Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. MMg porn ped Cassie Written by tony-n-friends ====================== This story is a work of fiction. ===================== Cassie opened her eyes, seeing the sun streaming in her window. She didn't want to get up. It was summer and the bright day beckoned, but it was also Friday. Friday. Friday's were a special day. She never knew just what Friday's would bring. She knew if she looked at the bottom of her bed she would know. If there was nothing there, it would be just a normal Friday. If there was special Friday clothing there, then the day would revolve around the man downstairs and secrets, too nasty to tell to anyone. She pushed the covers away from her 10 year old body, and with her eyes closed felt for the door to her bedroom. Once she was in the hallway, she opened her eyes, and listened intently for the man downstairs. Where was he? She could see the light on in the 'office'. He was in there, sitting at his computer, she could see the shadow of him, sitting in the chair. She went into the washroom, quietly shutting the door. She didn't want him to know she was awake. She had a pee, then looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. A normal girl looked back at her. Normal eyes, but ones that had seen more than most. Normal mouth, but one that was made to do more than most. She pushed her cotton night gown against her body until her little nipples stood out. She touched first one, then the other, rubbing them softly. What man would be downstairs? Which Friday was it? She closed her eyes again and silently walked back to her bedroom, crossing over to the bottom of her bed. She opened her eyes slowly, not wanting to see anything but her covers. Instead she saw pretty. Soft. Sexy. She reached out her fingers to touch them, thong bottoms, made of a silky material, in her little size. A top that would only cover her little tits and a little bit of her belly, almost so sheer she could see the pattern of the teddy bear covers through it. She sighed. It was that kind of Friday. She lifted her nightgown off, over her head and pulled on the bottoms, fitting the string up between the cheeks of her little bottom. The front covered her pussy, where her mons would be covered with hair had she been old enough to have any. She pulled the top on, it was in a halter style and tied behind her back and up under her hair. She walked to the long mirror near the window and looked at herself. She looked sexy. Her nipples were hard, thinking of the man downstairs. She turned and looked into the mirror over her shoulder, looking at her pretty little bum, all bare except for the little string that flowed between the cheeks of her ass. Deep breath. Time to go down to him. Her feet were silent on the carpeted stairway, and she could hear him talking on the telephone, a normal voice to the people at his work. He laughed and she could hear him say he would see them later, and the phone was put back into it's cradle. She walked over to the door of his office, beside the living room in their little house, and just stood there, dressed as the man had desired. He looked up and saw her, staring at her little body dressed like a whore. He smiled. "Good morning baby girl." She took a step into the room. "Good morning daddy." 1. He rose and walked over to her. His big arms wrapped around her little body and he held her to him, his hands running up and down her back, caressing her little bare ass. "You look beautiful baby, so sexy in your new clothes. Do you like them?" Cassie nodded. Her dad bought her very sexy things to wear but none had showed as much as this suit did. He took her hand and let her into their living room and stopped before the couch. "Sit here, baby, daddy has a few movie for us to watch." Cassie sat as her father walked over to a hidden spot in their desk, reaching for a tape to push into the machine. Someone must have sent it to them Cassie thought. Her dad and other dads who were like him exchanged movies and pictures and stories all the time. Her dad was very careful who exchanged with. You have to be careful these days, Cassie remembered her dad saying. He set the VCR to play and walked over to the couch. He sat down and pulled her onto his lap, his fingers running across her back, sliding into the crack of her little bum. The television flickered to life and they began to watch the story. They could see a handsome black man inside a garage, washing a car. He was dressed only in shorts, his gleaming chest was bare and his muscles rippled as he rinsed the soap off the car. Suddenly, at the door, a little girl appeared. She was about 8 or 9, dressed in tiny bathing suit bottoms and a halter top, cool for a hot summer day. The man hadn't see her, or at least he was pretending he didn't see her and she stepped quickly behind the car, starting a game of hide and seek with the man. "Her top is just like yours baby, watch what they are going to do." Cassie's dad whispered to her. The man on the screen was looking at his hose in bewilderment, the flow of water had slowed to a trickle. They could hear a little giggle as the little girl popped up from behind the car and let the hose fall out of her hand, spraying water all over the man, over his face and over his pants. The man threw down the hose, laughing and yelled at the little girl "I'll get you for that!" The little girl ran screaming and giggling around and around the car yelling "You can't catch me daddy!!" The big black man caught the girl from behind and swung her into his arms, tickling her and laughing. "You little shit, you should be just as wet as me", the daddy said and walked over to where the hose was laying on the ground, picked it up and let the water rain down on the little girl. Screaming and covering her head the little girl wiggled in her daddy's arms until he let her down, soaking wet. Cassie and her daddy could see the little girls nipples, hard and dark, through the fabric of her white halter top. The man bent over the little girl and started to tickle her again, and they were both laughing. The little girl turned to run, and her dad grabbed at her back, pulling the little halter top right off her little body. "DADDY!!" she yelled, her arms crossed in front of her chest, "Give me back my top!!" The man laughed, and held the top up high, higher than the little girl could reach. She held one arm across her chest, and jumped, reaching up as high as she could with the other arm. The man just laughed and held the top higher. He threw the halter onto the top of the car and watched as the little girl tried to keep her little tits covered as she climbed up the hood of the car to retrieve the little bit of material. Finally she just gave up, and using both arms climbed onto the hood then onto the roof and stood there waving the top giggling at her father. She no longer was covering her chest, and Cassie and her daddy could see her little tits, small and just beginning to form, covered with big dark nipples, swollen from the cold. The man just stood and looked at the little girl, and if you were looking in the right place, you could see his cock getting hard, swelling in his shorts. Cassie had not noticed it, but her daddy pointed it out to her. "Look at his cock, baby, getting all hard in his pants. He is turned on by that little body, just like I am turned on by you, my little slut". Cassie's daddy had his hands under the little see through shirt, caressing her nipples, pinching them and twisting them until they began to burn. She could feel his hardening cock under her bum. On screen, the man walked over until he was standing at the very front of the car and leaned his arms against the hood. He smiled at the little girl. "Slide down here baby, daddy will catch you". The little girl laughed and sat her bum down on the hood of the car and slid down the windshield and into her daddy's waiting arms. He grabbed her legs and put one on either side of him, then grabbed the shirt out of her hands and threw it behind him. She began to laugh and started to get up and jump after her top, but her daddy's strong arms stopped her. With one hand, he pushed her back down onto the hood of the car so she was laying in front of him. His other hand went to her face, touching it and then sliding into her wet hair. She didn't like the look she could see on her daddy's face, and tried to wiggle up, but he held