Her brothers
                         An Erotic Story

     Marie looked in on her kids as she passed by the bedroom.  
Both younger boys were standing, watching, as the oldest one 
worked his thick prick in and out of their little sister's tight 
little hole.  "Did you cum in her yet?" she asked the older kids.
     Mark and Jim just nodded, while their older brother Tim 
grunted, "Not ... Uh ... Yet," in sync with his thrusts into the 
little girl's squeezing young sex.  The youngster was humping 
back at her big brother in a manner that showed she was enjoying 
the teenager's big dong in her tight little twat almost as much, 
if not more than the older youth liked to feel his little 
sister's tight little cunny wrapped around his swollen prick.
     "Well, hurry up," she told the boy; pausing a second to 
enjoy the erotic sight of watching a fifteen year old boy's 
engorged prick sliding in and out of the heaving young belly of a 
little girl who had passed her sixth birthday only a few months 
earlier.  God, it was beautiful.  The squirming eagerness of the 
child to get as much of the dark and swollen prick of the older 
boy into her body was confirmation of the mother's decision that 
HER children would have the chance to enjoy sex from as early an 
age as possible; in stark contrast to her own sexual restrictions 
when growing up ... in spite of the activities of her own parent.
     "Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes," she added.  "So 
make it feel good for your brother, Jenny, so he can get off."
     "Yes, Mom," Grunted the little girl.  Jennifer knew it 
always DID feel good to the older boy ... He certainly told her 
often enough.  However, she also knew what her mother meant.  A 
look of concentration appeared on the child's face, as she 
squeezed down harder on her brother's prick, each time he pulled 
out, and then relaxed as the teenager slid back inside her; 
milking the fifteen-year-old's prick for the thick white cum she 
     "Oh God, Jenny, don't ... I ... Oh shit," groaned Tim, as 
his little sister's cunny milking and squeezing on his swollen 
member finally took its toll.  In spite of their mother's 
injunction to hurry, the teenager had wanted to remain mated to 
his little sister for at least a few minutes more.  The 
incredibly erotic sensation of having a little first-grader's 
tight little cunny wrapped around your engorged prick was too 
good to want to end early.  But once Jenny started not only 
humping back, but milking his prick with her tiny little vagina 
like a milking machine gone wild, the boy's control slipped away 
like sugar dissolving in boiling water.
     "Oh God," he groaned again, "here it comes .... Oh ... 
Oh ... Oh shit."  With each grunt this time, the older boy's 
prick expanded in the tight little tunnel of the young girl, and 
then spat a thick white gob of creamy semen into the child's 
vagina; spraying the little girl's uterus with surge after surge 
of pearly-white incestuous cum.
     Marie was just passing the bedroom on the opposite tack, 
when she observed the older and darker youth sink his prick to 
the root in her little girl; jerking and thrusting as he emptied 
his prostate in the child's loins.


     All four kids knew full well how babies were made, as Marie 
had explained the process in detail to them, the first time she 
watched Mark pump the little girl's tummy full of incestuous cum.  
Since then, all three boys had been doing their best to 
impregnate their little sister, with the child's enthusiastic and 
eager cooperation.  It was quite a shame that girls her age 
couldn't get pregnant; though she surely tried hard enough.
     Satisfied that all four children had been sexually taken-
care-of that morning, she instructed the two younger boys to 
hurry up and shower, as their two siblings took a moment or two 
to rest together in post-coital relaxation, and the last of the 
boy's thick black sperm oozed out of his prick and into his 
little sister's tummy where it belonged.
     The food was already hot and ready, once Mike and Jim 
finished showering together; so Marie just hurried the two 
youngsters into the kitchen to eat; with her daughter's swollen 
and reddened cunny still oozing thick gray gobs of her big 
brother's cum ... a slippery gob running down one little leg as 
the child slid into the bench-seat alongside her father.
     "Morning, Daddy," she raised her eyes for a kiss from the 
older man; ignoring her dishabille in the skimpy nightgown and 
slippers.  The smell of freshly-fucked and sexually happy little 
girl was almost overpowering.  Is it any wonder that the older 
man got a hard-on?
     Trying to ignore the rising excitement in his prick, Togo 
(Tom) Howie gave his little girl the kiss she obviously wanted.  
However, the squirming eagerness of the child in his arms made it 
hard indeed to overlook the little girl's leaking slit, and the 
smell of her brother's seed dripping from her overused little 
cunny.  Without his intentions, the man's penis continued to rise 
until it became obvious by sticking out of the man's robe.
     "Oh, is that for ME, Daddy?" exclaimed the little girl; now 
squirming around to grasp her father's thick dong, as it poked 
out of the terry-cloth robe.  The youngster showed not the 
slightest embarrassment at handling her own father's swollen and 
sexually engorged penis; almost leaning over and lapping at the 
prick as if she was going to swallow it like she often did with 
her horny brothers.  The child's breath on the member was hot and 
     If Jennifer wasn't embarrassed, her father was.  Unlike his 
wife, the older man hadn't been raised in an atmosphere where sex 
was something not only accepted, but almost continuous.  Uh, 
Jenny, Please," he protested weakly; barely able to keep from 
pushing his daughter's head that last half inch or so, and 
filling the child's mouth (if not her tight little cunny) with 
incestuous cum like he so wanted to.
     Marie knew how hard it was getting for her husband to resist 
their little girl.  That's one reason she had the child sit next 
to the man each morning, instead of joining her brothers in the 
opposite side of the table, like they had when younger.


