Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. MMFgg pedo oral anal orgy porn preteen prostitution Searching for some action in Manila, Max meets new friend in a bar. They pick up a preteen street girl and take her back to a hotel room, where they satisfy their animal lust to the full. No hole is left unfucked in an afternoon of hot action between two men and a helpless little Filipino girl ----------------------------------------- The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between adults and a young child. The author would like to stress that it is 100% FICTION. ------------------------------------ Note Sergdriver. This story is a continuation of "Filipino Pedo Club". You can read my translations of this storyes in Russian. ------------------------ Asian Delight by Maxamm 'Cute, isn't she?' I glanced at the guy to my right. We had both been watching the same thing - a cute Filipino girl of about eleven, who was sitting on the lap of a fat, middle-aged white guy. Her light pink cotton dress scarcely covered her ass. It didn't take a degree in rocket science to figure out that she wasn't this man's daughter. I had already been in Manila for two days, but had yet to find myself a pre-teen girl. There were plenty of teenage prostitutes available, but I hadn't come all this way to fuck the kind of girl I could easily find back home. 'Sure is,' I agreed. 'But I like my girls a little younger.' He nodded. 'Me too. First time in the Philippines?' 'Yeah. I heard this was a pedo's paradise, but I haven't had any luck yet. Guess you have to know where to look.' 'I know where to look,' he told me. 'Haven't you noticed all those little kids begging in the street? Picking one up is child's play, if you'll pardon the phrase. I come here twice a year, so I should know. My name's Carl, by the way.' I shook his hand. 'Pleased to meet you. I'm Max.' 'Well, Max, I suggest we finish our beers and go find ourselves some child pussy. We can take her back to my hotel. I have an arrangement with the doorman.' Carl was right. The streets of Manila were a pedophile's shopping mall, crawling with poverty-stricken kids whose eyes lit up at the sight of a dollar. The girl we chose looked like she was hardly five years old. She didn't speak a word of English, but that didn't matter. We didn't plan on giving her mouth much time for talking. Twenty minutes later, we were in Carl's hotel room. I whistled as he stripped the child of her street rags. She was a real beauty, with shoulder length black hair and a small, unblemished, dark skinned body. From the frightened look in her big brown eyes, it was obvious she had not been in this kind of situation before. Innocent and unmolested. Perfect! 'Want to help me get her cleaned up and ready to fuck?' asked Carl. 'You bet,' I answered, my hard-on already uncomfortable in my trousers. We both stripped, then led the naked little girl to the bathroom. There wasn't room for three in the shower cubicle, so Carl had the pleasure of washing and soaping her, paying particular attention to her ass and pussy. I stood in the doorway, fisting the throbbing boner that would shortly be breaking this little slut wide open. 'Ever fucked one this young before?' asked Carl. 'Never had the opportunity,' I answered. 'That's the reason I came here.' I toweled the little girl dry, taking the opportunity to touch her all over. The mound of her hairless pussy was soft as silk. 'Christ, she's so small!' I murmured, tracing a fingertip over her tiny slit. Carl grinned. 'That's the way we love 'em, right?' The little one squealed as I pushed the tip of my finger into her pussy. But she didn't squeal for long. My partner grabbed her by the hair and forced the fat purple crown of his huge cock into her open mouth. She started to gag as he rammed several inches down her throat. Had he tried to stuff her with his full ten inches, he would certainly have broken her jaw and probably choked her. I thrust my finger deeper into her virgin pussy, holding her with one arm wrapped tightly around her waist. The sight of Carl's massive hard-on fucking her face was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. Though I did not consider myself a sadist, I had no problem with us forcing this small, helpless girl to do whatever we wanted. When it came to my turn, there would be no holding back. After all, sex with children was the one and only reason I had come to Manila. 'Yeah, suck that big cock, you dirty little cunt!' Carl grunted, ramming his fuckpole further down her throat. Her little body jerked as I penetrated her with the full length of my finger. I couldn't believe how tight she was. 'Christ, I can't wait to fuck her!' I gasped. 'Then don't,' Carl replied. 'Ohhhhhhhhhh...... what a fucking sweet baby cocksucker!' I raised the little girl off the tiles, so that she was splayed face down between us both, her mouth stretched around Carl's thrusting cock. Holding her with one hand, I positioned my boner between her thighs, then pushed the wet head against her pouting slit. It took more effort than I had imagined to force even the first inch inside her. Her virgin pussy was stretched wide open as I pushed deeper. Had she not been choking on Carl's cock, she would have screamed in agony. 'So fucking tight!' I grunted, impaling her on another two inches. I moistened my right thumb in my mouth, then jammed it into her asshole as I started to fuck her, stabbing her tiny, tight pussy with rapid strokes of my engorged shaft. With each thrust, I sank a little deeper into her body, though I knew there was no way I could use my full eight inches, without causing her serious injury. Carl was doing his best to ram his full length down her throat, holding her by the hair as he aggressively fucked her mouth. He climaxed first, shooting the first few globs of cream down her throat, milking the remainder of the thick mess over her face and hair. I was only minutes behind. My cock spasmed, then my hot lava flooded the child's ruptured pussy. Even before I had withdrawn, the slime was oozing from her slit and dribbling down her thighs. Carl took several photographs of the dazed and sobbing little girl as she crouched on the floor at my feet, cum streaming down her face and upper body and dripping from between her thighs. After we had cleaned her up and calmed her down a little, he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She might have thought her ordeal was over then, but it was really just beginning. This little street slut was going nowhere for several hours yet. Laying her, face down in the center of the large double bed, with two pillows beneath her belly, I held her thighs apart while Carl spread the petals of her pussy and examined her closely. 