Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. MMgg cons ncons ped This is a total fiction, the result of my rather depraved and fertile imagination. I don't advocate the actions in this story. They are illegal, wicked and anti-social, not to mention damaging to many of the participants. And very naughty. Doesn't mean that they're not fun to think about though. However don't let your kids see it. Or anyone who is not allowed to view pornography because of censorship laws in your part of the world. Or anyone who is offended by explicit descriptions of lewd and taboo sex acts involving people of all ages, including children. You have been warned. If you're one of those people, don't come crying to me if you read it and it makes your eyes melt or your fingers fall off. If you don't like dirty stories, then don't read it. Now, on with the fiction .... Benny the Jetter Club Pedo. Part 1 of (?) ================================================== Ok, you know the drill. Don't read this if you are under 18, and if you have ever disagreed with anything in life, don't continue reading. This is not a true life confession, nor am I advocating this kind of activity wtih minors. However don't let your kids see it. Or anyone who is not allowed to view pornography because of censorship laws in your part of the world. Or anyone who is offended by explicit descriptions of lewd and taboo sex acts involving people of all ages, including children. You have been warned. If you're one of those people, don't come crying to me if you read it and it makes your eyes melt, your fingers fall off or your curtains fade. It's just a story ok? So dont beat up on me. It's just a story! If you don't like dirty stories, then don't read it. Just delete it now and we'll forget the whole thing. You are proceeding past here at your own volition. I would like to know what you think of this story. If you like it please tell me. If you dont, please tell me what would make it better. And I'd like to know what you think could happen next. Please email me at This first part of Club Pedo is less about sex than normal, because there is a lot of setup for the parts that follow. But there's plenty to enjoy I hope. Do persevere, because I think it'll be worth it in the end. Benny the Jetter October 1998 Now, on with the fiction .... =========================================================================== == "CLUB PEDO - WHERE ALL YOUR PLEASURES ARE INCLUDED!" They could hear the sounds the surf crashing on the shore, and the happy sound of children laughing, and playing in the waves. Seagulls quawked from the clear blue sky that stretched from horizon to horizon without a single cloud. They climbed over the sand dunes and the sight that the doctor beheld quite took his breath away. Dozens of naked little girls and boys of all ages running and playing happily. Splashing and squealing with delight in the surf, building sandcastles running with a ball. Doctor Don Banks sat on the warm sand at the edge of the dunes and put his arm round the pretty 13 year old Lisa and couldn't believe his luck. Amost automatically, his hand moved down to cup her bare firm breast and hold the erect nipple. He tweaked it firmly as he watched the depraved happenings on the sand below them. There was a blanket on the sand above the water line, and a little Asian girl about 10 years old was being gang fucked by six burly men. She had a man holding each ankle, and pulling them wide apart. There was a man holding each hand, each pressing his cock into her small fingers, forcing her to jack them off. And a man was lying on top of her pounding his cock into her bare preteen cunt, grunting as he savagely thrust his adult prick into the little girl. The other man was standing over them, jacking off, waiting his turn. Further down the beach, a teenage boy was having his cock sucked by two 5 year old girls. He had his hands on the backs of their heads, pressing their moist lips to his erection. Mostly though, it was a delightful scene of unashamed nakedness and sexuality and Dr Banks's cock started to swell again. He took Lisa's hand and pushed it down the front of his loose fitting shorts. Her long fingers wrepped round it and gently squeezed it. "Are you going to fuck me with his soon Dr Banks?" the pretty bronzed blonde adolescent purred quietly, before pressing her long agile tongue into his ear and taking a playful nibble on his earlobe. As they watched, the man on top of the young Asian girl reached his climax, rammed his cock hard into the little child, so she cried out at the sudden thrust, and he grimaced as his balls spewed his hot sticky sperm up the 10 year old cunt. When he finished cumming in her, the man got up on his hands in a press-up position and looked down to watch as his large stiff cock pulled out of her widely stretched fuckhole. It bobbed up and down from his belly glistening wet with the mixture of the little girl's juices and his own semen as he tapped it playfully a couple of times on her prominent hairless mound and smeared the cum over her smooth olive skin. He stood up and immediately the other man got down on top of the girl and his erection slid into her preteen vagina, sliding it wetly up her. As his cock thrust into the little girl, one of the men holding her wrist started cumming, his spunk arching into the air and splattering on the small girl's flat chest and the man's shoulder. No one involved in this erotic tableau showed any sign that this was in any way unusual. Don Banks absorbed the warmth of the tropical sun, the sounds of the beach round him and the feelings swelling up in his loins from the pretty 13 year old girl sitting next to him and reflected on the events of the past few months. What a fickle thing life was. One minute facing disaster and a slow painful death, and the next here in the closest thing to heaven he could imagine on Earth. His mind wandered back over the past few months .... =========================================================================== == "CLUB PEDO - WHERE ALL YOUR PLEASURES ARE INCLUDED!" The sign was visible from the small windows of the sea plane as it descended to the sparkling azure blue sea in the South Pacific Ocean, about 1000 nautical miles due East of Tahiti. Dr Don Banks looked down at his new home with interest and more than a little anticipation. The club was built on a small private island called Honitaka. There was no airfield on the island, and no port to speak of, except for the heavily defended natural harbour on the west side of the island. This harbour was small, and had a jetty built out so that vessels could drop off visitors and supplies, without having to venture far into the clear shallow waters of the lagoon. There was no other way to arrive at the island in an airplane or by sea, except in small man-powered craft such as canoes, or sail boats. The island was surrounded by golden sandy beaches and encircled on average 100 metres off high water line by a coral reef. The crystal clear lagoon inside the reef was a rich haven for tropical fish of enormous variety, and inside the sandy beach, the tropical rain forest provided a dense green carpet of foliage, with tall trees and brilliant coloured native parrots, songbirds and other wildlife flittering amid the undergrowth and in the tree canopy. A hundred metres back from the shoreline, nestled amid the tall coconut palms and mango trees, were 40 small villas, each with a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, and a small balcony overlooking the large swimming pool. At one end of the pool was a much larger building, which Dr Banks assumed contained the dining room, 300 seat multi-purpose theatre, gymnasium, administration offices and a well-equipped doctor's surgery, equipped to perform most emergency surgery operations, short of transplants. A hundred metres in the other direction, was a tennis court, some staff quarters, stables, and some sheds housing the solar power generators, water desalination plant air conditioning units and other support equipment for the luxury resort. But Dr Don Banks wasn't coming to Honitaka to revel in the idyllic natural wonders of this tropical island. Not many people did. Very few people knew about the daily lives of the inhabitants of Honitaka, and frankly, only a few people cared. Only the members of Club Pedo, the owners of the island took any notice to this tiny, insignificant, out-of-the-shipping-lanes coral atoll in the middle of the pacific ocean. The island had been owned until 2 years ago by a hotel chain, who had hoped to attract high-rolling tourists, who wanted to get away from it all and spend lots and lots of money in the process. Unfortunately, it was too far away from it all and the hotel never made a profit. One of the executives of the hotel chain, Tom Randall, saw possibilities for the place, and made a ridiculously low offer for the place to the hotel chain. To his astonishment, they accepted, equally astonished they had found a sucker prepared to put out good money for such a millstone. In less than a month after the hotel closed it, Tom owned a nearly new super-luxury resort, including all the buildings, furniture, computers, and other equipment for less than the proceeds of his London house. This allowed him to use the remaining money to drum up some partners in his new venture and make some alterations and additions to the buildings on the island. And he ensured that the island was a sovereign territory. Under the laws of no country. After all, it was well away from any shipping lanes, and no country could see the need to take over a small, uninhabited, difficult-to-access island with no natural resources except beautiful clear air and water, and a lot of loss-making resort buildings. Tom planned to keep it that way too, maintaining a very low profile on the world stage. For Tom, though, this very inaccessability gave the island exactly the features he had been looking for for some time. For Club Pedo. With the assistance of his four partners, and the work of a year, Club Pedo opened for business as a special resort, catering to pedophiles and perverts. (Tom thought that was a cute pun. He'd been annoyed many times with the competition from the French Club Med, where no money was used, and everything was paid for in the room fee.) Honitaka was away from all prying eyes, and subject to no laws, except Tom's own laws. He used a little-known provision of the United Nations charter to have Honitaka declared a nation on its own, and Tom its inaugural president and dictator. Most people at the UN laughed at him, joking that Tom was the dictator of a few parrots and fifty thousand fish. Funding for Tom's project was guaranteed as soon as he passed laws providing for only 0.25% stamp duty on any money deposited in the National Bank of Honitaka and the complete absence of other taxes. This, together with laws guaranteeing total and absolute secrecy from the prying eyes of any law agency in the world, meant that large sums of money of dubious origin flooded into Honitaka. From corrupt government officials, arms dealers, gangsters, drug operators, tax evaders. Overnight, Honitaka's banking services industry became an accountant's dream, bringing over three billion dollars a month through the bank. Not that the bank itself was anything spectacular. It consisted of two rooms in one of the villas, containing a large computer, and Gerald Williams, one of Tom's partners operating it. Gerald was one of Tom's friends, who had been IT director in a mid-sized bank in Canada, and understood the world's financial system inside out. He had been forced to leave his employer and family very rapidly, as the auditors arrived for a snap check on the foreign exchange accounts. It was his ample skills in the field of covert international currency transactions that made him the perfect Secretary of the Treasury for the National Republic of Honitaka. Oh yes, he was a paedophile too. With satellite communications to the rest of the world money could be whizzed around the world with great alacrity, confounding the authorities who might want to trace it. And with each movement, 0.25% was skimmed off as stamp duty for Honitaka. A good deal for everyone, except the law enforcement authorities of Europe, USA and a hundred other countries. Not to forget Tom Randall, whose fledgeling Nation was earning $2.5 million US dollars a week in stamp duty, plus the interest on money invested on the short-term money markets. To add to the flood of riches, once in a while a corrupt African despot would be assasinated, guaranteeing the milllions he had stashed for safe keeping would never be claimed, whereupon the Government of Honitaka would freeze the funds, 'to protect the interests of the investors.' These enormous cash resources enabled Tom to set up anything he liked, and this he proceeded to do. He and his four partners travelled the world in style, gathering the things he needed for his dream project and lifestyle change. He rid himself of his