Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Story_codes: m/f/pedo/inc/dad/daut/m/b/w/s/o/a/cons/n/c Comments: The following story is a work of fiction. All movies, pictures and publications mentioned exist only in the author's imagination. Please do not email requests for anything written in this story, they do not exist beyond the author's imagination. Story_intro: Imagine a glossy magazine, "produced for pedophiles by pedophiles". A magazine where you didn't have to imagine the pictures and where you could find preteen playmates and like-minded friends. A magazine that featured a sequel to FUN WITH LUCY & KIM and another visit to Manilas' child brothel, along with more new stories, poetry and child sex fantasies. Welcome to the world of EROTIKIDS. EROTIKIDS EROTICA, ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION - FOR CHILD LOVERS EVERYWHERE. ISSUE #2 COVER PICTURE A beautiful seven year old girl, with sleek blonde hair flowing almost to her perfectly formed bare buttocks, looks over her left shoulder and smiles for the camera. All she is wearing is a thin gold chain around her waist. The full length mirror opposite reflects the frontal view of her slender body and bald, preteen pussy. EDITOR'S LETTER Dear Friends It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the second issue of EROTIKIDS - a magazine for pedophiles, by pedophiles. Issue one was a huge success, generating lots of praise and no small amount of controversy. Issue 2 contains even more of what you love. Sexy little girls, posing and performing as nature intended. No apologies, no preaching and no censorship. Our agenda can be summed up in two words; PROUDLY PEDOPHILE! Within these pages, you won't find any eighteen year old "Lolitas". Neither will you find any bullshit in the form of "Legal Disclaimers", regarding the ages of our models or the nature of our photographs. From tastefully erotic to downright hard core - from toddlers to teens - if you like them young, you'll find them here. In EROTIKIDS, we seek to celebrate our diversity, as well as our common interests. Wherever you are and whatever your tastes, this is your magazine. We need your contributions, whether these are letters, stories, fantasies, or the forbidden pictures you long to share with the world. The children we love today are the pedophiles of the future, so teach them young and teach them well. EROTIKIDS is for them, as well as you. M.K. ___________________________________________________________________________ _____ ABOUT OUR COVER GIRL Seven year old Jana comes to us all the way from Denmark, courtesy of her father and stepmother. Jana is a natural exhibitionist, who just loves to pose and perform for the camera. You can see more of this beautiful and uninhibited Lolita on pages 11 & 12, as well as in our centre-spread. ___________________________________________________________________________ ______ CONTENTS CHILD SEX CONTACTS ------------------------------------ Your passport to all things Pedo. MOVIE REVIEWS --------------------------------What's hot in the world of preteen erotica? LETTERS ------------------------------------------------------------ The pages you write. CHILD SEX TOURS ----------------------------------------- Pedo Heaven in the Philippines. PLAYTIME IN THE PARK-------------------------------------------------- Fiction by Maxamm. JANA ------------------------------------------------------------ More of our cover girl. MY DADDY - A TRUE LIFE STORY----------------------------------------------By Nancy Spain. PER-VERSE---------------------------------------------------------Pedo poetry by Josie G. PEDO-FILES -------------------------------- Interview with the kiddy porn home movie man. FAMILY ROOM ----------------------------------------------------- Uncensored Incest pics. PEDO PARTY ---------------------------------------------------More fun with Lucy and Kim. PLAYBOYS------------------------------------------------------------ Fiction by Tor~Pedo. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___ CHILD SEX CONTACTS Pedophile couple - M/32, F/27 - seek couples with young children for private party fun. We can provide two lovely daughters - aged 6 & 4 - for your pleasure. Discretion assured and expected. Code; EK001. PHOTO: TWO NAKED LITTLE GIRLS CROUCHING ON ALL FOURS, THEIR SMALL ASSES COVERED IN CUM. Attractive single mom - 22 - seeks well endowed stud to introduce her 5 year old daughter to anal sex. Vaseline essential, tenderness optional. Code; EK002. Little girl lover - 44 y.o. - would like to play daddy with girl in 7-11 age range. 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Code: EK0037 PHOTO: MOTHER AND DAUGHTER SHARE A STIFF COCK GUSHING SEMEN OVER BOTH OF THEIR FACES. ___________________________________________________________________________ MOVIE REVIEWS CHURCH OF PEDO - THE MOVIE. PedoCam Productions. Starring Chelsea Brady, Rosanna, Little Mary Jo, Steve K. Based on a story by Maxamm, Church Of Pedo is two hours of the hottest, nastiest child sex ever seen in a movie. In the role of preteen temptress Cora, Chelsea proves that she can act as well as she can suck and fuck. The Filipino rape scenes are especially graphic, but the movie is most notable for the chemistry between Chelsea and Steve - who plays Father Maxwell. Whether he is drinking her piss or she is sucking his cock, it's hard to believe they're not really dad and daughter. Apparently, part two is already in production. Be perverted, get converted! Rating ***** MOLESTATION Starring Chelsea Brady. Chelsea's first movie and a real collector's item. Shot when she was just five years old, her slut potential is already apparent. The little cum queen sucks several huge cocks and takes her fourteen year old brother's cock up her small, tight ass and looks like she's loving every minute of it. Rating ***** LITTLE FUCKERS No credits. No adults and no children over the age of eight in this hardcore European production. No story line either, but when the kids are this young and hot, who cares? Four little boys gang bang a five year old blonde slut. A three year old tyke is fucked up the ass by her seven year old brother. A quality movie, with plenty of explicit close-ups and even some watersports, LITTLE FUCKERS is a must for any serious collector of hardcore child porn. The kids look like they're having fun too - at least most of the time. Rating; ***** RAPE SCENES #4 No credits. Another compilation of child rape scenes, mainly from South America and Asia. The quality varies and some of the footage obviously dates from pre-VCR times. However, there's plenty in this collection to satisfy the most sadistic of viewers, including an extremely graphic and harrowing toddler rape. It's just a shame the makers didn't employ a little more quality control. Rating *** MELISSA AND HER DADDY Blue Loli Enterprises Starring Melissa. Melissa is a seven year old blonde, who spends much of her time either showering or looking sexy in her candy pink swimsuit. When she isn't getting wet, she's making her daddy happy, as only a dirty little girl can. Lots of oral action, several facial cum shots and a preteen pussy pumping climax make this movie a true child erotic classic. Rating ***** CHILD CUNTS #2 Illegals No credits. A thirty minute compilation of clips from KP movies, featuring girls in the 4 - 8 age range. So much action crammed into so little time, you'll think you're watching on fast forward. The video equivalent of those pop up windows that freeze your browser and cause your PC to crash. Rating * VIVA PEDO Bambino Euro. 