Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Title: PEDO! PEDO! PEDO! Part: Chapter 1-3 Author: Cuckold Wimp John Keywords: MFg inc ped Summary: In a compartment of a train the father with pleasure observes, how the dissolute priest deprives of virginity his young daughter. After that the daughter takes part in an incest-orgy of all lewd family. ========= This story is a work of fiction ======== "PEDO! PEDO! PEDO! (Part 1) Written by Cuckold Wimp John It was the holiday season and my gorgeous little 7 year old daughter and I were on a train bound for the six hour ride to my in-law's home in the country, two states away, to spend Christmas and New Years. My wife Stephanie had flown there to her parents home two days earlier, but I had opted for the train ride, not having traveled on one since I was a boy, and I wanted to take our daughter April with me so that she too could experience a train ride, just as I had when I was her age some 25 years ago. April was very excited by about going to see Grandma and Grandpa and by the train ride itself, not to mention her excitement about it being the Christmas season and having two very long weeks away from school. April was our only child so my beautiful auburn-hair wife did not object at her accompanying me on this train ride rather than flying with her. I had even purchased a private compartment for April and me so that we could enjoy the rail ride in comfort and privacy. Our compartment featured relaxing leather benches, two of them, one across the way from where the other was, and April sat in one while I occupied the other opposite here. We also had a nice, though small, private bathroom, which even included a stall shower, much to my surprise. My little young daughter and I were both staring out the window at the platform as the train began to pull away and our journey was beginning when we heard a soft knock at our compartment door. I thought it must be the conductor so I rose to let him in. But when I opened the small metal latch I was greeted by a tall, slim gentleman of perhaps 50 years of age or thereabouts, holding a black leather satchel in his left hand and clad in a black suit with a religious white collar band around the neck. I wasn't sure whether he was a priest or a minister or what had prompted him to knock on the door of our compartment. He smiled and quickly explained his dilemma. It seemed he, like me, had reserved a private compartment but due to some sort of unknown mix-up it had not been booked. He explained sadly that all of the coach seats were almost filled to capacity due to the heavy holiday travel, and he was searching for someone kind enough to allow him to share their compartment, a gesture he was willing of course to compensate them for monetarily, he added. I looked over at April who by now had turned her soft, doe-like blue eyes away from the window and on us instead. "Well, Pumpkin," I said, "should we invite this poor misplaced gentleman of the cloth to join us or send him away? It is Christmastime, you know," I added with a smile. "Oh, yes, Daddy," she piped up, "let him come in. He's a Holy man!" she exclaimed as an afterthought. He smiled and extended his hand. "I'm Reverend Carl Hopkins," he informed me as I shook his outstretched hand. "I'm Bob Pierce, Reverend," I told him. "Come on in and make yourself comfortable." He smiled, then closed the door softly and locked it. April jumped over to where I had been sitting previously and Reverend Hopkins sat in her prior seat now up against the window. "Thank you for making room for me, young lady," he smiled at April, and she smiled back. I now was seated directly across from our new compartment member with April to my left. The Reverend and I chatted a bit, me telling him my age (32), occupation (insurance adjuster) and that Stephanie and I had been wed 8 years and that April was an only child. "And a very pretty child, too," he mused, beaming at April. She blushed but smiled broadly, the compliment pleasuring her young innocent ego. He informed us that he was headed home, which was the same town my in-laws resided in, having come from visiting a friend in our hometown. He said he was 52, never been married, and the absolutely adored children. "Especially pretty little girls like your daughter here," he smiled, showing even white teeth between his trim white beard and neat white mustache. Again little April blushed but managed still another bright smile at his comment. We sat in silence for a few moments while April squirmed around next to me in her seat. She was attempting to get a better view out the window, which was next to impossible from where she was currently seated. "Here," I told her at last, breaking the silence in the tiny compartment, "Climb up onto my lap, Pumpkin, and then you can see real good out the window, okay?" She smiled and eagerly climbed onto my lap, her head immediately turning to the outdoors beyond the glass window to our right. In the course of her wriggling about on my lap, her pink and white short dress had managed to work its way upward unknown to me at first. But as I gazed out the window, along with April, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the Reverend's eyes were apparently fixed on my pretty daughter's crotch area. I shifted my own eyes down to that area discreetly and took note that April's legs were apart. She was wearing white knee length wool socks with a pink trim at their top to match her cute pink chiffon party dress. April, winsomely pretty, with her lush blonde hair pulled back into a ballerina'' bun, was totally unaware of gazes her crotch area was receiving from the not so religious reverend seated across from us. I was just about to say something to him concerning this matter when he raised his eye level and looked at me. "Please allow me to pay you, Bob," he said, "for half of this compartment cost." I waved his offer off. "Not necessary," I replied, now beginning to wonder if quite possibly I had been incorrect about his staring at April's crotch. "Well, then at least take one of these," he said with a smiling face as he reached into his leather satchel next to him and withdrew a candy box. "They are absolutely delicious," he added, extending the box to me. I took one, thanked him and chewed and swallowed the candied piece. He was right. They were quite tasty. "They have a bit of liquor in them," he pointed out, "so I can't offer one to your daughter," he added sadly. "But I do have these though for her." Quickly, he withdrew a box of chocolate-covered mints and gave one to April. She smiled prettily and placed it in her mouth. Another few minutes passed in silence, then the reverend again commented on April's looks. "She certainly is a lovely girl," he sighed. "She is going to be a definite heartbreaker when she grows up, I'll bet." I smiled. "She already is," I told him. "She has most of the boys at her school crazy about her already. She even got her first kiss just a few weeks ago." "Really?" the reverend responded, very interested in