Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. M/g/dad/daut/pedo/inc/o/a/w/s/cons/n/c/wordpics The following story is a work of fiction. All movies, pictures and publications mentioned exist only in the author's imagination. Please do not email requests for anything written in this story, they do not exist beyond the author's imagination. EROTIKIDS by Maxxam. Intro: Issue one of EROTIKIDS. Never before published. Stories, contacts, incest pics and some of the hottest child porn you could ever imagine. EROTIKIDS EROTICA, ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION FOR CHILD LOVERS EVERYWHERE. ISSUE #1 COVER PICTURE A SIX YEAR OLD GIRL, WITH SHORT, SPIKED BLONDE HAIR, SMILES AS SHE EMERGES FROM A SUNKEN MARBLE BATHTUB. HER SMALL, NAKED BODY IS FLECKED WITH FOAM AND DRIPPING WET. CEILING TO FLOOR MIRRORS ALL AROUND SHOW OFF EVERY DETAIL OF HER NAKEDNESS. ___________________________________________________________________________ __ EDITOR'S LETTER Dear Friends Welcome to EROTIKIDS - the porn magazine equivalent of that hot little five year old slut you can not only look at, but also touch. She's probably your daughter, but that just makes it even more fun. You probably don't want to waste much time on this page, so I'll hand out my sweets and be brief. Unlike certain other "child erotica" publications I could mention, EROTIKIDS is published by pedophiles, for pedophiles. While we publish child pornography without censorship, we do not publish stuff ripped off the Net, or any kind of faked pics. All of the pictures published in our magazine are never-before-seen and exclusive to EROTIKIDS. EROTIKIDS is your magazine. We want your opinions, your letters, your fantasies and - most especially - your pics. Toddlers to teens and all ages in between. 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AVRIL'S BIRTHDAY-----------------------------------------------------Hardcore Photo Story. CHILD SEX TOURS ----------------------------------------------------- Thai hot and spicy. MEET THE GANG-------------------------------------------------The People Behind EROTIKIDS. PEDO-FILES --------------------------------------Interview with Child Porn extremist Mr.T. BROTHERLY LUST----------------------------------------------------Gay Fiction by Tor~Pedo. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___ CHILD SEX CONTACTS Pedo male - 44 y.o. - would like to meet other guys who are into preteen schoolgirls in uniform. Have lots of pics and vids to exchange. Would also love to meet parents with schoolgirls in the 6 to 11 age group. Code; EK1-01 Belgian male seeks photographs and videos of preteen girls with animals. Willing to pay very good prices for good stuff, or exchange if preferred. Code; EK1-02 Dirty little schoolgirl slut - 12 y.o. - seeks men for sex. 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In an ideal world, instead of abducting Dorothy and subjecting her to an ordeal that would haunt her for the rest of her life, I could have taught her to enjoy sex to the point where rape would have been unnecessary. Unfortunately, lack of time and patience condemned her to the latter course of action. Walter might have served time for eating young pussy, but Dorothy's sweet little hole was not top of his menu. As soon as I had finished feasting, he tossed the child onto the dirty mattress that lay a few feet away. While he adjusted the focus of the camcorder, to make sure it was filming what it should be, I bound Dorothy's wrists behind her back with a piece of rope. Then, I clamped a hand over her mouth, to shut off her screams, before whispering into her ear. "Dorothy, we're not going to kill you. You'll be back home with your mom in a few hours. If you be a really good girl, we won't have to hurt you too much." "I've got something to stop her screaming," Walter grinned, stepping out of his pants. When my friend had discarded his clothes, he knelt before the sobbing child and seized her by the hair, using his free hand to rub his throbbing, eight inch cock over her face, smearing her with pre-cum. "If I was your daddy, you'd know what to do with this big, juicy dick," he murmured. "You know you want it, you little slut. Say you want to suck my dick. Say it!" "I wanna go home!" the terrified child whimpered, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Say you want to suck my dick," he growled, smacking her face with the thick veined fuckpole. "If you don't say it, Arnold will whip your ass." When Dorothy repeated her stricken wish to go home, I slid my thick black leather belt from my jeans, wrapped it around my right fist and cracked it down across the little girl's quivering, milk white buttocks. She cried out in pain as a red stripe flared across her cheeks. "Say you want to suck my dick," Walter snapped, after I had hit her a second time. "I wa........, I wanna su....... suck your dick," the little girl sobbed. My friend rammed four hot inches down her throat, pulling on her hair as he fucked her face. I pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles, then reached beneath the mattress for the half empty tube of KY that remained from Betty's visit. I smeared the lube over my dick, then wrapped an arm around Dorothy's waist and guided my greased boner to her pink, virgin rear hole. Neither Walter nor I were into vaginally raping little virgins. Apart from being extremely painful for the child, it was messy and dangerous for the rapist. A tight little asshole was much more appealing. Walter stuffed his dick down Dorothy's throat, savoring the pain of her teeth clamping tightly around his meat as I forced my cock crown into the little girl's anal tight anal passage. Dorothy convulsed like she was strapped to an electric chair, the ropes around her wrists biting deep into her flesh. I grabbed her hips with both hands, forcing my throbbing hard-on deeper into her hot little hole. As I had no wish to cause her permanen injury, I restricted myself to stuffing her stretched asshole with just the first three inches. It would have been very easy for Walter and I to keep a little girl like Dorothy here for as long as we wanted, then kill her when we were finally through with raping and torturing her. From a purely practical point of view, it was the more sensible option. But, while we could live with using bondage and coercion for our pleasure, we were not the kind of sick fucks that could murder an innocent little girl. Dorothy could have been forgiven for thinking otherwise. My friend and I showed little in the way of tenderness as we repeatedly raped her in her mouth and asshole, for over three hours. The child might have taken some small pleasure from having Walter lick her pussy, but the fact that I was whipping her ass with my belt, while she rode his face made it unlikely. The smell from the mattress was stale piss. Our previous captive had lost control of her