her down. He dropped his head to her face, and began to kiss her, eyes, nose and mouth. He kissed her like she had watched him kiss her mommy. As Cassie and her daddy watched, the man kissed the little girl harder. He lifted his head and looked at the little girl lying in front of him, naked from the waist up. They could hear his whisper to her "open your mouth baby, open it for daddy" and like a good little girl they watched her mouth open a small bit for her daddy, then watched as his tongue slid into his daughters mouth. Cassie's father groaned as he watched, then slid Cassie over to one leg so he could pull his jogging pants down, freeing his hard cock. He put Cassie's small hand onto it, stroking with her, so sweetly up and down his cock. The man on the screen was doing the same thing, dropping his shorts down so the camera that was focused on the pair on the car could see her swollen little nipples, her face, and her naked daddy standing between her flared open legs. The daddy kissed the little girl again, and again, his one hand holding her down and his other hand on her tits. He rubbed them, one then the other. He was quietly molesting his daughter and Cassie and her daddy watched as his cock got harder and harder. The little girl was crying now, tears flowing down her face as her daddy touched her in places that she knew he shouldn't. His hand went to her little bottoms then, pulling them off over her slim hips and throwing them away. She could not close her legs because her daddy stood between them and she cried harder. His hand dropped to her little bare cunt, opening the folds of her pretty lips. His hands went to her hips and he moved so his mouth was positioned above her little cunt. His head dropped and Cassie and her daddy watched as the big man pushed his mouth into the little virgin cunt. He licked her, sucked her and was not gentle. The little girl was gently sobbing now, knowing that she could not tell her mommy what daddy was doing. The man licked his daughter, lapping her pussy roughly, his fingers toying with the little girl's cunt. He was moving his head back and forth, whipping his tongue against the little pussy. She kept trying to close her legs but her daddy would not let her. He dipped his tongue down and pushed it up inside the little virgin, pushing it in as far as he could. He left great trails of siliva all around and inside her cunt, wetting him to allow the next step in his molestation of this little girl. Cassie's dad was breathing hard in her ear, his hand over hers as she stroked his big cock. "He's gonna fuck her now, baby. Watch that daddy fuck his little girl, just like I fuck you." The TV screen showed the 2 in the garage, the pretty little girl laying out naked on the hood of the car, her dad bending his knees to bring his cock to the level of her pretty, bare, exposed cunt. As they watched, he pushed his head to the entrance of the little hole and pushed, his cock sliding in until he felt the barrier. He grabbed her legs in his hands and pulled until her little bum was almost off the edge of the car, and her legs were pushed back, resting against her little chest. Cassie and her daddy watched as the man pulled his cock out of the little girl, then plunged in as hard as he could. They heard the little girl scream with pain, as her dad tore into her. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO daddy!!" the little girl screamed, feeling the burning pain of her father's cock shoving through her virgin barrier. The dad just grunted, concentrating on pushing his cock as deep as he could into the little pre-teen cunt. He pulled back again and again, thrusting into his daughter, raping her, not caring about anything but the boiling cum in his balls. The little girls head was being thrown back against the hood of the car and her arms were thrown over her head as he shoved into her harder and harder, feeling the urge to cum deep into her bare little cunt. Cassie's daddy suddenly pushed her off the couch, making her kneel between his legs and pushing her little mouth onto his cock. 'Suck me bitch, suck daddy's cock, drink my cum!' Cassie did as she was told, as good little Friday girls did. Her mouth closed over daddy's hard cock, licking and sucking the head, then sliding the length in deeper. Her daddy's hands were in her hair, guiding her to his cock. She could no longer see the television, but she could hear the little girl sobbing and the little girl's daddy grunting as he took his pleasure in the little pussy. She could hear him pounding into her cunt, faster and faster, hear the little girls head bouncing on the hood of the car, hear the dad start to cum. Cassie's daddy was moaning, almost drowning out the sounds coming from the television. "Suck me slut, drink my fucking seed, swallow it all you little bitch or I will make your ass red. Swallow it allll yeaaa" he groaned as his load started to spew out into his 10 year old daughters mouth. As Cassie swallowed her daddy's cum she could hear the man on the television shooting into his daughters cunt, filling the little girl with his load of incestuous spend. Cassie's father fell back on the couch, his had still clutching her hair. He moaned his pleasure and looked over at his daughter who was trying to lick all his cum off her lips, off her little chin and smiled. He turned and watched the end of the movie, the man pulling his cock out of his daughter and the cum/blood mixture running out of her little cunt and down onto the hood of the car. He helped her sit up, wiping the tears off her little face. They both watched as the dad wiped her pussy and the car off, hearing him warning her never never to tell her mommy what they had just done. Cassie's dad stood up and grabbed his jogging pants, heading for the shower. Cassie laid on the couch, looking down at her body in the little slut clothing and thinking about the movie she had just watched, her fingers going to her pussy and she started to rub it slowly. Perhaps she did like Fridays after all. Cassie plunged her hands into the hot soapy water. Her daddy had told her to clean the kitchen and she never wanted to do anything to make him mad, especially on Fridays. Some days her dad was a normal dad on Fridays, but on some Fridays he was nasty and they did things that she could not tell anyone. She washed a cup, thinking of what her and her dad had done that morning, thinking about the movie they had watched about a daddy fucking his little girl for the first time, and she thought about how sexy it had been when she heard the dad cumming. The little spot between her legs was wet and itchy and she knew after she was done the dishes she was going to go up to her room and lay on her bed and take the handle of the hairbrush and slide it between her legs. First she would rub on the little nub of flesh that her daddy called her slut button. Then she was going to push the handle into her little pussy and make the good feeling come over her. Her dad had had the good feeling this morning, she had drunk his cim into her little mouth, but he had left without helping her to get the good feeling. She sighed; she would do it on her own. She was not paying attention to anything but the dishes and the thoughts in her head about how much she needed that good feeling. She stood at the sink, dressed in the whore clothing that her daddy had laid out on her bed this morning. The little string back of her thong panties was firmly between the crack of her little ass cheeks. The top was not more than a simple piece of fine, see-thru silky material, tied around her back and at her neck. Looking at herself in the mirror before coming downstairs to her daddy had started the wet between her legs. Suddenly she heard a quiet gasp behind her, a man's voice. Thinking her daddy was home early; she whirled around, thinking he could help her with the nice feeling now. To her surprise it was not her daddy standing in the doorway of the kitchen. Another man stood there, tall with graying hair. He was dressed in work clothes and a tool belt hung around his waist,in his hand a toolbox. He was staring at her, could not take his eyes off the little 10 year old girl, seeing all most all of her charms exposed to his eyes. His tongue came out and licked dry lips as he drunk in her innocent beauty. He cleared his throat, trying to talk. 