     Marie looked from the slightly yellowish-skinned man to the 
paler but still oriental-looks of the child beside him.  It was 
quite obvious who was the father of this little girl ... just 
like it was equally obvious who was NOT the father of the darker-
skinned youth who had just filled the child's womb with 
incestuous seed a few minutes earlier.  "Well," she prompted; 
deciding that things had gone on long enough, and it was finally 
time to put her foot down, "when ARE you going to fuck her, Tom?"  
While saying this, she slid a plate of scrambled eggs onto the 
table to join the bacon and coffee already steaming there.
     The three boys looked with interest at their father and 
little sister; too engrossed in the implications of their 
mother's words to eat, even though their stomachs were empty and 
     The oriental man looked trapped ... by his wife's words, by 
his own traitorous prick, and by the obviously eager looks of his 
squirming young daughter.  "I can't," he groaned; taking refuge 
in the excuse that had worked up to now.  "She's too little."
     Marie snorted.  "Ha!" she contradicted.  "Tim is already at 
least as big as you are; and Jenny has no trouble taking him 
inside her all the time.  She looked expectantly at her older 
husband, as if daring him to object.
     "Please, Daddy?" whined the little girl squirming beside 
him; her leaking little cunny now making slippery drools on his 
leg as she almost humped against him like a puppy that just 
learned about sex.  "I'll make it feel real good for you," she 
     "AFTER breakfast," decided Marie.  "If we don't, things will 
get cold.  Besides, you just had a pretty good banging from your 
brothers, not twenty minutes ago."
     Jenny subsided, with a guilty giggle at being reminded of 
her earlier episode with her three brothers.  The child DID 
already have enough incestuous cum inside her tight little tummy 
to impregnate half the town ... If the girls receiving that cum 
were past puberty, which she wasn't.  Still ....
     "Please, Daddy?" she pleaded.
     The whole family waited.
     "Oh, I guess," Tom finally acquiesced.  The man knew that he 
wouldn't be able to resist the little girl much longer ... Not 
with his wife on the child's side anyway.  So why not now?
     Jennifer almost jumped out of her seat with glee.  "Thanks, 
Daddy," she burbled.  "I'll make it REAL good for you, wait and 
     Not one person around the table doubted that the child WOULD 
make it "feel real good" for her father.
     Marie insisted that everybody not only clean their plates, 
but put the dishes in the dishwasher, clean the table, and put 
the leftover food away, before she allowed the eager child to 
pull her father into the living-room, where the youngster pushed 
the older man into the big recliner.
     "Now just you watch," she commanded the older man; shrugging 
out of the slightly confining nightie, and standing in full naked 
glory in front of her father.  "I'll make it feel REAL good for 
you," she promised again.


     Turning her back to Tom, the little girl backed up to her 
father and straddled his legs.  Tom almost involuntarily reached 
out to hold his little girl by the waist as she unsteadily backed 
up to him ... and then fit his now leaking and swollen member 
into the indentation between her legs.
     For a minute it looked as if there was NO WAY that enormous 
dong would fit inside the child's tiny split; but then with a 
horny wriggle, and a bump-and-grind that would do credit to a 
professional ecdysiast, the little girl suddenly found herself 
with almost an inch and a half of fatherly prick inside her.
     "See Daddy," she grunted; wrinkling her face up in sudden 
concentration, "I told you I'd make it feel good for you!"
     Tom groaned as he felt the child's cunny suddenly clamp even 
harder around his engorged prick.  Feeling only the head inside 
the child had been almost enough to make him ejaculate his seed 
inside the little girl before he was fully embedded inside his 
daughter.  How he managed to resist this sudden increased 
tightness to the tightest little hole he'd ever been in, was 
something he never did figure out.
     Jennifer grit her teeth; and bore down on her parent's 
prick.  There was a straining moment, Tom's prick actually bent 
under the load, and suddenly the child was filled with over 
three-quarters of her father's straining penis.
     "Ouch," she announced; more in surprise than pain.  When Tom 
started to pull out, the little girl pushed determinedly back.  
"Please, Daddy?" she whimpered.
     Well, what was a man to do?  Giving up completely, the older 
man slid his prick out about a half-inch; then slid it farther 
into the child's belly; repeating this until the whole family 
could see his furry groin meeting Jenny's widely stretched cunny 
lips, with only a hint of the enormous member buried in the 
little girl's tummy where it belonged.
     "Uh ... You'd better hurry," he warned the little girl 
squirming on his lap.  "I'm going to cum in just a second."
     "Please, Daddy," she whimpered again; this time in a plea to 
get her father to fuck her even harder.
     It was too much for Tom.  Though he wanted desperately to 
feel his little girl getting off, so SHE would feel good too, the 
excitement of fucking his own daughter for the first time, 
coupled with the incredibly erotic display preceding their 
coupling, and finally the rubber-band tightness of the child's 
cunny squeezing and milking desperately for his semen, was too 
much.  Yes, Jennifer was indeed, "Making it feel good for her 
daddy."  Gasping and grunting, the man let his little girl have 
what she so obviously wanted ... a bellyful of her own father's 
cum, just teeming with millions of potent and wriggling sperm, 
all searching desperately for a little girl's egg to fertilize.  
But that would be years before the child developed enough for one 
to ripen.


