Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Doll A short story by: Red Rose (Mg ped nosex) In a very private convention hall Sam Jones looks out at the 21 men in his audience. Not many, but they are men that he knows, at least some small bit. He had invited several woman to the demonstration, but they did not show up. He stood at the podium and spoke into the microphone: GENTLEMEN, I AM INTRODUCING TO YOU THE AMAZING FUCKING SUCKING LITTLE TINA DOLL The amazing anatomically correct perfect 'little girl" for the 'desciminating' pedophile! This is my sales pitch. I've invited you here today because I know most of you, I know some of your most secret desires. I admit, I used those desires as my inspiration in creating, Fucking Sucking Tina! When you arrived, you were given a choice of which Tina doll would most suit your personal needs, desires. Now I would like for you to follow my lead and be an active part of this demonstration! Fucking, Sucking little Tina comes in a variety of sizes. She can be bought as an 'infant' size, up to and including our deluxe model representing a girl age 7, with any hair and eye color combination ! In the infant size she is built to be an exact replica of a little girl age 8 months. The only thing that is different in infant Tina is we have built her so that she can accomodate a cock in her tiny pussy or anal opening, and her mouth will stretch far around a big cock too! She looks and feels like a real live baby girl, but you can easily shove your hard needy cock into ANY of her holes!! She responds EXACTLY the way an infant girl SHOULD respond to your hard lust!! She'll kick her little legs, swing her little arms and curl up on your big hard cock! All the Sucking, Fucking Tina models are built with sensors inside which YOU control in the palm of your hand! That's right! But wait!! There's more!!! Inside every Fucking Sucking Tina doll not only do the sensors respond to the remote control in your hand, THEY RESPOND TO YOUR BODY HEAT! Suppose you desire a blonde blue eyed little girl the age of 5 for your fucking pleasure? You order Sucking Fucking Tina model #5 blonde/blue. You open the package and find an EXACT replica of a blue eyed, blonde little girl age 5! How can you use her you might ask? You have your choice of Tina with you right now, so lets find out! Check her over. She has tiny little pink nipples, but it's more than just a flat little nipple! Suck on them and they GROW to the warmth of your mouth! That's right! Her tiny little nipples swell and harden from the heat of your mouth! Once you stop sucking them they return to the normal state! Go ahead, suck on them now! See what I mean! See how Fucking Sucking Tina responds to your touch!!! (oooo's oooooh's and ahhhhh's are heard from the men in the audience as they try this) Now put your finger in her belly button! Watch as the amazing Fucking Sucking Tina's belly moves in tiny pulses to your touch! Now take her in your lap. Spread her legs wide, push them up and back, just like you might a real live little girl. Fucking Sucking Little Tina has a PERFECT replica of a little girls pussy! Go ahead, examine it! Touch her tiny clit, clits can be customized for those who enjoy larger clits on little girls! Just like her nipples her little clit will swell and grow from the heat of your touches! Suck it, go ahead, suck it! Feel how natural it feels against your lips and tongue! Feel it grow and even her little pussy lips twitch to your touch! Now, push your finger deep inside her tiny pussy! Feel that? Feel how her pussy grasps at your finger? Feel how tight she is? Not tight enough you say? Well look at the remote in your hand! See the button that says PT (pussy tighter)? Push it, go ahead, don't be shy! (more and louder groans from the men in the audience) That's right! YOU control how tight or how loose her pussy is! With just the push of a button you can make her squeeze your big hard cock almost painfully! Now shove your finger into her asshole! Push the button on the remote marked AT (ass tighter) Here again, her little asshole will be as tight or as loose as YOU want it to be!!! Now come on guys, don't be shy! We are all men here, pull out your cocks and shove them into Tina's little mouth!! HOLES TO SMALL!!! (is heard from the audience) Not so! Go ahead, push your cock at her tiny little lips! See there! Her mouth automatically stretched to accept your hard cock! You can fuck her mouth and as with her other holes this one is controlled by remote also. Push the button marked MT (mouth tighter) and her mouth will fasten down on your hard cock! She's amazing isn't she??? But wait, there's more! Shove your cock hard, deep into what would be her throat! Go ahead men, do it! Now feel how the soft latex tube gripes your aching member? Fits your cock like a damn glove! Now push the remote button marked SW (swallow) ( orgasmic moans heard in the audience) Yes!!! That's right! By pushing that button you cause the latex tube to undulate, to massage your hard cock! Feels like you've shoved your hard cock down a real live little girls throat and she's swallowing, don't it!!!??? Doesn't she look real? Doesn't she feel real? Can't you imagine fucking every hole she has whenever you wish??? Now don't worry about filling her to full of your hot cum. All you have to do is give her a drink of water and squeeze her tummy. She'll spit out all your hot goo and be clean and ready for your next play! If you've shot into her ass or pussy