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Benny the Jetter one more marginal the writer. His imaginations anything essentially do not differ from Maxamm, Pedros, however there is no such cruelty and violence, as at Red Rose. Characters of his stories live for the sake of sexual pleasures. Having borrowed at Pierre Louÿs the invented world on island (At Pierre Louÿs it is "The island of women")of pleasures, they not to be afraid to get to prison for sexual distortions, including pedophilia. The author repeatedly warns in the stories, that it only imagination. In the real world he the opponent of that characters get up..

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If you cannot distinguish a side between a reality and imagination of the author of the text, do not read these stories or you do not like a plot, stop reading from any place in the text!




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  The Gangster

Our hero of sorts, Don Wagner, has been a gangster working for one of the most depraved and vicious criminal kingpins in all of Australia, Paul Lance. When a drug deal went sour, Lance held Wagner's three pretty young blond daughters as 'collateral' to insure his payment of the money. During their brief captivity, the girls were introduced to sexuality in its rawest form, including sex with their father... 

This story has the continuation written by other author. You can read it in my collection section "other".

MMgg  rape ped ncons


Dirty Old Perv At The Park

This story was adapted from a very hot on-line chat with one of the hottest gals I have ever 'met' on irc….

Being a widower (my wife died in a car accident 15 years ago) means I am free to indulge in whatever sexual activities I feel like. And trust me, since I retired, I have discovered just how fucking perverted and sleazy I love to be….

MMg, crude, ws, ped nc



Club Pedo

The story about that as at the father with the daughter have blazed with mutual sexual feelings to each other. The life of the protagonist abruptly varies..

Mf, MMf, MMMf, MMMF, pedo



The Senator

The senator of Roman empire Longinus Porno  lives for the sake of pleasures. He has a possibility for this purpose to buy to itself beautiful young girls

MF orgy rape



The texts of this author not published still in my collection.

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St Priapus Presbyterian School for Young Ladies

Bishop Delacey ordered the three girls to come and stand in front of him. "Take your tops off, and show us your tits you three," he boomed, not stopping the fondling of the little primary schoolgirl on his lap for a second. The three 13 year olds hesitantly stripped off their blouses and stood there, shyly, embarassed at the transformation of events that had taken them from the regular boarding school only a few hours ago to this place where young girls get screwed by their grandfathers, total strangers do lesbian sex in the complete open, and the school board members are openly molesting little girls at board meetings…..

Young teens, Fff, MMff


Except these texts this author writes many other stories.



‘"Gangster”, "A Pedo's Ocean Cruise", "Camp Crysalis", "Foster Home",  "Hypnotism", "Kelly",  "The Secretaries", , "The Wedding".




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