Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. story_codes: pedo, MMg, crude, ws, nc Dirty Old Perv At The Park by Benny The Jetter Intro: This story was adapted from a very hot on-line chat with one of the hottest gals I have ever 'met' on irc.... ... Being a widower (my wife died in a car accident 15 years ago) means I am free to indulge in whatever sexual activities I feel like. And trust me, since I retired, I have discovered just how fucking perverted and sleazy I love to be.... ====This story is a work of fiction.===== **** "Angie, this is Tony. He's been watching you and likes you." He turned to me. "Stick your hand up her skirt and have a feel if you like." I was worried she might scream and attract attention or something. "Are you sure? Right here in the park?" "Sure. You wont make a sound will you, cunt. You'll let him feel you or you know what will happen dont you. Go on Tony, stick your finger up the sweetest little 8 year old cunt you'll find today." I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to me. I put my hand on her knee as she stood between my legs and slid it up her thigh under her skirt. I knew she had no panties on but I was still thrilled to touch her little hairless mound. She offered no resistance as I slid a finger between the fleshy lips and fondled her preteen gash. My finger slid back and forth in her cunt as she stood there obediently, giving me free access. ******* Dirty Old Perv At The Park Written by Benny The Jetter This story was adapted from a very hot on-line chat with one of the hottest gals I have ever 'met' on irc. I have chatted with her several times and each time it's been a highly-charged experience. She told me a lot about herself and her life, and I've taken one episode she told me about, and modified it somewhat to make it into this story. It's not alleged to be true, nor do I recommend you actually do any of the things in this story. It's fiction, ok? So if that's too much of a stretch for your mind, delete this file now. I'd like to know what you think - please write and tell me at Benny the Jetter. Jan 2008 ============================================== Life's been good since I retired. I left my job with a good size nest egg, a life time stipend that allows me to pretty well do whatever I like without having to worry about money. And all the time in the world to enjoy it. Being a widower (my wife died in a car accident 15 years ago) means I am free to indulge in whatever sexual activities I feel like. And trust me, since I retired, I have discovered just how fucking perverted and sleazy I love to be. Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Tony Guildford. I'm 57 years old, and until last year I was CEO of a major industrial company with all the perks, superannuation, expense accounts etc that allowed me to live on the company expense accounts and salt away a good portion of my salary for the last decade or so. And when I left they gave me a multi-million dollar payout that had the financial press squawking about "the shocking amounts paid to former executives to get them to walk out the door". Oh yes, I felt so guilty as I looked at my bank statements and started investing the money to guarantee a 6 or 7 figure income for life. The phrase 'crying all the way to the bank' comes to mind. And if I can tell you this just between you and me - not to go any further ok? - I managed to stiff a few folks along the way too. Well they were trying to stiff me so why not, I ask? Anyway in addition to the 'official' money I just mentioned, there is about $30million tucked away for safe keeping in numbered bank accounts, property investments etc to give me plenty of 'play money' should I need it. So I'm ok, financially speaking. And as I said, now I have retired, I'm free to indulge myself in any way I choose. I have learned about myself that I love sex seedy, sleazy and dirty. I love girls to be slutty, promiscuous, foul mouthed whores rather than sweet adorable cuties. Through the internet, I have found several other like-minded retired men like me, and we often get together with a couple of hookers and fuck them one after the other until we are fully satiated. I adore the feeling of sliding my hard cock up a cunt thats still slippery with the cum of one of my buddies. I have a very large collection of pornography. All kinds. Books, magazines, playing cards, DVDs, sound recordings, and on any sexual subject you could name - straight couples, groups, lesbian, gay, bisexual, bestiality. But my favorites are the more perverted. In addition to being a bisexual sleaze lover, I'm also a pedophile. And I love it. The filthier and more perverted the more I love it. Pissing, rape, gang rape, incest, and at the top of the favorites list - a lot of child porn. One of my favorites is a DVD I commissioned myself from an eastern European man I met in a chat room. It cost me a lot, and after I sent him the money, I wasnt all that sure I'd ever see a DVD from it, but to my surprise, about two months