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Hoods and masks conceal the faces of her captors throughout and the three men have not yet been captured. If you followed the story of Natalie's disappearance in the media, this movie will provide an exceptionally twisted thrill. Rating **** CHILD SEX ORGY KFC Productions No credits. Shot at a recent KFC convention, somewhere in Eastern Europe, this movie is a white hot diary of depravity. The men and women of the Kiddy Fuckers Club are here on business and there's no shortage of illicit entertainment. Pretty little girls as young as three are used and abused in ways Satan himself might not have conceived. In common with most KFC productions, there's precious little tenderness towards the little ones in evidence, but fans of hardcore child exploitation are unlikely to complain. Rating ***** ROMANI No credits: Sixty minutes of secretly filmed footage of child sexual abuse in a Romanian orphanage. Some extremely nasty scenes, mostly featuring pre-school girls. No soundtrack and no good reason why you should waste your money on this poorly shot and very unpleasant trash. Rating * PRETEEN INFERNO Barenakids Video No credits No sex in this movie, just a long and heavenly parade of little girls strutting their stuff in sexy underwear, swim wear and naked as nature intended. Watch for a few minutes and you'll be providing the cream. Rating ***** LOLITA Blue Light Inc. Starring Josie Hull, Norman Jakes Late seventies pedo interpretation of Nabokov's infamous novel. With an eleven year old girl in the starring role, this had the potential to be an underground classic. Unfortunately, only a couple of genuinely erotic scenes save this movie from being a softly lit, pretentious turkey that scarcely deserves its illegal status. Rating ** ___________________________________________________________________________ LETTERS Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed issue 1 of EROTIKIDS. The pictures of four year old Hayley sucking her daddy's cock were the most erotic thing I've ever seen. The little slut looked so happy, with his cum running down her face. I just wish you could have published a few pics of him fucking her. That little bald cunt was just begging to be stuffed with hard dick. Just one complaint. Why no guide to child porn on the Internet? That's where I get most of my stuff. I'm sure I'm not the only pedo who would have appreciated a signpost to some of the best KP to be found in cyberspace. Minor gripes aside, your magazine is a breath of fresh air for loli lovers everywhere. Keep up the good work. Hal. IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR CHILD PORN ON THE INTERNET, CHECK OUT OUR VERY OWN SITE. THERE, YOU'LL FIND THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF KP ON THE NET, AS WELL AS LINKS TO OTHER GENUINE SITES. Praise first. I really enjoyed the first issue of EROTIKIDS. Little Hayley had me creaming my pants. Wish I was her daddy. And your cover girl took my breath away. I'm an active pedophile, with a love for really young girls, but I haven't met many six year olds as sexy as Kylie. If her daddy ever feels like sharing, I'll be first in line. That said, I have a major problem with some of the content in your magazine. I consider myself to be a child lover, rather than a child abuser. I've had sexual relationships with girls as young as four, but that doesn't make me a child abuser. However, some of the stuff in your first issue made me sick. I'm a pedophile and I love child porn, but I draw the line at rape and torture. I don't want to see a five year old girl whipped and gang-raped by seven men, courtesy of KFC. As for your interview with the British pedophile who boasted of murdering a four year old Romanian girl for his sexual pleasure, that was simply sick. No wonder pedophiles are treated like lepers. EROTIKIDS should be erotica with kids. Hayley's cum drenched smile has no place in a magazine where the sick fucks that make up KFC are treated as human beings. Love children, fight child abuse. JG. As a mother of two young girls, I was disgusted by the first issue of EROTIKIDS. I expect to find erotica for child lovers. Instead, I find adverts for rape and snuff movies and an uncritical profile of a man who deserves a hot seat in the electric chair. From a very young age, I enjoyed a sexual relationship with my father. My husband and I are both sexually active with our daughters and it's a positive experience for all concerned. We looked forward to sharing EROTIKIDS with them, until we saw the horrors being marketed as "erotica". How can you ever hope to advance the cause of pedophilia, if you treat rape and murder as just another lifestyle choice? Miriam. I love kids. I hate KFC. I fuck my nine year old daughter. She loves it. She's loved it since she was five. I show my daughter porn. I wouldn't show her your magazine. EROTIKIDS! Be honest and call it Child Rape Monthly. You could be doing something positive. You're doing shit. Anon. Hey guys. Pedophiles love children. Are you genuinely pedo, or just looking to make a quick buck, before the cops haul your asses off to jail? Before I bought your magazine, I'd never heard of KFC. Thanks for enlightening me. Now I know that all those years I've spent perfecting my seduction techniques have been wasted. I could have just grabbed a little girl, beaten the shit out of her, raped and murdered her and then sold the videotape. Thanks for busting the myth that most pedos are human beings, you fucking apes. P.Q. Thanks for a great mag. Love the ads. That pic of the three year old girl with a cock stuffed up her ass really turned me on. I hope you'll have some baby sex pics soon. I'm enclosing one of me with my nine month old slut daughter's ass. My wife and I both love molesting the little cunt. 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I'd be glad to provide some hardcore pics of my gay friends and I in action with a few sweet little boys, if you think you have the balls to publish them. Barry L. IF YOU SEND US THE PICS, BARRY, WE'LL BE GLAD TO PUBLISH THEM IN OUR NEXT ISSUE. IN THE MEANTIME, CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR ADS AND READ TOR~PEDO'S HOT STORY OF MAN/BOY LOVE. I'd love to see some bestiality pics in your magazine, especially little girls getting fucked by dogs. Dirty Jo. WE'RE HAPPY TO OBLIGE, JO. PHOTO 1: A HUGE, SHAGGY BROWN DOG LIES ON ITS BACK, WHILE A NAKED FIVE YEAR OLD SOUTH AMERICAN GIRL GRIPS ITS BIG, RED COCK WITH ONE HAND, THE TIP IS BURIED IN HER SMALL PUSSY. PHOTO 2: A TEN YEAR OLD BLONDE GIRL IN A WHITE TEE SHIRT, NAKED FROM THE WAIST DOWN, MILKS THE SPURTING CUM FROM A SAINT BERNARD'S HUGE ANIMAL COCK OVER HER SMILING FACE. PHOTO 3: A GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG ASS FUCKS A STRICKEN LOOKING FOUR YEAR OLD BROWN HAIRED GIRL. A BLACK GLOVED HAND GRIPS THE CHAIN ATTACHED TO THE DOG COLLAR AROUND THE THROAT OF THE NAKED CHILD. ___________________________________________________________________________ _ CHILD SEX TOURS-------------DESTINATION; MANILA The Philippines has long been a Mecca for child sex tourists. In the past few years, one place has become a Mecca within the Philippines. Thanks to a German couple, who fled the increasingly pedo-hostile environment in Europe, there is now a place that child lovers from around the world can call home. Gunther and Ilse arrived in Manila, two years ago, along with their daughter. They were a couple on a mission. They bought a derelict apartment block, which they converted to a luxury bordello. Buying favor with the local police and politicians was easy. Finding the kids to fill their house of sin was even easier. That is the official version. But there are hundreds of child brothels and hotels around the world that are nothing more than honey traps for the unwitting pedophile. Some are even organized by local law enforcement, with cops acting as pimps. In the best tradition of investigative journalism, we took a child sex tour to Manila. A visit to Gunther and Ilse was top of our agenda. Once we were inside the bar, it swiftly became apparent that this place was something special. The menu of preteen girls we were presented with was a pedophile's delight in itself. The girls ranged in ages from four to ten and were, without exception, beautiful. Our hostess also offered a menu of boys, along with a tantalizing sounding "speciality menu". I decided I would sample the latter later. First, I planned to find out if the meal bore any resemblance to the menu. I chose a six year old girl called Betina. Ilse offered to have her brought to my table, but I preferred to acquaint myself with the little Filipino slut in private. A preteen waitress in white panties led me to the designated room. I half expected to find a couple of cops or a teenage whore waiting, but the girl I had chosen from the menu was waiting for me in the room. She stood in a corner, a shy, dark skinned beauty in tiny white cotton panties. She was small, though clean and healthy looking. As a matter of fact, the child was everything a jet-lagged sex tourist could desire. I was licking my lips already. Betina was just a fancy name for another Manila street girl who spoke no English. But I wasn't going to complain about that particular piece of creative marketing. To say she was nervous was an understatement. Ilse had assured me that I was Betina's first customer and I had no reason to doubt her. Any man who has ever molested a very young girl will know that wide-eyed look of injured innocence and naked terror that many of us find so appealing. Betina was anything but a willing playmate, but that did not surprise me. After I had taken off my clothes, I had to practically drag her to the bed. I tried to explain to her that I wasn't going to hurt her, but even if she had understood, she probably wouldn't have believed me. I have never known a little girl who did not enjoy having her pussy licked and this little Asian cutie was no exception. A few minutes of my tongue on her baby slit was enough to stop her crying. I guess she was thinking if this was all I wanted to do, she could live with it. Taking my cock in her mouth required somewhat more "persuasion" on my part. But it was worth the effort. Just watching her in the mirror, while I gripped her by the hair and forced my meat down her throat, was worth what I had paid for her. When she realized I wasn't intent on choking her, she actually performed like a good little cocksucker. She didn't come even close to enjoying it, of course, but that was my job. There was no time limit on my stay with the child whore, so I made the most of her. 