Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My eyes opened, and I glanced at my watch. I'd been asleep for about a half hour. My eight year old niece, Stephanie, was awake, and lying next to me on the little twin bed, still clad in just the purple crotchless panties she had posed in earlier. I looked down, and our eyes met. She was smiling at me, and it was only then, that I noticed her tiny hand was stroking my cock. Instictively, I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth, as I would an adult lover. Her mouth opened to accept my tongue, and we shared a passionate kiss, our tongues wrestling with each others. It was easy to forget that she was only eight, but that was also the source, the reason, of my attraction to her. Here I am, a grown man, that had been having fantasies about little girls for several years now....and I finally get one in my bed, and she isn't even a virgin! It was obvious her exposure to horny men that invaded her room at her mom's house had created a sexual appetite in this sweet little girl. I didn't mind that she wasn't a virgin. In fact, it was quite arousing to me, that she was sexually active. I just wish I had known sooner. Stephanie's hand had made me erect again, and she wasted no time taking credit for it. "Look Uncle Doug, I gave you a hard on!" she said, proudly. I laughed, and replied "Sweety, I bet you give every man that sees you a hard on". That was going to be our mission. To capture her sexiness with photos, then sell them. Stephanie was going to be my ticket out of debt; but first things first! I glanced down at my cock, enjoying the way her hand was making me feel, and enjoying the way her hand looked holding my cock even more. In a teasing voice, I asked her what she was going to do for me, since she had given me a hard-on? She kissed me on the lips, then began to remove her panties. I asked her to leave them on. "They're crotchless...I wanna fuck you while you are wearing them" I told her. Stephanie then slowly climb on top of me, straddling my crotch, wearing just her crotchless panties I had bought her earlier in the day. I sat up, and kissed her again, then leaned into her flat chest, gently nibbling on her tiny pink nipples. The gentle nibbling led to full fledged sucking. Stephanie's flat chest was so sexy to me. She finally pulled back, and playfully pushed my chest, indicating she wanted me to lay on my back on the bed. It definately felt like she was in charge, and I liked it. She lifted herself up, and gripping my cock tightly, expertly inserted it into her beautiful young pussy. I tried to look. I wanted to see my cock inside of Stephanie, but she leaned forward, over me, her hands on my chest, as her tiny pussy slowly accepted my cock. My heart began to pound, as I felt the tightness of her pussy around my cock. Even though Stephanie wasn't a virgin, her pussy was the tightest I had ever enjoyed. She sat up, still impaled on my cock, and began to move her hips, riding my cock. In my mind, I pictured her in a slutty cowgirl outfit, or a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader costume, as she rode me. The sensations were new, and wonderful. My hands reached up under her panty clad ass. I felt the firmness of her ass, the silkiness of her panty. Stephanie began to bounce now, up and down, on my cock...up and down, taking all of my she had been fucking for years. I was in total heaven! In between moans, I told her I wanted to change positions, and get on top. I just HAD TO see my cock going in and out of that sweet little pussy! Her reply? "Say please". The little slut was teasing me! I whispered a "please" between moans. "Not loud enough" she said, further teasing me.."Say pretty please...and say it louder" Stephanie said, in a rather authorative voice. Stephanie's innocent playfulness had me at maximum arousal, and I was afraid I was going to cum before I had received her permission to change positions. I finally got the words out "pretty please!!!", she giggled as she slowly lifted herself off my cock, and took my place, laying on her back on the bed. I took my position between her legs, and gently touched her sexy pussy thru the opening in her crotchless panty. Her tiny pussy was so beautiful, and so wet. I parted her lips, and rubbed her gently with my fingers, wetting them with her juices. I tasted my fingers, and couldn't believe how wonderful she tasted. "Fuck me now" she whispered. I returned my cock to her preteen pussy, and watched it disappear inside of her, as I thrust into her body. I loved that Stephanie's pussy had been previously broken in, but certainly not worn out. She was an eight year old that liked to fuck, and I was enjoying fucking her. Her little pussy was so wet, as I thrust in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around me, and was moaning, as her body trembled thru an orgasm. My cock began to spasm, and I could feel myself almost ready to cum. In that moment, I decided not to pull out, and thrust my cock deep into her pussy as I began to cum inside of little Stephanie. I leaned in, and kissed her on the mouth again, as I unloaded my cum inside that sweet little pussy. She looked beautiful, laying on her back, wearing just her slutty crotchless panties, my cock buried in her pussy. "Am I still gonna be a model, Uncle Doug?" she asked. "Of course you are! A very rich model. Especially if you allow me to take pictures and videos of you sucking and fucking. People will pay good money for those. What do you think?" Stephanie thought about it for a second, then grinned, before asking "when can we start?"...... ......To Be Continued