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He very recognised in 1999-2003 master of the short erotic story. Characters of his texts wander from one in another, united by the general names, as for example “Mr. Deacon's…” Distinctive feature of his imaginations - the active and initiative young little girls, which provoke adults. A narration and lexicon it is often written from their name.

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If you cannot distinguish a side between a reality and imagination of the author of the text, do not read these stories or you do not like a plot, stop reading from any place in the text!




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Elizabeth Learns Lots

Parents encourage sexual education of the daughter on a practical training

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Playing Special Games

His greatest secret desire was to have a little girl to play with, do anything to that he wanted.  He wanted to show her all the wonderful things that a man and little girl could do with and to each other.

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Perverts have transformed a care center into a place for sexual entertainments.

…Gulp.  The title sorta says it all ...!  Gee ..., I hope Burt can hold off, 'til the end!  This one'll sorta finish ya off, for the long holiday weekend, you know?



Bob was surfing the net, looking for webcams. And here he has found, that searched. That in front of the chamber a dissolute daughter and mummy only do not get up......

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A Mouthful for Father's Day, Brownie Christmas Party, Can I Play with With It, Mister; Christmas At The Mall!; Cookies an' Milk an' Brownies!, Earning Our Badges; Elementary Sex; Field Trip! part 1, Hailey Cums!, Halloween Party!; It's Mr. Deacon's Birthday Party!; It's Mr. Deacon's Thanksgiving Day!, Little Girl Tantrum, Little Girls And Ponies And Things, Oh My!: Making Mommy Cum!, More Sissy!, More Than A Mouthful; Mr. D Meets The Brownies!, Mr. Deacon's Girls - Angel,   Mr. Deacon's Girls – Beccy; Mr. Deacon's Girls – Lotte; Mr. Deacon's Girls - Nu Sung, Mr. Deacon's Girls – Tammy; Mr. Deacon's Harbor Trip, Ms. Haley Cums To Visit!; Playing In The Park; Pre-Teen Dance Studio








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