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When I returned to the bar, I decided it was time to blow my cover and present my credentials to my hostess. Ilse had never heard of EROTIKIDS, but when I presented her with a copy of our first issue, she insisted that I should meet her husband. The couple were surprisingly forthcoming about their past lives, as well as their work in the Philippines. Anyone who has seen the infamous KIDDEROTICA series of movies will be familiar with their work. They also published LOLI, CHILD LOVING and PEDORGY magazines, before a crackdown on child porn forced them to flee to the Philippines. Gunther is justifiably proud of his pedo club. A "mutually beneficial arrangement" with the local authorities keeps the police off his back and ensures that any child welfare do-gooders don't come sniffing around his door. But, as he takes me on a tour of the nether regions of the club, he seems anxious to point out that he and his wife are not a pair of child abusing demons. In Western society, it would be hard to justify his views, but in a Third World country like the Philippines, his arguments hold an inescapable logic. The children he and Ilse buy for their brothel are born without hope. Servicing the needs of foreign pedophiles is not an ideal existence, but surely preferable to scavenging in a garbage heap, or dying in the gutter. In the brothel, the children receive food and medical attention. So they become the playthings of sex tourists, in return for such hospitality. On the streets, many of them would fall prey to horrors far worse than foreign pedophiles. The more Gunther talked, the more questions came to mind. I didn't want to sound like a do-gooder, but with children so young, surely there were "unpleasant" incidents. Having been a child sex tourist long before the phrase was invented, I knew the reality. For some men, sex with a child was not enough. Their desires tread a darker path. Again, Gunther was honest. While he and Ilse placed no restrictions on the manner in which their customers used the children in their brothel, acts of "extreme sadism" were rare. He did recall a French couple who wanted him to videotape them murdering a four year old girl. He had refused. However, there had been a small number of "regrettable fatalities" over the three years the club had been operating. In such cases, the people involved were forced to pay a large "fine" which Gunther then anonymously donated to the family of the unfortunate victim. It was around the time that that particular line of conversation concluded that we reached the Nursery. This is the domain of Monica - Gunther's stunningly attractive twenty-two year old daughter. The Nursery is best described as a baby brothel. None of the occupants is over three years old and all are available for the sexual pleasure of the customers. That includes a two month old baby girl. When Gunther offered me any one of the little ones for free, I have to admit I was tempted. But I kept thinking of Betina and decided I preferred my little girls out of diapers. It was time for the obvious question. Did my host fuck the little girls? After all, he was a pedophile living in a candy store. If he wanted, he could have a different loli every night. His answer surprised me. Gunther preferred girls in the eight to eleven age group - generally older than his customers wished to pay for. He and Ilse had "adopted" three such girls, who had become too old to continue working at the club. He did occasionally sample the merchandise, but his own little harem provided more than enough pleasure. I came to the Filipino Pedo Club with the intention of spending a few hours and a few dollars. I ended up staying for three days, as the guest of Gunther and his beautiful wife and daughter. Needless to say, I sampled more of the pleasures on offer, all free of charge. I was also introduced to a few of the customers, including a fellow countryman named Carl. Carl was a regular visitor to Manila and had made the club a kind of home from home. He didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know - namely that I was in pedo paradise. When you find a naked four year old girl in your bed - compliments of your hosts - it's difficult to remain objective. But I can sum up my visit to this child sex club in Manila in two words. GO THERE! ___________________________________________________________________________ ___ PLAYTIME IN THE PARK By MAXAMM I enjoyed my job, working in the park. Children played in the park and I loved to watch children. I watched the little girls on the swings and slides and stole every innocent flash of child flesh for my fantasies. If - in the course of a ten hour day - I managed to catch a glimpse of one little girl's panties, I was a happy man. I didn't regard the park as a hunting ground. It was simply the place where I worked and where I fueled my fantasies. When I wanted a little girl, I travelled elsewhere, far from where I could be identified. I was a firm believer in the proverb - you don't shit on your own doorstep. The first time I met Kayla, I was ready to crap on my own dinner table. It was Monday afternoon and two things had happened over the weekend to put me in a horny mood. First, on Friday evening, I had found a pair of panties in the park. They were discarded behind some shrubs. Even before I picked them up, I knew they had been worn by a little girl. The material was white cotton, with a pink bow at the waist. The size was small, probably worn by a girl no more than seven years old. The crotch was stained yellow, but the scent was long gone. I bundled the find into my pocket. As soon as I got home, I intended to wrap those sexy little panties around my cock and jerk off. The second unusual incident of the weekend was a visit from Billy. My pedophile friend only ever visited my grubby little apartment when he had some big news and this visit was no exception. "Look at these," he said excitedly, scattering a handful of photographs over the table. I looked. Billy's pet hobby was photographing little girls in public. When he wasn't capturing them with his camera, he was luring them into his van. Billy had a way with little girls and he always took plenty of photographs of his conquests. The younger he could find them, the more he liked them. As far as Billy was concerned, any girl over eight just wasn't worth the risk. The girl he had photographed was a cute little blonde of about seven. She was crouched behind some bushes, taking a piss. Her red dress was bunched up around her waist and her white panties were around her ankles. Billy must have gotten fairly close, because the photographs were perfect in every detail. I could even see the sun glistening on the amber pee stream that gushed from her bald slit. As I studied the pictures, I was struck by something else. The surroundings were familiar. "I took those pictures in the park, this afternoon," Billy explained. "I'd been hoping to snap a few little cuties in their shorts and summer dresses, but I didn't expect to get that lucky." "How lucky did you get?" I demanded. "I didn't touch her," my friend replied. "But she knew I was watching her. See the way she's looking straight at the camera? I couldn't have been more than twenty feet away." "Was she alone?" He nodded. "Must have wandered away from her parents, or something. I think if I had made a move on her, she wouldn't have started screaming or tried to run away." "So, why didn't you?" I asked. "It's