bladder while she was being anally raped by Walter and we had both also pissed over her. Dorothy retained control over her waterworks, even when she was sitting on Walter's hard cock and sucking mine like she was enjoying it. The seven year old was lying on the mattress, wiping tears and cum from her face and oozing semen from her asshole. Walter rested his sticky cock across her lips and started to piss, squirting amber fluid into Dorothy's mouth and eyes and drenching her face. I was squatting between her legs, holding my dick in my right fist and aiming the steaming yellow flow over her cunt and belly. My dick was still squirting piss as I rammed it up the child's bruised and painfully stretched asshole, for the third time that afternoon. Walter moved in for a close up with the camcorder, his free hand stroking his stiffening cock. "Man, I wish we could keep this little slut for a couple of days," he said. He wasn't the only one. As I stabbed Dorothy's hot, cum slicked asshole with five inches of my boner, I saw her living in this shack as our sex slave, chained up like a bitch dog. "Yeah, our little child cunt!" I grunted, slamming my hard-on deeper into her bowels. Whether or not Dorothy could have survived a couple of days as our captive, we would never know. Shortly after nine o'clock that night, the sobbing child found herself abandoned in a public phone booth, a short distance from where we had picked her up. She was wearing only her sneakers and torn dress. Her panties, I would add to my private collection. During the half hour journey from the shack, Walter sat her on his lap and ass raped her in the back seat, the long finger of his right hand stabbing her cunt. After he had pushed her from the car, the sobbing child staggered a couple of steps, then collapsed to her knees. Her face and hair were caked with dried cum and the stuff was running down her legs in thick rivulets. It would be some time before she walked comfortably again. "Poor little bitch," I muttered. "Maybe I should call the cops and tell them where to find her." "Tell them where to find us, while you're calling them," my friend replied. "Don't worry about her. She'll survive." Walter was right. Dorothy did survive. There was something in the papers about a half-naked seven year old girl being found by some passing motorist, but the cops didn't break their asses trying to find out what had happened to her. Her mother was poor. The child came from an unstable family environment. Shit happens! A fortnight later, Walter and I were cruising again, in search of prey. "This is the one, Max!" my friend cried, training the camcorder on a five year old brown haired girl, in a ragged pink tee shirt and faded denim skirt that ended high on her skinny legs. The child was in the car park of a shopping mall. As she bent over to rummage through the contents of a trash can, her skirt rode high enough over her hips to show that she wasn't wearing any underwear. "Think she likes Pokomo?" I grinned, holding up the doll I had bought for Dorothy. "Just get her in the van, Max," my friend replied. "If I have to look at that little bare ass much longer, I'm liable to jump out and rape her right there over the trash can." Leaving the toy in the car, I walked up to the little girl. "Hey there, honey," I smiled. "How would you like a cheeseburger and fries, with a large soda?" The little girl looked at me like I had just offered her a million dollars. There were no cheeseburgers and fries in the "magic cabin." But Walter and I had enough food and drink to keep the little homeless girl alive for the week we planned to keep her as our guest. ___________________________________________________________________________ COVER GIRL KYLIE FULL PAGE PICTURE: REAR VIEW OF THE SIX YEAR OLD BLONDE IN A SHORT PINK DRESS. HER RIGHT HAND IS PULLING HER DRESS UP JUST ENOUGH TO SHOW THE RIGHT SIDE OF HER BARE ASS. IN FRONT OF HER IS A LARGE SCREEN TV. ON THE SCREEN IS A CLOSE-UP OF A BLONDE WOMAN SUCKING A BIG COCK. HALF PAGE PICTURE 1: KYLIE NAKED IN THE GARDEN, AGAINST A COLORFUL BACKGROUND OF FLOWERS AND TREES. THE CHILD IS STANDING WITH HER LEGS WIDE APART. SHE IS HOLDING A HOSEPIPE IN HER RIGHT HAND AND DIRECTING THE FLOW OF WATER OVER HER PUSSY. HALF PAGE PICTURE 2: THE SIX YEAR OLD GIRL SITS NAKED ON A BIG BED, WITH DISNEY PRINTED SHEETS BENEATH HER. SHE IS HOLDING A SMALL MIRROR BETWEEN HER LEGS AND LOOKING AT HER BALD PUSSY. HALF PAGE PICTURE 3: KYLIE IN PINK AND WHITE STRIPED PANTIES, BENDING OVER TO PICK UP A TEDDY BEAR FROM THE WHITE CARPET. HER PANTIES ARE SO TIGHT AROUND HER SMALL ASS CHEEKS THAT SHE MIGHT AS WELL BE NAKED. HALF PAGE PICTURE 4: KYLIE IS LAUGHING AS SHE STANDS BESIDE A "NO ENTRY" SIGN. ALL SHE IS WEARING IS A PINK "GOOFY" TEE SHIRT. SHE IS NAKED FROM THE WAIST DOWN AND POINTING WITH BOTH THUMBS IN THE DIRECTION OF HER PUSSY. ___________________________________________________________________________ _ PHOTO STORY - AVRIL'S BIRTHDAY PHOTO 1: A SLENDER, BLONDE SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL, WITH SLEEK, LONG NAIR FLOWING TO HER BUTTOCKS, LIES FACE-DOWN ON HER SMALL BED, WEARING ONLY WHITE PANTIES THAT HUG HER SMALL ASS. CAPTION: "I'm seven today. I wonder what daddy is going to give me for my birthday." PHOTO 2: A MIDDLE AGED BALD MAN, WITH A HAIRY BODY, LIES NAKED ON A LARGE DOUBLE BED, RIGHT FIST STROKING HIS BIG, HARD COCK. CAPTION: "Avril is seven today. Time for her present." PHOTO 3: THE LITTLE GIRL IS KNEELING ON HER BED, GRIPPING HER DADDY'S HARD-ON IN BOTH HANDS. CAPTION: "Oh, daddy, your cock is so big!" PHOTO 4: AVRIL'S LIPS ARE WRAPPED AROUND THE PORTION OF HER DADDY'S COCK SHE IS NOT HOLDING. HIS RIGHT HAND IS BETWEEN HER LEGS, THE LONG FINGER KNUCKLE DEEP IN HER BALD PUSSY. CAPTION: "Suck your birthday present, you little slut!" PHOTO 5: AVRIL IS LYING ON TOP OF HER FATHER. THE HEAD OF HIS COCK IS BURIED IN HER CHILD PUSSY AND HIS BIG HANDS ARE SPREADING HER BUTTOCKS. HER LITTLE PINK ASSHOLE PUCKERS INVITINGLY. CAPTION: "Ohhh, daddy, that feels good! I love your hard cock in my small, tight cunt." PHOTO 6: CLOSE UP SHOT OF AVRIL'S SMALL PUSSY, STRETCHED WIDE AROUND THREE INCHES OF HER DADDY'S THICK VEINED COCK. CAPTION: "Owwww.........., daddy! You know I can't take it all!" PHOTO 7: AVRIL IS BENT OVER ON ALL FOURS. HER DADDY IS LICKING HER ASSHOLE AND SPREADING HER SMALL CHEEKS WITH BOTH HANDS. SHE IS LOOKING OVER HER SHOULDER AND SMILING. CAPTION: "Are you gonna fuck me in the ass now, daddy?" PHOTO 8: AVRIL IS IN THE SAME POSITION, BUT HER DADDY'S COCK IS NOW BURIED HALFWAY UP HER ASS. HIS HANDS ARE HOLDING HER LEGS APART AND HE IS WEARING AN ECSTATIC EXPRESSION. CAPTION: "Your asshole is so tight, honey. Daddy's going to cum." PHOTO 9: CLOSE UP SHOT OF THE MAN'S BIG COCK GRIPPED IN HIS RIGHT FIST, SHOOTING WADS OF THICK CUM OVER THE LITTLE GIRL'S PUSSY AND ASS CHEEKS. CAPTION: "Your cum feels all hot