Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Story_codes: M/f, dad/daut, inc, pedo, scat Story_intro: Linda posed naked on all fours, her bare blushing bum inches from her Daddy's leering face. She wiggled her naked butt. Harry slapped both hands on each of his daughter's ass cheeks, and squeezed. Laughing, he squeezed again. And again. "Ooooo! Daddy!" squealed the naughty brunette, "Your hands are all over my bummy! Eeeee!" She loved it. So Harry played with his preteen daughter's ass, kneading her pink flesh with delight. His greasy fingers slid all over her bum cheeks, touching and examining every pretty inch of her bottom lovingly, poking and squeezing and feeling every delightful goosebump on her soft body. After awhile Harry took his pants off, stroking an enormous cock. He began rubbing it all over his daughter's ass flesh. He knew it was sinful for a father to play naughty sex games with his 8 year old daughter. But he couldn't help himself. Future Slut of Kiddie Smut Written by King Mayonaise Introduction: As the 1990s gave way to the 21st Century, child porn rapidly gained popularity on the Internet. Pictures of little girls posing in scanty outfits as the Spice Girls became little girls in thong bikinis... then topless... then stark naked, spread wide, and grinning in sites such as KS-Models, KS-Videos, BD-Troop and Bald Collection. By decade's end, the KS-X line of hardcore kiddie pics and videos featured preteen girls getting their bald cunts, lipstick red mouths and pink puckered assholes stuffed with huge adult pricks -- gooey gobs of cum galore smeared all over their made-up baby slut faces. In the year 2015, with child pornography running rampant and unstoppable on the UltraHi-Speed SuperNet, the government simply said fuck it; and kiddie porn became legal in all 53 states. By the late 2020's, tons of cheaply-printed kiddie porn tabloids were a common sight at supermarket check-out counters. With titles like Kindergarden Cum Queens, Baby Cheesecake, Hot Preteen Flesh and Bald Cunt Magazine, their colorful pages were filled with girls aged 5 to 12 years old posing naked, or engaged in obscene sexual activities. *As a humorous historical sidenote: Soon enough, a slew of more shocking rags, with lurid titles like Glamour Newborns, Toddler Orgy, Cum Splattered Crib, Diaper Dolls and Cradle Cunt hit an eager public. These popular weeklies featured girls waaaay under age 5 -- some as young as just minutes newborn! -- posed like mini porn models, and getting molested in color pictures. Their back pages openly carried picture ads for homemade baby porn flicks. Groups of guys filming themselves beating off all over naked newborn girls and calling it art.* Now, in the early 2030's, there is a huge glut of child pornography out on the market. Tons of it freely flows thru the SuperNet each day, eagerly downloaded. Home sites, with little girls from around the world being sexually exploited, number now in the hundreds of millions. Countless films are produced daily, in trailer homes and cheap apartments, adding to the thousands and thousands of kiddie videos made each week. Trillions of pictures are in circulation in the USA right now. Clearly, sociology must address this matter. Here, then, are 3 short accounts of 3 preteen girls living in these permissive times, a snapshot of how kiddie porn has re-shaped the lives of these typical American girls, Linda, Amy and Annie. It is offered to Society as sober witness to current affairs, and uses actual swear words only for scientific accurracy. King Mayonaise LINDA Nine year old Linda posed naked on all fours, her bare blushing bum inches from her Daddy's leering face. She wiggled her naked butt. Harry slapped both hands on each of his daughter's ass cheeks, and squeezed. Laughing, he squeezed again. And again. "Ooooo! Daddy!" squealed the naughty brunette, "Your hands are all over my bummy! Eeeee!" She loved it. So Harry played with his preteen daughter's ass, kneading her pink flesh with delight. His greasy fingers slid all over her bum cheeks, touching and examining every pretty inch of her bottom lovingly, poking and squeezing and feeling every delightful goosebump on her soft body. After awhile Harry