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Hairy Peeter and the Philosopher's Bone - Chapter 6
(ped, inc, cons, size, cum eating)
By SensualKink (

 Chapter Six - The Journey from Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters

 Hairy's last month with the Droolsleys wasn't fun. True, Didley
was now so scared of Hairy he wouldn't stay in the same room with
him, but Hairy felt himself missing a good, hard assfucking
sometimes. He tried his best to entice Dudley and his gang, or
even Uncle Vermon, with his bare white ass, but to no avail.
Meanwhile Aunt Peetuna and Uncle Vermon didn't shut Hairy in his
cupboard, force him to perform sexual acts, or piss in his mouth
-- in fact, they didn't speak to him at all. Half terrified, half
furious, they acted as though any chair with Hairy in it were
empty. Although this was an improvement in many ways, it did
become a bit depressing after a while. Especially since Hairy
wanted desperately to be intimate with his sexy aunt again. Even
if it meant pain and humiliation.

 Hairy kept to his room, with his new owl and her enormous labia
for company. He had decided to call her Headwag, a name he had
found in A Sexual History of Magic. His school books were very
interesting. He lay on his bed reading late into the night,
Headwag swooping in and out of the open window as she pleased and
often riding Hairy’s huge cock while flapping her little wings.
It was lucky that Aunt Peetuna didn't come in to vacuum anymore,
because Headwag kept bringing back dead mice. Every night before
he went to sleep, Hairy ticked off another day by squirting a
huge load of cum on the wall, counting down to September the

 On the last day of August he thought he'd better speak to his
aunt and uncle about getting to King’s Crotch station the next
day. So, dressed in a pair of shorts so tight that his white ass
cheeks were spilling out and his prodigious bulge was clearly
outlined, he went down to the living room. They were watching
anal porn involving midgets and dogs. Aunt Peetuna, dressed in
her revealing leather, was kneeling with Vermon’s huge balls in
her mouth and her delicious ass in the air. He cleared his throat
to let them know he was there, and Didley screamed and ran from
the room, piss flying everywhere.

 "Er -- Uncle Vermon?"

 Uncle Vermon grunted to show he was listening and Hairy could
hear the hollow sound of piss filling Peetuna’s mouth. She
glanced over at him and he could see her shapely ass cheeks

 "Er -- I need to be at King’s Crotch tomorrow to -- to go to

 Uncle Vermon grunted again and Peetuna pulled her leather thong
aside, teasing Hairy with a clear view of her gorgeous pink anus.

 "Would it be all right if you gave me a lift?" Hairy asked
meekly, kneeling so Vermon would know he was willing to work for

 Grunt. Peetuna let his little, pissing cock pop out of her
mouth. With a vengeful leer, she bent it to the side so hot piss
splattered Hairy from head to toe. She licked Vermon’s big,
bouncing testicals and watched Hairy as if daring him to protest.
Vermon’s flow subsided and Peetuna took his intermittently
squirting penis in her lovely lips again, moaning and swallowing
piss loudly. Despite himself, Hairy felt his cock stiffen and
throb. Uncle Vermon glanced at him with a superior air and
grunted again. Hairy supposed that meant yes.

 "Thank you," he said quietly, blinking the warm piss out of his

 He was about to go back upstairs and jerk off while fantasizing
about balling his aunt right there in the living room when Uncle
Vermon actually spoke.

 "Funny way to get to a jizzards' school, the train. Magic
carpets all got punctures, have they?" Peetuna giggled in her
throat. She was bobbing quickly on Vermon’s diminutive penis,
fondling his piss-soaked balls and reaching back to rub a lithe
finger over her delicate, wrinkled anus.

 Hairy didn't say anything. His lust was so great that he
probably would have choked anyway.

 "Where is this school, anyway?" Vermon panted, obviously getting
ready to squirt hot cum in his wife’s mouth.

 "I don't know," said Hairy, realizing this for the first time.
He pulled the piss-soaked ticket Hogrod had given him out of his

 "I just take the train from platform nine and three-quarters at
eleven o'clock," he read.

 His aunt and uncle froze and stared. Vermon’s little wet prick
popped out of his aunt’s lips and pulsed wildly.

 "Platform what?" he growled, grabbing the back of her head and
pushing her face back to his crotch.

 "Nine and three-quarters."

 "Don't talk bullshit," said Uncle Vermon. "There is no platform
nine and three-quarters." Hairy’s huge, throbbing cock was now
sticking out beneath the hem of his shorts and they were both
sneaking glances at it.

 "It's on my ticket."

 "Barking," said Uncle Vermon, "fucking mad, the lot of them.
You'll see. You just wait. All right, we'll take you to King’s
Crotch. We're going up to Longdong tomorrow anyway, or I wouldn't

 "Why are you going to Longdong?" Hairy asked, trying to keep
things friendly and secretly wanting to watch his aunt swallow
hot cum even if it wasn’t his.

 "Taking Didley to the hospital," growled Uncle Vermon. "Got to
have that ruddy tail removed before he goes to Smackings." And
then Hairy was treated to the sight of Peetuna holding her jaws
wide as Vermon spurted thick jism onto her face and tongue. She
gave Hairy a wicked, taunting smile as she held her tea cup
underneath to catch any that didn’t make it into her mouth or
onto her pretty face.

 Hairy woke at five o'clock the next morning and was too excited
and nervous to go back to sleep. He lay in bed stroking the
enormous hard-on that usually accompanied the start of his day.
He jumped as his door unexpectedly squeaked open. And there she
was… His Aunt stood in the doorway, barely visible in the feeble
light of morning. As she slowly walked toward him, Hairy could
see that her pale body was completely naked, but she wore some
kind of festive mask over her eyes.

 Hairy’s lustful heart hammered and he held his breath as she
stood over him, perusing his naked body and the gigantic penis he
held in his sweating hands. Her nipples were upturned and hard as
rocks. Her pussy was freshly shaved and she slid lithe fingers
over her smooth tummy to gently touch herself.

She climbed onto the bed straddling Hairy’s thighs and he had
flashbacks of all the mornings and late nights under the stairs.
He was so excited his huge cock was visibly pulsing. He began to
tell her how glad he was that she’d come but she plucked his cock
sharply and then held her long finger to her pretty lips,
shushing him.

Hairy obeyed, keeping his mouth shut and was treated to his
aunt’s talented lips and tongue giving his cock and balls the
best treatment they’d ever had. She did this after climbing up to
69 with him and Hairy was mad with lust for her clean-shaven
pussy, but she kept it just out of his reach, teasing him

When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he reached up to take her pert
butt cheeks in hand and pulled her sopping lips to his hungry
mouth. She tried to lift her ass and protest deep in her throat,
where Hairy’s huge cock was currently ensconced. But Hairy’s
hungry lips and tongue would not be denied and he almost came
when he tasted her creamy lips and thrust his tongue deep into
her warm depths.

She kept struggling but Hairy didn’t know why. Finally – when it
was clear he would not be denied her delicious nectar – she
lifted up and left his mucus-sheathed penis throbbing in the cool
morning air. She sat up and mauled her own pert tits, looking
down through her mask with an indecipherable expression as Hairy
slurped and tongued her pussy. She reached down to support
herself on his tummy and began to grind her sexy hips on his
face. Hairy was soon rewarded with torrents of hot cum from her
succulent cunt. She moved her sopping, creamy lips all over his
face and Hairy relished the familiar feeling.