what I'd just said. "Is that right, April?" April blushed and wiggled about some more on my lap. "Was it a French kiss?" he asked her. "I dunno," she replied shyly. "What's a French kiss?" I was going to interrupt but Reverend Hopkins was too fast for me. "It's when two people open their mouths read wide and stick their tongues into each other's mouths," he explained to her. "Oh..." She said, not really too sure she understood. "Well, we didn't do that. Billy Coates just grabbed me and kissed me in the hallway, then he ran away." "Stupid boy," the reverend said with a hearty laugh. The next few minutes took me through a transition I had never before encountered. My body seemed to take on added weight and I felt as though my body was lifeless. In addition, I was rapidly becoming hornier by the minute, as the reverend studied my face with his keen eyes, a sly, knowing grin now playing across his face. It didn't take me long to figure out that the reverend's "candy" was not at all what it appeared to be. Some sort of an aphrodisiac or love potion was obviously imbedded in it! Try as I did to regain my original composure and state of mind I could not do so! My body soon felt as though it weighed 500 pounds or more and the feeling of sexual arousal was overwhelming within me! My cock sprang to life and grew hard as steel in my pants. The reverent studied me closely, the same wicked smile fixed on his face. "Are you feeling okay, Bob?" he asked me with feigned concern. "Uh...actually, no," I replied. "I'm feeling...well, very weird." "Must be something you ate," he mused. "But don't fret, my son. I'm sure it will pass." I just nodded dumbly, realizing now that poor little April's dress had hiked up even further. "Those are certainly cute panties your daughter has on, Bob," he said with a huge grin. "I like red, especially red panties. Don't you, Bob?" "I...I guess so," I managed to weakly reply. "Why don't you relax a bit, son," he said. "April can sit on my lap for a bit while you rest. How's that sound?" Without waiting for a response, he reached over and lifted April off my lap and on to his own. "That's some hard-on you have there in your trousers, my son," he mused, looking now at the tent pole in my groin area. April was adjusting herself to a comfy position in the old lecher's lap but I noticed she didn't bother to lower her hem. I too could now see her cute red panties as the perverse holy man lifted the hem still higher until it came to rest around April's waist. I then watched helplessly as he shoved his one hand inside her panties while holding her tightly in tow with his other. I wanted to get up to retrieve my beautiful seven-year-old daughter from this decadent pedophile, but I simply could not bring my body to do so. "God, Bob," he panted. "her slit feels so damn nice. Have you ever played with it? I mean like I'm doing now?" "," I moaned. "Of course not." He chuckled loudly. "I'm going to show you how to French kiss now, April," he whispered huskily. "Turn your face to me, little lover, and open that sweet little mouth of yours." "Should I, DA...DA...daddy?" she gasped. His fingers were obviously having an effect on her. "Yes, honey..." I groaned. "Do it. Do as he tells you," I added in sheer and depraved horniness. "He's...he's a holy man. So do as he tells you." "Oh...oh...okay, Daddy," she cooed. I then watched lustfully, my stiff prick pressing against my pants, as the evil Reverend Hopkins pressed his bearded 52-year-old face to my sweet daughter's 7-year-old face and stuffed his hot probing tongue deep inside her little mouth. She did the same and soon I could see their tongues entwined lasciviously as he began to finger fuck her tiny hairless slit with expertise. April was squirming now, her cute sexy ass wiggling and gyrating on his lap as he soul kissed her passionately. My aching cock was dripping pre-cum by this time and I was moaning heatedly. "Take it out, Bob," Reverend Hopkins told me. "Take it out and stroke it while watch me do dirty, nasty things to your pretty little bitch slut daughter." I was beside myself with lustful feelings, no longer in control, it seemed, of my body or mind. I responded to Reverend Hopkins' suggestion with a dazed look, a nod, then tugged at the zipper of my fly and freed my straining cock from confinement. I began to stroke it as he had urged me to do. He watched with an apparent glow of satisfaction, his fingers still lewdly nestled in sweet April's bright red panties, moving busily there. "Do it slow, my son," he told me. "Make it last. I don't want you to climax just yet," he added. I nodded across to him that I understood and began now to very, very slowly tug on my throbbing prick, pre-cum still showing amply at its purple head. He worked his fingers ever more diligently now in little April's panties. April now looked across the short space that separated us with wide-open eyes. Then she looked directly at the sinful holy man on whose lap she was being so wondrously molested. "Daddy has his thing out," she giggled, "and it's all hard too." "I know," the reverend replied to her in a mellow, but heated, tone of voice. "It's not his thing though," he informed her, "it's his cock, Sweetie. Can you say cock?" "Cock!" she bubbled out, as if pronouncing a new word her second grade teacher had just taught her. "Cock!" she said it again. "Daddy has his cock out!" "Excellent, baby," the wicked man of the cloth proclaimed. "I shall have to teach you some good filthy words before this trip is over. Would you like to learn them?" "Yes," she squealed, now parting her legs even more so that this stranger in black could insert still another finger up into her virgin cunt hole. "That's a nice boner you have there, Bob," he said to me as my young pre-teen daughter squirmed and twisted on his lap under the manipulation of the skilled finger fucking he was giving her so beautifully. "Tha...thank you, reverend," I managed to say, my eyes fixed steady now on the finger fucking session two feet across from me. "What is it, about 7 inches?" he wanted to know. "Yes," I gasped, "just exactly seven," I added with panting breath as April began to coo with obvious delight at what was being done to her. "I thought so," he said. "Mine is about the same size. I'm going to take it out in a moment so that this little sexpot daughter of yours can see it and stroke it for me. I'm even going to have her suck it, Bob. Would you like to see that, my son? Hm? Would you like to see the little bitch suck my stiff hard-on, Bob?" He was grinning wide now. "Yes!" I shouted out. "I would!" I couldn't deny it. It was true. I wanted to see my lovely precious daughter suck on this lewd bastard's prick and I wanted to see it badly! I even hoped he would cum in her small mouth and gag her with his fuckload of spunk! "I thought you might," he laughed slightly. "Very well, then. I'd better get it out for her. Or better yet, Bob, why don't you do it, hm?" "Me?" I said in surprise. "Yes, Bob," he replied. "After all, as you can see, my