holes, same thing, a little water in them, a little squeeze and poof, all your cum is washed down the drain! No chance of the wife finding you fucked your little dream doll !!! Remember I mentioned she has a cd sound track in her tummy? Well she does! What's it for you ask? Well let me show you! I've got my very own Fucking Sucking Tina right here! Watch men, watch and listen! I'm going to spread this little love dolls legs, and I am going to whip her little pussy! For what you ask? Well, just like the heat from your touch causes her clit to plump and swell, so to will the heat from the whip slapping it! That's right! You can whip her little clit to your hearts content! AND if you push the remote button marked S (screams) you will hear her scream for you!!!! ( he slapped the life like dolls little pussy with the whip, and immediately the hall was filled with the sound of a little girls scream!) HOLY SHIT!!! (someone in the audience yells) That's right! You can make her scream anytime you wish! Not just that one scream, but a WHOLE SOUND TRACK of a little girl screaming and crying! Imagine how hard you would cum to the sight and sound of whipping little Tina's pussy! You can use any sound tract during ANY way you use her! Want her to scream while you rape her tight little pussy or asshole??? Push the S on the remote! Want her to sigh and moan and giggle at your touch?? Push H (happy) on the remote! Want her to gag on your big cock! Well then push G (gag) on the remote! You will be treated to a whole variety of sounds suitable to your current use of Fucking, Sucking Little Tina! You can even push B (begging) on the remote BEFORE you do anything to her and you will hear a little girl begging you to please not hurt her! Fucking Sucking Little Tina is a real live dream doll! Still not happy? Well then listen to this! I'm pushing the button marked GG (good girl) on the remote! The hall filled with the sounds of a little girl saying, "Please, oh please daddy, fuck me! Push your big hard cock into my tight little pussy!" (loud lusty groans and the sound of an infant girl screaming from the rear of the audience) I hear some brave man has decided to try out his INFANT FUCKING SUCKING TINA! You go guy!! But wait! There's more!! Each and every Fucking Sucking Tina Doll is completely poseable! That's right! Want her on her hands and knees? Well put her there! Want her legs over her head? Do it! Hell, you can even watch your favorite dog fuck this amazing doll! Imagine, Fucking Sucking Tina, is on her hand and knees, your hard cock buried deep into her throat! Behind her, you've trained your best four footed friend to climb up and fuck her in the ass! You can share her! You can train your dog to let Fucking Sucking Tina suck his hard doggy cock!!! Yes indeed, I've trained my own dog Rex to cum in my Fucking Sucking Tina's mouth! He loves it! Imagine, you've always wanted to see a little girl drink your piss, or your doggies piss? Well now you can see it! Fucking Sucking Tina has a large reserve tank in her chest, she can hold up to a gallon of fluid, piss or cum! Can't you just see it!!!??? Your doggy getting his hot rod sucked off and then pissing in Fucking Sucking Tina's little mouth? You can make her cry! You can make her beg! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WISH with your very own Fucking Sucking Tina doll! Now of course each age of Fucking Sucking Tina's sound will not be the same. The sounds of the different age Tina's would be appropriate to that age. An Infant Fucking Sucking Tina can only gurgle in pleasure or scream and cry in pain, or make baby choking noises. 1-2 yr old Tina's talk, but only as a real live little girl might be able to talk at that age. I've tried to consider every need, every whim, tried to make Fucking Sucking Tina as realistic as possible! Notice her construction? Her arms and legs and head all move, you can position them any way you please!! BUT notice there are NO ugly joints to disrupt your sight of her! Now you tell me men, how many of you would just love to own this dream of a little girl? Would you be willing to OWN her for the measley sum of $499.00??? That's right! You get all of Fucking Sucking Tina's remarkable talents and sounds for less than 500 bucks! But wait, there's more! Each and every Fucking Sucking Tina doll comes with an extra sound cd! That's right! A sound cd CUSTOMIZED just for you! Think about it men! Suppose you'd really love to fuck your little 6 yr old daughter Mary? You know you can't, hell no! BUT, you could order a Fucking Sucking Tina doll with your daughters eye and hair color, and have a special CD made to sound LIKE your little girl!!! Just send us a few tapes of your little girls voice, and a script of things you'd like her to say to you!!! We can edit the tape, and mimic her voice to make her say all the things you wish she'd say to you and put it on the cd!!! Now how many of you men would love your very own Fucking Sucking Tina doll? (every man in the audience raised his hand) I accept MISTER CARD, VESA, MONEY ORDERS AND OF COURSE CASH!!! (the audience rushed to the stage waving credit cards and cash) Thank you men! Thank you for making the first Fucking Sucking Tina doll a success!!! ============================ Wish to read more texts of this writer? To load archive, pass to a file 0contredrose.htm in the same catalogue. Or on my homepage Sergdriver ================================ This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.