took his pants off, stroking an enormous cock. He began rubbing it all over his daughter's ass flesh. He knew it was sinful for a father to play naughty sex games with his 8 year old daughter. But he couldn't help himself. "Daddeeee!" Linda wriggled her bubble shaped kiddie butt on her father's fat boner, obscenely grinding on the big cock like she was a human hotdog bun. "Are ya gonna spank me with it? Huh? Are ya Daddy? Are you gonna spank my bottom with your big thing?!" Loud slaps echoed of the peeling tenement walls. Harry bounced his big prick off her butt. He slapped away at her pink flesh. Then he had a better idea. "Turn around, Linda. I wanna rub my cock all over your face. Hear me, pumpkin? Daddy wants to rub this big thing on your pretty little face!" The little girl lay face up. Harry smeared her red lipstick with his prick, laughing. He rubbed it obscenely all over her face. He loved the sight of her young face being violated by his big dick. "Are ya gonna cum in my face, Daddy?" the innocent child asked her father, batting her thick false eyelashes. "Do you want me to, darling? Would you like Daddy to beat off all over your pretty face? Hmmm? Just spray my fucking load on your lipstick red mouth? Why don't you beg for it then? Beg for Daddy's cum!" "Cum on me, Daddy! Awwww, please! Please shoot your cum right in my face! Awww, pretty please!" "Ha! Ha! Ha! Okay dearest! Daddy's gonna do it for little dumpling puss. Gonna get a face frost of fuck cream! Yes! On your face! Ha! Ha!Ha!" The heavily made-up 9 year old smiled lewdly, looking up at the big dick looming over her face flesh. It was going to shoot sperm all over her face! Frost her like a fuck cake. Make her bargain make-up run lewdly down her face, mingled with thick gobs of creamy cum. "Heeeere it cuuuuumsssss!!!" Harry sprayed Linda's face like it was Lawn Gardener season, just pumping away on his pork stick, squirting it on her hair and flat chest. "Ah! Oh yeah! Here's more!" More greasy goo spurted from the man's prickhead. It spattered Linda's hair with loud splats, dripping in obscene streams down her face. More was aimed at her flat chest, staining her flat titties with love juice. Harry just kept cumming on his happy daughter until his balls were drained dry. "Oh shit. What a fucking cum!" he gasped. Linda got her accoustic guitar from against the wall. Her face was dripping with human sperm. She wanted to sing a song about it! "I'm wearing Daddy's cu-uum! I'm wearing Daddy's cu-uum!" she chanted, struming primitive chords. "Cause I'm a fucking slut! Look at my hairless cunt!" She slammed a few more basic chords and grinned. "I wanna be just like Joan Baez," she said proudly. Harry laughed out loud. Then he got horny again imagining Joan Baez, with cum on her face and taking a shit. He pictured Ms. Baez's jism-splattered face contorting and got really, really hard. "Wanna take a shit like Joan Baez?" he asked his daughter. "Follow me into the bathroom. Bring your guitar." Linda sat naked on the toilet, leaning back and arching her back, so her asshole was in full view. She strummed an E chord. A big piece of shit started coming out of her asshole. Harry put on a scratchy Joan Baez album at full volume. More shit slid out of Linda's asshole. Linda mimed to the record and continued to take a big dump, her father watching and laughing hysterically. "That's how Joan Baez takes a shit, honey," her father informed her. He'd taught her a valuable life's lesson using quality time. He got to see the kid every third weekend, as agreed in the divorce settlement. He got his wife's lame record collection. He made the best of it. AMY Amy and Daddy sat together on the sofa. Amy was wearing a string bikini and lots of cheap make-up. She was 8 years old. Ed had his pants off, showing her his big prick. He also had a pile of cheesy kiddy porn tabloids from the supermarket. "Look at this little girl, Amy," Ed pointed at the cover of Second Grade Suckers, luridly depicting a 7 year old girl with a big cock stuffed in her mouth. "See what she's doing?" Ed and his giggling daughter flipped thru the child porn rag. Amy had already drank 2 Dr Peppers spiked heavily with gin. She barely noticed when her father