Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. M/g, voy., porno, pedo THAT 'SPECIAL' MOVIE by Pedros intro: Pete gets offered a 'special' role in a 'special 'movie' at his friend's studio. Thinking it is just another porno role like the many others he had done, imagine his surprise when his partner turns out to be an innocent young girl. Fortunately for our hero and our story, she doesn't remain innocent for very long..... =========== This story is a work of fiction. =========== THAT 'SPECIAL' MOVIE Written by Pedros "Hey Pete! You free this afternoon? I know its bloody short notice but I've got a chance for an ultra-special movie.The girl's only available this afternoon and I need a male star to do her. Please say you'll do it, buddy. It'll be out of the ordinary and I'm sure you'll flip when you see her. Please, buddy?" I heard the urgency in Tim's voice and guessed he had something special lined up. If he was excited, then I guessed it was my good luck he'd thought of me. Tim was rarely wrong in determininig what was 'hot' and what was not and it had made me a star. Short notice work like he was offering paid extremely well and I didn't want to let him down. Besides, I was as horny as hell and had been thinking about organising a couple of chicks for the evening. "No problem, Timmy. Who's the girl?" I asked him, hoping it was a real fox. "Er...uh...I can't really talk at the moment, buddy. I just guarantee you won't be disappointed," he replied and I noticed he'd lowered his voice and it sounded like he was shielding the phone. That intrigued me...and worried me! "It better not be a dog!" I warned him. "No! No! Nothin' like that!" he jumped in quickly. "Honestly, Pete, you'll get a real buzz out of it, I think. Its just," and he lowered his voice again, "I can't talk right now. See you around two?" "Okay, Timbo. But you better not be crapping me," I responded and hung up with his protestations still echoing down the line. I looked at my watch. It was one. I had an hour to have a shower, get ready and get to the studio. I was going to have to hurry. I went into my en-suite, pulling my tee-shirt off and throwing it into the laundry basket. Then I stepped out of my shorts and they followed the shirt. I never wore underwear and stood naked in front of the wall mirror. I was pleased with what I saw. I am twenty two, a tanned and well muscled guy with distant Mexican origins. My facial features reflected that, as did my cock! I was well-hung, my cock both long and thick, reaching halfway down my thighs when soft and reaching to my navel when erect. It was as thick as my two thumbs side by side and I could only just stretch my fingers around it. I was circumcised (my father's wishes so I would be 'like him' and not like a Latino!) and my glans was bulbous, flaring quite dramatically from the shaft of my penis. My balls were large and in proportion to my cock. They dangled loosely beneath me and I kept them that way by never wearing underpants. I loved the heavy feel of them as I moved around. My cock had brought pleasure to many guys as well as girls. I started having sex when I was only a kid. First with an uncle, then my auntie before I was ten. By the time I could ejaculate, I was screwing men and women who picked me up at the mall or on my way home from school. I loved sex and looked for it and I guess the pickups sensed that. Anyhow, I still love sex and still enjoy flirting and being picked up by strangers. And that is why I became a porno star. Timbo picked me up when I was around fifteen and, when he saw my dick, he begged me to let him film me. I did and it was a real turn-on for me, performing in front of a camera. I thrilled and satisfied an untold number of guys and girls with my weapon; and intimidated more than a few of the other male stars when sharing women. But enough self-admiration!!! I stepped under the shower and spent quite a while soaping (and playing) with my equipment, getting it ready for its performance. By one fortyfive I was ready and on my way to the studio. I wondered what was 'special' about the chick Timbo had for me and why he was less than forthcoming at my questioning. Maybe she was a trans. I quite enjoyed fucking them, playing with full breasts while feeling their cock and balls swinging as I fucked their asses. Maybe 'she' was a hermaphrodite!!! That thought really intrigued me. I'd never done it with one of them, although a buddy of mine had been in a European flick with one and said it had been a real turn-on...pussy, cock and tits all in one! My anticipation rose (as did my cock) as I pondered on this over the last mile or two to the studio. By the time I pulled up in front, I was sure Timbo had a hermie for me. With a degree of eagerness, I locked the car and hurried up the stairs to the studio. "Hi, Pete," Tim called as I entered the studio. I looked around as I entered to see what he had for me. Apart from a large bed under several rows of lights and Tim, the room was empty. "Am I early?" I asked, going over to where he was fiddling with the camera. "Or has she pulled out." (It wouldn't have been the first time, I thought. Tim was a bit of a sleaze