'Umm, is your mother here?" He asked. Cassie shook her head no. "She works at her office on Fridays" she explained, "She won't be home until tomorrow morning." "I am am supposed to fffix the dryer" the man stammered, his eyes never leaving her pretty little tits. He held up the toolbox, as if to explain that the part needed to fix the dryer was inside. "Is your dad home?" He croaked. "Nope, but I can show you where the dryer is and you can fix it now, if you want." Cassie dried her hands on the tea towel and smiled at him. She bushed past him on the stairs and told him to follow her. He could see her back now, as she walked in front of him, could see the edge of the thong strap tucked between the globes of her pretty ass. He followed her like a robot, not believing what he was seeing. He knew she was young, her body told him that, yet she was dressed as a slut, such a hot sexy slut. His cock was stirring and he was thankful for the tool belt that hid his thickening from her view. They went into the basement, walking through the television room into a storage room. There was the washer, dryer and boxes. A couch and a chair were there, replaced upstairs by new. He walked over to the dryer, calming now as he went about his work. Cassie stood beside him, watching him. He crouched and began to take the appliance apart, trying to tell himself that she was not really the sexiest thing he had ever seen. As he continued to work, she sat beside him, to watch. She sat Indian style, her legs spread. He could see more of her sex now, could see that her little pussy was bald, as it should be for her age. As he worked he asked her where she went to school and they chatted about the neighborhood. He needed to know, so he asked her, "How old are you?" Her could see that her hand was near her pussy. "I am 10": she answered. "Do your parents know you dress like that?" She looked down at her self, as if in surprise, realizing she was still dressed in her sexy clothes. "My mom doesn't: she whispered. He felt his cock lurch hearing that. "Where did you get them?" He asked. "Do you like them? My daddy bought them for me." As he watched Cassie slid her hands down over her tits, feeling the slippery fabric rub against her nipples. He felt a groan building up in his throat. "They are very nice" replied, wanting to tell her just how sexy she looked, how she was driving him crazy. He stood up and leaned on the dryer, turning it on, his hand laid on the top feeling for the heat to come. She stood too, leaning close to him. "There, it is working, feel the heat." She set her hand on the top of the dryer, touching his. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help himself. He turned suddenly, putting his hands on her waist and lifting her up. "Your little bum is all bare, and it can feel the heat even better" he said as he sat her on the dryer. She felt the heat under her ass and wiggled it, giggling. She put her hands down behind her and pushed her little chest out, spreading her legs. His hands went to either side of her sexy little body and his face went close to hers. "Feel the heat baby? I bet you have more heat in pretty body than this dryer is giving out" he whispered, his mouth touching hers, gently, his lips forming little kisses all over her face. She moaned a little in the back of her throat and put her face to hers, inviting his tongue into her little mouth. "Who taught you to kiss like that?" he asked. She moved to whisper in his ear "my daddy". Their kiss deepened and his big hands went to the back of her neck, undoing the straps on her little top. He had to see her, had to touch her little tits. The top dropped to her waist and his mouth went quickly to her nipples, all hard and needing to be sucked. He had never touched a child, but this one was different. She was already a bad girl. His tongue licked across her nipple, first one then the other. He stopped at one and nipped at it, his tongue and teeth biting, licking and sucking. He felt her hand come up and thought she was going to push him away, but instead the little hand buried itself in his hair, urging his mouth to suck harder. He stepped back, hearing her moan of displeasure. He smiled and looked down at her little body, her legs spread and her top around her waist. The little slut was panting, her lips all red and swollen from his kisses. "Get the rest of your clothes off. Show me your naked body. Show me what your daddy likes little one." he demanded and Cassie did as she was told, as good little Friday girls did. As the man watched her hands undid the last strap of her top and tossed it onto the washing machine. Her hands went to her hips and she lifted her ass off the warm dryer, pulling the thong off, throwing the little piece of bottom material near her top. He just stood and stared at her. She was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. No tits to speak of, but her nipples were big and dark and sensual. Her legs were spread like the little whore she was, and he could see juice glistening on the folds of her little bare pussy lips and down to the crack of her pretty little ass. Her long hair was spread out over the back of the dryer as her head fell back, and she let her legs fall open even farther. His hands went to his clothing and the tool belt at his waist, dropping them all on the floor until he was naked. Her eyes were watching him, half closed in her arousal. A little moan escaped her lips when at last she saw his cock, hard and standing straight up. Her hand reached for it and he walked to her, taking her hand and putting it on the sexy dark head. "Stroke it you little slut. Fuck, your daddy taught you well. Yea baby, that's it. Up and down, fuck yes." Her little hand looked obscene on his big cock. His hand went to her pussy, his big man fingers opening the folds of the pretty little bare cunt. One finger found her clit, little and hidden and began to circle it, in soft smooth strokes. He stopped and pushed the finger a little way into her hole, needing some lubricant and finding her as wet as any man would have wanted. His finger went back to her clit, now all slippery and erotic and his rubbing brought more moans from the little throat. His cock was so hard, loving the feeling of her little hand stroking it so obscenely. Fuck. A 10-year-old girl and he was going to fuck her. Needed to fuck her. If he didn't do it soon he would blow all over her hand. First, he wanted to eat her, enjoy the taste of her pussy on his tongue. He pulled her fingers off of her cock and put both hands on her legs, pushing them out of the way until all he could see was her cunt. Pretty. Wet. Bare. His mouth went to her legs and he kissed up them, licking her soft skin and sucking the flesh into his mouth. The taste changed from just skin to skin and sweet pussy juice about way up her legs. Fuck, she was wet. The thought entered his mind that he might be tasting her cum from when her daddy had played with her and it drove him nearly insane with lust. His mouth reached her cunt, and his fingers opened her lips and exposed her little clit. He blew on it and heard her groan as she felt the cool air on her hot skin. "Suck it" she moaned. "That is what my daddy does. He calls that my slut button, please suck it, lick it please please please please". Her slut button ohhhhh the phrase was so sexy. His tongue reached out and touched it, just a soft little lick but it made her buck her little hips, shoving her cunt into his tongue, into his mouth. His lips surrounded her little clit, and he sucked it into his mouth, his tongue stroking the tip inside his mouth. "Ahhhhhh yesss ohhhh yesssssss daddyyyyyy yesssssssss" she moaned. His cock lurched when he heard her call him daddy. His tongue dropped to her little hole, pushing inside as his fingers took up the place at her clit, rubbing and pinching. He fucked his tongue into her little hole like it was a cock, stiff and hard. "Gonna cummm daddy oh fuck gonna cummmmm daddy ohhhhh daddy don't stop please don't stop daddy ohh gonna ahhhhhhhhhhhh cummmmmmminggggggggggg daddddddddddddddyyyyyy!" the words just flowed from her mouth, as she felt the cum take over her little preteen body. He felt it then, her clit start to pulse, her pussy start to contract around his tongue and he rode it with her, feeling it wash over her little body, the pleasure coming in waves from her cunt. She collapsed back against the dryer, spent. Her eyes were closed and her legs spread. Her nipples were so