not like you to pass on an opportunity." "I heard someone calling out her name," he replied. "Kylie, or something like that. It was probably her mom looking for her. Whatever - I beat a hasty retreat. Shame you weren't around, Max. Maybe you could have lured her somewhere more private." "That's the weirdest thing," I muttered. "What is?" "Her panties." "Yeah, they're cute alright," Billy agreed, leaning over to study the photograph. "But not as cute as her little bald cunt." "No, you don't understand," I said. "I was working in that very spot this afternoon and I found a pair of panties exactly like those. White cotton, with a pink ribbon. She must have left them there." "Why would she do that?" my friend wondered. "Let's have a look at them." "They don't look so cute anymore," I replied. "The first thing I did when I got home from work was jerk off. Now I've seen who's wearing them, I feel like jerking off again." Billy smiled. "You and me both. Let's break open a few beers and watch some kiddy porn. I've been a walking hard-on all day, since seeing that little slut. First thing tomorrow, I'm going hunting. You can come along if you want." I didn't join Billy on his hunt, but when he called me on Sunday morning, I was sorry I hadn't. The five year old girl he had snatched on Saturday afternoon was all over the newspapers. She had been abducted in broad daylight and driven to a remote location, where she was subjected to "horrendous sexual abuse." She had been found over twelve hours later, wandering along the street, only yards from where she had been abducted. "Her name was Jessica," Billy told me. "But you know me better than to believe that bullshit in the papers. I had a lot of fun with the little slut, but I was gentle. Even when I was fucking her in the ass, she didn't cry too much." "Got any pics?" I demanded. "Of course I've got pics," he replied. "Dozens of them. I'll let you have a look in a few days. Right now, I'm kinda busy." I knew what that meant. Billy was busy with one of his fully grown lady friends. The guy led a charmed life. He picked up little girls like Jessica in broad daylight, without ever getting caught. Once he had satisfied his need for preteen pussy, he was transformed with equal ease into the singles bar stud. I was no gargoyle, but even if I could summon sufficient interest in women, I did not think I would meet with much success. My sex life consisted of jerking off to child porn - usually supplied by Billy - and fantasizing about the little girls I saw in the park. When my needs demanded a taste of the real thing, I would take a hunting trip. I was still thinking about the little girl pissing and the pair of panties I had found, when I returned to work on Monday. I couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right. It felt like a vital piece of the jigsaw was missing. It was entirely plausible that my friend could have chanced upon the little girl relieving herself behind the bushes and I could have later found her discarded panties, but for some inexplicable reason, that seemed like too convenient a coincidence. It wasn't by choice that I found myself back in the area where the photographs had been taken, that Monday afternoon. But, when I saw the little girl, I felt as though I had entered a time-warp. She was wearing the same red dress and squatting behind the same bushes. Her white cotton panties were around her ankles and she was spraying an amber stream onto the grass. Seeing me standing just a few yards away, she smiled. It was obvious she was not in the least bit bothered at having been caught. "Hi," she greeted. "I needed to pee. Is it okay?" "Uh, yes, sure it's okay," I stammered. "Can I watch?" "If you want," she answered. "But I'm nearly done now." She expelled a few final squirts of piss from her mouthwatering little slit, then started to rise. "You'll get your panties wet," I told her. "You should wipe first." "I don't have any tissue," the child protested, still holding her dress up around her slender waist. "I can do it, if you want," I offered. "Okay," she smiled. With a quick glance to check that the coast was clear, I ducked behind the bushes and dropped to my knees before the little blonde girl. She pushed her wet, hairless pussy against my face, as I began licking her. I grabbed her small ass with both hands, hugging her even tighter against my face, my tongue burrowing deep into her tight, salty slit. This was the girl in the picture and she was wearing the panties I had found three days earlier. Something spooky was happening, but I was enjoying her seven year old pussy too much to worry about it. Judging by the way the child thrust against me, the pleasure was not all mine. When I finally surfaced from between her legs, I was close to creaming my pants. I expected somebody to shout her name at any second. When that didn't happen, I raised myself to a crouch and began feverishly undoing my belt. "What's your name, little girl?" I asked. "Kayla," she replied. "What's yours?" "Max." "My mom will be looking for me, Max," she said. "Stay with me just a few minutes," I pleaded, pulling down my pants. "You're so beautiful and I so love playing with beautiful little girls." The fact that Kayla was still holding up her dress and making no attempt to escape told me she wasn't scared of what I might do to her. When I pulled down my underpants, her gaze homed in on my throbbing cock. "Wow!" the little girl gasped. "That's so big!" There wasn't time for talk. We could be caught at any moment. Pushing her onto her knees, below the level of the bushes, I dropped to my knees in front of her and grabbed her by the back of her head, thrusting my cock towards her face. Instead of struggling, Kayla opened her mouth. She might have been only seven years old, but the little slut knew how to suck cock. She bobbed her head back and forth, swallowing most of my hard seven inches. There was no way this kid was a beginner. While I face fucked the child, I kept looking anxiously around, expecting to be caught at any second. Explaining that the little girl had not only been willing to suck my cock, but had done so with the enthusiasm of a girl twice her age was not going to cut any ice with the cops. Even though it was a beautiful day and the park was crowded, nobody appeared around the corner. Kayla made sweet love to my cock, right up to the moment of climax. She managed to gulp down some of my hot load. I milked the remainder onto the grass. My cock was still dripping, when I heard the cry. "Kayla!" "That's my mom," the child whispered. "I gotta go." As she stood up, I reached for her panties and pulled them down over her ankles. She did not even appear to notice, as she stepped out of them, smoothing her dress down over her hips. "Who are you?" I demanded. "I'm Kayla," she replied, wiping a rivulet of cum from her chin. "Will I see you again?" I asked, as she turned to leave. Glancing over her shoulder, she smiled. "Maybe, Max." 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Do you call the cops, or do you trigger your camcorder and open your mind? Let's ask Max C. EK; What kind of scenes did you normally shoot? MAX; Usually pretty straight stuff. Mainly husband and wife exhibitionists. There were a few pretty memorable kinky scenarios, like the seventy year old man who wanted to be filmed fucking an eighteen year old black hooker. I guess the most perverted was the mother and daughter lesbian couple and their German Shepherd dog. If I'd been shooting that tape for commercial purposes, I would have made a fortune. EK; You never kept the tapes? MAX; Never. That was the deal. I shot the movie - my clients kept the tape. I was never in it for the money. Just being there with my camera was all the reward I wanted. I was Mister Discretion. I still am. EK; Were there any scenarios you just refused to shoot? S&M stuff, for example? MAX; I only ever got invited to film one such scene. 