after I paid for it, he put it on a secure site for me to download. It was exactly what I wanted. It's about a 10 year old schoolgirl who gets talked into going with a dirty old man in the park. He takes her to his house where his pals are waiting and they strip and spread her out on the pool table. They hold her down and take turns to rape the little slut repeatedly. They cum in her one after the other until the semen is dribbling from her cunt and ass, and she has it smeared all over her face. As a final indignity for her, they stand over her and jack each other off, shooting their cum on her flat chest, smearing it around with the heads of their cocks. They make her put her school uniform on again, without letting her clean up. Except for her panties which are hung on a hook on the wall alongside dozens of others, kept as souvenirs. They give her some money for her trouble and send her out the door. At about 3 oclock on week days when the weather is fine, I put my 'park clothes' on - a tshirt, running shoes and loose fitting running shorts. No underpants. I like to go down to the park and look for dirty fun there. There are usually other perverts there looking for some fun too wanting to look up schoolgirls dresses or have some cock fun in the bushes there. Occasionally there's a schoolboy who will pull his pants down to get his cock sucked or spread his ass cheeks to get buggered but most of the time it's just other dirty old men wanting to go into the bushes with others and play with each others cocks. Oh I like doing that too - I'm bisexual after all. And the idea of anonymous and sleazy sex with other perverts in the bushes is great fun. But none of that compares to the incident I'm going to tell you about. I was sitting on the park bench watching the schoolgirls walking past on the path going home from school. Their summer school uniforms are an absolute delight. Light green gingham dresses that catch the breeze beautifully, making the pleated skirts fly around, giving lovely glimpses of their cotton panties. There seems to be a competition amongst the young teenage girls of about 13-15 or so to see who can get away with the shortest skirts, and that suits me fine. So as the girls walk along the path, with armfulls of books and other things they're not able to hold their skirts down very well. There's a brick wall just behind the bench I sit on that has a wind eddy at the end of it. As the girls walk past the end of the wall, often breeze catches their skirts, giving a wonderful show of cotton panties. The other good thing about my favorite park bench is that it's close the childrens playground. I can sit on it for hours and watch the little girls playing on the slide and the climbing frame and the swings. A lot of little girls love to hang up side down on the frame, and if they're wearing dresses they give a lovely show of panties as their dresses fly up. When the mothers are out of sight, I like to slouch down on the park bench, spread my legs wide and let the head of my pedo cock slide out of my running shorts. On this particular day, my eye had been caught by a cute little blonde girl on the swings. She was about 8 years old, blonde hair almost to her waist length, tied in a ponytail with one of those little pink stretch things. She was slender, completely flat chested and a pedophile's delight. She was wearing a little tube top and a hipster skirt - one of those flared skirts that hang low on the hips that dirty little whore Britney Spears made famous. Suddenly all the girls in the western world wanted to look like sluts and that suited me fine too! As this little girl swung back and forth on the swings, her skirt was flying about and I could see her pink panties stretched across her bum cheeks. I looked around and couldnt see her parents anywhere so I slouched forward and spread out my legs in the casual way I had done so often. As I leered up her little skirt I could feel my pedo cock growing and I edged the tip out of the leg of my shorts, so hopefully the little girl would get a good look at what really should be ramming its way up her cunt if the world was as it ought to be. I think she saw what I was showing her but I cant be sure. She climbed off the swing and went to climb up the ladder to the slide. She got to the top, and as she sat down on the top of the slide, she squatted down with her knees wide so I got a splendid look at her crotch. The pink cotton panties were obviously far too small for her and had ridden up her delicous little crack so her pussy lips were clearly outlined. I watched her slide a few times, when some other kids came to join her. This was my opportunity - I pretended to be looking after one of the other kids, and went to stand at the bottom of the slide, to catch the children as they slid down. That gave me the chance to catch this little blonde girl too, and a couple of times I got my hand "accidentally" between her legs as she swept by me on the slide. I could barely contain my pedo cock in my shorts. It was