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A Dream of a Birthday.rtf 962824-Feb-2010 07:31
A New Career for Tony.rtf 425K24-Feb-2010 07:31
A New Life for Tony.wps 42K28-May-2010 04:50
A Sortof Cure.wps.txt 62K21-Apr-2011 08:25
A Spy Too Farr (Part 2).txt 144K06-May-2011 02:28
A Spy too Far.wps.txt 179K14-Jan-2011 05:14
A Touch of Incest.wps.txt 18K14-Jan-2011 05:15
A sort of Revenge.txt 14K06-Oct-2010 08:23
All is Fair in Love and War.wps.txt 24K21-Apr-2011 08:26
An Elizabethan Asventure.txt 186K16-Apr-2012 07:58
Becca.rtf 67K24-Feb-2010 07:31
Bought and Sold.txt 31K21-Apr-2011 08:26
Breeding the Black Girls.rtf 514K24-Feb-2010 07:30
Consequences.wps.txt 28K14-Jan-2011 05:16
Enslaved.txt 43K31-Aug-2010 07:23
Escape from Singapore.txt 67K28-May-2010 05:09
Firewatching Can be Fun.txt 26K06-Nov-2011 04:02
Hazlehurst Grammar.rtf 434K24-Feb-2010 07:30
Holiday on Foy.wps 93K09-Apr-2012 03:46
Imprisoned forSex.wps 130K09-Apr-2012 03:46
In for a Penny in for a Pound.txt 19K19-Jun-2011 08:48
Jenny's Love.wps 36K29-Aug-2011 02:58
Linda.wps 44K29-Aug-2011 02:58
Living in a pub.wps 82K09-Apr-2012 03:46
Londons Burning.rtf 806K24-Feb-2010 07:30
Mistaken Identity 2.txt 804903-Sep-2010 04:51
Mistaken Identity.rtf 70K03-Sep-2010 04:44
Mistaken Identity.txt 12K03-Sep-2010 04:45
Mistaken identity 2.wps 24K03-Sep-2010 04:45
My First Time.rtf 47K24-Feb-2010 07:30
My Mother in law is a Bitch.rtf 102K24-Feb-2010 07:30
My War.rtf 782K24-Feb-2010 07:28
Out of the Mouths of Babes!.txt 12K14-Feb-2012 07:44
Tammy.txt 17K31-Aug-2010 07:24
Teaching is a Dogs Life.doc 93K24-Feb-2010 07:37
The Bosses Secretary.rtf 286K24-Feb-2010 07:28
The Bosses daughter.wps 43K09-Apr-2012 03:46
The Grange.rtf 274K24-Feb-2010 07:28
The Grundy's.rtf 2M24-Feb-2010 07:28
The Locum priest.rtf 370K24-Feb-2010 07:27
The Lucky Newsboy.rtf 46K24-Feb-2010 07:27
The Ministers Wife.rtf 94K24-Feb-2010 07:27
The Private Tutor.rtf 1M24-Feb-2010 07:27
The Stolen Bride.txt 879831-Aug-2010 07:25
The Teenage Bridegroom.rtf 65K24-Feb-2010 07:27
The War at Sea.wps 306K29-Aug-2011 02:56
The handyman.wps.txt 101K21-Apr-2011 08:26
The parsons Wife Breaks out.txt 14K03-Sep-2010 04:46
Tonys Twins.txt 44K31-Aug-2010 07:25