and, although I got on well with him and we worked well together, he could get up some of the other actors' noses and they'd sometimes let him down....especially for the 'normal' and rather lower-budget flicks he made.) "Hell, no!" he grinned. "They're in the bathroom." "They....?" I queried, my cock twitching at the thought of a group session. "I thought you said 'she'?" "Yeah. You're only going to do one girl. But she's special, man. I mean real special," and he winked at me as the bathroom door opened. My eyes swung towards it. The first thing I saw was a guy! And a rather fat one at that! Was it going to be a group session with two guys? Timbo didn't mention that...and he knows I won't work with fat girls or guys. Plump or cuddly is okay...but this guy was beyond that. I turned to have a go at Tim when I caught sight of the girl behind the guy and I stared. It was just a kid. A really beautiful girl, but only around eleven or twelve years of age. Her slim body was clothed in a silky nightdress that buttoned down the front and clearly showed puffy nipples on her flat chest, a slightly rounded belly and a slightly protruding pussy mound. Her long blond hair was shiny and fine and hung to her waist, so blond it was white against the pale cream of her nightdress. Her young body was faintly visible through the silk, a darker shade of cream. She looked nervous and shy as she followed the fat man over to us. "Pete, this is Nick, a friend of mine," Tim said, "Or rather, a financial supporter of our special interest organisation. Nick finances our 'Special' projects, like today's movie," he went on, introducing the guy to me. The man shook my hand and smiled a greeting. "And this is Jessie," Tim continued, putting his hand on the girl's shoulder and drawing her towards himself. "She will be your 'co-star' in the film." I stared at him as his words sank in. Then my gaze swung to the young girl who was looking up at me and had a rather nervous smile. My stomach fluttered as I took in the slender body of the youngster barely concealed beneath the filmy nightie. She was going to be my sex partner?!!! I was going to fuck a tiny girl?!!! I dragged my eyes back to Tim. " mean....?" I stammered, both extremely excited and suddenly uncertain at the same time. There was a tightening in my lower belly. Tim nodded and grinned broadly. "I told you you'd get a surprise, didn't I?" He caressed the back of the girl's neck and ran his hand gently down over her chest making her draw breath. "Jessie is the daughter of a friend of Nick's. The guy owes some money and offered Jessie for a movie to pay the debt. And Jessie agreed," he added hastily when he saw I was going to object to the situation. "She's never been fucked but she's played around with her dad, haven't you, honey?" Jessie nodded, not taking her eyes from me. "But, Tim...I'm know," I stammered, worried my size would be a real problem with such a young girl. "What? Too big?" Timbo laughed. "That's the whole idea. Nick has a market for this film and he's the one paying your hefty salary. Jess is aware of what is expected of her, aren't you, baby?" Again, Jessie nodded, but I could see the nervousness in her eyes. Tim's hands were resting over her chest and I could see his fingers stroking over her nipples. The sight made me horny and, in spite of my reservations, I decided then that I was going to do it. If not just for the experience, then for the money! I thought back a few years to when I was fucking girls close to my age or younger, early teens, and none of them ever complained afterwards about the size of my dick...and some of them weren't much bigger than Jessie. "The buyer wants to see Jess fucked by a man, the bigger the better. They don't come much bigger than you, matey!" Tim was saying. "I've told Jessie what will happen to her," butted in Nick," And she knows she has to go through with it for the sake of her dad. She's ready for it." I must admit I didn't like the fat guy, but, what the hell! If it wasn't me it was going to be some other guy getting the fucks AND the bucks. Either way, the kid was going to get screwed so it might just as well be by me! "Okay," I agreed. "Good on you buddy. Now, Let's get this show underway." **************************** Tim outlined the 'story-line' for the movie and, within a few minutes, we were underway. Nick leaned against the wall opposite the bed to watch proceedings while Tim explained to me how to position myself at various times to enable him to get closeups of the different situations I was to put us in. We had worked many, many times together and I knew his tecniques and foibles and it took only a few moments to work out the technical aspects of the shoot. I was to act as Jessie's father sneaking in to her bedroom and examining her and making her do things with him....whatever I wanted or felt like doing. While we were talking, Jessie had climbed into the bed and pulled the coverlet over her. She had to remain 'asleep' until her 'father' had examined her then was to 'wake-up' when he began to take her nightie off. My 'costume' was on a hook on the wall and while I was talking to Tim, I undressed. I had only my shirt