and sticky on my pussy, daddy!" PHOTO 10: REAR VIEW OF AVRIL KNEELING ON THE BED, LICKING HER DADDY'S COCK CLEAN, WHILE HIS CUM TRICKLES DOWN HER BUTTOCKS AND LEGS. CAPTION: "I guess I gotta take a shower now, daddy." Photography; Elizabeth McMorningdale copyright E.M. Studios ___________________________________________________________________________ _____ CHILD SEX TOURS ............................. THAILAND To describe Thailand as the world's largest brothel is not to do a great injustice to the country for which the term "sex tourism" was originally coined. Prostitution might be technically illegal in this sweltering den of Far Eastern iniquity, but the authorities know better than to enforce the law. Sex is big business here and money shouts loud in Thailand. For every foreigner seeking sun kissed beaches and ancient Buddhist sights, there are three whose sole purpose is the purchase of cheap and easy thrills. In the not so distant past, Thailand was the number one destination for the pedophile with a passport and some money to spend. However, Cambodia and the Philippines have now become the prime Far Eastern destinations for many child sex tourists, mainly due to their reputation for lax law enforcement. That said, the tourist in search of preteen pleasures can still enjoy a fruitful vacation in Thailand. In Pattaya - the place where East meets West, in a neon lit sex supermarket - you will rarely find girls younger than fifteen dancing and looking bored in the numerous go-go bars. If you want the young stuff, you must be prepared to ask and prepared to pay. The more underage you want to go, the more you must be ready to pay. If you want to go below the age of twelve, cheap sex becomes a relative term. Two hours with a six year old girl in a Thai brothel will cost you the equivalent of an entire weekend with a sixteen year old bar girl and her friend - with meals and unprotected anal sex included. The best things in life never come cheap. If you're a pedophile and you want free sex, you had best get married and have your own kids. The rest of us are resolved to paying the price for our pleasures, whether we are in a Pattaya go-go bar or a Nevada whorehouse with a backroom. I was in a Pattaya go-go bar, sipping a beer and watching the dancers on stage, along with the crew of a US war ship. The marines seemed happy with the beer and the dancing girls, but I had dollars in my wallet and a hard-on in my shorts for something considerably younger. By the time I was ordering my fourth beer, I felt bold enough to ask the waitress in the white lace bikini if she could set me up with a girl. "You see we have many nice girl for you American," she replied, pointing in the direction of the stage. I shook my head. "Too old. I want young girl." She smiled and leaned closer. "Ah, you like little girl. Come with me. I show you." Those that had taken one of the hookers on public display, I had noticed going through a curtain to the left of the bar. The girl ushered me through an adjoining door, which she immediately slammed shut, once I was inside. I found myself in a room that looked like a large public toilet and smelled just as appetizing. Behind a middle aged Thai man, in a shiny gray silk suit, a dozen little girls in threadbare dresses, stood against the wall, looking as bored as their older counterparts squirming around steel poles outside. "You want young girl?" the Thai pimp demanded. I nodded. "Yes, I want young girl." He stepped aside, to show me the merchandise on offer. The girls ranged in ages from eleven to five. Any one of the twelve could have provided a pedo tourist with some very happy holiday memories, but as EROTIKIDS were paying the bill and my tastes had always been for the youngest and most innocent of girls, I found my gaze resting on a delicate looking five year old cutie in a little red dress that wasn't even long enough to cover her white panties. Negotiation was expected, so I managed to beat the rate for one hour with the little brown skinned girl down from exorbitant to merely expensive. Had she been a bar girl, I could probably have negotiated the price of her pussy down to that of a couple of hamburgers and a beer. Once I had parted with my dollars, I took the chosen child by the hand and the pimp showed us through another doorway, leading to a steep staircase, at the top of which were several more doors. He showed us into one of the small rooms, then slammed the door shut. By the light of a naked light bulb, and with one eye on the clock, I made the most of the little hooker. She sucked my cock as naturally as if she were eating a bowl of rice, but she didn't seem to like the taste of my cum, as she went through a violent spitting routine when I shot my load in her mouth. For the price I had paid her pimp, nothing short of the cops breaking down the bamboo door was going to stop me having anal sex with the child. I don't speak Thai, but I gathered the impression that this five year old hooker would prefer not to be ass fucked, to judge by her cries. Useful hint; if you plan on having sex with a preteen girl - or indeed a boy - always carry a tube of KY, or some such lubricant. In Thailand, condoms are optional and I've never met a pedo who would consider using one. I found another bar in Pattaya, where girls as young as six would suck your cock under the table in a backroom, while you sipped a beer. For a few dollars more - actually, quite a few dollars more - you could take a little girl upstairs, for some private fun. In the same bar, I found an elderly American tourist who considered a hundred dollars for sex with an eight year old Thai girl to be expensive. I suggested he find a wife. I spent four days in Pattaya, during which time I bought sex with underage girls in five different bars. The youngest was five and the oldest was nine and the prices varied substantially. Finding children in Bangkok was somewhat more difficult. Visit the bars and hotels where foreign pedophiles congregate and you will find middle-aged men relaxing with preteen Thai boys. Best way to pick up a little girl? Pick up one of the boys, pay him half of what he would charge to have sex with you, and ask him to find a very young girl for you. It does work. In the lobby of a hotel where fat old men were sitting with beautiful boys on their laps, I beckoned a twelve year old boy to my table and discreetly explained my needs, while I fed twenty dollars into his grasping hands. As I was asking him to do something that would not involve him taking his clothes off, it was the easiest twenty dollars he would make all week. Fifteen minutes later, I was naked with a beautiful, seven year old Thai girl, in the privacy of my own room. It cost me a hundred and fifty dollars and they even called it "room service." After we had showered together, I toweled the child dry, then carried her to my bed and played daddy