Then torrents of hot piss erupted from her beautiful lips and
Hairy found himself struggling to swallow every drop. “You
beautiful boy!” she hissed quietly, holding her dangling pussy
lips over his panting face and grunting out squirts of piss that
he chased and eagerly drank when he could.

Hairy was then treated to his aunt riding his huge cock
backwards. He tried to burn the sight of her sweet, wiggling ass
into his brain as she swiveled her hips and rode his cock. She
then surprised him. She ordered him to get on top and lifted her
ankles high while he fucked her for a change. Peetuna never gave
up control, but this morning she whimpered and begged Hairy in a
whisper to fuck her silly. Just when Hairy thought he couldn’t
take it anymore, she roughly pushed him away and straddled his
head to grind her soft, precious ass cheeks all over his face
while Hairy instinctively did his best to insert his tongue up
her gorgeous pink anus.

For long minutes, she worked her sphincter on his tongue and
moaned softly, stroking and licking his wet cock. Then she got on
all fours and let Hairy ball her while she worked a dildo in her
tight ass. Afterwards, Hairy enjoyed at least 20 minutes of
assfucking Peetuna. When it was clear Hairy would blow, she
surprised him again.

Eliciting promises that he wouldn’t forget her, she knelt on his
bedroom floor and sucked his dirty cock and balls. Then she
played with her own clit and came shrilly and breathlessly as
Hairy’s enormous cock had a long-overdue orgasm. Hairy came more
than he ever had in his life, spewing long, thick ropes of
steaming, creamy jism into her eager, open maw.

She pulled and milked him like she was starving for cum and Hairy
obliged her by filling her mouth to the rim with thick, swirling
pearlescence from deep inside. She held her mouth open, proudly
displaying the largest load of cum the boy had ever squirted,
every drop expertly caught in her lips. Dribbles oozed out and
she lovingly let them dapple her mask and eyes. Trails of gooey
sperm slid over her pouty lower lip and dangled from her chin.

She extended her tongue and it was so coated in thick white cream
that it could barely be discerned. She used it to tickle the last
drops from his piss hole and lick him with a hot coating of his
own cum. Finally, she bulged her cheeks and gulped his semen
down, smacking her lips. Hairy’s exhausted legs shivered as she
spent long minutes cooing on her knees while she kissed, lapped,
slurped and sucked his deflating cock.

Then, without a word, she stood up and left the room. At the
doorway, she turned and regarded him through the mask for a few
moments, her delicious body gleaming in the light of the
now-risen Sun.

 He got himself together and pulled on his jeans because he
didn't want to walk into the station in his jizzard's robes --
he'd change on the train. He checked his Hogfarts list yet again
to make sure he had everything he needed, saw that Headwag was
shut safely in her cage, and then paced the room, waiting for
their departure time. Two hours later, Hairy's huge, heavy trunk
had been loaded into the Droolsleys' car, Aunt Peetuna had talked
Didley into sitting next to Hairy, and they had set off. Hairy
slid his pants down and spread his smooth, white cheeks for
Didley, but his cousin was having none of that. Hairy even
quietly offered to suck Didley’s cock and balls, but he only
squealed like a pig until Uncle Vermon yelled at him.

 They reached King’s Crotch at half past ten. Uncle Vermon dumped
Hairy's trunk onto a cart and wheeled it into the station for
him. Hairy thought this was strangely kind until Uncle Vermon
stopped dead, facing the platforms with a nasty grin on his face.

 "Well, there you are, cock-slut. Platform nine -- platform ten.
Your platform should be somewhere in the middle, but they don't
seem to have built it yet, do they?"

 He was quite right, of course. There was a big plastic number
nine over one platform and a big plastic number ten over the one
next to it, and in the middle, nothing at all.

 "Have a good term," said Uncle Vermon with an even nastier
smile. He farted loudly and left without another word. Hairy
turned and saw the Droolsleys drive away, Aunt Peetuna craning
her neck to make eye contact with him until they were out of
sight. Vermon and Didley were laughing. Hairy's mouth went rather
dry. What on earth was he going to do? He was starting to attract
a lot of funny looks, because of Headwag. He'd have to ask

 He stopped a passing guard, but didn't dare mention platform
nine and three-quarters. The guard had never heard of Hogfarts
and when Hairy couldn't even tell him what part of the country it
was in, he started to get annoyed, as though Hairy was being
stupid on purpose. Getting desperate, Hairy discreetly rubbed the
guard’s big package and asked for the train that left at eleven
o'clock. He took Hairy into a dark corner and gave him a fierce
mouth-fucking with his big, fat penis saying through his teeth
that there was no eleven o’clock train. Hairy was treated to a
piping hot mouthful of pretty delicious ball cream but in the end
the guard strode away, muttering about time wasters. Hairy was
now trying hard not to panic. According to the large clock over
the arrivals board, he had ten minutes left to get on the train
to Hogfarts and he had no idea how to do it; he was stranded in
the middle of a station with a trunk he could hardly lift, a
pocket full of jizzard money, and an owl with enormous genitalia.

 Hogrod must have forgotten to tell him something you had to do,
like tapping the third brick on the left to get into Digonad
Alley. Or, maybe he was supposed to offer up his pre-teen ass to
the guard. He wondered if he should get out his wand and start
tapping the ticket inspector's stand between platforms nine and
ten. Or, maybe he could find the guard and entice him with his
bare ass.

 At that moment a group of people passed just behind him and he
caught a few words of what they were saying.

 "-- packed with fucking Muffles, of course --"

 Hairy swung round. The speaker was a plump woman with enormous
cleavage who was talking to four boys, all with flaming red hair
on their heads and their crotches. Each of them was pushing a
trunk like Hairy's in front of him -- and they had an owl with
gigantic labia.

 Heart hammering, Hairy pushed his cart after them. They stopped
and so did he, just near enough to hear what they were saying.

 "Now, what's the platform number?" said the boys' mother.

 "Nine and three-quarters!" piped a small lovely girl, also
red-headed, who was holding her hand and pulling at the low-cut
cleavage of her mother’s somewhat shabby print dress. "Mom, can't
I go... "

 "You're not old enough, Cunny, now be quiet.” To Hairy’s
surprise, the woman popped one of her huge nipples past the
constricting edge of her cleavage and the little girl immediately
jumped into her plump arms and began sucking at the teat
immediately. Hairy felt his cock stiffening at the sight of the
woman’s enormous but firm tits. Her areola were at least 5”
across and her nipple was so large that the little girl couldn’t
get the whole thing into her cute, pouty lips. Hairy felt his
heart race and his cock growing at an alarming rate as the little
girl’s eyes twinkled at him and fresh milk dribble from her
suckling lips and down her little chin. “All right, Pussy, you go

 What looked like the oldest boy marched toward platforms nine
and ten. Hairy watched, careful not to blink in case he missed it
-- but just as the boy reached the dividing barrier between the
two platforms, a large crowd of tourists came swarming in front
of him and by the time the last backpack had cleared away, the
boy had vanished.

 "Frod, you next," the plump woman said, discreetly slipping the
plump hand that was holding her daughter’s ass beneath her little
dress. Hairy caught a breathtaking glimpse of her pale, perfectly
shaped ass cheeks and could tell her mother was fingering her
dainty little asshole.