and shorts on and sandals so it took only a couple of seconds to strip. I felt both Nick's and Jessie's eyes on me as I stood naked and I enjoyed it, taking hold of my semi-hard cock and squeezing it a couple of times, looking at Jessie as I did so. Her eyes were wide as she stared at me and she squirmed beneath the light coverlet, her hands going into her lap. I made as though I didn't know she was watching and took my 'costume' off the hook, turning my body sideways so she got a good eyeful of what she was soon going to get. I was starting to enjoy this, my reservations about her size and age leaving me as I prepared for my role. My costume was a short, silk, happy coat which belted around my waist. It came to just below my balls and my cock made it poke out in front. When I sat down, it was not going to cover anything. It felt very sexy against my nude skin and it took me all my will-power to keep my penis from becoming fully erect. Tim called 'Action', once I was ready, dimmed the lighting except for the lights angled onto the bed and the movie began. I was starting my first KP movie and I knew I was going to enjoy it. **************************** I walked silently over to the bed, standing beside it and looking at the girl 'asleep' on it. Her blonde hair fanned out over the pillow and her slender body was outlined beneath the thin coverlet. I fondled my penis beneath my short robe, letting the swollen glans peek out through the opening. I ran my finger over the purple head and felt the slickness already from pre-cum, which always seemed to start flowing from me at the first thought of sex. Gently I sat on the edge of the bed, my robe falling open at my lap and my thickening penis, already starting to rise, jutted out from my groin. I was now only vaguely aware of Tim moving around to film the proceedings from different angles, keeping himself outside of the lights' glow. I began to imagine I really was the father with his daughter in her bedroom with noone else around. My ability to ignore extraneous noise, movement or sounds around me during film-making had really helped me in my career and with directors other than Timbo, keeping my concentration solely on the task in hand. I rested my hand on the young girl's pillow, gently stroking her hair as I imagined her father would, my fingers tracing the strands down to her shoulder and over the coverlet on her chest. Through the thin cover, I could feel the gentle swells of her immature breasts and the hard pointy peaks of her nipples and was surprised. Jessie was obviously aroused in spite of her young age. She kept her eyes closed but I felt her tense as I moved my hand lower, sliding my palm sensuously and slowly down over her belly and letting it rest on the mound of her pubes. I gently pressed onto her, feeling the firmness of mound compared to the softness of her lower belly. My cock was rigid now, the plum-red head shiny with leakage, jutting upright through the opening of my gown. I rubbed the heel of my hand in circles on Jessie's pubic bulge, increasing the size of the circle until my hand dipped into the crevice between her thighs. I watched her face as I caressed her and saw her nostrils flare as my hand touched the sensitive spot between her legs. I began easing the coverlet down, scrunching it between my palm and fingers as I squeezed Jessie's pubes, working it to the foot of the bed with my other hand. I watched as her young body came into view. The silk nightdress had rucked up beneath the covers and my caresses and her slender legs were almost totally exposed, the hem of her nightie barely covering her sex. My hand was still on her mound and I caught glimpses of her pussy slit as I continued to circle around. Jessie's legs parted slightly but she still remained 'asleep'. I slipped my hand back up her body, my palm sliding easily over the silk, until I was again feeling her nipples which seemed to have swelled even more. They were quite hard and visible now beneath the nightie and my touch. I tweaked each one gently in turn, taking the hard point between my thumb and fore-finger and rolling them around between them. Her breathing had quickened and her mouth had opened slightly. I began unbuttoning her nightie, gently folding the soft material back as I went and uncovering her beautiful girl's body. My eyes followed my fingers as I uncovered her. My cock was quivering hard. I lingered over her navel, a cross within a indented circle, running my finger around its rim and into its centre causing her belly to tense up. I let my finger trail down the faint brown line that ran from her navel, my other hand unbuttoning the nightie as I went lower. I traced over her plump pubic mound, completely devoid of hair, just the faintest wisp of blonde down hinting at her approaching puberty. The tendons in her groin stood out, her whole body now tensed up as I uncovered the last of her body. My finger touched on the hard bud of her clitoris and Jessie jerked and she gasped. My eyes feasted on the beauty between her thighs. Her fleshy pubes folded in to her slit but her dark pink labia peeked shyly out of the smooth groove. Her flesh glistened beneath