with her for almost two hours. By the time her pimp knocked on the door, she was walking rather awkwardly and my balls were well and truly emptied. I spent a total of twelve days in Thailand and I can honestly say I did not want to leave. On my last night, I hit my expense account a sledgehammer blow, by renting a pair of the sweetest little Oriental lolis for the whole night. The older girl was nine and her partner was six. When you're pumping cum over the faces of two girls that young, you don't give a damn about going home broke. For value for your dollar, maybe you should buy a ticket to Cambodia or the Philippines. Thailand may no longer be the first choice destination for child sex tourists to the Far East, but if you're willing to go that extra mile financially, you will take home some very happy memories. Not to mention some very hot photographs. ___________________________________________________________________________ _ MEET THE GANG PROFILES OF SOME OF THE PEOPLE BEHIND EROTIKIDS. Name: M.K. Occupation: Editor, Publisher Age: 57 Sex: Male Family Status: Married, with two grown-up daughters. Hobbies: Horse riding, jogging, collecting KP. Resume: Previously edited and published CHILDWORLD, SWEET LOLITA and FORBIDDEN PLEASURES. All three publications now defunct. Starred in over a hundred child sex movies, under a number of guises, in the late sixties and seventies. Sexual Preference: Girls Preferred Age Range: Seven to thirteen years old. Age Of Youngest Ever Sexual Partner: Four. Age Of Oldest Ever Sexual Partner: 54 (my wife). Ultimate Sexual Fantasy: A world where the "age of consent" is regarded as medieval. Some eighteen year olds are too mentally immature to become involved in sexual activities. Many six year olds can enjoy sexual relationships with adults, with no damage. My own daughters are a good example of the latter. _____________ Name: Rita K. Occupation: Assistant Editor. Age: 54 Sex: Female Family Status: As above. Hobbies: Mediterranean cooking, travel, all things sexual. Resume: Actively involved in the production of CHILDWORLD, SWEET LOLITA and FORBIDDEN PLEASURES. Author of PRETEEN BRIDE, ORPHANAGE SECRETS, DADDY'S SLUT and many other paperback titles in the long-since deceased Young Love stable. Qualified sexual therapist. Works with patients wishing to come to terms with pedophile tendencies. Sexual Preference: Boys, girls, men, women. You only live once! Preferred Age Range: Boys - 8 to 14. Girls - any age to puberty. Men and women - as long as you can get it up or get it wet, you're not too old. Age Of Youngest Ever Sexual Partner: 4 (months). Age Of Oldest Ever Sexual Partner: 77 (my father). Hopefully, we'll still be doing it when he's 102. By then, he'll have been molesting me on a regular basis for a hundred years. Surely a world record! Ultimate Sexual Fantasy: Something that hasn't yet been invented, because I've done everything else. _______________ Name: Susan K. Occupation: Advertising Executive, Commissioning Editor Age: 23 Sex: Female Family Status: Single Hobbies: Incest, yoga, eating little girl pussy. Resume: Illegal porn star from the age of five, legitimate porn star from the age of eighteen to twenty-two. Proud to have starred in over two hundred movies, including a number with parents and younger sister. Former cheerleader, prom queen and graduate in Child Psychology. Sexual Preference: Men with hairy bodies and girls with hairless pussies (mom and sis excluded). Preferred Age Range: Toddler to early teens. For girls. I like my men on the mature side. Age Of Youngest Ever Sexual Partner: Two months. That was the age of my sister, when I first went down on her. I was only three, but I knew what I was doing. Age Of Oldest Ever Sexual Partner: 77 (my grandpa). We're a very close family! Ultimate Sexual Fantasy: Me, Jennifer Aniston, a six year old girl and a couple of strap-ons. And George Clooney and Brad Pitt busting in on the party, dressed as cops. _______________________ Name: Maxamm Occupation: Author, fantasist. Age: 37 Sex: Male Family Status: Single. Hobbies: Beer, writing, hanging around playgrounds and parks. Resume: Script Consultant for Pedocam Productions. Author of stories for Previously worked as security guard, street cleaner and in numerous other jobs too shitty to mention. Sexual Preference: Cute little blonde girls, with little or no sexual experience. Preferred Age Range: Four to nine years old. Age Of Youngest Ever Sexual Partner: Three. Age Of Oldest Ever Sexual Partner: Fifteen. I was eleven at the time. Ultimate Sexual Fantasy: Some of my stories happening in real life. If I could choose one, it would probably be "The Pedo Files". ___________________________ Name: G.G. Thomson Occupation: Photographer. Age: 31 Sex: Male Family Status: Single Hobbies: Movies, music and little girl watching. Resume: Has photographed young girls in sixty countries, for commercial and private purposes. Produced several hardback collections of erotica, dedicated to the beauty of nude teenage and preteen girls. Also contributed pictures to magazines such as PRETEEN INFERNO, BARE LOLIS and YOUNG BEAUTY. Personal collection contains over 250,000 images, depicting all aspects of child sexuality. Sexual Preference: Young, confident girls. Preferred Age Range: Ten to sixteen. Age Of Youngest Ever Sexual Partner: Eight. Age Of Oldest Ever Sexual Partner: Mid-twenties. Ultimate Sexual Fantasy: A pair of twin sisters, about ten years old - inexperienced but very willing to learn. ______________________________ Name: Tor~Pedo Occupation: Author, actor, photographer. Age: 27 Sex: Yes, please! Okay, male. Family Status: Happily unmarried. Hobbies: Photographing boys, getting stoned, screwing boys. Resume: Tor~Pedo is a man of many faces and talents. From humble beginnings as a gay porn star at the age of eighteen, he graduated to the underground scene, where he could get paid to fuck little boys. Regular contributor of stories to newsgroups and gay magazines. Editor and publisher of Boylove quarterly newsletter. Sexual Preference: Boys. Preferred Age Range: Six to thirteen. Age Of Youngest Ever Sexual Partner: Six. Age Of Oldest Ever Sexual Partner: Can't recall. There's been so many. Ultimate Sexual Fantasy: An orgy with a dozen preteen boys, a couple of priests, a transsexual slut with a ten inch dick and lots of chemical stimulation. The kids moms videotaping the action and maybe a couple of dogs thrown into the mix, just to keep it interesting. ________________________ Name: Belinda Huzz. Occupation: Financial Controller Age: 25 Sex: Female Family Status: Divorced Hobbies: Keeping fit, looking good, naturism. Resume: Previous career in advertising. Married at seventeen. Divorced at twenty. Mom of six year old daughter. Current legitimate career - strip club dancer. Current vocation - EROTIKIDS. Sexual Preference: Clarissa - my daughter. Preferred Age Range: Very young to very my age. Age Of Youngest Ever Sexual Partner: Three. Clarissa's first time. Age Of Oldest Ever Sexual Partner: 44. Male. Big spender! Ultimate Sexual Fantasy: A large group of well-hung black men gang-banging me and cumming all over Clarissa. How I would enjoy licking all that cum from my little girl! ___________________________________________________________________ MR. T - "CHILD PORN EXTREMIST" Many of you reading this magazine are probably fully-paid up members of the EROTIKIDS web site. If not, chances are this magazine is still not your first exposure to kiddy porn. You've trawled through the Net, saving pics from Newsgroups and trading pics with friends in Chatrooms. In those same Chatrooms, you've probably shared your darkest and most perverted fantasies, with like-minded people. All of us here at EROTIKIDS work, eat, sleep and drink kids and some of us have the prison records to prove it. We see more child porn than the FBI and we produce more than our fair share of the stuff. However, our appetites are never allowed to become jaded. Despite the best efforts of the authorities, there's always something new happening in the underworld of incest and child pornography. We are many, we are everywhere and we will continue to offend to the last breath in our bodies. That could well be the philosophy of Mr. T - the British artist who last year proved that shock value remains alive and well - with his book of drawings and stories devoted to the most extreme forms of child abuse. The book was never legally published, of course, but many of the pictures found their way onto the Net, where they were greeted with equal degrees of revulsion and ecstasy. Mr. T's work is not for the faint hearted. He draws pictures of little girls being raped, tortured and murdered, with all the graphic detail of a photograph. Nothing is taboo, for this self-confessed "Child Porn Extremist" and the traffic to his personal web site is testament to his popularity. Authors create stories, artists create pictures and pedophiles hang around outside shcoolyards, watching little girls and boys. Most of the time, these activities stay within the realms of harmless fantasy. Maxamm might write a story in which the adult character enjoys non-consensual sex with a toddler. The guys (and girls) who bring you this magazine might watch a little girl coming out of school and wish they could snatch her, without being seen. For that matter, an artist might use his pencil to put his fantasies on paper, without ever resorting to fulfilling those fantasies in real life. For those with a taste for the extreme, Mr. T is an artist on a par with Van Gogh. For the rest - including the majority of child lovers - he is a very sick man, deserving of either a padded cell or a high voltage armchair. For EROTIKIDS, he was somebody worth meeting. In his e-mails, Mr. T was extremely enthusiastic about Bucharest, the Romanian capital that is already pencilled into the itinerary for a future CHILD SEX TOURS feature. Our correspondent had already been there and he was eager to share his adventure. Cut to a meeting in his London apartment, with EROTIKIDS sex tourist, J.G.B. Most guys who did what Mr T claimed to have done would want to keep their heads down and their mouths shut. But this clean shaven and wealthy thirty-eight year Londoner laid his cards on the table, even before he made me a cup of surprisingly good coffee. His "cards" was a sketch pad full of drawings of very young girls in positions of the most hideous torture and abuse. A naked four year old girl tied to a bed, being butchered by three men with broken beer bottles. A cum drenched nine year old girl nailed hand and foot to a coffee table, her flesh sliced by a whip and oozing blood from dozens of wounds. A disturbingly realistic drawing of a six old girl being ass raped and strangled. Mr T was justifiably proud of his drawings and equally proud of his tastes for sadism and girls under eight. Had I been interviewing him for National TV, he could not have looked more star struck. He adjusted his tie - even though I had no camera - checked that my coffee was okay, then suggested I turn on my tape recorder. EK: Let's get a few personal questions out of the way first. Are you married, or in a relationship? T: No. I go out with women from time to time, just to keep up appearances. Have to be respectable, in my line of work. EK: What is your line of work? T: I'd rather not say. But, as you can see, it pays well. EK: Obviously, you're a pedophile. T: Guilty as charged, your honor. EK: Are you active? T: What do you mean, exactly? EK: I mean - do you just draw pictures and fantasize, or do you actually have sex with underage girls? T: If you put it that way, I suppose I am active. Not that I get many opportunities. I wish I was the kind of bloke who could go out in a white van and pick up a schoolgirl. Don't think I haven't thought about it. EK: What stopped you? T: What stops ninety nine percent of men with my tendencies? Fear, I suppose. I don't fancy spending the rest of my life in jail. Or, I might make an abduction attempt that failed and end up in jail for nothing. EK: So, how do you satisfy your desires? Do you have a little girl you can visit, from time to time? A niece, for example? T: I wish. My main outlet is prostitutes. If you look a hard enough and are prepared to pay, you can find girls as young as twelve right here in London. EK: But your interest is in girls much younger than twelve. The girls in your drawings appear to be in the four to seven age range. T: In an ideal world, I would be picking up girls that young. But, like I said, thinking about it is much easier than actually doing it. I've found it's safer to travel abroad to find the kind of thing I want. EK: Romania, for example? T: Have you ever been there? EK: All going well, I should be paying a visit there in the next month or two. T: It's a good place. You're the first person I've spoken to about what happened there. As a journalist, you must protect your source. Am I right? EK: Mr T, I work for a magazine devoted to child sex. Everything we do is illegal. If I'm arrested, I doubt if I can stand up in front of a judge and claim journalistic privilege. However, if the cops do come around to kick down your door, it won't be because I or any of my colleagues told them anything. Is that good enough for you? T: I suppose. We're all in this together, eh? All child molesting monsters for one. Would you like another coffee? EK: No, thank you. I'd like you to tell me about your vacation in Romania. T: You Americans are so impatient! Alright - here's what happened. Bucharest was a horrible, gray Ceaucescu place, but that didn't bother me. If I wanted culture, I could visit Paris. If I wanted sunshine, there was Spain. What I wanted was sex with a child and - according to my friends on the Internet - Bucharest was