hard, he touched the flesh and it was so hot it almost burnt his fingers. He needed release. Now. His hands went to her legs, pushing them up and back against her chest. Her pussy was so wet he could see the juices running down to her bum crack. He placed the head of his cock against the little warm opening and pushed. Fuck, she was tight. His cock had never fucked a pussy this young. He felt her cunt give a little, and he stretched his legs up and shoved a bit harder, feeling it slide into her a little more. It wasn't working; she was too high on top of the dryer. With his cock still inside her just a little, he picked her up like a little rag doll and strode over to the couch, kneeling and laying her out. He adjusted her body to accommodate him, the best angle for his cock to enter. He started again, positioning his cock at the entrance and pushing, feeling it slide in easier now. Cassie almost didn't know what was going on. Her cum had been so intense that she was dazed but she could now feel the cock pushing into her, filling her hot little wet hole. "Fuck me daddy, do it" she moaned. His body lay heavy over hers, and with one hard push he was all the way inside her, her cunt feeling like a hot glove surrounding his cock. Fuck, it was good. Tight, wet. His hands went to her ass, a finger pushing a little into her tight asshole as he pulled his cock out, ready now to begin to thrust. He pushed back into her, his cock loving the feeling of tight 10-year-old pussy. He began to screw her hard. "Fuck, you are such a little slut. Take it baby slut. Take my cock." He pushed her legs over his shoulders and used his cock like a battering ram, shoving in and out. His balls were swinging with such intensity that they almost hurt as they slapped against her ass. The pleasure was intense, he had never been inside one so tight. Her little body was just a receiver for his cock, he had lost all control of thought, his mind just on the feeling of his cock shoving in and out of the tight little cunt. His cum boiled inside his heavy balls and he began to pump faster, needing release. "Take it baby slut. Take my cum into your little whore cunt. Nasty baby, you are so nasty. Fuckkkk it is good. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yaaaaaaaaaa baby. Cumming in you Cummmmmming innn your sweet little CUNTTTT!!" his voice got louder and louder as his pleasure built. With one last thrust he buried himself into her, feeling his cock start to pump out its juice into the willing little pussy hole. "AHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAAAAAAAA" His cum was intense. Shot after shot of hot cum sprayed into her little cunt. He collapsed then, his arms no longer able to hold him above the little girl. He felt his cock slide out of her cunt, slippery with the leaky cum of the two of them. He laid beside her, gathering her little body into his arms, his chest heaving. She smiled up at him, and in a soft sweet voice asked "What is your name?" He started to laugh. They were lying naked on an old couch in her parents home, she was 10 years old and he had just given her the fuck of his life and they didn't know each other's names. "I don't know your name either" he said to her. Suddenly they heard movement at the door of the room. "Her name is Cassie. Hello baby girl." She looked over and smiled. "Hello daddy." Cassie, part 3 MM/f Written by tony-n-friends She smiled up at him, and in a soft sweet voice asked "What is your name?" He started to laugh. They were lying naked on an old couch in her parents home, she was 10 years old and he had just given her the fuck of his life and they didn't know each other's names. "I don't know your name either" he said to her. Suddenly they heard movement at the door of the room. "Her name is Cassie. Hello baby girl." She looked over and smiled. "Hello daddy." The repair man was stunned into silence. She was 10 and he knew it. That certainly meant jail for what he had just done, there was nothing he could do to hide it. The smell of their sex was in the air, and anyone with a brain could see what had just taken place. The father looked at the man, then turned towards the stairs. "I'll be in the kitchen, come and talk to me before you leave" he instructed and the repair man nodded. He dressed quickly, but headed up the stairs slowly, like a man heading for the gas chamber. He sat at the chair indicated and pulled his trembling hands together, head bowed. He didn't expect what was coming next. He didn 't expect blackmail. "Name?" with a gulp he replied "Bill Johnson" "My wife called you to fix the dryer?" "Yea" "You enjoyed what you just did?" Silence "Answer me man, did you enjoy fucking that sweet little 10 year old cunt?" "YES" Bill shouted, slamming his hand down on the kitchen table. "Fuck I loved it, it was the hardest I have cum in years!" Cassie's daddy smiled. "You have one of two choices. First choice is that I call the police and have you arrested for rape of an innocent 10 year old child..second choice is that you star in a movie that I need to make." Bill slumped back in the chair. "In a movie? What the fuck are you talking about.I am not a movie star, I fix fucking dryers for Christ's sake!" "I am a member of a very exclusive club. We are men who enjoy our children and make movies about that enjoyment. I cannot star in a movie, my face is too recognizable. I need a man to be the one to fuck Cassie, and since you have just done that with enjoyment, I want you to do it again, but this time on tape." "And if I don't.???" "If you don't, my daughter will suddenly be a rape victim and your ass will be in jail until you are an old man." Bill dropped his head into his hands. What the hell had he gotten himself into? *** Cassie opened her eyes, this time not bothering with checking the bottom of her bed. She knew what would be there. She knew this was a sexy daddy day. Every since her dad had caught her in the basement with Bill she had known that the day would arrive when they had to make the movie. Her daddy had caught her in the hallway a couple of times and kissed her. That was the first time he had done anything to her when her mom was home. Last night he had put his hand up her leg and felt her cunny when mommy was in the shower. He had made her spread her legs and let him push his finger inside her. He was talking into her ear about the movie. He had said "you are going to love it, aren't you my sweet slut. You are going to love that man fucking you for the camera, right little whore? You are going to show the camera just what a little fuck toy you can be, right baby?" It made her get wet down there and she had gone to bed and rubbed her sweet little pussy until that good feeling came. She went in for her pee and came back to see what she would be wearing today. Her daddy had left a nighty, long, almost to the floor. It would cover all of her body, only leaving from her elbows down on her arms, but it was almost sheer. She pulled it over her head and looked at herself in her mirror. You could not see her body unless you pressed the nighty straight to her, then you could see her nipples, dark pink and you could see where her little tummy gave way to a pretty baby cunt. She heard talking as she went down the stairs and in the room where her daddy's computer was, there was Bill and her daddy. Bill looked different, no work shirt, no work belt, just normal daddy slacks and a nice shirt. He looked nervous, he was shaking a little bit. Cassie's daddy walked to her and pulled her by the arm into the room. "Good morning baby" he said. "Kiss Bill hello, won't you?" Like a good little Friday girl, she walked over to where Bill stood. The movement of her walk made the silky material flow behind her, revealing her body to his gaze. He moaned deep in his throat, and he could feel his cock start to stir. He hadn't know if he would be able to get hard, with Cassies dad and the camera there, but he realized that he would have no problem. This little pre-teen slut would have him hard as a rock in no time. She stood in front of him and stood on her tip-toes, trying to reach his face. He bent down and their lips touched, her sweet little girl lips felt so sexy on his. He started to put his arms around her, but her daddy stopped them. "You two sit on the couch baby, and I will turn on the video. This is the one that you saw last week Cassie, but let Bill watch it so it will get