     Marie looked around her at the gaping mouths of her three 
sons watching the incredible coupling of their little sister and 
father, the gasping completion of her husband as he spent himself 
in the child, and Jenny's groans and whimpers as she felt her 
father's thick cum squirting for the first time in her developing 
young womb where she had worked so hard to get it.  The woman was 
finally satisfied.
     Marie knew that once her little girl had the first thick 
squirt of fatherly seed in her tight little belly, that she 
wouldn't have to worry any more about Jenny missing out on her 
first chance to get pregnant ... even though it would probably be 
four, five, or even six more years before the child's tummy 
started to swell.
     At least her daughter wouldn't have to wait until she was 
sixteen, like she had; watching her mother get sex anywhere from 
two to six times a night, until her little brother finally 
"helped her out" by sliding his thick black prick into her tight 
little hole and pumping his baby into her womb the way a boy is 
supposed to take care of his sisters.
     Watching her mother have a string of "uncles" coming over 
every night to service her needs had made Marie quite willing to 
accept the attentions of the one such "uncle" who hadn't seemed 
to mind taking her on when she was only seventeen years old, and 
had her own half-brother's black baby growing in her womb.  Her 
admiration for her mother's abilities being tempered by Marie's 
annoyance at the woman never allowing her own little girl the 
same pleasures SHE continued to enjoy, well into even the 
present.  Marie had never regretted taking Togo, first as a 
lover; then as husband once he planted Mark inside her then-18-
year-old tummy; leaving her little brother to take care of their 
younger sister, Irene.  Ever since, the only slight discontent 
she had felt, was when Jenny looked like she might not get to 
feel her father's prick inside her, like Marie had forever been 
denied when she was young.
     Now that her daughter had the first thick white squirt of 
her father's sperm in her cute little tummy, Marie was no longer 
worried about even that; knowing that when the time came, at 
least ONE of her siblings, or possibly even her father, would see 
to it that the child's womb was filled with their babies as soon 
as it was possible, and as often as the little girl wanted it 
from then on.
     Marie really envied her little girl.  But then, isn't that 
what parents are supposed to do; see to it that their children 
are better off than they were?  For sure none of Marie's children 
would grow up sexually frustrated like she was; seeing sex all 
around her, but never being allowed to experience it herself, 
until her horny little brother took pity on her at sixteen, and 
pumped his baby into her womb, like she wished had happened so 
many years earlier.  Her little sister (thankfully) hadn't had to 
wait nearly as long as she had; though to Marie's mind it had 
still been far longer than she felt a child should have to suffer 
without getting regular sex.  Marie remembered all too well her 
own frustration at that age, while watching her mother get 
serviced repeatedly and well.  Supposedly, she wasn't even 
supposed to know what was going on; but kids DO learn anyway.


     "No," she thought, looking satisfiedly at the thick gray 
ooze dribbling out of her little first-grader's tight little 
slit, "NONE of the kids in THIS house will have to go through 
what I did as a kid."  Watching the child now looking eagerly at 
the swollen pricks she had given the three older boys, with that 
incredibly erotic display of incestuous love with their father, 
Marie knew that from now on all four kids would get however much 
sex they wanted ... if she had to give it to them herself.  
Unlike the misery she had until her little brother was twelve 
years old and finally big enough to give her the sex she had 
needed since the time Marie first appreciated what her mother did 
for a living ... and had realized how much she was being denied, 
after a week or two of first embarrassment and then admiration 
and even awe at the older woman's obvious abilities.
     Thankfully, looking at the child cuddling up to her father; 
nuzzling and cooing, "Thanks, Daddy.  I TOLD you I'd make it feel 
good," that wouldn't be all that necessary.  Jenny looked quite 
capable of draining the sperm out of all three boys AND their 
father ... and then looking happily around for anybody else who 
needed servicing sexually.
     Marie was quite proud of her little girl.


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