hard and dribbling precum in a wet patch in the front of the shorts but I didn't care. In fact it added to the sleaziness of it all. I loved the thought that these sweet little children would see me with a hard cock and precum soaking through the front of my shorts. But I was careful to make sure none of their parents would see me too closely. I didn't relish the thought of facing irate mothers or fathers dresssed like this. I found out the hot little girl of my attention was called Angie when she slid down a little too fast, and landed on her cute little bubble butt on the dirt at the bottom. I heard a man's voice call out "Angie, come here!" I looked behind me to see a man in his mid forties, perhaps her father, watching on from a bench that had been hidden from my view until now. I figured perhaps I'd better move back to my bench for a while as a matter of caution. But I kept an eye on little Angie, to see what happened next. The man scolded her for falling in the dirt. He lifted Angie's skirt up to brush the dust off the little pink cotton panties. He seemed to be very fussy about it, taking far longer than I thought was really necessary. And all the while telling Angie that she was a dirty little girl for getting her panties dirty like that. Then to my amazement, he said "You can't go around wearing dirty panties like that. You'll just have to go without." Angie was facing me at that moment and the man hooked his thumbs into her panties and pulled them down her legs. For a brief moment I had a perfect view of the little girl's bald pouting cleft as she stepped out of the panties and then let her skirt fall down again. Did I imagine it or did he slide his fingers between her legs as her panties came down? My pedo cock certainly thought so because it stiffened even more in my shorts. Then with a good hard smack on the bottom, the man said, "now off you go and play like a good girl and dont get the rest of your clothes dirty!" Then he pulled a book out of his bag and put his eyes down to read while Angie scampered off to the playground equipment again, sans panties. To say this had aroused my interest was putting it mildly. Now I had an adorable little bitch playing on the equipment in front of me, with her apparently uncaring father not paying attention, and I knew for sure the little girl had nothing under her dress. Yummy! As you can imagine, my eyes were 100 percent focussed on the little blonde 8 year old, waiting for the moment when her skirt would fly up again and I'd get a good look at that little preteen cunt. She teased me without realising it for about 20 minutes, playing on equipment on the other side of the playground, and not giving me a decent look at her and then to my excitement she came over to play in the sandpit about 4 yards in front of me. She squatted down on her haunches in the sand to play, as children so often do, and in the process her legs spread out wide and I had the perfect view of her bald little genitals. I figured one good turn deserved another so I slumped forward on the bench again and spread my legs out wide, to give her a good look at my now rock-hard pedo cock sticking out the leg of my shorts and dripping pre-cum from the head, if she chose to have a look. I was so pre-occupied with the little slut in front of me I didnt notice the person sneaking up behind me. I nearly had a heart attack when he spoke. "I know what you are thinking, you pervert!" he growled. In a panic I sprang to my feet and turned to face the man I assumed to be her father, standing right behind me. How long had he been there? How much had he seen? Was this the last few minutes of my life as a man with two functioning arms and two functioning legs? He saw my panic and laughed. "Scared ya didnt i?" he said. "It's ok. I know what you're thinking. Sit back down. Enjoy the view of the little slut." I still wasnt too sure what was happening, so I just stood there, mouth agape, expecting to have handcuffs slapped around my wrists or feel a fist slamming into my face at any moment. He said "do you mind if I join you?" He didnt wait for an answer and sat down on the bench where I had been sitting only moments earlier. He patted his hand on the bench and said "go on .. sit down its ok. Enjoy the view." Tentatively, I sat down again. Wondering what the hell was going on. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of dirty pink cotton childs panties. He reached out and put them in my lap. "I thought you might like to have these," he said, "you seem to have the same interests as I do." I held them in my hand, realising they were little Angie's dirty panties, she'd been wearing only shortly before. "Yes, I know what kind of man you are," he said. "You're a perverted old man who likes lil girls. That's ok, so am I. I'm a fuckin pedophile just like you." I know this sounds crazy but I didnt know what to do. I just stared at him, unsure what to do next. But he took the lead and tried to put me at ease. "I know you're thinking this is some kind of trap. But it's not. Tell you what, lets both pull our fuckin pedo cocks out and give the kids a good look at what they ought to be fuckin tasting every day." He reached into his fly, which was already undone, and pulled out not just a rock-hard prick but also the balls too with a leather cock-ring around the root. He slumped back on the bench with his legs wide and urged me to do the same. I relaxed somewhat at this exhibitionist display thinking it couldnt be a trap if he was behaving like that. I reached into my shorts and exposed my cock once more to any little children that might look our way. "Yes," he continued, "I saw the way you were looking at my little slut and I knew you were of the same mind as me. You want to molest her dont you." "Well, she's very pretty," I hestitantly replied, still not all that sure of my ground. After all, this was a new experience for me. "Oh fucking bullshit. Dont kid me. I saw you. You want to pull her legs open and stuff your fuckin pedo cock up her dirty little cunt." "Oh well, I guess." "Yes of course you do. It's what she's good for. And you want to fuck her whether she wants you to or not, dont you. You want to rape the fuckin little whore good and hard." His crude language only heightened my excitement. I couldnt help myself. "Oh god yesss!" I whispered, careful lest someone passing by might hear. "It's ok. I knew you were like me soon as I saw you looking at the kids. And the way you stared at those slutty fuckin schoolgirls coming by in their short skirts. I bet they're all looking for boys to fuck their juicy little holes, dont you think?. So. what do you think of my little whore Angie? Wouldnt you like to molest her?" "Hell yes!" I replied, throwing caution to the wind now. "Do you get to molest her?" "Fuck yes. I've fucked her up the cunt and up the ass. You wont believe how she squawks when you fuck her up the ass. And so fuckin tight! God its like a fuckin clamp round my cock as I fill her insides with cum." "Is she your daughter?" "No, she's a foster brat. I run a small foster home for abused children." "Are you serious?? Really?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "HAHAH!! yes I know its ironic isnt it. I have 4 abused girls living with me right now. Angie over there is the youngest. She turned 8 years old a month and a half ago. Was molested by her father since she was 4. The poor bugger got caught and he's inside now." "How do you come to have a foster home?" "One of my friends is the Social Welfare case worker. He got me validated with the Department, and he sends me the cases that he thinks I'll enjoy. We figure the bitches have been molested most of their lives already, so a little more training wont make much difference. In return he gets to come around and have some fun too." "So he's a pedo too?" "Yes. There are quite a few of us in the Department. You'd be amazed." He was stroking his cock discreetly now, and looking at mine. "I can see you like this kind of fuckin talk dont you." "God yes, its so hot to hear you share the same ideas I do. Child molesting - its soo nasty but soo fucking exciting!" I said. I was sooo turned on now. This was the first time I had heard of organised child abuse in the very government department set up to stamp it out. "You're right. I love it filthy and perverted. The filthier and more fuckin perverted the better. We are doing the world a favor if we make the lil girls grow up to be cum hungry cock loving fuckin sluts and whores who will spread their legs for anyone. I'm Bob by the way." He held his hand out to shake. I liked Bob. "I'm Tony. You have no idea how great it is for me to find someone like you who shares my nasty thoughts about little girls. And who isnt too prissy to use obscene language." "Me too, buddy. Us pedos have to stick together. Hey listen do you want to get a closer look at my little whore Angie?" "Are you kidding? Of course!" I couldnt believe this was all happening right out of the blue like this. Angie was sitting on the swing, her legs swaying back and forth, working on getting a rhythym going. She climbed down, and walked across to where we were sitting. "Angie, this is Tony. He's been watching you and likes you." He turned to me. "Stick your hand up her skirt and have a feel if you like." I was worried she might scream and attract attention or something. "Are you sure? Right here in the park?" "Sure. You wont make a sound will you, cunt. You'll let him feel you or you know what will happen dont you. Go on Tony, stick your finger up the sweetest little 8 year old cunt you'll find today." I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to me. I put my hand on her knee as she stood between my legs and slid it up her thigh under her skirt. I knew she had no panties on but I was still thrilled to touch her little hairless mound. She offered no resistance as I slid a finger between the fleshy lips and fondled her preteen gash. My finger slid back and forth in her cunt as she stood there obediently, giving me free access. "Feels