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THE LITTLE BOY IS SPRAWLED ON A CREAM COLOURED RUG, WATCHING HIS SISTER AS SHE SUCKS HIS HARD LITTLE COCK. THE PRETEEN BLONDE IS WATCHING THE CAMERA, AS THOUGH SEEKING THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S APPROVAL. ___________________________________________________________________________ ________ If you're reading this, you're probably already familiar with the details of my first encounter with Lucy and Kim. Maxamm did write another version of this story - BEACH PEDO - which featured a brother and sister. However, that was a work of fiction, whereas FUN WITH LUCY AND KIM is a true story. Whether any of Maxamm's stories are based on real life events, I'll leave to your imagination. The story you are about to read is 100 percent factual. I'm betting you'll wish you'd been there. PEDO PARTY by "UNCLE" JACK Robert's invitation to a child sex orgy was not one I planned to decline. My encounter at the beach with Lucy and Kim left me hungry for more preteen pussy. Robert had promised there would be plenty at his party. I was a little nervous about taking my niece along. Child abduction was not my scene, but that was exactly what I would be doing by taking little Evie to the orgy. I was also concerned that some toddler loving pedo might go too far with the three year old temptress. If Evie was raped, I didn't care to contemplate the consequences. I hadn't quite worked out how I would even get my hands on the little slut, when fate intervened. My sister got a call from an old friend from out of town, who was having some kind of major domestic crisis. Her husband was away on business and she didn't like the thought of taking Evie on a two hundred mile road trip. Would I mind taking care of her for the weekend? I would take care of her alright! "Where we going, Unca Jack?" the little girl demanded. "To see some friends of mine, honey," I replied. "We'll have lots of fun." It was Saturday afternoon and the party was only half an hour's drive away. I could just about manage to keep my hands off Evie for that long, though the memory of the only time I had previously molested her was enough to give me a raging hard-on. The house at which I finally arrived sat in a suitably remote location, safe from curious neighbors. There were half a dozen cars already parked outside. Even though it was only two in the afternoon, the blinds were drawn. Holding Evie by the hand, I rang the doorbell. Robert took a few minutes to answer. Probably screwing one of his little girls, I thought. Or maybe screwing somebody else's little girl. Finally, the front door opened. "Jack, glad you could make it," my bathrobe clad host smiled. "I wouldn't miss this party for the world," I replied. "This is Evie, my niece." "Well, hi there, cutie," the middle-aged pedophile greeted, roaming lustful eyes over the bemused, blonde tyke. "How old is she, Jack?" "Evie's only three," I answered. "Not too young, I hope." He laughed. "Jack, my friend, the words too young don't apply to this kind of party. Come on in. The fun is just getting started." That was something of an understatement. I wasn't sure what I was expecting to find, but I walked straight in on an orgy. Most of the participants were already naked, their clothing carelessly discarded on the floor. I counted four men, five women and six little girls, ranging in ages from toddler to ten. Lucy was sitting on the lap of a fat, bearded man, energetically humping the thick cock that was halfway buried in her seven year old pussy. "Hi, Jack," she beamed, her voice breathless. I didn't reply. My attention was diverted to a five year old naked brunette, sitting on the face of a blonde woman, who lay sprawled on the floor. While the woman tongue fucked her bald pussy, the child sucked the cock of the naked young man standing over her, holding the base of his fat boner in both small hands. 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Even without the live action, the hardcore kiddy porn movie playing on the VCR would have been enough to bring my cock to full attention. The star was a naked little Oriental girl that I would bet my left ball had not yet seen her sixth birthday. Her mouth and both small hands worked on the big cock of a naked white man, while a dark skinned teenage boy fucked her skinny ass. "My god!" I exclaimed. "Is this for real?" "We did say it was an orgy," Robert reminded me. "And with all these kids around, it doesn't take long for things to hot up. Would you like a drink?" I looked down at my niece. Evie was gripping my hand tightly, regarding the orgy with wide-eyed incomprehension. She wasn't exactly terrified, but I could tell she was uncomfortable. "Yeah, I guess I could use a beer," I replied. Under the circumstances, I could probably have just stripped off and joined the party games, without offending anybody, but I needed a few minutes just to get my head around what I was witnessing. For a pedo who courted danger every time he sought out an outlet for his desires, the experience with Lucy and Kim at the beach had been a mind blowing experience. Finding myself in the middle of a child sex orgy, just a week later, was almost too much like a fantasy to believe it could be real. Though I had no desire to miss any of the action, I followed my host through to the kitchen. My chief concern was the little girl holding my hand. Evie was about as safe as a stripper in a male prison and - with so many little girls in fuck readiness - I knew I wasn't going to be around to protect her all day. "Bit of a shock, huh?" Robert grinned, handing me a bottle from the refrigerator. "You could say that," I replied. "I've never been to one of these kind of parties before. To be honest, I never imagined such things took place. I mean - Jesus - it's like a pedophile's ultimate fantasy." "That's what it is," he said. "A pedo party. Only very trusted friends get invited. After that day at the beach, I think you fit into that category." All the time he was speaking, his eyes were on Evie and, the longer he looked at her, the larger the swelling beneath his bathrobe seemed to become. For her part, my little niece was looking like she wanted to go home and play with her dolls. I smiled. "Thanks. But you should know one thing. Evie is a virgin and that's the way she has to be when I take her home again. She's not my kid." "You abducted her?" "Sort of. I'm supposed to be taking care of her, not bringing her to an orgy. I know we're all pedos here, but................" Robert laughed. "Don't worry, Jack, your little girl won't be raped. I know all of the people here personally and none of them are child abusers. Does little Evie like to suck cock?" "She seemed to enjoy sucking mine," I replied. "Then let's see how she likes mine," he said, opening his bathrobe. At the sight of the strange man's big, stiff cock, the toddler instinctively moved against me for protection. "Don't be scared, Evie, honey," I said gently, dropping to my knees and wrapping an arm around her waist. "The man won't hurt you." Even though Robert was cajoling her in similar fashion, the little girl appeared unconvinced. Putting down my beer can, I unzipped my jeans and freed my own boner from my underwear. At least my cock was a plaything Evie would remember. "Why don't you get her started?" my host suggested, fisting his hard-on. I was only too happy to oblige. Standing up, I rubbed my cock head over Evie's chin and lips. Keeping one eye on the other man, the three year old grabbed my throbbing pole with both tiny hands. Working it into her mouth took a little more patience and persuasion, but I was rewarded when my little niece finally embraced my purple cock head between her lips and began sucking. Dropping to his knees, cock gripped in one hand, Robert reached beneath Evie's dress and pulled down her bright pink cotton panties. The child rolled her eyes sideways, but continued to treat my cock crown like a very tasty lollipop. Robert lifted her legs out of her panties, then pushed her thighs further apart and buried his face in between. The child might have been too young to know what was happening, but that did not stop her enjoying it. This father of two knew exactly how to excite a little girl with his tongue. As he worked it into her tiny slit, the toddler's sucking of my cock head grew more enthusiastic. She gripped the shaft with both small hands, jerking her hips as Robert licked her pussy. I was holding Evie's head and building up to my climax, when a blonde haired woman in her thirties entered the kitchen. She was wearing high heels and a tiny black dress that did full justice to her slender, long limbed figure. But the first thing I noticed was the camcorder she was holding. "Do you mind?" she asked. "Be my guest," I replied. I was pretty excited by the prospect of starring in a kiddy porn movie and the distraction had little effect upon my niece. Evie continued to squeeze and suck my cock, right up to the moment of climax. The first glob of cum hit the back of her throat, before I withdrew and milked the remainder of my load over her face and hair, drenching the three year old cocksucker in hot, thick semen. Afterwards, I wiped my