Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Story_codes: M/g, pedo, inc Story_intro: Five Little Stories about Five Little Girls (M/g,pedo,inc) Dedicated to little girls who know its never to young to fuck, and to men who know that children make the best lovers. Five Little Stories about Five Little Girls (M/g,pedo,inc) Written by ACTJC Dedicated to little girls who know its never to young to fuck, and to men who know that children make the best lovers. * * * Staying with Uncle Greg poked his 8 year old niece Samantha in the stomach. "Is it in this far?" he said with a laugh. "It feels like it" replied the breathless girl. "Good" said Greg. They were outside by the side of the pool. Greg was lying on the deck chair, with Samantha sitting on top of him. She had straddled him with her long, smooth legs and they were discussing how far inside her his cock has gone. She began to move her hips up and down and soon Greg's cock was sliding in and out of his favorite niece. She was spending part of the summer with him, and for the last two weeks Greg had devoted his time to seducing the hot little pre-teen. As an experienced pedophile it didn't take long and after 4 days they were both naked and sweaty. In the next two weeks they must have fucked at least 50 times, and that didn't count the hand jobs and blow jobs she gave him. With older women he wouldn't have been able to keep up the pace but everytime Samantha spread her legs to reveal her plump hairless cunt, his cock grew hard and soon he was pounding her young and eager body one more time. Looking up at he face while she was bouncing on his cock, he could see her eyes were half closed, her small tongue poked out from between her lips, and she was off in a world of her own. She gasped everytime she sank down onto his shaft. Knowing he was about to come he moved his hand between her legs and pressed her rock hard clit. "Uncle" she gasped, as the merest touch triggered off an orgasm in her immature body. With her pussy spasming, his cock began to pump large jets of semen into her. "Baby doll" he grunted as he filled her tiny cunt with warm sticky fluid. As the orgasm washed over he body she opened her eyes and stared into his. He knew that she was addicted to sex and he was going to spend the rest of the summer giving her a fix everytime she wanted it. * * * A long career Lisa lifted up the front of the plaid school dress to reveal her young cunt stuffed with a large cock. "Very nice, baby" said her mother, standing in front of her, holding the video camera. Lisa had just turned 11 and was in her 4th year in the child pornography business. It had started when she was 7 years old. Her mother was dating a rich investment broker, and sometimes he would look after Lisa on weekends when her mother had to work. One day her mother came home early and caught the boyfriend and Lisa naked in the loungeroom, his cock buried in her ass. The boyfriend said he would do anything so she wouldn't call the cops, so her mom asked for $50,000, which he paid gladly. For a while her mom kept seeing him, and she turned a blind eye to what they did when Lisa was alone with him. But eventually he was busted in a tax investigation and went to jail after all. He got extra time for trying to bribe the investigators. Soon the $50,000 was running out, so her mom went to see the boyfirend in jail. He gave her a number to call. Some of the boyfriends associates turned out to be producers of child porn and Lisa soon became a big hit. Not only did it bring a lot of money to her and her mother, but it was something she enjoyed. She loved men's cocks, especially hard ones. They felt nice to touch, to fondle, to lick, to suck, and especially, when they were deep inside her, like this one right now. In the last 4 years she would have made over 100 tapes, her hot little body writhing in ecstasy as 100's of men fulfilled their fantasies with her. Her mother did a lot of the filming, which seemed an even greater turn on for her customers. "OK Lisa, lets take off the dress" said her mother, from behind the camera. She pulled at the velcro tab at the side and the skirt opened up completely. to show her legs draped over the mans hairy thighs, his cock all the way inside her 11 year old pussy. Lisa's mother pulled back to capture the whole scene. Her 11 year old daughter, wearing her trademark "I'm Only 11" t-shirt, bouncing up and down on a 40 year old penis, her face glowing with pleasure. Soon the man began to groan and Lisa knew he was about to cum. Deftly she lifted her pussy from off his cock and began to jack the almost exploding dick. Suddenly big jets of cum shot upwards, landing on her t-shirt and her legs. After 15 seconds the force diminished and the rest of the white sticky goo ran down over her fingers, still wrapped around his shaft. "Excellent" said Lisa's mother. "We'll have a 20 minute rest and then film the three man facial" Lisa just smiled at her mother. * * * Thank God for Little Girls. Father Michael heard the knock at the door. "Enter" he said. The school assistant