good doesnt it," Bob said. "How long is it since you've stuck your fingers up preteen slut pussy like that?" "God it's wonderful!" I said, loving the slick feeling of her very underage cunt. "I havent felt up a little girl for real since I was in Southeast Asia during the war. I had almost forgotten how great it is." "You're kidding! That long?! Really?" Bob sounded like he could hardly believe it. "You need help, man. Tell you what .. why dont we take this little cunt somewhere private and we can really have some fuckin fun on her. There's an old disused public toilet just around here - no one goes there except us perverts. What do you say?" Getting my fingers into a real live little girl's cuntslit had made me lose all sense of caution and I heard myself whispering "You bet. Fuckin hell, lets go!" We tucked our cocks back into our pants not worrying too much about having correct dress, but just wanting to make sure a casual observer wouldn't see too much and call the alarm. We each took one of Angie's hands and started walking towards where Bob knew the disused toilets were. He pointed out the ivy-covered building when we were a couple of hundred yards away. To the untrained eye, it just looked like a very large pile of vegitation, perhaps an overgrown pile of road building material or something, but Bob explained since the toilets were unused, the park administration had trained the ivy over it instead of demolishing the building as a cost saving measure. As we walked towards it, a middle aged man in a business suit emerged from the vegitation as though growing from it. He adjusted his pants, and walked off in the opposite direction to us. Immediately the ivy fell back in place and you'd never have known the entrance way was there. About a minute later, a high school boy in school uniform, about 14 years old, emerged from the same place. "heheh, what did I tell you," Bob chuckled, "its perverts central here." We climbed through the overgrown entrance, being careful not to disturb the overgrown opening too much. We didnt want to draw attention to the fact that there was anyone inside. Bob pushed the door closed behind us as we entered. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the low light level in the place. We were standing in a concrete room with urinals against one wall, and a bench with hand basins along the other wall, and four stalls further down. There was a stainless steel panel that served as an unbreakable mirror above the bench. Soon I could make out obscene graffitI on every surface - drawings of gigantic curved cocks shooting spunk into the air, crude drawings of young boys sucking cocks or being fucked up the ass, obscene cartoons of girls with bottles or candles pushed up their cunts, invitations to call a phone number for a good time with a teenage boy or girl, explicit hardcore descriptions of sexual activities that have occurred here. Bob found a light switch and suddently the sordid concrete toilet block was bathed in light. Now I could see that the graffitI was embellished with stains where guys had shot cum on the walls and just let it dribble down. There were big glory holes cut in all the stall walls and doors with marks where semen had run down. I could see the mark on the floor where someone had walked in circles around the floor while pissing. Someone had clambered up onto the bench and walked along it, pissing onto the mirror. In fact there was dried up piss everywhere. It was a truly disgusting place, and my cock was throbbing it was so hard. This was soo filthy, I loved it. The smell of stale piss and semen was intoxicating. Bob pulled his track pants right off and hung them up on a nail he found in the wall between two of the stalls. "Put your pants up there Tony - you wont need them for a while." Angie was not looking at all happy. She was standing close to the door, unsure of what to do next. I whispered "Shit this place is really nasty, Bob." It was obvious from the expression on my face that I was loving how filthy and obscene this whole place was. I felt so dirty, pulling my pants down and walking about here with my hard cock bobbing up and down, dribbling precum from the piss-slit. "There's no need to whisper, pal, no one's going to hear us in here. That concrete wall's thick. You could amost have a party in here and no one would hear. Besides, the only people who come any where near this place are other fuckin perverts. So you're quite safe. And I'm glad you like the place - I just knew you were my kind of guy - you love to wallow in the filth dont you." "God its soo fucking nasty. it's making my cock throb just being in here. How much fuckin perverted stuff must go on in here every day!" "yea I agree. It's so much better being perverted in a place like this than in the decency of your own home. Well help yourself to the fuckin slut here - you can do anything you like to her I dont care. Just dont do any injury to her thats all. You can fuck her if you want. Cum in her too if you want. She's too