the lights and looked wet. I drew my finger down into her slit and it slipped easily over her softness. She was wet! My finger slipped into the groove, between her labia, into her inner moistness, her flesh hot around me. Jessie cried out as the tip of my finger touched inside her hot entry and her legs opened wider. I watched my finger in fascination. I was actually touching inside this youngster's sex! She lay spread before me, her body now fully uncovered, her nightie opened on either side of her. My hands were so big against her, one of them spread over her belly as I teased her moist vaginal opening. Her labia swelled and pushed out from her slit and I ran my finger along the crinkled edge. Jessie moaned and her eyes opened. They were glassy with arousal. I shrugged my gown off and knelt on the bed beside her, my cock jutting out stiffly over her. I saw her eyes fixed on it as I pressed her legs wider, my finger still insistantly probing her entry. She was certainly not a virgin, my finger encountering no resistance as it began its slide into her moist hotness. Her father had evidently busted her hymen with his probings; and Jessie had obviously enjoyed his probings. Her body squirmed delightfully as my finger slid further into her until my knuckle was pressing against her mound and the tip of my finger was pressed against the hard slickness of her cervix. Her vagina squeezed around the length of my finger, pulsing in time with her heart beat. My other hand slid up her nakedness to her chest, feeling her quivering tautness, her rapid breathing and her stiff nipples. Her eyes were still fixed glassily on my cock as it quivered over her and I moved my body to bring the moist head closer towards her face. My balls swung heavily, almost brushing her nipple. I dropped slightly and moved my hand. My testes caressed the hard bud as my glans touched her chin. I pressed my finger into the hard centre of her cervix, forcing her open and forcing a cry of pleasure/pain from her. She jerked and her hand came up between my legs, clutching at my lower back. Her other hand grasped my penis. I almost came as her fingers wrapped around me, her hand squeezing me tightly as her body spasmed. I suddenly realised the little honey had orgasmed!! Her head tossed on the pillow and I saw a trail of my pre-cum glistening over her chin. Her lips were suddenly swiping over me, her tongue searching the satiny crown of my penis and she brought me down onto her mouth. Her father had taught her well! I couldn't understand why he hadn't fucked her, though. It seemed as though he had made her ready for it and hadn't accomplished it yet. I also wondered what the relationship between her father and Nick was. He must have owed a lot of money to give up being his daughter's first fuck. These thoughts were only fleeting, however. There were more pressing things on my mind! Jessie was licking the top of my cock, her lips stretching to take the swollen glans inside. I knew I would come if she did and I gently eased myself back from her. She tugged me towards her again but I moved lower on the bed and she had to let go. I knew what Tim was after for his movie and I was always under his direction rather than my own lusts when we made a movie together. I caressed Jessie's nipples and around her pussy, feeling her body becoming more lethargic in her post-orgasmic euphorea. Her eyes closed again and her arms relaxed by her side. Her groin was slick with the juices coming from my fingers as I played with her. I toyed with her clitoris, running my finger around and along the hard length of her bud and around my finger inside her. I kept a smooth, gentle motion going, feeling her body respond with each touch. My mouth ached to taste her and I eased myself lower. Her sweet musky smell enveloped me as I leaned my head down towards her treasure. I pressed my mouth over her pubes. Jessie clutched at my hair as I enveloped her smooth silkiness with my lips. She arched her back as my tongue started sliding into her wet centre, spreading her labia and replacing my finger as it probed into her vagina. She pressed me hard against her, her hips bucking under me as I brought her again to another peak of pleasure. This kid was hot!!!! She gave off such an appearance and air of innocence, and she was a virgin as far as fucking went, but she was born for sex! Her body really belied the shy little innocent I had assumed she was when I first saw her. My tongue continued fluttering between her labia and pressing inside her hot tunnel, my hand kneading her buttocks and thighs as I spread her wider and wider for my searching mouth. She was dribbling wet, her taste tangy and delicious and I sucked and swallowed her young juices as she writhed beneath me. All the while Tim filmed around us and Nick was now jerking off as he leant against the wall to the side of us watching intently. I lifted Jessie's thighs, raising her knees and pressing her legs wide. I gently licked around her swollen pussy then raised my head up to look at her. She was relaxed again, her eyes closed, her breathing shallow. I guessed it was time to fuck her. She was certainly ready, her sex red