Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Introduction This story epitomizes my fantasies. It centers around a fantasy town in modern times, that clings to old time ways. Especially when it comes to their idea of justice. There are no prisons, just jails, and the gallows. However, this gallows is not about executing people though, it is about corporal punishment. Convicts are given varying measures of floggings and cannings. The stories are from the standpoints of those involved, from multiple viewpoints. Ray is the lead character, he was recently selected at the "executioner of sentences". Because this is fantasy, murder is not a crime that is committed in this town, unless they can be whipped until dead I suppose. But that would take away from the entertainment of the storyline. Chapter may be a little boring, but it helps to set up the rest of the storylines. I wanted some eroticism, so there is a bit of that too. I hope you enjoy.     Chapter 1   Ray woke up next to Katrina. She was a beautiful blue eyed blond that had a body that nearly made him come every time he saw her. Both of them were still naked from their evening of love making. Ray didn't remember falling off to sleep, utterly exhausted from hours of lovemaking, bondage, and spanking. As the early dawn sun light started to creep into the room, he could see the shape of her naked hour glass figure as a silhouette in the dark. Ray could never figure out how he was so lucky to attract Katrina. They met while he was on foot patrol. It was all he could do to keep himself from smacking that butt again, and diving deep into her. But he was spent, and he had no idea how long it would take for him to get off again in her. But the thought of entering her wet and warm pussy again with his dick was such a turn on, he got hard immediately. He knew that it would slide right in. But he had to turn away from those thoughts. He had his job to do today, and today was a special day at that.   Katrina was stirring, still feeling the soreness in her legs from all the sex, and the welts on her butt from the cane Ray used on her the evening before. The soreness on her butt made her hot again for him, and she quickly lunged across the bed for Ray and grabbed the tail of his shirt, and tried to drag him back into bed for another round. But Ray had to refuse her, or risk being late for his first assignment as executioner of sentence for the town. Ray said "no......I can't anymore Kat, I have to go. I have to be ready to swing the whip...remember?" Katrina thought for a moment, and recalled that this was no ordinary day. Ray was to make his debut as the town executioner of sentence, and better, he was to carry out a sentence on his ex Sasha, whom she hated for how Ray could not trust any one. "Oh yea, how could I forget?" as she lept out of bed and started to the bathroom to get ready. "Sasha gets her whipping today, doesn't she!", then she peaked around the corner in with her naughty look "And it is on the day you debut....too! How wonderful, two plus' in one day! "Yea" Ray said. "I finally get revenge on that bitch, and it is legit too." Katrina said, "Do I need to do anything to help you get ready? Massage, breakfast, strip naked?" Ray instantly felt a jolt in his groin at the thought of Kat stripping again for him. He knew she was teasing him on purpose, and how he had to turn her down. "Oh, for that Kat, I am going to have to take you across my knee tonight!" "oh, I am so looking forward to it honey" said Katrina. Ray said, "But no, I have to get going. I'll grab a bite on the way. Last night was....WOW!" And he looked at his watch, gave her a hug and kiss, she turned and bent over a little bit to give him a clean shot at her ass, and he smacked it with his hand. "Oh" she let out as she closed her eyes and let the feeling take her over. The power he had over her was amazing. And with that, he walked out the door, shirt over his shoulder.   Ray walked to work, hearing the people say things like "Let the bitch have it" "Make sure she feels every stroke!". There were certainly a lot of people that wanted to see Sasha suffer, much like she had made it so they would suffer.. He now realized that he represented their anger, and that she was to feel it. He strode to the office where he met Anthony, his assistant for today. They grabbed a quick bite for breakfast, then headed to the town platform to prepare for the days floggings and canings. They checked the shackles on the whipping post for secureness, and the straps on the punishment box for the same. A crowd was gathering. It was Thursday, punishment day for prisoners. All were welcome to watch as prisoners were flogged or canned on the town punishment platform.   