 "I'm not Frod, I'm Gorge," said the boy. "For fuck’s sake,
woman, you call yourself our mother? Can’t you tell I'm Gorge?"
He pulled down the thong he wore beneath his robes and wagged a
fairly large flaccid penis up and down at her.

 "Sorry, Gorge, dear," she said, reaching out with her free hand
to give his penis a good-natured squeeze.

 "Just fucking with you, I am Frod," said the boy, and off he
went. His twin called after him to hurry up, and he must have
done so, because a second later, he had gone -- but how had he
done it?

 Now the third brother was walking briskly toward the barrier. He
was almost there -- and then, quite suddenly, he wasn't anywhere.

 There was nothing else for it.

 "Excuse me," Hairy said to the plump woman, tugging gently at
her skirts. His cock was raging now that he was in close
proximity to the woman’s huge, succulent tit and the delicious
little suckling girl. He fancied he could actually smell her
asshole and it thrilled him. The little girl looked down at him
intensely, allowing her mother’s huge pap to pop out of her
milk-stained lips for a moment. In that moment, Hairy gasped with
lust at the sight of her pretty eyes taking his measure while
glistening droplets of milk oozed from the end of her mother’s
nipple. She smiled at him warmly and licked the drops up, then
clamped her lips over the turgid spigot again. While Hairy talked
to her mother, she managed to accidentally lift her dress enough
for Hairy to see her tender, white ass flesh and her mother’s
sausage-like finger disappearing into her little asshole. He also
caught a glimpse of her pretty, bald pussy and it almost made him
cum right then and there.

 "Hello, handsome," she said, raising an eyebrow at the enormous
cock that was about the obliterate Hairy’s feeble thong and
spring free. "First time at Hogfarts? Rim's new, too."

 She pointed at the last and youngest of her sons. He was tall,
thin, and gangling, with freckles, big hands and feet, and a long
nose. Hairy was intrigued since these all implied he too sported
a large penis.

 "Yes," said Hairy. "The thing is -- the thing is, I don't know
how to -"

 "How to get onto the platform?" she said kindly, and Hairy

 "Not to worry," she said. "All you have to do is walk straight
at the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Don't stop and
don't be scared you'll crash into it, that's very important. Best
do it at a bit of a run if you're nervous. And then think about
the thing that turns you on the most. Go on, go now before Rim."

 "Er -- okay," said Hairy unable to keep from glancing at the
place where the woman’s hand was working beneath her daughter’s
skirt. He also took the opportunity to appreciate the soft,
smooth flesh of the little girl’s shapely legs now that they were
right in front of him.

The woman noticed his appreciation and smiled proudly. “Just keep
this in your mind’s eye, love.” She winked and lifted Cunny’s
dress turning slightly so the girl’s perfect ass was right in
Hairy’s face. He could smell her asshole and couldn’t help but
moan softly. The woman pulled her precious cheek aside giving
Hairy a good look at her now-gaping little pink hole. He could
see her puffy, hairless pussy was moist. He looked up at the
lovely girl and she winked as well, working her sphincter and
giggling when Hairy’s mouth dropped open.

“You may lick it if you like,” the woman whispered. Hairy paused,
panicked and overcome with lust. The little girl nodded and her
eyes twinkled. So, Hairy leaned forward and, just as his huge
cock sprang free of his flimsy thong, he extended his tongue and
tickled the little girl’s precious rosette. She clenched her
succulent cheeks and whimpered softly as he wriggled his tongue
inside her asshole.

When her mother pulled her sweet butt away, he was left blinking
in surprise. It took him a moment to come back to reality. The
woman was red-faced, eyeing his cock unabashed and giggling like
a school girl. “We’ll have to have you over some day,” she
whispered, then pushed his shoulder to get him moving.

 He pushed his trolley around and stared at the barrier. It
looked very solid.

 He started to walk toward it. People jostled him on their way to
platforms nine and ten, some even taking the opportunity to give
his huge cock a squeeze. Hairy walked more quickly. He was going
to smash right into that barrier and then he'd be in trouble --
leaning forward on his cart, he broke into a heavy run -- the
barrier was coming nearer and nearer -- he wouldn't be able to
stop – his cock was wagging up and down as he ran -- the cart was
out of control -- he was a foot away -- he closed his eyes ready
for the crash --

 It didn't come... he kept on running... he opened his eyes. A
scarlet steam engine was waiting next to a platform packed with
people. A sign overhead said Hogfarts Express, eleven O'clock.
Hairy looked behind him and saw a brick wall with a poster where
the barrier had been. The poster had the words Platform Nine and
Three-Quarters on it and a depiction of strange little creatures
butt fucking while riding a broom. He had done it.

 Smoke from innumerable joints drifted over the heads of the
chattering crowd, while cats of every color wound here and there
between their legs. Owls with huge genitalia hooted to one
another in a disgruntled sort of way over the babble and the
scraping of heavy trunks.

 The first few carriages were already packed with students, some
hanging their bare asses, genitals or tits as they said goodbye
to their families, some fighting over seats. Hairy pushed his
cart off down the platform in search of an empty seat. He passed
a round-faced boy who was saying, "Gran, I've lost my fucking
toad again."

 "Oh, Nubile…I told you to keep hold of him while we had our
goodbye fuck," he heard the old woman sigh.

 A boy with pubic dreadlocks was surrounded by a small crowd.

 "Give us a look, Pee, go on."

 The boy lifted the lid of a box in his arms, and the people
around him shrieked and yelled as something inside poked out a
long, hairy cock.

 Hairy pressed on through the crowd until he found an empty
compartment near the end of the train. He put Headwag inside
first and then started to shove and heave his trunk toward the
train door. He tried to lift it up the steps but could hardly
raise one end and twice he dropped it on his foot and the corner
hit him in the balls.

 "Want a hand?" It was one of the red-haired twins he'd followed
through the barrier. He was standing behind Hairy, reaching
between his legs to fondle his aching scrotum.

 "Yes, please," Hairy panted, not bothering to hide his
once-again-growing penis.

 "Oy, Frod! C'mere and help!" he yelled, running his hands all
over Hairy’s ass.

 With the twins' help, Hairy's trunk was at last tucked away in a
corner of the compartment. He immediately knelt to suck their
flaming cocks in thanks. They obliged him by playing with each
other’s balls and assholes until they both exploded with torrents
of thick, slimy cum. It tasted delicious and was steaming hot,
just how Hairy liked it.

 "Thanks," said Hairy, pushing thick loads of cum out of his eyes
and standing up.

 "What's that?" said one of the twins suddenly, grabbing Hairy's
stiff cock and rubbing his lightning scar.

 "Bleedin assholes," said the other twin. "Are you…?”

 "He is," said the first twin. "Aren't you?" he added to Hairy.

 "What?" said Hairy, cock throbbing as they both stroked and
squeezed it.

 "Hairy Peeter, "chorused the twins.

 "Oh, him," said Hairy. "I mean, yes, I am."

 The two boys gawked at him, and Hairy felt himself turning red.
Then, to his relief, a voice came floating in through the train's
open door.

 "Frod? Gorge? Are you aroused?"

 "Just finished cumming, Mom."