dripping cock on her lips, then stepped back, allowing the lady with the camcorder to capture a lingering close up of the toddler, with cum trickling down her face and oozing from the corners of her mouth. Holding Evie's dress up around her waist, Robert continued to feast. For her part, the child showed no desire for him to stop. When he finally stood up, he presented his throbbing cock to her lips. "Go ahead, honey," I told her. "The nice man won't hurt you." My niece wiped a glob of cum from her chin with the back of one hand, studied it for a moment, then extended her tongue to lick the tip of Robert's cock. I helped myself to a beer from the refrigerator and sat back to watch. Though there was no shortage of entertainment to enjoy in the adjoining room, I wasn't going anywhere until I had seen Evie take another hot cream bath. As the little girl roamed her tongue over his gleaming cock crown, Robert pushed her dress down over her shoulders. It fell around her ankles, leaving her standing naked. When she glanced at me, I smiled to reassure her that she was doing everything just right. By the time Robert creamed Evie's face, five minutes later, I was fast developing a fresh hard-on. The toddler squealed and spluttered, holding his long, fat cock in both hands as it gushed semen over her face and into her open mouth. I was glad he had removed her dress, as it would have been stained with the cum that streamed down her neck and over her bare chest. I finished my beer and stood up. Much as i enjoyed playing with my niece, there were plenty of other little playmates available and I planned to make the most of this wild pedo party. As Robert wiped his cock in Evie's blonde curls, the lady with the camcorder introduced herself. "I'm Sue - Robert's wife." "Jack," I replied, shaking her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you." She smiled. "Lucy and Kim told me all about you, Jack. This sweet little thing must be your daughter." "My niece," I corrected. "I've sort of borrowed her without permission." "We won't tell anybody," Sue replied. "She certainly seems to enjoy sucking cock. What else have you taught her?" "That's all," I answered. "And I don't plan on broadening her education too much today, if you know what I mean." "I know exactly what you mean," she assured me. "But if you're planning on joining in the orgy next door, you might be better off leaving her behind. It can get pretty hot in there, as you've probably noticed. We have a special playroom upstairs for the very young kids. It's the first door on the right." I decided that was probably the best place for Evie. Though my hostess had not said so explicitly, a naked three year old girl in the middle of a pedophile orgy was unlikely to remain a virgin for very long. Even if some stranger didn't pop her cherry, I might just do so myself, in the heat of the moment. I didn't get her dressed or cleaned up, before leading her upstairs. From the living room, the grunts and squeals of a full-blooded orgy were clearly audible. I could hardly wait to join in the fun. The playroom door was ajar, so I walked straight in, holding Evie's hand. There were four naked little girls on the floor, the oldest of which looked even younger than my niece. The toys they played with were a selection of brightly colored dildos. Sitting between them on the cum stained black rubber mat was a brown haired and bespectacled girl of about twelve. Her legs were open wide and she was demonstrating the use of a slimline black rubber vibrator on her own lightly thatched pussy. One little cutie of about two, with cum drying on her face and chest, was rubbing her own fat little pussy with her right hand and giggling delightedly. At the other side of the room, a plump brunette in her early twenties, was breast feeding a six month old baby and jerking off a middle aged man with her left hand. His cock was larger than one of the infant's legs and only inches from her tiny pussy. The baby was as naked as the adults. The pair were too engrossed in the baby to spare me more than a quick glance. "Hi," the bespectacled preteen smiled, continuing to play the thrumming tip of the vibrator over her clit. "Another little virgin?" I nodded. "Her name is Evie. Sue said I should probably leave her here." "Sure thing," she replied. "I'll take good care of her. Is it okay if I eat her pussy?" "I think she'd like that," I answered. "In fact, I know she would. Just don't let anybody fuck her, or I'm in big trouble." "I won't," she promised. "Hey, Evie. Come play with us. My name is Helen." Hearing a loud grunt, I looked around, just in time to see the first glob of cum splatter the pussy of the feeding infant. "Oh fuck, ohhhh sweet baby fuck!" the masturbating pedo groaned, spraying his thick load all over the tiny girl and her mother's heavy breast. "Would you care to baptize my little Kate?" the woman asked, looking at me. It was a tempting offer, but not as tempting as some of the cock hungry little girls downstairs. "Maybe later," I replied. She shrugged. "Whatever. Have fun." My cock was throbbing like a jackhammer. I needed a little girl. Any little girl! As I walked along the landing, I decided to check out the remaining rooms. The first was locked, but the sounds of a man grunting loudly and the creaking of bedsprings told me it was occupied. The second door was ajar. I pushed it open just enough to peer inside. Sprawled on the bed was a heavily built naked man. His playmates were a boy and girl of about six years old, who looked like they were twins. Both were naked. Two mouths and two pairs of small hands worked on his huge, hard cock. The fact that he had left the door unlocked probably meant he would welcome some more company, but I wasn't into the idea of sex with boys. I watched for a few moments, then crept away unnoticed. The next door I opened led to the bathroom, where I found a twelve year old blonde girl treating a boy of about half her age to a blowjob. The younger child was naked, but the girl was dressed in a slut uniform of high heeled black rubber thigh boots and a matching mini dress that clung tightly to her budding breasts. She looked at me and smiled, gripping the little boy's damp pencil dick between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. "Just giving my little brother a blowjob," she explained, as matter of factly as if I had caught her pouring a cup of coffee. "I'm Honey. This is Louie." "I'm Jack," I replied. "I didn't mean to interrupt." "Would you like a blowjob?" she asked. "I'm really good and you have a really nice dick. You can cum in my mouth. Louie can watch. You like to watch me sucking dick, don't you, Louie?" The six year old boy nodded uncertainly. Even though the preteen slut was about double the age range I preferred, she looked extremely tempting lying there on the tiles and I was as horny as a bull on heat. "How about a fuck?" I demanded. Honey shook her head. "I'm not allowed to fuck anybody but my dad. He lets me suck as much dick as I want, though." I would have succumbed to temptation, had I not heard a cry from behind me. "Jack, wanna play with me and Kim?" Lucy stood in the doorway, still naked and obviously still horny as ever. The choice between the two little sisters and the twelve year old Linda Lovelace impersonator was no choice at all. Leaving Honey to play with her little brother, I took Lucy's hand. "Where is your sister?" I asked. "In here," she replied, pushing open the door to her right. Four year old Kim was lying naked on the colorful Mickey Mouse duvet that covered one of the two small beds in the room. Her legs were wrapped around the neck of the man who was licking her pussy. The neighboring bed was unoccupied. "This is our room," Lucy explained. "Only daddy and our best friends can come in here." "Am I your best friend?" I asked. The seven year old smiled. "You're a really best friend." Hearing our voices, the other man looked around. I recognized him as the guy who had earlier been ass fucking the skinny six year old blonde downstairs. "Looks like you've earned the VIP treatment," he grinned. "Very Important Pervert?" I ventured. "Very Important Pedophile," he corrected. "I love using that word in the right company. Have you tasted this little beauty?" "I've done more than taste her," I replied. Lucy was practically dragging me to her bed, so I wasted no time on further conversation. Besides, the other guy had better things to do with his mouth. "You wanna fuck me, Jack?" the seven year old asked. "Yes - oh fuck, yes!" I breathed, slipping my right hand between