secretary, Liz Smith, entered the room, holding the hand of a little girl. "Rose Andrews to see you" said Liz. "Very good" replied the priest. "Make sure we're not disturbed". "Of course Father" said Liz, leaving the room and closing the door. The priest rose from his desk and moved towards the chair at the side of the office. He sat down, his ample form sinking into it. "Are you ready for more instruction, Rose" he said. "Yes, Father" she replied obediently. Rose Andrews was a pretty 7 yard old, with dark hair and a light happy face. She was just one of the many girls at St Marks that Father Michael gave "instruction" to. "Come here then girl" he said. One of the great things about religion is it made people follow orders. And one the great things about being a priest was that he was the one giving them. As Rose approached him he opened his cassock to reveal he was naked underneath, his erect cock pointing upwards. Rather than being shocked the 7 year old smiled and reached out, taking his shaft in her tiny little hand. Instinctively she began to move her hand up and down, jacking off the smiling priest. "Take the instrument of the Lord into you" intoned Father Michale and Rose knelt down in front of him. Opening her mouth she lowered her head over the cock and began to suck him off. "Ahh" said priest, as he felt a warm pair of lips wrap itself around his shaft. As the little girl took more of his cock into her mouth he gave up a silent prayer. "Thank you God, for placing so many willing little girls at your servants disposal" Looking back down at this particular angel he watched as her head began to bob up and down on his cock. He lips gripped his shaft tightly while she had reached between his legs and began fondling his balls. "Yes, yes" he whispered quietly as the little girl drove him towards orgasm. "Oh Rose" he gasped, "get ready for the Holy Spirit to enter you" Suddenly his hips bucked as his orgasm hit. Holding the little girls head down with his hand he began to pump his cum into her pre-teen throat. He could feel her squirm as he flooded her cheek's, but he kept holding her down. He knew they might not like it, but it was God's work after all. Having filled her with his load he took his hand away, allowing her to lift her head. "Very good, Rose. God will be pleased. Of you go, back to class" He closed his cassock, as she opened the door and left the room. Liz poked her head around the door. "A good lesson Father" "Yes Liz, a very good lesson" * * * After School Fuckers "We should have done this ages ago, June" said Andy. "Well, you should have said hello sooner, instead of just staring at me from the window" replied the naked 10 year old girl lying on the bed next to him. For the last 3 weeks June had been stopping by Andy's house on the way home from school. Behind the privacy of the locked door, Andy would take June to his room, strip off her school uniform and fuck her hot young body. Of course he had been watching her from his window long before that. Every afternoon she would walk past in her short brown skirt, her yellow t-shirt, her long legs driving him wild. She was the 10 year old of his dreams, but nothing would have happened if she hadn't stopped to pick some flowers from his garden. Using this as an excuse, he went out to say hello and soon the child he lusted after from afar was in his house. "I thought you were cute from the moment I saw you" said June, "and not just in a little girl crush sort of way" "And I thought you were the sexiest thing I'd ever seen" answered Andy. He moved down the bed and between June's legs. His hard cock wobbled between his legs, and he grabbed the ankles of his pre-teen lover. Lifting them up he moved forward, placing her feet against either shoulder, Looming over the willing school girl he placed one hand on the headboard and grabbed his cock with the other. He rubbed the head against her wet moist lips, giving her tender clit an extra tickle as he did. Moving it down he felt his head catch against the opening to her cunt and began to push the cock in. He was amazed at how easy she was able to take his cock inside her, and thankful as well. Taking his hand away he placed it ont he headboard as well and pushed his manhood inside June. He watched her bite her lip as his clock slid all the way in. Pulling it back he thrusted it in again. "How do you want it?" he asked, caringly. "Fuck me hard" came the very direct reply. Andy began to slam into the 10 year old, her body almost doubled over beneath his. "Yesss" she hissed as her young cunt was being assaulted by a grown mans fuck-pole. "You love this, you hot little fucker, don't you?" asked Andy. "Oh yeah" she replied as her body was being slammed into the bed. He continued to pound away, and soon he knew that she was going to cum. She always came quickly in this position. "Ah, ah, ah" she gasped. "Cum for me June, cum on my cock" he demanded and the little girl did. "Ahhhhh" she moaned as her entire body began to shake. Rather than stop Andy pounded harder, the feeling of June's pulsing