 With a last longing look at Hairy, the twins hopped off the

 Hairy sat down next to the window where, half hidden, he could
watch the red-haired family on the platform and hear what they
were saying. He wiped gobs of semen from his face and slurped it
hungrily. Their mother had just taken out her handkerchief.

 "Rim, you've got something on your cock."

 The youngest boy tried to jerk out of the way, but she grabbed
him, whipped his thong down and began rubbing the end of his

 "Mom -- fucksakes" He wriggled free and Hairy saw that he did
indeed have a pretty nice cock. “I want to have a wank on the

 "Aaah, has ickle Rimnie got somefink on his peepee?" said one of
the twins.

 "Suck my balls," said Rim.

 "Where's Pussy?" said their mother, eyeing the twins’ flaccid
cocks suspiciously.

 "He's coming now."

 The oldest boy came striding into sight. He had already changed
into his billowing black Hogfarts robes, and Hairy noticed a
shiny silver badge on his thong with the letter P on it. He had a
long dangling cock that he proudly sported, letting it flop
around preceding him.

 "Can't stay long, Mother," he said. "I'm up front, the prefucks
have got two compartments to themselves and the pre-term orgy is
starting already--"

 "Oh, are you a prefuck, Pussy?" said one of the twins, with an
air of great surprise. "You should have said something, we had no

 "Hang on, I think I remember him saying something about it while
I was fucking him in the ass," said the other twin. "Once --"

 "Or twice --"

 "A minute --"

 "All summer --"

 "Oh, fuck off," said Pussy the Prefuck.

 "How come Pussy gets new robes, anyway?" said one of the twins.

 "Because he's a prefuck," said their mother, fondly cupping
Pussy’s thong-clad balls. "All right, dear, well, have a good
term -- send me an owl when you get there."

 She bent down and kissed Pussy on the end of his cock and he
left. Then she turned to the twins.

 "Now, you two -- this year, you behave yourselves. If I get one
more owl telling me you've -- you've blown a teacher for a grade

 "Blown a teacher for a grade? We've never blown a teacher for a

 "Great idea though, thanks, Mom."

 "It's not funny. And look after Rim."

 "Don't worry, ickle Rimniekins is safe with us."

 "Shut up," said Rim again. He was almost as tall as the twins
already and his cock was still stiff from his mother rubbing it.

 "Hey, Mom, guess what? Guess who just blew US on the train?"

 Hairy leaned back quickly so they couldn't see him looking.

 "You know that black-haired boy with the sweet ass who was near
us in the station? Know who he is?"


 "Hairy fucking Peeter!"

 Hairy heard the little girl's voice.

 "Oh, Mom, can I go on the train and see him, Mom, oh please....
I want to give him a blowjob!"

 "You've already seen him, Cunny, and the poor boy isn't
something you goggle at in a zoo. I’m sure he has no interest in
blowjobs from little girls. Is he really, Frod? How do you know?"

 "Asked him. Saw his scar. It's really there on his cock - like

 "Poor dear - no wonder he was alone, I wondered. He was ever so
polite when he asked how to get onto the platform. If I’d known
who he was, I’d have given him a proper…"

 "Never mind that you old slut, do you think he remembers what
You-Know-Who’s cock looks like?"

 Their mother suddenly became very flustered.

 "I forbid you to ask him, Frod. No, don't you dare. As though he
needs reminding of that on his first day at school."

 "All right, keep your tits on."

 A whistle sounded.

 "Hurry up!" their mother said, and the three boys clambered onto
the train. They stood and let their cocks hang out of the window
for her to kiss them good-bye, and their younger sister began to

 "Don't, Cunny, we'll send you loads of owls."

 "We'll send you a load of cum from every teacher."

 "Gorge! You little slut!"

 "Only joking, Mom."

 The train began to move. Hairy saw the boys' mother waving and
their sister, half laughing, half crying, running to keep up with
the train until it gathered too much speed, then she fell back
and waved. Just before he lost sight of her, Hairy made eye
contact with the beautiful child and she lifted her dress, bowed
her knees and began to piss off the platform. Hairy gawked and
the girl giggled blowing him a kiss. Behind her, the girl’s
mother also stared at Hairy intensely and whipped her cleavage to
each side, giving Hairy a clear view of her huge, magnificent

 Hairy watched the girl and her mother disappear as the train
rounded the corner. Houses flashed past the window. Hairy felt a
great leap of excitement and his cock began to throb. He didn't
know what he was going to but it had to be better than what he
was leaving behind.

 The door of the compartment slid open and the youngest redheaded
boy came in.

 "Anyone sitting there?" he asked, pointing at the seat opposite
Hairy. "Everywhere else is full."

 Hairy shook his head and the boy sat down. He glanced at Hairy
and then looked quickly out of the window, pretending he hadn't
looked. Hairy saw he now had a raging hard-on. His cock was pale
with a cherry head and nice sized balls beneath a tuft of orange
hair. It made Hairy’s mouth water and his anus itch.

 "Hey, Rimjob."

 The twins were back.

 "Listen, we're going down the middle of the train -- Lee
Jordan's got a giant tarantula down there with a HUGE cock." They
both gave Hairy a guilty glance.

 "Whatever," mumbled Rim.

 "Hairy," said the other twin, unconsciously rubbing at the wet
spot where his thong covered his spent cock. "We didn’t really
introduce ourselves. I mean, except for our cocks. Frod and Gorge
Wussley. And this is Rim, our brother. See you later, then.”

 "Bye," said Hairy and Rim. The twins slid the compartment door
shut behind them.

 "Are you really Hairy Peeter?" Rim blurted out.

 Hairy nodded.

 "Oh -well, I thought it might be one of Frod and Gorge's jokes,"
said Rim. "And have you really got -- you know..."

 He pointed at Hairy's crotch.

 Hairy pulled his robes aside and hefted his huge penis to show
the lightning scar. Rim stared.

 "So that's where You-Know-Who…”

"Yes," said Hairy, "but I can't remember it."

 "Nothing?" said Rim eagerly.

 "Well -- I remember a lot of green light, but nothing else."

 "Wow," said Rim. He sat and stared at Hairy’s cock for a few
moments licking his lips. Then, as though he had suddenly
realized what he was doing, he looked quickly out of the window

 "Are all your family jizzards?" asked Hairy, who found Rim just
as arousing as Rim found him.

 "Er -- Yes, I think so," said Rim. "I think Mom's got a second
cousin who's a transsexual entertainer, but we never talk about

 "So you must know loads of magic already,” Hairy said, stroking
his fat meat suggestively.

 The Wussleys were clearly one of those old jizzarding families
the pale boy with the tiny cock in Digonad Alley had talked

 "I heard you went to live with Muffles," said Rim. "What are
they like?" Without thinking, he began to stroke his meat as

 "Horrible -well, not all of them. My aunt and uncle and cousin
are, though. Wish I'd had three hot jizzard brothers."

 "Five," said Rim. For some reason, he was looking gloomy. "I'm
the sixth in our family to go to Hogfarts. You could say I've got
a lot to live up to. Bull and Chortle have already left -- Bull
was head boy and Chortle was captain of Quimmitch. Now Pussy's a
prefuck. Frod and Gorge fuck around a lot, but they still get
really good marks and everyone thinks they're really sexy.
Everyone expects me to do as well as the others, but if I do,
it's no big deal, because they did it first. You never get
anything new, either, with five brothers. I've got Bull's old
thong, Chortle's old dildo, and Pussy's old rat."