It was not long before the two men to be punished were brought in a ox cart. Both were brought up onto the platform. One was to receive 30 strokes of the whip while lashed to the whipping post. The other was to receive 10 strokes of the cane. While Ray enjoyed being with Kat, he really had to hold back when spanking her, or canning her, for he really loved to give corporal punishment. He relished in the sounds of the whip as it landed on bare skin, and the sounds the person being whipped would give as they received it. It had been Ray's dream to be the punisher ever since he watched his first whipping when he was in his early teens. He felt the cane himself a couple of times in school. He had been training for this for the last several weeks as he worked at the apprentice to the former punisher who was leaving town for another job. Ray felt so lucky to be chosen for the job. This was like a hobby to him, not a job, and they were paying him to do it!!   Soon, the men were in position for their punishments. Ray started with the flogging first. He chose a soft leather whip that had been braided by his predecessor that was about 8' long. He let it unfurl, then swung it back, and aimed for the mans back. It was as if the whip were a part of his arm. It just flowed as he swung it and it landed between his shoulder blades. The man thrust his chest forward as if trying to get away from the whip. Ray looked like a skilled punisher, with a cold attitude, just delivering the lashes with a cold calculated look on his face, with a bit of a smile. He really enjoyed the pain this man was in, and he especially enjoyed being the one inflicting it. He wanted to assure that the man felt the full force of the lashes. Then he looked, and saw Sasha coming in the ox cart. All he could do was think about how he would apply the whip to her naked body. He wanted her to be apprehensive and nervous, so he decided to taunt her by looking straight at her, pointing to her, and then he delivered the perfect lash. He looked back and could see her quiver.   Chapter 2 - Morning wake up jail   Sasha woke up to the clanging of spoon on pan, and chains. This was the day she had been dreading for the last week. Today she is to be the star attraction in the town square as she is to be taken there, stripped naked, tied to the whipping post, and flogged, then bent over a wooden "box", strapped to it, and canned. She knew she deserved it after all the people that she hurt with her unabashed embezzlement at the bank and squandering of the money on herself. The bank went under because of her actions, and the towns people lost life savings. People were going hungry because of her. Sasha thought she must be the most hated woman in the country right now. And because of that, she would feel the sting of the lash on her naked body, and the stroke of the cane on her naked butt. By the end of the day, there would be so many welts on her, that you would not be able to tell how many strokes she received. And what is even worse, is that of all people to apply those strokes, it would be Ray doing it. She recalled how she moved out while he was at work, and cleaned out the apartment of everything, leaving him nothing. He came home to a bare floor that night, with her no where to be found. Now he was going to have his just revenge.   The only thing that comforted her was that she was not going to be alone on the platform. Two men, and two other women were going to be flogged today as well. But they were just the opening act, and the warm up for Ray. She knew that from the very first stroke, Ray was going to lay into her.   The guard approached the cells and asked her and the other two women if they were hungry. All three refused food, to nervous about their upcoming floggings to eat. Then the guard said "very well, I'll be back in 15 minutes. Sasha, take ALL your clothes off, and put this robe on. You two, get undressed, and you put this skirt on and the robe on top. You put this prison dress on, no panties, or they'll rip them off on the platform and stick them in your mouth!" All did as they were ordered too. They had heard what happened to those that refused to cooperate, that their clothes were ripped off of them, and they were whipped right in the cell for insubordination, right before they were taken to the public platform and flogged, and they were not given the dignity of wearing at least a robe to the public platform.   15 minutes later, the guard returned, and the cell doors were opened. They were led in cuffs to the jail exit where a ox cart was awaiting them. They were affixed to it. They could here the whip in the distance, and the cheer of the crowd,  as Ray was already at work on the men being flogged that day. As the ox cart drew moved along, they rounded the corner to see the public platform surrounded by a larger than usual crowd, and one man tied to the whipping post, back bloodied, and Ray pulling back to deliver another lash. The man was physically spent, and was no longer offering much of a reaction. The other man was bent over the wooden box, strapped to it, and had obviously not been punished with the cane yet.   