son, I'm quite busy over here, finger fucking your little adorable whore's pee hole and holding onto her so she won't fall off my lap. C'mon, Bob, you should have enough control by now of your body to unzip my fly and get out my cock." I somehow found the strength necessary to stand up, though on wobbly legs. The train was moving at a rapid clip now but I stayed steady. I reached down and unzipped the holy man's zipper of his fly and withdrew his fuckpole. He was wearing nylon boxer shorts, which made it a whole lot easier, and his pulsating prick was hot in my hands. I pulled it out and both April and I stared at it. "It's bigger than yours, Daddy," she said. And she was right. It was a bit longer and even somewhat thicker than my own. "Stroke it for me, my son," he ordered. "Not too much though. Then turn it over to the little slut here. Let her do it." I nodded in agreement, and as if in a trance, I began to massage his swollen circumcised rod. He sighed with apparent appreciation. "That's enough, Bob," he said with a husky voice. "Now it's April's turn. Take hold of it, honey," he urged her. "Use both hands and go up and down." She took it with both of her tiny hands, gripping it nicely, and began to jack it lovingly as I watched in awe. I knew I should be feeling anger and disgust, but instead I merely felt hornier and hotter! "Have you ever touched a cock before?" he asked of her, almost panting now as she stroked his love tool. "No, never," she cooed, "but I saw one once." I was startled by that! Whose cock had she seen? Certainly not mine! "Whose was it?" the reverend asked. "Mr. Trent's," she told us. "He's my principal." "I see," Hopkins chuckled. "And just how did that happen, you little bitch?" "Well, me and my friend Sheila were talking in class so Mrs. Penrod sent us both to the Principal's office. That was when school just started this year in September. Mr. Trent said we had to be punished so he made us lift up our dresses to our waists and show him our panties. Then he stood up by his desk and pulled out his thing. Oh, I mean his cock! Then he pulled on it for an awful long time, it seemed, until lots of white stuff came flying out of it, all over his carpet. He made lots of funny sounds too when he did that," she added. "Ill bet," the reverent chuckled. "Then what happened, Sweetie?" "Not much," she replied. "He let us pull down our dresses and go back to our class. But he said if we got in trouble again we could have to come back and he said that next time me and Sheila would have to take off all our clothes and lick each other's cunnies." "You mean cunts, honey," the reverend corrected her. "Not cunny. It's a cunt. Do you understand?" "Okay," she gasped as he began to finger fuck her with more zest now. "Bob," the reverend said, "why don't you drop your pants and shorts? Let your daughter see your bloated balls, son." I nodded and did as he urged. April was still jacking off the reverend's twitching hot cock but she looked now at my balls. "What's in them?" she wanted to know. "White stuff," her new mentor told her. "The same kind of white stuff you saw your Principal shoot off. It's called cum, honey." "Oh," she sighed. "Is daddy going to shoot off his white stuff?" "Not quite yet," the reverend told her. "I want him to see you do certain things first, your little doll. That way your daddy will be good and hot when he does shoot his cum, okay?" "Okay," she cooed. He then extracted his gooey fingers from April's sweet tight pussy hole and she let out a lengthy sigh. He held his hand out to me. "Suck my fingers, Bob," he ordered. "Suck the sweet pussy juice of your sweet daughter's cunt from my fingers." I knew I could not refuse him and leaned over and sucked madly on his fingers, tasting for the first time ever the wondrously delicious cunt juices of my obviously well heated little girl's wet pussy. My cock oozed still more pre-cum as I did this. The reverend smiled. "Pull her panties off for me, Bob," he commanded. "Lift your cute ass, April," he told her and she did. With trembling fingers I peeled the cute red panties from April's body and looked in utter fascination as her gorgeous hairless slit. It was breathtaking. "Hand me the panties and lean over closer, Bob," he instructed. I did as he said. "Now open your mouth, son," he whispered in a demanding tone. "I'm going to stuff the panties into your mouth." I did as he said and my heart skipped a beat as her heavenly little red panties were forced into my open mouth. I almost gagged but my cock did not care. It throbbed almost painfully now! Reverend Hopkins then instructed April to kneel on the leather bench in the space beside him and he then pulled her head down onto his stiff prick. "Open your mouth as wide as you can, you little whore, and start sucking my cock," he demanded of her. I watched in awestruck horniness as her small mouth was quickly filled to its capacity with his hot cockmeat. He pushed her head downward until she gagged but he showed her no mercy. "Suck it, bitch!" he told her loudly. "And suck it good! Keep your teeth out of the way. Just use your lips, mouth and tongue." She was slurping wildly as I watched, her charming panties lodged snugly in my mouth, my hand pumping slowly on my cock. "Damn, the little cunt is doing pretty good!" the reverend called out to me. "She is going to be a superb cocksucker, I do believe." I did not respond, my eyes still glued to what was taking place in front of me. I soon saw the reverend begin to jerk and twist as he fed my sweet little daughter his hard fuck tool. "Shit, I'm going to cum, Bob!" he shouted. "The little whore is going to make me shoot! Grab my nuts, Bob! Quick! Squeeze them for me while I shoot my load of spunk into your little slut's mouth!" I reached over and extracted his heavy sperm-filled balls from inside his shorts and cupped them. They were indeed filled with his spunk, which I knew he badly wanted to empty in little April's belly. I squeezed his nut sac with affection and he began to groan. "I'm...I'm shooting!" he called out with passion. "Get it all, you little slut!" he ordered of April. "Don't spill any of it!" I could not believe what I was seeing. April began to cough, choke and gag, but the deranged minister held her bobbing head in check, refusing to let her up from his jet stream of cum fluid. She lost much of it and it dribbled out of her mouth and onto my hands, which were still fastened to his huge balls. "Aghhhh, goddamn..." the reverend panted. "Not bad! Not bad at all for a beginner. She'll have to be spanked though for not swallowing it all, but I suppose that is to be expected." I gave his balls a good fondling before letting go of them. I noticed now that April had cum drooling from the corners of her mouth. "Take her panties out of your mouth, Bob," he commanded of me. "I want your daughter to wipe my cockhead with them. But first, Bob, give her a nice juicy French kiss so that you too can sample a bit of my cum, hm?" I nodded and moved closer to my sexy little