 Rim reached inside his jacket and pulled out a fat gray rat,
which was asleep.

 "His name's Shlobbers and he's useless, he hardly ever wakes up.
Not much good except when I put sugar on my dick and he licks it
off. He slobbers all over it and seems to like the taste of my
cum. Pussy got an owl with the biggest lips you’ve ever seen. It
was from my dad for being made a prefuck, but they couldn't aff
-- I mean, I got Shlobbers instead."

 Rim's ears went pink and Hairy noticed that his mostly-hairless
balls did too. He seemed to think he'd said too much, because he
went back to staring out of the window and stroking his meat.

 Hairy didn't think there was anything wrong with not being able
to afford an owl. After all, he'd never had any money in his life
until a month ago, and he told Rim so. All about having to wear
Didley's old clothes and take it up the butt all the time. About
never getting proper birthday presents and the things Aunt
Peetuna made him do. This seemed to cheer Rim up and make his
cock stiffen considerably. Hairy wanted to divulge more, just to
keep Rim’s beautiful cock hard.

 "... and until Hogrod told me, I didn't know anything about
being a jizzard or about my parents or Moldywort"

 Rim gasped and a small trickle of yellow piss squirted from the
end of his cock.

 "What?" said Hairy, wishing desperately to see something more
tasty squirt from Rim’s fat red cock.

 "You said You-Know-Who's name!" said Rim, sounding both shocked
and impressed. "I'd have thought you, of all people --"

 "I'm not trying to be brave or anything, saying the name," said
Hairy. “I just never knew you shouldn't. See what I mean? I've
got loads to learn.... I bet," he added, voicing for the first
time something that had been worrying him a lot lately, "I bet
I'm the worst in the class."

 "You won't be. There's loads of people who come from Muffle
families and they learn quick enough."

 While they had been talking, the train had carried them out of
Longdong. Now they were speeding past fields full of cows and
sheep. The cows all had enormous udders and all the animals
seemed to be engaged in humping. They were quiet for a time,
stroking their cocks and watching the fields and lanes flick

 Around half past twelve there was a great clattering outside in
the corridor and a smiling, dimpled woman slid back their door
and said, "Anything off the cart, dears?" She was dressed in a
black thong, pointy black hat and a flimsy black cape. She was
older than Peetuna but Hairy thought she had enticingly ample
curves in all the right places.

 Hairy, who hadn't had any breakfast, leapt to his feet with his
big cock wagging up and down before him. Rim's ears and balls
went pink again and he muttered that he'd brought sandwiches.
Hairy went out into the corridor.

 He had never had any money for candy with the Droolsleys, and
now that he had pockets rattling with gold and silver he was
ready to buy as many Mars Bars as he could carry -- but the woman
didn't have Mars Bars. What she did have were Bootie Butt's Every
Flavor Balls, Dribble's Best Blowjobbing Gum, Chocolate
FurBurgers, Pumpkin Pussies, Cockcream Cakes, Licorice Wanks, and
a number of other strange things Hairy had never seen in his
life. Not wanting to miss anything, he got some of everything and
paid the woman eleven silver Pickles and seven bronze Knuts. She
stroked Hairy’s cock and played with his balls more and more
vigorously the more he asked to purchase. By the time the
transaction was completed, Hairy’s huge penis was dripping clear
pre-cum everywhere.

 Rim stared at the long string of goo dripping from Hairy’s cock
as he brought it all back in to the compartment and tipped it
onto an empty seat.

 "Horny, are you?"

 "Fuck yes," said Hairy, taking a large bite out of a CockCream
Cake and giggling as he slide a Pumpkin Pussy over the end of his
throbbing penis.

 Rim had taken out a lumpy package and unwrapped it. There were
four sandwiches inside. He pulled one of them apart and said,
"She always forgets I don't like creamed beef."

 "Swap you for one of these," said Hairy, holding up a CockCream
cake that was oozing white nectar from the pisshole. "Go on --"

 "You don't want this, it's all dry," said Rim. "She has has a
hard time making enough pussy juices," he added quickly, "you
know, with five of us."

 "Go on, have a cake," said Hairy, who had never had anything to
share before or, indeed, anyone to share it with. It was a nice
feeling, sitting there with Rim, eating their way through all
Hairy's pasties, cakes, and candies. Hairy made sure he
‘accidentally’ touched Ron’s penis when he could. He also tried
one of the sandwiches to be polite. It wasn’t very good, but the
thrill of tasting even a little of Mrs. Wussley’s pussy juice
turned Hairy on to no end.

 "What are these?" Hairy asked Rim, holding up a pack of
Chocolate FurBurgers. "They're not really burgers with fur on
them, are they?" He was starting to feel that nothing would
surprise him.

 "No," said Rim. "But see what the card is. I'm missing Igripya."


 "Oh, of course, you wouldn't know -- Chocolate FurBurgers have
cards, inside them, you know, to collect -- famous bitches and
jizzards. I've got about five hundred, but I haven't got Igripya
or Tickleme."

 Hairy unwrapped his Chocolate FurBurger and picked up the card.
It showed a naked man. He wore half-moon glasses, had a long,
crooked penis, and flowing silver hair, beard, and pubics.
Underneath the picture was the name Anus Dribbledong.

 "So this is Dribbledong!" said Hairy.

 "Don't tell me you'd never heard of Dribbledong!" said Rim. "Can
I have a furburger? I might get Igripya – thanks.”

 Hairy turned over his card and read:



 Considered by many the greatest jizzard of modern times,
Dribbledong is particularly famous for his defeat of the dark
jizzard Groindebald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve
sexual uses of dragon's blood, and his work on alchemy with his
partner, Naughtylass Flamer. Professor Dribbledong enjoys
underage partners and nude bowling.

 Hairy turned the card back over and saw, to his astonishment,
that Dribbledong's face and magnificent cock had disappeared.

 "He's gone!"

 "Well, you can't expect him to hang around all day," said Rim.
"He'll be back. No, I've got that slut Whoregana again and I've
got about six of her... do you want it? You can start

 Rim's eyes strayed to the last of Pumpkin Pussy adorning Hairy’s
stiff cock.

 "Help yourself," said Hairy turning his hips so his huge cock
pointed at Rim. "But in, you know, the Muffle world, people just
stay put in photos."

 "Do they? What, they don't move at all?" Rim sounded amazed.
"Weird!" He delicately pulled on the Pussy but it was firmly
stuck on Hairy’s cock.

 Hairy stared as Dribbledong sidled back into the picture on his
card and gave him a small smile as he wagged his long, flaccid
cock up and down. Rim was more interested in bending to gently
nibble at the treat ensconced on Hairy’s cockhead than looking at
the Famous Bitches and Jizzards cards. But Hairy couldn't keep
his eyes off them. Soon he had not only Dribbledong and
Whoregana, but Hungist of Woodcrack, Albercock Gruntion,
Curlicue, Pairasissies, and Merloin. He finally tore his eyes
away from the druidess Clitorna, who was spreading her pussy lips
open, to open a bag of Bootie Butt’s Every Flavor Balls.