undid her bikini top and pulled it off, leaving her bare chested. "See this, Amy," the demented dad opened the latest issue of Kindergarden Cumbath. One color pictorial had a blonde 5 year old girl and three men on a cum stained sofa in some trailer. She posed her lipstick smeared mouth on each of their big, stiff pricks. Then, graphic pictures of all three cumming on the child at the same time. Her baby face and body looked so beautiful dripping with great gobs of adult jizz. More pages of very little preteen girls posing like porn models, sucking huge cocks, getting their little assholes stiffed, and every pornographic act one could imagine doing with a child followed. The pages swam before Amy's bespeckled eyes. At some point she drank another gin-laced soda, and her Daddy removed her skimpy bottoms, leaving her completely naked. "I wanna do like the girlth in them pictures," Amy slurred her words slightly. "Here, darling," Harry offered his daughter his big, stiff prick. "Play with it!" Amy stroked her Daddy's big dork, making him even stiffer. "Open your mouth, Amy!" Daddy told her. "Suck on it like in this magazine!" He held up an open copy of Preteen Playflesh. A big cock was stuffed up the stupid mouth of some 6 year old girl. The sleazy child then smiled as a big load of cum blasted all over her smiling face, dripping down her chin onto her flat titties. Amy studied the kiddie porn pictures some more. So many girls, it seemed, her age or way younger, were sucking on cocks. She even saw some of her friends from school, performing porn acts with big men. Amy figured it must be okay. Amy opened her mouth wide. Ed fit the knob between her lipstick lips. Then he pushed and began fucking her face. It looked just like the kiddie porn tabloids Ed read every week. Ed's brain had been twisted by the obscene publications. They flooded the supermarkets and newsstands. Since child porn had been declared legal a few years ago, hundreds of cheap pulp magazines had been published., each trying to outdo the other in dirty preeteen girls. Amy saw the magazines as she stood in line too, but you were supposed to be over 18 to buy them. She could see the covers showing uncensored sex acts with little girls, ages 4 to 10 or so. Once they had some Christian group at school talk about the evils of now-legal kiddie porn. They showed clips from videos and passed out sample magazines. Amy noticed a girl from her gym class in one of the film clips, getting cum sprayed all over her face by several men. Another girl she sat next to in Math 101 posed naked, spreading her legs on the cover of the sample smut mag she got. Lots of girls giggled throughout the 2 hour film, recognizing many fellow classmates. It gave some the idea they were missing something fun. Amy skipped home with images of girls like her performing porno acts, and posing for naughty pictures. Ed was sitting on the sofa beating off when Amy came in. He was reading the latest issue of Moppet Mouth. He leered at his daughter. She was wearing her school uniform of a too-short skirt that revealed half her asscakes, and a brief bikini top. All preteen girls at public schools were made to dress in such skimpy, revealing outfits. Since Amy had a big, round bottom for such a little girl, Ed could see most of her ass, and his prick got rock hard. It was then that Ed's mind snapped and he thought of Amy's flesh. He could fuck his little girl's bald pussy! Why not? So he'd run to the store with a boner and picked up a pile of kiddie porn tabloids, some cheap gin, and told Amy to put on her new string bikini and put on lots of her mother's make-up. "Your mouth looks so pretty with my cock in it, Amy" the filthy father told his little girl. "Keep sucking, that's it, yesssss." He had his half-drunk daughter naked and giving him a blow-job. Ed watched the obscene spectacle, enjoying the sight of Amy's smeared lipstick as he fed her his meat. Like in the porn rags. Just then Amy's mother walked in. "Oh my god! What's going on!" the woman stopped at the sight of their 8 year old daughter sucking her husband's big cock. "Awwww, shaddap already!" Ed didn't give a fuck that his wife caught him and his daughter. "Watch this, bitch!" Ed pulled