawn watch them do it. Fucking. She said it was so sweet
she cried afterward."

"There's something that tells me we shouldn't make him do
anything," said Martha. "We'll just pretend he never came along,
and we'll get by as we always did. I don't want to make him mad."

Harriet said, "I agree, and there's a different reason. This love
that he and Jessica have for each other is very interesting. I
think we all find it appealing, and if their love means he isn't
going to do it with other women, I think we need to respect

"Yeah, good point," said Martha.

"Still..." said Alice. "Imagine yourself naked. You're on your
back, and he eagerly shoves it into you. But it doesn't hurt, and
he is kind to you. He goes faster and faster, and then you see
him tense and spurt. It goes right up inside you, and the spurt
doesn't hurt. Imagine..."

"That is not helping," sighed Martha wearily. Harriet shifted in
her seat.

"There are those other boys, though. How's it going with them?"
asked Harriet.

Martha said, "Mark is twelve, but the treatments don't seem to
have any effect. Bob is ten, and there seems to be something
stirring there. He's getting treated with a full three vials a
day. And among the younger kids, the girls and boys we're
treating are starting to get sexy with each other."

"So we have to wait a few years, I guess," said Alice.

"We'll just have to see," said Martha.

"But is it true we can try playing with the boys if they're

"Yeah, but let's stress that 'if they're willing' part," said
Martha. "We should just all assume life will go on as it always
has. If anything changes for the better, it will be a pleasant


"Hi, Bob!" said Alice.

"Um, hi."

"I made some brownies, just for you."

"Oh, thanks!"

"Would you play doctor with me?" she asked quietly. It felt odd
for a grown woman to put it that way but she couldn't think of
anything better.


"Like show each other our bodies. Do you want to know what a
woman's body is like? I'd love to see yours!"

Bob thought that several of the women seemed to like spending
time with him these days, but this was something new.

"I love a boy's penis, and I'd love to see how yours is

Bob shrugged and whipped off his pants and underpants.

"Lie back on the bed, here," she said. "It's so beautiful. Can I
touch it?"

Bob shrugged.

Then her hands were on it, and to Bob it felt special. It started
getting hard under her touch.

"Ooooo, it's getting hard, that's so great!" she said with such
enthusiasm he decided she really meant it. "You want to see me
naked?" she asked.

Bob shrugged again, and the woman pulled off her clothes.

She spread her legs wide so he could see the strange woman's

"You want to touch?" she asked.

He hesitated, and she said, "I'd like it if you would."

Bob explored with his fingers this strange new place. He had been
playing doctor with some of the girls lately, but this was

"You can pull those lips apart there to see what's inside."

Bob did.

"See the hole there? That's the hole for your penis. Whenever
you're old enough, whenever you're ready, I'd love it if you'd
stick your penis in my hole."

Bob had no desire to do that, but he was kind of excited that
this grown woman was suggesting it. Then he lost interest, and
she returned her attention to his organ.

"Can I rub it up and down?" she asked. "Sometimes that feels good
to a boy."

He rubbed his penis sometimes when it got hard, but it felt
better with Alice doing it.

"Here, can I kiss it?" she asked.

"No," he said.

"Oh, come on," she said. "Just try it, I bet you'll love it."

"No," he said a little louder.

"Here, let me..." Alice stopped. She had gotten in trouble doing
exactly this kind of thing many years before. "OK," she said. "We
never have to do that."

He started to get dressed, and she did too.

"You know, if you rub it up and down and keep doing it, you can
get a really good feeling. Try it some time.

"And just so you know, any time you feel like playing doctor with
me, I'd love to. You can play with any part of me, and I'll rub
you or lick you if you want, and you can always stick it up
inside my special hole." But she ended with a smile -- "you never
have to do anything like that if you don't want to."

Later, Bob tried that rubbing trick with his penis. He kept
rubbing and rubbing, and sure enough, he had this wonderful
feeling throughout his body and then he didn't feel like rubbing
any more.

Bob had thought he would like to see Katy's body. She was eleven.
But he was too shy to ask.

Bob thought about sticking his penis into her body. That would be
exciting. Then he remembered Alice.


"Umm," he said, lounging in her doorway. He wasn't sure he
believed what she had said before.

"Oh hi, Bob! Come on in. What can I do for you? I'm always
willing to get sexy if that's what you'd like."

Soon the two were naked. He looked surreptitiously at her pussy.

"You can play with me if you'd like. Would you like to touch?"

Bob nodded eagerly, and was soon peeling back her lips to look
and rub inside. He poked his finger up her pussy tube. His penis
had gotten hard.