 "You want to be careful with those," Rim warned, pausing from
the pumpkin slurry he was chasing down the length of Hairy’s dick
with his tongue. "When they say every flavor, they mean every
flavor -- you know, you get all the ordinary ones like chocolate
and peppermint and mar- malade, but then you can get snatch and
semen and piss. Gorge reckons he had a diarrhea-flavored one

 Rim picked up a green candy shaped in exquisite detail like a
tiny testical, looked at it carefully, and bit into a corner.

 "Bleaaargh -- see? Taint sweat."

 They had a good time eating the Every Flavor Balls. Hairy got
cum-on-toast, cole slaw, baked-bean-farts, strap-on dildo
drippings, hot cum, marijuana, coffee with breast milk, sardine,
and was even brave enough to nibble the end off a funny gray one
Rim wouldn't touch, which turned out to be piss and spices. Rim
had started a game of balancing each new ball on Hairy’s sticky
pisshole and then slurping it-and a good amount of Hairy’s soft
head-into his warm mouth. Hairy returned the favor eagerly. By
the time they finished, both boys were extremely horny.

 The countryside now flying past the window was becoming wilder.
The neat fields had gone. Now there were woods, twisting rivers,
and dark green hills.

 There was a knock on the door of their compartment and the
round-faced boy Hairy had passed on platform nine and
threequarters came in. He looked tearful and kept rubbing his

 "Sorry," he said, "but have you seen a toad at all?"

 To Hairy’s surprise, Rim took this moment to slip his wet lips
around Hairy’s throbbing cock and slide them down about six
inches. Hairy gasped with pleasure and Rim sucked him hard and
worked his tongue around. He came off Hairy’s cock with a smack
of his lips and turned to the boy as if challenging him. They
both shook their heads and he wailed, "I've fucking lost him! He
keeps fucking getting away from me!"

 "He'll turn up," said Hairy, hissing as Rim’s tongue returned to
his sensitive underside and licked his long cock up and down.

 "Yes," said the boy miserably. "Well, if you see him..."

 He left.

 "Don't know why he's so bothered," said Rim, laying his head in
Hairy’s lap and kissing the base of Hairy’s huge cock. "If I'd
brought a toad I'd lose it as quick as I could. Mind you, I
brought Shlobbers, so I can't talk."

 The rat was snoozing peacefully under Rim's ball sack.

 "He might have died and you wouldn't know the difference," said
Rim in disgust. "I tried to turn him female yesterday to make him
more interesting, but the spell didn't work. I'll show you,

 He rummaged around in his trunk, making sure Hairy got a good
look at his smooth, shapely ass in its tattered thong. He pulled
out a very battered-looking wand. It was chipped in places and
something white was glinting at the end.

 "Unicorn pubics are nearly poking out. Anyway…”

 He had just raised his wand when the compartment door slid open
again. The toadless boy was back, but this time he had a girl
with him. She was already wearing her new Hogfarts robes. Hairy’s
heart raced at how beautiful she was, especially her pretty

 "Has anyone seen a toad? Nubile's lost one," she said. She had a
bossy sort of voice, lots of bushy brown hair (some of which was
peeking out around her thong between her legs), and rather large
front teeth. Her robes covered an obviously flat chest, but her
smooth, muscular tummy and lithe thighs were delicious. Hairy and
Rim both quickly hid their raging cocks beneath their robes.
Hairy couldn’t help the desire to shut her up with a fat cock
down her throat.

 "We've already told him we haven't fucking seen it," said Rim,
but the girl wasn't listening, she was looking at the wand in his

 "Oh, are you doing magic? Or were you going to have sex? Let's
see it, then."

 She sat down, her knees spread so they both got a good look at
her huge camel toe and the tufts of silky pubic hair that framed
it. Rim looked taken aback.

 "Er -- all right,” Rim said, turning red. He started to move his
robes aside and show her his stiff cock but Hairy stopped him and
nodded toward the wand.

 Rim cleared his throat.

 "Buttshine, douches, piss is yellow, Make this rat no longer a

 He waved his wand, but nothing happened. Shlobbers stayed male
and fast asleep.

 "Are you sure that's a real spell?" said the girl. "Well, it's
not very good, is it? I've tried a few erotic spells just for
practice and it's all worked for me. Nobody in my family's magic
at all, it was ever such a surprise when I got my letter, but I
was ever so pleased, of course, I mean, it's the very best school
of bitchcraft there is, I've heard -- I've learned all our course
books by heart, of course, I just hope it will be enough -- I'm
Hymenie Gangbanger, by the way, who are you?”

 She said all this very fast and it was all Hairy could do not to
stand up and try to ram his cock into her pretty mouth.

 Hairy looked at Rim and could tell he was thinking the same
thing. He was relieved to see by his stunned face that he hadn't
learned all the course books by heart either.

 "I'm Rim Wussley," Rim muttered.

 "Hairy Peeter," said Hairy.

 "Are you really?" said Hymenie. "I know all about you, of course
-- I got a few extra books, for background reading, and you're in
Modern Magical History and The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts and
Great Jizzarding Events of the Twentieth Century.”

 "Am I?" said Hairy, feeling dazed and unable to keep is eyes off
the growing wet patch that made her camel toe even easier to see.

 "Goodness, didn't you know, I'd have found out everything I
could if it was me," said Hymenie. "Do either of you know what
house you'll be in? I've been asking around, and I hope I'm in
Gryffindong, it sounds by far the best; I hear Dribbledong
himself was in it, but I suppose Ravencunt wouldn't be too
bad.... Anyway, we'd better go and look for Nubile's toad. You
two had better change, you know, I expect we'll be there soon."

 And she left, taking the toadless boy with her.

 "Whatever house I'm in, I hope she's not in it. Unless she likes
to suck cock, that is," said Rim. He threw his wand back into his
trunk. "Stupid fucking spell -- Gorge gave it to me, bet he knew
it was a dud."

 "What house are your brothers in?" asked Hairy, nonchalantly
exposing his still-raging cock.

"Gryffindong," said Rim. Gloom seemed to be settling on him
again. "Mom and Dad were in it, too. I don't know what they'll
say if I'm not. I don't suppose Ravencunt would be too bad, but
imagine if they put me in Slithering." He seemed to brighten a
little when he saw Hairy’s cock. He lay back down and resumed
licking and kissing it.

 "That's the house Moldy-, I mean, You-Know-Who was in?"

 "Yeah," said Rim. His cock was flopping around semi-hard now and
he seemed too depressed to give Hairy much pleasure.

 "You know, I think Shlobbers' genitals look a little less male,"
said Hairy, trying to take Rim's mind off houses. "So what do
your oldest brothers do now that they've left, anyway?" As he
asked this, he reached over and began to stroke Rim’s delicious

 Hairy was wondering what a jizzard did once he'd finished
school. He also wanted desperately to squirt hot cum in his new
friend’s mouth.

 "Chortle's in Romania studying dragon sexual practices, and
Bull's in Africa doing something naughty for Groinglutts," said
Rim. "Did you hear about Groinglutts? It's been all over the
Daily Prophylactic, but I don't suppose you get that with the
Muffles -- someone tried to rob a high security vault."

 Hairy stared. He also bent over and began to lick and suck Rim’s
big, pale penis with its adorable crimson head. He cupped his new
friend’s hairy red ball sack and slurped for all he was worth. If
he wasn’t going to get off, the least he could get out of this
ride was a tummy-ful of hot boy cream.