his prick from Amy's mouth. Grinning, he began to spray cum all over her face and glasses, laughing at his wife's shocked expression. "I'm cumming right in Amy's fucking face, bitch! See? Ha-ha-ha! That's how it's gonna be from now on, get me, bitch? Whenever I want, I'm gonna strip Amy naked and do what I want to her. Ya know what else?" Ed burped. He shot his last spurt, then he wiped his dripping knob in Amy's hair. "I'm gonna start takin' some pictures of Amy, like in them kiddie rags." "Yeah, Mommy!" said the cum dripping child. "I wanna be in them kinda magazines! I'm gonna pose naked and be a porno starlet!" Anne looked from her husband to her daughter. She knew she'd been outvoted. She'd just have to accept hardcore pedophillic sex taking place in their living room. Besides, most of her woman friends had daughter's being molested and appearing in porn. They complained about it over coffee and cigarettes, sitting around their New Jersey kitchen table, sounds of the toxic freeway right outside their dirty screened windows. "Oi! What am I gonna do about it?" sighed Mildred, who had a cute 7 year old daughter. "My husband makes her pose naked for those filthy magazines!" "Mine too!" agreed Doris. "Look at this! Look what my 9 year old daughter is doing in this!" Doris slapped a lurid tabloid named Preteen Sluts down on the table. She opened it and there was 9 year old Debbie, sucking a big cock. More pics showed her face being splattered with a load of cum. All the woman tsk-tsked at the obscene sight. "Oh, god, look at these!" added Martha, who had a rosy cheeked, little red haired daughter named Peggy. Peggy was 8 years old. All the other mother's thought Peggy the picture of innocence. Several magazines featured Peggy posing with a big cock up her bald cunt, smiling lewdly and being fucked for the cameras. The woman were shocked as they thumbed page after page, seeing redheaded Peggy sucking lots of cocks, and posing with cum splattered on her made-up face. "She's also in a bunch of porn videos. Doing god only knows what! But I brought one along to see, once and for all!" She slipped the disk in the player and the large screened, hi-definition TV brightened the dingy New Jersey kitchen. A title announced Peggy Plaything and onscreen appeared Peggy, stark naked and standing in a tub. Three men stepped into the frame and began beating their enormous pricks. Martha watched in absolute shock as they began shooting their cum all over her 8 year old daughter. Huge gobs of greasy jism splashed against Peggy's pink flesh, dripping obscenely onto the shag carpet. Then they began pissing right on Peggy. "Oh my dear fucking god in heaven!" Martha thought she might faint. Lurid yellow streams of human piss were spraying streams of pee all over Peggy. They were aiming it at her face, smearing her cheap make-up and laughing. "I - I never thought it would be so obscene! Look what they're doing to my little Peggy! Oh my God!" The other woman comforted her, with several shots of rotgut whiskey. More kiddie porn rags were passed around, like family pictures from pedo hell. Each woman had a preteenage daughter posing for the kiddie mags. Many made complimentary remarks about how the child was growing, or looked like the mom -- despite a girl's mouth being stuffed with cock, or a face covered in cum. All 8 women drank more shots chased by tall malt liquer cans, and a fat joint was passed around. More magazines were laid on the table, like family sex scrapbooks. "This is when Megan just turned 6," said Macy, opening a copy of First Grade Flesh. Megan was wanking off two cocks just above her head. More pics showed gobs of cum on the girls happy face, then very dirty pictures of Megan's bald baby cunt getting fucked. "These are the only pictures I have of her at that age," Macy sighed. She took a double shot of whiskey, and giggled. "She does look cute wearing my make-up, doesn't she?" Brenda produced several tabloids with extra-lurid pix of her 5 year old daughter, Britney. On the cover of Kiddy Trash, Britney was wearing nothing but platform shoes, her skinny legs spread extra wide to show off her pink hairless cunt. "They say Britney takes after my Aunt Petula, on my mother's