him in the mood. Cassies daddy laughed as he could already see Bill's cock pushing against his trousers. "I have to go to the spare room and get things ready." He said over his shoulder as he headed out of the room and up the stairs. Cassie took Bill's hand and let him to the living room and showed him where to sit on the couch. She walked to the TV and pressed the button on the VCR, starting the movie. It opened with the man washing his car and Bill expressed no interest in what was showing until the little girl entered the garage. He sat forward then, and watched the raping of the little dark girl by her father. His breath grew labored, his cock was hard in his pants and his hand was rubbing it, not even seeming to know what he was doing. Cassie watched the movie too. She had not seen it all last time, she had been between her own fathers legs sucking him to orgasm when the father in the movie had actually began to fuck the little girl. She watched it all this time, the wetness coming to the little pussy between her legs. She licked her lips, thinking about what Bill was going to do to her in a few minutes. She parted her legs and slid her hand up between them. Her pussy was wet, and she dipped her fingers into her hole and then let the wetness slick her fingers so she could rub her clit. Her eyes were on the television as the man on the TV fucked with force into his little baby girl. The girls tears turned Cassie on, her struggles were so sexy to the little sex crazed slut. She wanted to see him cum into her, and when he did, she shoved a finger into her own cunt, wanting to feel a cock inside her too. Bill turned to Cassie and realized what he was seeing. The little 10 year old was finger fucking her cunt right in front of him. He hought his cock was about to burst, and was standing up to walk over to her when Cassies daddy called from up stairs. "I'm ready now, you two. Come on up here and lets get things rolling!" They walked up the stairs, Bill behind Cassie watching her little ass outlined by the filmy fabric. Fuck, his cock could not get any harder! Cassie led him to the spare room, pushing the door open wide. The room was made up to look like a little girls room. The bed was a small single one, just right for a little girls room. The spread was pink and lacy and the pillows were fluffy white, 6 of them placed at the head of the bed. Beside the bed was a little pink dresser with a mirror and a little white chair. The dresser was covered with pink lace, to match the bed. It looked like a little princesses paradise. "OK you two, you have to remember that you are playing father and daughter. Cassie, remember to call Bill daddy, and Bill call her anything that strikes your fancy, as long as it is sexy& OK?" Bill nodded his head, suddenly unable to speak. It was all coming true now, and he was scared again. "Cassie, go and sit in the chair" her daddy ordered and, like a good little Friday slut, she sat in the chair, facing the mirror. "Take your brush and start to do your hair, like you were just getting up for the day. Bill is your daddy and he has come up to punish you for leaving the dishes not done in the kitchen last night. You two got that?" They both nodded and waited until Cassies dad went over to the camera and focused in on her. It was a tricky shot, difficult to get the mirror without showing him and the camera but with a bit of maneuvering, it was done. "Bill, you are her dad and you have come up to punish her for not finishing her chores. I want you to do what you want with her, spank her or whatever but let it all lead to fucking her, OK?" With both of them nodding, Cassies dad smiled and said "action". Bill walked to the door of the bedroom and stood, ready to enter. The camera picked up Cassie sitting at her dresser, watching herself brush her hair. The night gown was almost see through with the sunshine coming in from the window. She smiled at herself and lazily brushed her hair. The camera went to the door and it showed Bill standing there. His face was stern, looking like a father about to discipline his daughter. He walked over to the dresser and stood behind her, the camera catching them both in the mirror. Her brushing slowed, as her eyes met his in the mirror. His hand went to hers and he grabbed the brush. His other hand rested on her shoulder and he gently shook her body. The camera caught the fabric of her filmy nighty flow over her body as it shook. He asked her why her chores were not done and she just shook her head. His hand curled itself into her hair and he pulled it, hard enough to bring real tears to her eyes. "I fucking told you to finish those jobs before I left last night, didn't I? You ignored all that I told you to do. You have done it now you little cunt. I have had all I am fucking going to take from you. You are going to learn to listen when I talk to you!!" Bill yelled at her, getting into the play of things. His hand went back to her hair and he pulled up so that she had to stand up. Bill quickly sat on the chair so the camera would not see his cock straining against his pants. He pulled Cassie to him, so that she was standing between his legs. "You understand that you have to be punished, don't you?" Cassie nodded. Her head hurt from where Bill had pulled it, and you could see the little tears gathering in her eyes. "Yes daddy" she whispered, her little voice quivering. Bill grabbed her arm and pulled her body so that it was on one side of his legs. His big hand went to her back and he pushed her so that she began to bend over his lap, and kept pushing her until she was laying over his legs, her little toes just touching the floor. Cassies dad had an excellent shot, the reverse picture in the mirror clearly showing her pretty little ass covered by the silky material. The hair brush was still in his left hand, and with his right hand he slowly reached down to the bottom of the night gown. He lifted it, very slowly, and the camera caught the flesh of the little 10 year old being revealed, inch by sexy inch. Cassie was crying now, as she knew what Bill was going to do. She knew her dad would not stop him. "No daddy, please no. Don't take my nighty up. Don't look at me daddy. Don't see my bum daddy, mommy will be so mad dddddaaddddddyyyyyyyyy" she wailed as she felt the cool air brush her exposed flesh. Bill pulled the nighty up and then flipped the fabric over her head, so all the camera could see was her body, naked from her toes to her waist and then the filmy nighty covering the rest of her. His right hand slowly went to her ass and he rubbed it, getting it ready. He took the hair brush in his right hand and his left hand stayed on her back, holding her down. He lowered the brush to her bum, letting her feel the coolness of the plastic against her ass. You could see her start to struggle then, trying to get away from what she knew was coming. Bill slowly lifted the brush until it was so high it was almost out of camera range and held it there for a second, then he brought it down hard on her ass. Smack. Cassie screamed as she felt the plastic burn her little ass. Bill's hand lifted again and again as he spanked the little pre-teen cheeks. The camera showed her bum getting redder and redder as each slap hit her. The sound of the brush was loud, but Cassie screamed louder, as the pain increased with each stroke. His arm slowed, and each stroke got gentler and gentler until he just laid the brush on her bum. Her screams had quieted to gentle sobs and the camera watched them calm. Bill.s hand dropped the brush on the dresser and his hand went to her ass. "Daddy didn't want to do that baby, but you made me. You have to be taught that daddy is always right baby. What daddy says must be done. You do understand, don't you?" His hand stroked the redness, gently touching the welts that were rising on her bum. "Daddy loves you baby. There are things that daddies have to do" he whispered. His hand kept stroking her, going further up her back and down her legs. The camera just picked up his whispering "Baby, daddy loves you. Did that feel bad baby? Does your pretty bum hurt? Do you want daddy to kiss it better baby?" His hand slid down between her legs and the camera watched as he began to fondle the bottom of her little pussy. The wiggling started again and this time he allowed her to stand, her nighty falling back so it hung over her little body. Her eyes were full of