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HealthyFantasies one more marginal the writer. Splash in creative activity has fallen to 2009, and since June 2010 is not written yet any text. Plots of his stories are very fascinating. I have made a translation into Russian of one of them.

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If you cannot distinguish a side between a reality and imagination of the author of the text, do not read these stories or you do not like a plot, stop reading from any place in the text!




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Waiting for Hubby

The wife overhears, that the husband in a room does with the girl and receives too pleasure.

M/g, voyeurism, oral, anal

My Sweetest Piece of Ass

Daddy has noticed, how his daughter secretly masturbates and decides to help her...

M/g, pedo, cons

Return to Paradise

After Ken Murry is left with daughter following his wife's suicide, he struggles with the realization that he is aroused by the idea of child sex. He joins an unusual club and unknowingly begins a journey into a life he could scarcely have imagined a few months before.

M/M, MMFbg  porn, orgy ped inc


The protagonist shares memories on visiting of Brazil and Kampuchea. He has aimed together with the girlfriend who has gone mad because of sex, to go round all world and to test pleasures, entering in sexual contacts, to young female representatives of all basic ethnic groups occupying our planet.

M/f, incest, oral



The texts of this author not published still in my collection.



"Doin' Suzy", "Fun at the Institution", "Masturbation Fixation",  "Return to Paradise", "Seeing Them, Showing Them", "Using Kim",  "Waiting for Hubby





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