side," said Doris, flipping thru the colorful magazine, and stopping at Britney's pictorial. "Such lovely red hair... I wish my husband would stop using her hair for a cum rag!" Now Anne would have her own obscene tale to tell, and soon Amy would be shown fucking and sucking in kiddie porn rags, so she could show to the other women. She'd fit in better with the prim group then, she thought. It started the next fucking day. Ed hauled out the video camera and had Amy stark naked and posing right in the living room. Amy smiled and spread her legs wide, looking over at her mother. The nude 8 year old shamelessly displayed her hot skin and talked dirty for the camera. More pix were snapped of Amy acting like a mini porn starlet, displaying her pink flesh in wild poses. Martha sat trying to watch The Price is Right, but her eyes were drawn to the spectacle beside her. "Watch this, bitch." he told his wife. " Watch what I'm going to do to our 8 year old daughter!" Ed tore off his pants and stroked his huge prick. He grabbed Amy and played with her naked flesh obscenely, rubbing his hot hands all over her pink skin and laughing out loud at his wife. "I'm molesting Amy! I'm molesting Amy!" he chanted in a sing-song voice, sounding like a sex psycho. "Let's make Mommy watch us fuck!" Amy suggested. "Watch, bitch!" Ed ordered his wife, "watch me fuck Amy's bald little cunt! I want you to see it, bitch! Watch me fuck Amy! You will watch, you stupid bitch! Ha! Ha! Ha! With your top off!" Ed reached out and savagely tore off his wife's blouse and bra, leaving the big titted mother topless. Now Amy could see her mother's giant breasts. Anne blushed. A mother topless before her young daughter! Anne tried to cover her breasts with a copy of the Bible. Ed began fucking Amy right on the floor, stuffing her preteen pussy with his mammoth meatpole. He grinned like Satan at his half-naked wife, and tore her shorts off with one paw leaving her without a stitch on. She still held the Bible. "It's a sin, Ed!" she preached. "It's a terrible sin to fuck your own daughter, Ed! She's so young! Take your big, stiff penis out of her this instant! Look what it says in the Bible!" Anne opened her Bible and gasped. Some fucker had switched the New Testament with the Porn Bible of Family Love, an obscene christian book with a pro-incest Jesus. It had the drunk Jesus performing porn miracles while swilling cheap chemical wine and pawing a slutty 7 year old girl. Holy shit! Anne's mind exploded in a pink cotton candy fuzz of pure fuck nirvana. She joined her daughter and husband on the floor. "Lick Mommy's big tits, Amy!" she pressed her daughter's bespecled face against her breasts, while her husband took pictures. Anne had rejoined the family in sexual happiness. And they all lived happily, naked, and cumming ever after, committing loving sex acts day and night. They made a fortune exploiting Amy in the kiddie smut trade, and Anne even began posing naked with little boys, for other types of magazines devoted to motherly incest. Anne masturbated daily to her Porn Bible and felt born-again in sex heaven. She prayed to a lovely, sensitive, and subtle portrayal of Big Cock Jesus spraying cum on his Mother Mary's face, helping Anne divine true family happiness thru loving, hardcore incest. Amen! ANNIE Annie's mouth was stuffed with her Daddy's cock. Up and down her blonde head went. She was 6 years old. "Suck it, baby! That's it, Annie!" the dirty dad pumped his prick in and out of her wide open mouth. "Just like Susie and Karen do!" Annie had two older sisters. Susie, ten, and Karen, eight. They were also dumb blonde Pollacks, just like Annie. Joe molested all three whenever he felt like it. "Ooolllmmmphhh!" went Annie's mouth as her eyes buldged out. His big cock was halfway down her throat. "Suck! Suck harder! Suck it, slut!" Joe ordered his little pigtailed daughter. Eight year old Karen walked in. She giggled at what her Daddy and younger sister were doing, and took off her own clothes. "Can I join you?" the smiling blonde showed off her shinny pink body, then got down on her knees beside Annie, watching Joe's fat cock go in and out of her slobbering mouth. "Boy! Annie sure is learning to suck