cunt driving him wild. After 20 seconds her body stopped trembling and she opened her eyes. "Cum in my face, lover. Please" she gasped, looking at Andy. "Yeahhh" he growled, knowing it wouldn't be long. A few more thrusts and then he pulled his cock out. Aiming it directly at June's face he exploded. Big jets of cum landed directly on the 10 year olds face, adding to her already beautiful looks. "Fuck" he grunted as he poured his semen over the young girl beneath him. She opened her mouth in a smile and kept her eyes closed. Soon her face was coated in GIs, while the lost few squirts landed on or smooth chest. "Shit, I've made a real mess of you" said Andy. "That's OK" replied June, "just think of me as your little cum junky" * * * A Swim then a Sandwich Karla walked back from the beach with her father, George, and her uncle, Bill. They were staying at a beachside holiday house for 2 weeks and had just finished an afternoon swim. They went into the house and drooped their towels and backs onto the floor. "Karla" he father started, "did you wash all the sand from your costume?" "Of course, Daddy, it itches otherwise" "I'm not so sure" replied Bill, "I think we should check" "Yep, good idea" said George with a chuckle. Despite only being 9, Karla knew what was about to happen and made a playful attempt to get away. "No you don't" said Bill as he grabbed his niece around the waist. She squirmed a bit but her Uncle was too big and carried her to the middle of the room. Grabbing the shoulder straps of her one-piece he pulled them down to her waist. He quickly completed the job, leaving Karal naked in the middle of the floor. "See" she said, putting her hands on her hips, "no sand on me" Her father knelt down in front of her and pushed his hands between her legs. "Just checking" he said as he slipped his finger into his daughters pussing. "Nothing in here" he said, "but let me check a few more times" He slid his finger in and out, making sure his daughter was nice and wet. Meanwhile Bill had pulled off his swimmers and stood behind his niece, his cock already erect. George pulled his finger out, to the dissapointment of Karla. "Keep looking, Daddy, please" she said. "It's not nice to leave little girls all high and wet" said Bill. "Turn around Karla, and let your Uncle Bill take care of it" Karla turned around and faced her naked and horny Uncle. Taking her hand he led her to the couch, where he sat down. "Why don't you sit on my lap, you sexy little thing" he said, pulling her towards him. Holding her small body under her arms he lifted her up so she was straddling his legs. Then letting her down he moaned with satisfaction as he wet cunt began to slide down over his shaft. George watched as his brothers cock dissapera ed inside his daughters cunt and decided he wasn't going to miss out on the fun. Pulling down his own swimmers he freed his eager cock. Walking up behind his daughter he placed one hand on her shoulder, pushing her forward, and the other on his cock. Although Karla was still impaled on her Uncles penis, her father know had access to her tight little anus. "daddy" she squealed as he pushed the head of his cock against it, causing it to open reflexively. Although he wasn't lubricated, he had fucked his daughter up the ass enough times to know that it would slide right in. Pushing his hips forward he made sure that Karla was filled with two hot throbbing cocks. "Leave this to me, little bro" he said to Bill. He began to thrust in and out of her ass, causing her cunt to slide up and down on Bill's cock. Bill just relaxed, enjoying the free ride. He enjoyed watching Karla getting fucked, as her cute little face just glowed with pleasure. Her eyes were half open and her tongue flicked around her moist lips. Her tiny body was pinned between the two grown men, making escape impossible, not that she would ever want to. "Feeling good, big bro" said Bill to his older brother. "Oh yeah, little bro" he replied, "Gunna blow my load anytime now." Bill felt his nieces body begin to tremble and he knew that a huge multi-way orgasm was about to erupt. "You little tramp, cum on you uncles cock" he said, willing the 9 year old to climax. "oh, oh,oh" she panted and suddenly her eyes flew open. Her whole body began to shake and her cunt walls began to squeeze Bill's dick. "Oh yeah" he gasped and exploded inside her. Almost at the same time George grunted a "cumming!" and began to pump her ass full of his cum. The three of them came at almost the same time, the two men filling the little girl with their hot sticky sperm. He body quivered as her own orgasm spread threw every nerve in her body. Soon he exhausted body just slumped against her uncles chest. Both men had emptied full loads into her and were smiling. "I'm hungry" said Bill. "Maybe we should clean her up, and then have something to eat" "Great idea, bro. Great idea." Copyright (C) 2002, ACTJC. ALL Rights Reserved ================================================ This story is a work of fiction. 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