'Good fuck, huh, Max?' he asked. 'Best I've ever had,' I replied, smacking the child's ass. While Carl probed her pussy with his fingers and tongue, I grabbed a fistful of her hair, yanked her head up and forced my fresh hard-on into her mouth. In the next few minutes, I became a lust-crazed animal, raping her throat with fast, deep cock thrusts, not caring that I was nearly choking her. Carl snapped a few photographs of the action, before spearing the little girl's pussy with his ten-inch fuckpole. He took her with such force, it was obvious he didn't care if he killed her. Right then, neither did I. The child meant nothing to either of us. We did not even know her name. She was a toy, to be raped and abused, before being tossed back onto the scrap heap. 'Fucking little cunt....................., so fucking tight!' Carl gasped, burying at least six inches of his shaft in the little girl's pussy. We raped her without mercy, stuffing her with two throbbing lengths of cock, until she was pumped full of cum in both ends. Afterwards, standing by the bed and smoking a cigarette, Carl looked down with obvious pleasure at the little girl. She crouched between my thighs, tears and semen running down her face, her mouth filled with my semi-hard cock. It felt so good, I just didn't want to let her go. My grip on the back of her neck ensured she did not even try to get away. 'Christ, I love these little kids!' Carl sighed. 'If only it was so easy to get your hands on 'em back home. I could fuck my way through a kindergarten a week and I don't think it'd be enough.' 'They sure are addictive,' I agreed. 'You get much back home?' 'I don't have any kids of my own,' he answered. 'But I have a few good friends who don't mind sharing their little ones with a fellow pedo. I don't go for anything over eight. The younger, the better - that's my motto.' 'A good philosophy,' I agreed. 'This little beauty is just perfect. Fuck, I'm getting hard again already!' Carl's cock was rapidly regaining full stiffness as well. 'Then stick that hard-on in the little bitch,' he grinned. 'That's what she's here for.' 'I want to fuck her in the ass,' I said. Carl licked his lips. 'That's exactly what I was thinking. Let's flip a coin for who goes first. You call.' 'Tails,' was my appropriate response. He flipped a coin and we both watched it fall to the bed. I smiled triumphantly. 'Must be my lucky day. Got any lube?' Carl took a tube of KY from the bedside table drawer and handed it to me. 'Always keep a supply. Grease her up and enjoy. You haven't lived 'til you've fucked a little girl up the ass.' I smeared some of the clear jelly over my cock, then thrust the nozzle of the tube into my little fuck slut's asshole. Carl held the wriggling and whimpering child down, while I squirted a generous quantity of KY into her rear orifice. Kneeling behind her, I raised her lower body off the bed and positioned my cock head at her one remaining virginal entrance. The pillow muffled her screams as I spread her legs and forced my throbbing boner into her ultra-tight rectum. As I stretched and filled the hot canal, I knew I had saved the best for last. Even well lubed, she was so tight it hurt. 'Oh fuck............ oh Jesus....................., this is incredible!' I gasped. 'Oh yeah, fuck that baby girl asshole!' Carl grunted excitedly. Pinning the squirming little girl to the bed with one hand, he pumped his hard cock with the other. I rammed my shaft hard and deep into her ass, impaling her a little more with each thrust. This was like my every hottest fantasy coming true at once. If I had known it would be this mind-blowing, I would never have been able to wait so long. It was difficult to believe I was fucking a girl so small and so young. I raped the five-year-old child like a wild beast, ravaging her asshole with my frenziedly stabbing cock. By the time my cum flooded her bowels, I was drenched in sweat and gasping for breath. The instant I had withdrawn, Carl snatched her legs, flipped her over and drew her onto his greased cock, his big hands gripping her small thighs. It was no longer necessary to hold her down, as she had lost the will and strength to offer even the slightest resistance. All she could do was whimper hoarsely as her tender asshole was invaded by over six inches of huge cock meat. 'Man, she is so fucking tight!' Carl cried. 'You hear me, little bitch? Daddy's gonna fuck your tight little ass so hard, you'll wish you were dead.' The big man fucked the child with such brutality, I was surprised he didn't disembowel her. After he had filled her ass with a second load of semen, he carried her to the bathroom, still impaled on his cock. I followed right behind, not wanting to miss a thing. Sitting her on the toilet bowl, he forced her to open her mouth, then began to piss. The hot amber stream gushed into her mouth and eyes, drenching her face and hair. I had never seen such a perverted sight. 'Feel free, Max,' Carl called out, wielding his streaming cock like a fire hose. 'She's your toilet too.' I did not need a second invitation. Before he had even finished, I was emptying my bladder over the dark skinned little girl, reveling in the freedom to enjoy this additional depraved luxury. The helpless child was repeatedly raped in all three orifices and used as a piss bowl for a second time, before my friend and I were finally satisfied. We cleaned her up, dressed her and delivered her back to the streets, with enough cash stuffed in her panties to feed her family for a month. It was a small price to pay for an unforgettable afternoon. 'So, what do you have planned for the rest of your vacation?' Carl asked, as we enjoyed a celebratory beer in the bar where we had met. 'Same thing as you,' I replied. 'Matter of fact, I think I might pick up another little girl for tonight. Now I've had a taste, I intend to make the most of every minute here.' 'I'll drink to that,' my child fucking friend grinned. --------------------------------------------------- This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.