and slippery from my tongueing and her arousal. The centre of her glistened and a greyish cream droplet of her juice pooled in her fold. I touched my finger to it, taking it on the tip then wiping it over my inflamed knob, mixing her essence with my own. In spite of my size, I felt sure now that the young girl would accomodate me. Her elasticity and her ready lubrication would ease my passage into her. I shifted myself on the bed until I was kneeling between her spread legs. She opened her eyes when I moved and I saw a look of concern cross her face when she realised what I was getting ready to do. She stared at my erection and swallowed nervously so I smiled reassuringly at her and ran my finger around her ready sex. I would have liked to talk to her but Tim had said he didn't want any noise but our fucking. I think he thought the sounds only would make the movie more erotic. The viewers could imagine their own conversation rather than me make something up that might spoil it for them. Anyhow, I tried to convey some reassurance to Jessie through my touch and my smile. It did not take the nervous look from her face, though. I kneeled between her legs, resting forward on one arm (the arm away from the camera, of course), and taking hold of my turgid penis at its base and aiming it at the waiting vulve. I slowly eased my hips forward until my glans just touched Jessie's opened flesh. I glanced up at her. She was watching and was holding her breath in trepidation. I winked at her, then turned back to myself. I gently brushed the tip of my cock up and down her slit, watching her labia slide easily around my swollen glans. I continued up and along her clitoris, then back down to slide beneath her sex almost to her anus. I continued my light brushing of her sex until I saw her thighs begin to relax and her belly rise and fall as she began breathing normally again. I ever so slowly increased pressure until my cock was rubbing her inner flesh, spreading her labia and touching the entrance into her vagina. I made my movements smaller and smaller until I hovered at her tight opening, not moving but exerting gentle pressure onto her. Slowly I increased pressure, my spongy cock head widening as it met resistance, but I insistently pressed forward. Each time I felt Jessie tense, I eased slightly back and held myself still until she relaxed again. Then I pressed in further. For several minutes I worked at her, pushing inwards, easing back, pushing further, then back. I could feel her starting to open under my ministrations, the tip of my glans going inside the very start of her vagina. We were both slick with juices and my cock was tingling with the excitement of de-flowering this child. Suddenly Jessie gave a sharp cry and my glans suddenly slid inside her, forcing its way into her tight passageway. I held still, this time not withdrawing but keeping pressure on. Slowly, so slowly, my penis started to enter her, her vagina being stretched wider and wider as my rod of hard flesh pressed inwards. She moaned and gasped as more and more of my cock slid into her and her hands clutched my shoulders, her fingernails digging into my flesh. "No!...No!...No!....Oooh!....Aaaaah!....Nuhhhh!" she moaned and cried as I pressed deeper. Her head tossed and her eyes were wide and glassy, but her hips were pushing back at me rather than drawing away. I forced myself deeper until I came up against the obstruction of her cervix. I could see my cock embedded to half its length. Her pussy was stretched so wide I could not see her labia. Her clit stuck out from the stretching of her sex and I could see her mound had been forced upwards by my thickness. But I was inside her!! And she was starting to feel something other than pain. Her cries had become soft whimpers and her fingernails no longer raked my skin. Her eyes were closed and the tip of her tongue protruded through her lips. I slowly started to pull backwards, my glans gripped tightly by her vagina. She cried out, this time a cry of pleasure, as my shaft dragged against her sensitive inner skin. I only came back an inch or so before I pressed inwards again, eliciting a more sexual cry from her and her hands slid down my back, grabbing my hips as I came up against her cervix again. I pressed in a little harder before starting to pull back again. She was so tight my glans was tingling with each slight movement and I knew I was not going to be able to hold back for too long. I watched my glistening shaft as it slowly emerged from her distended pussy. I pulled back until the flare of my glans began to show, then I pressed inwards once more, my body trembling as I held myself from going too deep. Jessie moaned louder, her body arching beneath me. It was so erotic! In... Out... So slowly. So rhythmic. Excitement was building in both of us and we were both holding our breaths as our bodies became uncontrollable. I felt myself coming, my balls tightening, my cock a rod of exquisite sensations, my lower belly filling with a swirling ball of pleasure. I felt myself swelling and becoming rock hard and I held myself against the young girl's cervix as my semen began to spurt. Jessie grabbed