 "Really? What happened to them?" he asked, slipping his lips
over Rim’s pisshole and tickling it with his tongue before
deepthroating him steadily.

 "Not a fucking thing, that's why it's such big news. They
haven't been caught. My dad says it must've been a powerful Dark
Jizzard to get round Groinglutts, but they don't think they took
anything, that's what's odd. 'Course, everyone gets scared when
something like this happens in case You-Know-Who's behind it."

 Hairy turned this news over in his mind as he sheathed Rim’s
thick penis in his warm throat repeatedly and used his slathering
tongue on the boy’s underside to good effect. He was starting to
get a prickle of fear every time You-Know-Who was mentioned. He
supposed this was all part of entering the magical world, but it
had been a lot more comfortable saying "Moldywort" without
worrying. Rim was lounging back in the seat now, moving his hips
as Hairy mouth-fucked him. His big cock was throbbing now and
Hairy’s cock did so sympathetically at the thought of hot, thick
goo squirting into his hungry mouth.

 "What's your Quimmitch team?" Rim asked, petting Hairy’s head
affectionately and panting as he started to cum.

 "Er -- I don't know any," Hairy confessed, pausing to appreciate
the fat, wet penis throbbing before him.

 "What!" Rim looked dumbfounded. "Oh, you wait, it's the best
game in the world --" Just then Hairy took Rim’s entire cock in
his throat. Hairy liked the way Rim’s red pubics tickled his nose
as he worked his tongue back and forth and the delicious meat
began to lurch. Hairy expertly pulled back until his lips just
gripped the edge of Rim’s glans. One hand fondled the boy’s balls
and the other shot up and stroked his length in time with his
orgasm. Steaming hot, creamy, slimy sperm erupted into Hairy’s
mouth and he groaned loudly, savoring every powerful squirt.
Rim’s creamy cum was so hot and delicious. Hairy’s heart raced
and he swooned with emotion as the boy’s fat cock completely
filled his mouth with testical nectar.

Hairy stroked him smoothly for some minutes until his pleasure
had completely subsided. He swirled thick, creamy goo and his
tongue around Rim’s sensitive head until his pisshole stopped
pulsing and the boy stopped panting and cooing. Then Hairy
expertly pulled his lips off the boy’s magnificent red head
without spilling a drop and swallowed the most delicious load of
hot semen he’d had all day. He smacked his lips and tenderly
kissed and licked Rim’s cock and balls, thanking him softly over
and over.

“That was brilliant!” Rim sighed, smacking his deflating cock all
over Hairy’s grinning face.

Hairy got an idea and he asked Rim about quimmitch again. That
was all the invitation Rim needed and he was off, explaining all
about the four balls and the sexual positions of the seven
players, describing famous games he'd been to with his brothers
and the broomstick he'd like to get if he had the money. While
his mouth was busy, Hairy knelt on the floor between his legs and
began to play his big leaking cock all over Rim’s flopping balls
and cock. Rim seemed to instinctively know what was required and
he lifted his knees high giving Hairy access to the little pink
asshole nestled between his pert, hairless butt cheeks.

Hairy was just pushing his huge head against Rim’s tight,
crinkled sphincter and Rim was just taking Hairy through the
finer points of the game when the compartment door slid open yet
again, but it wasn't Nubile the toadless boy, or Hymenie
Gangbanger this time.

 Three boys entered, and Hairy recognized the middle one at once:
it was the pale boy from Madam Milkin's robe shop. He was looking
at Hairy with a lot more interest than he'd shown back in Digonad
Alley. Hairy froze with his cock poised at Rim’s anus and
regarded the boy’s tiny package beneath his thong with disdain.

 "Is it true?" he said. "They're saying all down the train that
Hairy Peeter's in this compartment. So it's you, is it?"

 "Yes," said Hairy. He was looking at the other boys. Both of
them were thickset and looked extremely mean. Standing on either
side of the pale boy, they looked like bodyguards. But more
importantly, they both had huge packages beneath their stretched
thongs and they were obviously aroused by what they saw.

 "Oh, this is Crabs and this is Gayle," said the pale boy,
carelessly reaching to either side to fondle their growing meat,
noticing where Hairy was looking. "And my name's Milftoy, Dorco

 Rim gave a slight cough and a high-pitched fart escaped his
sphincter, which might have been hiding a snigger. Dorco Milftoy
looked at him.

 "Think my name's funny, do you? No need to ask who you are. My
father told me all the Wussleys have red hair, freckles, and more
children than they can afford."

 He turned back to Hairy. He had managed to extract his partners’
cocks from their thongs and he stood there stroking two
enormously fat and attractive cocks. "You'll soon find out some
jizzarding families are much better than others, Peeter. You
don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help
you there."

 He pulled down his thong to reveal his small penis and stepped
forward, but Hairy didn't take it into his mouth even though he
found it hard to resist almost any cock offered to him.

 "I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks,"
he said coolly and defiantly pushed forward so his huge head
popped past Rim’s sphincter eliciting a pleasurable moan.

 Dorco Milftoy didn't go red, but a pink tinge appeared in his
pale cheeks. He stepped back into two pairs of meaty hands that
roamed all over his pale, thin body. Dorco grabbed their fat,
meaty cocks and stroked them with a superior air.

 "I'd be careful if I were you, Peeter," he said slowly. "Unless
you're a bit politer you'll go the same way as your parents. They
didn't know what was good for them, either. You hang around with
riffraff like the Wussleys and that Hogrod, and it'll rub off on

 Both Hairy and Rim stood up.

 "Say that again," Rim said, his face as red as his hair. As a
second thought, he reached over and stroked Hairy’s huge penis as
if to say “Ha! Mine’s bigger!”

 "Oh, you're going to fight us, are you?" Milftoy sneered. “Maybe
hold us down and fuck us?”

 "Unless you get out now," said Hairy, more bravely than he felt,
because Crabs and Gayle were a lot bigger than him or Rim. But he
did feel an inexplicable urge to fuck Milftoy silly.

 "But we don't feel like leaving, do we, boys?” His accomplices
had lifted his robes and their cocks were visibly throbbing as
they caressed his bare back and plump, little-boy ass. “We've
eaten all our food and you still seem to have some."

 Gayle seemed to snap out of a reverie and reached toward the
Chocolate FurBurgers next to Rim - Rim leapt forward, but before
he'd so much as touched Gayle, Gayle let out a horrible yell.

 Shlobbers the rat was hanging off his huge swinging scrotum,
sharp little teeth sunk deep into Gayle's lightly furred nutsack
- Crabs and Milftoy backed away as Gayle swung Shlobbers round
and round, howling, and when Scabbets finally flew off and hit
the window, all three of them disappeared at once. Perhaps they
thought there were more rats lurking among the sweets, or perhaps
they'd heard footsteps, because a second later, Hymenie
Gangbanger had come in.

 "What has been going on?" she said, looking at the sweets all
over the floor and Rim picking up Shlobbers by his tail. Then her
eyes fell on Hairy’s huge, dripping prick and she gulped audibly.

 “I think he's been knocked out," Rim said to Hairy. He was too
concerned to worry about his own flopping genitals and the
eyebrow it raised on Hymenie’s cute face. He looked closer at
Shlobbers. "No -- I don't believe it -- he's gone back to sleep-"

 And so he had.