Ray just happened to look toward the card and saw Sasha, gleamed at her, and pointed her way, then pulled back with the whip and swung it, landing it right on the mans shoulder blades with a loud *snap*. She shivered with fear knowing what he meant when he did that. Ray's assistant was counting the strokes aloud. Ray delivered 5 more strokes, and was done with that man. The man was released from his restraints and ran down the stairs to the jeers of the crowd. Sasha knew she would not be so lucky, for she was to get a canning after her flogging.   One of the women was then pulled from the cart and taken up the stairs to the platform to the whipping post. She unbuttoned her dress and it was unceremoniously pulled down to her waist by the guard, revealing her naked back and breasts. She noticeably shivered, but was quickly shackled to the whipping post.   Ray had the option of whipping the woman first, or canning the man. Since the next woman was to be canned as well, he thought it most efficient to cane the man next. So he got out the Rattan Cane. He was already loosened up, so he was ready to start right in. The man was sentenced to "10 strokes, well delivered, upon the naked buttocks" for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct, 3 offense. Ray took position to the mans side, with both hands, held the cane up, then pulled back and delivered the stroke mid-cheek, following through with the stroke so that it went past the man, assuring the man received the full effect of the swing. The man let out a scream that could be heard for blocks. Ray looked at Sasha and smiled a bit, then delivered the next stroke. Upon the 10th stroke, the man's butt was well bruised and welted, looking like the rungs of a latter. He too was released and ran down the stairs to the jeers of the crowd, with his dick limp and bared sore ass being slapped at by all the women.   The other woman in the cart was taken up the platform, bent over the wooden punishment box, and strapped to it. Her skirt was lifted to reveal a naked butt. Her ankles were strapped to either side of the box, so her legs were spread, so that all could see her glory holes. Sasha cringed at the thought that the public would get to see everything she had to offer, though she figured that at that point, it probably would be the least of her concerns.   Ray decided that flogging the woman was the next order of duty. So he went over and took position. She was a pretty red head in her early 20's. Her reputation with her temper preceded her. Several came to see her flogged, as they felt it was their vindication and revenge for her short temper. Her sentence was "15 strokes, harsh, upon the naked back" for stealing more than $50. For this Ray had a long whip which coiled nicely. He grabbed it, took position, then let it uncoil. He pulled back and swung. The lash landed vertically in a cross wise manor between her shoulder blades, it cracked as it landed. She seized up and let out a loud yell. Ray took another look at Sasha, and just had a almost evil grin on his face. He mouthed to her, "this is what you have coming to you". He meted out the 15 strokes, the next five in quick order to intensify the pain, the next 9, slow and methodical to assure each landed with full force and intensity. With each lash, she let out a scream that was almost exhausting. When done, she was released, she ran down the stairs, naked from the waist up as the crowd jeered her.   The guard now came for Sasha. Sasha was led up the stairs to the whipping post where the last vestige of her humility was removed as her robe was forcibly taken off of her revealing her perfect body, with it's lily white skin. The guard and Ray's assistant took her wrists, put a chain on her shackles, and hoisted her wrists high above her head. Then they put shackles on her ankles, and chained them to the base of the whipping post so as to restrict her overall movement, though she was welcome to turn her body so that she could be whipped all around it. But women knew better than to do that, for the executioners were well known to target their nipples if they did, so most chose to keep their back to the whip.. Chapter 3 - Sasha's whipping   It was at this point that Sasha's real experience began. Having witnessed several whippings, she knew what to expect in terms of how things would proceed. She really had no idea what kind of pain she would experience. When she dated Ray, they played a little in the bedroom, he spanked her, and it got all erotic. But nothing real harsh or serious. It never truly hurt, at least in a bad way. Being shackled to the whipping post gave her pause to explore it a little. It was a very thick wooden post made of a hard wood. It was centuries old, and it's rough surface had been warn smooth over the years by prisoners that were shackled to it, rubbing their bodies against it as they wreathed from the pain of the lashings they were receiving. It had a long history of holding prisoners in place for the lash, and she could tell, she was not going to be the last prisoner to test it's will power to hold them in place. The one comfort she had was the smoothness of it. It was almost as if someone had taken a fine piece of sand paper and sanded it down to be as smooth at glass. Her bared chest and breasts rubbed against it, they were sensitive, and the whipping post at least was forgiving in that respect. She was wondering if there was a chance that it had a weakness, and now she was finding out it didn't. It felt like she was shackled to a huge immovable building. It didn't move, vibrate, or anything remotely suggesting that there was a weakness in it. She was there until someone released her from her restraints, and unfortunately, that would not be until she had received 50 lashes on her naked body.   