daughter. I withdrew the panties from my mouth. "Open your mouth, honey," I said to her softly, "so daddy can share the holy man's cum with you." She leaned forward, opened her mouth, and we shared a deep and sensual incestuous kiss, his cum now trickling into my own mouth, and I swallowed it. Then I licked her lips of what cum remained there. April wiped the reverend's cock head and also the base of his thick love shaft with her cute panties then handed them back to me. I noticed now that the reverend seemed content. "Get behind her," he told me. "I want to see you lick out her little asshole, Bob, so I can get hard again. Do it now." I got down on my knees, almost to the compartment door, and spread April's little white asscheeks apart. A moment later, as Reverend Hopkins watched approvingly, my tongue entered her tight tiny anal opening and she cried out with delight as my tongue probed it with joy. "Lick her good, Bob," he told me, "or you'll be spanked too." I licked as best I was able to, April's dress hem now still about her waist. I could smell both her ass and her hot little pussy as I tongue her rear tunnel and the sexy aroma of both love holes drove me into a frenzied state of taboo lust. "When I get hard again, Bob, I'm going to fuck her cunt. I'll pop her cherry and you'll lick us both as I do it. How's that sound to you, my son?" he said. "OOOhh," I groaned, not able to answer properly with my tongue up my saucy young daughter's asshole. "PEDO! PEDO! PEDO! (Pt 2) The train continued to roll along smoothly, except for an occasional click - clack sound every now and then, and as I watched the confident Reverend Carl Hopkins have his way with my pre-teen virgin daughter April, I was torn between confusion, mortification, disgrace, and a smoldering passion, the likes of which I had never before experienced, or even imagined was possible. It was as though I were in a trance, a scorching hot robust one, of which I had no control over except to watch in lusty fascination, and obey whatever Reverend Hopkins might order of me. My cock was swollen and throbbing, and begging for relief. It was at this point that the Reverend picked up April and stood her on her feet next to where I was kneeling on the small floor space between our compartment's two leather benches. "Undress her for me, Bob," he smiled. His tone was authoritative and crisp. "I think I'd like her completely naked for her first fucking. I'm going to get naked myself," he added, starting to rise from his seat. "She's going to bleed some, as I'm sure you can imagine once I break her little hymen and penetrate her luscious pussy, so no sense creating a mess, hm?" I nodded, still in a state of almost hypnotic fever, and began to grasp at the buttons of April's pretty dress with fumbling fingers. The thrill that came over me as I began undressing my lush little daughter, knowing I was doing so in order that a complete stranger might fuck her, was so overpowering and unique that my prick almost shot off on its own. April raised her hands high so that I could lift the dress completely free of her body. My entire body was shaking and my hands noticeably trembling by the time I had removed her little shoes and socks. The Reverend was already nude and seated back on the leather bench by the time I had April totally disrobed for him. He was stroking his cock with his left hand very, very slowly and sensually. Now that he was totally in the buff his cock looked even more massive, as it sat fully erect and upright, its purplish head oozing pre-cum juice between his slightly parted thighs. "Place her up here, Bob," he instructed. "Sit her on my lap. I want you to hold the base of my holy shaft while I insert it up your pixie daughter's fuck hole." Again I nodded, picking up April and sitting her just over the head of his large fuck pole. I could not imagine for the life of me how on earth such a gigantic prick would be able to fit inside my daughter's tiny twat. I knelt down between his legs and took hold of the base of his pulsating tool, just above his huge balls. He was holding April with both hands now, one under each of her petite armpits, her small hairless slit just an inch or so above his cockhead. "As I lower her, Bob," he said to me, "rub some of my pre-cum on her opening. It should be enough to get me started." He lowered April just a trifle and I did as he ordered, smearing her tiny opening with his cock fluid. "Ahh, yes...perfect," he moaned, and he began to enter her slit. April cried out immediately in protest of the rude invasion. "Ooww...!" April bleated out, like a wounded lamb, "It...It hurts... Ooww..., Daddy, it hurts!" I looked up at her pretty face. Tears were now forming in her beautiful eyes. "Shhh, Pumpkin," I said very softly, trying to sooth her discomfort. "It will be okay. The Reverend is going to fuck you, Sweetheart. It will hurt a lot at first, but will be okay after. Try to be a big girl, okay?" She nodded reluctantly, tears now streaming down her sweet face, as the horny reverend pushed still more of his immense cock up her little fuck chamber. Again she wailed, but it had no effect on either him or me by now. April howled a bit more and I watched in sheer amazement and crazed lust as more and more of his mammoth cock disappeared inside her pussy. Blood ran freely from her cunt now, down the base of his prick and onto his swollen balls. I could not believe my eyes. He had somehow gotten all of that extra-sized fuck pole up inside her! I watched in utter shame and debasement, but also much stimulation and arousal, as he now began to push and fuck her. He reached around and pinched her little pink nipples, causing her to cry out in pain, as he let his hands move her tiny body up and down on his stiff prick. "Damn, praise the Lord!" he called out, "your daughter's cunt is like heaven, Bob!" He continued to fuck her, and very soon, much to my surprise, perhaps even horror, April started to moan and gasp! Dear God, I thought to myself in shame, she likes it! She's only seven and already loves having a cock inside her. "Lick us, Bob," the reverend panted madly. "Lick us both! Get closer and tongue up that nasty virgin blood from my dick and balls, my son. Lick your little pixie's blood from me, Bob. Do my balls too!" He moaned loudly now. I immediately did as he told me to do, licking away furiously until I had cleansed all of April's blood from his privates, then even his musky sweat and her young, fresh pussy juice also. "Holy fuck, Bob, I'm ready to shoot off!" the reverend proclaimed, panting wildly. I looked up at April, my hands now busy massaging the holy man's contracting nut sac. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip and moaning ever so sexily. " it good, Pumpkin?" I asked her breathlessly. " you like being...fucked, Angelface?" "Ohhh, yes, Daddy," she squealed. "It still hurts, but it feels nice too. I like it a lot. I like being fucked!" She gasped. Just then the reverend began to explode, his cum shooting deep inside April's pussy. "Ohhh, fuck!" he blurted out. "What a cunt! What a fuck this little bitch is!" He groaned loudly and sent still more of his fuck juice up her twat. I watched in complete awe as he filled my sweet daughter's cunt with his horny seed. Once he was done he told me to get the Polaroid camera from his bag. I did so hurriedly. "Take some shots, Bob," he ordered of me. "That's a fresh roll of film. Take some photos while I'm still inside the little slut." Quickly I began snapping pictures. April and Reverend Hopkins both were smiling by the time I got to the fourth or fifth photograph. He held her tightly. His hands roaming freely all over her, feeling her up really well while his cock remained lodged up her pussy. He was also giving her monkey bites - hickeys - of passion on her little neck and shoulders while she cried out in a mixture of joy and pain. When I was done snapping the photos, the entire roll finished, I placed his camera back in his bag. He lifted April off of his lap and told me lay back on the floor on my back. Then he placed April over me and told her to keep her spindly legs wide apart. Her cum-filled cunt was right over my mouth. "Open up, Son," Reverend Hopkins commanded, "Taste my seed, Bob. Taste my cum and your little slut's pussy juice. Get as much as you can, my boy. You don't want her to get pregnant, do you?" he added with a wicked chuckle. My mouth opened wide and I accepted the warm flow of cum juice that ran from April's ravished cunt into my wanton mouth. I licked her clean! "Good job, Bob," the reverend complimented me. "I'm sure you enjoyed doing that too, didn't you, Bob? Eating the cum load of another man from your precious little daughter's cunt, hm?" I nodded shamefully that I did. He laughed. "Now for me, Bob," he exclaimed. "Take your little whore's delightful panties and wipe my cock clean." I obeyed instantly, down on my knees again, wiping clean the fuck slime of their sexual union with my own daughter's adorable panties. He made me put her panties in his bag, explaining he wanted to keep them as a souvenir. He then let me jerk off, at long last, making sure April looked on closely. I didn't care about anything any longer. I needed to cum and badly so! I was on my knees and jerked off into my hand, per the reverend's orders. He then made me lick it all from my hand as he and April watched. April giggled and called me a cum eater. The reverend then looked over the photos and told me I had done an excellent job with his camera. He gave me 4 of the shots and maintained the remainder of them. "Show these to your wife and in-laws, Bob," he told me. "I'll bet they just might relish seeing them." The next hour of our train ride was spent with him teaching April dirty words which she seemed eager to learn. PEDO! PEDO! PEDO! part 3 By the time the train pulled into our station April had knowledge of more dirty words than even I knew! She was busily reciting them over and over as the demented Reverand Hopkins held her on his lap, getting all the feels he could from her before we departed. He informed me that he might call on us soon too and wanted to know if such a visit would be welcome. "I - I honestly don't know," I told him. "I am not at all sure just how my wife would react to .. to .." "To me having sex with your little daughter?" he interrupted. "Well, uh, yes," I sputtered. "Just show her the pictures I gave you, Bob," he directed with a lewd chuckle, "and I'll bet she will welcome me into your home. She might even want to try out my cock herself. Maybe you should tell her just how delicious my seed tastes, hm? That should get her juices flowing." I blushed red and did not answer. He was fondling little April's ass for the umpteenth time now and I almost got hard again watching him do so. I had no idea that watching my sweet daughter get felt up could be so damn appealing! I had watched her get her very first fucking from this lecherous stranger, witnessed her sucking his fat, thick prick, and all that had thrilled me to no end, and now observing him feeling her up was exciting me all over again. I found myself wishing there was time enough for him to fuck her one more time but there wasn't. As the train at last came to a halt at the station the wicked reverend finally let go of her but not until giving her a lustful french kiss which I watched with both envy and exhilaration. April and I left the train, hand in hand, and caught a taxi to my in-laws home. There was Christmas music playing on my in-laws CD player as we entered their home and the place looked festive and joyous in honor of the holiday season. My wife gave me a big hug, as did my mother-in-law and I shook hands with Stephanie's dad. Then all three of them welcomed April with open arms. "Well, sweetie, " my wife asked April, "did you have a nice train ride?" "Oh, yes, Mommy, " she exclaimed excitedly. "We met a real holy man on the train and he fucked me and I sucked his cock, too." Even with the music playing you could have heard a pin drop in that room. The silence was broken after a minute or so by my startled wife. "What?! What did you say?" she queried our daughter. I just stood there nervously, shaking a bit actually, my head held downward as I shuffled my weight from one foot to the other. "I got fucked, Mommy," April boasted in an even louder voice. "This man .. a HOLY man.. came into our compartment and Daddy let him fuck me. It hurt at first but felt kind of nice after a while. He taught me lots of swear words too and said I should practice them" "Words?" my wife asked, her voice quivering now. I was certain she was staring at me but I dared not look up. "Yes, Mommy," April replied. "Do you want to hear them?" "I sure as hell do," I heard my father-in-law pipe up. April looked his way and smiled. "Okay, Grandpa, " she beamed proudly, as if she were about to embark on a recital of something she had learned at school. "He taught me fuck, cock, cock sucker, but I can't 'member ALL of them right now." "And .. and did he teach you what they MEAN, honey?" her granddad wanted to know. "Oh, sure ," April smiled widely. "I know what all of them mean," she added proudly. "He even took some pictures too. Well, actually Daddy took the pictures, " she giggled. "Daddy has some of them that the holy man gave him to keep." "Damn, is that right, Bob?" my father-in-law emitted. "Uh, .. yes," I mumbled faintly, still facing downward at the rug. "Well, shit, let's see them, boy," he came back quickly. I withdrew the four photos from my pocket and handed them over. He looked at them and made several guttural sounds while doing so, then passed them to his wife and finally to my wife. I continued standing alongside April, my head still hanging low. After my wife finished looking at them and did not begin lashing out at me, I gained the courage to look up and face her. She had a strange look on her beautiful face, and I thought it might have resembled the look I probably had on my own face when just a short while ago I had observed the Reverend Hopkins deflowering