wife, who had never seen eye to eye with him sexually, by divorcing her and giving her a $5 million settlement, and the house in Paris. She went away laughing and thinking she'd fleeced him but good, never knowing about the immense cash flow coming from Honitaka. Two of Tom's partners did the same, and the other two elected to keep their families, taking them to the island to help with the development of the resort. Over in Tahiti, the closest island group to Honitaka, the French Government were astonished that anyone might want to go to such a remote place when there were the obvious delights of Tahiti to savour, so they just dismissed the Honitakeans as a rather demented lot who will eventually come to their senses and beg to be granted French citizenship. =========================================================================== == The small eight-seater amphibian aircraft with the livery of Air Honitaka settled into the water as it landed, and taxiied through the lagoon to the beach allocated for the airline. The aircraft was one of two operated by the national airline of Honitaka, ferrying people and supplies to and from Tahiti. No one in Tahiti gave it a second thought. The aircraft pulled up onto the sand and the propellers shuddered to a halt. The doors were opened by a pretty girl about 13 years old, wearing just a loin cloth and a garland of flowers in her hair. "Welcome to Club Pedo," she said, smiling a captivating smile with perfect teeth, and flicking her long blonde hair over her shoulder with a delicate motion, to reveal her firm tanned young teenage breasts looking like small cupcakes, with erect nipples and her hard, flat stomach with beautiful belly button, calling out for him to touch. As he stepped onto the sand, she put ther arms round his neck and kissed him deeply, her tongue probing into his mouth. To Dr Don Banks, she was simply excuisite, and he drank in the sheer eroticism of the moment. This beautiful girl he'd never seen before, pressing her body against him and griding her crotch on his leg as she tried to lick his tonsils with her long agile tongue. The Doctor responded as any red-blooded man would, he wrapped one arm round her pulling the young girl against him and reaching up with his other hand to grasp a nipple and tweak it, and sucked avidly on her probing tongue. Banks had been through a traumatic 8 months, having been accused of molesting a seven year old patient during an examination. He'd been accused of taking advantage of the girl when she was anaestheticised - climbing onto the examination table raping her vaginally and anally and taking photgraphs of her with semen smeared all over her pre-pubescent crotch. The police had been called and in the unpleasantness that followed, he'd been called names like 'creep' and 'pervert' and the police had found a pile of photographs and videotapes of other small children involved in sex hidden behind a wall panel. They never accepted his assertion that they'd been left there by the last tenant of the office, and were unimpressed with his explanation that it was purely an amazing coincidence that the doctor in the pictures looked almost exactly like him. He'd spent 6 months in protective custody on remand waiting trial, fearful for his life, expecting to be gang raped to death at any stage by the vicious brutes in the prison. It was only as he was being taken to the court for his trial that a well-organised break-out ambush resulted in the prison transport van being blocked, it's armed escort murdered, the doors of the van being blown open with explosives and the prisoners liberated. The authorities believed the ambush was an IRA attack to free the other occupant of the van, an Irish terrorist, which was precisely what they were supposed to believe. They were busy scouring Ireland looking for the attackers, and had almost forgotten about the pervert doctor who molested his patients. Many police dismissed him as being murdered by the IRA as excess useless baggage after the break-out of their 'freedom fighter'. In fact the opposite had happened. The Irish terrorist's body had been weighted with chains and tipped into the North Sea from a passing freighter a few days later. And for 2 months Don Banks had been taken from one place to another, never stopping, moving across half a dozen borders, changing identity each time. No one had ever told him who they were, nor why they were doing this, so he assumed they had confused him with the IRA terrorist and were taking him to their secret base. He hated to think what was going to happen to him when they realised they'd got the wrong man, but there wasn't anything he could do about it. If he tried to escape from these thugs they'd shoot his kneecaps off, then his balls, then his elbows, and leave him writhing in agony for 3 hours until they finally killed him. Just as they'd done with the real IRA man. But right now, the Doctor couldn't believe his luck. He was luxuriating in the warmth of the greeting of this beautiful young girl, who was giving him 'fuck me' signals all the time. He had no idea why he was here, who had kidnapped him, or why, but this sure looked better than prison, or any of the other alternatives he'd seen lately, so for the mean time he'd go along with it. Why not. At least it helped divert his attention from the fear of what was eventually going to happen to him. The pilot put Dr Don's suitcase into the back of the jeep and invited him to sit in the passenger seat. Then he turned to put the bags of the departing passengers into the plane. The girl climbed into the jeep beside him and they drove up the narrow dirt road to the resort. The girl looked directly at him and gave him a warm welcoming smile. Don felt his prick waking up again. "Did you have a good flight, Dr Banks?" she asked. "Yes thank you," he replied, looking at her avidly. Her small firm tanned breasts bobbed up and down as the jeep bounced along the road. She was not in the slightest bit shy, and seemed to enjoy his looking at her. He hadn't been close to any woman for along time, least of all a pretty young girl like this one. His cock was knocking on the door of his pants, trying to remind him how deprived it had been for the last eight months. "Who are you?" he asked, trying to open a conversation about what he was doing here, and what was to happen. "I'm Lisa Elsworth, Dr Banks." She held out her delicate hand to be shaken. "My father is the Customer Relations Director here at Club Pedo, and he's assigned me to look after you. What ever you want, I can get you." "I'm puzzled, Lisa. What am I doing here? Who are you people? And where are we? What's going on here? What do you want with me?" Lisa chuckled, and Don's cock twitched again as the 13 year old's tits jiggled again invitingly. "You have to meed President Tom to find out what you want to know. I have to take you to your accomodation, see that you have everything you need, then take you to him." "Who?" None of this was enlightening Dr Banks very much at all, but he was enjoying the sight of those gorgeous adolescent tits that he didn't really care. This was a million miles better than any alternative in any prison he could think of, so he figured he'd just wait and enjoy it while he could. "President Tom. He is the Grand Chairman and President for Life of the Republic of Honitaka. He is the Supreme Commander of this little country and is in charge of everything that goes on here. We just do what we're told." "Do you do EVERYTHING you're told, Lisa?" asked Don Banks, almost as a joke. Lisa turned and looked him in the eye. Her eyes travelled down his body, lingering for a moment on his crotch, then returned to his face. "Yes Dr Banks, everything. Always." "You drive very well for a young girl. How old are you Lisa?" he asked. "Thank you, Dr Banks, but I've been driving since I was 7. I'm thirteen now, Dr Banks." The jeep pulled up outside the villa, and Don figured he rather liked this place. It beat the bleak grey cities of Europe any day. He followed Lisa's cute bottom as she led him up the 5 steps and into the villa. "This is to be your quarters, Dr Banks. You won't need any of your old clothes. They are inappropriate for Honitaka, where you will see we always dress informally. We have put some clothes in your closet, which will fit you perfectly. Please shower and change your clothes, and I'll take away your old clothes. They will be needed back in Europe to be found washed up on a beach disguising your disappearance. "Am I a prisoner here now?" he asked. "In a way, yes. But I hope you will enjoy Honitaka, and will soon come to see we have done you a big favour. Anyway, I can't tell you any more, because that is for President Tom to explain to you. Please shower, change, then I'll take you to see President Tom. Afterwards, I'll assign someone to show you around the island, so you'll know where everything is." "Can't we just kiss again and fool around a bit first?" Dr Banks asked, staring at Lisa's long slender tanned legs going all the way up and under her short little loin cloth. He was just itching for a chance to get between those wonderful thirteen year old legs. Lisa laughed, tossing her long hair back over her shoulder in a way that had Dr Banks believing he had died and gone to heaven. He couldn't see what he had done to deserve being in the presence of such a beautiful, delectable, sexy and confident young teenager. Then he remembered he was a mistake. They thought he was the IRA terrorist. And President Tom, whoever he was, would surely know he wasn't the right man and he'd be in agony in a few minutes, and dead probably hours or maybe days later. He thought about taking the opportunity as it presented itself now and raping the gorgeous Lisa while he had the chance, but thought again. If he attacked her, she'd scream and holler and he'd be in agony anyway. Lisa left quietly, closing the door behind her. He sighed and started taking off his clothes. "So near yet so far," he mused. He had no alternative but to take care of his raging erection in the bathroom in the time-honoured fashion, shooting his cum on the wall, smiling to himself at the streaks down the pale yellow wall. He left it there and got into the shower. =========================================================================== == Dressed in loose fitting cotton shorts, no underwear (he couldn't find any) and an open necked cotton shirt and leather sandals, Dr Banks followed the girl he knew he would see in his dreams for ever more (if he lived long enough to have any more dreams) around the pool, to the large administration building and up the stairs. He hung back a little bit as Lisa went on ahead, and when he leant down he could see up underneath her loin cloth to her crotch, and he saw she had no underwear on. "Uh oh .. I'm going to die with a fucking hard-on" he thought to himself as his cock stiffened in his loose pants. "Damn these pants .. how am I supposed to hide a fucking boner in these??" Lisa opened the huge oak double panelled doors at the top of the landing and led him inside a gigantic sumptuous room. "Ah, Dr Banks .. So nice of you to join us," came the effusive greeting of the grey haired man at the far end of the room." "President Tom, this is Dr Don Banks," Lisa offered, apparently unnecessarily since the man clearly knew who he was, and she departed silently, closing the doors behind her. The man offered a large comfortable armchair to Don, and sat down himself. "Would you like a drink? We have some very good scotch." He didn't wait for an answer but pressed a button beside the chair and a door opened to the side. A small girl walked in and Don's heart nearly skipped a beat. The girl was about 8 years old. She was a pretty polynesian girl, gorgeous brown skin, bright eyes, long glossy black hair. But it wasn't her sheer beauty that stunned the doctor. She was wearing a black leather collar with silver studs, thigh length black stockings black high heel shoes, and a gold chain round her middle. That's all. Nearly naked. She walked over to the chair where President Tom was sitting and stood with her feet 4 feet apart. The president slid his hand up her thigh and pressed his fingers between the little girl's pussy lips. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip gently, showing the pleasure she was getting. "Get me a scotch, and ask Dr Banks here what he wants to drink," commanded the grey haired man. The small girl nodded and walked over to where Dr Banks was sitting. She stood beside him, with her legs apart, and Don could see her hairless pussy lips were moist. He looked at Tom and pointed at the girl's crotch. "Do you mind if I ..." "Oh yes! of course help yourself my friend. Help yourself!" he laughed. Dr Banks didn't wait for the bubble to burst. He reached out and slipped two fingers of his right hand into the cute little girl's dusky cunt. She pushed her hips forward to meet his fingers, and they slipped easily between the fleshy lips. He loved the feeling as her moist flesh clung to his fingers. He slipped the tip of his middle finger into her vagina and she stepped forward a bit, trying to push his fingers further into her juvenile love hole. She stood silently for a few minutes while he fingered her then looked down at him, looking him right in the eye and smiled. "What would you like to drink, sir?" she asked in the gentle, soft mellow voice so typical of polynesian girls. Working his fingers further up the tiny girl's hairless cunt, Don said he'd have a scotch too please, with some ice if they have it. The girl gently pulled back from him, and reluctantly, he let his fingers pop out of her and she scurried off to fix the drinks. "She's cute isn't she?" mused President Tom, looking at her as she trotted over to the bar. Then he snapped back to business. "I suppose you have a few questions about what you're doing here." "Yes, a few," replied the doctor, trying to deal with the giant stiff cock in his pants without being too obvious about it. The Grand Chairman and President for Life of the Republic of Honitaka laughed, "I would be astonished if you hadn't. Let me tell you what this is all about. I promise you, there is no threat to you, and in fact I am certain you will enjoy your new life here." The little waitress returned and put his drink down on the table beside the chair, and left the room without saying a word. President Tom waited till she'd left before continuing, knowing that the doctor's concentration would be on the girl not him. "You are now a citizen of the Independent Republic of Honitaka. I have made you a citizen. We will prepare you a new passport whenever you want one. You are not here against your will, you may leave at any time you wish. Just say so, and you can have a free first class ticket to anywhere in the world, and be on the next plane out. Dr Banks, this is a Nation that caters to the misfits and outcasts of a cruel world. Or at least I should say a particular group of them. The people who live here are all devoted to a lifestyle that in most parts of the world would be considered obscene and taboo. In fact in many countries our activities, though widely practiced are punishable by death. Doctor, we know you share these views. "You see, we are all of the belief that the way to organise society is with the adult males completely dominant, and all females and the juvenile males completely subservient to their needs. In short, this is a country of pedophiles. Our whole society is organised to cater to every wish of the adult males, and there are few restrictions about what can be done. You are now living in a world where the sexual use of children is not merely tolerated, but is actively encouraged. You are privileged to be one of the dominant people where lust and depravity are considered normal and no woman, boy or girl may refuse you anything. No matter what you may ask. "We have anything here you may ask. Money, climate, comfort, luxurious surroundings. And you may freely use many of the servants on the island however you wish, no matter how depraved and obscene this is thought of elsewhere in the world. There are a few restrictions, but only a few and I will tell you about them in a moment. You see, we are a sovereign country, subject to our own laws, and it is against the law here for a girl or a woman or a boy to refuse a man unless it conflicts with the instructions of another man. "We operate this island as a resort haven for child lovers the world over. They come here for holidays where they can freely and openly fuck children as much as they like. "While our Nation is called Honitaka, our resort is called Club Pedo, because it's organised in the same way as the French Club Med. There are three levels of membership Guest, Member and Royal Member. Lisa will explain the differences when she takes you on a tour of the island later on. But if you accept the honour I am offering you, I will grant you immediate special Royal Membership." Dr Banks was astounded at what he had just heard. It sounded too good to be true. "What is it you are offering me?" he asked. "We know you are fond of young girls and boys. In fact we know you rather enjoy abusing children. That is quite ok with us, but you are also a doctor. We have desperate need of a good doctor here. If you will accept the role of doctor on this island, you will be able to have all the little girls you wish. And you will be able to use them, abuse them and dispose of them in any way you feel like. You can abuse them to your hearts content. All I ask is you take charge of our breeding program, heal the sick and injured, inspect all the incoming children for diseases, parasites or injuries, and tend to any guests or members who might need your services. We have a well equipped surgery on the floor below, capable of most emergency surgery, and some trained nurses to help you. This is not the role for anyone who is squeamish I have to warn you. Some of our Royal Members are rather excited by torture, and will subject their slaves to rather extreme measures. I expect total loyalty and obedience to my laws. In return you will have complete freedom to do what you want to any girl or boy on the island, at any time, punishing them how you see fit without any judgement from us for any infraction, or if you feel like it, for no reason at all. Does this offer sound interesting to you, Dr Banks?" It certainly sounded much better than going back to Europe to jail and beatings, so he smiled and accepted. "Good. I will get Lisa to take you on a tour and explain the way this place works. I know you are going to fit in well here." He stood, smiled and extended his hand in the universal gesture of agreement. They were still shaking hands when Lisa reentered the room. "Oh one more thing, " said President Tom, "I mentioned there are some restrictions. Not many, but you need to know that there are 4 men higher that you in the organisation. Lisa will explain it to you. But the cunts belonging to them are not to be punished by you. Just as your cunts are not to be punished by anyone below you. Is that understood? Lisa is the daughter our Customer Relations Director, and one of my partners. He gave her to me, and so she is my cunt. She belongs to me until such time as I release her. You can fuck her any way you wish and at any time, but you may not hit or slap or strike her in any way. If I hear you have punished any cunt belonging to anyone above you, you will be tortured in front of all the others, and die painfully. This seems a little extreme I know, but I enforce discipline on this island very strictly. There is no appeal. Are you in any doubt?" Don Banks shuddered at the thought, and nodded acceptance. Still, he did get to fuck this gorgeous girl. His cock was throbbing and trying to get out already. =========================================================================== They wandered slowly round the pool as Lisa explained how the club worked. "We have members all over the world, who pay a lot of money to come here. We never allow anyone to visit unless we have evidence against them we can black mail them with in the event they cause us problems. If we don't have any other evidence, we take photographs of them on the beach before the plane leaves fucking a 6 year old girl, and make sure their faces are clearly shown. All the members know this. "When each planeload arrives, we greet them as they check in and let them choose 3 from a range of boys and girls who will be their property until they leave or until they bring them back to exchange for different ones. "Once a girl has been allocated to a member, she must obey him without question, and without complaint, no matter what. Members are allowed to fuck them, rape them, abuse them, or trade them with other members too if they like, but they remain the property of that member until returned." "What ages are the kids here?" Dr Banks asked. "We have them all ages. From new born babies, up to about 13 years old. Then they're sold off to brothels in Asia or Latin America, or sold as sex slaves to Arabs, Japanese or European businessmen. The boys can stay until they are 19 years old. " They walked past a nursery where a dozen small babies were being cared for. Lisa led him inside. "This is the nursery. You will be in charge of this place. The training program begins immediately after birth. We are hoping you will help us with a plan to begin the training in the delivery room even." "Really? What do you mean?" "We don't have any fixed ideas, but we talked about it the other day. We thought if everyone in the delivery room was naked, you would deliver the little baby, and we could have one of the slaves suck your cock while you deliver it. Then you could be ready to cum immediately. You could shoot your cum on the mother's tits and lie the baby in the pool of sperm. If you make sure it's on her nipples, the baby would get the taste of cum right from the start. Then while the mother holds her baby, one man can poke his cock in her mouth, while another makes the baby suck on his cock. Perhaps we could have some of the guests jack off on the newborn baby and its mother. And if it's a girl, we could have the mother hold her legs wide open and you could lick the baby's little cunt and shoot some sperm on her. As a kind of 'welcome to the world' ceremony. What do you think?" "Amazing!" said Dr Banks, who had always wished he could get new born babies to suckle on his prick. "How do you control pregnancies here? Are the girls all on the pill?" "Oh no! No one is allowed any birth control. When a girl has a baby, it is immediately put into the training program. After her third baby, she is sent to the kitchens or laundry or maintenance crew until the baby is no longer feeding from her, then she is sent off the island. The baby will stay with us and continue her training. That is why some of the babies are being bottle fed. Their mothers have gone." Lisa pointed out a man who was feeding an infant who was being fed by dripping milk onto his stiff cock, and pushing it into the baby's mouth. Another man was jacking off into a bottle, prior to filling it with milk. They left the hospital area, and wandered past the pool towards the tennis courts. As they passed one villa, Don looked in and saw a man in his 50s, naked, with a 6 year old girl speared on his cock. She was on her back on the large coffee table and he was holding her ankles and stretching her wide. He was fucking her hard, grunting as he plunged his cock into her tiny cunt, and a teenage boy was pushing his cock into the man's mouth. Don reached for Lisa's hand and drew her closer. Then he reached under her loin cloth and cupped her perfect, firm buttock. She clenched it and he fondled her leisurely. He slid his hand around a bit, feeling the shape of her ass, and imagined what it would look like with his cock sticking in it. He began to probe into her asshole. She smiled at him and gave a kind of happy contented sound, indicating how much she enjoyed his attention. They stood and watched for a while, as the man's big adult prick slithered between the small girl's moist pussy lips. Lisa knew that the doctor would be excited by watching this and she slipped her hand down the front of his pants. Her long slender fingers wrapped round his aching cock, and she caressed it delicately, with obvious practiced art. Gently tugging on his cock, she led Dr Banks up the steps to the villa and they stood on the porch, watching the activity through the open french doors. "Unless he's pulled the blinds, the villas are considered public areas and you're allowed to watch, or even join in if you wish," she whispered. "But you're not allowed to enter without his consent." The man had his back to Lisa and Dr Banks, but sensed their presence and looked over his shoulder. "Ah! Lisa, you dirty little cunt! Come on in and join us," he commanded. The teenage boy's wet and shiny cock bobbed up and down in front of his face. He had stopped fucking the girl, but his cock was still buried to the hilt in her. "Come here and finger my asshole while I fuck this little bitch." "Yes sir. This is Dr Banks, the new doctor for Honitaka. Is it ok if he comes in too?" "Yes of course. Come and join in . there's plenty of this little slut for everyone." He went back to sucking on the boy's cock and Lisa knelt down behind him. Don felt a bit lost for a few seconds as his fingers popped out of her asshole, but his cock was raging and eager to spew its semen into somebody as soon as possible. He was so horny now he didn't really care who it was, but SOMEONE was going to get fucked by him pretty soon. He watched fascinated as Lisa put her face close to the man's bouncing ass, and pulled his cheeks apart. He stopped fucking the little girl again, and she took the hint. She pushed her face into his ass and started licking his asshole. "Oohhh yeah that's good Lisa, keep that up. ... Doctor come and join in. Don't be shy." He pointed to the tiny girl lying in front of him. Now he was close to her, Don could