the Klondike of perverts like me. I even had an address . Officially, the place was an orphanage. But any of the do-gooder foreigners who came to Romania to legally adopt a child would not have been directed to this grim building. The kids who lived here served a different kind of need. I rang the bell and a man who looked old enough to have fought in World War 1, finally came to the door. The first thing that hit me was the smell of cheap disinfectant. The linoleum floor was sticky and the walls were painted a depressing shade of yellow. For a minute, I thought I was in the wrong place. "What are you looking for?" the man demanded. "I..........., uh, I have an interest in children," I answered carefully. "Boys or girls?" "Girls. A friend of mine gave me your address." "Your friend was here?" I nodded. "He said I could find what I want here and it would be cheap." "That would be a little girl," he said. "I have many. If you want to take a look, it's fifty dollars. If you want to take a girl, it's three hundred. You have US dollars?" "I have US dollars," I confirmed, reaching for my wallet. My Internet friend had told me this was the only currency they would accept in the orphanage, so I made sure to bring enough dollars. I wasn't worried about the cost, as long as I could buy what I most wanted. He led me down a long corridor, of the kind I could imagine victims of the Communist dictatorship being dragged down in the old days. He selected a key from the dozens on the chain around his skinny waist and unlocked another steel door. Inside, several dozen young girls sat on red plastic chairs, watching TV. They were dirty, their clothes were ragged, and even the youngest looked like they had long since lost the will to live. But it was the age range that most interested me. The older girls were in their teens, but there were several girls that looked no older than four. The latter were top of my shopping list. "Take a good look," the man invited. "If you want two girls together, it's only four hundred. Or I can give you a boy and girl for the same price." I had no interest in boys and didn't much feel like an orgy. One little girl would serve my purposes just fine. I took my time studying the menu and getting accustomed to the knowledge that any one of these little beauties was mine for the taking. This was better than parking close to schools at home, furtively masturbating as I watched the little girls in their clean blue and white uniforms emerge through the gates. Eventually, my gaze came to rest on a small, dark haired girl at the back of the room. "How old is she?" I asked, pointing in her direction. "She is five years old," the man replied. He probably lied all the time, but the girl genuinely looked no older than five. She was huddled on her chair, her legs tucked beneath her, regarding me with fear filledbrown eyes. "I want her," I told him. He held out his hand. "Three hundred dollars. If you kill her, it's five hundred extra. I have to take that now, for insurance." My friend hadn't told me about that stipulation, but I still handed over eight hundred dollars, without argument. The kind of sex I liked didn't come cheap and I had been saving for a long time. After I had paid, I took the little girl by the hand and we followed her keeper further down the corridor, to a door labeled 2. The windowless room was like a prison cell, containing only a small bed and a wash basin. The only light was provided by a naked overhead bulb. The stone floor was bare and the gray walls were scrawled with graffiti in a language I could not understand. "What's your name?" I asked, once the door had slammed shut behind us. The dark skinned little girl just looked at me. She looked like a gypsy. I had heard that poverty stricken Romany often sold their children and the pedophile industry paid the best rates. I smiled. "It doesn't matter anyway. I just bought you to fuck you. I can even kill you, if I want to. It's only five hundred dollars extra." I pushed the little girl onto the bed. She shrunk back against the wall, watching me throw off my clothes. My cock was throbbing like I had injected Viagra straight into the biggest vein. No wonder the little cunt looked terrified. Her faded pink cotton dress was paper thin and probably worth as much as the tissue I would use to wipe my arse, so I just ripped it off. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Rolling the naked child bitch onto her belly, I forced her legs apart and began licking her arsehole and bald cunt. She probably hadn't been washed for a month, but I didn't mind the smell. The taste was just fine too. Stale piss, shit and sweat was much more natural than soap and perfume. It just made the entire experience more authentic. There was only one way I was going to fuck the child, and that was up the arse. Of course, I didn't have any lubricant. Fortunately, there was a bar of soap on top of the wash basin. I held it under the single tap, until I had worked up a good lather in both hands. After I had rubbed the suds over my cock, I returned to the little girl. It wasn't the best lubricant in the world, but it would save me from hurting myself too much when I fucked her. I took my black leather belt from my trousers, hit her with it a few times on the arse, then wrapped it around her throat. She was so used to being abused, she did not even cry. Holding the belt tight with my right hand, I pinned her to the bed and guided my cock into position. She started to scream as I forced my cock into her shitbox, but I just took my belt in both hands and squeezed. She made a sound like a geriatric on her deathbed, small hands clawing frantically and uselessly at the thick leather band around her throat. Only then did it occur to me that I had paid to kill her. What was five hundred dollars? How often had I dreamed of this moment? How would I hate myself if I did not take it now? Even as these thoughts were rushing through my head, I was ramming my cock into the little girl's bowels and pulling the belt tighter around her throat. She whimpered, croaked, then wheezed, then fell silent. The grip of her shithole around my cock tightened. As I climaxed deep inside her, I squeezed the belt with all of my strength. Her arms and legs twitched, then her head slumped and I knew she was dead. I was still cumming inside her when she lost control of her bowels. EK: You raped and murdered a five year old girl. T: That would sum it up fairly accurately. EK: How did you feel afterwards? T: Until that old boy unlocked the door again, I was terrified. But he just looked at that little girl lying dead on the bed and smiled. I got the impression it was a regular occurrence. EK: Did you feel any remorse for what you had done? T: Not very much. If I hadn't killed that little girl, somebody else would have. Her life was worthless anyway. You should have seen that place. EK: Would you do it again? T: If I thought there was a reasonable chance of getting away with it - yes, I would. Not that I'm some kind of psychopath, or anything like that. On that last point, readers may choose to differ with Mr T. Check out his web site, or the pictures we have chosen to publish, and decide for yourself. 