A cool breeze blew and reminded her all to well of being naked in front of all these people. She did her best to keep her legs closed so as to not show off any of her most private parts, and she tried to obscure the view of her pert breasts. She knew that once the whipping started, that exposing herself would be the least of her concerns. Her exposed body, and the humiliation of being tied to the whipping post naked in front of this crowd, many of whom she knew, was less of an issue to her than the fact that she was about to be whipped with out any clothes on. She would have no barrier between her skin and the biting sting of the whip and cane. She recalled getting strapping's from her father, but never on the bare, and those hurt!! So she dreaded to think of what this was going to feel like, and unfortunately, she was about to find out.   Being naked and tied to the whipping post, she felt totally helpless. Sasha figured that Ray would cane the woman first, but she was wrong. Ray just couldn't wait. She had 50 lashes coming, and he wanted to get a start on them.    Sasha's eyes opened wide when she saw him grab the "special" whip from the table in front of her. This meant that she was next. But worse, the whip was not just any whip. It was reserved for the worst offenders. A couple of years ago, the whip had been special ordered from Australia , where everyone knew that the workmanship was superior, and the leather from Kangaroo. The reputation of this whip preceded it as being very painful, the most painful, with a stinging bite that many compared to a line of wasp stings, only worse. She didn't expect this. She listened intently as she heard his foot steps walk behind her, stop, and make a sliding noise as he turned. Next was the moment she dreaded almost as much as the whipping it self, the announcement of the punishment. Ray's assistant walked to the whipping post, in front of Sasha, he opened the court order and read it aloud. "Prisoner 4958, having been found guilty of the crime of larceny, Grand Larceny, and causing great harm to the community, you have been sentenced to be stripped naked upon the public platform, restrained at the whipping post, and receive 50 lashes of the whip, laid on harshly, then you are to be restrained upon the punishment box in a bent over position, legs spread, and receive 50 strokes of the cane upon your bared ass. This court recommends the sentence be carried out so that the pain is maximized and that the entire sentence carried out in once session unless health becomes an issue." Then the assistant looked up as Sasha and said, "the sentence is to begin now.....stroke ONE!" She heard the leather hit the floor as Ray let the whip unravel. Then she heard the sounds as he pulled back for the first stroke, then she heard the Whooosh and *crack* as it landed on her back between her shoulder blades. The pain was intense and powerful. She thrust her chest out in reaction, as if trying to get away from the whip, and twisted slightly on the whipping post as she did. She let out a scream, and the crowd cheered. The lash had no more than landed, and the assistant was saying "stroke TWO!". This was a quick one, as she barely had time to recuperate from the first stroke and she heard the distinct sound of the whip flying through the air, then she felt it land on her back again. This strokes pain was so fierce, it took her breath away, and all that came out of her mouth was a silent scream. "stroke THREE!" she heard, and Whoosh! *Fitht*, the third stroke landed between the first two. Sasha hugged the whipping post, gripping it for all she could to bear the pain. Another scream came out. Now she heard the crowd jeering her, "HARDER" she heard, but how could the strokes be any harder. "stroke FOUR!" The sound again, and another lash landed, this one not vertical, but horizontal, wrapping around her and the post, with the tip somehow hitting her left teat. She screamed in absolute pain. Her back one one thing, but her tender teat was pain beyond comprehension! "stroke FIVE!" this one was horizontal too, but lower, wrapping to hit her mid back. She felt the tears well up in her eyes. "Stroke SIX!" this stroke landed so the end of the whip went over her shoulder, and the tip of the whip hit her right nipple. She pulled back in reaction, and twisted around and started to cuss at Ray after yelling in pain. "stroke SEVEN!". Suddenly she saw the whip coming at her, and she didn't have time to turn back around. It landed right across