see she was very pretty. She looked barely six years old. She had long jet-black hair that was hanging down to the floor and she looked up at him silently, her large brown eyes meeting his without shame. Dr Banks looked down at her crotch and he could see how widely stretched her hairless preteen pussy was round the adult male's prick. Her torso was decorated with streaks of semen, some fresh and wet, some older and dried and crusty. "Where do you want to use the bitch? You want to fuck her throat? She's a really good cock sucker, she can take a man's cock all the way down her throat, can't you, whore?" He slapped her hard on the chest. She yelped and nodded. "Well then, there you are. Get your gear off and give it to her. This little whore needs constant fucking or she gets lazy. Ask him to fuck your mouth bitch!" As Dr Banks slipped out of his clothes, the small girl looked at him. The man had resumed his pounding of her young cunt and Lisa was poking two fingers into his ass. Her other hand was cupping his balls. The little girl said, "Please doctor, fuck my mouth. Let me taste your strong cock. Let me suck you off please?" She tipped her head back, so her throat was straight and opened her mouth. How could he refuse such a charming request? Don crossed to her in seconds and pressed the tip of his cock into the little girl's small mouth. Her lips opened willingly and her tongue immediately began flicking back and forth over it, as Don pressed it forward into her. His balls sat nicely over her eyes, and she reached up with one hand and grasped him by the cockshaft, pulling it into her. Her other hand tried to reach for his ass, but she couldn't reach, so she just let it rest on his buttock. She relaxed her throat and Don's cock slipped inside. She was no stranger to deep throating adult cocks, that's for sure. The man at the other end of the girl lifted his face from the boy's crotch and held out his hand. "I'm Tony Williams, by the way. Nice to meet you." He didn't miss a stroke of his fucking as he introduced himself to the doctor so Don didn't either. He continued fucking the little girl's face roughly as they talked. Tony was American, from Washington DC, and worked in the US government. He said he came to the island for his annual vacation and was intending to take up full membership as soon as he had the money saved up. He said he had been here for a week now, and had another week to go. "I'm getting a bit tired of these useless kids, I think I might trade them tonight for some more." Don Banks had been hard as a rock for too long to hold back. He couldn't withstand the sheer erotic pleasure of this previously illicit kiddie fucking. The small girl's tongue was doing amazing things to his cock and he had to let go. He gripped the little girl's head in his hands, and shoved his dick into her as far as he could. She gagged and tried to push him back as she choked, but he rammed it all the way in. Tony saw he was about to cum and grinned. "Yeah! Didn't I tell you she was good? Give it to her. She needs the protein. HA HA HA HA!" Don's cock swelled up even more and he grunted as his cock exploded in her. Cum surged from the cockhead as it lodged deep in her throat. As the little girl gagged on him, her throat milked his prick deliciously. He pumped gobs of sperm into her stomach as she swallowed him eagerly, trying to make him finish quickly so he would pull it out again. Suddenly, Tony pulled the teenage boy's cock out of his mouth and streaks of sperm shot from it. He pointed it at the little girl lying between them and painted her belly with the sperm. Ribbons of it splattered over her. "Ha ha ha this is cool!" Tony shouted. "He's painting her. I don't let him cum in anyone. I only let him cum on her! " Don finished cumming in the 6 year old girl's throat, and he pulled his cock out slowly, and a string of sperm connected the tip to her lip, stretching till it finally broke, splattering across her face. Don bent down and kissed her, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth, and she sucked on his tongue, just as she had sucked on his cock. She grunted as Tony rammed his cock hard up her little cunt, and shot yet another load of cum in her. As Don Banks pulled his pants on again, enjoying the feeling of the loose fitting cotton pants with no underwear. "Thanks Tony, I needed that." Tony had flipped the girl over onto her stomach, and was already guiding the teenager's cock into the little girl's red, sore asshole. "No problem!" he assured the doctor amiably. "Come back again and we'll do some more shit together." He went back to his task, and Don and Lisa left the villa. Lisa took hold of his hand as they walked further round the pool towards the far end of the complex. "Lisa, where is everyone? Surely there are more people live here than just him?" Lisa chuckled and squeezed his hand. He felt she was attracted to him, and that was good, because he still wanted to feel his cock in her cunt as soon as possible. "No, we organise the masters into parties, just like Club Med. We have them come a week at a time, so the last lot all left the night before last. We'll get another lot tonight. We prepared for their arrival yesterday, and we have a day off today. So everyone is down at the beach, swimming and having fun. Do you want to go and see?" "Sure. Lets do that." Lisa was pleased at that, and clucked excitedly. Plainly she loved the beach. So she turned onto another path and they headed into the dense forest towards the beach. "What happens in these week long holidays? Apart from fucking I mean." Don asked, realising how lame a question it was. After all, with this idyllic paradise to relax in, with as many little boys and girls as you liked to fuck openly and freely, what else would you want? "Well, basically what this whole place is for, is sex, the kind of sex that is illegal in most other places of the world. So people who have desires and perversions that the rest of the world frowns on can come here and live out their fantasies without having to worry about the authorities or other busybodies. We don't ask our guests to do anything in particular. Whatever they want is fine with us. There are some organised activities, there is the gymnastics several days a week, entertainment each night, each group gets to make a video movie over the week they are here, which they can take home with them if they wish." "A movie?" "Yes, we have a fully equipped television studio, with professional cameras and mixers and so on. We can make full television programs here if we want. Many of the members like to write scripts and get costumes and everything. Some of the movies are very good. I'll get you some to look at later if you like." "I'd like that. What about the gymnastics?" "It keeps the girls and boys in good shape. And it give the members some fun too. Most of them watch the gymnastics at home on the television, imagining what it would be like to see them naked, and to be able to play with them. You can join in too next time if you like." "Yes I'd like that. Definitely." They emerged from the rainforest path onto sand dunes to see the golden stand stretching in a wide arc. The azure Pacific Ocean warmed by the tropical heat and warm currents pounded on the sand in waves of pure white surf. The clean hot air was filled with the smells of the ocean and frangipani flowers. Don Banks took a long breath, and let it all out with a gush. He just simply could not believe his luck. ... =========================================================================== .... Lisa and Dr Don stood and watched the happy children playing on the beach. All except the little girl who was being gang banged on the blanket by 6 burly men. "Who are those guys?" Don asked, his cock stirring once more as he watched them change round again, each moving to another place on the girl. Another big muscleman shoved his stiff prick into her widespread crotch now messy with the semen of two big adult cocks. "They are the security detail. They're not allowed to use any of the girls except the ones they're allocated. They're each given a different girl a week, and they have to be content with that. Except on the day off, when they can have any girl they like. They love to gang rape, and they usually just grab the first girl that walks near and she gets done all day." Don looked further towards the surf, in the wet sand, to see a small boy, about 8, fondling the slit of a 6 year old girl. They were totally unashamed and open. Not a hint of shyness at all. They had made a sand castle, and the girl was sitting on it, naked, with her legs wide open. And the little boy was pushing his fingers into her vagina. He was getting them in to the knuckles, and his little hairless cock was stiff with his excitement. The two children were laughing happily and plainly enjoying the touching. Just as Don was about to suggest they go down to join the kids, they heard the the drumming sound of big radial airplane engines in the distance. "Uh oh - we have to go to work Doctor, I'm sorry. I know you wanted to go and play," Lisa said sympathetically, giving his throbbing cock a gentle squeeze. "That's the new girls arriving. You have to check them all, and I have to meet the plane. You will have to fuck me later on instead." She laughed and kissed him on the mouth, in another wet, erotic kiss. "Come on!" And she ran off down the track again towards the resort. Don Banks followed her as fast as he could, but he couldn't keep up with the cute 13 year old girl, so he decided not to try. He'd make her pay for leading him on then leaving him like that. "She'll keep," he said to himself as he slowed to a walk, panting and gasping for breath. Lisa looked over her shoulder and laughed again when she saw him slowing down. "You go to the surgery and I'll be there with the girls in half an hour." =========================================================================== Club Ped. Part 2 of (?) For this to make any sense you should really have read part one. However, if you missed it, I'm sorry because it was really rather good, if I say so myself. (sigh) oh well, here's the gist of it. Honitaka is a tiny island nation well off the shipping lanes, east of Tahiti. It's really remote, and it's owned by Tom Randall, who declared himself President for life, and proceeded to enact some interesting legislation. He declared that Honitaka would be a tax haven with total secrecy, in return for a small stamp duty on all moneys going through the country. Immediately the country was flooded with money of dubious origin, from all kinds of corrupt people, thereby ensuring the financial security of the country. Next he passed laws declaring sexual perversions to be non-existent for adult males. This means any man could do anything he liked, and no one could prosecute him. And the next law he passed made all females, including juvenile and baby females freely available for sexual use by any authorised male. With a recruitment program operating round the world, the island was soon stocked with young girls and the resort could begin operations. It was set up rather as Club Med, where guests pay a fee for a period, and no further money is needed for any activity on the island. All sexual activity was permitted, in any part of the island, and it was illegal for any female or juvenile male to refuse a man any lust he might express. Dr Don Banks, paediatrician, was on his way to court in Britain to be prosecuted for molesting a little girl patient when he was freed in an attack on the prison van. He was flown to Honitaka, where he was offered the job of Chief Medical Officer on the island. The first object of his lust was one of the older females on the island, a pretty 13 year old girl called Lisa Elsworth, the daughter of the Director of Public Relations for the gorgeous tropical resort. She took him on a tour of the island and introduced him to many of the delights . . . . When we left the story at part 1, Lisa had left Dr Don to greet the next batch of guests and show them to their quarters. Before we join them, there's something going on in the chapel you ought to read about . . . . now read on . . . =========================================================================== "CLUB PEDO - WHERE ALL YOUR PLEASURES ARE INCLUDED!" =========================================================================== Lisa and Dr Don Banks stood and watched the happy children playing on the beach. All except the little girl who was being gang banged on the blanket by 6 burly men. "Who are those guys?" Don asked, his cock stirring once more as he watched them change round, each moving to another place on the girl. Another big muscleman shoved his stiff prick into her widespread crotch. "They are the security detail. They're not allowed to use any of the girls except the ones they're allocated. They're each given a different girl a week, and they have to be content with that. Except on the day off, when they can have any girl they like. They love gang fucking, and they usually just grab the first girl that walks near and she gets used all day." Don looked further towards the surf, in the wet sand, to see a small boy, about 8, fondling the slit of a 6 year old girl. They were totally unashamed and open. Not a hint of shyness at all. They had made a sand castle, and the girl was sitting on it, naked, with her legs wide open. And the little boy was pushing his fingers into her vagina. He was getting them in to the knuckles, and his little hairless cock was stiff with his excitement. The two little children were laughing happily and plainly enjoying the touching. Just as Don was about to suggest they go down to join the kids, they heard the the drumming sound of big radial airplane engines in the distance. "Uh oh - we have to go to work Doctor, I'm sorry. I know you wanted to go and play," Lisa said sympathetically, reaching into his pants again and holding his cock. "That's the new girls arriving. You have to check them all, and I have to meet the plane." She laughed and kissed him on the mouth, in another wet, erotic kiss. "Come on!" And she ran off down the track again towards the resort. Don Banks followed her as fast as he could, but he couldn't keep up with the cute 13 year old girl, so he decided not to try. He'd make her pay for leading him on then leaving him like that. "She'll keep," he said to himself as he slowed to a walk, panting and gasping for breath. Lisa looked over her shoulder and laughed again when she saw him slowing down. "You go to the surgery and I'll be there with the girls in half an hour." ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the chapel forty-nine year old Father Letham looked at the 12 year old boy and the two 6 year old girls standing in front of him. "Now children you know what you have do to don't you?" The boy nodded, but the girls shook their heads no. "Ok sit down there and I'll explain to you." They sat on the couch in front of the priest, the two little girls smoothing their light cotton dresses down on their thighs as they got settled. "Now children, you know that's no way for young ladies in Honitaka to sit. You know what to do." The priest's gentle scolding had the desired effect, and immediately the little girls lifted their feet up so their heels touched their bare buttocks, then let their knees fall to their sides as they had been taught, putting their bare slick hairless crotches on display for the priest. "You too Robbie." The boy adopted the same pose, his loose fitting shorts letting his cock fall out through the legholes. Father Letham reflected that the shorts seemed to reveal more than hide, just as he liked. "That's better. Now, as you know there is to be a wedding here in this chapel next week. One of our guests is coming here from New York to marry his daughter, and you are to play an important part. During the service you will have an important role to play, and before then we have some preparation to do. During the service, we must annoint the bride with holy semen as a symbol that we all pray she will be fertile and bear her husband many children and that they will live a life of lust together in praise of God. So you are here today to help collect the holy semen. You are expected to do this same ceremony every day for 10 days leading up to the wedding. So you must come here every day. Do you understand?" The kids nodded. Father Letham's cock was starting to grow in anticipation at what was to happen. Like Doctor Banks, he was blessing his good fortune at being able to escape with his life when a mob of angry parishioners nearly lynched him after he was caught sodomising a ten year old boy at a church bible camp. He had been on the run for 2 years before he found his way to one of the orphanages in India that sends many children to Honitaka. On the recommendation of the orphanage owner, Father Letham was appointed Bishop of Honitaka and quickly settled into life in his view of heaven. "Now Denise, you go to the cupboard and you will find a silver chalice there. That's like a big silver cup. Bring it here for us. Robbie and Tina, you stand facing each other in front of me here." The children did what they were told, and the lecherous priest licked his lips in anticipation. He took hold of the hem of Tina's short cotton dress and lifted it over her head. The little 6 year old girl was now completely naked. Father Letham undid the ribbon holding the little girl's glossy jet black hair in a ponytail and spread her long hair across her shoulders. It was very long and cascaded over her shoulders and almost to the little dots that were her nipples. He gently stroked her hair, and let his hands slide down her slender body. He slipped two fingers of his left hand between her 6 year old cunt lips and simultaneously pushed his right middle finger up the little girl's asshole. "Ok Robbie, you kiss Tina. No, not a bloody peck on the cheek boy! A PROPER kiss. Get your tongue in her mouth. And you, Tina, get your tongue in his mouth too. Open your lips and really get in there. Taste each other." While the two kids kissed, Father Letham gripped Robbie's pants by the waistband and pulled them down his legs. The boy's dick was already growing hard, and twitched wonderfully when the priest wrapped his fingers round it. With his right hand he masturbated the 12 year old boy, while with his left hand he probed the lad's asshole. He probed Ronnie's anus, using his fingers to push his asscheeks apart, and fondled his cock and balls. The boy and girl were getting into the kissing now, their tongues intertwining, pushing back and forth between them. Denise was now standing with the silver chalice, waiting for instructions and watching her two friends kissing passionately. "Ah Denise. Good girl. Put the chalice on the table there, and come over here. Reach up into my cassock and take hold of my holy staff. The priest stood with his hands on his hips while the little 6 year old got on her knees, lifted up his ankle-length robe and looked up. She could see the priest was wearing nothing underneath, and his cock was semi-hard already. She reached up and wrapped her tiny fingers round the thick shaft of fuckflesh. Father Letham revelled in the depravity of it all for a few minutes. Watching a 12 year old boy and a 6 year old girl kissing naked in front of him, while another little 6 year old girl held on to his rapidly stiffening cock. He lifted up his cassock, and tucked it up under his arms, so he could watch how little Denise could hardly get her fingers more than half way round his prick. He took a good hold on a handful of Denise's ponytail and pulled her face to his crotch. "Open your mouth Denise and accept the Lord's work." The child obediently opened her mouth and his thick red cock slipped between her little lips. He used her hair like a handle, pulling her face on and off his cock, fucking her face while he watched the other two. "Tina, get hold of his cock. Hold it and don't let go no matter what. Robbie, feel her up good. Get your fingers in her cunt and feel around." Then he had Robbie and Tina kneel on the floor, still kissing each other and feeling each other up. He had to put a small stool down for Tina to kneel on so she was the same level as Robbie. Then he had Denise stand on the other side of the two kneeling children, facing him, holding the chalice. Father Letham stood close to Tina and Robbie, and rubbed his dick over their faces, eyes, neck, anywhere he could get it. He wrapped Tina's lovely hair round his balls and masturbated with it briefly, then while they still kissed, he put a hand on the back of their heads, holding their faces together. Then he pushed his cock between them. While the children Robbie and Tina kissed, his adult rock hard tool slipped between their lips, emerging on the other side of their faces, where Denise was told to get on her knees and suck the tip. As Father Letham already knew, having the mouths of 3 children on his cock was a glorious feeling. He sawed his cock back and forth holding the children's faces hard against it. "You be sure to catch all the Lord's sacred semen in that chalice Denise," he warned, "I'll tell you when its coming." To the priest, the sacrilege of his perversion in the God's name was almost as arousing as the perversion itself. As his cock pushed forward between Robbie and Tina's wet sucking lips, it plunged into Denise's sucking mouth. He pushed their faces closer together to give him more friction. "Robbie, get your finger up my asshole. Push them all the way up. Dont stop feeling up Tina's cunt. Tina, jack him. Hold it tight. Not tooo tight, move your hand back and forth. Here it comes Denise. Get the chalice. Ready? AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Denise held the silver goblet up as the priest's disk spat sperm. It shot in ribbons from his swollen cockhead. The first burst caught her by surprise and missed the chalice completely and spattered on Denise's chin, dropping to her tummy and running down onto her pretty mound. She was better with the rest though. A dozen gobs of cum burst from his piss-slit, and while the little girl had trouble catching it all, most of it splattered into the chalice and dribbled down the sides into the small pool at the bottom. When he finished shooting cum, Father Letham ordered Robbie to stand in front of the two little girls while they sucked his cock. It was already shiny and wet from precum. "You girls are going to make him cum, and you're going to paint your faces with it." He prodded the children's asses with his fingers while the erotic display continued. Eventually, Robbie reached the point of no return. Father Letham realised the boy was about to cum. He pulled Denise's mouth off his cock and pointed it at Tina's jet black hair. "Go on Robbie. Shoot it on the slut's hair. Paint her hair. Get some in her face. Up Denise's nose. Show them what whores they are. Make them the dirty little sluts." Robbie's 12 year old balls burst and his scum jetted out in streams into the little 6 year old faces. Ropes of it splattered on Tina's hair, leaving white sticky streaks in her glossy black hair. Sperm dribbled down Denise's pretty little face, a gob of it eventually dropping onto her little flat chest, where the priest had her smear it around. "What good kids you all are. God is very pleased with you, and you will have much love in your life." The girls smiled with pleasure at such a compliment. "You look wonderful. Everyone in Honitaka will wish they were you girls now. I will tell everyone at mass on Sunday what wonderful altar girls you are." "Ok girls, you can put your dresses back on and go play outside now. Put the chalice in the fridge and come back tomorrow at the same time. You must leave that cum where it is for the rest of the day. Robbie, you can stay with me for now. I want to use your holes for a while. See you tomorrow girls." The two little sperm-coated lovelies trotted down the path from the chapel, headed for the playground, and Father Letham led Robbie by the hand for his bedroom. He was going to enjoy buggering the boy - as he always did. (** Author's note: if readers wish, I will include a detailed description of the wedding in a later episode of this story) ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Doctor Don Banks went to his new surgery and started to prepare for his new arrivals, making sure all his equipment was sterilised and in the right places. There was a knock on the door and he called for the person to enter. "Good afternoon Doctor Banks, I'm Su-Lee, your paediatric nurse. I'm to help you examine the new arrivals, and whatever else you might want me to do." She took the doctor's breath away. A pity, because he'd only just got it back. She was a Japanese girl about 18 years old. She had very long jet black hair, the small doll-like face typical of Japanese girls, green eyes and full fleshy, moist lips. Like so many Japanese girls, she was small and slight. Her bust can't have been bigger than A-cup and she had long, slender legs. She was wearing her nurse's uniform, although it wasn't quite what you'd expect to see at Bethesda General Hospital. Oh yes, she had the normal crisp, spotless white dress that buttons down the front, the white stockings and white shoes, and the little white hat just like you'd expect to see in any hospital in the world. Only these shoes were high heel shoes. And the dress was unbuttoned down to the waist, revealing the absence of a bra underneath. And the bottom buttons were undone too, so as she walked into the room it gaped open to just above her crotch. And this revealed to Dr Banks that she had no underwear on at all. And a nice view of her slick clean shaven pussy. She walked over to where the astonished doctor was sitting, took his hand and pressed it between her legs. As he pushed his fingers into her juicy pussy, she leant forward and whispered in his ear, " . . . and I hope you're going to want me to do a *WHOLE LOT* for you." She pressed her soft