tears and her hands went to her bum, rubbing it. The action of her arms going behind her back made chest stick out and while there were no tits, you could certainly see hard nipples poking through. He held her arm with his hand, not letting her go away. "There is one more thing you will have to learn baby. You will have to learn that you must listen to daddy and do as he says all the time. Now go and lay down on your bed." Cassie nodded, her crying slowed to little hick-ups that came with her breath. She laid on the bed, straight with her hands at her side and watched her "daddy". He stood up from the hair, and the camera clearly showed his arousal. His hands went to his buttons and he quickly dropped his shirt on the chair. His hands then went to his trousers, and with a zip of his fly, they followed onto the chair. Cassies eyes were wide as she watched him take his clothing off. His hands went to his underware and he slowly slid them down his powerful legs, until he was naked in front of her. He walked to her bed, cock bobbing, a cruel smile on his face. "The next time I tell you to do something, it will be done, right little girl?" he growled at her. Her eyes would not leave his cock and the camera caught fear on her face. Cassies daddy smiled. She was a good little actress. He stood at the side of the bed and ordered her to pull her nighty up to her neck, and with trembling hands she did so, slowly. The camera watched as first her legs appeared, then the little V started and then her pussy was in full view. Small and sweet, completely hairless. The nighty continued up until her little belly came into view, her breath coming in and out so quickly that you could see it heaving. Her tits were exposed next, little pre-teen knobs of flesh with deep pink hard nipples standing out. The fabric settled around her neck. "Spread your legs for daddy" Bill said, his hand on his cock, stroking gently. She shook her head in defiance, and his hand went up as if to strike. Her legs slowly opened. The camera went in on a close up, showing the little pinkness of her pussy lips, then watching as the lips spread and you could see her little clit, a bit shiny from its wetness. Bill grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him. This would not be a sweet daddy/daughter coupling. He was going to rape her. Rape her for the camera. His big hands spread her legs wide and his knees lowered to the bed until he was kneeling between. His one hand went beside her chest, supporting his body as his other hand guided his cock to her little entrance. "Daddy, NO daddy noooooooo what are you doing no no nNO daddy NOOoo!!" she screamed as she felt the cock push against her little opening. Bill sat back on his heels and slapped her across the face, the redness showing immediately. "Shut the fuck up, and take it. You are my fuck toy baby, just lay there and take it." He yelled at her and kneeled again, pushing his cock to her little opening. Cassie tensed up, knowing that her pussy had dried up in the spanking, and that she was not wet enough for him to slide into her pussy. Her daddy always made her wet, so she was worried that this was going to hurt for real. She wiggled her little ass to try and get him a better angle, and it looked to the camera like a little girl trying to get away from her mean daddy's big cock. He felt the opening and felt how tight it was. His cock was big, far to big to go into her, if she had been a real virgin. Supporting himself on one arm, he pushed again. He felt her pussy give a bit and enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding into her sweet little pussy. Even though she was not a virgin in real life, she felt tight enough to be one. Bill was totally in character. His mind was lost, this was his daughter and he was punishing her the best way that a daddy could. He felt her pussy open a bit and that was all he needed. His body fell into her, pushing his cock deep into her sweet little cunt. "It hurts!" she yelled, for real. Bill smiled cruelly. He didn't care if it hurt the little slut. He just needed to be inside her deeply, as deep as he had been the week before. He forced his cock in, little by little he felt it go inside her until he could begin to draw it out again. He grabbed her legs and forced them over his shoulders and with his hands on either side of her began to fuck her in earnest, his strokes long and hard. He felt her pussy began to grow wet and felt it welcome his cock inside. He knew that Cassies daddy wanted to hear him fuck her, needed the camera to hear him. "Take it slut. Take daddys cock. You are my fuck toy baby. Yeaaaaaaaa oh fuck you are so tight. You are going to be my slut baby. I will teach you to disobey me. Take this TAKE THIS" he yelled as he pushed his cock into her as hard as he could. Cassie was crying and the camera did a close up on her tears. Her daddy had never fucked her this way. Bill had been so nice when he fucked her in her basement the week before. This was not fun. This hurt. Bill increased his tempo, slamming his cock into the little girl. The little single bed bounced with every one of his big man strokes. His whole body weight fell on her as he grew closer to cumming. His strokes slowed to short grunting animal strokes, his mouth sucking in her lips and tongue. Cassie tried to move her head, she didn't want to kiss, she had to concentrate on the pain between her legs but he would not let her away. His tongue went into her mouth and he began to moan his pleasure.. "Yea baby, yea oh fuck yea. Daddy is going to cum baby, cum so deep into your little cunt baby. Like it baby? You like daddy fucking your pretty little cunt? Get used to it baby, cuz daddy likes it a lot. So sweet and tight baby ohhhhhhh baby I can feel it. I can feel my cum. It is going to shoot into your sweet cunt soooooooooooo hardddddddd ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Bill's voice got louder and louder as he felt his orgasm hit. His body thrust one more time into the little girl and the camera could see his ass cheeks clench as his cum poured out into the little one. His body collapsed with release, then he rolled off Cassie and laid beside her, his body breathing in great amounts of air. The camera panned to Cassies pussy, and showed it wet and swollen. Bill's hand came into the picture and his fingers gently rubbed her pussy lips, gathering its wetness. A glob of cum was on his finger as he lifted it to her mouth. "Open your mouth baby" he ordered and when it was opened, he pushed his cum covered finger into it. "Lick it baby, drink my cum. The next time you are bad, that is where my cum will explode into..understand?' Cassies mouth closed over the finger as she nodded. She realized that she would have to do this again and again with Bill, for as long as her daddy wanted these films to send to the group. Cassies daddy yelled CUT and they heard the camera shut off. They both looked over to where he was standing and were happy to see him smiling. He dropped his pants quickly and strode over to the bed. "No daddy" Cassie whimpered as she realized what he wanted. "Oh fuck yes, baby, now you take your real daddy". Bill watched as Cassies daddy grabbed her body off the bed and bent her over the chair. Her ass was still very red and daddy watched himself in the mirror as he thrust into her already cum filled cunt. His hands went to her thin little hips and he began to fuck her wet cunt, fuck her like she was a real slut, a porno movie star. She had to grab onto the chair to keep herself up right, to keep herself from falling onto the floor. Her dad was so hard and was fucking her so fast that she knew he would not last. Cassies daddy began to grunt and slam into her harder and harder, watching the obscene picture in the mirror. Watching himself fuck his little 10 year old daughter, fucking the cunt that he had just given away to another man for his pleasure. He began to shoot then, big thick ropes of cum, shooting into her little cunt, joining the cum already there. Cassie was one full little cum slut. Bill and Cassies daddy could not wait for the next movie day ... Cassie, part 4 (M/f, father/daughter, M/F and a little bit of beast....) Written by tony-n-friends He dropped his pants quickly and strode over to the bed. "No daddy" Cassie whimpered as she realized what he was about it do. "Oh fuck yes, baby, now you take your real daddy". Bill watched as