 "You've met Milftoy before?" Rim asked, coming back to himself
and stuffing his flopping dong into his threadbare thong.

 Hairy explained about their meeting in Digonad Alley but made no
effort to hide his huge cock. He was hopeful about the way
Hymenie was unable to keep from looking at it.

 "I've heard of his family," said Rim darkly. "They were some of
the first to come back to our side after You-Know-Who
disappeared. Said they'd been bebitched. My dad says it’s
bullshit. He says Milftoy's father didn't need an excuse to go
over to the Dark Side." He turned to Hymenie. "Can we help you
with something?"

 "You'd better hurry up and put your robes on, I've just been up
to the front to ask the conductor, and he says we're nearly
there. You haven't been fighting, have you? You'll be in trouble
before we even get there!"

 "Shlobbers has been fighting, not us," said Rim, scowling at
her. "Would you mind leaving while we change?"

 "All right – Though, I’ve already seen everything there is to
see. I only came in here because people outside are behaving very
childishly, racing up and down the corridors," said Hymenie in a
sniffy voice. "And you've got chocolate on your penis, by the
way, did you know?"

 Rim glared at her as she left but Hairy felt his cock throb as
she swished her robes and gave him a teasing glance at her tight
little ass. Hairy peered out of the window and Rim got on his
knees to suck and slurp his cock, begging him to go ahead and
fuck his ass. It was getting dark. He could see mountains and
forests under a deep purple sky. The train did seem to be slowing

 He and Rim took off their clothes and pulled on their long black
robes. Rim's were a bit short for him, you could see his sneakers
underneath them. Then Rim lifted his robes and knelt on the seat,
presenting his cute, hairless ass to Hairy. Hairy thanked his
lucky stars that he had managed to make a friend, especially one
who enjoyed sex as much as he did. Rim reached back and spread
his delicate, white cheeks apart.

He recommended some of the filling from a CockCream cake as a
lubricant. He regaled Hairy with tales of how he took it up the
ass from his brothers all the time and they had catalogued every
substance they could find that worked well as an anal lubricant.
Hairy thought his cock looked ridiculous with a big blob of white
cream on the end. But, when he pressed it against the tender
sphincter that was oozing the same, his huge head popped right
inside Rim and he was off to the races.

Rim’s ass was deliciously tight and he urged Hairy to give him
every inch. Before long, their balls were slapping together in a
most enjoyable way and Hairy could feel his cock swelling up. “I
want to taste yours too since it’s our first time!” Rim panted,
arching his back and playing with himself as Hairy fucked him
hard and fast.

Hairy threw his head back and groaned. Rim deftly slipped off the
seat and sat at Hairy’s feet. He took Hairy’s dirty, slimy cock
in both hands and stroked him firmly. Hairy clenched his fingers
in Rim’s red hair as an incredible orgasm ripped through him.
Huge, long gouts of thick, creamy sperm erupted from his cock. He
came and came and came. Splatters of slimy jism covered Rim’s
face and he gargled hot cum as Hairy’s incredible load filled his
mouth then spilled over.

By the time it was over, Rim was good and truly plastered with a
glimmering pool of pearlescent cream splashing around in his open
maw. Rim swallowed it eagerly then spent the rest of their time
alone slurping and lapping Hairy’s huge cock and balls with
loving murmurs. Hairy rubbed his cock all over Rim’s desecrated
face and fed him globs and streamers of sperm. Rim ate it happily
then deepthroated Hairy for long minutes until he finally calmed
down. They lay next to each other naked, sharing more sweets
dipped in Hairy’s cum. Then Rim slid down and did something Hairy
had never experienced. He took Hairy’s huge ball sack into his
mouth whole and delighted it with his tongue for the rest of the

 A voice echoed through the train: "We will be reaching Hogfarts
in five minutes' time. Please finish all sexual activity and
leave your luggage on the train, it will be taken to the school

 Hairy's stomach lurched with nerves and Rim, he saw, looked pale
under his freckles. They crammed their pockets with the last of
the cummy sweets and joined the crowd thronging the corridor.

 The train slowed right down and finally stopped. People pushed
their way toward the door and out on to a tiny, dark platform.
Hairy shivered in the cold night air and felt his heart race at
the sight of so many young, nubile asses in thongs and scantily
clad genitals. Then a lamp came bobbing over the heads of the
students, and Hairy heard a familiar voice: "Firs' years! Firs'
years over here! All right there, Hairy?"

 Hogrod's big hairy face beamed over the sea of heads and he
wagged his giant penis up and down.

 "C'mon, follow the big cock -- any more firs' years? Mind yer
step, now! These two ladies just made me squirt like a fire hose!
Firs' years follow me!"

 Slipping and stumbling, they followed Hogrod down what seemed to
be a steep, narrow path. Two young girls knelt in shock by the
enormous puddle of Hogrod’s jism. They were each completely
covered in thick, white goo, licking their lips and smooth quarts
of sticky semen all over themselves. It was so dark on either
side of them that Hairy thought there must be thick trees there.
Nobody spoke much. Nubile, the boy who kept losing his toad,
farted once or twice.

 "Ye' all get yer firs' sight o' Hogfarts in a sec," Hogrod
called over his shoulder, "jus' round this bend here."

 There was a loud "Oooooh!"

 The narrow path had opened suddenly onto the edge of a great
black lake. Perched atop a high mountain on the other side, its
windows sparkling in the starry sky, was a vast castle with many
turrets and towers.

 "No more'n four to a boat!" Hogrod called, pointing to a fleet
of little boats sitting in the water by the shore. The two
cum-covered girls had caught up and they viciously fought to get
in Hogrod’s boat, kicking and pulling hair until they secured a
seat between the giant’s hairy legs. Another dark-haired girl sat
at the front with a confused and fearful expression on her pretty
face. Hairy and Rim were followed into their boat by Nubile and
Hymenie. "Everyone in?" shouted Hogrod as the two girls lifted
his enormous cock and balls and began to lick and slurp him
eagerly. "Right then -- FORWARD!"

 And the fleet of little boats moved off all at once, gliding
across the lake, which was as smooth as glass. Everyone was
silent except those having sex, staring up at the great castle
overhead. It towered over them as they sailed nearer and nearer
to the cliff on which it stood.

 "Heads down!" yelled Hogrod as the first boats reached the
cliff; they all bent their heads and the little boats carried
them through a curtain of ivy that hid a wide opening in the
cliff face. They were carried along a dark tunnel, which seemed
to be taking them right underneath the castle, until they reached
a kind of underground harbor, where they clambered out onto rocks
and pebbles. One of the little girls was actually wrapped around
Hogrod’s cock, swinging with his balls between hairy legs as he
tried to walk.

 "Oy, you there! Is this your toad?" said Hogrod, who was
checking the boats as people climbed out of them.

 "Trevor!" cried Nubile blissfully, holding out his hands. Hairy
and Rim both exchanged a knowing glance when Nubile slipped a
hand behind his back and the frog disappeared. Then they
clambered up a passageway in the rock after Hogrod's lamp, coming
out at last onto smooth, damp grass right in the shadow of the

 They walked up a flight of stone steps and crowded around the
huge, oak front door.

 "Everyone here? You there, still got yer toad?" Nubile reached
around and quickly touched his plump ass.

 Hogrod raised a gigantic fist and knocked three times on the
castle door.