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Stories of writer  Cuckold Wimp  John




Imaginations of the author in stories entirely correspond to his pseudonym. He likes to describe a situation when wives husbands and children on eyes at members of a family vary partners and receive from it sexual pleasure. More shortly, the Incest and Swing in the perverted form

Unfortunately I have not had time to collect a full collection of stories by Cuckold Wimp  John before them have delited from the Internet. Some stories do not have some parts of stories and continuation. There is a hope, that somebody from readers will fill missing parts.

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If you cannot distinguish a side between a reality and imagination of the author of the text, do not read these stories or you do not like a plot, stop reading from any place in the text!




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X-21- it’s super viagra! It works not only on men, but also on women and children. Improbable pleasures for the perverted people!

M/f, F/m, F/f, M/b, M/M, MM/f, more various comb., pedo, inc., w/s, torture, s&m, canb., snuff



Mad imagination of the author about park existence where receive pleasures lewd parents and perverts.

MMFfgg inc ped voy todl


That the dissolute teacher was going to make that with the daughter, have finished the father with the friend. All has come to an end an incest-orgy

MMggbb  inc, bisex w/s gangbang ped


In a compartment of a train the father with pleasure observes, how the dissolute priest deprives of virginity his young daughter. After that the daughter takes part in an incest-orgy of all lewd family

MFg inc ped



The texts of this author not published still in my collection.

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Peep-Show for perverts and families practising an incest

MMFFfg inc voy ped


Except these texts this author writes many other stories.



MY  WIFE,  THEIR  SLUT; CUCKOLDS  AND  PERVERTS; A Father's Disgrace; The Costume Party; GOING  WILD; IF  YOU  KNEW  SUZIE; Mr. Hill:  Teacher And Pedophile; The Breaking In Of Little Mandy; My Kids Get Trained; MY NEW BLACK BOSS; OUR PRETEEN DAUGHTER'S FIRST DATE; School of Hard Knocks; Two Daddies; PEDO  VISTA  ESTATES 




All 21 texts of this writer are collected in one archive.




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