our young, sweet daughter. "Are .. are you upset, darling?" I managed to ask her. "No, " she replied gently. "I know I probably SHOULD be, but these pictures and hearing April mouth those filthy words has me .. well, excited, i guess would be the honest answer. I think what April said ,AND these sexy photos have also gotten Dad aroused. Am I right, Dad?". She looked over at her father for confirmation. "Hell, yes!" he barked. "Christ, April looks absolutely divine with that huge cock up her little slit! I just can't imagine how in hell this guy got ALL of it up her precious little pussy hole. How in hell did he do that, Bob?" "Uh, I don't know, but he did, " I fizzled. "He really gave her one hell of a fucking, that's for sure." "Oh, Christ, I'm wet," my wife interjected. "Come here, April, let Mommy see your cunny. Is it still filled with the holy man's cum juice, baby doll?" April quickly stepped toward her mother and hiked up the hem of her dress to her waist. "No, Mommy," April informed her, "the holy man's cum got all eaten up," she added with a giggle. "Eaten up? What do you mean?" my wife cross-examined, taking a finger and probing up into April's tiny twat. "Daddy ate it all up!" she squealed happily. "The holy man made daddy lick my cunny, oops, I mean cunt, after he fucked me." "I see," my wife grinned. "And did Daddy like that?" "I think so, " April replied, "cause he did it for a long time." "Damn, she's not wearing any panties, " I heard my father-in-law bark out. I looked his way and could see a definite bulge in his trousers. The sight of April's hairless slit and my wife fingering it trying to find cum in it had obviously stimulated the older man into a raging hard-on state. "What happened to your panties, honey?" my wife asked April, still busily fingering her tight pee hole , now with more vigor, I noticed. "The holy man took them, " she responded, now parting her little skinny legs even further apart so that her mommy could have better access to her delicious pussy. I looked now over at my mother-in-law, who thus far had not uttered a word. Her eyes appeared glazed and were fixed on the finger fucking of her granddaughter by her daughter. Her mouth was half open and I took note that she was pressing her thighs together and squirming somewhat. She appeared to be in a trance watching April and my wife. "She's nice and juicy, " Stephanie announced to no one in particular. "I think there is still a lot of his cum in her." Then my wife looked over at her father. "Want to see for yourself, Dad?" she asked the older man. "Jesus, yes!" he voiced swiftly, arising from where he was seated, his hard-on pushing now defiantly against the fly of his pants. He moved to where my wife and Stephanie were and my wife removed her finger from April's cunt. It was swiftly filled with his own. "Oh, shit!" he groaned. "What a sweet little pussy we have here." I watched as he inserted another finger up April's cunt hole and began finger fucking her faster. April sighed and her knees buckled. My horny father-in-law looked at my wife. "Jesus, I've got to fuck this little bitch," he stammered. "I really have to, Stephie. Her cunt is so goddamn tight and creamy." I just stood there and said nothing. Then my father-in-law looked over at his wife. She was breathing hard now, I could detect, and obviously turned on by what was happening. "Okay with you, darlin'?" he asked, still fingering April's little love box. "Yes," I finally heard my mother-in-law speak. "Do it, dear, " she urged him. "Fuck the little whore. Fuck her GOOD. Fuck our dear sweet precious granddaughter's tight pussy. Do it!" He grinned and pulled his fingers out of April's juiced up cunt and wiped them on his pant leg. Then he looked at me. "Undress her, Bob," he said with bated breath. "Get your sweet little bitch of a daughter ready for her grandpa's fat cock." I nodded humbly, my own cock now stiff and pressing against the confines of my pants. I moved to where they were and with trembling fingers removed all of April's clothing so that my father-in-law could have his way with her. As I disrobed Aoril, my father-in-law was tearing away at his own clothing and was totally naked by the time I had April undressed and ready to be fucked by him. My wife placed a throw pillow from the sofa under April's cute little ass and then sat back to watch as her father climbed hastily between April's outstretched legs. "Put in it for me, Bob." my father-in-law pleaded with a grunt. "Get down here and insert my cock into your little tramp daughter's pussy." I didn't move. "Do it, honey, " my wife said in a rather demanding tone. "Go on. Guide Dad's cock up her little hole. I can see how horny you are, " she added, staring at the tent in my pants, "so do it. Then Dad can say he fucked her with your blessings, ok?" I nodded dumbly and got down on my knees beside them and took hold of the older man's thick prick. It was a beauty too, and even though I felt a wave of shame in grasping it, I did as he had requested of me and guided it into the tiny opening of my daughter's heavenly cunt hole. Then, as the sounds of "Joy To The World" filled the room from the CD player, my father-in-law pushed and heaved his way into his lovely 7 year old granddaughter's tight fuck hole. He began to fuck her with long, deep strokes as we all watched in awe and bliss. My wife was now finger fucking herself and so was my mother-in-law. Both women had their dresses up around their waists and panties were discarded. The odor of ripe and steaming cunt filled my nostrils as my father-in-law fucked away at his pre-teen granddaughter's twat. April was moaning and sighing and when my grandfather pressed down and forced his tongue deep inside April's mouth, I thought I would shoot off in my pants. I quickly unzipped my fly and extracted my hard dick and began to slowly pump it as I watched for the second time today my little girl being fucked by an older man. I was just about to go off when my father-in-law yelled out at me. "Get down behind me, Bob, " he panted. "Rim out my ass. Do my nuts too, boy! Hurry! I can fuck the little whore better that way." I knew there was no sense arguing with him, so I quickly got in position behind him and spread open the cheeks of his fat ass with my hands and began to probe his anal opening with my lips and tongue, much to the delight of my wife and her mother, who swooned and gasped when they saw what I was doing to his asshole. "Lick my balls too, Bob, " he pleaded. "Hurry! I want you to lick them as I shoot off in this little whore granddaughter of mine!" I did as he instructed and soon could feel his nut sac contract and I knew he was going to climax soon. "Oh, shit!: he announced with a scream. "Fuck! Goddamnm I'm gonna' go off now .... aggghhhh, shit, fuck, holy hell, here it COMES!" And cum he did. He rocked and banged until the last drop of his seed was imbedded in my sweet pretty daughter's cunt. I continued licking and kissing his drained balls until he finally told me to halt. I could