good, huh, Daddy?" "Yeah, her fucking mouth is getting there!" Joe grunted. Then he pulled out his saliva wet prick. "My turn! My turn!" Karen grabbed Joe's cock and stuffed it right up her face. She sucked and slurped loudly, moaning around his meat. Joe watched proudly as she obscnely fucked her face on her Daddy's huge cock. Karen could deep throat the whole length of her father's whopper. She showed off for Annie, who watched the incestuous act like a kid watching a rape cartoon. "Okay, it's Annie's turn again, " Joe said, taking his cock out of one daughter's mouth, and sticking it in the other's. Annie sucked even better than before, using more tongue. "Good girl, Annie! That feels good!" Susie walked into the den, just home from school. She giggled, and took off her school uniform -- a flimsy halter top, and a micro miniskirt so short her whole ass stuck out. Adhering to the strict dress code, she wore no panties. Susie had just turned 10, and had gained a few pounds in her ass. Daddy made her eat big plates of Kielbasa and cheese fries, so her butt would get nice and fat, and she could pose in kiddie nudie cutie mags. So what if all the male teachers in her elementary school screamed 'fat ass!' in her face? Susie was used to it! She knew she deserved it for being a fat ass. So fat ass Susie joined right in the obscene fun. Joe made all three daughter's line up on all fours with their cute ass cheeks facing him. Beating his meat furiously, he began shooting a big, messy load across their ass flesh, laughing as loud as they were. Spurt after spurt of thick, greasy man-goo splashed against their pretty, peach colored ass cheeks. All three blonde child bimbos giggled as Joe smeared his cum all over their little buns. "Karen," he ordered, picking one. "Why don't you lick the cum off Sue and Annie's asses while I take pictures." He got his mini-DV camera, good for stills and short films. Most modern kiddie porn was shot with such home equipment, then distributed around the Internet, where eager collectors saved and reposted such material for all eternity. One hundred years from now, in some format, Joe figured guys would be beating off to pictures of Sue, Karen, and Annie being seually abused. That made him laugh. Joe laughed almost hysterically when Susie wrapped her lipstick caked mouth around his cock, making him hard again. She bobbed her blonde head up and down. He laughed and laughed and laughed. Then he farted. He laughed louder. He came in Sue's mouth, making her eyes bulge out. Sperm squirted out her nostrils. Gagging, Susie puked up his cum, along with her Froot Loops into a puddle on the floor. That made him laugh even harder. Maybe he shouldn't have taken that LSD. He meant to feed the kids some, but first he thought he'd be a motherfuckin' responsible parent and, like, check it out. It must've been laced with Viagra, 'cause he had another giant hard-on. He looked at his 3 little daughters, all naked and stained with his cum. Far out, man. All big Daddies should do what he was doing. It made sense in his LSD soaked mind. Pretty pink bubblegum baby flesh. "Here Susie, take this," the zonked dad handed her a sugar cube. "Karen and Annie, you too, here's one for each of you. On three, I want you all to swallow that sugar cube, okay? One.. two.. three!" All three naked girls took the LSD. Joe looked at his watch. Thirty minutes and their childish brains would be fried nicely. And he'd have even more fun with them. Life was beautiful. So he stood up, bent his hairy ass into Susie's stupid, puke and cum-stained face, and let loose with a loud ripping fart. Right in the bitch's face! Then he sat back down. Yep. Life was fucking beautiful. He laughed as loud as he fucking could. THE END Copyright 2006 King Mayonaise Kiddie Kartoons, Ltd. Copyright (c) 2006, King Mayonaise. ALL Rights Reserved ============================================ This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. ********************************** Wish to read more texts of this writer? To load archive, pass to a file [0contKMayon.htm] in the same catalogue. Or on my homepage Sergdriver There more many fascinating stories of other writers and mine too! *********************************