moist lips to his ear and her tongue licked around his ear lobe, and wormed into his ear canal. "I can't wait to help you use these new sluts doctor," she whispered as Don's fingers slipped in and out of her creaming vagina. Her hand worked into his loose fitting pants and reached for his cock. Her touch was light and delicate, her fingers barely touching his throbbing cockshaft. It felt like a butterfly fluttering on the ultra-sensitive skin. She asked him for permission to undo his pants, and made sure that while she was working on them, she didn't let his fingers slip out of her. As soon as his cock was out in the open air, poking up like a flagpole, Su-Lee climbed over his lap and sat down on it. Don's prick slipped into her cunt like it was sliding on warm butter. The beautiful nurse's fuckchannel clung to him and gripped him like a hand. She sat down on his lap, burying his dick in her all the way, and kissed him. Her tongue probed into his mouth and she took his hands and put them on her tiny tits. The nipples were erect and she moaned gently as he tweaked them. Dr Banks knew he was going to enjoy his exile on Honitaka! If only he'd had a nurse like this in his old practice. Su-Lee started to rotate her hips, slipping his cock in her clinging wet cunt, fucking him beautifully. The door opened and a man looked in. "Doctor, the new arrivals are here," he said, apparently seeing nothing unusual with the doctor having his nurse impaled on his cock. Su-Lee smiled sweetly, patted his slippery prick and kissed him again. "Sorry, but we have to go to work. You can fuck me any time you like, I am assigned to be your total servant. And I'm a Registered Nurse, fully qualified theatre sister and qualified midwife. I have been waiting for this opportunity for years. You have made me so happy, Dr Banks." Then she climbed off his lap, straightened up her uniform (but didn't do up any of the buttons) and left the room to look after the new arrivals. Dr Banks was left with a screaming hard-on, wet with the young nurse's cunt juices and he was still stuffing his cock back in his pants when the door opened and Su-Lee brought in the first girl. She told the girl to sit on the chair, asked the doctor to call her if he needed anything, and left, closing the door behind her. Don looked at the girl's records which detailed how she had ended up on the island. Her name was Joanna Wagner, 9 years old, from USA. Victim of child abuse. Taken by the Department of Social Welfare from her family. Her father had brutally raped her both vaginally and anally when she was 6. She complained to her drug addict mother, who clearly wasn't thinking straight and didn't believe her. She promptly beat Joanna for trying to betray her father. Her disbelieving mother decided since she would lie against her father, that he should teach her a lesson by making it truth. Then she tied the little girl spreadeagled to the couch, and persuaded her father to rape her right there in the middle of the living room while she watched and shouted at the hapless little girl. He couldn't believe his luck and revelled in the chance to rape his little daughter again. At that point her parents had called her a liar and whore. Eventually, the girl's 3 brothers and 2 uncles discovered the dark secret of Joanna's sexual abuse, and were allowed later to rape her too, at first singly, while the parents supervised, then later on together, without the supervision of her parents. They raped her repeatedly sometimes for whole days at a time for 3 years. Until one of her schoolteacher suspected something was amiss. He got the truth from her by gaining her trust and reported it to the Principal of the school. The school Principal called Joanna to his office, and phoned the Department of Social Welfare, who quickly got a court order for custody of Joanna. The parents were lightly reprimanded after they allowed the younger two of their sons to be taken to the judge's beach house for a weekend's 'relaxation' and "for her safety" Joanna was taken from them. The Department official immediately notified his contact at Honitaka and arrangements were made for Joanna's transfer to the resort. The Principal took his normal commission for passing this lead on to the Department, which was to be permitted to keep Joanna at his house for a week, with the only restriction that she must not be marked or bruised in any way. With that exception, he was free to use her in any way he chose. Which he did. He fucked the pretty 9 year old schoolgirl in every way he could think of. And as often as his jaded body would permit. When his cock was too tired to fuck her, he used his vibrator on her poor bruised slit. Then she was passed to the the Department of Social Welfare official, who sadly neglected to fill out any paperwork for Joanna. Well, not for the month he kept her in his house anyway. He merely filled out a missing persons report, alleging she'd run away to be a street kid, because she was so twisted by her ordeal. Meanwhile he had a fine old time with her too. By the time she was put on the plane to Honitaka, Joanna was beginning to understand that her role in life was to pleasure men, who never seemed to care much about her. She sat in front of the good doctor, feeling quite sorry for herself, waiting silently while he read the notes. "How do you feel, Joanna?" he asked at length. "Ok, I guess thanks," she replied, not looking him in the eye. "You'll enjoy it here. This is a nice sunny place, lots of beaches and places to have fun. There's nothing to do here but have fun. Now let me get a look at you, and make sure you're all ok and we can get you off to the stores to be outfitted with new clothes and things. Stand up please." Doctor Banks stood beside the small girl and looked her up and down. Beautiful girl. She had straight brown hair, cut in a moderate length just above her nipples. Her bangs were cut straight just at her eyebrows. Her pale blue eyes were bright and clear, and her mouth and teeth were in excellent condition. Made for cocksucking he thought to himself his hardon still raging. He ran his hands over body, feeling for bumps and bruises, and looking at her reaction as he touched her. He especially pressed his hands over her ass, and against her crotch outside her clothes, revelling in the anticipation of what was to come. He could feel the fleshy lips of her cunt even through her jeans and panties. Joanna didn't flinch as he took gross liberties that would have got him struck off in any other country in the world. "Take off your tshirt please Joanna, so I can get a look at your chest." She pulled the grubby tshirt over her head, and he took it and threw it into a laundry basket at the side of the room. He tapped and prodded at her, and listened with his stethoscope. He ran his hands over her again, and touched her tiny breasts. They were still barely more than nipples on her chest. Just the hint of the mounds that would develop there all too soon. He tweaked one of her nipples, and she gasped. He tweaked the other one and she gasped again. So he held both nipples in his fingers and pinched them hard. "Yeoww!" she yelped. "That hurts!" "You'd better get used to keeping quiet while people touch you my girl," the doctor snapped at her. "Now get your jeans off and I'll look at the rest of you." Joanna unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down her legs. Don looked at her slender, firm bottom as she bent forward. He put his hand on her ass as she stepped out of her jeans, and they too went into the laundry basket. He ran his fingers up and down her crack, sliding his middle finger between her ass cheeks, looking lustily as the way the lightweight cotton revealed her childlish shape. He turned her round and licked his lips. She looked delicious standing there in just white cotton panties and white socks and running shoes. Dr Banks did a proper medical examination of the little 9 year old girl, listening to her chest, taking her blood pressure, looking into her mouth, etc. And all the time touching her whenever he could, his hands wandering lightly over the girl's smooth hairless skin and sliding between her legs to feel her fleshy pre-teen genitals. Joanna had learnt that it was always best to just spread her feet apart and let a finger her if he wanted. It had been safer that way in the past. Suddenly, he took a handful of her beautiful hair tightly in his fingers, and roughly pulled her face to his. The doctor kissed his patient rudely, his tongue thrusting deep into her tender mouth as he pushed his hand between her legs and pressed her cotton panties up into her prepubescent slit. The doctor pushed her panties to one side and jabbed his long middle finger right up into her little cunt. Joanna struggled and started to cry out, but her mouth was well covered by the doctor's lips. And the more she struggled, the more he pushed his tongue into her mouth and the harder he shoved his finger up her. He worked two fingers into her immature vagina, but even though it was young, it had been used so often it easily accommodated his probing fingers. She was still struggling as he let go of her head, and she gasped for air. With two fingers up her cunt, he said "Joanna you're not a virgin are you? You've been fucking haven't you?" "yes, but he made me ...." "OH GIVE ME A BREAK YOU DIRTY LITTLE SLUT!" he bellowed at the little girl in a most un-doctorlike manner. "You're just a fucking little whore! You can't excuse your behaviour by saying he made you. You lead men on with your lustful looks, your cute body and the fact that you are female. All men are driven crazy with lust by small girls. And its your job in life to give men pleasure. To let them use you how they like, and help them have sex with you. The sooner you get that in your head the easier its going to be for you. "Now we'd best get a look at your genitals my girl. Lie back and spread your legs for me." "No, please. . . " began the hapless little girl, seeing the signs of yet another assault coming on. "Stop whining, slut!!" spat the doctor, revelling in the girl's fear. "You better get to realise you're a sex toy. You have no purpose but to get fucked and to entertain men. You think you're a good girl? Why you've fucked every man you've met in the last 6 months! What do you expect? Now get on your back and show me your cunt before I take the whip to you." "No, but I didn't want them to .. they raped me!" she protested. Joanna tried to prevent the doctor getting his fingers further into her vagina, but he was far too strong for her. "Listen, SLUT! You wanted them to fuck you. If you didn't, do you imagine all those men would have poked you like that? Of course not. They are very responsible men. You led them on and brought it all on yourself. You're a whore and a slut, nothing but a fucktoy, and you better get used to it." With that he pushed her hard in the chest, and she fell back on the high examination couch. Dr Banks grabbed one knee and pulled it onto the stirrup, and tied it there. Then he did the same with the other knee and poor Joanna was tied spreadeagled and exposed. Her little girl pussy was totally open to his gaze and to whatever probing he had in mind. And Dr Banks had a lot of probing in mind! He pulled up his stool between Joanna's elevated feet and sat down. His face was level with her young cunt, and with his fingers he pulled the swollen lips apart. He peered into her abused vagina and put his face close. He loved the smell of fresh little girl cunt and never tired of the moment when he got his mouth on a cunt for the first time. Slowly, revelling in the moment, he opened his mouth and licked from her asshole up her split to her prominent clitoris. "NOOOONNNNOOOOOOO!