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Wet­_amber one more marginal the writer. His imaginations not less rigid, than in stories by Red Rose, to all other in them are present elements zoophilia. He continues to write the fascinating texts now. I have made a translation on Russian one story "Brothelkeeper"

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If you cannot distinguish a side between a reality and imagination of the author of the text, do not read these stories or you do not like a plot, stop reading from any place in the text!




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The SS Throbbing Cock

Science sex fiction.

The S.S. Throbbing Cock was one of the fuck ships in the fleet of the Confederation of the Unified Nations of Terra ( C.U.N.T. for short). Here in the 23rd century, mankind had discovered the faster than light space drive, and the human race was now scattered throughout the Galaxy.

Slut behaviour / group sex / anal

  Making of a Three Hole Slut It has appeared to the lover not enough sex with the girlfriend. He has blazed with desire to her teenage daughter. Mum does not object. MFf lesbian

Fuck Club

This imagination about club of perverts where they make tortures, torture and to rape the victims

Group sex / anal / NC / torture / snuff


Imagination about the dissolute mistress of a brothel, the same daughter and a heavy awful life of little sex slaves. There is my translation on Russian.

MMfg, zoo, rape,  preteen prostitution


Lauren Fleming had met Billy Rae Parker about four months ago at a rave in the city. She was 15 years old and had run away from her drug-crazed parents three years ago. She had been living on the streets when she had gate crashed the rave and Billy Rae found her hanging around the gents toilets offering blow-jobs for twenty bucks. She was dirty, smelt even worst and was dressed in little more than rags.  Billy had bought her drinks and something to eat and offered her a bed for the night. He didn't just do this out of kindness - when he got her back to his flat, he threw her in the shower and then fucked the shit out of her. By the time the dawn broke through the window of his flat, he had splattered his spunk into every hole she had.

MmbFfg  Inc zoo(dog,horse)


Except these texts this author writes many other stories.



"A Day of Surprises", "A Typical Saturday", "A Visit to the Grandparents", "Angels", "Babysitter, part 1", "Best Laid Plans", "Carole's Gang Bang", "Carole's Holiday", "Catch 'em, Fuck 'em, Kill 'em", "Charmed", "Convent From Hell", "Dirty Little Fuckers", "Dog Walker", "Egyptian Mummy", "Family Reunion", "Frank",  "Fuck Family", "Gods Disciples", "Helen's Family",, "How The Other Half Live", "It All Began With A Photograph", "Jimmy and Alison", "Julie Takes Charge", "Just a Normal Weekend", "Kelly", "Lauren", "Lesson In Seduction", "Life in the Sticks", "Lindy",  "Making of a Three Hole Slut", "More Lessons In Seduction", "No Such Thing as Soft Drugs", "Nothing Ventured", "Paedophiles", "Peter", "Questionable Motive", "Questionable Motive Again", "Ricks Place", "Schoolgirls", "Seducing Mom and Dad", "Sibling Lust", "Tammy", "The Dinner Party", "The Drug", "The Fuck Club", "The SS Throbbing Cock", "The Slut Family", "The Wedding", "Twins", "Uncle Dave", "Underage and Horny", "Unexpected Sleepover", "Video Fuckers", "XXX41- The Experiment Continues", "Young Love"




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