hear a distinct plopping sound as he pulled out of April's well fucked love box. He was panting vigorously. My wife was cumming too and so was her mother. Almost in unison the two women reached orgasm. He gave April a loving kiss on the lips as he rolled off of her. "Did you like that, baby girl?" he asked her, still breathing hard. "Uh-huh," she smiled radiantly. "You fucked me real good, Grandpa," she informed him. and he grinned lewdly in my direction. Then he looked at me directly/. "Well, what are you waiting for, Bob," he smirked. "Eat her out. Suck my cum spunk from her little snatch. You did it for that stranger, didn't you?" I nodded in the affirmative. "Well, get busy then," he said gruffly. "Suck my spunk from the little bitch. Go ahead. Let me know how it tastes, too, " he chuckled, as I lowered myself between April's legs and got my face close to her ravished cunt. I was about an inch away when my father-in-law's hands pushed hard against the back of my head, forcing it up snug against April's now smelly fuck hole. I began to suck and lick in earnest while my father-in-law held my head firmly in place. "Get it all!" he shouted at me. "Suck my love seed from her, Bob." Then he inquired of April, "Is he doing a good job, sweetie?" "Oh, yes, Grandpa, " she cooed. "It feels real nice." "How's it taste, Bob?" he wanted to know. "Mummmpphh......" , was all I could utter under the circumstances. I could hear him chuckling as I sucked his sperm from my daughter's tiny twat and I could also hear Stephanie and her mother sighing and gasping as they came to still another orgasm, compliments of their talented fingers. He let me up a few moments later and I wiped my mouth with my shirt sleeve and sat there on the rug trying to regain my breathing. My cock was still out, and still hard, and I needed badly to cum. "Well, how did my cum taste? " he inquired of me. "Uh, .. good, " I mumble weakly and truthfully. He laughed. "I'm glad, " my father-in-law said, "because it looks like you will be getting to taste it a lot from now on. Yes, sir, this little granddaughter slut of mine has some goddamn fine pussy and I intend to fuck it as often as I can from now on. Maybe even knock her up when the time comes. You don't have any objections to any of that, do you, Bob?" "Uh, .. no, of course not, " I sputtered submissively. "How about you, Stephie honey?" he asked my wife, who had finally withdrew her fingers from between her thighs. "No, Dad, no objections at all, " my wife told him. "It certainly seems like April enjoys being fucked and Bob and I would be honored if you would fuck her whenever you feel like it, wouldn't we , honey?" I just nodded passively in agreement. "Good, " my father-in-law said. "How about knocking her up when the time comes? Any objections there?" "None," my wife told him, and I again nodded affirmatively, "I think getting her pregnant as soon as she is able to conceive is a splendid idea, Dad. I just wish you had fucked ME when I was her age." Her father laughed. "Well, I wanted to, honey, " he told his daughter, "but your mother wouldn't hear of it. Things were different then. Not like they are now. But as soon as I get this old cock hard again I think I will take a shot at that sexy cunt of YOURS, Stephie. I'll have my little whore granddaughter here suck it first to get it nice and hard for you, then your husband can give me still another good rim job and ball sucking while I fuck you. How would that be?" "Mmmm, sounds wonderful, Dad, " I heard my sexy wife proclaim, as my aching prick throbbed even more between my legs. "I can hardly wait." "Well, hell, let's get busy then," he proclaimed. "April, honey, how would you like to suck grandpa's cock and get it nice and hard so I can give your mommy a good fucking? Would you like to do that, baby girl? Would you like seeing mommy getting fucked by grandpa's big prick?" "Oh, yes, Grandpa," April squealed with delight. "Okay then, little slut, let's do it," he said, getting now on his knees and placing his spent fuckpole in her face as she laid on her back on the rug. Then he called out for my mother-in-law to get between April's legs and lap her pussy while she sucked on his cock. His wife wasted no time getting down on the rug and in between April's parted legs and a moment later she was munching away at her granddaughter's tasty mound as my cock went off. I came all over the back of my mother-in-law's dress but she didn't even seem to notice, much less care. April sucked away at her granddad's cock and soon had him moaning loudly. He was erect once more in no time, much to my amazement. For a man of 55 he didn't seem to lack in producing hard-ons. My wife was already disrobed and laid out on the floor, awaiting her first fucking from her father while I just sat there dazed and bewildered. April sucked long and hard of the old man's tool and she toyed nicely with his balls with her delicate hands too as she sucked him off. My mother-in-law had April's small but adorable ass cheeks cupped tightly in the palms of her bony hands as she sucked and slurped away at April's juicy cunt, causing April to twist and squirm to the attention she was receiving from her cunt lapping grandmother of 54. When my father-in-law felt he was hard enough to fuck his daughter, he removed his once again stiff member from April's smallish mouth and got between my wife's spread apart tawny legs. "Time to put it in again for me, Bob," he informed me in a abrupt voice. "I know you liked putting another man's cock in your daughter's piss hole, and I'll bet you'll love putting one inside your wife's too, am I right?" He then laughed a bit and then french kissed my wife passionately as I went about the dirty task of inserting his fuck tool into my wife's wet pussy. I felt sure he wanted to be rimmed again so i didn't even wait for his orders to do so this time, and just crouched down behind his chunky ass and went at his asshole with my lips and tongue. Oh, holy shit, Bob, that's it!" he yelled out. "That's the way, son. Damn, you're a natural ass licker, boy! Oh, yeah! Oh, shit, aggghh ...Lick it, Bob, Get your tongue right up my ass. Yeah, just like that, " he sighed. "Oh, fuck, this is great! I'm fucking my own gorgeous daughter while her husband is licking my asshole. Christ, what could be better!" My wife locked her long legs around her father's back and began to groan and sigh aloud. Her hips gyrated and twisted as he fucked her. "Agghhhh .. oooohhh, fuck me, Dad, " Stephanie cried out as my tongue swirled in her father's shit hole. "Fuck me HARD, Dad! Oh, yes, just like THAT! Oh, God, it feels sooooooo good, so damn gooood!" As I probed his shit smelling asshole with my tongue I could hear little April sighing noisily as her grandmother continued sucking and kissing her sweet little pee hole. "Eat me, Grandma," April cried out now. "Eat my cunt, you old filthy cunt lapping whore! Don't stop, you dirty bitch slut!" Hearing my 7 year old daughter yell out the lewd words and phrases that the lecherous