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. The doctor laughed and wiggled his tongue in her hole. The doctor licked, kissed, sucked and lapped at the little girl's cunt for at least ten minutes while Joanna yelped and screamed for help. Dr Banks couldn't hold back any more. His cock was stiff as a board and threatening to explode in his pants. He realised that there was only one place for his cock to explode on this island, and that was inside a little girl, so he stood up between her legs, looking down at her sobbing tearstained face. He laughed and undid his pants. His cock sprang out from his belly and Joanna bellowed again when she saw it. "NOOOONNOOONNOOONOO!!! PLEASE NOOO!!!" she screamed as he touched the tip of his cock to her wet hole. The door opened just as he had a grip on Joanna's thighs and the shiny bulbous head of his cock inside her vagina, ready to drive it into the little girl's belly. Doctor Banks's reflex action told him to pull his throbbing dick out of his preteen patient, but an even baser instinct - lust- drove him forward. Su-Lee, his nurse, came in without seeming to notice that the doctor was forcing his adult cock into his juvenile patient, and asked him if he needed any help. "I heard some noise Doctor, and I wondered if you needed assistance examining this patient," she said, her eyes now afire with lust. Banks looked over his shoulder and saw she had her hand between her legs and was watching carefully as his cock plunged into Joanna's clinging cunt. "Can I help you please Doctor?" she asked, staring openly at the obscene sight of his cock in the little girl's hole. For the first time, Joanna noticed there was someone else in the room. In desperation, she cried out to the young nurse for help. "Please! Help me .. He's sticking it in me .. . Please make him stop! HELP!!" she cried, reaching out to Su-Lee with her hand. Su-Lee came closer and looked at the 9 year old girl lying on the table, her slick, hairless cunt lips stretched apart round her doctor's invading prick. "oh yes, dear, you do need help," the nurse said, and tweaked one of Joanna's nipples hard. "YEOOOUUWWWW!!!!" screeched the little girl. Su-Lee and the doctor laughed aloud. Su-Lee knelt behind the doctor and reached up beteen his legs to fondle his hanging balls as he gradually forced his rigid adult prick into the tiny preteen girl's cunt. She fingered his asshole and the little girl's asshole, then bent forward and licked the doctor's balls. Doctor Banks was already near to filling Joanna's fuckhole with his cum. The excitement of having this pretty little girl available for him to freely use and abuse with no repercussions was almost more than he could stand. "I'm going to cum!" he exclaimed, his throbbing stiff cock plunging into the tiny preteen girl's hole faster and faster. He was sparing no effort in getting it up the girl as far as he could, and her tiny body was shaking and bouncing on the examination table under the sheer force of his fucking. His nurse, Su-Lee was eagerly watching and fingering the rutting doctor, and two of her fingers were pushing into little Joanna's bumhole without hesitation. "Yes!!! Fuck the little slut," she urged her new boss. "Make her into your whore. She's a dirty little girl and deserves it. Fill her dirty slut cunt with your cum. Show her what it's like to be fucked properly!" This kind of talk was all Doctor Banks needed to commit the ultimate abuse of his power and ultimate breach of his ethics. He rammed his cock all the way up the 9 year old girl's slit until his pubic hair was pressed against the little girl's immature clit. As Su-lee fingered both their assholes, his balls exploded and his sticky white sperm gushed out into Joanna's tightly stretched vagina. As his cock pulsed and the cum spurted forth, he could feel her tight cunt muscles squeezing his cock as she struggled to avoid him. Su-Lee was excited to see the small girl get fucked, and kept up her obscene urging, willing the doctor to using the poor girl's cunt more and more. The good Doctor stood there with his groin pressed against the hapless child's crotch, waiting while his cock stopped oozing his cum into her, and gradually softened. He looked down into Joanna's pretty eyes, laughing as she sobbed at her desperate predicament. Was there no man anywhere who would leave her alone? Su-Lee broke the Don Banks's delicous revelling in his patient's humiliation. "I hate to disturb you, Doctor, but unless we clear the other new residents outside before 6pm we'll have to miss dinner. We have another 35 girls to check." Doctor Banks suddenly realised he had to go to work. "I want this one later on. Can we keep her here for some reason?" "Doctor you can have her assigned to your villa if you like. You are allowed to have several girls for your personal use, and if you like while you're checking the next couple, I'll take her and get her installed at your place for you." This was wonderful news! "I can have SEVERAL girls for myself? How many can I have?" "Its not written down anywhere, but it's assumed you will want 4 or 5. Help yourself." Su-Lee was surprised the Doctor hadn't realised his high status on Honitaka already. Dr Banks pulled his cock out of Joanna, wiped it in her hair, and untied the straps round her thighs. He slapped her hard on her thigh and commanded her to get down and go with the nurse. He was going to enjoy her immensely. Nasty little slut. Joanna reached for her clothes, and Su-Lee whacked her hard on her shoulder. "Leave those, slut!" she spat. "You won't be needing them again. There are clothes aplenty for you in your room. Come with me." Su-Lee led the little 9 year old out of the surgery and brought in the next of the new arrivals. Su-Lee took Joanna's hand and walked with her across the main courtyard to Dr Banks's villa. She tried to cover her pussy with her hands, but the nurse slapped her again. You must not be shy, slut. Every one knows you've already been fucking, so let them look at you." Joanna felt the doctor's sperm squishing in her slit, and a drop began to run down her leg. She cried again at her humiliation. Ngaire and her twin sister Ntaka were 7 year old african girls, straight from the poor ramshackle cardboard slums of Soweto in South Africa. Dr Banks stood them side by side, naked, and inspected them carefully, comparing their charms. They weren't identical twins, but very close. About the only difference he could see between them was Ngaire had slightly more prominent inner lips to her cunt, and and Ntaka had plainly been anally abused frequently, because her asshole was much looser than her sister's. He delighted in the sights and smells of their dark black skin and bright pink hairless slits. He probed with his fingers into their vaginas, making sure they were not virgins. Soweto had a thriving trade in abducted children, even in these days of black majority rule there. There were still plenty of white supremacists who were eager to get back at what they saw as ignorant nigger upstarts and Honitaka was the destination for many of them. The white extremists there took delight in murdering whole black families, deflowering the young girls in front of their parents eyes, before throwing the little girls into the back of their armoured truck and setting fire to their house, with the rest of their family inside. The girls would be enjoyed for a few days, before packing them into a shipping container and sending them off to Honitaka. These two girls were obviously used to white men interfering with their bodies, because they stood there patiently, allowing him unfettered access. When he reached between their legs, they moved their feet apart without his having to prompt them. It was obvious they didn't like it, but they assumed they would be punished brutally if they tried to resist. There were three English girls, abducted for sale from their boarding school. To the doctor's astonishment two of them were still virgins, having been totally untouched throughout their entire ordeal so far. No one had even tried to pull their clothes off, except for Earl Dunmore, who organised the ring in England. The Earl owned a number of boarding schools in Britain and Europe, which provided many opportunities for he and his friends to enjoy younger delights. He funded his activities by providing Honitaka with a steady supply of pretty English, Scots, and Welsh girls, and young boys for the Middle East. In this case, the two virgins had been sent for a special order, required for use in the opening show this week. Their files were specially marked, and Doctor Banks was scrupulous in his treatment of them. It was as if their mother was watching over his shoulder. He didn't even ask them to take off any clothes. They were to be completely unaware of the real activities going on at Club Ped, so when the truth was revealed to them, it would have the maximum impact. Next was a delightful little 10 year old German girl, Heidi. She skipped into the surgery as though she was going to school. She was wearing a crisp white blouse, tied in a knot half way up her chest, a light blue pleated skirt, and shoes and socks. She smiled at him and quite took his heart. Don Banks examined her methodically, and when it came time to take her clothes off, he decided to do it himself. OH!! He was enjoying his new career!!! He unbuttoned her cotton blouse, undid the knot under her little tiny bubbies and peeled it off her shoulders. She had barely started to grow tits - they were just tiny bumps. He put both hands on them, and she pressed against him, as though she knew what he was doing and liked it. He ran his hands over her firm, trim torso, feeling there was not an ounce of puppy fat on her anywhere. She knew she was good looking, and she posed and pouted for him, as though she was trying to look more alluring. Heidi looked him straight in the eye, and moved her shoulders back and forth, as though to jiggle her barely-sprouting tits as he put his stethoscope over her heart. The sight of the little German girl standing there in her short pleated skirt. It came to about 3 inches below the cheeks of her ass in the back. He stood behind her and reached round her to cup her little breasts. His cock was hardening again, and he knew he was going to have her before the day was much older. Then just as Don Banks was feeling in control of himself, the little minx pushed back with her cute ass, and pressed against his cock. There was no mistaking this gesture. She knew what excited him and was deliberately going out of her way to arouse him! She put her head back to rest it on his chest as he took a deep breath savouring the delicious aroma of the child's glossy blonde hair. His hands brushed up and down her front, and she made a little mewling sound to let him know she was enjoying it. Needing no encouragement, the ever lustful doctor pressed his now hard prick into the furrow of her ass, and slid one hand down to her crotch. He pressed it between her legs, fondling her sex through her clothes. Heidi smiled and lifted her right leg out to her side. She was like a ballet dancer, pointing her delicate toes, and her leg was stretched out parallel with the floor. Don stroked her fleshy crotch, pressing her skirt and her panties into her little-girl split. To his surprise, she continued to raise her leg, until it was pointing to the ceiling and the hugged it to her with her right arm. She giggled and looked up at him. "Surprised? I am a gymnast Doctor, and I do this exercise every day. My coach likes to do this too. You can touch me inside my panties too if you like." Nice of her to give him permission, he thought. Although having her permission kind of took away a bit of the thrill for him, still, she was such a pretty girl and so flexible, and so eager she was going to feel his cock in her pretty soon. "Thank you my girl," he said as he lifted her skirt with one hand and slipped his fingers under the waistband of her panties. He inched his hand down her front and felt the prominent mound with the deep cleft that he loved so much. She was wet and obviously aroused and he wondered if she was really only 10 years old. His middle finger slipped easily between her puffy cunt lips and over her prominent clitoris. As he touched it for the first time, she gasped and bit her lower lip. He pressed further and pushed his finger into her cunt. He was not in the least surprised to feel her move her hips to help him get it in her, and there was of course no sign of a hymen. This girl had long ago lost her virginity. Don let her go, and knelt on the floor in front of her. She was spread wide open, her leg still hugged to her upper body, and her panties stretched tight over her cunt. He gripped her panties and pulled them downwards. She let her leg drop and held up her little skirt as he dragged them to the floor and pulled them off. The doctor lifted the little cotton gusset to his nose and took a deep breath, savoring the delicious aroma of her little girl cunt. He put the panties aside for safe keeping and turned his attention back to his little patient. Her cunt was red and shiny with moisture and he reached with both hands to fondle it. He sat her on the examination table and she lay back across it. Odd thing to do, he thought, lying across the table, instead of along it, the normal way. Then with a wicked look on her face, and a childish grin from ear to ear, she gripped both ankles and spread her legs out to her sides. She was lying there in front of him, doing the splits, her naked preteen cunt gaping wide. "Doctor, if you want to, you can lick me. If you do, I'll suck your cock for you," she said, making obscene movements with her hips so that her vagina winked at him. She might be in charge in this little encounter, but no rational man could resist such an openly wicked invitation. Let alone a pedophile pervert doctor like Doctor Don Banks. "You'll fucking well suck my cock anyway," he thought as he knelt down and fixed his mouth on her tasty little cunt. He pressed his face against her child gash and she pressed back, enjoying the feeling of his cunnilingus. He ran his tongue over her outer lips and up her outstretched thighs. He stuck two fingers into her fuckhole and lapped hungrily at her inner lips, and bit gently on her