her thighs. "I want to put my cock in your sexy little girl pussy." She smiled. "Okay." In less time than it took to say "my name is Jack and I'm a child molesting pedophile", I was lying on my back and Lucy was straddling me. Gripping my cock in both small hands, she lowered herself onto the tumescent rod. "You're four," she said, as my cock head penetrated her tight slit. "Four what?" I asked. "Four cocks in my pussy today," she answered. "I'm having a good time." I was having a fucking ball. Holding Lucy by the hips, I thrust upwards, burying my boner deeper in her cum slicked little slit. The guy in the other bed watched us for a short while, without removing his tongue from Kim's four year old pussy. Finally, he raised himself to his knees and grabbed his hard cock with his right fist. "How about a race to see who cums first?" he asked. "You're on," I replied. "But I've already got a head start." Flipping Kim onto all fours, he wrapped an arm around her waist and guided his cock to her pussy. From previous experience, I knew the four year old could not fuck like her older sister, but she still managed to accommodate several inches of his meat. I didn't care who won the contest. Lucy was riding me enthusiastically, taking a good three inches of my cock in her tight little pussy. Her hands were wrapped around the remainder of my shaft. The seven year old had acted like a real little slut at the beach, but in her own bed, she was like a wildcat. She bucked up and down on my shaft, blonde hair flailing around her face. Every deep thrust of my cock was welcomed with a loud squeal. Her baby sister displayed less enthusiasm for the cock head that stabbed her bald pussy. Kim bit her pillow and clasped the edges with two clenched fists. Her lower lip quivered with each whimper that emerged from her throat, but her expression was one of mild discomfort rather than pain. I won the race by a few seconds. It was probably the sight of my cum gushing over Lucy's pussy and legs and the excited cries of the little girl that brought the other guy to climax. He withdrew his cock from Kim's pussy and milked his hot, sticky load over her small ass cheeks. I hadn't forgotten the orgy downstairs, but when Lucy crossed over to her little sister's bed and engaged her in a sixty-nine, I decided there was no hurry to leave the VIP room. "They're the most incredible little sluts!" the other man enthused, as we watched the little sisters lick and suck our cum from each other. "They sure are," I agreed. "How did you meet them?" "I'm their uncle," he replied. "Sue's brother. Sam is the name." "I'm Jack," I said. "You have any kids of your own?" "Just one," he answered. "I think you saw me fucking her downstairs. Where's your little girl?" "In the playroom. And she's not really mine. I just sort of borrowed her for the day." "Nice little girl," he mused. "How old is she?" "Three." "Virgin?" I nodded. Sam shook his head and tutted. "If you want my opinion, she's ready. Give her some painkillers and break her in gently. That's what I did with Tammy, when she was only two. Now, she loves getting fucked." "If she was my daughter, every man in this place would be welcome to bang her," I replied. "But she's my niece, she's not supposed to be here and I can't let that happen." He laughed. "Yeah, I understand. You want to be the first." "Hopefully," I muttered, stroking my cock as I watched the hot preteen lesbian sex show. "But there's more than enough little cuties to keep me amused for today. I just hope there's some KY Jelly around here somewhere." "Why?" he asked. "Because I plan to fuck that sexy little four year old slut in the ass." "Go for it, buddy," Sam grinned. "There's a jar of Vaseline right there on the bedside table." Kim was already in the perfect position and my cock stiffened rapidly as I smeared it with lubricant. The little girl raised her head from her sister's pussy and looked over her shoulder as I took up position behind her. "Hi," she smiled. "Hi there, Kim," I replied, guiding my boner to the pink little rear hole that looked like it had already been fucked today. She gripped Lucy's thighs, moaning softly as I pushed my cock into her tight poop chute. She might not have been a virgin, but she was still only four years old, so I decided it might be unwise to penetrate her with more than a few inches. "You wanna do me, Uncle Sam?" her sister asked. "I sure do, honey," the big man replied, reaching for the Vaseline jar. Standing at the side of the bed, he lifted the seven year old girl by her ankles and drew her back onto his throbbing hard-on. Watching him push it up her ass, I pumped little Kim's butthole with renewed vigor. We were still ass fucking the two little girls, five minutes later, when their mother entered the room. "Having a good time, boys?" she enquired, training her camcorder on the action. "Having a fucking ball, sis," Sam grunted, his balls slapping Lucy's wet pussy as he pounded her tight asshole. I probably should have laid on a cumshot for the camera, but Kim's four year old asshole was so divinely tight, I just had to shoot my load inside her. Even after I had finished cumming, I continued to fuck her, my cock pistoning in my hot, sloshing cream. Sam took a few more minutes to reach his climax. Gripping his greasy cock in his right fist, he splattered Kim's buttocks with a thick load of semen. Before finally returning downstairs, I checked in on Evie again. My little niece was lying on the floor, surrounded by the other toddlers and giggling delightedly as her twelve year old minder lapped at her pussy. The baby girl had finished feeding and was now sucking on the cock of a five year old boy, while her mother licked her tiny slit. Downstairs, the living room floor was a heaving mass of naked men, women and children, fucking in just about every imaginable position. I might have cum three times already, but there was plenty of juice left for a few more rounds in pedo heaven. Over the next four hours, I fucked five more little girls, including Sam's six year old daughter. It was difficult to believe that girls of such tender ages could really enjoy sex, but even the youngest proved to be enthusiastic participants in the orgy. I witnessed one sexy little five year old blonde get ass fucked by six men in turn, without a whimper of complaint. I became number seven, by which time the child was practically covered in cum. By seven o'clock, the guests had begun to leave. It was getting close to bedtime for the little ones and even the most resilient of the child molesters were just about partied out. Evie needed a shower, before I could get her dressed again. In my absence, there had obviously been a few male visitors to the nursery, as the toddler looked like she had taken a cum bath. I kissed Lucy and Kim goodbye, promising to see them again soon. "Is Evie staying with you tonight?" Robert asked. I nodded. "She'll be sleeping in Uncle Jack's bed tonight." "Maybe she won't be a virgin by morning," he quipped. "Maybe not," I agreed. *************************************************************************** ******************** By the time you read this, I'll probably have paid a return visit to Lucy and Kim. I'm on the guest list for the next orgy, which will be hosted by a couple of their friends. What happened when Evie shared my bed? I hear you ask. Well, that's another story. ___________________________________________________________________________ _________ PLAYBOYS by TOR~PEDO He was twenty minutes early. That was a good sign. It showed eagerness. Donny was my new favorite boy. I had been priming the sexy, eleven year old blonde for weeks and this was the evening when my patience and cunning were going to pay off. I had invited him to come around after school, with the promise of some games he would enjoy. Donny was as anxious to please his favorite teacher as he was to discover just what kind of "games" I had in mind. Being a smart boy, he probably had a pretty good idea already. After all, I had asked him to give me a pair of his worn underpants just a week ago. Unfortunately, I had not been in a position to watch him remove them. Any kind of sex play in school was just too risky. But I had enjoyed sniffing his piss stained white cotton briefs, before wrapping them around my cock and soaking them in cum. When I opened the front door, I received a double surprise. Donny was not alone. Standing beside him was a younger boy of about eight years old, dressed in a tight white tee shirt and dark grey sweat pants. The invitation had been for Donny