Cassies daddy grabbed her body off the bed and bent her over the chair. Her ass was still very red and he watched himself in the mirror as he thrust into her already cum filled cunt. His hands went to her thin little hips and he began to fuck her wet cunt, fuck her like she was a real slut, a porno movie star. She had to grab onto the chair to keep herself up right, to keep herself from falling onto the floor. Her dad was so hard and was fucking her so fast that she knew he would not last. Cassie's daddy began to grunt and slam into her harder and harder, watching the obscene picture in the mirror. Watching himself fuck his little 10 year old daughter, fucking the cunt that he had just given away to another man for his pleasure. He began to shoot then, big thick ropes of cum, shooting into her little cunt, joining the cum already there. Cassie was one full little cum slut. Bill and Cassie's daddy could not wait for the next movie day... ** Cassie stretched in her bed, her little toes pushing against the blanket on top of her. Her mommy would be flying to her office, and not be home until Saturday at noon. This would be the last sexy Friday. Next week school would start again, so Fridays would be spent in class instead of as her daddy's sex slave. She snuggled under the covers, it was almost September so it was a little cool outside. She thought about this summer, how her and her daddy and Bill had made 5 different movies to send around to her daddy's friends. Movies had come back from the other daddies in the group, and Bill and her had watched them, to ready themselves for their own filming. Bill had spanked and fucked Cassie in the first and second movies, they had gone outside for movies 3 and 4 and the fifth movie, Bill had invited a friend along. That one had been so sexy and it was that filming that Cassie thought about now as she spread her little legs and began to rub her sweet little cunt. Bill's friend James had been sexy, and so hot for her little 10 year old body. He had cum three times, once in her mouth, once all over her little face and tits and the last time deep in her pussy. She didn't know what her daddy had planned for this one, but she knew she would cum many times. She heard movement and voices downstairs and knew the call would come. "Cassie, get the hell out of bed" her dad shouted and she got up and walked to the bathroom. She yelled down to her dad that she was just getting dressed, and she went back into her room to see what her daddy wanted her to wear. A little tartan skirt was there, with panties and a very short very small white top. Long knee socks and her little black shoes waited, as did 2 little hair elastics. Cassie knew that meant her daddy wanted her hair in long pony-tails, one on each side of her head. She got dressed and headed down.. She walked into the living room where Bill and her daddy sat. She stopped and watched their eyes as they took in her body. The little black shoes and long white socks gave her a virginal look. The skirt was so short it showed a glimpse of the white panties underneath. The top was white, with lace ruffles. It covered her little puffy tits, but left her tummy bare. Her hair was pulled to each side of her head, and the pony tails swung when she moved her head. "Good girl" Cassie's daddy said. "Just the little slut we need for our last movie". Cassie's dad motioned her to the couch, beside Bill. She knew they were going to watch a movie. Daddy had the cameras set up here in the living room, as their last movie of the summer he was going to film Bill and Cassie having sex while watching one of the latest movies from her daddy's group. They all watched as the movie came on the television screen. It was a family that Cassie liked, the big black man and the little girl from the first day she had watched a movie with her dad. They weren't inthe garage this time, but in what looked like a pool house. The sun was glinting off of the water and there were chaise lounges placed all over. The camera showed the big black man was standing naked, his cock sticking out. He was clearly very aroused. His right hand was wrapped around his cock and he was gently stroking it, his left hand was cupping his balls. "Yes baby, let him in. Spread your sweet little legs baby. He just wants to pleasure you baby. Open slut. Spread your legs and let him in to lick you. Oh yea baby, you are going to love his tongue, aren't you? Daddy's slut is learning so much. Fuck yesssss baby, let him lick you" The camera slowly moved around the room until you could see the very edge of a big lounger. The camera moved around to the front of thelounge and everyone in the room with Cassie gasped. There, laying on the lounger, was the sweet little black 8 year old, naked. Her hands were gripping the arms of the chair and her legs were splayed out, spread wide just as her daddy had instructed. Her little body was stiff, as if she did not like what was happening to her. Little tears were on her face, and she was just finishing her sobs, her little chest still hiccuping. Her body was smooth, a sweet toffee color, but her nipples were dark brown, and pointing out like little pebbles. Her pussy was bare, she was too young for hair but it was what was standing between her legs that had made them all gasp. A dog. A big, black shepherd cross was standing at the end of the chair, his head buried between the legs of the little girl. The daddy on the screen walked over to the chair and pulled on one of his daughters legs, forcing them open even more than she already had them. His right hand never left his cock, stroking. He walked to the top of the chair and bent his legs slightly so that his cock was level with the little girls mouth. "Suck me baby. Suck daddy like he taught you. Take my big black cock onto your sweet little slut mouth. Swallow me slut." They all watched as the little one opened her mouth and allowed her daddy to slide his cock inside her warmth, and soon he was thrusting in and out of her small mouth. The dog didn't stop, his licking intensified and the camera went down there to watch. Her sweet little sex was open, the dog's tongue was licking up and down her slit. Her pussy was open and wet, and the dog's tongue was rough against her soft skin. Bill pulled Cassie onto his lap and slid his hands under her short little skirt. Very quickly he slid her white panties down her legs and off, then sat her back on his lap, her legs spread wide. The camera in the living room was directly on them, capturing her little ass wiggling onto his hard-on. Bill's big hands lifted the small top so that the camera could see her sweet little tits, and his fingers began to play with her nipples, and they got harder and harder. She was leaning back against Bill's body, her head leaning against his shoulder, her eyes never leaving the TV screen. Cassie watched as the big black man shoved his cock into the little girl's mouth. The big black dog was ramming his tongue into her sweet little snatch, almost biting her in it's lust. Suddenly the man on the screen stood up and grabbed the little girls arm. He stood her up, then pushed her down to the floor. He snapped his fingers and the dog towards the moved little girl's face and just stood there, his cock out of it's sheath all red and swollen. "Suck him slut. Suck him like daddy taught you. Suck his prick until you make him cum baby. Thank him for licking your baby cunt so well." Bill and Cassie watched in fascination as the little girl crawled over to the dog and reached under his belly. Her little hand grabbed the big red cock and put it to her lips, letting it slide into her mouth, where her daddy's cock had just been. She sucked him like a whore, her one hand stroking his shaft, urging the dog to cum. She was on her hands and knees, licking and sucking the dog, her little ass was in the air. Bill was so turned on by this, he stood quickly and undressed, sitting back on the couch naked and drawing Cassie back onto his lap. Neither of them heard the car driving into the driveway. Cassie's daddy heard it and quietly went to see. He stepped into his office to look out the window just as his wife came in the back door from the driveway. She put her purse and suitcase down and her steps were quiet as she walked to the door of the living room to check on her family. She stopped there in panic, her feet frozen to the floor and unable to speak. Her eyes had