me tightly, her fingers digging into my flesh and her body spasmed beneath me. She gave a long, drawn-out scream as my penis pulsated inside her, my hot sperm splattering into her, washing her cervix and womb. Her vagina clenched so tightly as she orgasmed, it almost stopped my spurting, causing each pulse to build up even more powerfully before being ejected from me. It took all my strength to keep holding myself up on my arms as I came, my balls squashing between the girl's upper thighs and her squirming and shuddering beneath me. I was dimly aware of Nick's cock spurting off to the side and of Tim moving silently yet quickly around us getting everything on film; but my main focus was on my own pleasure and that of the youngster I was fucking. It was one of the most intense climaxes I had ever had, taking me back to my very early sexual experiences. From the look on Jess's face and the way her body had responded, it had also been a wonderful first experience for her and I was thankful her father had prepared her so well. She was going to be some woman as she got older! These thoughts came to me as my orgasm ebbed and my body began to relax. Jessie was exhausted and lay semi-conscious beneath me as my penis slowly lost its rigidity and softened inside her. I let myself slowly down onto her, resting on my knees and elbows but letting my nude body lightly press against her's. Her head was level with my chest and I brushed my nipples over her lips and nose. She opened her eyes and smiled up at me, then kissed my nipple...just like a woman. For a chick so young, she certainly had a natural talent in matters sexual, I thought, unless it had all been taught by her dad. Somehow, I didn't think so, though. She seemed too spontaneous in the things she did. Her fingers were circling on my buttocks, lightly caressing the vale between them; and her body moved ever so slightly beneath me. Things older women seemed to do. "And....Cut!" Timbo called, breaking into my reverie and startling both Jessie and me. It was all over! Another movie was in Tim's collection (or would be after a bit of editing), and I had fucked this youngster. I eased myself from her and saw a look of disappointment cross her face as my cock dragged out of her and flopped wetly between her thighs. I knelt up and looked at her. Her pussy was swollen and bruised from my invasion and I could see my grey juice dribbling from the red centre, still slightly open from its stretching. My cock was shiny with our combined juices and I could feel it getting crusty as it dried beneath the warmth of the lights. "That was great," I said to her as I stood up. "You seemed to like it..." " was...." Jessie began to say as she swung her legs gingerly off the bed. "There's no time for talk," Nick butted in rudely. "You've got other things to do to pay off your dad's debt." He helped her up from the bed (not too gently) and pushed her towards the bathroom. "Go and get cleaned up and dressed," he told her. Jessie looked back at me, embarrassment and nervousness clearly written on her face but she made no effort to talk, just meekly turned and disappeared into the bathroom. I wondered what 'other things' were in store for her and I was almost going to ask. I suddenly didn't like Nick. But then I realised it was none of my business. I was only an actor. Only a fucker. Tim was already dismantling his equipment and I shrugged into my gown. Nick ignored me. My job was finished. I sat on the bed waiting for Jess to clearthe bathroom. When she came out, rather subdued and fully dressed, looking like a ten year old innocent in a school uniform, I went into the bathroom and had my shower. By the time I came out, both Jess and Nick had gone and only Tim was in the studio. He looked up as I came over to where he was starting the editing. "Great work, Pete! It looks fantastic! I can't believe the little cunt took that huge dick of yours! But its all here so it must hasve happened!" He was quite exhuberant. He must be going to make a fortune from the film! He looked at me quizzically. "How did you like it?" he asked. "Quite an experience," I replied, picking up the envelope with my name on it. I thumbed through the contents and counted well over a grand! "Wha...!" I exclaimed when I saw it. "Fuck, man! You can put me down to do more of these!" Timbo smiled his sly smile. "That's good...'cause you already are, buddy," he said. "I knew you'd be in it and I let Nick know. He wants more and he's already got a couple of kids lined up for you. None older than Jessie." My stomach churned in excitement at the thought. It looked as though I was going to head along another 'career path'....and one I thought I might enjoy immensely. One I KNEW I was going to enjoy immensely!! THE END Copyright (C) 2002, Pedros. ALL Rights Reserved ========================== This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. ********************************** Wish to read more texts of this writer? To load archives, pass to a file [ 0contpedros.htm ] in the same catalogue. Or on my homepage Sergdriver There more many fascinating stories of other writers and mine too! *********************************