both nipples simultaneously. Her cry in pain could have been heard for a mile, and the crowd cheered in support of Ray. She quickly turned around "stroke EIGHT!" This stroke landed vertically on her right side, and new stripe, and new scream. "stroke NINE!" This stroke landed on the opposite side of her back, Sasha twisted on this stroke. By now the tears were streaming down her face. Her thoughts no longer about how people could see her naked, but how her naked body had no protection from the screaming leather coming toward her, and how the whipping post held her in place for it. "Stroke TEN!" landed at the top of her back, Sasha still had fight in her, and she started to yank at the restraints trying to get loose. Then, as suddenly as they started, they stopped. Ray went over to grab a different whip, this one black braided leather, about 10 feet long. He walked back into position "stroke ELEVEN!" The whip landed and bit into her back with a sting that felt like fire. This whip was actually WORSE than the first one! But what more, the second stroke "stroke TWELVE" came quickly. "Whoopfishhhh" Now there was no pause between the lashes. As quickly as the assistant could announce the strokes, they landed on her back. By the time the twenty fifth stroke landed, Sasha was physically unable to scream anymore, and she just hugged the whipping post, almost like she would hug a man. By the 30th stroke, she had almost gotten used to the lashes and the pain. As she looked for a way to bear with the pain, she spread her legs and wrapped them around the whipping post slightly, and started to rub her genitals against the whipping post, and found that the sensation countered her pain.. Every horrible stroke forced her body into the whipping post. She closed her eyes and played the pain off of the sensation of the post rubbing her between her legs. Ray saw this and stopped to get a better whip that had a harder, less supple leather to it. He had ten strokes left to give her, and he wanted these to be the worst of them. Now he calculated every stroke to land with maximum pain. Sasha was still getting off on the whipping post, and he wanted to break that concentration. Sasha had her eyes closed, and was so into the whipping, that the pain was totally off set by the pleasure she was giving herself. She was so into it, that when the lashes stopped falling, she almost did not notice. Then, just as suddenly as they had stopped, another landed, but this one was different, this one had a sting to it that she could not hide from her mind, and she lurched off of the whipping post. She heard "stroke FORTY-TWO!" and her the distinct curt sound of a single length of unbraided leather. As it landed she felt it's full fury, and let out a weak, but very audible scream. The crowd cheered at her re-ignited pain on-slaught. There was no whoosh sound with this leather strap, just a quick whistle as it cut through the air quickly. She felt each and every of the final 10 strokes as Ray finished with a fury that was unmistakable. With the 50th and final stroke, the lashes were done. The whipping was over. Her punishment was half finished. Sasha's tense body relaxed, and she tried to gain some composure, but that was difficult to do when you are shackled to a whipping post naked, and you just received 50 strokes of the whip. She had gotten so used to the sound of the whip swinging her way, it was almost as if a ghost was still whipping her. She could still hear the sound of the whip cutting through the air. And every time she moved, she felt one of the lash marks remind her of their presence. She knew from watching previous convicts that she was going to be left on the whipping post until it was her turn at the punishment box. She relaxed her body as best as she could, but she was still shaking and shivering uncontrollably She closed her eyes and Ray picked up a cane and walked over to the woman bent over the punishment box, tapped her butt, and pulled back to deliver the first stroke to her butt. The assistant announced the crime as larceny, and that the woman was to receive 15 strokes of the cane on the bared butt "well laid". Then he said "STROKE ONE!"   Chapter 4 - Sasha's caning Sasha stood there hanging off of the whipping post, recovering from the whipping she just received. Ray swung the cane at the woman's butt. Sasha heard it land, and the woman let out a blood curtling scream. Ray just collected the cane, reassumed a ready position with a cold calculating look on his face, and waited for the next stroke number to be announced. Sasha couldn't believe how cold and calculating Ray was being. It was his first time, but it was as if he were doing it for the 1000th. She wondered if he smiled a bit when he worked on her with his whip. As she watched Ray cane the woman, as she was about to recieve herself, she observed the woman's butt as the welts appeared. They were swelling up, and very red. Amaizingly, there was no first. Sasha saw a trickle run down the woman's leg as the woman started to lose control of her bladder. Ray was very good at placement of the strokes. By the 10th stroke, he was left with a naked butt that had so many welts, that placing another stroke on virgin skin was becoming difficult, but he was up to the challenge, laying a new stroke between welts. By the time he was done, you could count the strokes she recieved by simplly counting the welts on her naked butt!  