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Though I wasn't a sadist, I knew I was abusing the trust of these kids and I wasn't averse to raping a boy who might not know what he really wanted. That said, I probably knew more about kids than most of the so-called experts, who equated any kind of sexual contact with life-scarring abuse! . It was Wednesday evening and school was out for another day. Putting the boys through their paces on the basketball court had left me with an urgent need to either jack off or find a playmate for an hour or two. The latter was the most tempting option, but my new favorite boy had already left. Johnny was eight and the sweetest, most easily seduced piece of ass I had enjoyed in a long time. The problem was, Johnny was also his father's favorite piece of ass and daddy did not like to be kept waiting. If Johnny wasn't waiting when he got home, he was liable to make the kid's life hell. With Johnny off the menu, I was ready to resign myself to spending the evening with Marcus. If I was really lucky, the black pedophile bastard might have a fresh teenage rent boy that we could enjoy together. If I was unlucky, I would have to settle for black dick and kiddy porn. But even that was preferable to jerking off at home alone, with a pair of smelly little boy underpants in my mouth and a dildo up my ass. I had been too busy to engage in my usual activity of watching the kids get showered and changed, so I assumed they had all left, as I made my way to the changing room. But, when I stepped into the doorway, what I saw caused me to stop like I had hit a brick wall. There were two boys in the changing room and both were naked. I recognized them immediately as Chaz and Luis. The dark skinned pair were seven year old Latino twins. Only the fact that they were relative newcomers to the school, coupled with my infatuation with Johnny, had allowed them to thus far elude my predatory attentions. It wasn't the boys' presence in the changing room that stopped me short, as much as what they were doing. They were holding each other's dicks and staring at the small, stiff rods like they were newly discovered toys. My own dick bucked like a hammer in my jockstrap. This was like walking in on my ultimate fantasy. I held back for a few minutes, thrusting my hand down the front of my sweat pants and squeezing my hard cock as I watched the two beautiful boys. Though they were twins, they were not identical. Chaz was slightly bigger and his shoulder length raven hair stood out in contrast to his brother's buzz cut. But it was their boy cocks that held my gaze and both little stiff pencil dicks were equally desirable. "Mmmmmmmmm, that feels good!" Chaz gasped, as his brother's small fist pumped his four inch rod. He was paying Luis back in kind, his right hand a near blur between his skinny legs. Both boys were obviously way too young to cum in liquid form, but I knew enough about young boys to know that they could experience orgasm. I had once given a five year old boy an orgasm, though all he had done was lose control of his bladder and piss in my mouth. "What's going on here, boys?" I demanded loudly, stepping into the changing room. The two kids could not have been more shocked if I had thrown a bucket of cold water over them. Their hands leaped from their dicks and they jumped to their feet. I laughed. "Don't panic. It's okay. Sit down." The boys sat, their dicks shrinking. Had they been white, they would have been blushing to their eyeballs. "We was doing nothing, Mister Hailes!" Chaz protested, cupping both hands over his genitals. "I know exactly what you boys were doing," I replied. "Does your mom know you like touching each others dicks?" Chaz shook his head. I looked at his brother. "Do you like touching his dick, Luis?" The shyer twin nodded. I could tell he was close to tears. He was the one I needed to break first. Kneeling before him, I pushed his hand away, cupped my right hand between his thighs and began rubbing his small dick. When his brother realized what I was doing, he leaned over for a closer look. It didn't take long to stroke Chaz's kiddy dick to full stiffness again. The instant I wrapped my lips around it and started to suck, I knew I had won him over. A young boy with a hard-on wasn't going to offer any resistance. The kid might have been too young to shoot any cum, but that didn't mean he couldn't climax. His dick had been in my mouth for only about two minutes, before his small body rocked and he squealed in ecstasy. "Did that feel good?" I asked afterwards. The seven year old boy could only nod eagerly in response. "Your turn now," I told his brother. Luis didn't need me to arouse him, as he was already sporting a handsome four inch boner. Standing before me, he stuck his little boy dick into my waiting mouth. The shock of being caught and the fear of being punished had vanished as quickly as his inhibitions. I remembered that the front door of the gymnasium was still unlocked. Anybody could walk in and catch me with the two naked boys. But I was too excited to really give a damn. Danger and boys were the twin addictions I had enjoyed since I was in my late teens. A guy who had once ass fucked an eight year old black boy in the toilets of a fast food joint wasn't going to worry too much about an unlocked door. After I had sucked Luis to an equally rapid orgasm, I stood up and pulled down my sweat pants and underwear. The eyes of both young boys widened at the sight of my throbbing eight inch hard-on. "What do you think of my dick, boys?" I asked, wrapping my right fist around the shaft. "It's really big, Mister Hailes," Chaz replied. "Does it shoot stuff?" "It sure does," I answered. "Have you ever seen a man's dick shoot stuff?" "We saw it in a video dad hired out," Luis told me. "This guy was sticking his dick in a girl. Then, he pulled it out and made it shoot stuff all over her ass." "If dad knew we saw it, he'd be really mad," his brother added. "I would never shoot my stuff with a girl," I said, sounding suitably disgusted by the thought. "Boys are much nicer, don't you think?" "I don't like girls," Chaz declared. "Me neither," his twin added. "Then we're all the same," I smiled. "I bet you boys would love to see me shoot stuff." "I guess," Luis murmured. "How do you do it, Mister Hailes?" Chaz demanded. "Luis and me pull our dicks all the time, but nothing ever comes out." "It will when you're older," I promised. "But I'll shoot stuff for you now, if you touch my dick. When the stuff comes out, you can taste it and see if you like it." A