clitoris. Then using both hands, he pulled her open as wide as he could, until she yelped. "Ouch! Not so hard," she complained. "Shut up and enjoy it!" he barked back at her and jammed two fingers up her tight asshole. He pressed his mouth over her cunt and sucked her clit into his mouth and nibbled on it. Her body twitched and lurched as he worked on her and she gasped in delight. While he sucked on her little cunt, he undid his pants and started handling his cock. Without warning, he stood up, pointed his cock at her slit and rammed it in her to the hilt. No hesitation, no gently easing it into her, he just FUCKED it straight into the little 9 year old. He didn't take it in stages, easing his full-grown adult cock in to her tiny pussy, he treated her like he would a seasoned Thai whore, getting the tip of his cock inside her opening and gripping her thighs, then ramming it up her fuckchannel as hard as he could. He didn't let up then either. He fucked her as hard and as fast as he could, knowing that he had to move along to get his work finished. Faster and faster his stiff rod plunged into the little girl as she cried out in excitement. He gave no mercy and she didn't ask for any. She was loving this fucking, and Don knew she was made for this place. Without letting his dick slip out of her gash, he climbed up on the table and lay on top of her. He kissed her and forced his tongue deep into her mouth as his cock forced its way deep into her vagina. She was so small that this made him arch his back to get his mouth and cock to the right places, but that only made him force his cock in her harder. And she loved it. She was an eager little kiddywhore that's for sure. Don resolved to find out how come she was so experienced, but for now he was approaching orgasm. He couldn't believe his good fortune, to find himself in this job in this place instead of in jail being raped by giant bullies every day. Here he was, fucking his second little girl in an afternoon, and knowing one was waiting in his villa to be used later on! His balls contracted and his cum gushed into Heidi's bald little kiddycunt. He rammed it hard into her, until his pubic bone crushed her little clitoris and she cried out in pain. He didn't care, he just emptied his balls into her and satisfied himself. He was doing up his pants again, and Heidi was lying on the table with her legs akimbo and cum still on her pussy when Su-Lee popped her head round the door. "Ah Doctor, I see you've been enjoying your work again," she smirked. "You'd better get a move on because we're getting behind. We won't get finished before breakfast if you keep doing this. And we're supposed to be done in an hour. Shall I send this one over to your villa too?" "No thanks I've already fucked the bitch. She's a hot little slut though. Seems a pity to waste her. I'll have her in a few days. She can go with the others. Send in the next one." Heidi smiled wickedly at Don as Su-Lee led her out by the hand, and she licked her lips, asking him if they could do it again soon. The rest of the afternoon was spent in fine fashion for the pervert doctor. He stripped and examined 30 more little girls. They ranged from an 11 year old farmers daughter from Omaha who was another victim of child sexual abuse, to a 1 year old Indian girl, rescued from certain death at the hands of her impoverished parents who would never be able to afford a dowry for her. They had been paid the equivalent of $50 for the life of their daughter, and could hardly believe their luck. When the Delhi man paid them, he told them he'd be back regularly and would buy all the girl babies he could get. They went immediately back to their hovel to try to make some more and maybe make another 'fortune'. It was nearly 6pm when Su-Lee came in to collect the last new arrival. At great personal sacrifice, Dr Banks had not allowed his prick to come in contact with any more of his "patients" that afternoon. He realised if he was going to live out his most depraved dreams, he would have to pace himself. And he knew the things he wanted to do to Joanna in the villa tonight were much more fun than the offerings he had here in his surgery this afternoon. He ordered Su-Lee to assign Joanna, the 11yo American rape victim, an 8 year old polynesian kidnap victim, and a 7 year old Swedish orphan to him and to take them to his villa. The others were all cleared for service on the island paradise, except two who had signs of 'flu. He ordered them to be installed in the hospital for observation and treatment and he finished his paperwork. He almost skipped his way to his villa, and the sight that beheld him when he opened the door took his breath away. Joanna was standing there, waiting for him, dressed in the most incredible outfit. "You have done wonderfully Su-Lee!!!" he exclaimed as he walked around Joanna looking at her closely. She had indeed done a fine job of dressing the little girl. Don Banks was pleased, to say the least. She had a moderate amount of make-up. Su-Lee had put some red lipstick on her, some eye makeup and mascara to lengthen and emphasise her long curved eyelashes and a slight hint of rouge on her chceeks, just enough to give a hint of trashiness. A little more than her mother would approve of, that's all. Her hair was brushed till it shone and was glossy. It cascaded over her shoulders to her little chest just the way Don loved to see it. The bangs framed her pretty face wonderfully. She had a lightweight silk blouse, far too see-through to get the approval of most mothers, but certainly just the thing to please the pervert paediatrician. It was tied in a knot just under what would one day be her breasts. And all the buttons were undone, so it gaped open all down her front. The fabric of the shirt was a print, prepared in Thailand specially for the Honitaka administration, featuring dozens of line drawings of men with large erect cocks in the act of jacking off and shooting sperm onto small girls kneeling at their feet. Or poking ridiculously large cocks into the cunts of tiny preteen girls. The images were all over the fabric, and were only discernible when viewed up close. From a distance the blouse looked like it was white with a cream pattern of some kind on it. Round Joanna's exposed waist, she had a gold locket on a gold chain. Su-Lee explained that the locket contained a condom, where Joanna was to collect and keep sperm from several men during the next day, so she will have it near her at all times. She was wearing a very tight, black knit skirt. This was designed more to highlight and draw attention to her crotch, rather than offer any kind of modesty. It was the kind of skirt made famous by the slut Kelly Bundy in "Married with Children", only much much shorter than Kelly used to wear. It didn't cover Joanna's asscheeks in the back, and barely came to below her crotch in the front. When Joanna sat down or moved in any way, it would reveal her juicy hairless gash. Her legs were covered by thigh-length boots. Black leather boots. With 3 inch high heels. They, too, drew attention to her long slender legs, and caused the eye to follow up their length to the milky white firm thighs at the top and the tight black skirt above. Joanna's little pussy was white and provided a spectacular contrast to the tight black skirt and the shiny black leather boots. Don couldn't wait to push those boots apart and get at the juicy delights between them. As Joanna moved, Don noticed that Su-Lee had written something in make-up on Joanna's inner thigh. He knelt down to take a closer look. On the inside of the little girl's right thigh, she had drawn an arrow pointing directly at Joanna's cuntslit and the words "fuck my cunt" were emblazoned there in red lipstick. "Perfect!!" declared the Doctor, and kissed his little girl concubine enthusiastically on the mouth. She didn't resist at all, apparently accepting that she was going to have to put up with this sort of treatment from the doctor. "You have done very well indeed, Su-Lee," he said, beaming with delight at the wonders the nurse had worked with this abused little girl. "Thank you Doctor," Su-Lee beamed, pleased that he was satisfied with her handiwork. "We had better be on our way to the dining room, or we'll miss our places. Come I'll take you. Joanna can come, and you can bring one of the others to play with during dinner if you like, but the others must stay. They will eat here." Doctor Banks pointed at the 7 year old Swedish girl and said "whats your name again?" "I'm Inger sir," she replied, looking very unsure of herself. Su-Lee had done a splendid job with the little Scandinavian too. She was wearing very tight satin shorts that were so tight they cut right up into her crack. They were ultra sort, and her cute firm asscheeks peeked perkily from the legs. The waistband was cut below her little belly button. And one of her fleshy cunt lips was squeezing out one of the legs of the shorts. For a top she wore only a loose fitting waistcoat that had no buttons, and barely covered her shoulder blades. Her long blonde hair also shone with the sheen of much brushing and grooming. "Come here Inger," commanded the doctor. He kissed the tiny 7 year old lustily and was delighted when she sucked on his tongue as it probed into her mouth. He took each girl on his arm and they headed out of the villa and turned towards the dining room. As he turned onto the path leading across the courtyard he saw Tony Williams, the American who had earlier let him use his 6 year old girl's mouth and throat. (see part 1 for this episode - ED). Don called and waved and Tony waved back and turned to wait for him. Tony was dressed for dinner. He was wearing a tuxedo. Well part of one anyway. His top half was dressed for a swank upper-class dinner - black tie, tuxedo, dress shirt, but below his waist he was completely naked. And he was sporting a big stiff erection. Probably because his 6 year old girl was holding on to it as they walked, her tiny fingers reaching only a little past half way round the thick fuckshaft. And on his arm he had a really little girl - no more than 3 years old, who had her legs spread either side. His hand was down under her bottom, and plainly he had his fingers embedded in her baby cuntslit. When Don Banks caught up to Tony, he remarked about his dress. "Do you always dress for dinner here?" he asked. "Well I do, my friend. It makes me feel more respectable somehow," he joked. "You've got yourself well set up already I see. I don't' know these two little cunts you have. Are they todays arrivals?" "Yes, in fact they are. I owe you a favour. Do you want to use one of them later? You can fuck her any how you like." "Well my friend, we can do her together. How about that. This little pussy of mine here is smooth and tight. Want a feel? Finger her and see what I mean." Tony lifed the little 3year old off his hip and held her out for Don Banks. He held her by putting his hand under her knees so he head was on his shoulder. This let him pull her knees wide apart, so her pussy was wide open. Don hesitated a little at penetrating such a young girl. "Go on doc, stick your finger up her . . . she can take it. I was fucking that little cunt this morning. She's been taking cocks up her for a year now." Don pushed his fingers in the toddler, delighting in the feeling of the tiny girl's involuntary squeezing on him with her obvously used vagina. He felt strange indeed, standing in the open like this, freely molesting this little girl, with three other little girls beside them. Out of the corner of his eye, Don noticed someone walking across the courtyard towards the administration building. The man looked at them, and continued walking without seeing anything out of the ordinary. Tony's other young girl just stood there quietly, holding onto Tony's cock with her little hands. After a few minutes of Don feeling up the 3 year old, Tony said "Listen, I'm hungy. I'm going over to the dining room. Are you coming?" "Sure am ... I've had a busy day and all I've had to eat is pussies. Let's go. Besides, I have to be there for the President's announcement of my appointment." Tony turned his little 3yo round to face him. He ordered his other little concubine to hold his cock up and slip it into the slit of the toddler. He lowered her down so his cock gradually worked its way up her cunt. She winced as his adult prick stretched her wide open until her weight was mostly supported by his erection. They walked across the courtyard to the dining hall like that. Dr Banks with his pretty kiddieslut Joanna on one arm, and Julie on the other, and Tony with a girl on one arm and the 3 year old toddler stuck on his cock. As they entered the dining hall, they were greeted in a most delightful way . . . .... To be continued, if you like it so far. =============================== Wish to read more texts of this writer? To load archive, pass to a file 0contbenjet.htm in the same catalogue. Or on my homepage Sergdriver =================================