young to get preg yet. Do you want me to hold her for you?" He grabbed Angie by the arm and pulled her into the middle of the room. He pulled up her skirt in the back and without any foreplay, roughly jammed his middle finger up her asshole. She quietly sobbed and bit her lip. Bob said "stick a couple of fingers up her cunt and see how you can feel mine in her ass. It's great!" He grabbed her hand and put it on his cock. Her small fingers wrapped around it as she had done so many times before and almost without thinking she started to move her hand back and forth. I took Bob's invitation and stood next to Angie on the other side to Bob. I lifted up her skirt at the front and looked at the delicious hairless fleshy fold of her 8 year old slit. She seemed resigned to the fact that she was going to be molested yet again, and stood there quietly while I started fondling her. I could see Bob was almost as excited by this abuse as I was. "No need to be overly gentle with the slut - she knows she has to take it hard and rough, dont you cunt. Go on - stick two fingers up her. All the way up to the knuckles!" I did as Bob urged. Having no thoughts for Angie at all, only for my own perverted pedo lust, I shoved two fingers all the way up her cunt. I could feel Bob wiggling his finger in her ass through the thin walls separating her two channels, and as I started to finger fuck her, she reached over and wrapped her small preteen fingers around my leaking pedo cock. I was simply in heaven. I had imagined child molesting so often while watching my kiddie porn, but I had no idea how great it would be molesting a little slut with another pedo pervert who loved the sordid filthy surroundings like I did. I wished I'd noticed this place earlier. Bob put his hand on the back of Angie's head and pushed her face against my cock. "Open your mouth, cunt. Suck him off." I felt her lips and tongue against my throbbing hard pedo cock and felt her lick up the precum that coated it. He pushed hard on her head and her mouth slid down my shaft almost to the root. He held her there for a minute then pulled on her hair so she came off my cock. She gasped for breath and then he jammed his own cock in her mouth and pulled her down on it till her nose was against his shaved belly. He lifted her off again and shoved her onto my cock, then back to his. He made her suck on our cocks about 10 times each. "You want to taste her cunt before we fuck her?" Bob asked as though such courtesies were the norm in all of polite society. "Fuck yea you bet. I love eating cunts!" I was half expecting to wake up to find myself lying in a pool of wet dream, alone in my bed. "Well lil girl cunt is even better than teenage cunt and that's saying something!" enthused Bob. "Let's get her up on the bench here." He picked Angie up under the armpits and stood her up on the bench in front of us. She pulled a face as her bare foot landed in something slimy - probably some cum from one of the earlier perverts in the day. Bob commanded Angie to take off her skirt. She undid the zip and let it fall to her feet. When she stepped out of it, Bob threw it on the floor where no doubt it landed in someone's cum or piss on the floor. "Get your legs apart so we can see your cunt properly, you dirty little whore!" he spat, and she obediently stood with feet about twice her shoulder width apart. "Now pull it open for us. Spread your cunt wide. DO IT!" she reached between her legs and pulled the lips wide. now I could see her immature little clitoris and the vagina I had shoved my fingers up only minutes before. This whole scene was soo perverted I was nearly shooting without touching my cock. I hoped I didnt disgrace my self by shooting on the floor instead of into little Angie's hole. Bob made Angie squat down with her knees wide apart, as she had done in the sandpit earlier, and he gestured for me to move in and have a taste. Eager with anticipation, I bent forward and pressed my lips to the little hairless 8 year old cunt, stretched wide open, so conveniently for me. I licked around and poked my tongue up her cunt. I licked downwards to her asshole, and swirled my tongue around that fruity flavored hole, then back to her fuckhole, then up to her clit. I could taste the faint flavor of little girl piss as I heard her quietly moaning in pleasure. So. the little slut likes getting her cunt licked? Good! For a full ten minutes I feasted on Angie's little preteen twat while she patiently leaned against the filthy cum and piss-stained mirror and held it open for me. I wanted to jack off but I didnt dare touch my cock because I just knew it was going to explode the moment I touched it. I occupied my hands by sticking my right middle finger up Angie's asshole and reaching up with my left hand to tweak her flat little nipples until she let out a squeak in pain. "yeah man, give it to her, show her she's just here to give us pleasure," Bob kept urging. "Ok, you want to fuck now, Tony? You want to rape that hot little underage cunt?" Stupid