little more persuasion was required, before Chaz grabbed my dick. Luis was more interested in my hairy balls, cupping and squeezing them in both hands, while his brother sandwiched my hard-on between his palms and began rubbing back and forth. What the pair lacked in experience, they made up for in instinct. I had known I was gay when I was only a few years older than they were. These sexy twins were already on the way to making up their minds. All they needed was an expert teacher. Sitting back on the bench, with a boy to either side of me, I fondled their small dicks back to full stiffness, while they worked their magic on my own dick and balls. Now that they were excited again, they became even more eager. Both were holding my dick and pumping it like they couldn't wait for me to shoot my load. It was big enough for two pairs of small hands, but not so big that they would be intimidated by it. The boys were leaning over, close enough to get a facial, but I didn't want to cum that quick. Their education was just beginning and I had a feeling they were fast learners. "Do you boys ever suck each other's dicks?" I asked. "Sometimes," Luis answered. "Would you like to suck my dick?" The pair looked at each other. I knew they wanted to, but they were a little nervous. "You try it, Luis," I urged the boy to my left. "See if you like it. Then your brother can try it." The seven year old hesitated a moment longer, then leaned over and tentatively touched the tip of his tongue to my foaming cock slit. He lapped up a pearl of pre-cum, rolled it around in his mouth, then swallowed. The taste was obviously to his liking, as he opened wide, wrapped his lips around my purple dome and started to suck, while his brother continued to masturbate me with both hands. My little boy Johnny had learned his cocksucking skills from his father, but little virgin Luis showed an aptitude for oral sex that was quite impressive. He sucked on my gleaming purple dick bell, gradually taking a little more in his mouth. His brother watched for a couple of minutes, then demanded his turn. Eight throbbing inches was enough for both little boys to share and they did so eagerly, fondling my hairy balls and licking every inch of my big, fat pole. The pre-cum that squirted from my slit was lapped up without hesitation. Luis looked up at me and grinned, licking his lips. "Is that your stuff shooting out, Mister Hailes?" he asked. "No, but it's coming!" I gasped. "Oh fuck, it's cumming!" My dick spurted like a geyser, splattering hot, thick cream over the dusky faces of both little boys. Chaz seemed momentarily taken aback, but his brother lapped up the stuff like a proper little boy slut. I used my underpants to wipe the cum from the kids' faces. The front door was still unlocked, but I didn't want the party to end just yet. If I was going to get caught, I might as well have as much fun as possible before I went down. After I had sucked their sweet little dicks hard once again, I told the two young boys to bend over the bench and spread their legs wide. I was going to show them something they would enjoy even more than having their dicks sucked. I started with Luis, spreading his ass cheeks with both hands and swirling the tip of my tongue around the dark brown bud of his asshole. "Tell your brother what I'm doing to you," I told him. "Mister Hailes is licking my butthole," the young boy panted. "It feels really good too." It tasted really good. It would have tasted even better, had I walked in on the boys before they had the chance to shower. But then, I guess some guys are just never satisfied. By the time I buried my face between Chaz's skinny cheeks, he was wiggling his ass in anticipation. He even had his hands on his buttocks, offering his sweet, puckering little hole for my pleasure. I decided right then that he was the one I was going to fuck, provided nobody bust in and broke up the party. "Hey, Luis, how would you like to stick your dick up your brother's butt?" I asked, rising to my feet, right fist gripping my hot boner. "I bet you've never done that before." "No, Mister Hailes," the kid agreed. "You think I could?" "Sure you could." I licked the long finger of my right hand, smeared it with some of the pre-cum that foamed around my cock head, then slowly pushed it up his brother's tight ass. Chaz squirmed and whimpered a little, but my tongue had done a good job of priming him. "Your brother wants to be fucked, just like a little girl," I said, pushing my finger deeper. "Isn't that right, Chaz?" "I guess, Mister Hailes," the kid murmured. Luis was convinced. As soon as I had withdrawn my finger, he moved into position behind his twin brother, his little dick throbbing excitedly. Reaching between his legs, I gripped it like a cigarette and guided it to Chaz's virgin hole. One thrust, and his brother's dick was buried to the hilt in his ass. Like any little virgin boy, Chaz was reluctant at first. But when Luis began bucking his hips and stabbing his fuckhole with an impish frenzy, his whimpers rapidly turned to murmurs of pleasure. Watching the beautiful preteen boys fuck, I sucked the sticky finger that had been in Chaz's ass. Luis didn't know it, of course, but he was just getting his brother ready to be fucked by a full sized piece of meat. Luis reached his kiddy climax in a couple of minutes. He would probably have continued to fuck his brother, had I not pulled him back. It was my turn now and I could not afford to wait any longer. Holding Chaz down with one hand, I guided my dick to his hole, smearing the sticky rim with pre-cum, before pushing. He was tight and he was suddenly scared. Compared to my hard-on, my finger and his brother's dick were tiny. "N........, no, stop........., hurts!" he cried. "Don't be a girl, Chaz," I told him, sternly. "You're a big boy now. You'll like it - I know you will." If I was honest, I had never met a kid that liked first time anal sex. Johnny was the exception, but he had become accustomed to being used by his dad, before he ever took my dick in his small ass. Any way you care to slice it, it was rape, but I didn't care. I forced three inches of my hard dick into the stretched asshole of the sobbing boy child, then grabbed his hips with both hands and began fucking him. His brother watched closely, his expression a mixture of excitement and fear. He probably knew his turn was coming, though not today. Ignoring the protests of the seven year old boy, I fucked his ass hard and fast, each thrust a little deeper than the last. Chaz might have felt like he was being ripped apart, but I never pushed deeper than four inches inside him. The thumb and forefinger of my right hand wrapped around the base of my dick helped me to a rapid climax. As my cum flooded his bowels, the young boy convulsed and gripped the edge of the bench with both fists. 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