gone first to the television set where she could see a little black girl, about 8 years of age kneeling on the hard cold floor. The little girls face was under a big black dog, hermouth firmly wrapped around the cock protruding from under the belly. Behind the girl was a man, a big handsome black man with a very hard cock. He was just about to kneel behind the little girl, and there was no doubt in Cassie's mommy's mind what he would now do with the cock. Her eyes had then gone to the couch and she saw a man she had never seen before, naked and panting. On his lap sat her sweet little 10 year old daughter, dressed like a slut. Her panties were gone and her little skirt was short, showing her sweet little ass. Her tightwhite top was pulled up under her arms, and her nipples were hard and pointy. She was sitting facing away from the man and his hands were firmly on her little tits, pulling on the nipples. Their eyes were both fixated on the screen, where the black man was just entering the little cunt in front of him. She watched in horror as the man on the couch turned Cassies face and kissed her, his tongue sliding firmly between her lips. His hand dropped to her pussy and as the mommy watched, his finger entered her daughter, and began to thrust in and out. It was then that Cassie's mommy noticed the camera. She opened her mouth to scream when suddenly a hand slapped over her mouth and she was dragged back into the kitchen. The hand lifted, andwas replaced by her husbands mouth and she was surprised at how much she wanted to feel his kiss, how hot she was and how her pussy had responded to seeing her young daughter being molested by an older man. His hands went under her blouse right away, twisting her erect nipples. "Hot, isn't it baby? It is so fucking sexy to watch our little girl become a slut. I have been watching it all summer baby, and it makes my cock so fucking hard. Do you want to watch him fuck her baby? Admit it, feel your nipples and I bet your cunt is sopping. You want to watch them fuck, don't you baby?" She hung her head, then looked at him and nodded. It was not easy for her to admit that she was so turned on by all that she had seen. She wanted to see the man enter her daughter, see him thrusting into her sweet little cunt. Cassie's daddy pulled her to the hallway, then to the entrance of the living room by his office. Cassie could not seethem, but they could see her and the television set. They could hear the couple on the TV, the little girl crying as her father's big hard cock was thrusting into her sweet baby cunt. They could see the dog ramming his cock into her little mouth, close to its cum They could see Bill lifting Cassie up by the waist and they could see Cassie reaching under herself, and grasping Bill's cock to hold it upright, ready for her to sit down. Bill lowered her slowly, the cock touching her cunt lips, then his hands tightened on her waist and he jammed her down on his cock, making her scream out her pain/pleasure. Cassies mommy whimpered, her body reacting to the scenes in front of her, her pussy wet with wanting. Bills hands lifted Cassie up and down, his cock sliding out of her then he jammed her back down, hard. Her cunt was so sweet, so tight and so wet that it felt like a silken glove. Their eyes were still on the television, where the dog was growling it's pleasure. The little girl pulled the canine cock out of her mouth and held it in front ofher face, the dogs cum spurted out, all over her face and down onto her little chest. Her daddy was behind her, his cock pounding into her tight cunt, his big man's hands on her hips, drawing her back onto his cock in a frenzy of lust. Cassies daddy pushed his wife into the living room and bent her over the chair. Her eyes had not left her daughter, watching the big hard cock being rammed into her little cunt, her daughter being fucked like a rag doll. Cassies daddy dropped his pants and lifted his wife's skirt and with one thrust was buried deep inside her wet cunt. Cassie heard whimpering and turned her head to see her daddy thrusting his cock into her mommy's cunt. Her mommy was so sexy, her legs spread wide and her ass thrusting back to meet her husbands hard cock. It turned Cassie on even more to have her mommy and daddy watching herfuck Bill and she began to sit down as hard as she could on the big cock, showing her mommy just what a good little slut she was. The man on the screen was going to cum inside the little slut on her knees in front of him. His big hands were gripping her little hips, and his thrusts were hard and savage. They all heard him "Oh fuck you little cum slut. Daddy is going to cum inside your sweet little baby box. Take it all slut, take all of daddy's hot cum. Yea, oh fuck yea, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssssssssssss" he screamed as he jammed his cock as deep inside her little cunt as he could, spewing hot jets of cum into her little pre-teen cunt. Bill's eyes were going back and forth between the television screen and watching Cassies sexy mom bent over the chair. He could see that the mom was so hot, her eyes were almost glazed over and her mouthhung open. Her legs were spread and her hands grabbed at the cushions, and she was pushing herself back as hard as she could, to accept the cock that was trying to bury itself deeply inside her. Her tits were swaying with each thrust and as he watched her she ripped off her top and bra and he saw her dark nipple for a second before herone hand covered it, pinching it. He began to shove his cock into the little girl harder, timing his thrusts to be equal with the couple in front of him. Cassie was cumming, he could feel her little cunt beginning to spasm around his cock. His mouth went to her shoulder and he gently bit into her flesh, his balls ready to shoot into her baby cunt, a big hot load. "Fuck her. Fuck my little slut daughter. Ohhhhhhhhh fuck it is so hot to see your big cock inside her. Ohhhhhh fuck Cassie, mommy loves to watch you fuck. Take him baby. Milk his big hot cock like I milk your daddy. Make him cum slut, pleasure him. Oh fuck Cassie, watch your daddy fuck me. Oh god I am going to cummmmm cumm oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cummmmmmminggggggggggg" she yelled as she buried her head in her arms, her whole body feeling the cum wash over her. Cassies daddy gave one last thrust and emptied his heavy ball load into his wife, shot after shot of hot cum into her cunt. Bill couldn't last. Everything had been so sexy, so erotic that he felt his balls begin to boil. He wanted to show Cassies mom just how much of a slut the little girl was. He grabbed Cassie around the waist and lifted her off his cock, dropping her to the floor. With a groan he pulled on her little pigtails, drawing her face towards his throbbing cock. Cassie knew just what he wanted and she bent overhim, her mouth drawing his big cock into her mouth. He stood then, wrapped his hands in her hair and began to fuck her tiny mouth, his hips thrusting hard into her, showing Cassies mommy that his cock was not only in her sweet mouth, but down her sucking slut throat. "Suck me slut. Suck me for your mommy and daddy. Show them just what a fucking slut you are. Suck my cum whore. Fuck your mouth is so hot. Drink it slut, drink all my hot dirty cum" He jammed his cock into her mouth and held it there, cutting off her air supply, letting his load go down her throat, jet after jet of hot ropy cum deep into her mouth and down her throat. He held her until the last small spurt drained out of his cock, then he let her go, and she fell back to the floor. Bill sat down on the couch, exhausted. Cassie's daddy walked over to the camera and turned it off, then walked to the couch and picked up Cassie, holding her in his arms and kissing her. He turned to hiswife and smiled. "Sylvia, meet Bill, a very close friend of mine" he said and they all laughed. He watched his wife's eyes look over Cassies sweet little body. Now THAT would make a great movie, hethought. Mother and daughter. Mmmmmm Copyright (C) 1999, tony-n-friends. ALL Rights Reserved ================================================ This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. ********************************** Wish to read more texts of this writer? To load archive, pass to a file [0contonyfrd.htm] in the same catalogue. 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