question. I was so hot I was ready to rape a knothole in a tree trunk! We pulled Angie down onto the floor and laid her out on her back. Bob ordered her to spread her legs and she did in such an inviting way. She had obviously been told many times because she didnt just spread them out shoulder width - she put them almost into the splits. This little girl was well on the way to being a great little slut. I wasnt sure about the social ettiquette of fucking little girls in company with other pedos, so I asked Bob, "who goes first?" "Lets let the slut decide, what do you think?" He chuckled. "Ok whore, you choose who gets to fuck you first and ask nicely. You know what to do." Angie reached down between her legs and pulled her cunt wide open. it was still slippery wet with saliva from the licking. She looked me straight in the face and said "Please mister, will you shove your big pedo cock up my slutty whore cunt and fuck me. Give me your cum in me please." I laughed out loud. How could I refuse such a sweet request. I got down between the little 8 year old schoolgirl's legs and aimed my cock at the pretty little gaping fuckhole. And pushed. Hard. She cried out as my rock-hard cock spread her wider than most 8 year old girls can go but I was not to be stopped now. Bob egged me on. "yea, fuck her good. Stick it right up the dirty little cunt. Make her feel it up there!" My cock felt like it was in a tight glove, squeezing it. This was better than I ever imagined it. Smooth and slick and flexible, the little girl was just delicious. And I was having the time of my life. I rammed in as hard as I could and my cock bottomed out on her crevix. It hurt her so she grunted and tried to push me off her. That only made me more excited. How depraved it was - in a filthy toilet block, raping a little schoolgirl while her foster father stands beside me waiting for his turn. Needless to say I didnt take long to reach orgasm. I was on a hair trigger anyway and feeling her juvenile cunt tight around my cock was the final straw. After only a few strokes up her, my balls exploded. I pushed my cock as far up the little girl as I could get it, and grunted as my cum burst deep into her. I felt the surge of semen going up my rock hard pedo cock and the amazing sense of euphoria as it flooded out the tip into the little girl. It almost immediately filled her tiny little cunt with spunk, and started oozing back along my cock to squeeze out and dribble down to her asshole. I felt Bob's fingers smearing it all around my balls and her asshole. After I finished and collapsed on top of the little whore, Bob laughed and said "Was that as good as you expected? I bet it was even better. Now get off, I want a go now. That looks great I love to fuck in a hole that's already greased with cum." I stood up, somewhat disappointed at how quickly it had all ended, but elated at finally living out my most perverted fantasy. Bob got down on Angie and shoved his cock straight up her, no preliminaries, just rammed it in. 'Oh yea you fuckin slut whore cunt. You're made for this!" he grinned. "Tony, make her suck your cock clean. She has to learn to do that every time as well. Stick it in her mouth." I knelt down beside them. I pushed my hips forward so my cock touched her face. I wiped it around, smearing the fuckslime over her face. My dick was slimy with semen and her juices, but she opened her mouth and accepted it as I pushed it in while Bob grunted and thrusted on top of her. Even though she was somewhat distracted by the large adult cock ramming in her pussy, she still knew to swirl her tongue around and give my cock a proper cleaning. "Shit Bob, she's good at this. She's loving my cock in her mouth. She's a great little whore isnt she." "You bet Tony. She's gonna make a lot of men very happy as she goes through life. A LOT of them!" After a few more minutes of thrusting in her, Bob's ass cheeks tightened, he tensed up and I could see he was about to cum too. Following his example, I reached down between his legs and fondled his balls. "YES!! DO THAT!! Feel my balls as I fill the fuckin whore with cum!" I felt them tighten, and his whole body tightened, and then felt the pulsing as his sperm gushed into her, mixing with my own sperm up her fuckchannel. He grunted and pushed in her, making her cry out again as his balls emptied their contents in her hole. She screwed up her face as it was obviously uncomfortable for her, but neither of us were caring at that time. Just venting our perverted lusts in the body of the little schoolgirl. Finally, Bob finished squirting her full of sperm, and pushed himself off her. She looked a mess. She had cum all around her crotch. It had smeared almost from her navel to her thighs, and it was dribbling out of her red little cunthole. He knelt by her head and rubbed his cock over her face, before pushing it into her mouth to be sucked clean of their juices. "Yes, that's a good little whore. Suck my cock nice and clean for the next time. Suck it all and swallow it