Reverend Hopkins had taught her made my cock start to twitch again. I licked even more dutifully inside my father-in-law's asshole, now, inspired by my little girl's filthy mouth. "Oh, fuck," my father-in-law cried out. "I'm gonna' go off again! Lick my nuts now, Bob! Quick! Do it! Lick my balls while I cum in your horny wife's sweet cunt, boy! Agggghhhh ... oh, yeah, I'm cummming.. NOW" I was glad to have my tongue free of tasting his shit and almost welcomed licking his balls while he pumped his seed deep into my wife's womb. She yelped and cried out in lust as he came in her and she too came just as his load began to fill her insides. "Ohhh, Dad, I love it! my wife shouted. "I love your cock! Ohhh,dear God, I love it... aggghhhhhhh....." I waited until my father-in-law told me to stop licking his hairy balls before removing my lips from that area. I even planted two big kisses on the cheeks of his ass, though I wasn't sure WHY, then I laid back on the floor and looked over at April's beaming sexy face. She had her eyes closed but was smiling sexily as her grandmother licked her cunt. I was then told by my father-in-law to suck his gooey load from her snatch. "Do you mind jacking Bob off, Dad, while he sucks your wonderful cum from my pussy?" my wife asked her father. "I think he needs to cum and I sure don't want him trying to fuck April" "Not at all, honey, " he replied. "Be glad to." I got down and Stephanie pulled my face flush to her cunt and I began to suck and lick the tremendous amount of rich, warm semen that was there. As I sucked and licked, her father grabbed hold of my stiff prick and began to pump it, rather nicely too. In no time at all I was shooting my load all over the carpet. Some of it got on my wife's father's hand and he made me lick it clean as Stephanie watched and laughed at my humiliation at having to lick up my own cum from her father's hand. My mother-in-law at long last stopped lapping April's pussy and we then all showered, me with my mother-in-law and April with my wife and her father. I thought perhaps I might get some pussy from my sexy old hot mother-in-law, as horny as she was, but SHE had other ideas. She made me get down on my knees in the shower stall and lick her asshole! "I've always wanted a good rimming out, Bob," she informed me as I tongued her anus deep and lovingly, "and when I saw you doing that to my hubby, I just knew I wanted you to do it to me too. Oh, yes, Bob, just like that, dear boy. Lick it! Lick it good, you wimpy ass kissing dirty boy cock sucker!" For some bizarre reason or reasons the filthy words from my mother-in-law's mouth thrilled me and I pushed my tongue even further up her tight ancient asshole, licking it good and causing her to orgasm in the process as I held on to her bony ass so she wouldn't fall over. She then had me wash her all over and even made me shampoo her white hair. "You know, Bob," she told me, once I had finished doing all she had ordered of me, "you'd make an old woman like me a fine slave. Would you like that? Would you like to be my slave boy, Bobby?" No one had called me "Bobby" since I was a boy and somehow it excited me to have HER call me that. I also found myself intrigued and very excited too about the possibility of becoming her slave. I wondered what my wife would think of that? "Stephanie wouldn't mind if you became my slave, Bobby, " my mother-in-law cooed, as if reading my thoughts. "I'm sure she wouldn't. And that way you could suck my husband's cock too and lick our HIS asshole. You'd like that, would you not, dear?" I nodded that I would, hanging my head down, and blushing. "Mmm, I thought so, " she said with gaining confidence. Then she handed me a pair of her panties and told me to put them on. "You'll look in these, " she said, watching as I slipped into them in their bedroom. "Don't bother to put anything else on, Bobby. I want my husband and daughter , and April too, to see how cute you look in them. Come, let's go back downstairs now." My wife, daughter and father-in-law all laughed and my father-in-law even whistled when they saw me in my mother-in-law's lacy red panties. One of my balls was peeking out from the crotch of the panties so my wife tucked it back in. "You look adorable, Bob" my wife said as I blushed red again. "You look cute, Daddy, " my daughter giggled. "You should wear girls panties all the time." "I think he will be doing just that, sweetie, " my mother-in-law spoke out. Then she explained to my wife that she wanted me to be her slave and my father-in-law's slave too. My father-in-law was all for it and so was my beautiful wife. "I think it's a great idea, dear," my wife said, matter-of-factly. "Do you want him full time, Mother, or what?" "No, just on weekends, " my mother-in-law clarified. "He can come over here and serve and service your father and I every weekend from Friday night until Sunday night." "That would be fine, " Stephanie agreed. "April and I might drop by too just to make sure he is doing what he is told. How would that be?" "Fine," her mother responded. "You're going to need to buy him some panties though, Stephanie. I don't want him wearing out all of mine." "I'll do that this week, " my wife promised. Then my wife told me what she and her father had discussed while they showered with little April. She told me that April was going to be my father-in-law's whore from now on, and that he would soon be arranging to have her suck cocks and get fucked by all of his buddies where he worked. "It seems a lot of Dad's friends like fresh, pre-teen pussy, " my wife went on. "So Dad feels he can make some money by having April whore for the men he knows, Bob. It's obvious she likes sex, so Dad figures he might as well make some extra cash with her wares and I like the idea too. Some of the men will no doubt want to fuck me also, Bob, so it should prove to be an ideal situation, don't you think?" I just nodded dumbly and then felt my cock begin to surge once more, this time in the panties I was wearing. All three of them laughed aloud when they caught sight of my growing hard-on poking out from the web of the red undies. My father-in-law smiled and scooped up April in his arms. She was wearing only a T-shirt with a Disney character embossed on it. "C'mon, sweetie pie, " he told April. "Time to suck grandpa's cock again, ok?" "Okay, Grandpa, " she giggled, placing both her little arms around his neck. Then they headed off into the family room, with my wife and my mother-in-law close behind, as sounds of "Jingle Bell Rock" filled the air. Later that day my wife, mother-in-law and father-in-law took turns pissing on me as I laid in the bath tub on my back. They even had April squat over my face and my father-in-law ordered me to open my mouth as wide as possible, but not to let my lips or tongue touch April's cunt hole as she gleefully splashed her little girl piss in my mouth. I was thrilled by it all and knew that I was now well on the road to total depravity. 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