alone. "Who's this?" I demanded. "Martin - my kid brother," he replied. "Mom had to go to work and she said I had to take care of him. Is it okay to bring him here?" I smiled. "Sure it's okay. Come on in, boys." It wasn't every day a pair of preteen boys turned up on my doorstep, like fresh meat on a silver plate. Normally, I would have to travel to the Far East to find a boy as young as Martin. I ushered the two boys straight to the upstairs bedroom, which I had taken great care to prepare. The blinds were drawn and the concealed camera was already running. Everything else i would need was within easy reach. "This is the games room," I announced. "We're going to have lots of fun in here. Would you boys like something to drink?" "Got any Coke?" Donny demanded, scanning the bedroom. The mirror on the ceiling above the large double bed caught his attention. His kid brother seemed more interested in me, which was a promising sign. "I've got anything you want, boys," I replied. "Coke okay for you, Martin?" The little boy shrugged. "Coke's okay. Why aren't you wearing any clothes, Mister?" I wasn't quite naked, but my tight fitting black leather briefs left little to the imagination. Now that the boys were here, I didn't plan on wearing them for much longer either. "I don't like wearing clothes when I'm at home," I replied. "You can take off your clothes too, if you want. There's nobody here but us." "It is kinda hot," Donny remarked. That was all part of my plan. With the temperature set on high, the boys would be more likely to want to strip. "I'll go get those drinks," I said. "You boys make yourselves at home." I went downstairs to the kitchen, filled two glasses with iced cola, then added a sprinkling of white powder to each. The drug would help to get the boys happy and relaxed, without any nasty side-effects. It wouldn't be the first time I had used it. When I got back upstairs, the two boys were inspecting the contents of the photo album I had left on the bedside table. Donny seemed particularly intrigued by the explicit shots of me with some of my young and not so young playmates. His little brother looked more nervous, but the powder in his Coke would soon take care of that. "There you go," I said, handing them the drinks. "Do you like my pictures?" "They're really dirty," Donny replied. "Not like the pictures in my dad's magazines. "Your dad has dirty magazines?" I cried. The eleven year old nodded. "He hides them in the garage, where mom won't find them. He'd get really mad if he knew I was looking at them." "What kind of pictures are in them?" I asked. "Pictures of girls showing their titties and pussies," he answered. "Why don't you have any pictures of girls?" "I think boys look much nicer than girls," I replied. "Does looking at girls make your weener hard?" "Uh, sometimes," he answered awkwardly, sipping his cola. "Does yours, Mister Hull?" "Never," I answered truthfully. "My dick only gets hard when I look at boys. It's getting hard now." That was a lie. my dick had been throbbing from the minute these two hot young boys arrived. Donny glanced at my crotch. "You said you were gonna show me a movie," he reminded me. I smiled. "So I did. But if we're going to watch a movie together, we'll have to get naked. It's not fair that you should be able to see my weener, but I can't see yours." "I don't wanna be naked," Martin protested. "That's okay," I replied. "If you don't want me seeing your weener, you can keep your underpants on. How does that sound?" "Okay, I guess," Donny conceded. "Okay," his brother muttered. It took me a few minutes to select a tape. When I turned around again, both boys were stripped down to their white cotton briefs. It was a sight to make any boy lover cum in his pants. The video was gay porn, of course. Two men and a thirteen year old black boy. The men were close friends of mine and the boy was a hustler they had rented for the night. It was one of the few tapes in my collection in which I did not feature as a participant. The kids had almost drained their glasses and I could see that the drug was already taking effect. Donny's cock strained against his white cotton briefs. "Mmmmmmmm, you look very sexy in your underpants," I smiled, sitting back on the bed. "Much nicer than any girl I've ever seen. How about a kiss?" The kid considered for a moment, then leaned over and touched his lips to mine. It wasn't the first time we had kissed, but it was the first time there was no danger of getting caught. It was also the first time I slipped my tongue into his mouth. He tensed for a moment, then decided he liked it and responded in kind. While we kissed, I roamed my hands slowly downwards over his bony shoulders and back. When my fingers touched the waistband of his underpants, I tugged them down over his hips. At the same time, I dropped my free hand to his young brother's crotch. He responded with a murmur of pleasure, moving closer to me. From that moment on, the drug did its stuff and the two young boys were all mine. I wanted to take some pictures of them naked together, but the need to shoot my load was more urgent. The second time i suggested Martin remove his underwear, he did so without hesitation. I peeled off my leather briefs, then lay back on the bed, gripping my tumescent ten inch fuckpole in my right fist. "Wow, that's so big!" Donny cried. "Suck it, boy!" I grunted, seizing him by the back of the neck. With my hand squeezing his little cock, he didn't require much additional persuasion. He licked the precum from my foaming purple crown, then glanced at the cocksucking black boy on the TV screen, before wrapping his lips around my cock head. Martin watched for a few minutes, before following his brother's example. With two preteen boys feasting on my cock, it was hardly surprising I shot my load within minutes. Both kids received a faceful of cum, their small hands pumping my shaft as the thick wads of semen splattered over their faces. I gripped a small cock in each hand and Donny humped my fist enthusiastically, before climaxing with a small dribble of cream, which I was only too glad to lick up. Everything was being secretly recorded, but I still wanted some photographs. Now that they had lost all inhibitions, the two little boys were ready to perform as I pleased. Much as i loved popping a young cherry, I thought it best that Donny should fuck his kid brother, before I did the evil deed on that sexy, seven year old asshole. I prepared the little boy by licking and sucking his sweet preteen hole for at least ten minutes. Before picking up my camera again, I lubed his brother's small, stiff cock with Vaseline. Donny grinned for the camera as he pumped the little boy's poop chute. The drug was working like magic. When Donny had broken him in, it was my turn. Mounting the kid from behind, I spread his legs wider and guided my boner to his sticky rosebud. Martin gripped the pillow with both fists, grunting softly as I forced my cock into his tight sheath. Donny took a few pictures, before I told him to put down the camera and stick his hand up my ass. As I butchered his little brother with five inches of my raw meat, resisting the urge to push further, he slipped a hand between my buttocks and began rubbing my shaven asshole with two greased fingers. By the time little Martin got a bellyful of cum, his brother's fist was wrist deep in my asshole. I didn't mind the pain. Donny would soon know how it felt to take something big and hard up his ass. I couldn't complain when Donny announced that it was time to go home, two hours later. I had fucked both boys in both ends and corrupted them completely. When the effects of the drug wore off, they would recall only snippets of what had happened. And, if Donny had any questions, he would come to his favorite teacher. After all, he was my "special boy". For now! __________________________________________________________________________ CUMMING IN EROTIKIDS - # 3 CHILD SEX TOURS TOUCH DOWN IN RUSSIA. LESBIAN MOMS WHO LOVE LITTLE GIRLS. CHELSEA BRADY: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW AND HOT NEW PICS OF THE WORLD'S NO.1 CHILD PORN SUPERSTAR. ON LOCATION FOR A KIDDY PORN MOVIE SHOOT. PLUS!! FICTION BY MAXAMM & TOR~PEDO, LETTERS, CONTACTS, REVIEWS & RED HOT PICS. Comments: The above story is a work of fiction. All movies, pictures and publications mentioned exist only in the author's imagination. Please do not email requests for anything written in this story, they do not exist beyond the author's imagination. This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.