Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Welcome to SensoryOverlord's mangled pile'o'writings I'm afraid I have some terribly bad habits. One of which involves starting to write stories, then not finishing them. Even more stupidly, the interminable languishing stage may set in anywhere from a few Kbytes of story, to more than a megabyte in one case. What can I say? I have too many projects, and writing porn isn't very high in the priority list. Not even in the 'slacking time' list. Porn writing undercuts time I really should be spending on far more useful and worthy endevors, and so I feel guilty about time I spend doing it, as well as guilty about the unfinished stories! Can't win... Even worse, I started writing porn in an attempt to improve my writing skills. The idea was that porn would motivate me enough to write in volume, and so strengthen various aspects of the skill that I lack. Such as oh... writing speed, characterisation, plot development, consistency, expressiveness... oh God... I suck... The reason for trying, was that I had an idea or two for *real* stories, that I didn't feel confident enough to attempt. Unfortunately, what all this incomplete effort has strengthened most is my fear that I'm never going to be good enough at this writing game to attempt the stories I want to write. Which is kind of a shame. They'd be good stories too. If only I knew how to get them down in words. Well anyway. I hope in rummaging through this pile of mouldering junk tossed out on the kerb, you find something useful. Don't expect too much. The folder 'texts' contains pieces that are at least kind-of complete. Whole, or chapters. Folder 'texts_unfin' well... you can guess. However oddly enough the longer stories are in there.