"Would you like to stick that in me?" she asked in a whisper.
"I'd love that -- but only if you would."

Bob nodded, but looked confused. How?

"Oh, goody! Here's how we'll do it. I lie down like this. You
climb on top of me there. Mmm, that's nice. Now I take your
beautiful penis, like this... Perfect. Now you push forward."

It felt partly gross, partly naughty, and partly very good to
have his penis surrounded by this woman's flesh.

"Now, poke it back and forth," she suggested.

Bob did. That felt even better. He poked a little deeper, but
stopped to look at her questioningly.

"Yes! You can push it in as deep as you want, as fast as you
want. Whatever feels good. I'll love it."

Bob took her word for it. He thrust in and out for a good long
while. He felt that good feeling almost happening, but not quite.

She said, "Let me try something -- but if you don't like it, let
me know."

He then felt her pussy hole squeeze him. That was terrifically
exciting! He pumped in and out fast and then the feeling came to
him. Waves of pleasure.

When he stopped panting, he noticed she was looking at him and

Suddenly embarrassed, he said "I'm sorry, I don't know what I'm

"Oh, Bob, you know just what you're doing. I mean you're doing
just what a stud would do -- or Isaac -- and I love it. I love to
see you get happy like that."

Alice was a little disappointed that she had not had any orgasm,
but she hadn't even taken the time to get turned on. Besides,
this was a long-term investment. Who knew how old a boy had to be
before he could satisfy a woman?

Bob kept covering his penis with the clear liquid three times a
day. He got more and more interested in playing with his penis.
He got Katy to take her clothes off so he could look at her, but
she didn't want to touch. Alice, on the other hand...

"Mmm, that's so nice, Bob... Just like that, yes, more, OK, a
little faster, OK? Not quite so deep. Oh, you're a wonderful guy!
Aaaaaahhhhhh," she suddenly said, her body twitching.

"Oh, that was fantastic, Bob! Now you go for what makes you feel
good, OK?"

"Can you turn over again, like we did before?"

"Sure, Bob!" Alice said. She loved having Bob do her from the

After they were in position and he was humping away in her, she
made a point of squeezing down on his cock at what she judged was
just the right moment, and he shouted out his climax.

But the big news was that she had come! He was finally ready,
Alice thought. He could make the other women happy too. She would
be reluctant to give him up. In fact, she waited several days
before broaching the subject with him.

"Bob, I've been having a really good time with you."

"Me too," he said.

"Did you know that every single woman in this clan would love to
have you do it to them?"

"Really? What about Katy?"

"I don't know about Katy, since she's right at that borderline
age. But I bet she will soon. Oh, the one exception is Jessica."


Bob found that just as Alice had said, every single woman wanted
him to fuck her just like he had Alice.

As Bob's body grew he started spurting stuff out, first a little,
then a lot.

When Bob's sexual appetites rose they decided to wean him off of
his three treatments of clear sperm a day.

He loved spurting it inside a female. He loved pushing and
pumping into a woman whether he had stuff to spurt or not. They
would all have their own orgasms in any case.

Now the breeders disappeared occasionally for a day. They were in
heat, and didn't want the studs to smell them. They actually
stayed in the guest building at the edge of the compound. They
always invited Bob over to visit. They always wanted another baby
when they were in heat, but they didn't want the pain and
humiliation that came with a stud mating. They wanted Bob to
slide up into their pussies and leave a nice big blob of his
sperm there. As they hoped, that was all it took to make them
pregnant! He fathered over a dozen children.


Bob woke up spooned against Dawn's back. He had a hard-on and
needed relief. So he found her pussy and surged up inside.

"Mmmmm," said Dawn, coming half awake. "Again so soon?"

"Yeah," grunted Bob.

"Go ahead, do me good, then," she murmured sleepily.

He shot his wad up inside Dawn within a minute, then fell back to


"Bob, we need to talk," said Martha.

"Can we talk while I'm fucking you?" he asked.

"Well, OK," Martha sighed, lying on his bed and spreading her

After his cock was lodged in her pussy she felt him relax. That
was part of the problem. The only time Bob seemed to relax was
when his cock was up in some pussy or other.

"You seem to be insatiable," she said. "You don't want anything
but sex."

"That's right," he said, his penis sliding back and forth slowly.

"The women can't take this much sex," she said. "We have work to
do, and our pussies get sore. One thing we've tried is giving you
a breeder to do for an hour at a time. But they say it doesn't

"When I've had one pussy for a while, I need a new one."