down like a good slut." Bob looked at me and smiled. "Fun huh?" "oh fuck yes!" I was getting a little disappointed that the fun was almost over. "Little girl pussy is far better than older girls. I wish I could do this every day like you can." "You really like all this perverted stuff, dont you Tony," said Bob, stating the obvious. "Fuck yes," I replied. "Filthy and obscene makes a good thing smoking hot for me. I love dirty sluts, whores, and fuckin perverts. The more nasty and perverted the better." Bob retrieved his track pants from the nail on the wall and started putting them on. "You're my kind of guy, Tony. We should get together again." "I'd like that!" I tried not to be TOO enthusiastic. I still wanted to be cool. My old boardroom training I suppose. Bob continued, "It's a pity we dont have somewhere we can really let our hair down. This place is great, but it's still in a public place. We could still be in trouble if the wrong person came in here." Angie stood up and started dusting herself off. "Uncle Bob, I have to do a wee," she said in her gorgeous little girl voice. "What did I tell you about using baby language!" he barked at her. "What do you say?" "Sorry Uncle Bob. I have to have a fuckin piss." "That's better. Well we're in the right place. Tony, what do you say we add our mark to those already here." He chuckled and put Angie up on the bench again. "There you go. Let's see a good show. Spread out real wide and see how far you can make it." She knew what to do. She leaned back against the mirror, spread her legs very wide indeed, pulled her pussy lips apart and started to piss in a fountain that went over the side of the bench and half way across the room. It landed in a splash and puddle on the concrete. While she was in mid stream, Bob leaned forward and pushed a finger up her cunt then opened his mouth and caught the rest of the piss stream, drinking it down greedily. I pulled my pants on and helped little Angie get her clothes on again. Then we pushed our way back through the ivy, being careful to leave everything as we'd found it, and checking to see the doorway was next to invisible to anyone who didnt know exactly where it was. As we started heading back towards the playground, each holding one of Angie's little hands, we saw two young schoolboys aged about 12 heading in our direction with a man who looked like he was a teacher, based on his clothes and the briefcase he was carrying. As we turned the corner along the path, I looked back just in time to see the two of them disappear through the dense undergrowth into the disused toilet block we'd just occupied. I smiled to myself and made a mental note to spend a lot more time around here in future. After some thought, I had an idea. "Bob, you said it was a pity you didnt have somewhere secure where you could do anything you like, no matter how depraved, right?" "Yes." "What if I could provide such a place." "What do you mean?" Bob was really interested now. "Well I have ways and means. What if I provided a place that's secure, inconspicuous, anyone can come and go without being seen by prying eyes, sound proofed. Anyone would be free to do anything we say they can - anything at all. It could be a perverts orgy club." "Are you for real?" "Yes, I have some monay salted away that's not doing anything and I have an industrial property that I could convert. I could have underground parking with multiple exits. Security access that would make Fort Knox look like a tree house, and inside - a bar, lounge, anything we want. We could have any kind of porn we like, especially the illegal debauched kind." "And I could bring the kids over too?" "Naturally. We'd have your little sluts over and have as much fun as we like." "Shit, Tony that is what we need! If you could do that, I'm sure I'd get my pals to agree to make you a full member of our pedo circle. Normally to be a member you have to donate a little whore to the group. But I'm sure I would get their agreement to let you in. You'd love it. We're not just pedophiles but we love anything filthy and nasty. As long as it's really fuckin dirty we're into it. Do you like cocks too or just girls?" "Oh no I'm bisexual. I love cock fun too. But after today I'm fully sold on hairless little preteen cunt!" "Well you'd have all the little girl cunt you like. Lets meet over dinner one night and nut out the details." We exchanged phone numbers and I kissed Angie on the mouth. I was pleased that her tongue snaked into my mouth and her arms went around my neck as I slid my hand up her thigh for a last little feel of her juicy little 8 year old hairless cunt. I watched Bob and Angie walking along the path towards the parking area as I turned and headed back along the path towards the disused toilet block. I wanted to see what the teacher and the schoolboys were up to. Copyright (c) 2008, Benny The Jetter. ALL Rights Reserved ========================================== This story is a work of fiction. 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