The woman was released from her bondage, and she ran off the platform toward her home with people slapping at her freshly canned butt. Sasha knew it was her turn now. The guards manhandled her, taking her off of the whipping post, pushing her weakened body to the punishment box for the next phase of her punishment. Sasha was stood before the box and the female guard intentionally put her hand right in the center of Sasha's just lashed and marked back, and pushed Sasha to bend over the box. Sasha screamed at the pain of the guards hand on her back. The crown laughed and applauded at the gesture. No more had Sasha bend over, and a guard took each of her wrists and put them in the shackles attached to the base of the box. Then they grabbed her ankles, spread her legs apart and shackled her legs to the side of the box, exposing her private area fully to the crowd. Sasha felt a cool breeze on her pussy, where she shouldn't in public, reminding her of her situation. She quivered. She was now bound naked, bent over a wooden box, to position her butt just perfectly so as to make her butt a perfect target for the person holding the cane. Her back was in fierce pain. But no more had Sasha come to terms with her new lover (the box) than the assistant announced "COUNT ONE!". She her a swish and heard the cane land, she felt the equivelent of a baseball bat hit her ass. Sasha couldn't believe it, it actually was worse than the whipping she had just received, and she let out a curtling scream, much to the amusment of the crowd. Many yelled "HARDER! HARDER! We want to see blood!" Just then the second stroke landed right below the first. At the tenth stroke, Sasha lost control of her bladder and peed down her leg, but the strokes just kept coming. By now Ray had put the laddering of welts on her ass as close as possible from the top to bottom of the ass cheeks. Now he was placing the strokes between the previous strokes, finding virgin skin to welt. At the 20th stroke he landed it on top of the first stroke, and Sasha felt blood start to trickle down her ass. She was bawling uncontrollablly now. All Sasha was thinking about was surviving this ordeal. But the crowd was eating it up!! They loved it, there was a blood lust. Stroke 21 came and it felt like nothing she had ever felt before. She was tugging at the restraints more than ever trying to free herself. But the restrains had no give. Now the pain was more than she could endure, and she felt a cloud start to come over her. SUDDENLY she felt water dumped over her head, bringing her back to conscienness. She felt pain on her back and ass, and was not sure what was happening, and why she couldn't move her legs and arms. Then she realised she was naked in public, and bent over, and she heard "STROKE 25!" and heard a swish, and a huge pain on her ass.....she was being caned in public!! AHHHHHHHHH!! she let out. Then the thoughts came back to her, she had passed out from the pain. The endurance continued. Ray and the assistant were making sure she was awake for all of the strokes. And they just kept coming and coming. It seemed to take forever to get to 30 strokes. At 35 strokes she no longer screamed, just groaned in reaction. But her body still convulsed with each stroke. Getting to stroke 40 was a marathon. She passed out again at 41, only to be revived by a bucket of water again. At stroke 49, she was no longer able to scream or react. Just groans. For the fiftieth and final stroke Ray instructed the assistant to dump more water on her, assuring that she was fully conscience. He started to talk to the crowd, came to her face, grasped it, and made sure she was looking at him through her teared eyes. Then he went behind her and delivered the final stroke with a running was the exclamation mark on her punishment to make sure she did not forget it. The guards unrestrained her, but she could not get up. Ray gave her a bit of encouragement by threatening that anyone still on the box in 30 seconds would receive a stroke of the cane. Sasha got her hands under herself and pushed her body off the box. Turned and stumbled toward the stairs. The guards picked her up by her arms and lifted her down the stairs and started to drag her through the streets to her home, followed by the crowd taking swats at her battered and bruised back and butt. The got her to her home, opened the door, and drug her to her bed, and threw her on it. Her boyfriend, Adam was there to take care of her. Sasha had been through a whipping and caning. Now she needed to recover. She had more than learned her lesson. She would make sure to never end up on the gallows platform again. Chapter 5 is forthcoming