"And you have to leave the girls alone until they're old enough.
If a girl says she doesn't want it, you have to leave her alone!"

"I only go to the girls if there isn't any other pussy to fuck."

Martha sighed. Time to spring her brilliant idea. "I have an
idea. How would you like to go over to the Smith clan in the
afternoon and do some of them."

"Do they have pussies?"

"Yes, of course."

"Sounds good."

The Smith clan had agreed to take Bob from 1 to 5. The old maids
were ecstatic at the idea that they could achieve their orgasms
while having sex with a man who really wanted to. They were
thrilled at the prospect of not needing the deep poking and
burning of a stud. What they promised in turn was that they would
provide pussies for Bob to fuck continuously between 1 and 5, and
none for more than half an hour at a time. That was a tall order,
but they decided they'd try it. Later the Chen clan would make
the same deal for the 9 to 1 slot.

Bob ate while gently sliding in and out of a woman he mounted
from the rear. His plate rested on her back. He showered in the
same fashion, with two helpers. One knelt on the floor to get
fucked while the other washed and rinsed him. Then they switched
places, because Bob didn't like to be close to a woman he
couldn't fuck. It was a terrible tease.

Bob died of a heart attack at age 28, while fucking the
14-year-old Marsha, missionary style on a bed. While obviously in
a lot of pain and gasping, he wouldn't stop the fuck until he had
ejaculated. Then he slumped dead onto poor Marsha. She had to
wriggle out from under his corpse and had nightmares for months.

All agreed that giving a boy three full doses a day of clear man
sperm was too much.


Varying the timing of the application of man sperm could create a
variety of different boys or girls. But there were essentially
three types of each.

Studs were the super-males. They were focused on sexual conquest
which was necessarily painful to the woman. They were rude, not
terribly smart and incapable of forming warm relationships. Yet
before the emergence of the new man, they were the only way to
father children.

What had been known as "men" might be called "introverted men".
Their bodies commanded masturbation and ejaculation on an
inner-directed schedule. They led often satisfying lives that had
nothing to do with social sexuality. Their sperm, however, was
vital for creating fertile members of either gender. They were
especially kind to children, and every child had memories of a
kind introverted guy.

The new man had elements of the other two. Studs were too crude
and sex-obsessed to form relationships with females, and the
introverts had no interest. The new men could. They could make
love to women and sire children. They were suited for the pair

Breeders were the super-females. Their one focus and obsession in
life was bearing and raising children, yet they felt no sexual
pleasure. They were not creative thinkers and had no interest in
anything outside of the realm of parenthood; they weren't even
very good at household chores.

What had been known as "women" might be called "career women".
They had no interest in having children and little interest in
relating to them. Dosed with the clear semen of the introverted
men, they were the most insightful and intellectual, and they
pretty much ran the world outside of the home. Their sex lives
used to be a mix of abuse and agony from the studs on the one
hand, and on the other some excitement and orgasms from
introverts -- who despised the sex act in all its forms. Both
forms of sexuality were necessary to their health. The new men
made their sex lives a lot easier, but human intimacy was not a
high priority for them.

The new women could have children, or they could decide not to.
They enjoyed sex, but didn't need it. They fell in love with men;
they were made for love and bonding. They had choice.

Brown sperm would vanish from the earth if the last stud did;
they could not be re-created from any other form. So small
populations were set up where they were preserved. The pussies
required to keep them alive were supplied by saintly women who
put in time in a national service program.

Both old-style introverted men and the new men were essential to
society. Without the clear semen, no children would grow up
fertile, and the new men were needed to actually father the
children, now that the studs were out of the picture. Both were
largely content with their lot. Since it wasn't necessary to
decide right away whether to treat a boy, families could wait to
see his innate temperament before choosing the role that suited
him best.

The females varied in terms of what they valued most. Which kind
to create was a balancing act. Clans needed some who most valued
power and knowledge, they needed some who most valued babies and
child-rearing, and they all liked the ideal of women who valued
love and intimacy and could choose their path in life.

And everyone loved to see the new men and new women as
youngsters. Boys and girls as young as five or six would kiss
passionately and make love wherever the urge grabbed them. Puppy
love, perhaps, but real little penises slid sensuously in and out
of real little vaginas to the delight of both parties.

And so the society stumbled along. Their sexuality was still
peculiar, but everyone agreed that it was far less at
cross-purposes than it used to be. It all changed when Saint
Jessica tapped into a stream of clear sperm on the sly and
created of herself and Isaac the first new woman and new man.

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